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Alexandra Breakfast RP Sunday Nov. 27 - Rose Song, Michelle and Tony

Michelle Kim walks in and looks around like she's seeking someone specific. She gives a little nod to the patron in there and then settles into the empty booth beside her and pulls out her phone to check for texts. Seeing one she shakes her head with a chuckle "Typical." she mutters.

Doctor.Song  Looks around seeing another Patron walk  in and  nods politely.

Michelle Kim orders a coffee when the waitress comes and says to her "I might be waiting for one more. We'll see if my sister can make her escape like she hopes to." She laughs and then extends the smile to the patron sitting alone "I have a feeling I'm eating alone. Are you new here? I'm Michelle."
She offers. It's a friendly town and Michelle is never shy.

Doctor.Song  waits her turn to order  "Hi I am Rose  I don't know if my newness has worn off but  yeah i'm from Theta  I just come round to take a break on Sundays."

Michelle Kim smiles "I've heard about that place. I work between here and Cedar Point so life is busy, but it's on my list of places to check out on a day off. What do you do on Theta Rose?"

 Doctor.Song  " I  am with social services,  and  have ownership of a coffee house. With  the main emphasis on coffee shop.

Michelle Kim looks intrigued "Oh so like a social worker? That's some high stress there. I'm a midwife and a nurse practitioner. Sometimes we work with social services when things go wrong....more in a periphery role but it always looks intense."

Doctor.Song   Yes  It gets difficult some times having to  break through typical angst and true abuse  I basically deal with CFS. and Foster Placement.

Michelle Kim happily takes her coffee from the waitress and says "the sunshine special please, over easy, whole wheat." She exhales as she grabs for a creamer "Well that's got to be the most intense. Makes catching babies seem relaxing. At least I get them when they're small before anything terrible happens in their lives."

Doctor.Song  Notices another walk in,  Place is getting busy,  Requests  a plate of toast  with cheese and fruit.  and coffee. "  You get them at the beginning  sadly i try to spare them from the end."

Tony Penhall walks in and looks around, quite a few people and not many he know, o he turns right toward a familiar face, clear hi face ad boldly speaks. "May I sit here, ma'am? I'm Tony Penhall. My Dad is Quentin, if you know him, but I've never met you, but I'm not sposed to sit with strangers but I've seen you."

Michelle Kim smiles at the kid "I've seen you around too. Tony. Come sit. Does your dad know you're here? I treated him for a nasty cut last last week. I'm Michelle, Nurse Kim at work. Do you want to use my phone to call him?"

Doctor.Song  Listens to the Convo at the other table and nods politely  as if not intruding.

Tony Penhall nods. He comes and sits. "And thank you. He says it don't even hurt now. Michelle's a pretty name." he sttetrches his arms on the table then removes them. "No, my Daddy's sleeping. He says I can come get breakfast and he'll meet me at the Festival later. We're gonna ride that merry go-round I hope."

Doctor.Song That is indeed a very  nice Merry go round  it looks like its very old.

Michelle Kim smiles "Oh that's right he DJs at night. It looks fun for sure. My son's all grown up but he used to love them." She gestures at the lady across "This is Rose. She's from Theta." Michelle's and Rose's breakfast are set before them and she look back at Tony as the waitress looks at him like she wants to pat him on the head.

Tony Penhall nods. "He says it is, but I can't come. He worked the Blue Door last night so close to home." he looks across the aisle and waves. "Hi Rose from Theta. That sounds like a Roman place." he looks at the waitress and smiles. "Um two pancakes and one egg, scrambled and one sausage please."

Doctor.Song   Hi Tony Theta Is actually Greek Theta is the letter of the sound that TH makes  .

Michelle Kim chuckles "Yeah the Blue Door is not a place for kids. Boring grown up stuff. You wouldn't even like it." She says it like all adults trying to redirect and then tunes into what Rose said "Is there a large Greek Community on Theta, or just the name?" She focuses back on Tony for a second "You study Greek mythology in school yet? Some pretty interesting stuff."

Tony Penhall looks over at Rose. "They call it Greco/Roman at school. Maybe they was merged?" then he looks at Nurse Michelle. "Dad says stay away from there, so I do." he shrugs. "I heard about the Greeks and Romans together. It is interesting. Gods are jut like normal folks."

Doctor.Song There are a few old Greek families on theta, but its mixed these days  I'm from Norway Myself I am Sure You Know about Thor From Comics and Movies."

Michelle Kim thinks about what Tony is saying "Been awhile since I studied all that. There is definite crossover with some of those myths." She grins at Rose "God of Thunder...and now of course all those Marvel movies."

Tony Penhall nods. "Yea! Thor rocks!" he looks eager. I didn't know he was from... Nor..way? Where that at? Far from here like .. like ... like Greenland?"

Doctor.Song  softly laughs "A bit further east  from Greenland  its part of Europe far up north  and its a days flight  or two weeks by boat"

Tony Penhall 's eyes go wide. "WOW. That sounds far. It takes almost an hour to get to the mainland, I remember from when my mom brought me." he picks at his napkin.

 Doctor.Song  Yeah its far  but some times people move to make things change in life.  and it was cold there and rains a lot  so i came here to get a suntan  Laughs .

Tony Penhall nods. "They ain't got no planes there? I'd fly." he announces looking up out the window for emphasis.

Michelle Kim chuckles "At least it's not Asgard and than rainbow bridge." She looks at Rose "We get lots of rain too, pretty hard to tan here unless it's July."

Doctor.Song  Tony  we got Planes and stuff. but I like my boats,   and i will take my chances on getting a tan here over turning blue with polar bears.

Tony Penhall looks a little lost. "Whats Asgard ... actually never mind. That's school stuff." he nods. "It's only a little cold here." hi meal comes and he descents on it like he hasn't eaten in a week.

Michelle Kim is finishing her meal bu now and watches the kid eat with some familiarity. She raised a boy too. She smiles over at Rose "You're a boat person?" She gets a little buzz from her phone and answers it, holding up a finger "Jill, no I'm almost done. Don't worry about it. Sometimes babies just need to nurse nonstop. We'll catch up later." She hangs up "My sister is stuck under her infant."

Doctor.Song  :  Knows how it gets with kids , Yes i'm a boat Person Grandparents had me on a boat before i could walk.

Tony Penhall looks up, his cheeks full. Once he swallows he looks over at Michelle. "Your sister got a baby whose a nurse already?" he sounds amazed. "I want to do something with a uniform. Maybe fly copters for the city or something." and he grabs the milk the waitress brought cause he was too much a kid to order it and gulp half of it down.

Michelle Kim can't help but laugh at Tony but answers Rose first "That's a pretty cool way to be when you live close to water." She looks at Tony now, hoping what she's about to say doesn't make him feel too awkward or squeamish "No, my sister is nursing a baby, like breastfeeding. Sometimes Riley just wants to eat and sleep because that's what babies do, naturally." The waitress takes her empty plate and she asks for her bill.

 Doctor.Song  smiles at Michelle and is tempted to say bravo to her explanation but does not. Instead offers "Yes babies are all eat sleep  .  Tony  I can see you flying copters  like the guys that do rescues."

Tony Penhall finishes his food so fast it was like it was never delivered, but the waitress hands him the bill anyway. He carefully counts the money out. "Ohhhh yea .... I was formula fed." he looks at the money, as if lightly ashamed. "But that's expensive. Babies are expensive." he i distracted by Rose. "I want to do that unless they have space ships by then, then I'll do them all over the world."

Michelle Kim pays with a card, tapping her info in while the waitress deals with Tony's cash "Spaceships, huh?" She mutters with a grin. This kid is awesome. She hands the machine back and then smiles at Tony and Rose "Very nice to have breakfast with you both. I hope to see you again Rose. And Tony, have fun on that merry go round." She starts to stand up.

Doctor.Song: Good to meet  you Michelle  and Kiss the babies for me. And Tony  they're actually recruiting for mars these days  so space rescuers would maybe happen before you're old.

Tony Penhall smiles as he waitress tells him the payment is perfect and they don't allow tipping so don't worry about it. Then he sees his dad peek in and tap on the window. "Dad!" he jumps up and head out. "Bye Nurse Kin, bye Rose from Norway!" and he's out on the street hugging a slightly bleary eyed black man.

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