Monday, September 12, 2016

Lightning Rod

*****WARNING*****This blog post contains graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

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and then

Gareth never completely forgot an encounter no matter how drunk he was. He forgot names, even faces to a degree, but his physical memory for pleasure and sensations was rooted in something deeper. When Kagiso had made contact with him to exchange that complex hand shake it had come flooding back to him. The first time they'd done that shake Gareth as slipping the singer a note on a napkin with his hotel room number. He had no idea if Kagiso would even show up, but he did. It was pouring from his subconscious to the front of his mind as he danced with Kitty, trying in vain to shake it out of his head. Kitty had listened and laughed as his forgetting Kagiso, then she had booted him from the bar demanding he go home and sleep and seek Kagiso out again when he was freshly rested and sober.

Now he was home in his room, horny and restless as hell. He sat down on the side of his bed and pulled open the top drawer of the small dresser to reveal his arsenal of sex toys, blindfolds and lubricants. There were also a varied collection of hairbrushes. Gareth loved the bells and whistles and used them well. He had been shopping today at Kitty's wonderful new shop and had purchased some untested new items. He had a small pen sized vibe still in the wrapper. With a grin he yanked open the cellophane and turned it on, exploring the speeds while it was just resting in his palm. This would do nicely.

Gareth lay a towel down on the bed, lubed up the sweet little purple vibe and then set the bottle of lube near his pillow for other uses. He quietly closed the drawer, certain his roommates were asleep. Lucky for them and for him, Gareth was uncommonly quiet, both alone and with partners when he brought them home. No guarantee on the partners however. He stood at the mirror slowly taking of his clothes and watching himself. It was vain, but hot nonetheless. A glass of ice sat on the bedside dresser too. Gareth loved ice, a lot. He took a cube in his mouth and let it roll around on his tongue clinking lightly against the surgical steel stud piercing. He took a second and ran it over his neck, shivering and smiling, and then down his chest, playing at his nipples and pushing around the small hoop and ball bearing piercings until they hardened. The ice was getting small. He popped it into his mouth with the other one and lay down, taking a third cube. This one he trailed around his stomach, pelvis and then just around the edge of his cock, grazing his balls but not too much to avoid shrinkage. He played at the tip of his now rising cock, shuddering a bit. He swallowed what remained of the other ice and popped this cube into his mouth now.

His attention turned to the little vibe and he rolled on his side to insert it into his asshole. He teased himself with the tip and then edged it in slowly. The buttons were at the base, which was still out enough to be set and keep his hands clean enough to be safe for use after. He played a bit and then found a pleasant speed and clenched his ass as his eyes closed and squinted. His breathing came faster as he carefully rolled onto his back letting the vibe go in further and please that zone. He liked to multitask and he opened up the lubricant again and liberally squirted it onto his right palm. He formed an open fist and slid the now slick hand up and down his cock feeling his erection at its full force. He thought of Kagiso, the man's compact little body behind him, pumping into him while he jacked himself off in front. His hand in the present squeezed tighter and jacked faster, sensations building quickly. Even the sound of his own hand rubbing the lubricant up and down made him edge. He heard Kagiso's voice in his head, familiar against since their conversation tonight and his head snapped back, jacking hard and fast to the finish. He came on his stomach like a welcome burst from a warm fountain, gripping his cock and writhing while the vibe still held the ebbing of the deeper sensations. Eventually he let go, rolled to the side to remove and turn off the vibe and turn off the vibe and do the necessary clean up.

Yes, he remembered Kagiso Jackson now, very well.

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