Thursday, September 8, 2016

Good Vibrations

Heather woke with the alarm and watched Ken get himself ready to go ... and then get gone. When the door closed behind him, she waited until she heard the van that picked him up drive away. Then she waited another ten minutes, and finally got out of bed, showered and dressed simply in jeans and a light sweater. With Ken gone a few days,  that afforded her some time to have some fun. He'd left a wad of cash for her to play with and, even though she was willing to bet it all on the fact that the money was illegally gotten, she had no problems spending it to distract her from her reality. Once she was put together, she left the hotel room and headed for Perkatory. The coffee shop was great, she thought. Very inner city here on this small island. One would think they were on Manhattan or something. And the coffee and food was incredible. She ordered something with chocolate in it; it was already one of those days; their cinnamon roll which was plain and simply sinful. Taking her order, she headed for the door.

Tom woke to his alarm and stumbled to the shower. Mornings were mostly on autopilot for him until the second cup of coffee kicked in. He shaved and dressed in his factory coveralls and then headed out. For a brief moment he lingered at the window Heather had watched him through last night, peering in from her point of view. He felt like a creepy park flasher thinking about it but it also dawned on him that she had chosen to watch him. Maybe she was the flasher. He could only hope and he chuckled to himself and jogged down the metal stairs. He headed for the Perkatory where he'd had a nice cup of coffee the other day. It would surely beat the factory lunchroom coffee and he might grab one of those nice cinnamon rolls for his lunch. He was whistling a little tune as he pushed open the cafe door and ran almost smack into the flasher herself, Heather. All humour and charm left him and his mouth went dry. Tom's cheeks flushed cherry red. He stood there just staring at her like a moron, with no words.

Heather stopped short and stared up at Tom. For an instant, her mind flashed to what she'd seen through his parted curtains. Coffee in one hand and roll in the other she looks up and for a moment her mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. She can feel the heat coming up in her face, betraying that she remembers the last time they'd seen each other. "I ... Hi ... Tom ...."

Tom softens at her mirrored awkwardness, feeling a slight kinship. He licks his lips and then smiles, glancing down at her cinnamon roll "Didn't get the last o those now eh? Got my eye on one for lunch..." he jokes, trying to break the ice again. So it happened? What could they do but muddle through.

Heather blinks. Tom's words sort of ground her. She also looks at the roll. "No .. I ... they have .. it's early. So there still like ten." she chuckles and finds a bit more comfort. "It was tempting to get them all, cause they ARE good." she opens her mouth ... maybe to apologize for invading his privacy, then shuts it again.

Tom smirks "If you buy them all up, you'll have to share b'y. It's only neighbourly." He can think of a few other jokes about being neighbourly but is trying not to to get either of them into a whole heap of trouble. It's been a fair few years since he was in a boxing ring and Heather has a rather mean looking fellow who towers over him. Even though he can't stop himself staring at her like she's some sort of goddess. He clears his throat awkwardly and steps past her "Better get in line wha." His local Newfoundlander expressions and slang are still there but comprehensible.

Heather smiles at him, but doesn't say a single word as he passes her to go through the doorway. She hopes her look said enough. That she would like to share. Be his good neighbor. Just as the door closes, she murmurs. "Yea ... see ya..." and then heads towards Uptown, taking comfort in her gooey cinnamon roll. Looking up, she sees that the pretty pink store has movement in the windows and she crosses the street. Inside are two women, unpacking some boxes. Sipping her coffee, Heather tries the door, even though the store is clearly not open. But her curiosity has the better of her already.

Kitty Carmichael stares into the open box, pulling out boxes of vibrators. "Some of these defy all logic, Megan!" she all but squeals. "Isn't it great?"

Tom watched her go backing up slowly and bumping an older woman ahead of him. The woman turned on him and tutted "No respect."

Tom whipped around, completely flustered and missed Heather's exit, hearing the door shut behind him. He did feel bad for bumping the stranger, especially a little senior lady such as she was.

"I'm so sorry Missus. Are you alright?"

The woman harrumphed and stepped up to place her order. The clerk seemed to know her and called her Mrs. Norris but handled her with some level of pre-established exasperation.

Tom hung back meekly and then very quietly ordered his own after Mrs. Norris was fully finished and out of the way. He tipped again, seeing no Bunnychookoo in sight to object at the moment and said a cheery goodbye before walking briskly towards work.

Megan giggles as she looks over an invoice and taps away at a calculator, figuring out their product markups and pricing "Sex has no logic! It's beautiful, primal and illogical." She notices a customer coming through the door and greets her "Hey come on in. Pardon the mess, we're just getting set up still....but we are open!"

Heather hears the exchange and comes in smiling. "I like that philosophy." she comes in and looks around. "If I'm hearing you right ... this is a sex shop? One that isn't dirty and nasty and make you feel dirty just looking at it?" she mock shudders and moves forward. "So what exactly ARE you selling? Oh I am Heather, by the way." she peers in the box and sees the vibrators.

Kitty laughs. "I know, right? Out here and open and beautiful! That's how we want it." she shrugs. "Mostly condoms .. keep it safe first and foremost. But also vibrators and dildos." she rests her hand on the box nd looks at Megan. "You DO realize that we should be able to say how good or bad most of this stuff is, right?" she giggles.

Megan chews on the end of a pen now with a look of mock innocence at both other women in the room "Well how much discount can we give ourselves for samples? Maybe we should offer a deal to people willing to write a review for our online shop?" She grins mischievously and sets down the pen "I'm Megan. Nice to meet you Heather."

Heather giggles, feeling much more relaxed than she had. "Well you guys are the owners, I assume. The problem IS ... you're automatically biased." she says wit mock severity. "So you may need to ask customers who are not so biased to try and review some of the items." she smirks slightly. "Now I don't need any discount, but some of these look mighty fun." she admits. "Its a great idea you two have, Megan."

Kitty laughs. "And I am Kitty." she strokes her chin. "A good point. We'd have to have unbiased reviews ... but of course, you and I would have to speak of our own personal experiences." suddenly she laughs richly. "Would Adum mind your explaining to the customers how many times he made you cum using one of these?" and she has a fit of renewed laughter. "I of course would be able to comment from the Fire Department's viewpoint ... Gareth would suffer to try some of these and ..hell he's a bigger pleasure slut than I am some days so he can take these into Vancouver and get the 'person on the street' perspective. Sam .. not so much .. he's never been much for toys."

Megan almost tips over "Approved by the Chief of police? Oh my god....he'd never want to put his name on that but if you let him write anonymously he might tell a tale or two. Does Gareth know we're open? I'm surprised he's not here already with his credit card." She smiles at Heather after "I've always wanted to do this and so has Kitty. A sex positive sex shop run by empowered women who share their joy with the world." She opens a fresh box with a cutter and explores some new product "Three speeds.......bunny, rabbit and jackrabbit. That's fuckin hilarious. Betcha it's loud though....look at the size of it.....woot! Kitty did you order batteries? We should make sure people know about that in case they have roommates....always a fun conversation...."

Heather's eyes get big. She can hardly believe what she is hearing. "Wait? Your boyfriend is Chief of police?" the irony almost makes her laugh considering Ken's ... occupation. But she doesn’t want to think about him. "I love it! You already have a customer in me." she looks at the product Megan is looking at. "No 'Harvey the Rabbit' speed? That six foot bunny? Yea I am into old stupid movies .. don't judge." she giggles. "But it DOES look loud. Looks like it takes diesel. So I should comment on the sound of the vibe, not on my own ... noted." she looks on the counter at a tiny tiny vibe that might be confused for a pen, but it's violently purple. "Is that a pen, or is it just supposed to look like one?" she is hoping she is right.

Kitty giggles. "City Seal! He could get his own wall. But I understand why he might not want to, so we will give him a psudoname. Pete Pistol? Gareth would probably use his real name .. he's not the fire chief .. and everyone knows he loves ... well anyone with their own personal pulse, I think. Oh! I wonder if that rap guy would be interested in an endorsement? Aqoustic Spirit? A celebrity!" she looks at the multi-speed vibe and nods. "Not very office friendly." she admits, then turns to the one Heather is looking at. "But THAT one? Yes, that's a vibe. I have one in blue. Great for that spur of the moment itch you just HAVE to scratch! Quiet and discreet." she picks it up and clicks the top button, turning it on. It is very quiet. "TEN speeds.... well more like various vibrations to toy with." she smirks. "Your boyfriend will love it .. or girlfriend ..."

Megan laughs "Yeah I'm dating the police Chief. But at home his job is just to get me off. It's a good gig I tell ya. Pete Pistol?" she snorts "Maybe that's what I'll call it later." Megan picks up another of the small ones that looks like a pen "Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword. I don't know your Harvey Bunny though. We are ordering in lipstick vibes too for that tuck in your purse and use anywhere option too. They're just delayed out of the Southern USA at the moment. And you sound like you'd write amusing reviews Heather."

Heather laughs aloud."Oh my god I LOVE you girls!" she proclaims. She shrugs. "I have a boyfriend but he doesn't like toys. I think they threaten him, if you know what I mean." she looks at the pen vibe. "But I might know someone interested in helping me experiment ...." she murmurs thoughtfully and swallows at the mere thought. "I'll take it and the lipstick vibe when you get them in." she promises. "For now just the pen." she bites her lip. "I know a Peeping Tom ... well ... I started the spying but .. still ... turnabout is fair play ... isn't it?" she looks for justification among her fellows.

Kitty almost chokes. "I would KILL to put a spy cam in the Chiefs house." she admits. "It would be worth the prison sentence. It really would." she beams at Heather. "Ohhhhh our first customer!" she finds an already packaged pen. "And yes .. it would be rude if you did not let him peep back if you peeped him. We are classy ... etiquette and all that." she nods, sagely.

Megan gives Kitty a little swat “Again with the Adum cam? Remind me to never accept any plush animals from you." She laughs after and then bats her eyes at Heather "Oooh was he worth the peep? Promise to report back on the... Uh .... Effectiveness of the pen..." She says teasingly.

Heather giggles and nods. "He was .... yea .. worth the peek. Enough I want to return the favor and maybe ... play without any toys." she grins, almost thrilled to be able to speak so openly about something so ... potentially dangerous. "And I promise not to skimp the details. Unless you want a PG family friendly review like 'works as advertised' or something."

Kitty places the pen in a bag and slides it over. "For you .. it's fifteen instead of twenty." she announces. Then she arches her brows. "Good luck. Maybe if nothing else you can get him to work the controls. You know how men are .. always want that control." she giggles. "Anything BUT the PG review, please and thank you."

Megan looks up from opening her next box and confirms what Kitty said "Filtered is not what we're about. Good luck Heather and great to meet you." She grins and then yanks a bag out of the box "Kitty! We got the penis gummies!"

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