Monday, October 24, 2016

Voldemort Had Kittens

On a sleepy afternoon in the town of Alexandra Gareth Dunham saunters up to Earthcakes Bakery and sees his boss, the fire chief "Hey Cap. Great minds eh?" He gestures at the bakery and then looks back at the lady in the hat and grins at her "Hello."

Hank.Stanley gets out of the red golf cart that serves as a FD car and chuckles. "Dunham. How you doin, son?" he looks at the lady in the hat and nods. If he had a hat, he would have tipped it.

Oshi Shikigami smiles at the two gentlemen, and looks to see if they are going inside.

Gareth Dunham opens the door for the lady, grandly "After you Miss."

Hank Stanley nods at his fireman in approval and waits for the lady to enter.

Oshi.Shikigami  "Why thank you sir." Oshi smiles.

Gareth Dunham follows her in, but holds the door for Hank "Captain...." He looks into the counter after "Hmm chocolate or chocolate..."

Oshi.Shikigami: Well, if you like cupcakes at all, their chocolate ones, are 'to die for' Oshi mentions nonchalantly...

Hank Stanley walks in and nods. "Thank you, Dunham." he intones and waits slightly behind the two as Zilpha comes out smiling at them all. "Ladies first." she reminds them bellying up to the cash register and wiping it clean. "Can I help you ... oh you've been here before haven't you?" she asks the woman. Hank looks at Dunham. "By the way. Dunham, I have you cooking next shift. Speaking of chocolate."

Oshi.Shikigami: Well I want a half dozen of the chocolate cupcakes, and if it is not too early, I would like a pumpkin pie for Halloween?

Gareth Dunham gives the small lady a little smirk "To die for? If you faint...I'll have to resuscitate you." he teases with a little wink.

Hank Stanley watches as Zilpha nods, already bending down for the cupcakes. "I already have several ... October it is Thanksgiving then Halloween so plenty of pumpkin pies." she boxes the cupcakes and turns to the fridge where she pulls out a pumpkin pie.. As she boxes it, she looks at Gareth but speaks to the woman. "Lets call it 20 shall we?And the firemen here are top notch ... if a little flirtacious." but her eyes move to Hank. Hank is looking at Gareth. "In other words, we can expect delivery from you ... again." he shakes his head, as if he doesn't know what to do with the boy. Zilpha giggles. "And for you?" she asks Gareth.

Oshi.Shikigami: Well, at least it would be from a trained specialist... I could be worse, I suppose? Oshi chuckles a real laugh.

Gareth Dunham nods at Zilpha and glances back to Hank "Maybe I'll bring them some treats then. Zilpha, can I get some of those to die for cupcakes to, a dozen...but one to sample now please."

Hikari Horatio walks up the counter.. 'excuse moi, i zink i call in a order for a cake.. 'he says softly

Hank Stanley grins as Gareth replies to Zilpha who grins at him. "Cupcakes, eh? None of my phallic doughnuts?" she looks at Zilpha and replies. "Let's cal it twenty-TWO." she then looks at Hank. "Chief Stanley? She smiles at him and blinks. he looks at her. "A lemon loaf, I think Mrs Ainsworth. Please." he replies. Zilpha nods and looks at the new man. Welcome back professor. What kind of cake?" she asks, bending to get Gareth's cupcakes and handing one to him directly.

Oshi.Shikigami  Oh my, Monsure' Hikari Horatio san, Oshi says in on breath, almost. Good to see you again. She smiles, your student is pleased with your teaching, and wants you to know, although busy across the waves, she is studying studiously for your classes.

Gareth Dunham takes the cupcake with a wink at Zilpha "That you M'Lady." He glances at the one she calls professor and drinks in the awareness of his accent and then looks past him unabashedly to Oshi and licks some icing off the top of his cupcake before saying "Lemon loaf?" with a bit of a face.

Hank Stanley watches as Zilpha packs up his lemon cake. Zilpha slides Gareth's box over to him. "Ten, young man." and moves to Oshi again. "Ma'am, that will be Twenty-five dollars." Hank arches a brow and glances at Gareth moment. He replies. "Hey, the men like hers better than mine." he sighs dramatically. "But I have to admit .. it is." Zilpha beams. "Seven dollares for you Chief." she almost gushes and Hank pays her immediately.

Hikari Horatio smiles at Oshi and then to Zilpha bow his head graciously 'hello ... yes that cake i called .. hmm .. lets me look..' he looks at a pink slip of paper adjust his glasses. .. 'oh yes double chocolate ' he says softly

Tamela.Douglas walks by, looking around unsure and then down at her phone muttering "OK Fire Station then.."

Hank Stanley counts out seven dollars and sets it on the counter, then watches Zilpha smile at this professor type. Probably some kind of teacher at the Academy. She goes in the back and comes out before the door has even closed with a cake box. "Double chocolate, Professor. That will be ten dollars." she looks at Oshi, a bit exasperated. "And that's twenty-seven dollars, ma'am." she looks at hank, taking his money. "Thank you, sir."

Oshi peals off a few colors from her rainbow pack of cash bills, thank you very much for your lovely food, it is greatly appreciated. Oh hey prof, would you like some company for Halloween? Just thinking. of course.

Gareth Dunham keeps licking his cupcake and then starts to peel it and eat it and makes a happy food "Mmmm" with closed yes "Oh yeah Zilpha....that's chocolaty." He watches the exchanges casually with Hank, the professor and the woman the professor called Oshi. Did he hear that right? And then just casually stands and eats, waiting for his order. He chuckles a bit when Oshi says Halloween in this town.

Hikari Horatio pats his self down checking all of his pocket before finding his wallet and getting the money out before dropping all of it and the contents of his wallet out.. he bends over to pick it all up..'excuse.. moi.. ill get it ' he say with red cheeks.. he looks up to her as he scramble to pick up the content .. 'Halloween i did zink zey did that here. its all ready looking like Christmas here."

Tamela.Douglas strides in and steps over the man fumbling for something. She nods to the fireman in uniform and a woman who looks familiar, like she may have seen her back home She holds up her phone and scans the room and then puts it beside Gareth's face "Gareth right? Your Facebook picture is slightly obscene. Keys. I'm Megan's sister."

Hank Stanley gives Zilpha a look as she puts the cash in the register. He shakes his head at her, a little disbelieving, but he will wait. He takes his cake box. "We don't." he replies, sternly. "It's against every municipal code in Alexandra, ma'am." he sighs and looks again at Zilpha, who looks back at him placidly. "Mrs. Ainsworth...." he seems to be encouraging. With a huff, Zilpha goes in the register and takes out seven dollars and drops it on the counter, looking almost like a child who got caught doing something mean. He takes it in his hand and holds it out to Oshi when the woman walks in. He looks at Gareth with arched eyebrows .. like a cross between father and boss.

Oshi.Shikigami: Well no pressure prof, But if you wish, you can spend whatever time you wish on that night with me and a few friends, having a good time with no serious party, just a relaxed time together, Just let me know by a few days ahead, so I can be sure we have enough for all? Oshi smiles.Love to have you, but everyone has things going then."  Oshi seems a bit perplexed as she is handed money, and flushing slightly she says, Perhaps I do not understand? what?

Gareth looks the woman holding out her phone at him right up and down with a huge grin "You most certainly are. And Facebook stalking me? I can think of better ways to get to know me."

Hikari Horatio grabs his cash and card and pocket them in his wallet before sheepishly putting his cash on .the counter 'that is a school night i don't zink i can i have to watch the dorms.. 'he say sadly 'ozerwise i would have love to he blushes.. "

Tamela.Douglas  looks completely repulsed " fuckin don't already. I didn't know what you look like and you're on Megan's Facebook friends....just flirting. Gah..." She rolls her eyes and focuses on the other people in the room as if she has to endure this guy.

Hank Stanley watches as Zilpha completely ignores Oshi in favor of the newcomer woman. "Can I help you, Miss." she aske all friendly old lady. Hank turns to Oshi. "I think Mrs. Ainsworth overcharged you by this amount." he lens forward a bit and lowers his voice. "That's what happens when you get old like us." then he straightens and turns to Gareth. "Not ANOTHER one?" he says, looking at the young lady. "Damn it, Dunham." he sounds exasperated.

Oshi.Shikigami: Oh my? well then... Oshi takes the remaining "extra" cash, and lays it on the counter. Her face is beat red, and she picks up her already packaged goods, and turns to the door. She says as leaving. Donate it to the uh, fire department, or...  um something, then. And heads hurriedly out the door.

Gareth Dunham just laughs at the rejection "Well it was worth a try." He fishes out the Brate house keys and passes them to Megan's sister "Can I at least ask your name or do I have to look you up on Facebook too?" He smiles at his chief "It's all good."

Hikari Horatio watches as she runs out . 'mademoiselle ' he say as she leave. he picks up his box blinking frozen and pink cheek 'ill go check on her ..'he say softly to no one then he gets a text looking pain and confused on what to do ..'Zut' he says softly, cursing in French.

Tamela.Douglas  sees the woman run out , hears the French guy's concern and then looks back to Gareth and the man in uniform "Tamela."

Hank Stanley looks at Zilpha as she grins. "Don't you get mad because you miss YOUR fire groupie days." she chides, as if missing the whole overcharging thing. "I remember when you were new here, Chief Stanley. Why hey still call you Captain I will never know." she moves to the counter and, without looking at the Chief, puts the cash back in the register. Hank sighs, watching the woman leave and then returns his attention to Gareth and the woman. "Well, thank goodness for THAT." he nods at the woman now. "Chief Hank Stanley." he watches the keys change hands. He nods at her. "A pleasure ma'am." his manners are .. well like his age ,. old.

Hikari Horatio walks out .. wave 'merci,, au revoir' he say softly as he look at phone and whacks into the close door before opening an head off to work

Gareth Dunham winces slightly as the French man hits the door. He lets go of the keys and then his eyes go wide "Uh Tamela...there's something you should know about the house.....about the cats..."

Hank Stanley arches his brows. "Ohhhh .. your Megan's sister." he realizes.

Tamela.Douglas  looks annoyed, like Gareth's keeping her there longer than he needs to. She smiles politely at the Captain though and returns his formality "Officer Douglas of the CPPD. Good to meet you Sir." She sighs loudly at Gareth "Yeah, they have a lot of cats...I get sister and her little creatures...what is is 4 or something now?"

Gareth looks a little awkward "Well it's 4 more...on top of the 5 they already have. Voldemort had kittens."

Tamela.Douglas  looks like she's trying not to laugh "Does JK Rowling know? I'm assuming this is a cat. Megan and her Harry Potter mania...4 more?" She scrutinizes Gareth "YOU haven't told them have you?"

Hank Stanley 's blue eyes twinkle and crinkle with mirth. "Oh ... please ... Adum is going to stroke out now." but he is clearly amused. The cats are Island legend.

 Gareth shrugs "Well they've been busy. I didn't want to add to the stress....and it JUST happened....yesterday. They seem healthy. I asked my roommate...she's a midwife. She said just let them be and put out food and water for the mother. Voldemort is aptly named and a little volatile. You can't really get near her so steer clear of the dresser maybe. They're in the bottom drawer."

Tamela.Douglas face palms and can't help but chuckle. She looks at Hank and back at Gareth "You guys realize I'm here to get Megan clothes right? Which are probably in...the fucking dresser full of cats who should not be named."

Hank Stanley shakes his head. "Welcome to Alexandra, Tamela. We just stopped getting cats out of trees, but the midwife handles any and all mammals." he raises a brow. "I can loan you some turn-out gear. It might help." he offers with the usual small town generosity.

 Gareth Dunham nods and gestures to Hank now, looking a bit intimidated by Tamela "Yes that...what he said..."

Tamela.Douglas  glares at Gareth and then smiles at Hank "Thank you. I'll give it a try."

Hank Stanley chuckles. "And how about I give you a ride." he additionally offers. "Gareth, you can come with. Since you are the bearer of such good news, the least you can do is help the chief's sister-in-law." he considers. "She can use one of the smaller turn-out outfits. You aren't busy this afternoon?" he arches his brows in a manner that says Gareth CLEARLY is not in the least busy and would be thrilled to help ...

Gareth Dunham's eyes go wide for a second and then he sighs "Well the other cats do know me at least and I will keep taking care of them all. But Tamela....would you...tell them...maybe in person is best?"

Tamela.Douglas smiles wryly at Chief Stanley's order and then looks over Gareth like she's assessing how to take him down in a hand to hand combat. She gets right in his face now and says "Oh I'll tell them...and I'll let them know you forgot to mention it. Let's go pretty boy." She turns and walks out, waiting for Hank to lead the way.

Hank Stanley looks evenly at Gareth. Hank is a firm believer that a fireman is always a fireman, just like a cop is always a cop and a bartender is always a bartender. He watches Tamela and turns after her. "I like her." he announces. "Come on, Fireman." and he follows.

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