Monday, February 27, 2017

Anna in Alexandra - Anna, Gabby and Phoenix

Gabrielle Rousseau tosses her empty coffee mug away as they head from the ferry to the shores of Alexandra island.  She didn't come her as often as she wanted to, but that was changing.  Looking down the street she inhales.  "This place feels good."  she announces and looks at Anna beside her.  "Where were you planning to shop?"  she wonders.  Then her phone jangles in her pocket and she takes it out, looking at it intently.

Anna walks with Gabby, hoisting her pack a little on her back. She was still sipping her now cold coffee a bit "Been awhile for me too. Seriously, almost a day on the ferry since I went to Theta first...." she laughs "But I found the out of print book. I need a cake from Earthcakes. I did call ahead......" she cuts off as Gabby focuses on her phone.

Gabby is nodding as she reads the text message and replies.  "Well, I am glad we got to run into each other."  she holds up her phone before she pockets it.  "And I now have the day free!"  she announces.  "Some kind of admin ... something ... so I need to come back later to examine the school here."  she touches Anna's shoulder.  "So we can go to Earthcakes together!"  she exclaims, as if they are headed to a grand party.  "Gods, I have missed you!"

Anna smiles a bit, not totally sure how to align with Gabby's energy, but accepting it as the kindness it seems to be. "Thanks. That's nice to hear. So where do you....and I assume Sky? Live right now anyway?"

Gabby smiles and walks along the street.  "We're living on Theta right now, but you know ... we get around a lot.  Here.  We'll even going to work in Cedar Point soon."  she grins.  "It's been good times, really.  How about you?"  she pauses.  "I ... got the feeling you weren't happy about me and Sky.  Are you with someone else now?"

Anna sigh as Gabby calls her out on the truth " It was a long time ago so I got over it. I know you and Sky are wired differently than I am. I'm a monogamist. So the whole thing was just something I had to process and let go. The fact that you're both still happy and in each other's lives means I made the right choice. I do care about you both. There have been a few but no one right now. I'm not lonely though. I have amazing friends." She smiles genuinely and inwardly decides to not even get into the issues around Phoenix and the whole dynamic. "What's the work in Cedar Point? I can give you a discount at the B&B on a room if you need one."

Gabby nods.  "Yea.  I guess we're ...  I don't know."  she grins.  "But yes.  We're happy and still not bored with each other so ... win win, right?"  she shrugs.  "I'm going to be working on the school there?  And a room might be nice.  But if you'd be uncomfortable with us around.  Neither of us wants that, Anna.  Really, we don't."

Anna smiles and reassures her "Gabby, I got through it. It's OK NOW. I want you guys to be happy. So come get a deal." She teases her.

Gabby smiles.  "I thought so."  she sighs and shrugs.  "Well rest assured we are."  she heads down Water street.  "I DO love these large areas of trees.  Be a treat to explore again."  she looks eager and happy.

Anna looks around "It is pretty. I used to come here more when I was in high school. We had track meets and stuff with Alexandra school. and I have a couple of cousins here on my Dad's side. It's the twin town to Cedar Point. Apparently as it turns out, because the mayors have been in love for years....partially at least."

Gabby looks intrigued as they pass Perkatory and heat up to another literal level of the island.  "That's very cool!  I can sort of relate.  Drifting away and then back together.  Probably different.  Not as romantic.  Are they back together again?"

Anna nods "Sounds like it. It was a tabloid at first but I'm friends with her niece for ours. So yeah....I think he retired and I heard a hint she's about to call an election....don't quote me on that till it happens. I can't imagine any other mayor but Shirley Douglas. She's my neighbour too, nice lady....'

Gabby smiles.  "That's sweet.  I wish them happily ever after.  Are they older?  I'd guess so, if you can't imagine another mayor."  she approaches Earthcakes and reaches for the door handle.

Phoenix Fire Moon stands at the counter, looking contemplatively down at the offerings.

"They are both seniors. It's both cute and a little gross if I think too much...." She cuts off seeing the unmistakable blonde dreads and says in surprise "Oh he's here already..." She inhales and puts on a smile. All the awkward conversations were going to happen in one day after all, minus Sky. She walks through the door after Gabby "Hi Phoenix." She offers a little quietly.

Gabby giggles a little.  "Maybe we'll learn age is what you make of it once we get there."  she moves in and sees Phoenix and smiles broadly.  "That beautiful, beautiful man."  she calls to him and opens her arms.

Phoenix turns and sees them.  "Gabby!"  he heads for her.  "And ANNA!"  his blue eyes widen in surprise.  "Oh the planets must be aligned today!"  he pulls Gabby into a very familiar hug, followed by a deep, soul searching kiss.  Then he breaks it and turns to Anna, opening his arms, as if expecting the exact same from her.

Anna gulps and looks away briefly at Phoenix and Gabby's greeting and then when he opens his arms to her she gives a little laugh and does reach to hug him but carefully turns her face as she leans in to avoid any possibility of a kiss "It's nice to see you Phoenix."

Gabby watches all of this with an amused grin.  But all in all it was a very good day for her.  The only thing she was missing was Sky.

Phoenix chuckles into the hug and does not go in for a kiss.  He holds her by the shoulders, however and looks at her.  "Still shy Anna."  he caresses both of her arms.  "Lets sit and drink and make some merry."  he suggests.  "Coffee and conversation at least if I can't get love from you both."  he teases.

Anna has to laugh at his boldness. Still Phoenix. She darts a look at Gabby and shakes her head smiling "I don't think you're lacking for love. And yes to coffee and conversation. I have a cake to pick up at the end of that." She gestures to a table by the window and look between the two of them "How about this one?" She graciously steps out of Phoenix's hold on her shoulders and arms and shuffles in it's direction.

Gabby smiles and heads for the table with Anna.  "If they have some kind of mint tea, please?"  she takes out her card and hands it to Phoenix.  She sits and offers her hand to Anna.  "It's a day of reunion for you, Anna."  she almost announces.

Phoenix takes the card and looks at Anna.  "What can I get you, beautiful?"  he wonders aloud.

Anna chuckles, drops her bag by a chair and pulls a 5 out of her pocket for Phoenix "Mint tea actually sounds good. I've had a LOT of coffee today." She blushes at the compliment "It'll go to my head if you keep that up mister."

Gabby beams and sits back, looking out of the window.  It is turning into a good day.

Phoenix winks at Anna.  "I hope it does indeed."  he admits, taking card and bill from the women and turning to the counter.  "Three mint teas, please Zilpha."  he orders from an elderly woman.

Anna just sighs at Phoenix but smiles. This was more attention she'd had from anyone in some time, between these two flattering folks and she's trying not to overthink it coming from him. She sat down with Gabby and followed her gaze "Snow's melting. I saw a daffodil trying to reach a shoot for the sky yesterday. You can feel spring trying."

Gabby smiles and looks out of the window.  "It really IS!"  she proclaims.  "Theta is in such a state of flux, I can't stand it anymore."  she smirks.  "Maybe we'll move to Cedar Point."  she quickly reaches out to touch her hand.  "Just teasing!"

Phoenix orders three teas and soon brings them to the table.  "Oh, if you do that, I'll have to invade!"

Anna giggles at Gabby "It would not be a terrible thing on either count." She accepts her tea from Phoenix "Thank you.Gabby says you have some sort of record shop here. How's that going?"

Gabby grins, happy with that statement.  First she blows on and then sips at her tea, listening to Phoenix's answer.

Phoenix nods.  "It goes well.  Record is probably not the right word."  he sighs deeply.  "Mostly CD's and I am experimenting with things like MP3 sales.  The brick and mortar is dying, I'm afraid."  he sounds genuinely sad.  "Everything is online.  No one gets out to nature anymore."  he shrugs.

Anna smiles at Gabby and then refutes Phoenix respectfully "But lots of bands are going old school with vinyl releases. It's a resurgence I thought. The last folk fest at Mission, there was tons of vinyl...course I don't have a player but you know..... And it's been a tough winter for BC. We're used to having our gardens planted by now." She says with an eye roll.

Gabby nods.  "It's true."  she smiles.  "Granted, it WAS you, Phoenix who got me to replace my paper books with electronic copies."  she looks at Anna.  "Of course my place was a fire hazard and I didn't want to accidentally burn the place down lighting up a joint or something."  she giggles.  Then she perks up.  "That reminds me.  I want to start a kitchen garden BUT."  she holds up a finger.  "I want it in containers, so if Sky and I move .. we can take it with us."

Phoenix listens to them.  "I still have SOME records . but yes, Gabs .. you were becoming a book hoarder.  I love you, but it WAS a hazard."  he strokes his chin.  "What are you planning to grow?"  he wonders.  "I am trying to stay on the right side of the law, myself.  But I have herb seeds for you, Gabby Gardner."

Anna listens to them both and shrugs at them "My Dad just inter-plants it with Oregano and tells the people it's more of the same. I honestly think the cops have better things to pursue....but I know they have to tow the line on it. But on the legal side, I do have chives and mint I can give you cutting from Gabby."

Gabby grins.  "There's an idea.  And it would be for personal use.  Sky'd be his own best customer."  she laughs.  "Does his girlfriend share his stash?"  she teases.  "Oh, I'd love to get a head start, sure.  Yes, please."

Phoenix arches his brows.  "Wait your Dad has a GIRLFRIEND?"  he laughs and claps his hands.  "There's hope for the rest of us!" he proclaims.

Anna laughs at Gabby and then makes a face at Phoenix's question "'s complicated. She's kind of......well I probably know her. I betcha SHE has a record player." she laughs "It's Sunflower Meadow. But they're off again, on again. I'm not sure if tonight's dinner is in an on phase or just as friends. I never know."

Gabby sips her tea, closing her eyes in bliss.  If she had to choose a home based on mint tea ... Alexandra was in the running and then some.

Phoenix brightens.  "I know her."  he admits.  "Good for her!  And nothing wrong with on again, off again.  Look at me and Gabby and Sky.  Sometimes it's all three of us, sometimes just two of us three."  he winks, suggestively.  "Keeps us alive, my dear Anna."

Anna waves the whole thing off "You guys are wired differently, maybe my Dad too....I did that with someone for years. It hurt us a few too many times. The worst and the end was my fault but that's how it went. But he's happier now...he met someone nice." She smiles a bit, genuinely but with a tinge of melancholy. She can't bring herself to talk about more. She might be able to if it was still just Gabby but she and Phoenix had a relationship before she and Sky and she's still untangling part of it in her head to this day.

Gabby looks curious.  "Who?"  she just assumed Anna never considered a polyamorous or swinging lifestyle.

Phoenix also looks curious.  "Yes ... who?"  he wonders.  "And what makes you think your father has many lovers or even ANY besides Sunflower?"

Anna can see where they're going with it all and laughs "I'm talking about one person at a time still, just not consistently because...well sometimes life is just kinda fucked up. And I mean that about my Dad too. Garrett Yamada. Do you remember Steph? She and Tamela visited me on Salt Spring. Tams did not like sleeping in the sod house.... anyhow Steph's brother. Sort of since high school really whenever we were not with anyone else. Then we tried dating and life just got in the way."

Gabby nods.  "Well its not like I have to sleep between Sky and Phoenix."  she protests with a giggle.  "Most of the time its me and Sky.  But others."  she jumps.  Oh God I almost forgot."  and she pulls out her phone and begins to send a text.  "I have to invite Sky ....  you don't mind, do you, Phoenix?  For tonight?  It's been so long."

Phoenix grins.  "I remember.  SO .. maybe you and Garrett will get together and STAY together someday.  Sky and Gabby have, even if now and then I get to play with them, as well."  he says the last while Gabby is texting and beams.  "I was hoping you wouldn't make me ask.  It's always magical when you two stay over."

Anna looks intrigued but still overwhelmed by the plans of the trio and just smiles a little awkwardly at them. She doesn't answer about Garrett. Her feelings for him have faded and it does sound like his connection to Ziven is both genuine and solid. "Say hi to Sky for me. I think we're having dinner at Sunny's farm. I'll crash there and then try and catch an early ferry home."

Gabby smiles.  "I will, but he'll be sorry to have missed you."  she sighs a bit.  "Maybe if we're staying the nights in Cedar Point, we can all have dinner together, then."  she offers.

Phoenix grins and finishes his tea.  "Well, maybe we can all do breakfast, if we don't sleep too late."  he winks.  "I open the store at around tenish."  no specific time for him, but it doesn't hurt his business too much.

Anna shrugs "Ok I'll toss a text at you Gabby when I'm up and about. I probably have to help feed goats."

Gabby smiles.  "See ...  you get fun too."  she giggles.  "That sounds fun.  Feeding the animals."

Phoenix grins.  "It IS.  I help Sunflower as much as I can.  I think she has a sister, but they're a but ... different.  You know.  They have a nephew in town here.  One of the cops."

Anna smiles and shrugs "You mean Sam Wright? Yeah he's my second cousin. Way too small world sometimes. Related on my Dad's side."

Gabby smiles.  "Wow.  That's ... beautiful."  she grins.  "A cop and a hippy ...."  she looks at her phone and beams.  "He'll be on the next ferry."  she sounds excited.

Phoenix grins.  "Well it IS a small world."  he looks at Anna for a long time.  "Beautiful family."  he looks at Gabby.  "I better make it a short day."

Anna watches Gabby and smiles "Well good." Then she looks up to see Phoenix looking at her and hears his reply. She blushes a little and awkwardly smooths her hair "I should get my cake...pardon me." She stands up and heads to the counter.

Gabby watches her head for the counter and, with a sigh, leans into Phoenix and rests her head on his side.

Phoenix gives Gabby a one armed hug, but also looks after Anna.  He missed her, and she probably didn't even know why.

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