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Flew the Coop - Darcy, Thea, Frank, and Sam

Darcy is tapping her pen on the edge of her desk absently, in her cubicle, while she rereads some case details on the computer screen "Bruises on the right maybe the perp is left handed?" she mutters trying to piece reports together and make things match. She blows out a breath at the screen, willing it to reveal something more.

The door to the station opens and a stricken dark haired woman walks in with a backpack on her back, pulling a rolling suitcase behind her. She is distraught but also drop dead gorgeous, like some kind of voluptuous Greek Goddess. The deity in question is named Thea Stavros. She approaches the desk "May I please speak to Officer Darcy Lynch?"

Sam is at the desk.  Mert is out for the day as her husband is sick again.  He sees the woman come in and looking at her she looks upset.  But she is specifically asking for Darcy.  He smiles in a reassuring way.  "Sure hold on."  he moves over to Darcy's cubicle.  "Someone's here to see you."  he tells her.

Frank is in her cubicle typing away.  She nods and smiles to herself and murmurs softly.  "And they all lived happily ever after."  as she clicks the print button.  Sam is dealing with someone at the desk and getting Darcy, so Frank heads for the printer, grabs her printout and returns, sitting to read the printed sheets for spelling errors she may have missed.

Darcy looks grateful for a break from the case file "Oh thank god. Sam, can I email you this case? I need a second pair of eyes...or a second brain." She had vaguely noticed Frank go by twice and turned to walk to the front and then gasped "Thea?" Not even waiting for Sam's reply she walks to Thea as she crumples into a heap and starts sobbing hysterically. "Thea...oh my god...what happened?!" She catches Thea in her arms and holds her up trying to gently steer her "Come talk to me in my cubicle....Is it?" She winces "Is it Timon?"

Thea can barely breathe at first but then chokes out "No, my father is fine. It's Amy....she left me....she just disappeared.....and I'm pregnant!" This all comes out of her in a hysterical stream just as Darcy literally guides her into a chair and sits her down. "I need you to see if you can find a missing persons thing...." No one else seems to exist in the building for Darcy except this very upset woman she appears to be extremely connected with.

Darcy sighs "Did you have a fight?" She asks carefully.

Thea hisses "THIS is not a DOMESTIC dispute. The cop I reported it to on Theta asked me the same damned I left without filing and came here......if YOU can't help me......" She starts to stand up again.

Darcy clamps both hands on her shoulders and pulls her back to sitting "I didn't say that. Thea, it's a logical question. I'm sorry...."

Sam watches the whole exchange and simply adds his eyes to Darcy's case, as obviously she knows this distraught woman and can possibly help more than he can.

Frank half listens while proofreading, but then the woman ... Thea, if she overheard correctly ... talks about being abandoned and pregnant.  That was familiar on two levels; Frank remembered her own abandonment, but she also remembered Darcy talking about an ex who had married and might be considering having a child.  Now she begins to listen more than read .. even though she knows she shouldn't.

Thea works to stop herself from hyperventilating and lets Darcy sit her again, coming down from her gaskets near blowing "I'm sorry I'm just scared Darc. We just found out about the baby....she wouldn't just leave me....some thing must have happened......."

Darcy sighs and strokes Thea's hair on one side of her head "I don't know Thea....but let's go through it OK? I'll see what I can do. When was the last time you saw her?"

Thea sniffs "Six days ago. We had the doctor's appointment in the morning. She drove me to work and she seemed fine, great...we were happy....I came home and she wasn't there. I thought maybe she just went for groceries at first but then I started seeing things missing. It was all her stuff. She packed up and left.....but what if....what if she was taken?"

Darcy closes her eyes fort a long moment and then opens them. This didn't sound like a kidnapping "Thea, when people are kidnapped, they don't usually give the victim time to....pack......but I'll run her name......"

Thea's shudder can be heard in her voice "I know what it sounds like, but could she do that? Could she just flip a switch like that? It seems impossible..."

The sound of typing can be heard and then Darcy's chair wheels as she swivels "OK, that's the BC index.....give it a few minutes.......Do you have reason to believe she would leave the province for ANY reason?"

"She used to live in Calgary before she met could try Alberta next. Maybe she just has cold feet?"

Darcy tries to keep her voice impassive "Maybe. Thea, you're packed for a week here......are you staying in town?"

Thea speaks through another sob "I was hoping i could stay with you.....I don't know where else to go. Dad will just say I told you so if it turns out she's bailed on us....he never liked her.....he's still mad I didn't marry you....."

Darcy freezes and stammers "Uh.......ok.....Jesus. You can stay.....I have a kid now I'll need to give a heads up to, not a baby...I adopted a teenage boy, long story.....but uh we'll work it out for a few days...." She swivels back to the computer "BC's not showing anything but your marriage registration and her driver's licence. You want me to run Alberta?"

"Yes please....oh, try her maiden name too...I dunno worth a  shot..." Thea exhales "You became a mom....Darcy that's wonderful...I thought you didn't want kids?"

"Babies....not a baby person - no offence and congratulations, but Vincent is amazing." She smiles a bit "Was it McCoy right? Amy MCoy? And yes I remember because of Star Trek....."

Thea actually lets out a small laugh "Thanks. Of course you do. Amy McCoy.....or maybe if you could run Amelia McCoy too. Her full name."

Darcy nods "Oh I always just thought it was Amy....ok....BC again with both of those....let's rule out one province at a time."

Frank was half listening ... and then she found herself three quarters listening.  God, this woman and she had SO much in common.  But then again, Frank had not been pregnant.  She picks up her coffee mug, standing and planning to deliver the report to Greene when Thea mentions that her Amy's name is Amelia McCoy.  The coffee mug falls from her shocked hand, lands on the edge of her desk and shatters.

Darcy was still waiting on the database and heard the smash and called out "Frank?"

Thea was watching the screen like it might catch fire and paid no attention to the loud noise. It wasn't her concern right now. The search finished and the no entries found message popped up and she prompted Darcy back " the other.....please...sorry......"

Darcy looked down "Dammit. Yeah OK. Thea it's OK....." She called up the database again and ran

Frank blinks and turns at the sound of Darcy's voice.  Ignoring the broken mug and spilled coffee, she moves to Darcy's cubicle.  "You won't find her."  her voice is short and sounds a little shocky.  She blinks and looks at Thea.  "Can you give me a physical description of this ..."  she motions to the monitor.  "Amalia McCoy?"  she pauses.  "Please?"

Darcy looks confusedly at Frank, wondering if Amelia had a record she didn't know about.

Thea looks completely taken aback "Uh, what? I'm sorry, why are you telling me this?" She's immediately on the defense "I don't even know you...."

Darcy puts a hand on Thea "It's OK...she's a friend Thea....maybe she can help. about my height, brown hair....Thea, you still have your wedding pic as your Facebook profile right?"

Thea nods, still looking warily at Frank but pulls out her phone "I have pictures of Amy, lots...." She clicks to her photos and finds a really nice close up of Amy from a  walk they took just a few weeks back in a forest park. She holds it out to Frank.

Frank still looks a little stunned, but replies, her voice still betraying her shock and suspicion.  "Sorry.  Lieutenant Francis Sharp.  Frank."  she mutters her introduction and then looks at the picture.  Her eyes drift closed and she takes him a deep breath.  "God."  she sighs deeply and leans on Darcy's desk as if for support.

Darcy watches Frank and has a look of dawning. The way Amy left......She looks between the two women and just gently nudges "Frank? Talk to us...."

Thea looks shocked by Frank's reaction and then down at Amy's picture with a  frown, gathering her own thoughts.

Frank hears Darcy and reaches deep for professionalism.  "Thea .... may I call you Thea?" she asks, but goes on anyway.  "Was your wife's name Amelia Lenore McCoy?"  she asks in a gentle voice.  She looks from Thea to Darcy.  "Yea.  I think it's her."  she refers to the story she'd told Darcy on New Years Eve.  "But this is ....."  she motions a bit to Thea, as she believes this is worse than anything Amelia did to her.  If, indeed. it IS the same Amelia.

Thea looks up from Amy's picture "Is she a criminal....or did she have a relationship with you? You know her middle name. she hates her middle name so she'd only tell you if you were significant Frank."

Darcy grits her teeth awkwardly, looking between them as another search comes back fruitless. She keys the first name into the Alberta index and waits.

Frank sighs deeply.  "Amelia McCoy has no criminal record that I know  of."  she states and relaxes a little bit.  "And I haven't been significant in half a dozen years or so ...."  she shrugs.  "When she asked me to marry her and then abandoned me literally the next day."  and she sighs deeply again.

Thea starts shaking as Frank explains their connection and her hand flies to her abdomen "She got a little further this time.....oh god....what am i going to do? Did she ever talk to you again Frank? Like EVER?"

Darcy looks pained as she runs the next name and then looks back at the two women, listening in horror.

Frank closes her eyes a moment and then shakes her head.  "I never heard from her again."  she admits.  "All of my searches were futile.  Even her ID number was a phony."  she pauses and then blows out a breath and places her hand on Thea's shoulder.  "But THIS time ... she'll get FOUND.   Somehow.  What she did to me is one thing but you...."  she blows out a breath.  "Alright, let me think ... of any clues."

Darcy looks like the gears are starting to turn in her head despite the emotions around her  "OK so she went by Amelia and then you have reason to believe she'd ever use her middle name? I know she said she hated it.....but you have to have something to put on a hotel room booking right? Should I try her middle name in combination with her maiden name or Stavros?" She looks between them, ready to type "Because Alberta had nothing on Amelia Stavros. There's an old driver's licence for Amelia McCoy that's expired. No birth certificate or medical card though....that's strange...."

Thea nods and swallows hard at Frank and then shakes her head "Oh I never saw a medical card...Amy doesn't trust doctors. She refused to go to one....ever.....this whole baby thing had to be on me in terms of carrying and dealing with that side because of it. I wanted it was fine...well it was when I didn't think I'd be doing it alone...."

Frank shakes her head, but not in denial, but in amazement.  "Yea.  She hates doctors."  she confirms.  "She told me it was because her mother had died and the doctors didn't do enough to help.  Maybe even killed her.  Which kills all trust, right?"  she bites her lip and looks over the cubicle wall and outside.  "But seeing a doctor means giving your identification number, and for someone living under an alias ..."  she blows out a breath and watches the people moving about the streets of Alexandra.  Something makes her blink.  "We went to Ontario once."  she seems to change the subject abruptly.  "A weekend away.  And this woman ....  came up to her  ... you know ... like how someone will come up to you that you haven't seen since you graduated high school.  Oh my god, Darcy Lynch is that you?"  she moves her eyes to Darcy.  "Amelia told the woman she HAD to he mistaken ... but the woman was so SURE."  she frowns, clearly trying to remember.    "I didn't think of it while I was searching.  Too close .. or in to much pain."  she nod to the keyboard.  "But its worth a shot.  Worse comes to worse, it's just another alias that goes nowhere."  her jaw tightens.  "Try Lenore Warren, Darcy."

Thea's jaw sets and her face hardens "It is her middle name...maybe it was all a lie....everything between us....everything about her..." He disillusionment is hanging in the air like a thick vapour.

Darcy listens to them both and then intently to Frank "yeah except it's guys asking me it I'm Marianne and trying to kiss me......" She gives a short laugh and then on a hunch flips to the Ontario database and types in Lenore Warren and drums her fingers. There's a few immediate hits "Oh, expired driver's licence, not expired Royal Bank account......that is the year she was born....and look at the driver's photo ID section...." She points at a  younger Amelia Amy  with longer hair but the face is unmistakably her. Darcy sits back with a grave expression and then looks worriedly at Thea and Frank "There's something seriously going on here...."

Frank's eyes move to Thea.  "I don't know."  she tells the woman.  "Maybe .. she just .. has a commitment problem.  I know the woman who stopped us was like 'I wondered where you'd vanished to after that night.' so maybe that was one of the first in a pattern?"  she shrugs.  "Blew off her first date, probably.  I mean ...  Amelia asked ME to marry HER .. I didn't ask."  she bites her lip.  "Whose idea was it to have a baby?"  she wonders before the information is on the screen.  She looks at it for a moment.  "Think we can access that bank account?  Address .. phone number?  It could all be fake with electronic banking these days but .... hell it could be her childhood home.  Maybe she ran there?"  she hopes so.  For the sake of Thea's baby.

Thea sits there just seething fora  full minute before answering Frank "It was mine. But she did propose to me too. I begged for a baby. I needed to grow it......I spent away my RRSPs, my savings, everything.....we've been living at my Dad's while he was in Greece, now he's back. I thought maybe she left because of him. they've never gotten along. Maybe he sensed something about her I wasn't seeing. He's not a homophobe. He LOVED Darcy, still does...." She looks wryly at Darcy.

Darcy smiles sadly "Your Dad's an awesome guy Thea. I love him too." She admits. She looks back at the screen "Let me dig into this a bit, try some combinations, see what comes up. I'll follow this thread but I just have a feeling there might be more...."

Frank nods.  "So she went a step further with you."  she tutts.  "It's like some kind of mental illness with her.  Propose and abandon .. then get over that and MARRY then bail on a pregnant wife."  she growls in her throat a little.  Then she almost laughs.  "Darcy's something else.  Not quite my type, but ... I can imaging the woman who would fall for her."  she manages a slight laugh, as she IS the one dating Tams now.
Thea grinds her teeth as Frank growls and then softens and becomes the delicate beautiful creature she is at her sweetest "I don't need to imagine and I'm an idiot for not marrying her instead when I had the chance...."

Darcy tenses up and turns very red "Trying to research here gals....DO...YOU MIND?" She says trying to stay professional herself now.  She scrolls at a map, magnifying and then writing something down, which she keys into another database "This address has no Lenore Warren listed according to the last info for the house title or the census index."

Frank laughs at Darcy, as she often does.  "Fine.  Research."  she looks interested in the results.  "But what name DOES it have?  With a little luck, its a relative."

Darcy shakes her head "Nope. No one with the last name Warren at that address. Richard and Mona Allen, and then it was sold to oh I can't pronounce this last name.... Mandeep......" she points and sounds it out slowly" Chattopadhyay." She exhales "We could look up the Allens because Amy didn't look East Indian to me..."

Thea smirked at Darcy briefly and then sighed "She claimed Irish and English heritage but who knows now. She's white so European something..."

Frank nods.  "Well, I think we should keep digging."  she suggests.  "It's one thing to abandon ME, but to abandon the mother of your CHILD."  she shakes her head.  "That's just ....  I'm so sorry this happened to you, Thea.  I know you have to be an incredible woman."

Thea gives a small sad smile "Thanks Frank. I don't really know what to think about it all yet. I'm all over the place. Devastated, furious, confused...scared.....I want to know the truth. Who the hell is Amy?"

Darcy turns her screen and taps at it "Richard Allen is still alive. Mona had an obituary listing from 5 years ago. The name Amelia appears in under grandchildren. He's in a nursing home though in Etobicoke, Ontario. We could see if he's still cognitively aware enough to tell us about his granddaughter."

Frank nods.  "That sounds familiar."  she quips.  "I eventually stopped caring so much ... then got scared to get into any real relationships for a LONG time.  One thing I've figured out now ...  Amy .. is pretty damn sick."  she looks over at Darcy when she speaks.  "We could."  she looks at Thea.  "I think that is more a decision for you than me.  If she's really gone ... you could get support for your baby"  she points out.

Thea looks like she's digesting the idea and conflicted and then snaps her gaze to Frank, before Darcy "I need to know. I need to know if it was ALL a lie."

Darcy nods at Frank and then Thea "There might be more we dig up. We could gather more leads and then try and pursue a few, instead of going on what might be one wild goose chase. But yeah, it's up to you. Thea, I can't leave the province until my adoption papers go through, but once they do, I can go with you, try and coordinate with local police stations if there's anything to be uncovered.."

Frank nods.  "I understand that, too."  she admits.  "For me it's been years.  And the damage wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."  she looks at Darcy.  "Well, I can help with phone calls, but also if we DO find her, she may balk at even being approached by a woman." and she turns her head towards Sam.  "You in, or out?"  she asks.

Sam, who had been quietly working at the front desk, but pretending not to listen, turns to fave them.  "I'm in, of course."  he declares.  "Especially if you need a complete and unbiased stranger to approach that ...."  he seems to pause and check his words.  "Woman."

Darcy smiles at frank pulling Sam into the fray of this layered monstrosity and now speaks to his position in the room as well. "Let me have a bit more time with these databases and then we can figure out a plan." Directly to Thea she now offers "This might take awhile. I can borrow a car and drive you to my place if you want to settle in and  have a rest. How are you feeling...physically I mean?"

Thea seems comforted by the support of the three officers; one of them her former love, one of them Amy's former love and one of them a friend to both of those women. It's an unlikely trio, but it's solid. She sighs "Nauseous but I don't know if it's the baby or just all this stuff. But a rest might help. Thank you Darcy. And Frank...and whoever that guy is..." She gestures towards the front.

Darcy laughs "Sam. That's Sam Wright. Come on let's get you chilling out a bit."

Frank shrugs.  "Could always be both."  she suggests.  "And sure ... anyone can drive you over."

Sam gives Thea a half a bow.  "Pleasure to meet you."  he smiles.  "And if a man with dark hair walks in, don't kill him, eh?"  he is about to say more but the door opens and an off-islander comes in to ask directions.

Thea smiles at Sam, leaning around and then looks back at Darcy and Frank "What's the kid's name?"

Darcy laughs "Vincent. I'll text him. Listen...Frank, would you consider driving Thea over? I'm kinda on a roll here and I can just keep at it." She looks at Thea "If that's OK with you?"

Thea nods "I want information, so please...." She looks at Frank too as Darcy digs out a set of keys.

Sam nods.  "No problem.  Always glad to help."  he grins and turns back to his work.

Frank nods.  "Sure.  I'm due for a break anyway.  Then I can do a drive around."  She reaches for the keys to the apartment, then goes to the pegboard where the cruiser keys are kept.  "Ready when you are."  she announces.

Thea and Darcy both stand up and Thea grabs Darcy in a hug and stifles another sob "I'm glad I came here....even if the news is all bad."

Darcy hugs her back hard and rubs her back "Oh Thea I'm sorry. I wish it wasn't."

Thea nods and then wipes her face and reaches for her pack and rolling suitcase to follow Frank "Me too...." She whispers. She passes Sam on her way "Bye."

Darcy watches her go and then sinks into her chair looking at the computer screen in anger.

Frank watches the exchanges as she looks at Jerry, the stations Janitor, who is looking at her mess with a raised eyebrow.  She passes quickly with Thea and opens the door for her.  "Parking lot is over here."  she moves to the parking lot and opens the front passenger door and lets her in before getting in behind the wheel.  "Now one thing you learn in Alexandra is that everything is close by."  she winks and starts the engine.  She turns right and drives straight into a parking lot between the clinic and the pharmacy.  "From here, we walk."  she winks as she parks the car.

Thea glances briefly at the janitor and follows Frank and gets in "Oh good. I love to walk. Theta is pretty walkable and I've been here once or twice, mostly when I was younger for school team stuff, volleyball." She shrugs. In almost a blink, she's getting out again and wheeling her small suitcase "OK....." Then she just has to ask "How long were you with Amy, sorry Amelia for you, happened?"

Frank nods.  "I hear Theta is nice enough, but I tent to take the ferry in the opposite direction."  she chuckles.  She sees that Thea has her suitcase with her and sighs at the question as she walks across the kids play lot.  "Well, she left me six years ago come spring."  she tells her.  "But before that we were together for nearly a year and a half.  Sic months as friends slash lovers before we moved in together and then almost a year in the same apartment."  she opens the door for Thea to enter the Graybar building.  She considers asking the same for her, but isn't sure if the woman is THAT fragile or not.

Thea sighs "That's almost the same. God I'm an idiot. Did you ever meet her family at all? I thought they maybe were closed minded homophobes. Her mom died, or so she said. But no cousins, old's partly why my Dad never trusted her. He said that wasn't normal, even with someone coming out......there was no one on her side for the wedding. Darcy actually ended up witnessing for Amy, because I had other about awkward for Darc....but she's good that way." She sees the elevator and instinctively walks towards it.

Frank moves to the elevator and presses the call button, holding the door for Thea while she enters.  "Yea ... well she told me her mom was dead also.  But ... the funny thing is that, for me, I guess love blinded me to a thousand red flags I now see perfectly.  No friends.  Everything dealt with in case because she didn't have a bank account.  Bills all in MY name .... "  she nods.  "Darcy is amazing.  I love to tease her.  She's not exactly my type ... which is funny considering I'm with another cop ... just not one in Alexandra."

Thea steps through and shimmies her suitcase "Thank you. Cop isn't exactly a "type'." She does quotations in the air "If I had known Darcy would ever settle down somewhere and leave the air force I would have taken her back....the tours drove me nuts. I guess you still wonder if a lover will die every day they're a cop but not with the idea that they might die somewhere so far away.....anyhow....we missed that flight. I did anyway. Amy seemed so perfect, it was like she was molding herself to what I wanted though....maybe she was playing me all along. We never even fought, not ONCE." The elevator dings and Thea pulls her bag out but then waits for Frank to show her the way.

Frank nods.  "True, true.  But for me it was just ... I was so messed up all I wanted was a fuck, if that makes sense.  Heep it sexual.  Everybody cums and no one gets attached.  But with Darc .. it just isn't there.  That chemistry."  she snorts.  "Well, me and Amelia didn't agree on EVERYTHING, but ... at the end of the day, she would agree with me, even if it turned out I was wrong.  But yes .. molding herself to me."  she moves out on the 10th floor ans walks along the hall.  She pauses as she unlocks the door.  "She was very sympathetic to my mother's refusal to support my being gay."  she tells her.  "Was there anything big in your life she completely sympathized with ... that made you think .. oh yea ... thanks for being there for me?"

Thea nods "I get what you mean. And it's just as well. Darc gets all freaky and moral about casual sex, believe me I tried that with her when we were both single at the same time. She only went there with someone once and totally freaked out after, so probably better not with a  coworker or an ex. " She thinks about Amy " Yeah well the big she sympathized with, empathized even was I met her no long after losing my mom. She told me she had been through it too......and that's shitty about your mom. I'm sorry."

Frank lets them on and toes off her shoes out of habit.  "Yea ..."  she chuckles.  "That would be the woman I am now in love with.  I didn't know until she and I stopped by the station and Darcy freaked out a little bit because of all that.  Darcy strikes me as someone who needs to have at least one foot in the emotional well before things start to get hot."  that's part statement and part question.  "Although that doesn't stop me and Sam from teasing her."  she smiles.  "Thanks and yea ... it is.  But it tells us that MAYBE this woman gets her foot in the door with sympathies.  And it ALSO means ... "  she sighs in resignation.  "That HER mother might not be dead."

Thea does a double blink at Frank "Seriously? This town is too small isn't it?" She laughs and then nods "And you are correct. I'm glad she has friends here who don't let her take herself too seriously." She takes off her owns shoes too "I have no idea what to think of all....." She exhales and looks around "Wow, what a view..."

Frank laughs.  "Well, to be fair., my lover lives in Cedar Point but .... it IS a small world.  Look at us.  What are the chances of THIS ever happening?"  she looks at the window.  "I KNOW, right?  It's an INCREDIBLE view."  she looks around a bit.  "Do you want me to fix you something?"  not that she knew her way around Darcy's kitchen.

Thea smiles a bit "No I'm OK. It is's almost like I want to warn any future women now she might meet.....I wonder how many others there are like us?" She shakes her head and walks around. She looks in the TV cabinet "Star Trek.....of course...." She inhales and looks back at Frank "what the kid like? Vincent?"

Frank laughs.  "Well, if we're starting a club ...  I want to be Master At Arms.  Cause now I want to kick her ass again."  she sighs a second and then laughs.  "Yea ... she .. really likes Janeway, I hear."  she chuckles.  Then.  "Oh, Vincent is a really good kid.  Just turned 15, good grades.  He's a scholarship student.  They're a good fit, those two."

Thea confirms "Mhhm ,'s the voice....gravelly. She would get all hot and bothered when I got a cold." She grins and sits on the couch, assessing it "Comfy enough." She curiously stands and peeks under a cushion "Oh over better, it's a pullout...." She puts the cushion back "Vincent sounds like her kinda kid. She was a good student, still is, loves to research. But thank god right now. I wonder why Amy runs? I mean...we're not crazy.....she had choices. Maybe a fear of endings, or not knowing how......."

Frank arches a brow.  "Sick sex?"  she shudders a little bit.  She watches her inspect the couch with interest.  That would help with an overnight guest.  She sighs.  "Maybe shes scared to commit ... but with each woman gets closer to it?  But .. she married you .. so who is she not committing to a child.  How fucked up is THAT?"  she sighs, realizing at this point in the game Thea may still be head over heels.  A week after abandonment Frank had her own issues with denial.

Thea giggles "Not when I was like pouring with snot, just the voice thing. I eventually humoured her and bought a red bob wig.....which is more than you ever needed to know..." She winks and then grimaces "It's fucked up. I can't even...I just can't even..." She sinks into the couch.

Frank chuckles and nods.  "WAY more." she agrees, but then Thea looks like she might cry.  "It's going to work out."  she offers, not really moving too close.  She knows the woman is distraught, but she isn't the huggiest person in the world.

Thea nods, holding up a hand and trying to find strength "I know, in some way. We just met, thank you for your patience. I know you understand Frank."

Frank smiles a little.  "Just hang in there."  she offers.  "And I would be happy to support you."  she offers.  "Now how about you rest?  Vincent probably won't be home for a few hours yet.  I know you must be exhausted."

Thea nods "Yeah...tired is my new thing. I will. You take care Frank. I'm sure we'll talk again soon." She looks at the couch and debated pulling it out and then just decides to stretch out on it as is and pull the woven knit blanket from the back on top of her lightly.

Frank grins and nods.  "Sleep well, and we definitely will."  she promises and slips back into her shoes and out the door, leaving Thea to rest.

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