Thursday, March 9, 2017

Monday Teen RP March 6th - Laid Back Burger Shack

Vincent DiAntoni walks with Fiona, assuming L and Owen re behind him. He's actually pretty excited to see the new Burger hack ... if 13 was any indication, the food would rock. Already he could smell the cooking smells he loved.

Fiona Reinhardt comes around the corner with Vincent and sees the place. It smells good already and there's an adorable old man in the window in a full suit. She quietly whispers to Vincent "That's him right?" She smiles sweetly at the man.

Elena Horatio is sorta in her own world as she walks hand in  with Owen swing his hand as she has an orchestra going on in her head ' she sniff 'that smell so good '

Giovanni Bittetto  serves a person off of their personal boat an then sees Vincent with a girl.  "Oh ... this must be Fiona, yes?" he asks, his old eyes twinkling with mirth.  He appears to be running the place alone, at least at the moment.

Owen Reinhardt gives L's hand a little squeeze and does a T-Rex worth grumble at the smell and then growls out "Burgers!" He realizes the guy looking out the window, in fact a total dinosaur himself and shows respect as he would with his grandparents "Afternoon Sir. "

Vincent DiAntoni smiles through the window at Giovanni. "Hey, Giovanni!" he calls. "Thought we'd check out the new place. How's business?" he asks, totally at ease with the older man. "And yes ... this is Fiona."

 Fiona Reinhardt smiles some more "Very nice to meet you Mr. Bittetto. It smells really good in there." She looks back and gestures at Owen and L "That's my brother Owen and L." She looks at them again as if to say get up here guys.

Elena Horatio is normal shy but around Owen she feels like she could do anything . her steampunk side of her kicks in and while still holding on tightly to Owen's hand she crosses her left leg then gently with the grace of a Victorian lady gives a simple curtsy to the man 'elllo,monsieur Bitetto, honor to meet you ' her sparkling eyes  wander to the sign as she decide what to get.. she looks from Vincent  to Fi 'hello ' she smiles and waves happily with her free hand.

Giovanni Bittetto beams as if Fiona has told him he looks 18.  "Thank you, bella!"  he gestures at her. He looks over at Owen and L.  "Ah!  Family and young love!"  he sighs deeply.  "What can I get you, kids?" he asks, spreading his hands on the counter and leaning forward in what appears to be a damn nice 3 piece suit.  L's curtsy makes him smile even more.  "Ah .. very ladylike.  Very good."  he nods and points to Owen.  "Hold onto that one, young man."  he orders.

Owen Reinhardt likes this guy already and grins back but when he calls L ladylike he has to suppress a chuckle. If only he knew the half of it, literally, or both halves. He does let go of L's hand and puts his arm around her, looking over the menu "Ooooh...bacon cheddar...say no more!"

Vincent DiAntoni grins at Giovanni. "I want a laid back .. cheese, lettuce, tomato .. no onion. And ... I want to try the onion rings. Oh and the Banana pudding ... and .... the Pepsi." he nods to himself .. satisfied.

Fiona Reinhardt giggles at Vincent "And then you're going home for supper later?" She scans the menu again and says "Sweet potato fries and an iced tea please."

Elena Horatio giggles and blushes a bit Mr. Bitteto complaint at 'zank you , Monsieur ' she places a hand to her pinkening  cheek  beams at him simply . She looks over to Owen snuggling in his arms and then looks at the menu "I've always love ze Po Boy .  ' she blushes a bit  extra  shrimp and a Tea , merci ' she say to the older gent.

Giovanni Bittetto: nods, but writes nothing down.  "Bacon Cheddar."  he looks at Owen.  "No fries, no drink?" he looks the boy up and down.  "Trying to stay slim for your lady, eh?  Ah ... I understand that all too well."  then Vincent orders and he laughs.  "And for the man completely confident .. and skinny besides ... Laid Back, cheese lettuce, tomato hold the kiss killing onions, but he orders onion rings."  he sighs as if Vincent might be a little dim.  "AND Banana pudding an Pepsi."  he nod at Fiona and chuckles.  "I seem to remember he can pack it away and not gain a pound ... curse his young metabolism."  he snorts.  "Sweet potatoes for the sweet Fiona with an iced tea."  he is clearly a charmer.  Then he looks at L.  "A Poboy with extra shrimp and tea." he nods his own approval.  "Eat the poboy, but only MARRY him if he's a GOOD Poboy."

Owen Reinhardt laughs and pats his belly "No Sir but I'd love a Pepsi too. And my sister will tell my folks if I eat too much before dinner...clearly..." He shoots Fiona a mock glare and then smirks at Vincent and Mr. Bittetto while giving L a small squeeze.

Vincent DiAntoni has the good grace to blush. "I can till eat dinner .. trust me." he tells Fi. He grin as Giovanni speaks as if he just love listening to the old man.

Fiona Reinhardt rolls her eyes at her brother and then hip bumps Vincent "I'll have to steal one of your kiss killing onion rings so I don't notice. I like this guy."

Elena Horatio: just goes very red look over at her gingerman .. 'umm oui ' she stutter... look at the older man and back to her own 'zank you , monsiuer . ill keep zat on my mind.. ' her hand covers her face like a fan.

Giovanni Bittetto chuckles at Vincent and nods.  "That'll be."  and he points to each of them as he adds it all up in his head, complete with taxes.  "I'm making them all Medium slash medium well, so tell me if you want them raw."  he looks at L and smiles at her apparent shyness.  Then he turns around, humming what sounds like Italian Opera and begins patting out the burgers, even though he is completely alone, he seems overjoyed in the little shack.

Owen Reinhardt blushes a bit too at the back and forth between L and the old man and then darts a quick look at her, and then away and then to Vincent and Fi as he stage whispers "That dude is awesome." about Mr. Bitetto.

Vincent DiAntoni grins and chuckles. "Deal." he beams. "I love Giovanni. This is Uncle Vincent's great Uncle." he explains to them all. "They all rock!!"

Fiona Reinhardt turns around, leaning her upper body into Vincent's slightly and stage whispers back at Owen and L "Italians...old kick ass Italians. you know what I'm saying?"

Elena Horatio nods 'very magnificent .. he remind of ze old world .. i love it .  she whisper getting a bit hot even in the cool day . she pull out a bronze fan from her skirt that and fans herself' Oui  she whisper behind her fan .. 'ze charm of the old world  she says softly.

Giovanni Bittetto keeps singing his opera as he prepares the food.  His voice is slightly unsteady with age, but clear.

Owen Reinhardt nods at Vincent and then whispers back to Fiona "Like horse's head In the bed style? I can't believe it took Dad so long to let us watch that...kinda cheesy....." He looks down at L's skirt after she pulls out a fan with wonder and some confusion "What else you got in there L?" He blurts out before totally thinking it through.

Vincent DiAntoni puts his arm around Fiona. "I hope I'm like him with I'm 83." it seems like a thousand years from now. He nods at L. "He IS from the old world. Well ... HIS father I think. Canadians by way of Chicagoin the '30's." he nods knowingly but then shrugs. "Never know ....."

Fiona slides her own arm around Vincent, over his a little and gives her brother a look "Owen Jude Reinhardt, is that really an appropriate question to be asking L in public?" It's a stern tease. She smiles at L and then looks at Vincent "You'll be just as adorable when you're 83 I'm sure."

 Elena Horatio waves her fan like a metronome to the rhythm of the old song 'si magnifique ' she blush softly . 'Owen .. she taps his shoulder in warning with her bronze  fan.. 'one never ask a lady what in her skirt .. but .. if you must know.. ' she start pulling ..out random object  a pocket watch  a metal lipstick tube . and mirror.. and her wallet . 'its not in my skirt.. the small pocket zat i had built into this front layer of . she fluffs it out the top layer in a sort of cancan flirtatious gesture .but give a proper mock warning.. i also have a pocket knife . she say warning but kisses his cheek.. 'but not for sweeties like you

Giovanni Bittetto pauses his his cooking to life both arms and his voice at a poignant part of his song and goes right back to it.

Owen Reinhardt blushes furiously and then his jaw drops at L and his pupils dilate for a second. He stammers at L "A knife......" She looks back at Vincent and Fiona with an exaggerated grimace "But not for me. That'll keep me in line......" He looks worried for a moment "Jesus carry it for self defense...or you know just spontaneous...whittling?"

Vincent DiAntoni grins. "I hope so." he agrees. "Italians are pretty sturdy." he winks at her and looks at Owen with curious eyes. Those eyes widen significantly ad L starts pulling anything and everything out of her skirt. "Jesus ....." he whispers, amazed. "But it's so SHORT...." he marvels at the bottomless ... um ... skirt ...

Fiona Reinhardt starts to giggle and is delighted by Giovanni's singing "I feel like we all just fell into a weird Harry Potter meets the Godfather universe...oh and the Hobbit...because what has L got in her POCKETSES?!"

Elena Horatio laughs softly 'a bit of both but mainly a pocketknife is just good to have around' she smile sweetly 'you need not worry gingerman.. but just know ' she winks as she began to stuff the item back in the top layer.."pocket' still clasping on to her wallet . 'you too sweetie you like your name .. gingerman.. but just so you know ' she say with a flirty smiles  and just nods to Fi knowingly  like some known code for the modern lady '

Giovanni Bittetto begins to make up the orders, still singing to himself.  Almost done.  Then he moves to the fridge to get the banana dessert for Vincent and make up some trays.

Owen Reinhardt looks at L with a combination of apprehension and his well known fuck that's hot look, universal to all teenage boys who really have no clue how obvious it is. He gives himself a little shake and begins to look desperately at the window for food.

Vincent DiAntoni looks at Owen with a slight smirk. "Gingerman, eh?" he nearly says more, but prudently stops himself after he and Owen had talked. They seem even again. As even as it got with them. But then Owen starts looking nervous and he decides .... no new news.

Fiona Reinhardt just smiles and shakes her head at L. Her brother was still such an oaf. But at least someone was willing to put up with it. She hears Vincent at points at her hair "Ginger......ginger plus cyberman?" She turns in question to her brother and L "Whovian nerd love?"

Elena Horatio looks at her man with a wink and leans on him .. 'men like you .. have no need to worry Mon cheri.. some bilge scum need to get the point.. when word and fast feet fail ' she coo reassuring at her beloved  an just looks  to the older gent watching her like a tv show  lean on her man as she waits turning to Vincent ..sorta of.. 'she stops 'he isn't evil like zem' she goes to play with his long hair

Giovanni Bittetto puts the food on two large plates and brings them to the window.  "Here you are, kids."  he calls, his song done.  On one tray is the order for Vincent and Fiona and on the other, the order for Owen and L.

Owen Reinhardt gives Fiona a mock evil stare and says like a robot "You will be upgraded....both of you." He extends to Vincent. Then he looks sweetly at L "Not you though..." He looks like he's about to kiss L and then sees food and hears the old man say it's ready. Kissing or food? Kissing or food? Owen's brain might implode and he quickly kisses L and then pulls her towards the food. "Ciao bella!" He says in horrible TV cliche Italian as he pulls out his wallet.

Vincent DiAntoni blinks, as his mind had gone in a COMPLETELY different direction. Now he's glad he didn't say anything perverse. "Oh ..... right ....." he stumbles over the words, clueless. Then he moves to get the tray for he and Fiona, handing over HIS card. "Thanks Giovanni!"
Fiona Reinhardt just snorts at Owen and L both and then fumbles to try and hand Vincent cash "Hey...I did bring cash for least take it."

Elena Horatio just giggles and shake her head look over to Fi like .. what we'll we do with these men ' she gigles as she pull and kissed 'silly Gingerman .. i like ze like zey are she say looking at Fi and Vincent  . she looks at owen as she clutches her wallet.. 'you beat me zis time gingerman.. but I'm going to get ze next. 'she giggles and 'or do we go halfies as you say '

 Giovanni Bittetto once again repeats the cost nd then takes the forms of payments, ringing them through quickly when Vincent gives him a sort of covert nod that he'll pay for them both.  "Enjoy, kids!"  it's still a bit cold.  Some can brave it and others move inside.  The storehouse workers have been an even mix of indoor and outdoor eating today.

Owen Reinhardt thinks about what he has in his account from his flier route and nods at L with a grin "K, you can get me next time..." He pays, thanks the old man and brings the tray to the table closest "How bout here guys?"

Vincent DiAntoni nods and follows Owen with a grin. Sitting he looks at Fiona. "I forgot I was dealing with Giovanni ......" the portions are massive. "I MIGHT need some help ...." he confesses.

Fiona Reinhardt gives Vincent a look like she's suspicious of his statement "You? Need help? Eating?" She puts her hand on his forehead pretending to check for a fever and then drops her hand and steals an onion ring almost defiantly "Maybe I'll cook for you soon then...." She looks at L "Incidentally, did you know Owen might be over poisoning people? " She winks at her brother.

Elena Horatio nods and waves at the older 'merci monsieur 'she curtsy again and joins Owen and nod 'OUi .. its a deal 'she beams  and chuckle as she sits down  reaching over to grab her sandwich and pulls out a silk black hankie and lays it out .  it has the jolly roger on it and she lays her sandwich on  center looking up at Fi 'Its zat right ' she say with interest and turns to her beloved 'ill have to test out his skills.. she says smiling at hi m

Owen Reinhardt watches Vincent and Fiona's conversation with curiosity and then grins at his sister and gives Vincent a knowing look. He tilts his head at L's fancy napkin and takes a huge bite of his burger. He has too much food in his mouth to reasonably reply even though it looks like he's trying to chew and do so. Finally he just gives L a thumbs up and then gestures to the burger like it's the best one he's ever had and looks pained at how tasty it is.

Vincent DiAntoni laughs and rolls his eyes. "Look at this?" he proclaims. "At least take an onion ring." he demands, picking up his burger and biting into it as she takes one. With his mouth full, he can only nod in eager want for her cooking and then smirk at the poisoning comment.

Fiona Reinhardt giggles and takes another but is keen to try her sweet potato fries and looks very pleased with them "Oh my god, these are amazing....."

Elena Horatio laughs softly "Don't choke , mon cheri 'she say out of concern and turns ans she gingerly grabs her massive sandwich taking a small bite of  and looks  she is in heaven .. as she chews  and then shallow  'its so big but soo good and creamy ' say in regard to the sandwich to caught up in the culinary masterpiece in her mouth

Owen Reinhardt is still eating but goes beet red at L's proclamation. He can't even reply without fumbling it, so he just eats, becoming one with his burger and trying not to overthink it and lose his mind.

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