Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ice Goddesses and Candy Demons - Tony, Fiona and Annie May

Fiona Reinhardt looks sternly at Tony "OK so just ONE scoop or you'll get way too hyper again.....savour it....and don't mix ALL the candy toppings together."

Tony Penhall is torn between the cool adult casual walk and the I'm a ten year old getting ice cream skip. "Wait! Just ONE?" he stops and looks at her. "But ... but ... think of my sugar crash?" he offers like a seasoned negotiator. "That's worth a really LONG movie I can't watch!"

Annie_May.Saigawa wanders up with a shopping bag she looks around spotting Fi waves her bag 'ohh Hai there Fi say says happily  and looks over to the boy smiling 'helloo there

 Fiona ponders this and frowns at Tony "Fine, 2, but don't drown it in syrup...." She looks up "Hi Mrs Saigawa. How are you?" She starts walking towards the Ice Goddess front door.

Tony Penhall: me Tony smiles a self satisfied smile. "I won't." he promises i his sing song and waves. "Hey Mrs ... Saigawa." he heads to the door trying to think of a combination that does well NOT droned in syrup.

Annie_May.Saigawa  starts for the ice cream shop and smiing 'im  great she wanders int 'ohhh bethany and tamaki been so good for Jun.. i think ill get them all a treat . im grat she say waving at them

Fiona Reinhardt smiles "Say hi to them for me." she nods at the clerk and gestures at Tony "I'm with him. You go first Tony. I'm still thinking......"

Tony Penhall approaches the counter. "Hey Dave." he considers. "What would you recommend as an option for a 2 scoop NOT drowned in syrup?" he asks and rolls his eyes nearly to the back of his head, indicating the despot restricting babysitter. Dave snorts. "Vanilla or chocolate." he suggests. "Tony moans but then shrugs. "Two scoops of chocolate and vanilla swirl." he orders with a smirk, just to be an ass.

Annie_May.Saigawa  smiles 'tamaki keeps calling for you .. says Fi Fi ' she laughs 'i think he got a crush on you and Bethany keep asking when addy is coming back 'she laughs and looks at the boy smiling '

Fiona Reinhardt grins "We'll have to come visit them." She walks up right behind Tony and smiles at Dave as she stage whispers "You know all that syrup perfectly preserves your organs...making you much more appealing to zombies...." She bats her eyes at Dave innocently "I'll have a small salted caramel please, in a cup."

Tony Penhall turns to look at Mrs S when she mentions someone has a crush on Fi. "She's taken." he insists. While true, he is actually remembering his own unrequited crush on Fiona ... and Addison for that matter. Neither of which has been willing to wait for his father to decide he's old enough to date. He rolls his eyes at her. "They have to catch my sugar rushing as ... butt first." he watches Dave scoop. "Oh wait put it in the large cup, please." he asks at his sweetest.

Annie_May.Saigawa giggles soflty 'aww id think they love that 'she smiles at Fi attempt to not get Tony all sugared up.. she looks at the choices  thinking tilting her as she think and giggles soflty 'well he is two so hell get over it quickly soon as Paw patrol comes on 'she chuckles softly  as she smile sweetly at the young man 'how are you young sir ' she says politely" nearly two ' she corrects

Fiona Reinhardt laughs and nods and takes the cups as they are handed to her by Dave, handing Tony his and taking her own "Remember, moderation..."

Tony Penhall smiles as Dave does as instructed, beaming at the fact that Dave has ALSO given him LARGE scoops. "You ROCK DUDE!" Tony proclaims and heads for the toppings. Dave put the 2 scoops in a 3 scoop cup and Tony begins to pile on the toppings, apparently determined to use all 5 of them. But Fiona said Moderation, so he uses his favorite 3 of the 5. All the while he hums some popular hip hop dance song, but doesn't sing the words. He looks over his shoulder. "I'm GREAT .... NOW." the fie toppings are threatening to overflow the cup and the ice cream is nowhere to be seen. He begins to eat the toppings, the spoon between two fingers.

Annie_May.Saigawa  smiles 'nice shirt by the way ' she say pointing to Fiona 'aint that truth ' she smiles big .. 'so good to see a girl with some power 'she say proudly beaming at her as he looks around .. 'hmmm i get me a vanilla swirl scoop please . then when im done ..ill need three orders of two scoop rockyroad please ' she smiles 'i was so proud today when Bethany said mama Leia is my favorite princess  ' she laughs. she chuckles at the boys attics 'my future ' she points 'or tamakis .. 'she laughs

Fiona Reinhardt: Fiona's eyes go wide and Tony and the sighs "THAT is not moderation....." She grins at Mrs. S and nods "Leia rocks too." She walks up to Tony "Alright smarty pants, pay the toll...." She tries to tip his ice cream over hers and half the topping mountain, willing to take on the mess of flavour combos over the kid on sugar crack madness for days and her never getting hired back again.
Tony Penhall is eating the toppings that threaten to spill. He swallows, takes a breath and goes in for more. "It onwy free." he manages around a mouth full. He gulps the mouthful down. "And I didn't drown it in syrup like you said not to." he defends himself. He squeaks like a waylaid mouse as he tips his toppings over. "Hey!" he protests. "Give those back!"

Annie_May.Saigawa  just giggles at Tony . as she receives her vanilla swirl cup . she add some M and Ms to her cup and starts on it chuckling a bit as she watches glad for her small respite of child caring .. 'ohh kids. ' she whispers to Fi .. 'aren't they the darnest ' she smiles looking at Tony beaming .

Fiona Reinhardt stares Tony down and then licks her spoon and stirs it through the mess "Sorry, girl cooties all over now. Mine! I left you some....." She takes a bite and shudders "Gawd M&Ms and sour gummies....are your taste buds broken kid?" She looks at Mrs. S "The darnedest something alright..."

Tony Penhall huffs in annoyance. "Hey. If I knew you were gonna ROB a brutha Idda put all Red Hots on it!" he snorts. "What if you get all FAT? Don't blame ME!" he hopes this might make her give it ALL to him, cause hers looks kinda good.

Annie_May.Saigawa  laughs softly 'full of spunk ' she just chuckles as she eats her ice cream ' beaming happily watching it all  as she eats 'ohhhh ' she shake her head 'you done it now .. you've unleash the kracken dear boy . .' shes shakes her head as she eats

Fiona Reinhardt: Fiona rolls her eyes "I will totally blame you if I get fat...dork. And then sit on you and take all your ice cream. She pushes the sour candies to the side and digs for salted caramel and then gestures at Mrs. S with her spoon after a bite "No Kracken. No body shaming either. Tony don't talk about any body form like it's good or bad. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes."

Tony Penhall looks at Mrs S. "Release the wha?" then Fiona explains and he sighs. "I'm sorry." he apologizes. "You're just so pretty. Kinda skinny, but ....." he turns a little darker and tips his head back, pouring as much candy as he can in his mouth. With it full, he can't put his foot in it.

Annie_May.Saigawa @ nods and smiles 'it sure does .. ' she smile 'ever pound and every inch .. I'm proud of she smiles 'its what makes me . me ' she giggles ' I meant kraken in the sense that you'd put him .. straight ' she giggles as he blushes she finishes her cup beaming ' 'it a mythical being to take down thing .. like body shaming in this case 'she smiles

Fiona Reinhardt: Fiona just chuckles and musses Tony's hair "Eat your ice cream buddy. You've still got years to figure it all out. And watch Pirates of the Caribbean, now there's a kracken." The last part she says in a piratey voice and grins over at Mrs. S.

Tony Penhall chews and swallows, then nods to indicate he's heard the other woman. He brightens. "Can we watch it o Netflix over PIZZA?" he brightens, planning dinner already.

Annie_May.Saigawa chuckles 'yeah .. don't rush that .. it be slipping away before you knows it ' she say in a her own pirate wench voice '  she winks as she scoops some more vanilla in her mouth

Fiona Reinhardt looks down at the ice cream "Your Dad said we could do ice cream and left cash. We can't order pizza too. But we'll cook something good. Netflix yes.....on the kid's section." She enforces "How about Big Hero 6?"

Tony Penhall nods as he begins to eat his ice cream mess as if the imagined pizza is already cooling on the table. Then she shoots him down and he sighs. "OK, OK...." he considers the cooking as he takes a spoon full of gummie bears. "Big Hero 6 and ..... your Shepherd's Pie?" he asks with raised eyebrows, complete with blinking like an adorable doe. "That has vegetables in it so you don't have to make a salad." he counter offers.

Annie_May.Saigawa  giggles 'that a good movie .. my kids love it ' she beams . 'but don't you what be big and strong 'she say offers  to Tony  all those extra veggies make ya grow big and strong ' she nods ' like power ups on video game  ' she say

Fiona Reinhardt points at Mrs. S "That's right......Mario has to eat mushrooms! I'll see if your Dad has the stuff for Shepherd's pie. You can smash the potatoes for me. Mrs. S, if you need anyone to babysit, don't hesitate to call me too. I'd be happy to. Enjoy your ice cream and have a good weekend!" She heads for the door expecting Tony to follow.

Tony Penhall looks at Mrs S like she might be unstable. "Um ..... right ....." he follows Fiona out, determined to talk about mushrooms.

Annie_May.Saigawa laughs ' softly 'it how i get Bethany to eat her veggies .. big Mario kart fan 'she laughs 'well do .. ' she waves

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