Monday, September 12, 2016


Megan Douglas slumped in a chair in the waiting room of the Alexandra clinic, She glanced at the time on her phone and sighed and then texted Kitty "Sorry Kitty, this walk in is taking forever today. I can't come back - right out of birth control pills."

She made a face at her phone, willing Kitty to type back, but it wasn't happening. She opened and closed the app, still nothing. Jedi mind trick, nothing. Megan felt a bump from the seat beside her. She looked over at eye level and then down to a small child who had just hopped into the seat. She couldn't tell if it was a girl or a boy but he or she looked to be about 2 years old with a mane of black ringlet type curls and a toothy little grin that could melt a glacier. The cherubic being held up a well loved brown stuffed kitty cat and started babbling a bit nonsensically but with the energy of telling Megan a very important story. Megan couldn't help but chuckle back and nod. A young woman in a burgundy coloured hijab and a long flower printed flowing dress came dashing up to the child, breathless "Amal, you can't just run off on Mommy..." His mother, hugely pregnant, jokes to Megan "I can't keep up with him right will I ever chase two of them?" She extends a hand towards her son and says something to him in Arabic that sounds to Megan like she's saying it's time to go. Amal hesitates and holds the stuffed kitty towards Megan. Megan looks unsure but then on instinct, gives the toy a little scratch behind the ears and chin. The little boy holding it beams at Megan and then lets out a little "Meow." before hopping down from the chair and taking his mother's hand. Megan feels her heart melt just a little.

Finally a nurse's assistant calls out "Megan Douglas?" and Megan gathers her things and follows her down a hallway. The assistant settles her in the dreaded little exam room and says the nurse practitioner will be in shortly. Megan knows the drill and sure enough her regular person, Michelle Kim, walks in minutes later.

"Hi Megan. How can I help you today?" Michelle is shorter than Megan and only towers over her when Megan is sitting. She's has short dark hair with a hint of grey she might be covering up and a no nonsense way about her being.

Megan pulls an empty pack of birth control pills from her purse "Can you prescribe me some more of these?"

Michelle gives her a stern look "You should really come in...before the last day, but yes. I can write you another 6 months again?"

Megan smiles sheepishly "That would be great, thanks. I've got to get to work."

Michelle looks up as she rips the prescription off the pad and hands it over "Oh you got a job in town?"

Megan nervously twitters "Kitty Carmichael and I opened"

Michelle laughs "Uh huh...why are you being vague?"

Megan clears her throat and then says proudly "It's a sex shop. In the old salon that just turned over. We even sold some stuff already!"

"Good for you ladies. I'll have to peek in on it. You have a good day now."

Megan takes the paper and puts it in her purse "Thanks, you too." She steps out of the office and starts down the hall and out the door.

Right outside the clinic she sees a tall man pacing back and forth. On second glance she notices him holding a sleeping baby, slung slightly over one shoulder. she watches him casually for a moment. He's tall and slim like her Adum. She suddenly has a flash of Adum walking with a baby and her breath stops short. Where the hell did that come from? Shaking her head and laughing at herself she takes off down the street at a brisk walk. Megan hits the pharmacy before work and emphatically fills her prescription.

A short while later, Megan walks into the shop she shares with Kitty, with a thoughtful expression on her face.

Kitty Carmichael is rearranging vibrators on a shelf, looking a them and rearranging them, trying to make it 'just right'. She turns at the change in light that is the door opening and smiles. "There you are! Where the hell have you BEEN?" she wonders. Reaching into the back pocket of her tight jeans she pulls out her phone. "You could have...." and she stares at her phone. "Told me and I never would have known because my dumb ass didn't turn on my phone?" then she looks at Megan. "What's up?" she wonders at the look.

Megan smiles at Kitty and then says "You know when you go to get birth control and you're suddenly surrounded by sweet adorable babies? Yeah that....I don't know what my problem is today Kitty...."

Kitty wrinkles up her face. "Yea .w ell .... better you than me." she motions to the shelf. "First impressions. Hope that looks alright." she moves to her friend. "No problems. Unless your thinking of having a baby with the Chief...." she half smiles, unsure exactly what she thinks of the woman she thinks of as best friend and kindred spirit settling down to motherhood.

Megan nods at the shelf and turns to Kitty, trying to shake it off herself "Maybe I'm just ovulating. Damn you mother nature!" she jokes shaking a fist in the air.

Kitty giggles. "So no nookie for our Chief?" she teases. "I'll be sure to cross at corners and not little for a little while, in case he gets pissy not getting no sex." she arches her brows. "You sure? I mean you aren’t .. you know..." she puts her hands together around an imaginary pregnant belly.

Megan picks up a random dildo off the shelf and pretends to beat Kitty with it "I got the fucking pills already......I can have all the sex I want and no babies...."

Kitty lifts her arms to protect herself from the assault, laughing. "Good. I'm not sure how our customers will react to a pregnant woman in a shop that is eighty percent condoms."

Heather approaches the store and tries the door, opening it and smiling. "Hey you guys. I know it took me a couple days, but ..." she waves a piece of paper. "I have your review..." she singsongs.

The review reads: This vibe is very discreet and does not look like it can be as powerful as it is. I used it solo and had it used on me. The various vibrations are amazing and incredibly powerful. My orgasms came much faster. A must have, for sure for times when you simply cannot wait.

Megan reaches for the paper and then reads it and grins "This is excellent Heather. Good morning...and glad you had some fun."

Kitty reads and grins. "Top notch review, Heather. Thank you." she moves to the counter and slides the review into the cash register for safe keeping. "So, if I remember right your boyfriend isn't into toys and you were going to get a .. friend .. to help you out. I'm guessing that went well?" she loved hearing stories like that one.

Heather smiles and bit her lip. "Yea ... my boyfriend is going to be back tonight or early tomorrow." she tried to sound light. "So play time is over. I'm having my friend hold my toy even, cause my boyfriend will probably freak out if he finds out I am using a vibe." she sighs. "But it was a great couple days with my ... Peeping Tom."

Megan looks at Heather and sighs "That sounds complicated. You can't easily trade in the no fun boyfriend for the more fun friend? Sorry to pry...unless it's an open relationship?" She darts a look at Kitty who would relate to that.

Kitty also looks a bit confused. "Yea. All my relationships are open." she explains. "Mutually. It can't be like that for you?"

Heather bites her lip and shakes her head. "Ken. My boyfriend ... he's ... no .. he wouldn't be like that. He's ... he's ..." she pauses to find a word. "Possessive." she shakes her head again. "I've tried to leave but ..." she shrugs and clears her throat. 'So this is all secret, you guys. Please. Megan. Kitty ... please ... I can’t tell you how no one needs to know."

Megan nods "It's OK Heather. We're not going to say anything about who you spend your time with to anyone. Are you going to be OK?" she looks genuinely concerned now.

Kitty looks carefully at Heather and then at Megan. "Of course we'll keep mum. But if we meet you on the street please make sure we know which is which." she teases. "But we're discreet. And one of my lovers is Megan's boyfriend’s subordinates. So you have pretty safe friends." she moves forward to rest an arm on Heather.

Heather swallows hard and nods. "It means a lot. Believe me. I didn't think they made guys like Tom. Not outside of cheesy novels." she smiles and is almost ready to speak again when the door opens again and she sees a cop enter.

Adum Brate walks in at the tail end of the conversation. "Cheesy novels?" which is obviously all he's heard. "You're selling cheesy novels as well as all of the rest of this crap?" he waves an arm around as he moves to Megan. "Mrs Norris has been in my office. She was waiting for me." he shakes his head and mock hides behind Megan. "Save me!"

Megan turns and hugs Adum and then turns sideways a bit in the hug to stay in the conversation "Only cheesy porno novels "His throbbing manhood ached for her moist deep cavern..." she mock quotes. She gives Heather a don't worry it's cool look and introduces Adum "Heather, Adum. Adum, Heather."

Kitty giggles at Adum's entrance. "Oh my god! Mrs Norris isn't dead YET?" she sounds amazed. Looking at Heather she giggles. "Adum is why Megan is so happy and I am so interested in hidden cameras." she looks dramatically innocent. "Should we send Mrs Norris a complimentary vibrator, with attached generator for power?" she blinks, maintaining the innocent look.

Heather laughs, at all of them. "Oh yes ... the police Chief." she nods at him. "It's good to know you." she relaxes a bit just seeing the Alexandra Police Department uniform. "Um ... Mrs Norris is .... bad?" she asks.

Adum snorts. "Moist Deep cavern? Seriously?" he shakes his head, kissing Megan on the top of the head, always professional on duty. He nods over to Heather. "Hey there. I've seen you once or twice around Perkatory. Welcome to Alexandra." then he sighs. "Actually, I'm here to tell you, you might get your chance." he tells them. "I've been informed that Mrs Norris has secured permits to protest here." he clears his throat. "So far she's applied for four. Looks like she is planning weekly protests against your shop."

Megan rolls her eyes "Oh for fuck's sakes." Then she has a look of dawning "That actually might be good for business....get everyone curious what's pissed her off this time." She turns to Heather "She's a cranky old religious woman with a stick up her ass. She'll bitch about anything that doesn't meet her white privilege bible thumping "traditional" values." Megan makes little hand quotes in the air for the word traditional. "I think she wanted to throw holy water on me the second I walked down her street. Half Aboriginal, half Spanish and loudly living in sin with the Chief here. Surely I'll burn in hell twice right?" she jokes.

Kitty snorts. "Before Megan came along, I was Public Enemy Number One. I'm slacking." then she nods slowly. "The answer may be to hand out some of the free vibes .. the cheap ones from the vending machine. And some of the less expensive condoms. And ..." she grins slowly. "Maybe a pamphlet for how best to achieve orgasm from a withered dry cootchie not even Satan would touch."

Heather arches her brows. "Seriously? That's the best advertisement this place could get." she listens to the ideas. "They all sound good. Now ... some pastries and coffee from Perkatory and maybe a picnic blanket across the street ...." she smiles. "Free entertainment." she giggles.

Adum snorts. "Every Chief has their thorn. Mrs Norris is mine." he shakes his head. "All great ideas. All legal ideas. Just don't fight with them. Let them bring attention to this place. Then I'll visit Mrs Norris and tell her that her protests are great for your business .. which should freak her out enough to cease and desist." he grins, satisfied with the plan. He looks thoughtful. "I wonder if I should suggest she take a class in applying condoms orally ...." he's always loved how Megan did that.

Megan smiles at Kitty and then laughs at the cootchie comment. She nods at Heather "Feel free. Should be interesting." She listens to Adum and is about to reply when he says the last line. She can't help but blush and duck into his shoulder "You know Kitty already wants to film us....don't encourage her, Love."

Kitty listens and screams in laughter at Adum's last suggestion. "YES YES YES! God YES!" she cries. "To all of it The classes .. the cameras ... YES!" she smiles, hoping to encourage them. "Imagine the PSA's, Adum? You'd be doing the people a public service. Everyone respects you."

Heather covers her mouth with both hands, giggling madly, her eyes filling with tears of mirth.

Adum pulls Megan close, kissing her head again. "Now SHE is the shy one. Whuda thunk?" he teases. Then he looks at Kitty. "No, no no no no! And NO!" he replies. "I am appointed, not elected, but ... NO ... I like thinking everyone in town believes I am a virgin, celibate and sexless. That's my belief and I am sticking to it!"

Megan can't help but laugh out loud now, tipping out a bit from Adum after the kiss on her head. Her laughter ebbs and she muses on her moment of unexpected biological clock ticking whatever it was, thinking that would be one way to call Adum's bluff. She stares at him for a moment with an unreadable expression and then awkwardly clears her throat, pushing the idea aside again. What was wrong with her today? Putting on a grin she points at Kitty "You're terrible and I love you for it. And poor Heather is going to pee herself if we don't calm down."

Kitty knows she is breathing funny and she waves her hand as if to stop the banter. "Virgin, sexless Chief Brate. Oh, God!"

Heather is bobbing up and down. "Oh my god! You're all crazy! I love this town!" she looks between Kitty and Megan. "I found great friends to have." she tries to calm herself.

Adum grins. "I love you too, Kitty. But I will always search you when you walk in our house." he promises. He looks at Heather and nods. "Well, they are good friends to have." he hugs Megan again. "I need to get back. Too long in the den of inequity and ... " he releases Megan. "See you at home and its nice to meet you, Heather."

Megan reaches for Adum's tie as he releases her and yanks him forward to kiss him, maybe less politely than he'd like in public. "See you at home..." she says breathily as she steps back and lets go.

She glances at Heather after with a wink "We're glad to make a friend in you too. Where were you before here?"

Adum matches the passion. Once he breaks it, he winks at her. "Solid door and covered windows. I love this place." he nods to the other girls, makes sure his uniform is pristine and heads out the door.

Kitty watches the kiss and smiles as Adum leaves, then turns her attention to Heather, curious.

Heather watches the police chief leave with a grin. He is a really nice guy. And in a way, he may protect her better than he imagines he will. Some of her best protection may be in the little bits of truth she gives her new friends. "We're both from Toronto." she tells them. "Ken and I have been together about five years. It's been worse. You know how it can be with little self esteem, right?" she is almost pleading. "Some day I want to go back to school. I just need Ken to see the point?" she shrugs a bit. Not calling Ken what he is .. but not NOT saying what Ken is.

Megan looks at Heather with a pained expression. She's picking up the hints and is pretty sure her new friend is in an abusive relationship with Ken. Megan hates the guy already and is mentally joining team peeping Tom. She decides to encourage Heather towards the kinder man and the empowered options "You might be able to sign up for correspondence classes. You're welcome to get books delivered here and even use our office. And tell us about the nice guy. Is his name Tom or is that just because of the peeping thing?"

Kitty can speak double talk as well as hint. "Megan's got a point. I'm taking classes in Vancouver and maybe you could come with me, if we're girlfriends .. if Ken lets you hang with females." she sighs. "Or anyone." she adds, boldly. And then she brightens. "Yes. Tell us about this peeping Tom."

Heather swallows hard. "I can try. I mean ... I don't know if I can talk my way into a job, since Ken 'takes care of me', but I know I can go out, as long as I don't ... well you probably get the idea." then she smiles, her whole being lightening to talk about Tom. "His name really IS Tom." she giggles. "He is from Newfoundland and works at that metal factory. By the pizza parlor? Oh .. well, the only one in town as far as I can tell." she sighs. "He's .... I don't know ... I call him Dream in my head, but told him he was a dream. But he acts like he is like all men are." she grins as if that idea is silly. Her low self esteem coating all men in the Ken light.

Megan reaches out, putting a hand lightly on Heather's shoulder "There are some good ones Heather. If you've found one, life will find a way to get you two together. There are always options. We're here for you."

Kitty nods in sympathy with Heather and agreement with Megan. "We are. Use us." she pauses. "Come on over for coffee and stuff. Never know when you'll run into me or someone at Perkatory or Sigh or Zabat's ... that's the Greek restaurant. I live right above it Friends are going out all the time." she seems to be plotting, stroking her chin.

Heather nods. "Thanks. I appreciate it. I really do . and I really SHOULD get out. I just never really asked before so ....." she sighs. "I just want Tom and I to be more than cuddling in a dark hotel room after sex. I mean ... there IS more to life than that, isn't there?"

Megan is picking up on what Kitty is putting down. She smiles encouragingly at Heather "Kitty's right...friends show up all kinds of places. We just need to befriend your Tom so you can meet us all out and about. And as fun as cuddling in the dark after sex is, it's nice to talk sometimes too, out of the bed..." she laughs.

Kitty nods. "Exactly! And now you are friends with us .... yea ... you need to get out more." she smirks. "And Mr Ken can bitch all he wants but you've been adopted by women with cop boyfriends. Take THAT!" she grins. "Yes .. out of bed and in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the woods all over the island..." she suggests.

Heather nods. "I'd like that. Lets do that. Please?" part of her is still afraid, but the longing for Tom is stronger than the fear of Ken.

Megan opens her arms to offer Heather a hug "Whatever we can do to help. If you want we can even get a hold of it targeted advertising. We'll flyer the motel and leave him a note on his? Is he in the same one as you? Unless you get to see him again before Ken is back?"

Kitty nods. "The Blue Door flyers the Olin CONSTANTLY to get customers. SO I had planned to do that anyway. What's his room?"

Heather nods. "He is in Room 9 and I am in Room 8. That's ... sort of how we first ... um .. heard ... each other." she sighs deeply. "Well, at least he now knows how much I fake with Ken." she sighs. "I should get back. Ken will be back sometime today I think so I had better be there when he returns." she doesn't look like she wants to leave. "I dropped off the review and thanks for talking with me." she smiles and slowly heads for the door.

Megan watches her walking to leave sadly, worried for her new friend "Anytime. We WILL see you soon Heather. OK? Take care!"

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