Sunday, February 26, 2017

Valentines Day with Owen and L

February 14th

Owen knew around when L would emerge from the dorm area and stood leaning against the wall outside, trying to look casual. He was wearing his usual trashed jeans and high tops but paired with it he had a brown thrift store suit vest and white button up shirt with tardis blue pinstripes and a clip on slightly gawdy maroon bow tie. He was holding what might be described as a potted floral arrangement if one looked at him from afar. Upon close inspection though it wasn't flowers but an assortment of things he had seen in a DIY video on Steampunk website to make a bouquet. There were brass buttons, a gear or two, a skeleton key and what looked like a few copper coloured coat hangers wound into coiled springs. The flower pot was a coffee can painted with a coppery iridescent finish.

/me has brass but rustic goggles on as he walks out the dorm room area . he has a book pinned between his body and left arm wedged in his arm pit  and is clutching rustic looking covered tablet in this right hand with.. over his shoulder is slung an aged vintage looking brown leather knapsack that has scrolls protruding from it  . he is dressed in a simple males white button up shirt  with a cravat around his neck with a simple copper embossed  dirigible with a screwdriver and a wretch crossed  behind the dirigible .brooch. his hair short brown shoulder length is style simply . his shirt is neatly tucked in some brown trousers .   he looks intently at the tablet

Owen smirks watching L and then rapid fire texts "Texting and scones? Look up."

L looks oddly as the schematics for a dirigible are cover with a notification of text as he had a SMS app that he link to his table. he text back .. no I'm plotting ways to increase the thruttle on the flanger . he say looking up as he moves his goggles from his eyes to the top of his head

Owen just chuckles and walks up to L and plants a sweet kiss right on L's lips before offering the potted eclectic non plant "Happy Valentine's Day."

L looks takes a while for his eyes to get use to sudden bright as he does  so. he blinks and 'mon Dieu is zat today say blushing brightly . 'right back attcha 'he say softly blushing  and puts the goggle aback then outs the magnifier set on the eye piece and looks 'zis is nice work , maker !' he say excitedly

Owen grins "Thanks. I saw it in a video. Maybe we can go for a treat after school too? Texting and scones.....not that it has to be scones." He curiously observes the goggles.

He zooms in the lens like magnifier  observing  the bouquet  in detail. He looks up and him  the zoom is one Owen's eyes. L beam "as esquisate as the maker. " He  smile " that would  be lovely. . He nods  "oh made u something  but I left  it in my uncle's  quarters
 He nods looking  apologetic.  I'll  bring  it wiz me on our tea and scones  date . He beams

Owen blushes "Cool. Can I walk you to class?" He reaches out his hand towards L offering to hold hands.

L puts his google back on his head it looks like simple headband now that way though  this way. It looks square  ears of some alien character

Owen grins at the cuteness of L's goggles and ears "You're adorable today." He leans over and kisses the closest cheek "Shall we?"

L smirks 'what... I'm not trying to be adorable . he looks at Owen a bit strangely 'You're lucky you're good looking ' he say seriously  and sober but blushes at his pec . 'alonsy"

Owen starts walking with L, looking a little confused "Did I...say something wrong?"

L looks back at Owen "you said I was adorable. . I'm  not  adorable " he says  in all seriousness despite he does look adorable  like that. He puffs  out his binded chest only adding to cuteness.  

Owen has to work hard not to smile and then tugs L around a corner, between a section of lockers, and attempts to lean in on him "Would you prefer I just say I think you're fuckin hot." If allowed, Owen brushes L's nose with his own teasingly but doesn't kiss just yet.

L still  holds  tight Owen's hand  as he is allowed him to lead him in a quasi private corner. L's heart is racing and he is sure Owen can hear it at the closeness as it beats faster and harder as if there is two.      "Zat... " he stuttering "is too much,maybe. ?" He asks him "but whatever" he says looking  flushed but not pained .

Owen pulls back looking worried "L....what's going on? Are you...mad at me for something? I don't know how to read you today and I feel like I'm saying all the wrong stuff. I'm sorry......." He still holds's L's hand but gives L more space hoping this isn't about to be their first and last Valentine's Day from how it seems to be going so far.

L pulls him back closer seeing worry on his handsome and kind  face and goes to kiss  his cheek. "Don't be sorry, Mon cheri." His voice soft and thick. "I won't let you and our first Valentines be ze clateral damage of my mind and body's war with each other .." he says with a blush but a determined look to his boyfriend's beautiful eyes.

Owen's worry softens " you're just having a day? I'm here for you L...whatever you need....And I'm probably about to make us late for class because I just need to...." He closes his eyes and leans his forehead against L's "Say it. Whatever mode you're in..." He opens his eyes looking deeply into L's "I love you."

L blinks looking shocked  and taken a bit his face flushed . It was if he could  swear time frozen. His mind was going at the speed of light and sound. His heart  beating as if there were two if them.  His brain failing him and at the same time kicking  him in higher  gear  . He just  goes grabs Owen by the bow  tie and attempt  to plant hard kiss  on the gingerman lips.

Owen shivers and lightly moans into the kiss and returns it with equal intensity. His hand lets go of L's but his arms wrap around L's waist and slides up L's back as his body moves forward resting into L's. The bell rings and he doesn't even hear it, lost in the kiss and the feeling of finally confessing the big scary feelings that have been consuming him for awhile.

L hold tight to Owen's bow tie as he deeps the kiss  his heart racing. He  clutches  his tablet tightly . This time his feels time speeding up around the room spinning like blue timey top. people rushing around in fast forward  alarms going off . when it actuality it's just the bell and the usual high school rush for classes before they were counted tardy .  He continues kissing holding on to his key.. to his heart his soul.. his amour .  His eyes close tightly to block the sounds and sight to where it was just him and Owen in the vacuum of space and time . 'He feels a flash of light. It and the intensity of the kiss leaves him light headed, confused and daringly .. very daring .. ' His eyelids open a fraction just enough to see a very confusing sight an all pink cupid dress styled bubbly blonde girl  with fat curls like of a doll and his worst nemesis in all gray  with a sash that reads hall monitor  tearing down the hallway

Owen mouth is relentless on L's as his fingers grip the fabric of L's shirt in the heat of the passion. His breath is coming fast and he lets out the odd little grunt as he presses even harder against L, reacting to L's kiss. At some point he has a vague awareness of a flash of light behind the cover of his eyelids and opens them to see the end of the flash. His back is to the source but he hears the footfalls retreating. Almost painfully, he pulls back from the moment and blinks "What was that?" He looks like he's recovering from a 100 yard dash as he lets one hand come up to caress L's neck and the side of his face, trying to catch his breath "The light?"

L breathes heavily  looking back him slightly aroused by the awkward tantalizing grunt of pleasure the utters out of his boyfriend pleased that  his companion enjoy it as much as he did .  he head spins as he get his bearings  and he looks up into Owens face and leans into his caresses . he looks at Owen with confused but heavily concentrate as he comes back to earth .He  tip toes to get a look over Owen just  at see a flutter of the end of pink  fabric disappear. "It looks like a doll 'he say  shaking his head . he just looks at Owen vaguely as Mortimer  in a nasally monotone voice 'no Kissing in my hallway 'he say as he pulls out a his handy not so dandy  pink tardy and hall infraction notepad ' And the bell rang five minutes ago  .

Owen turned and scoffed at Mortimer "Seriously? Kissing is an infraction? Who are we hurting? And dude it's Valentine's might see some kissing!" He gave Mortimer one raised eyebrow and made a point of just kissing L again.

L bites his lip stifling a laughs but shaking with laughter and has to lean into Owen shoulder burying himself in his boyfriends shoulder .  the tall thin  young teen 'well .. we[el 'he just stammers as he watches with a raised eyebrow 'its PDA .. and  PDA  .. is ' he say looking at his rule  book  flipping through ' well your cause a scene,and your late to class ' he looks around to the few stranglers making it to class but an otherwise empty hallway  'and you're clogging up the hall'he manages weakly ' he scribble up the tardy slip s and start to hand them to the kissing couple.

L just is in a state of laugh  when he is swept up  and kisses back Owen  even harder 'Mon Dieu ' he say breathless into  L  like a scene right outta some french romance film '

Mortimer just keeps poking L in the back with the limp tardy slips

L just keeps kissing Owen tightly holding on to him wishing Mortimer mother-ship would just beam him up already

Owen kisses L a little longer and then breaks it and sighs at Mortimer "Save a tree, we're going." He reaches for L's hand again to head to classes.

L wait for Owen  at coffeehouse , Sighs..  dodging Mortimer second attempt to ticket in for just being in love, Love .. was that what this was? Owen had said it to him.. Why couldn't he say it back.? He did care for him . Did he actually love him?  L looks out the window sighing and thinking . Love.. his parents .. when he saw them..  if  he saw them  said they loved him. L wasn't sure he believed them anymore. He wasn't sure who to believe. . He sighs again. He knew  though Uncle Hikari loved him . That man is single and could be off enjoy his freedom but chooses to be here with Him , teaching to help pay for his tuition and always a parental like ear. So love is possible..

Owen stumbles in the door and trips over one of his own clunky feet. Seeing L in view he tries to play it off as intentional and does a swanky little finger point and then gets almost knocked off his feet again for not moving out of the way of the door fast enough before it opens. He laughs at himself and contritely goes to sit with L "No comments please. How was the rest of your day?" He leans down offering a peck on the lips.

L is a bit too caught up in thinking  doesn't even see all that . he vaguely recognizes he is being spoken to so deep in thought. he  hears a soft comforting voice muffle and then get kiss . he goes into fight or flight mode and swats the person ..a second to late realize  it was Owen . he look up apologetically

Owen gets swatted and looks a little hurt and confused "" He looks at the chair nearby but doesn't sit yet, not sure if he's welcome to do so after that.

L looks at him as he realize what he has done wide eyed  and pulls Owen close  and kisses him back  hard

Owen kisses L back, now totally confused but distracted by the kiss too. It was confusing for sure, hot, but confusing. Finally he pulls back "L, if I'm doing something REALLY wrong here, please tell me so I can stop OK?" He sits down, finally, taking L's hand in his.

L sighs softly holding his hand tightly 'its not you ... its me.. you're the sweetness most patient person wizz me 'he  looks into Owen's eyes as he sighs softly "you're doing nozing wrong.. its just that..... 'he sighs softly and continues 'I'm barely getting use to fact that people love me.. 'he blushes.. 'i know uncle "ikari does but .. I've I don't think my parents do...'he blushes 'or way would they just say away from me 'he say stifling  with the mixed emotions ' he sigh softly '

Owen has a look of dawning "Oh....THAT's what I said..." He chuckles a bit "L, you don't think your parents love you?" He looks both worried and disbelieving and then scoots closer, putting an arm around L and switching the hand he's holding L's with the other to be closer "I'm sure they do. Even if they're not...good at it..." He sighs.

L just pulls him in  close to him 'ze why.. are ze gone all ze time.. I'm zat bad of a person zat they have to be gone all ze time..'he bites his lip' he says burying his head in his boyfriends shoulder. 'I glad you love me..' he sniffles softly

Owen runs his fingers through L's hair, trying to comfort. He kisses the side of L's head and snuggles his face in "Me too L. and I do love you. I didn't realize saying it would bring up all this sad stuff though. I'm sorry."

L sniffles again.. and cuddles into him 'you kidding .. you ze best thing zat  as ever appen to me 'he say wiping a tear .. 'he  goes to kiss him ' I... 'he say soft. 'I love.. you.. too..'he say slowly and looks at him deeply

Owen kisses L back and then melts at the words and just hugs L fiercely after for a long time.

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