Saturday, September 10, 2016

Beating the Alarm

*****WARNING*****This blog post contains graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.


Heather opened her eyes and looked around the room, for half a second, she thinks she is in Room 8 but then she feels arms around her and they are too gentle ... they hare there in the first place. She rests in the embrace, able to tell by his breathing that Tom is still asleep. To her, it is amazing nothing more happened the night before than some mutual masturbation and conversation. Yet she spent the night in a man’s arms for the first time ever. With a smile, she very carefully moves from the bed, pees, then puts on coffee in the small cheap hotel coffee maker. Turning from the soon to be brewing coffee, she looks at Tom on his bed. Sitting on the bed, she stares, as if he is a dream that should have faded, but didn't. Understanding that this is real, she reaches out to his groin, cupping that which she herself has never touched. The morning wood is hard and hot under the cloth. Leaning forward, she pulls at the band and licks the tip, closing her eyes to enjoy the taste.

Tom wakes suddenly, his eyes snapping open; as he looks down to see Heather's head at his crotch. He feels her tongue on the tip of his cock and gasps with a grin spreading across his face. Tom moves a hand to caress the back of her neck and the base of the back of her head. He shifts his body so he's more on his back, giving her full access to do whatever she wants to him. Best alarm clock ever.

Heather feels the hand on her head and for a moment freezes, ready to let him force her. But Tom doesn't do that, so she looks up his body when he lays back a bit. She concentrates on the head a bit and then takes in more of him. Not so much that she chokes, but enough so she is comfortable. One hand caresses his chest and her eyes remain on his face.

Tom's breath quickens and on consecutive exhales he breathes out "Oh god.....mmm.......oh...." pushing up into her mouth gently from his hips. He watches her watching him, increasing the intensity of the moment. It's not enough to make her choke, but enough to let her know he's really appreciating her actions and enjoying them.

Heather strokes his side, easily able to take what he gives her, even though he COULD choke her. She runs her hands around his chest, and moves her own body to straddle him, amused and amazed at the power she has been given, but not drunk off of it. The towel is on the floor someplace and she is as naked as the day she was born. Both of her hands move up his chest and rest on his shoulders.

Tom shudders as she straddles him. His raging hard cock grazes the inside of her thigh, still wet from her mouth. He murmurs her name "Heather..." And then has a painful dawning "Fuck I need to call into work...please please hold that fact don't all..." One hand slides over her hip, gripping it gently while the other slaps for his phone on the night table, missing twice. Finally he grabs it and fumbles with one hand scrolling to his contacts and dials. He's working really hard to keep his voice even when someone answers at the other end. Their voice is muffled "Hi it's Tom O'Leary. I'm feeling pretty...... under the H.....H'weather this morning...." He silently smiles at his near faux pas and keeps going" I have the seven to three. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to call in sick. Employee number two five two M'am...yes...thank you...I will..."

As Tom calls in, Heather pulls herself up his body and hovers over him. She listens to him speak and as he wraps it up, she positions him at her opening and holds it there, watching him and waiting for him to end the call so she can lower herself and finally feel him inside of her.

Tom clicked off his phone and dropped it when he felt the tip of him at the edge of her. He knew he should be protesting and talking about condoms but he was a bit impulsive when things felt this good. He looks up her body, letting his hand follow his eyes up her hip, over her breasts and then back down her stomach to the hips. He waited letting her decide when entry happened, all the while twitching a bit in anticipation.

Heather feels him and hesitates. Then she closes her eyes and opens them. "I want to but ....." she sighs. "Condoms?" she asks very tentatively.

Tom exhales and laughs a bit "I'm sorry my just feels so good it made me stupid. I have some in that red backpack by the TV, front pocket....hopefully not's uh...been a little while b'y."

Heather giggles and moves backwards off the bed, sucking at the tip of his cock as she passes. "Both our faults." she doesn't mention what would happen if she turned up pregnant. She turns and opens the armoire, bending seductively as she looks in the backpack. They are not expired, and she brings one back, straddling him again, kissing the tip of his cock and covering it using both hands. She only knows how to put it on in a utilitarian sort of a way, so she has no fancy moves. Then she crawls back on top of him and repositions him. "Thank you. For all of this." she moans as she lowers herself, slowly. The feeling makes her gasp.

Tom grunts happily when she kisses his cock and then lets out a little moan and grips it himself as she bends over, enjoying the view. He smiles when she thanks him "YOU'RE thanking ME? My god woman..." He eyes the condom, that he writhed as she put on him, and her position and pulls on her hips "Before I'm in you...I want to return a favour a little...get you really ready..." He starts pulling her in the direction of sitting on his face "If you'll let me...taste you...that is..."

Heather stops and looks at him. "Really?" she asks, feeling silly at the amazed tone in her voice. But the moves like he wants her to, but turns on her side a bit for her own comfort. "You’re a dream."

Tom rolls with her turn, shifting her gently to her back. He starts at her mouth, kissing her deeply, his tongue darting and swirling around. He tugs on her bottom lip and he pulls back from kissing her but the kissing is fairly lengthy. He moves to her neck and earlobes, lunging with his arms to get both sides, kissing and nibbling and sucking with a growing passion. He descends down between her breasts and then caresses, kisses and sucks on them. He lingers on the left one, making eye contact with her and gently holding the nipple in his teeth as he rapidly flicks his tongue on it.

Heather melts under his touch, but when he gets to her breasts, she gasps and looks at him disbelieving. "Oh .. that’s nice, Tom." she breathes, arching her breast into his mouth. It's as if she’s never felt a man sucking on her nipple before. "You're gonna spoil me." she jokes.

Tom smiles and cups the other breast, moving over to it to do the same thing "God I hope so..." He gives due attention and then kisses down her stomach to her pelvis. He takes a long time teasing her, kissing and caressing low and high, just barely grazing her labia but fuck he can smell the prize now and he wants to dive in. He tilts his head up again, giving her a loving look and then uses his hands to part her lips and slowly slides his tongue from top to bottom. At the bottom, he gently enters her with his tongue, extended, exploring, tasting. It's clear he likes it from the look on his face and a soft moan that reverberates into her as he goes as far in as he can. All the while his fingers do the walking, finding her clit and beginning to rub it slowly.

Heather doesn't reply, just lets herself experience the pleasure of this man. She strokes his hair and leans back, letting him move her legs, position her body to his liking. When he takes the first lick she moans in pleasure but keeps her eyes open. As he licks and runs she arches her hips. "You .. meant it ... you really wanted to lick me?" she arches more, her button pulsing in pleasure and need. Her legs part further and she watches him, amazed at her luck.

Tom keeps going, nodding into her and then eventually trading spots for his tongue and his finger. The tongue presses evenly into the clit and his middle finger gently thrusts inside her. He makes all kinds of pleasure noises to indicate he's enjoying it as much as she is finding a gentle rhythm and moving against her with his full body so that the head of the bed bumps the wall in time.

Heather moans and begins to tremble slightly. "Tom ... please ... so good ... " she arches up and cries out in a way that is more passionate even than last night, but also ... she cums so hard she squirts.

Tom grunts delightedly as she soaks his face and neck a bit, opening his mouth more to lap up all the juices. He sucks gently on her clit at the end, savouring every drop and minute.

Heather feels the wetness and is about to be horrified shed done something wrong, until Tom begins to lap and goes back to sucking. Obviously he isn’t offended and he’s not the type of personality into weird kinks like urine. But she has one desperate need now. "Tom ... please ... please." she pulls at his shoulder, unable to articulate properly how she needs him inside of her. "Take me ... yours .. please ... now .. please..."

Tom kisses one on her inner thighs as his face exits from between her legs. He looks up at her with an expression of mixed pleasure and pain. He tugs at her waist rolling to his back "I want you on top...." he says pleadingly " you were before....please Heather..."

Heather is panting, but nods. When he rolls onto his back, she straddles him, the positions him. "You're a dream...." she whispers as she begins to lower herself onto him, moaning. She stretches along him, languorously and kisses him, participating in the sex, not just letting it happen, so that it can finish.

Tom chuckles a bit "I thought I was dreaming." His kisses her back eagerly and grabs onto her hips thrusting into her once she's made the entry happen with a groan. He confesses as he goes for it, rocking her, them, the bed again "I'm sorry I'm really close...eating you was so god damned hot..." His face contorts and he grunts, thrusting a little faster. A light sweat breaks out on his forehead and his face is flushed. His pupils dilate.

Heather smiles when he cums, despite how fast it was. She reaches up to touch his face. "Well ... I will forgive you, as long as you promise me this isn’t the last time." she says softly and then suddenly tenses. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make any demands. If this is all it was going to be it is still perfect, Tom."

Tom smiles and turns his face to her hand, kissing it "I have no idea what we're doing here but I'd be happy to do it again and again. Demand all you like. I like a bossy woman." he teases. Tom looks down at their still connected bodies. He doesn't want to pull out but safety wise he knows it's a good idea. He puts his hand around the base of the condom "I could stay here forever but you should probably dismount if we want this latex to hold the boys back from running amok."

Heather nods. She lifts herself and plops herself on his side, immediately moving close to him. "I don't know if I can be bossy like that." she swallows and then .. it happens ... more tears. "I wish my life had been different. This is so wonderful. I had no idea I could feel ....." she buries her face in his chest, again afraid she said too much ... thought too much. "My whole life has been one colossal fuck up until yesterday."

Tom looks worried for her and rolls to her "I had already figured buddy as a major arsehole but has it been a string of them before him? Heather..." He wraps his arms tightly around her, almost protectively if he could offer it retroactively.

Heather scoffs and, for a minute looks as if she won't answer. "My father left when my mother told him she was pregnant. And she ...." with a shrug Heather begins the narrative of the mother looking for love, ignoring her child, who learns that love is in sex. But most of the men whole 'find her, fuck her and forget her' .. until Ken who liked that, despite the poor white trash background, her family was closer to working middle class. .. and decided to keep Heather. Like some kind of pet. Because she looked good on his arm and learned early not to fight him. The one time she tried to leave him, she found herself in a hospital for three days. Her narrative takes perhaps an hour, during which time she serves the coffee she started before she woke him up. By the end she is sitting cross legged on the bed, telling the tale in a bit of a resigned tone. "Guys like you are for romance novels, except you're not a billionaire." she teases, touching his hand. "And this has been so incredible ... I'll never forget this ... ever." she sounds awed. Clearly this has been a life altering experience for her.

Tom looked duly horrified by her story and even more so when she got to Ken. His face relaxed into a resigned smile when she talked about him and romance novels. Squeezing her hand he teased back "Maybe you just needed to go to Newfoundland. I might be a dime a dozen out east." His face got more serious again as he asked the practical question "So when he's back...we're...this is....Heather I don't know what you want. I'm not good at hiding my feelings and even though we just met...they're pretty strong for you. I don't tend to do the casual thing well...more of a serial monogamist. Back when I was fighting it drove girlfriends away to see me get bloodied up all the time."

Heather chuckles slightly. "I doubt you’re a dime even for one. WAY more valuable." when he gets serious, so does she. "Ken." she hisses his name. "I can understand you wanting to be monogamous and all, but ... oh Tom ... Ken can't know about this? I mean .... no ... he can't know about this. He beat me up and put me in the hospital for wanting to leave him to go to COLLEGE. What the hell would he do if I left him for a MAN?" she shakes her head, looking afraid. "I mean if you were fighting and getting bloody as part of the JOB .. that's one thing ... but ... no .. Ken ... he ... hurts." she begins to cry again. "Maybe ... I mean ... there bound to be places where he couldn't find me ... right? But he's LOOK for me. And if he FOUND me ... it would be a million times worse." she sounds like she is pacing to and from various ideas. "I don't want this to be a one or two night stand. But Tom ... I'm scared." she confesses. "If it was only fucking it would be one thing .. but it's NOT."

Tom reaches over, brushing away some of her tears "I don't want you to get hurt again. That's the LAST thing I ever want Heather. I'll be whatever you need in this...including your escape if you want that. But I'm not pressuring you. We'll figure it out OK?"

Heather reaches for him. "I don't want you to hear it again." she whimpers. "He's been pretty nice since we got here, but I can already tell there's more stress ... it can get bad, Tom. I could't face you if it gets how I know it can get." she tries to explain. "But I don't want to drag you into an escape plan and then have you saddled with me out of some ... whatever .. I don't want to be a burden to you."

Tom pulls her onto his lap "What's the stress? What does a living? And Heather I can handle myself. Let's worry about you...."

Heather sighs deeply. "I don't know the details .. and I don't WANT to. Its probably illegal, but beyond that, I don't know. He gives me wads of cash, but we live in places like this." she sighs deeply. "I'm afraid if we make this more than one day of this incredible sex that you will get hurt. Physically. Emotionally. Just .. hurt."

Tom rubs his nose against her shoulder, thinking "So he's some kind of criminal...and he goes away a lot? I think I would hurt more without you...what if we just spend time together when he's not here.....I know it's crazy....but the location works...and I can know if you're in trouble or safe..."

Heather nods. "Yea. If i had to guess, I would say guns or drugs." she caresses his hair. "Yea ... he goes away a lot. Not enough now ...." she looks at him and sighs deeply. "Why are you doing this? Why haven't you tossed me out and forgotten about me yet? If I'm in trouble ... I don't know. Don’t take him on, Tom. Please."

Tom kisses her sweetly but firmly, as if to make a point in the next thing he says "I won't, unless he gives me no choice."

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