Monday, February 27, 2017

Saturday Casual RP in Alexandra - Hank, Erica, Petey and Judith

Erica BaldwinRussell is walking in almost a shell shocked daze, muttering to herself as if trying to reason something out. She snaps her head up and sees Hank and kind of waves like she's forgotten how to greet other humans "Uh...hi..."

Hank Stanley wanders down 2nd, with o particular goal in mind and sees Erica. "Hi..." he looks at her with concern. "Are you alright?" he asks coming closer. "You look ..... shocked ...." he doesn't want to say 'shocky' but he is looking at her and around. He didn't HEAR an accident.

Erica BaldwinRussell starts laughing nervously "I've just said yes to something completely insane, potentially wonderful, but insane......I don't even know how to tell Jeff......" She blows out a big breath and look at the cement as if seeking it's solidity.

Hank Stanley laughs a little nervously. Well long as it's wonderful." he is still watching her.She may well be in a sort of shock. "May I be the first to congratulate you with .... maybe a treat? Tea? Coffee? Perkatory has the best in town."

Erica BaldwinRussell looks like she might start to hyperventilate "Give me a sec. I just had a job interview and said yes to an offer....for both Jeff and I....but we need to start March, at the Mariner's. That's the only way to secure the jobs. Maybe don't congratulate me yet....It's possible this will kill us with stress...."

Hank Stanley smiles and then lifts his brows. "March .... that's WEDNESDAY." he proclaims, as if she may have made a mistake. "Well, that part is wonderful and .. don't stress." he snorts. "All you have to do is move and get the kids in school. But you have an ace i the hole, Erica." he assures her.Someone walks by and claps Hank on the am as they pass. "Hey Chief." Hank waves a them, absently.

Erica BaldwinRussell glances at the passer by and then exhales heavily "We might need to stay in the Mariner's.....oh god the school. Is there a daycare here?!" She looks alarmed at her own predicament "It is WEDNESDAY!"

Hank Stanley smiles. "I think you need a drink in you." he tells her. "Not alcohol. I honestly think you might be in shock." he chuckles. "But there a few available apartments here. And yes, there's day care and babysitters. If it's a good enough job, I'll babysit myself on my days off. Now ... relax. It's totally doable." he begins to look around, trying to remember what's available and what's not. "First things first. An apartment, right?"

Erica BaldwinRussell nods, reeling "We're going to need to sleep her by Tuesday night. We can bring the camping gear for the first week.....we have to sell our house.....I need to call Jeff...then I can drink something....alcohol might be a good idea." She laughs. Erica  digs her phone out her purse and dials and then waits. She puts ona sheepish smile as if she was saying it to Jeff's face "Hi honey, I've lost my mind. But do you wanna work together again? Because I just said yes to that Mariner's chain......Yeah the weird guy with the peacock.......mmmhm....there's just a little catch.....if we want it...we have have to start on March 1st." She waits for a long pause and then asks "Are you still there? OK. Well I've said yes....but we can undo it if you want to think and call me back......." She purses her lips and than laughs "Are you sure? I love you......I'm going to go have a drink. No it's OK I ran into Hank." She listens and then holds the phone aside "Is Mom here?"

 Hank Stanley smiles. "Might not be the worst idea." he teases. "Let me think." he looks around again. "There's the townhouses. And some apartment's in the bottoms. That's your best bet with your family just staring out." he considers and looks westward. He listens to Erica's end of the conversation. "Yes. She is. Working." he chuckles. "The honeymoon is over." he teases. "Drinks on me." he motions towards the police station. "Statutes should be open by now, if you still want that drink. Petey serves some good food too."

Erica BaldwinRussell almost nuzzles her phone at whatever Jeff just replied with and sighs "I know. I'll see you tonight and we'll figure it all out. Hank has some ideas of where we can look. I'm going to quit tomorrow and then and come back here and talk to some real estate folks, landlords and the school and daycare.......OK I'll call you when I leave. Bye." She looks at Hank "Where's the bar?"

Hank Stanley chuckles. "We this way ma'am." he nods in the right direction. "Might be able to take care of ONE of your problems, at least." he heads over, texting as he goes.

Erica BaldwinRussell pushes the door opens and holds it for Hank "OK....oh wait this is the place with no wine right?" She laughs reading the names and then smiles at the bartender.

Hank Stanley laughs. "This is the place." he motions to a table. "Hey Petey! How's business?" he leans in towards Erica. "Two things on the menu ... fish and chips or Lamb Stew .... and of course two desserts. Pete's a bar man. What can you do?"

Peter OBrian looks up from polishing the bar. They've jsut opened so he isn't actually expecting anyone. He beams. "Hank! Business is booming now you're here." he moves around the bar to the table. "New friend?" he asks, cautiously. "And where's Judith?" he wonders. He knows his friend so he isn't thinking hanky panky.

Erica BaldwinRussell pulls out her phone again but doesn't start texting or calling yet "Were you texting HER Hank?" She turns to the bartender "Hi I'm Erica. I'm Judith's daughter."

Hank Stanley chuckles. "Yes, I was." he looks at Peter during the introduction. "Erica may become a new Alexandra resident." he tells him. "You have any empty apartments? It's Erica and her husband, plus two girls."

Peter OBrian smiles. "Well, good to met you, then. I'm Peter O'Brian." he pauses at the table and considers. "There are that three bedroom across from my place." he tells them both. "It's right by the hotel. For good or ill." he laughs.

Erica BaldwinRussell's eyes go wide "Oh my god....that's almost you mean the Mariners?" She looks between Hank and Peter hopefully.

Hank Stanley nods. "Pete here owns two of the three buildings. It's a 60 second commute." he considers Petey. "What do you need from em?" he asks with a raised brow. "Security and all that nonsense? They need to move in by Tuesday."

Peter OBrian nods. "Yea. There's the Mariners and the Olin, but ... I mean the Mariners." he looks at Hank. "For someone I don't KNOW? A damage deposit, plus the first months rent. At least three references." he shakes his head slowly, like it is impossible. "But if one of those references is from the fire Chief I think I can take their first months rent and call it even."

Judith Baldwin walks in and smiles at Petey, hearing the tail end of what he's saying to Hank "Evening Petey." She passes the bar and heads to the table "Erica! What a lovely surprise! I almost forgot you had the interview today." She leans down and hugs her daughter, giving her a kiss on the cheek and then steps around to Hank and kisses him sweetly on the lips "And what poor souls are you helping get into an apartment now dear?"

Erica BaldwinRussell hugs her mom back and then smiles between Petey and Hank, answering before he can "Actually's Jeff and the girls and I. I just said yes to a job at the Mariners.....well two to be precise. Jeff too...."

Hank Stanley smiles and accepts the kiss. "Good news, eh?" he offers to Judith.

 Judith Baldwin beams "Oh you got it! That's wonderful dear! When do you start? I can come over next weekend and help you sort the house...." She looks towards Petey "No wine...but how about gin and tonic? Do you have limes Peter?"

Peter OBrian looks between mother and daughter. "Gin and tonic." he blows out a mock exasperated breath. "With limes no less." he shakes his head. "For you, Judith anything .. but wine ..." he teases and nods. "And the rest of you will have ..." he smiles at Judith. "I can serve yours up with a side of lease." he chuckles.\

Erica BaldwinRussell: Erica smiles at Peter "that would be great. I'll have a beer, whatever's on tap that you recommend." She looks at Hank and then takes her mother's hand "OK I need you to not freak out....but...uh we start on Wednesday. Mr. Meera needs it covered this week or we don't get it. I know it's insane."

Hank Stanley smiles. "Just a beer for me, Pete." he orders. "But they have a home." he assures Judith. "A nice place, separate bedrooms for the girls." he grins. "And completely up to code." he adds.

Judith Baldwin looks at Erica's hand, Peter and then Hank like a deer in the headlights and then blinks and blurts out "THIS Wednesday?! Is HE insane? How can he ask that of a family?!" She lets out a breathy choke at Hank after "You and your code.....I love you are they going to do this?" She pats Erica's hand "I'll see if I can take some of my leave days. What does Jeff say?"

Peter OBrian returns with three drinks and a piece of paper. "Addison set this thing up on my phone so I can print documents off on the printer here." he marvels. "Just fill it in. I can show it to you, if you want?" he offers. The paper has spaces for everything with the rent already filled in by the printer. He looks at Judith. "Well, they have a home, at least. Gotta start someplace. And ... well that guy is in a big hurry to take the place over and .. I hear he's a little impatient..."

Erica BaldwinRussell takes the paper and lets go of her mother's hand "Thank you Peter. I would like to see it if I can..." She scans the paper for a second and then looks up at her mother "I know it's fast Mom, but it just feels right. Do you know what I mean?" She head juts at Hank "Sometimes life just chooses the timing right?"

Hank Stanley chuckles. "Fire code is important." he argues. Then he grins at Erica. "If it feels right ....." he looks at Peter. "We'll be fine here. Maybe have some of your lamb stew." he looks eager.

Judith Baldwin looks momentarily indignant at her daughter using her own words against her and then has to laugh "Alright, personal days. I'll make some calls. If I can get three I'll help you get the girls sorted for your first day." She looks at Hank and then Peter "I think three lamb stews. Erica you should eat. Stay well this week..." She exhales.

Peter OBrian laughs. "No problem. Let me get my coat." he looks at a twenty something woman. "Give them whatever they want. I'll be back in a few minutes." he nods at Erica and leaves the table, retrieving his coat from behind the bar and donning it and waiting beside the door for her.

Erica BaldwinRussell stands up and grabs her purse and the paper "I'll be fine Mom.....and thank you Hank...for the reference...." She follows Peter.

Hank Stanley watches Erica leave with Peter. "She seems very exited about this." he observes, mildly.

Judith Baldwin watches after her "I hate the fast timing for her....but I know how much she hates her job. Maybe this is how it has to happen. I'm worried for them though. That's a lot in one week with the girls..." She exhales, fretting and drumming her fingers.

Hank Stanley doesn't seem too concerned. "Well, the girls will be fine, I bet." he reaches for her hand and kisses it. "Sometimes a last minute decision is the best thing you can do." he tells her. "When you said meet today ... I hadn't planned on it ... but I got on that ferry, fell in love and now look at me."

Judith Baldwin melts a bit at his words "I know. I can't stop looking at you...still." She grins "You ready to have all my people in your town?" She teases "You'll have to share me with them more. And what is this Marakesh Meera guy like? Should I be worried about what kind of boss he'll be for the kids?"

Hank Stanley smiles and tightens his grip on her hand. "Bring them all on." he challenges. "And I don't mind. Someday you may just join us all." he quickly moves on. "Oh he's an eccentric old bird. Owns a peacock ... and apparently is demanding his new employees begin on next to no notice."

Judith Baldwin notices his suggestion and his not lingering on it and lets herself be led forward "So he's cocky and high maintenance. I suppose he can't be any worse than the Waterfront crew. I know Erica can hold her own, Jeff too, and they work well together. And Martha....well she can peek in on Martha a bit too. That'll help." She takes a lime and squeezes it into her gin with her free hand and then sips slowly, still happily holding his.

 Hank Stanley nods and sips his beer. "Pretty much. He's ... rich. Had a house built out past the old lighthouse. Owns the Graybar building ... that high rise? And yes, she can keep an eye on Martha." he kisses her hand. "Until I can steal you away." he has been encouraging her to leave things ... so she comes to Alexandra with more than she leaves it with.

Judith Baldwin smiles "That's another big life change. I'm not opposed, but I would need to plan a little longer than from now until Wednesday." she winks "Let's help the kids first." She's saying this is a tone that suggests we as a partnership.

Hank Stanley beams. "Well ... then ...." he kisses her hand and moves closer to her. "Start planning. I'm putting you on notice." he places his hand on the back of her neck. "Tell me what you need? Your house is a prefab." it isn't really a question. He's already noticed that. "I just .. ": he blushes a little. "ache for you when your gone." and he moves in for a kiss.

Judith Baldwin feels her heart skip a beat and just stares at him while he talks about this and finally all she can say is a breathy shivering "Hhhaannnnk..." before kissing him deeply, wrapping her arms around him and not caring about the 20 something server who's staring unabashedly at them.

Hank Stanley kisses her back with passion, moaning softly as she speaks his name. He kisses her for a long time, unaware the waitress has even returned.

Judith Baldwin loses herself in the kiss and then breaks it breathlessly and runs her hand over Han's cheek "You want me to live with you...or live with me...I do love my house....but I know you love your boat....I love YOU more than any building though Hank Stanley. It's you that I need...."

Hank Stanley smiles. "And I need you, Judith Baldwin." he breathes. "My apartment is just a place and I can rent it out, as well." he considers. "We own the land on the water ...... ever consider living on the coast?" he teases.

Judith Baldwin laughs "You just want to chuck my house on a truck and move it here? You're a trip and a half my love. Let me think on it. I'd also need to get a job. I'm not quite ready to retire yet..."

Hank Stanley smiles and rests his head against hers. "Alright. You think on it. The school here is very nice. But if you decide not to ... I'll still love you, Judith. And ... neither of us is ready to retire. Yet." he chuckles.

Erica BaldwinRussell walks in, laughing at something Peter was saying as they walked and then sees her mother and Hank all lovied up and ignoring the incoming food and waitress "All right simmer down you two, or we'll all starve!" she teases "I took it...." she looks back at Pete and smiles.

Peter OBrian walks in smiling and laughing. He looks at his waitress. "You've never seen two adults kiss?" he asks. "Or is it that they're the same age as me?" he huffs and nods for her to put the bowls down. "You think I got my daughter off of eBay?" he rolls his eyes. "I see you didn't miss us?" he mock pouts.

Judith Baldwin: Judith blushes and looks up at Erica, Peter and then the waitress "Oh sorry...please don't be shy. Hank is very distracting. It's his fault of course..." she smiles at her daughter "OK then, step one, complete."

Hank Stanley chuckles and blinks, finally seeing the waitress. He watches the red faced girl set the bowls down. "I will take the blame, m'dear." he looks at the waitress. "I've been a lone for 20 years now. But I' not quite dead yet." he looks at Peter. "They didn't Have eBay when we were as young as this one is. Had to have been mail order." he teases.

Erica BaldwinRussell giggles as she takes a bowl happily "Thank you Miss. eBay huh? Oh my god Mom it feels so good to have some of this done. Thank you Peter. You'll meet Jeff tomorrow....I think we'll divide and conquer. He'll come here with the camping gear and I'll work on our house....while I let my kids watch mindless television..." Erica  looks thoughtfully between Hank and her mother. Did he just say 20 years? She slowly chews, thinking on that.

Hank Stanley Peter snorts and rolls his eyes at the waitress as she scampers off. "Damn kids." he grumbles. "If I didn't know for a face she doesn't want the place, I'd hire Addy the second she could serve." he blows out a breath. "Welcome to Alexandra, Baldwin family. I look forward to meeting Jeff." he snorts at Hank. "You're happy and deserve it, friend." he points at him. "One of my first friends here." he heads back onto the kitchen and vanishes.

Judith Baldwin looks at Erica "Let me know if there's any way we can help you tomorrow OK?" She hears Petey and grins looking between he and Hank "Aww, what a sweet pal."

Hank Stanley smiles. "I can also help on Sunday, but Monday I have to work." he explains. And he grins. "He IS a good friend. Lots of good folks." he snaps his fingers. "And he has a daughter that babysits. Addison ..and her friend Fiona. Both of them babysit quite a bit."

Erica BaldwinRussell perks up "Really? OK i'm really starting to love this town already.....I think this is the right choice, for all of us." She digs into her food and just eats now, letting her mother and Hank have their conversation.

Hank Stanley smiles and looks at Judith. "I couldn't agree more." he replies somehow to both Erica and Judith. He winks at Judith and begins to eat, innocently.

Judith Baldwin looks between her beloved man and her wonderful daughter and sighs quietly, nodding at them. This town was beckoning her, more and more each day.

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