Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Ferry Talk - Sam and Darcy

The woman was wanted for besting up her husband in the Olin Motel and taking flight afterwards.  Attempts to catch her over the last week had been unsuccessful, but now the word had come in that she was being held in Vancouver on shoplifting charges.  Josh Green decided to send Lynch and Wright to pick her up and bring her back for her trial.

And so that was why Sam Wright drove the APD's car onto the ferry with Darcy Lynch.  Things had been very awkward between them, ans Sam was very sorry about that.  He'd never really expected for things with her sister to go badly.  That was actually quite rare in his experience.  But he expected that he'd hurt Marianne Lynch ... and that her twin sister knew all about it by now.

He got out of the cruiser and paused.  The last thing he wanted was a long ferry ride complete with awkward, stony silence.  They would be together all day with no respite.  So he turns to Darcy.  "Coffee?"  he offers and then takes the plunge.  "And conversation?"

Darcy was in make nice but say little mode and just gave Sam a cordial look and a short nod "Sure." she'd let him choose the topic as so far he had not brought up Marianne. She'd be happy if he just didn't.

Sam sighs deeply and leads the way to the coffee shop.  He orders himself a large coffee, but nothing to eat.  Then he stands back to wait for Darcy to order and get hers, looking around the ferry at the passengers.  It's not crowded, but it's also not empty.  Not really a place in the cabin for a private conversation ... but he has an idea.

Darcy returns with her coffee and sits down shaking a sugar packet for a long time before ripping and pouring it into the cup. She stirs slowly, like she's just keeping busy, busy with nothing but not engaging in the conversation she's been trying not to have.

Sam watches Darcy make her coffee and then sighs again.  "Come on.  Let's go up talk.  I've been wanting to talk to you."  he takes his own coffee and heads for the stairs up and out into the cold air.  I slapped a little against his face until he turned a corner where it wasn't slapping his face.

Darcy  grits her teeth a bit and follows Sam. There was clearly no dodging this today unless she just felt like being a bitch about it. Sam was her friend. They needed to face it. the wind and mist whipped at her as she walked behind him and then they made it to the sheltered area and she just outright addressed it "So I'm guessing you want to talk about Marianne?"

Sam took a sip of his hot coffee, glad as it warmed him.  At least she didn't make him start.  "Yes.  Marianne."  he blows out a breath.  "I ... thought she understood how things were.  We had a date for the 18th, but I never expected her to show up ON Valentines Day...."  his eyes widen and he driks more tea.  "What did she tell you?"

Darcy sighs "Not much, because she knew I'd disapprove in the first place. But I think she got her hopes up about Valentine's Day and was hurt by that dynamic. She said she knew the deal going in...but yeah. .....Sam, I don't know what to say. i know you're not an asshole, and you were honest with her. But it's my sister."

Sam sighs deeply.  "What's to say?"  he shrugs.  "She's your sister.  Your TWIN sister.  I just ... I wasn't THINKING.  She was nice and ... claimed to understand and respect that I swing ... "  he sighs.  "I ... she's funny and pretty but ..."  he blows out a breath and heals against the wall.

"She wants to meet the one, and you're sweet and flattering....and she got hopeful. I get it." She sips and shrugs and then looks at him "You're also my best friend at it's awkward..." she breathes into a small chuckle.

Sam shakes his head.  "But I TOLD her I wasn't the one.  I underestimated her whole self-esteem.  Cause you're my best friend at work too.  Ugh ... you should have heard Kitty when she walked up to us."  he sighs even deeper now.

Darcy's jaw tenses "Did Kitty say it TO Marianne? I know she knew the deal...she just...I dunno...she's had a lifetime of bad luck and no confidence."

Sam holds up his hands in Kitty's defense.  "No ... she would never!"  he blows out a breath.  "But Kitty ... she's Kitty and I was talking her to Zabat's, so she was dressed up a little bit.  A nice red sweater and black mini skirt ... you know how Kitty looks."  he sighs.  "I introduced them ... all Kitty said was Nice to meet you, but ... Marianne smiled and laughed ... all self-consciously ... and left real fast.  Kitty asked me if she knew we were in an open relationship and I told her I THOUGHT she knew.  I tell every girl I go out with.  And then she knew you two were related and I told her you were twins and that's when she hit me and told me I was an idiot."

Darcy has to laugh "I like Kitty more each day. Marianne will be OK....she just needs some time. But she'll visit again for you're going to have to be ready for that.....just saying..."

Sam grins.  "So do I."  he sighs.  "I wanted to apologize, but Kitty told me to let it go for now.  That calling her and apologizing might give the wrong message."  he shrugs.  "Kitty says Mari has pretty big self esteem issues.  I mean, she only met her the one time so how would she know?  But ...  maybe I can apologize when she's in town again?"

Darcy looks stern and points at him "No. Kitty's right. You need to shut up about it and let her get over you."

Sam sighs and nods.  "Well ... alright.  I'll listen to you two."  he agrees.  He looks at her and drinks more coffee.  "I missed you ...."  he sounds both sincere and petulant.

Darcy smiles at sighs at Sam "Missed you too buddy. Even if you are an idiot male now and then."

Sam chuckles.  "You can't blame me for my testosterone."  he argues.  "I can't help it.  I'm just sorry I gave you stress on ..."  he blinks.  :Oh shit!  That was Vincent's birthday...."  in ll the drama he'd forgotten.  "Did I fuck his day up too?"

Darcy waves him off "It was fine. Fiona was there so he was happily distracted. And she dropped by before... not after seeing you."

Sam smiles.  "Happily distracted is a good thing."  he winks.  "And ... yea I guess there's that.  I didn't realize what happened till the next time I saw you and you were so .... distant."  he sighs.  "I told Kitty and she told me what probably happened."  he shrugs and quotes Kitty.  "Well, now she knows you've been fucking her sister, dumb ass."

Darcy cracks up and nods "Kitty's still winning this. If I had known before,  I might have tried to talk you both out of it. You might not have listened but yeah..."

Sam chuckles.  "Mari is a great woman.  Just like her sister."  he tells her.  "I just didn't realize she thought ... she stood a chance with me.  I mean ... I don't go on and on about Kitty, but .. when I graduate from Law school ... I'm going to marry her."

Darcy smiles "I figured. You need a warning label for that... because even though you guys swing... someone else might start falling for you.. or her. I know how you live and respect that choice, but we're socialized to pair off in  twos."

Sam sighs.  "Yea.  I know it can."  he blows out a breath.  "And ... maybe you're right.  We're not very poly, although we've had our moments.  We're just ... getting it out of the way."  he looks at her.  "You might not understand it, but .... I believe this teaches us a lot and in the end our marriage will be very successful."  he grins.  "Not to be confused with my parents but that wasn't a sexual fuck up."

Darcy looks nonplussed "Hey, whatever works for you guys. I don't need to choose it as my own path to understand it in theory for someone else. I think Mari idealizes that she can date around but she really just needs someone to make her feel like she's the one for them. It's been a lonely road. I'm good on my own, better maybe than with a partner, she's not."

Sam nods.  "Yea.  It DOES take a kind of strength to live this life.  A lot of self-confidence."  he sighs.  "I think you're probably the strongest of all of us, Darc."  he confides.

Darcy chuckles a bit and then looks touched "I don't even know what to say to that but thanks I suppose. Or maybe I'm taking the easy path by not risking anything." She laughs "Do what makes you whole Sam. I wasn't mad at was just awkward. Back before Mari..." She gestures vaguely in the direction of her chest "....altered her proportions and we were younger and looked even more alike, guys would mix us up. I had a guy in Cold Lake run up to me and kiss me one day. I knocked him right out after...." She snorts "Mari was so horrified. It was her new fellow....."

Sam laughs, richly.  "That's great."  he replies.  "But for the record ... I was NOT trying to get with you."  he looks thoughtful.  "I really can tell the difference and you are SO not your sister."

Darcy laughs "I know Sam. You're you. Funny no women have ever tried to kiss Mari.....I'd almost love that payback..." She wiggles her brows.

Darcy bites her lip and then shakes her head "Nope....Kitty's too hot for the sacrifice. I couldn't mock that well." She pokes him "It's the hair dammit..."

Sam smiles.  "Oh my God her HAIR."  he moans.  "I love her hair.  It gets double takes more then anything about her."  he chuckles.  So ... no to Mari and Kitty ....."  he smirks again, the old Sam coming out again.  "What about Darcy and Kitty?"  he asks, innocently.

Darcy blushes and laughs "Because you haven't had enough AWKWARD for one lifetime dealing with the Lynch sisters? enjoy......I'm good over here....with my thoughts. I'll be in my bunk as they say." She jokes.

Sam laughs.  "Good point."  he looks at her impressed.  "As they say.  And if I try and imagine it I'll probably go blind.  So ... lets talk about some other exciting news ... "  he considers.  "How goes the adoption?"

Darcy smirks and then it fades and she sighs "Ah...I got this social worker who gave me the runaround. I have no idea where the paperwork is at yet. Maybe that's just how it goes right?" She looks a little discouraged.

Sam blows out a breath.  "Well, I know for a fact that they got my references or whatever they call them.  I'm pretty sure Brate did and Sharp.  Probably Greene .. hell the whole SHIFT.  Need any more?"  he reaches out for her arm.  "Maybe its a false start?  Ask for another social worker?"

Darcy nods "She's got until Monday to send me something at this point and then I might just do that. I know you guys had your shit together, so did I. I just want to have it all secure for the kid...I mean who knows what Gino's future is but this is one way to protect Vincent."

Sam nods.  "Maybe they'll just set up another interview?"  he sounds hopeful.  "Kid law isn't going to be my thing.  I'm still torn between environmental and criminal law."

Darcy stretches her arms forward and then twists slightly "Yeah maybe. Family law is messy....I recommend criminals any day over people who make a life's goal out of messing with their own relatives."

Sam snorts.  "I watched my mother and father, and THEY were pretty damn amicable."  he sighs.  "My brother's health is a big concern.  Alexandra is getting better and better about things like alternative, natural power and stuff.  But criminal ....  That would mean working with Bellegarde.  Not sure I want to go there."

Darcy nods "He was a quiet neighbour but I've heard some folks don't like him much."

Sam shrugs.  "I guess we should love him.  He racks up the convictions.  But .. I don't know.  He's kind of slimy. Or its just me mad cause he almost got his shot at me."  he chuckles.

Darcy looks curious "What do you mean by almost got his shot at you?"

Sam shrugs, grins and sighs all at the same time.  "Well you know my brother is sort of sickly.  And both of us had diets different from most of the kids at the Academy.  I was kosher and Alex was allergic to gluten and molds and spores and and and."  he motions with his hand to indicate a long list.  "And as small as I am, Alex was smaller.  Between the two of us, we were a shining neon sigh for bullies."

Darcy nods for him to go on "Oh can be jerks about anything different..."

Sam nods.  "Well, I was having a bad week, I guess.  My parents were fighting a lot and all.  Anyway a bully picked on Alex and I got involved.  Broke the kids nose.  Spanner must have been having a bad week too because she called the police and I was arrested for assault."

Darcy winces "Oh shit...." She thinks about Belgrade's job "And it went farther than a scare trip to the PD?"

Sam shrugged.  "I think that had been the plan.  Chief Winters and Greene gave me the usual lecture.  Even put me in cell 2.  But Bellegarde came in ... and wanted to prosecute me.  Might be because believe it or not I had a sort of crappy attitude as a kid." he grins.  "But Winters and Greene talked him out of it. Almost came to blows with Greene and Bellegarde."

Darcy exhales " Greene's known you since you were a little delinquent?" She teases "Still not cool for Spanner and Bellegarde.....yikes..."

Sam laughs."Yea.  I went to school with Brate and with Greene's daughter ... well they're older than I am but yea.  And Spanner..."  he sighs.  "I'm glad they finally got her out or the school."

Darcy tunes in more "you wen to school with Greene's daughter. He just told me that whole situation. What was she like back then? If she was older, maybe you don't know...but you know...impressions, small town...."

Sam considers.  "I was just a kid, really.  Rachael would have been our babysitter, I guess.  She was at that age.  I remember her mom was ... well... At the time I thought pretty but now I'm an adult I'd say more sexy.  The family sort of fell apart.  At the time I didn't know why ... but in hindsight..."  he shrugs.  "Greene's wife was unfaithful and his daughter ... I'm not going to say she was loose ... because girls experiment as much as boys .. but when she got pregnant ... Spanner did the same thing to her that sh did to Daisy, I remember THAT much.  Had her thinking she was a slut and shaming her father .. a respectable citizen and on and on."  he shakes his head.  "Next time I paid any attention Greene was single."

Sam nods.  "I think most of the parents are.  Most likely Kitty and I wont have kids but even then, I'm not sure I'd want them in school."  he finishes his coffee.

Darcy looks curiously at Sam "No kids huh? No judgement, just interesting. Course I never planned on it. One just found his way into my life." She smiles.

Sam pauses and seems to consider telling her anything.  But she is one of his best buds.  "Selfish as it sounds ... I don't want to chance passing on whatever it is my brother has onto my children."  he admits.  "He's come close to dying and I watched my family."  he sighs.  "I love my brother, but ..."  he shrugs, almost helplessly.

Darcy frowns "Do you think it's hereditary? I mean do your parents or grandparents have it?"

Sam blows out a breath.  "Some think so.  No one else is.  Alex was premature.  That might have something to do with it.  Or the odd hippy dippy shit my parents were into at the time they were conceiving us.  I don't know.  All I know is it's a nightmare ... when I was a kid, I helped my brother an he came so close to death so many times."  he shakes his head.  "I can't go through that with my kid.  And I can't put Kitty through it.  She can keep her head in a crisis, but that doesn't mean I want her to test that on our baby."

Darcy nods "I understand how that would make you fear a repeat of the same. Your parents probably blame themselves these things go."

Sam gave her half a grin.  "My mom did.  I think that's part of why she left him with Dad.  I know she worried about him and then felt guilt at leaving him.  No win, ya know?"  he shrugs and elbows her.  "Anyway, thanks for accepting my apology or not hating me for being male or whatever all this was." he winks.

Darcy looks kind "I recently had to have some humble pie about bailing on a romance. She wasn't as hung up on me as Mari is on you... but we're all human. Now she's in love with Frank so for the best." She grins.

Sam's eyes grow large.  "So she DID get with Douglas in Cedar Point.  I THOUGHT she seemed happier.  See ...good orgasms do it EVERY time."  he winks.  "Good for them.  Now all we have to do is get you set up with someone tasty .....  or stock in good batteries ...."

Darcy nods and laughs and then rolls her eyes "Let's focus on catching this not nice lady first. I assure you I do not deprive myself." She jokes.

Sam laughs. "We can do that."  he agrees.  "And you don't eve HAVE to tell me HOW ... I'll take your word for it."  he winks and tosses his empty coffee cup ready to go back to the car as then near their destination.

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