Friday, September 9, 2016

A Wall Between Them

*****WARNING*****This blog post contains graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.


Tom crosses the parking lot in his factory coveralls. He looks a little tired from the day's work. He heads for the metal stairs climbing them a little slower. He's in no rush. He has a plastic grocery bag in one hand with a few camp style dry and canned goods for supper along with a small bag of apples. He lumbers along the exterior corridor casually heading for his room.

 Heather hears the steps on the stairs and bites her lip, moving to the window and craftily parting the curtains to watch him pass. If he catches a glimpse, it is of bare shoulder, as if she were naked and again peeking at him. Or letting him peek at her.

Tom is about to pass the window of room 8 and he skirts it slowly, not wanting to be too obvious. The curtains are open though so he does a slow walk and catches a glimpse of Heather's bare shoulder. He's simultaneously turned on and terrified. He can't see far enough into the room to know if she's alone so he keeps walking to his room and opens the door, his heart racing a bit. He's now aware of her awareness of him, their odd and slightly fucked up connection. He doesn't click the TV on and makes a point of shutting the door obviously so she knows he's in the room. With almost pained curiosity he waits and listens.

Snatching the curtains closed when she hears the door to Room 9 close. Heather smiles to herself and hops onto the bed. Not really raising her voice, as the walls really are that thin, she begins to speak. "I know you're in there, Tom." she begins. "And I wanted to thank you." she smiles to herself. "I was thinking I would apologize, but the more I think of what I saw, the more I realize I am not sorry I peeked. Tom." with his TV off, he should be able to hear her relatively well, she hopes.

Tom is standing in front of a blank patch of wall, the wall between them and leans forward pressing his forehead into it followed by his body, like a gentle push up. His facial expression is conflicted. He calls out carefully "Where's the Mister at?" He's not sure what she's playing at. Maybe they're one of those kinky couples and the man is watching her perform for him. It's not really his game but the way she's pushing his buttons he's not thinking clearly.

Heather leans against her patch of wall. "Business out of town. That's all I know, and all I WANT to know. Which is fine by me. I am happier without him." she presses against the wall. "So lets both relax, sit back and enjoy our evening? I think I can pay you back for last night." she smiles softly. "Maybe some dinner theater?"

Tom's breath returns to him hard and fast "Do you want me to watch...or just listen?" His coveralls are becoming increasingly uncomfortable and he lets out a quiet grunt.

Heather glances down at her body and its assorted bruises. "Don't tempt me, Tom." she says softly. "Just listen. I get that rarely enough." she sinks to the floor. "I went shopping today." she tells him, as if they were sitting down to dinner at home after a perfectly normal day. "There's a toy shop in town and I made a purchase. A vibe that looks like a pen .. it works great." she grins to herself. "But right now ... I want fingers...."

Tom starts undoing the top of his coveralls, pushing them down to his waist. He has nothing but an undershirt, boxer briefs and socks on beneath. He exhales and says to Heather "You set the rules. How many fingers...what are you going to do with them?" He slides his coveralls a little further revealing the top of his boxer briefs. His cock is straining so hard against them that the tip peeks out the top, like it's dying to jump out and get some action.

Heather smiles to herself. "I want it like the fantasy I had about you today." she tells him, running her hands over her breasts. "I was standing and watching the water and you came up behind me. You put your arms around me and slid one hand into my jeans." she slides a hand down her bare body to her womanhood. "And slid one finger .. your index finger. Between my lips." and she does and gasps loudly, finding herself already wet from anticipation. A slight moan escapes her and she leans her head back.

Tom pushes back his boxers now, taking his cock in his hand and just gripping. He leans more into the wall as if he was leaning into her. His tone is soft as he encourages her "I'd like that. To touch you...make you feel good. What did I do next?"

Heather begins to move her finger very slowly in a wide circle, spreading her legs wide. "You teased me because I was as wet as I am now." she breathes. "Because it told you how much I wanted your touch." she moans again, in pure pleasure. "And you told me I would have to wait." she whimpers, feeling the hardness of her own button, wet and slick. "Because you were in no hurry." the last word was a whimpered word. "You just wanted to see me excited and happy and ..." she moans again, cutting off any other words.

Tom moans back beginning to lightly rub "I do like to take my time and you're worth it. I make you wet? Geez I'm not even trying yet Heather. I want to touch you....I want to taste you...I want every inch of you..."

Heather continues with her play, but his words feel like a vibe set to ... she struggles to remember the term ... Roger Rabbit ... Energizer Bunny ... she couldn't remember but his voice was electrifying. "God, yes Tom, I'm wet." she tells him, honestly. "I can imagine you both holding me and fingering me and as you are on the other side of this wall." she whimpers again in more pleasure. "And thinking of your lips . your tongue .. god .. your mouth on me." she moans long and low. "No pain .. only .. only pleasure." she almost sobs. "So gentle with me." it is almost a plea.

Tom's voice is strained "I'll do anything you want...give you anything you want......." He heard her moan about the idea of his mouth and offered more "I like using my mouth, tongue exploring with fingers, slow and soft and deep....all the places that make you cum....fuck I'm so hard for you Heather. I'm going crazy...course you've seen my show..." His face starts to contort and she would be able to hear his breath coming hard and fast.

Heather whimpers as he speaks, her breath coming harder. "You." she tells him what she wants. "I can feel your tongue ... playing ... your fingers inside .. playing ... Oh Tom, so wet. I can see you hard ... but .. but on me ... oh please, this time cum for me ... and I ... oh so close ... so close Tom it feels so good. YOU feel so good." her eyes close and, indeed she sees his face, watching her climb closer to the edge of orgasm.

Tom barely needed that much encouragement at this point. He pumped his hand up and down gasping and then crying out. After he murmured "Heather... Oh god Heather..." There was a soft thud as he collapsed a bit into the wall, cum streaming warm over his hand and down one of his thighs.

Heather hears him through the wall and smiles between her own pleasurable facial expressions. "Thank you, Tom." she moans. "Hos I love it when you cum." she moans again, moving slightly faster but still teasing herself. She leans back. "I hope I made you feel ... oh god .. feel so incredible, Tom." she moans, holding on with iron will, both wanting to cum and wanting it to be delayed as long as possible.

Tom smiles at her words " I want to hear you too... If you need a little help... I'm just next door....imagine my face between your legs...cum on my face..."

Heather leans back and closes her eyes and she can and is imagining him even before he speaks the words. "Yes .... Tom ... yes ... god ..." she moans and cries out as she cums ... a sound unlike the one she made the night before because this is a real orgasm. "So good ... don't stop ... oh god." she rides the orgasm but does not stop playing. "Tom .. oh Tom yes ... again ... again .. please ... please ... yes .. god ... yes . again a ...." the word is cut off with a second and more powerful orgasm causing her hips to rise higher and turn. As it subsides she lays prone on the floor panting loudly and mewling softly.

Tom's wave had passed but he thoroughly enjoyed hearing hers, slightly curious about the difference between what he just heard and what he had heard between she and her boyfriend. But he was cluing in based on her saying she was happier when the boyfriend was away. He hoped it wasn't all just a line to mess with him but he was feeling so close to Heather right now that caution wasn't going to win. Tom ran his hand up and down the wall between them like a caress.

"Come over....please... Let me just hold you...."

Heather lays panting on the other side of the wall. Her eyes go a little wide at his offer, which strikes her as odd. "I .... um ...." she looks around her room, empty and full of memories she doesn't want. "Hold on...." She takes a moment to get up and heads into the bathroom for one of their towels, which she wraps around her. She leaves and moves from 8 to 9 ... and knocks lightly, staring at the floor.

Tom heard her move towards the bathroom and quickly cleaned up his hand and leg with kleenex. He opened the door with his t shirt style undershirt, boxer briefs and socks. Seeing her there in a towel looking down he gently pulls her into an embrace and shuts the door behind her. "Was this a bad idea? You don't look happy..."

Heather tries to speak, but only steps into his arms and can feel tears fill her eyes. "I am ... I am ... just ... no one’s ever asked this and I'm not sure I know how..." it is telling for her, she knows. Maybe too telling. In her experience men don't like toys they didn't break themselves.

Tom snuggles into her sliding one hand up from her back to gently run it soothingly over her hair. "Asked what?" He questions softly.

Heather sighs. "To hold me. Hell before or after sex." she grins into the feeling of being in arms. His arms. "I know it happens. I'm not from a cave or anything. Just ... it always sounded like fiction to me." she sighs. "Feels like a dream. A nice one. You're like a standing mattress." and she giggles just a little bit.

Tom pulls back a bit and looks at her with alarm "Jesus what is wrong with that man of yours?!" His arms are still wrapped around her but now they're face to face. He smiled at her giggling and then his eyes darted between her eyes and mouth. He suddenly seemed a little shy again "I know this is a silly question given wha we just done...but can I kiss you Heather?"

Heather considers the question. "He ... I don't know. It's ... he ... I don't know." she doesn’t understand her man herself. But when she looks up at him and he ASKS to kiss her, she simply nods, looking very confused he would ask the question at all.

Tom gives her a sweet little half grin and leans his head in towards hers, brushing his nose past hers a little playfully. He tilts his head and his lips connect with hers in a sweet lingering peck. He shifts his head slightly pulling back and then forward for another, forming a pattern as he exhales with a little "Mmmmm..." His lips are soft and warm, the kiss is passionate but not demanding, leaving room for her to move within it the way she wants to respond.

Heather takes each kiss and giggles a bit. This is like play for her and in some ways emphasizes the problems within her own life. "Hmmmm .. this is fun." she smiles and pulls away, taking him by the hand and heading for the foot of the bed, sitting down and looking at the closed television armoire. "I never thought a guy into boxing could be so .... nice..."

Tom laughs, joining her "Well they only like to bash eachother up in the ring righ? Could spend the rest of their time out rescuing kittens and the like. I used to fight but you get to a certain age and your body can't take it the same way. That and the dentist was making way too much offa me." He slides one arm lightly around her waist looking at her face and then down at the rest of her in the towel. He now starts to notice the bruises. With his other hand he lightly caresses one on her wrist and then her inner arm, silently starting to guess at some of the sadder aspects of her life but not asking outright. His expression is a pained and making it a little obvious.

Heather nods slowly, thinking about that. "I suppose that makes sense." she looks at him and cant imagine his having been a boxer himself. Then he begins looking at her and she knows he sees the bruises ... some old, some newer. "Um ...." she swallows. "Those aren’t bad." she tells him, wincing and knowing she is making excuses for Ken. "I know ... why don't I just leave, right? Well I tried..." and swallows hard and her head sinks again. "Years ago."

Tom sees her stammering and what looks to him like shame. He moves the hand from her bruised arm up to her chin "I'm not judging you...I'm judging him. You can talk to me about it if you want to, but I won't make you. I'm so sorry Heather. No one should have to go through this shite..." he leans in and lightly kisses her forehead and then her cheek like he's trying to kiss away all the sadness in her face.

Heather nods. "I know you're not." she takes his arms and wraps them around her. "Don't be sorry, you didn’t do anything but this." she laughs a little. "God and I want more of this holding." she moans again, partly joking but also partly in longing, moving closer to he held close if he is willing. Trying not to think of Ken ... not now.

Tom happily wraps his arms right around her again "You can have as much as you want. I like holding you Heather. I was going to suggest we lie down...not trying to start anything. I've just had a long day. He tugs lightly on her towel to draw attention to it "Do you want a shirt or something? Not that I mind...but...just asking..."

Heather smiles. "I'd love to lie down with you." When he tugs at the towel, it slips a little and she glances at it. "No ... this is fine..." she moves up on the bed and lays down looking not unlike an eager kid about to get a treat. "More holding please." she giggles, genuinely wanting it.

Tom grins at the towel slip and then nods, lying down with her, pulling the covers over them and wrapping himself around her. He gently pulls her so her head is on his chest and his head rests on the side of hers. He smells like laundry soap, the cottony fabric of the coveralls he's had on, clean sweat with a hint of pine scented deodorant and the tinge of something metallic from work.

Heather molds against him as close as she can. She moans again. "Mmm it's nice here." she inhales deeply of him. She simply smells of soap and female orgasm. "I'm going to wake up soon and I don't want to." she whispers, kissing his chest."

Tom is in bliss as well as very tired. He murmurs something back to her about staying forever and then begins to drift off. Sleeping with a woman in his arms is one of his favourite things and this woman fits just right. His breath slows and his head becomes slack against hers and he falls asleep very content.

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