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The Breakfast Nook - Alexandra RP scene October 16th

Francis Sharp sits in a booth a the Breakfast Nook and motions for her usual, sitting and sort of staring at the street out of the window.

Oshi Shikigami Hello Officer. If I may I ask, how your Chief is doing? I have been out of touch for a while. I have been concerned. And was hoping he may be improving?

Francis Sharp turns to look at the small woman asking about her Chief. "He's in a coma." she reports. "They seem sure he'll come out of it." she pauses and considers the woman. "Are you a friend of his?" although everyone was asking, of course.

Oshi Shikigami Oh that is good to hear. I met him once. He was kind to me, and seemed a good person. So it is just an acquaintance. But I am so sad to see he ended up this way.

Francis Sharp nods. "Well, usually we say just part of the job, but Chief Brate really is a great man." she sighs deeply. "We're all sad. I will make sure to have your well wishes sent along with his first visitors. What's your name, so he knows who sent it."

Oshi. Shikigami That would be very kind of you to do. I am Oshi Shikigami. He and I were waiting to get a table for dinner, the Greek restaurant was very busy, and he offered to share a table so I would not have to wait longer. We had a delightful chat during dinner, about a month ago I believe. Osh smiles

Francis Sharp nods and pulls out her phone, making a note of the name and circumstances. "Consider the message delivered, Miss Shikigami." she returns the smile and looks out the window. "I am trying not to sing 'its beginning to look a lot like Christmas' here. It feels SO SO early."

Oshi. Shikigami I kinda was wondering at that as well?

Francis Sharp chuckles. "Well, Halloween is illegal here, and the mayor loves Christmas, despite being such an old scrooge ... but he continues the tradition of early winter coming to Alexandra. but THIS year ... it's the Chiefs favorite season ... and he LOVES the Winter Festival. So .... its sort of in homage to him."

Oshi. Shikigami Oh my, that is very interesting, indeed. Well I am touched that the mayor would do such a tribute for the chief. Impressive.

Darcy Lynch wanders in and smiles at the familiar face "Sharp." and then nods to the other woman standing talking to her "Hi." She looks back out to the street "Christmas, already.....yikes..."

Francis Sharp shrugs as she is given a cup of coffee by the waitress. "Well .... the mayor is always looking for an excuse .. but yea. It's a nice gesture." she looks at Darcy when she walks in. "Lynch." she says casually. "Have a seat?" she offers and glances out of the window again. "Well ... its a town tradition, but early this year in homage to the Chief." she shrugs. "The lights ALWAYS go up first. Just wait till he sets up the winter Festival gazebo and the Christmas house." she warns.

Oshi. Shikigami Well I bet you will have it all chrismassy just like Tokyo. It is the most festive time of the year there. Oshi smiles at both ladies.

Darcy Lynch looks tentatively at the other woman, smiling back as she sits. She's unsure whether this is a friend of Frank's or another friendly local so she scoots right in, leaving room in case she joins them. "For him I'll put up with it and try not to humbug too loudly. " She waves at the new woman "I'm Darcy by the way."

Francis Sharp nods. "Well, here its usually from Halloween through Valentines day. Fully a third of the year. Just like three weeks early this year. Don't get me wrong, I love Winter Festival, too." she starts and looks embarrassed. "I'm sorry,. This is a woman who came to visit once and ... was impressed by the Chief. So she was asking for a well wish to be sent." she chuckles. "Whoever pulls the first visit will probably look like Santa with his bag of mail." she muses. "Probably be I-Chief Green." she refers to the Interim Chief.

Oshi. Shikigami Darcy, glad to make your acquaintance, Oshi smiles. I am from Cedar Point. So sad what happened. Well I helped out during the quake And my cousin and I assisted on phones then, If you end up needing some part time help like that, I am sure we can work out details.

Darcy Lynch gestures at Frank's coffee cup when a waitress catches her eye and mouths "Please." and then raises a brow "Lieutenant Green in a Santa Suit? THAT would be interesting...." She smiles at the woman from Cedar Point "I keep hearing about that place. Sorry, I didn't catch your name, and I'm very bad with them."

Francis Sharp snorts. "If by interesting you mean so scary, the Chief might sink back into a coma out of pure FEAR ... then I agree." she looks at Oshi. "Well ... I think we're a little more ... strict about civilian workers here than in Cedar Point ... they're great and all but ... right."

Oshi. Shikigami Oh? Sorry. My name is Oshi Shikigami. (Oshi blushes.) Ok, well It is just like I would like to do something useful, especially if there is a need I can fulfill.

Darcy Lynch takes in the young woman's white hair but smooth young skin and muses "Missus Claus? It's good to meet you Oshi and I am kidding. It's been a really stressful week here for everyone so my humour is getting a bit odd. What do you do over in Cedar Point?"

Francis Sharp nods. "I understand miss . Shikigami. But well wishes are what we need now." she admits. Then she blinks. "Green in drag ... oh ... yes ... make it so. I'll take pictures ... put it on-line. Oh .... it'll be worth throwing both my career and my life down the toilet." she admits.

Oshi. Shikigami Oh trust me, I have been called much worse. The hair color is natural, and since birth, I have a genetic deficiency that doesn't let the hair get pigmented. I am an artist and photographer, And until I broke my leg during the quake a licensed plumber as well. But I want to get back to university, and finish my doctorate when I can afford to.

Darcy Lynch snickers "I meant Oshi, not the Lieutenant. But that's pretty funny Frank." She looks apologetically at Oshi "I wasn't meaning to pick on you. My sister's a hairdresser and she's had every colour. I didn't realize it was genetic. Sounds like that quake was pretty bad? I just got here not long ago. What are you studying for your doctorate?"

Francis Sharp glances at Oshi. "Vitaligo .. like Michael Jackson had?" then she realizes what Darcy meant and deflates only slightly. "She'd make a great Mrs Clause too. It's actually not a religious symbol, so it can slip under the radar I think. You notice no churches, synagogues, mosques on the island?"

Oshi. Shikigami Oh, no problem, I could dye it if I wanted anyway. But I just like it natural. I am going for a doctorate in Engineering. I am a fancy name for a rocket plumber scientist This the familiarity with the earth based stuff. Oshi smiles. Oh, really no churches and such at all? Is there an ordinance or something? Oshi looks perplexed.

Darcy Lynch smiles wryly "Yes, my parents noticed that, and my mother fretted. Course she also frets over the weirdos in the tabloids. So we're a den of sin...then the Chief gets shot at the end of thanksgiving dinner. I think my mother is coming back with holy water next week."

Francis Sharp shakes her head slowly. "Nothing illegal, because that in itself is illegal." she points out. "There just ... nothing religious ever seems to stick from Christians to Wiccans ... they never set up churches, mosques or temples here. Its odd, but in a way ... kinda nice." she grins. "Yea ... this was a bad week to show off to family." she admits. "I suppose holy water could be interesting. Mrs Norris might melt and then your mother would get the Key to the City."

Oshi. Shikigami I wonder how long a Torii would last here (a Shinto gateway)?

Darcy Lynch shrugs after laughing a bit at Frank "I think on private property you can do what you like. I mean this is Canada and we have freedom of religion. However that Mrs. Norris imposes her religious views on other people....bit of an in your face judge of the town. I suspect your approach is very respectful Oshi."

Francis Sharp considers. "In your own home, you can decorate the place to look like the Vatican and no one will care ... ." she admits. "But even respectful, why your religion and not Christianity, Judaism, Wicca, and whatever all else there is out there?"

Oshi. Shikigami Well if there was any interest, I suppose I get something figured out. One should not be placed anywhere it is not wanted to be. But not to sound superstitious but I think it just might be a positive thing to have? Well I would not be oppose to any others,either in addition, or in replacement. But My belief is that a religion, is better than none.

Darcy Lynch: Darcy looks truly intrigued by the view points back and forth and muses "Hmm well it was forced on me by my folks but I guess where I'm at now is kind of agnostic. I think there could be something beyond us, but it probably doesn't take the form all these religions seems to argue over. I mean all the beliefs, and so many are similar. I find it all interesting in an anthropological sense, and I do respect all views."

Francis Sharp shrugs. "Well, in its history this island has supposedly been blessed, cursed and exorcised .. and its still here." she chuckles. "All I care about is NOT being converted." she considers. "And maybe better lesbian clubs in Vancouver." she muses.

Oshi. Shikigami Well Shinto does not try and "evangelize" anyone. Believe or not it is up to you. But there are many other similar in premise. So If there were to be something here, I also would wish it to be there because someone wanted it so. On the other hand those without any faith are often ones that do a "negative" evangelism that can be quite intense. In my experiences anyway. But as I say, No pressure for anything.

Darcy Lynch had just gotten her coffee and was sipping it when Frank had said "better lesbian clubs". She choked a bit as she giggled and then joked "So we have a lack of churches, shrines and lesbians? Not things always linked together but I'd read that book if you write it." She takes another sip and then turns to Oshi "I really don't know tons about the Shinto faith but you make it sound like a gentle persuasion."

Francis Sharp arches a brow at Oshi. "If you can get it past the Town Council, anything is possible." she looks over at Darcy when she chokes. "Now don't tell me you didn't know I was a lesbian, Lynch." she teases. "Unless you're one of those who simply assumed I was a man." she chuckles "But my mother DID think that my father should beat the fear of God into me ... he didn't .... he couldn't even get me to wear a dress." she chuckles. "My mother STILL won't speak to me ... cause she had friends who called her a liar when she introduced me as her daughter." she laughs softly and sips her coffee.

Oshi. Shikigami Well of all the major religions of the world, it is the only one without "Holy" writings, yes there are writings, but no claimed to be written by god, or infallible. And as I said they don't try and convert. So I guess that makes it fairly mellow? In a nutshell it says there is a part of god in everything, and because of that, all creatures, and the world itself should be treated with reverence.

Darcy Lynch nods at Oshi "Sounds like a good motto for life in general, to preserve it. Kinda why Frank and I do what we do.." She gives Frank a little smile "I knew. And you're way too clever to be a man. Don't tell the boys at the station I said that."

Francis Sharp looks at Oshi as if not understanding a single word, but is polite about it. "Pretty much." she agrees with Darcy. Then she laughs. "I sort of have to agree. But if we take everyone in the shop and combine their skills .. we're really lucky to be so well rounded." and she winks. "No worries ... I told them all that already."

Oshi. Shikigami Oshi nods at the positive remarks, and says, if you have any interest at any time, I am happy to do what I can. But like I said, do what you believe. And I am glad to see ladies that are not intimidated by gender. I am always teased by any guys, to show my license when I tell them I am a plumber, so I think I can relate. Osh smiles.

Darcy Lynch tips her cup to Frank and then takes a sip and then nods at Oshi "We need more women in the trades so it becomes normalized. Good for you. I actually don't mean to slag on men. They're some of my best friends and I've mostly worked with men. There are a lot of good ones to balance out the rotten apples. Our station here is pretty lucky. We could have way more testosterone to contend with. Chief Brate is part of what keeps us all balanced...I just hope..." she trails off looking out the window "I hope he heals fast."

Francis Sharp sips at her coffee. "They figure you're a woman, so you can't find your way around a pipe?" she deadpans. "That sounds about right." she nods to Darcy. "Actually all the guys at the shop are great. Well ... Lieutenant Green ... he's just ... older ... so some things he simply cannot fathom, if that makes sense."

Oshi. Shikigami Well I don't mind. I feel my work speaks for itself. And I certainly think that both genders can do most anything, If they want to. And someday this will be such a non-point that it never is brought up any more, for it has been gone longer than any remembers.

Darcy Lynch gives Frank a knowing look about her comment on Greene "Yeah I know. He's like my Dad in some ways. Hopefully he doesn't have a wife stuck at home who does all the cooking because he can't find the fridge. To my father's credit he does clean.....bit of an obsession really." She glances at Oshi "Someday, getting a little closer every day I hope."

Francis Sharp snorts. "I should live so long." she replies to Oshi and then to Darcy. "Well Greene is 55, so around my own Dad's age. They know each other ... And the fire Chief .. Captain Stanley. They're all divorced now, for various reasons. Green can't cook to save his ass." she predicts.

Oshi. Shikigami Back home in Japan, there are a lot of very long live presumptions that have very strong prejudice for gender assignment. I am fortunate that my parents 'allowed' me to pursue my higher education. But I know it hurts them that I have gotten married, and started a family by now with a respectable Japanese man. Still many there that are worse then my parents. But it is slowly changing.

Darcy Lynch sets her coffee down after sipping it, looking confusedly at Frank "Is your Dad Captain Stanley?" She may have heard that all wrong. She listened to Oshi with a grim look on her face "Allowed? Geez....and what if you fell for a respectable Japanese woman? Not to assume either way but are they open to that in your family?"

Francis Sharp nods slowly. "My mother isn't speaking to be because I haven't gotten married." she lifts her coffee mug and looks a little devilish. "I keep telling her when I meet the right woman I will marry her. A Butch has to be particular." She looks at Darcy. "No .... but they are good friends the three of them. My Dad is off fishing most of the time." and then she looks at Oshi, curious for the reply.

Oshi. Shikigami Well gay is not forbidden in Japan. But it is a very small minority. It is more the desire for continuing the family line, I believe. I am an only child. If I do not have children, the family line ends. And that is a huge thing. SO the best for them is heterosexual. Japanese is preferred for more continuity as well. But this has gotten a lot less so recently. But yeah, they are just following what was passed down to them for countless generations.

Darcy Lynch thinks about this and looks at her coffee "Hmmm so the whole blood lines thing. Well my parents have given up on my sister and I thankfully. That's pressure." She adds on a nod to Frank "Your mom too it sounds like. Ah parents....."

Francis Sharp arches her brows. "I don't know ... I asked my father about that and he said he would rather me adopt some African kid and teach him the Sharp family values .. well my Dad's anyway ... then be with a man and use him as a sperm donor. Who would do that to a kid? 'We had you because it was expected.' ... that just ... seems wrong to me." she admits. She looks at Darcy. "You don' need kids, you have Vincent." it seems like a tease.

Oshi. Shikigami I am not opposed to marriage. If or when I met the right person. But I am not shopping now. I wish to get a few things done first. Like getting my doctorate, and a job I am trained for and to be happy where I am. So it is likely a few more years at least. Oshi grins.

Darcy Lynch nods about Vincent as her phone buzzes and she takes it from her pocket "Aunt Darcy is what he calls me..." She starts to explain Vincent to Oshi "This kid in my build..." She breaks off as she reads her phone "Oh for fuck's sakes......NO WARNING!" She texts back quickly and stands up "I'm sorry I have to go. My sister is coming off the ferry for a surprise visit....kill me now!"

Oshi. Shikigami Nice to meet you both, stay safe, hope to see you again!

Francis Sharp nods. Her voice takes on an old woman's harpy tone "Don't wait too long, young lady. Your biological clock is ticking." she rolls her eyes and stage whispers "Get a digital." she watches Darcy jump almost straight out the window and opens her mouth to say goodbye when her radio crackles. "Gotta go myself." and she too jumps out to rush out.

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