Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sprouts RP Scene - Vegans vs Carnivores!

Here's a little break from the Murder at the Olin series for anyone who needs a bit of humour and lightness. The aura lady Rain March has open a little vegan health food restaurant in Alexandra. People either love it or they don't. Thank you to Crystal, Hikari and Oshi for their words in this fun little scene. I write Quentin Tyrell. This is how Crystal introduced it to post in our Google group:

A smoke soaked carnivore wanders into the new vegan restaurant in Alexandra .....

Hikari Horatio walks in looking a bit tired from the day and the duties he is charged with he looks around smile 'namaste ' he says softly.

Rain March polishes the counter, keeping the place above and beyond clean. A man walks in and she beams at him, recognizing him from the park by town hall. "Namaste!" she greets him eagerly. "Welcome. What can I get you?"

Hikari Horatio beam ..looking up at the menu scanning it 'what you recommend for regaining energy ' he say softly 'I don't think I've had ze honor of coming here .. ' he say softly

Rain March considers. "Nothing here will tire you out like a turkey dinner." she considers. "Try the grilled cheese and an energy drink." she advises. That should perk you right up.

Oshi.Shikigami DO you have anything with tofu and sweet black bean paste? Perhaps a little carob too?

Rain March double checks the menu at Oshi's request. "Maybe the black bean and avocado?" she suggests

Oshi.Shikigami How about organic soy sauce? or teriyaki? to go with it? Don't want it too seet, you know. Oshi smiles.

Hikari Horatio smiles 'zat sound Magific" he say soflty 'ill take zat zank you : he say softly smile ; 'and make it to go please.

Rain March considers. "I can add that for a dollar extra." she tells Oshi. To Kari she nods. "Coming right up." and smiles at the newcomer as if he is a long lost friend

Oshi.Shikigami Sounds great! Oshi seems to mumble softly to herself, Now where di I see that bait shop? She fishes out her money and gives it to Rain.

Hikari Horatio smiles softly 'ello ms Oshi. ' he say softly ans he waits his turn patiently

Quentin Tyrell saunters up and nods at the smiling woman as he finishes a cigarette outside, reading the menu through the window. When he's about halfway down the list he looks a little weirded out by the selection.

Rain March takes Oshi's money, but with a frown. "The bait shop is by the water." she replies, tightly. "I will have your orders in a minute." and she heads into the kitchen.

Oshi.Shikigami Monsure Horatio - san, Oshi tries her best "French" And smiles It is good to see you again. So happy to see. Oshi looks pensive a moment but continues to smile.

Hikari Horatio smiles 'how are you today .. he says soflty "tres bon" he say clapping at her attempt ..'how are you .. it good to see you too " he smiles

Quentin Tyrell drops his butt and steps on it to extinguish it and then steps in, glancing at the other patrons and looking at the menu again like it's in a language he's never seen.

Rain March is able to get the orders up quickly. She comes out with them. "Here you are." she begins cheerfully enough, then recoils in a sort of horror as Quentin walks in and up to the counter. She coughs twice. “Um ... can I help you? her nose wrinkles as if she smells the cigarette off of him.

Oshi.Shikigami Hikari, so, in your well studied and scholarly opinion, was Mari Antoinette really as clueless and crass as most history records her, or was she more ignorant of the life of the masses, or perhaps something else? Oshi quarries, and seems to be asking a serious question.

Hikari Horatio smiles 'oh so sorry i musta have had my mind wander off ';he say soflt ' but Oui im have so much teaching her.. its not chore with her 'he say laugh as he recieves his food 'Merci 'he say sofht
Hikari Horatio: he nodds 'I zink so too 'he laughs about the last bit

Quentin Tyrell is oblivious to the reaction to his smoke stink. He looks at the woman in desperation "I think I want a taco....what the hell is tahini.....and is there anything with meat?" He's clearly from a very meat and potatoes life with food.

Rain March looks at the newcomer. "No meat here, but I can get you a taco anyway." she can tell meat eaters and this boy is one. "Try it and if you don't like it ... no charge, alright?" she offers and turns, taking a couple of oranges and begins to make him a drink. "This is orange and ginger with a little wheatgrass. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Now I will make your taco." and she vanishes into the kitchen before he can protest.

Oshi.Shikigami Well, when Tatsu gets back here, we should see about a "learning adventure" that could take us to Quebec, and see historical sites, museums, recreated villages, and local customs. I think it sounds like fun?

Hikari Horatio nods 'zat could be arrange.. well have to plan that when she does get back.. 'he smiles looks around stifling a laugh at Quentin.

Quentin Tyrell picks up the drink and looks at it like it's a cup of poison. He addresses the other patrons "She say this was grass juice with fuckin oranges and shit?" He takes a sip and his eyes go wide and then he sputters a bit and winces at it "Man....this is nasty...."

Rain March returns from the kitchen in time for the timely review. "OK, no charge." she purses her lips. "Take a bit of this ... and be HONEST, sir." cause she makes a hell of a phone fish taco.

Hikari Horatio stifles a laugh 'its not for everyone .. 'he say soflty ' and nods in a sorta good bye ' Zank you very much .. but i have a lesson to tutor "

Rain March waves. "Come back soon professor! Your aura is always welcome!"

Oshi.Shikigami Well Thank you very much for the lovely food, Oshi bows. And so good to have met you again, But I need to catch the last ferry out. So I need to go. Goodbye.

Quentin Tyrell steps forward taking the taco in his big hand. He takes a cautious bite and chews and then chews some more. He looks at Rain with an awkward closed mouthed smile and keeps chewing for another few seconds before saying "S'chewy....really fuckin chewy. What the hell am I eating lady?"

Rain March giggles as the taco goes over better. "Fried tofu with lettuce and tomato and some lime juice and zest for a little kick." she tells him. "But its nice isn't it? Goes over REAL well in California."

Quentin Tyrell moves the taco to his other hand and fumbles for his wallet one handed. It's on a chain so he kind of props it on the counter and wiggles out a card muttering "Ain't got no bacon in California..." under his breath and then forcedly smiling and saying "OK what'do I owe you?"

Rain March chuckles. "Three, twenty five." she tells him as he struggles with his wallet. "And they have bacon in California, but this is a vegan place. Pure and natural foods and, in my opinion, better for you." one thing shes learned is not to shove veganism onto people. They got it or they didn't.

Quentin Tyrell taps his card on the machine and nods vaguely. The transaction goes through and he leans forward after putting his wallet away "Right. Well I'll see ya then...thanks for the...." he looks down at it like he can barely call it this but spits out the word "Taco." with some effort as he heads for the door. He hasn't taken another bite of it.

Rain March smiles and watches him go. She placed the trash can tot he right of the door so people could be polite on their way to the pizza joint.

Quentin Tyrell ditches the taco in the closest trash can and heads into the pizza place next door ordering a meat lovers special like it was his last salvation.

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