Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Alexandra Winter Formal

The Alexandra Community Hall was alive with the din of conversation that competed with the carefully chosen musical tracks to set the tone for a spectacular winter party. The DJ is of course none other than the famous Kagiso Jackson of Aqoustic Spirit. His studio had quickly become a tourist landmark of the town. The room literally grooved in the soft lighting of the Christmas lights and the tree. The Mayor's favourite pic-a-pop had it's own table filled with charming little glass bottles of all different colours and flavours. On another table were Zilpha Ainsworth's delights from Earthcakes Bakery. Guests ranging from teens to tottering seniors mingled, danced and ate and drank. The room was warm and it's energy electric.

Kitsune Stewart stares out the window pacing a bit nervously swinging his cape around a bit biting his lip but looks down at his date and smiles.

Addison OBrian stands with Kit by the window, enjoying the view both inside and out. Some of the girls that wanted to be with Kit were around, but he chose her. Granted it was to keep the other girls at bay, but .... he was here and that's what counted.

Fiona Reinhardt jogs up the stairs and stops at the crowded room grabbing Vincent's hand. She peers in looking for familiar faces and sees Addy's sparkle dress. "Minstrel....this way. That's Addy so that must be Kit too over there....."

Vincent DiAntoni is half dragged by Fiona smiling. This is regal. "Yea ..." he catches the sparkly dress too. "Is ... that a cape?" he blinks, but smiles waving a little.

Kitsune Stewart holds out his arm to his date smiling broadly 'shall we m'lady 'he say in a grand dramatic manner that only kit could pull off .you look like a princess so I'm glad I opted for this look . we match 'he laughs softly

Addison OBrian turns and sees Fiona and Vincent and take hi arm. "Lets, sir." he replies and giggles. "We DO match. I lie how it turned out." he move toward Fi and Vincent, smiling. "Well look at you, Don DiAntoni." he giggle. "Fi you look great and match and everything!"

 Fiona Reinhardt grins at Addison "We've got a hit later. They didn't pay for their ravioli. Black is very easy to get blood stains out of." She takes in Kit's "cape" as Vincent called it "Prince Charming and Tinkerbell. You wear it well, both of you. Have you been here long?"

Vincent DiAntoni snorts and blushes a little. He adjusts his tie as Fi speaks and grins. "You two look great." he manage before hearing the obnoxious voice of Joey Piccolo sneering something about Halloween. They let anyone into this thing.

Kitsune Stewart laughs softly 'yeah you look like you walk of the set of the sopranos 'he smiles 'but you both look nice!' he say smiling . He hears joey frowning at starts to say 'no . that was two months ago 'he say smiling and then looks around 'this place looks amazing ' his hyperactive mind getting the better of him.

Addison OBrian giggles. "They always look perfect." she admires. She hers Joey and loks directly at him as she scratches under her eye - with her middle finger. she looks around the place. "It sure does. The tree is AMAZING"

Fiona Reinhardt hears Joey's voice and keeps facing forward, her jaw tensing a bit. She sees Addy's subtle middle finger and stifles a laugh "Thank you and yeah it's pretty swank in here."

Vincent DiAntoni move to take Fiona's hand as Addy gives Joey the finger. "Is it always wank like this?" he wonders. "I guess so ... Winter is such a big deal here. It even SNOWED this year." he looks around. "Where should we sit?" he wonders. "Near the stairs for a good escape route or middle for the view?"

Kitsune Stewart looks around open mouth before closing it and looks back at Addy 'can we dance now . 'he asks bouncing a bit on his heels in excitement never a wallflower for this fiery ball of energy.

Addison OBrian blinks as Kit bounces on his feet. "Dance ..... um ... sure .... we .... dance ... yea ... let ... um .... yea .... dance." he goes out with him, hoping she can fake it for her friend.

 Fiona watches after them and winces "Look Vincent, I'm not great at dancing, but maybe we should go sway near Addy so we're moral support? My shoes are very thick leather..." she teases.

Vincent DiAntoni gapes for a second. "Alright .... I guess if I have to break someone toes, it should be someone I like." He leads her near Addy and kit and puts a hand on her shoulder and one on her waist and then ways left and right. Fred Astaire is rolling on his grave somewhere.

Kitsune Stewart gently and gracefully all but pulls her to the dance floor and being to start to spin and lead her into a waltz beaming dancing in a form .

Addison OBrian more or less follows Kit's lead, more trying not to get her feet stepped on. But it fun and the music is nice.

 Fiona Reinhardt giggles and sways back "See...not so bad. God I think Kit actually knows how to dance. Poor Addy." She laughs "Must be part of Disney Prince training.....jousting, breaking into song, ballroom dance..."

Vincent DiAntoni looks over at Kit with arched brows and shakes his head. "Must be. Addy aid his parents worked at Disney so yea .... he knows what he's doing. he doesn't look too bad. If he drags her around and keeps leading her, he'll be fine....." he sounds ALMOST convinced.

Kitsune Stewart laughs softly 'That's it Addy, fly .. 'he goes to spin her around with their height difference and his strength she probably well be lifted up off the ground a bit as his enthusiasm gets a bit carried away but he just beams like this is the best moment in his life.

Addison OBrian is about to answer when he is LITERALLY swept off her feet. She almost screams, but turns it into a laugh. With a smile he keeps on faking it until she hears a sneering laugh and someone talks about the big buffoon. If she gets close to Joey she'll try and gracefully kick him.

Fiona Reinhardt smirks and watches Addy and Kit and then sees Joey looking at them and sneering and starts steering Vincent a bit to the Christmas tree. "If Joey starts in on Addy, He's going to get pelted with decorations. I hope they're glass." She sees Daisy begging Joey to come dance and goes back to swaying. She doesn't actually want to risk hitting daisy with an ornament.

Vincent DiAntoni move to the tree, watching it all. "He'll deserve it." he agrees and then sighs looking at Daisy. He looks around, seeing some older people. "I that the mayor?" he asks, softly, still sort of scanning the room, looking for distractions. So far this dancing thing is pretty easy.

 Kitsune Stewart laughs loudly full of happiness that it overflows as he spin and swirls her around the floor 'this so much more fun that i though it would be 'he chuckles sort of obliviously to it and look at joey 'i think your lady wants to dance.. not nice to keep a lady waiting he say smiling and looks down and goes to boop Addy's nose 'some dude need a lesson in manner huh'he laughs as he pulls her softly try guide her into spin.

Addison OBrian couldn't get in a good position to kick Joey but she sighs watching Daisy try and get him out on the floor. Biting her lip she tries to help. "Yea Joey. Even Vincent is dancing ... and WELL." he taunts. "But he's just the better man overall in't he?" then Kit wings her way and she grumbles. "He needs a knuckle sandwich."

Fiona Reinhardt nods "Our grumpy old mayor. He likes winter though...and the festival...." She sees Kit and then Addy talk to Joey and smirks "This should be amusing."

Vincent DiAntoni blinks when Addy bring his name up. A well meaning lie is one thing but ... He turns hi attention back to the mayor. "Looks like he has a date tho ...." he nods to an older lady. Then he sighs. "I'm all for taunting Joey but .... god I don't want to have to fight him. Granted maybe that's why I wore such dark clothes." he winks at her. Joey snorts in exasperation, grabs Daisy by the hand and comes out to dance with her.

Kitsune Stewart looks over 'Yes .. he Italian and most of the good ones are casonova just waiting to be unleash 'eh laughs softly 'but yeah .. he seems nice. ' he taps his feet couple times as he twirls and swings her around 'ya having fun'he looks back to his own date .. 'I got the best girl..'he whisper to her chuckling not to loud because he didn't want to offend the other ladies around . ' he smiles a bit at daisy and gives joey a stern look over as him even being a bit deem sense a bit of darkness on him .. like a dog would .. ' he watches him a bit biting his lip but looks back to your date .. 'you look almost grown up in that ..'he laughs.

Addison OBrian snorts. "Yea .... a real lover." she almost growls. Then she looks at Kit. "Thank you. You look really nice in that. Are those the girl from Cedar Point?" he wonder at the girls watching them and feeling like she is under glass.

Fiona Reinhardt tugs Vincent a little tighter "I don't want his drama tonight. Let's try and ignore it OK." She looks at the lady talking to the town's mayor "Something familiar about her.....hmm." She watches Addy and Kit and gives Addy a little grin as she ends up facing their way for a second.

Vincent DiAntoni moves closer and nods. "Gladly." he looks at the lady too. "Ohhhh thats the lady made us sing for our candy." he remembers. "The mayor of Cedar Point." he move his forehead to hers. "We are among royalty Boss Lady." he grins.

Kitsune Stewart smiles 'why thank mademoiselle' he bows and bend to kiss her hand and looks up mid kiss looking up around 'oh .. i almost didn't notice.. well i notice but i was having to much fun with you to known'he rambles on and looks around smiling at the girls in a devil may care grin and looks back at her beaming when she back in view 'i think so . i cant tell they look different .. 'he smiles and shrugs and is like frozen on bend knee as his lips are inches from the back of her hand.

Addison OBrian laughs at her hand being kissed. "Well, they had their chance. The old reliable best female friend had to step in." she lifts her hand to his lip to complete the circuit.

Fiona Reinhardt looks back at the mayors with curiosity "Do you think it's like date date?" She peers again and then sees the hand kiss "Oh...he's getting dashing over there...."

Vincent DiAntoni grins. "My grandmother id you're never to old to ... keep company he called it." he looks over at the hand kiss. "Addy says he's a big old kid. Harmless." he grin. "But you say the word ad he's fish food."

Gareth Dunham dances around the teens on the dance floor looking at them like they're adorable. He has a lovely slender blonde in his arms with a slightly frightful amount of makeup on. He's forgotten her name already but she's one of many he's twirled about with, both male and female. He loves to dance with just about anyone willing because dancing is a beautiful thing.

Kitsune Stewart pecks it softly 'gosh i always wanted to do that most girls are so .. 'he looks for the word .. 'boring.. and embarrassed 'he stand up tall over towering 'had one pull me up and said .. no kit.. not here.. you're embarrassing me 'he says in a falsetto mock girl voice . he shakes his hand 'you're way cooler 'eh laugh softly and spins her around 'best friend is right'he nods his head repeatedly and smiles as he goes back to appearing somewhat normal as he dances with her .

Addison OBrian giggles. "Well that's what friends are for and this is FUN!" he replies. She dance with him and smiles at Fiona and Vincent. "If it weren't for you Kit, I'd be home right now."

Fiona Reinhardt smiles back at Addy and Kit, trying to ignore Joey and Daisy in her periphery. She leans in to Vincent tugging on his tie lightly "Keep company huh? You're so cute when you go mafia." She gives him a sarcastic look but then a sweet light kiss on the lips.

Vincent DiAntoni smiles and return the soft kiss. "Yea. Well .. she was my grandmother. Some thing you don't want to think too much into." he grins. "Who knows, I may BE Mafia." he teases. "Nah .... not with MY Dad." he shrugs. "New life, right?"

Kitsune Stewart nods 'luck for me you said yes .. or i would have to be surround with some mean girl movie wannabee 'he shakes his head . and waves goofily at at Vincent and does this joking I'm watching you gesture by point to his ringer and middle finger to his eye and then to Vincent faking a stern look for second but then breaks it in laughter that so hard he had to hold on to Addy to keep himself from falling and just smiles at Vincent 'just kidding 'he say loudly .. and goes back to dancing.

Addison OBrian smiles. "Well I know you wanted to go." he proclaims. "nd its not baseball season, so it' not like I had anything else to do. My friend needed me and I responded." she says stoutly. She looks at the motion and then back at Vincent, but in her vision she sees Joey dancing with Daisy ... in her heels, which she blinks at ... and the short dress.

Fiona Reinhardt looks confusedly towards Addy, particularly looking at Kit's gesturing "I'm not sure if he's flipping you the bird or suggesting we should be married to kiss.."she giggles. Daisy slumps a bit against Joey and then seems to be pointing at her feet in her very impractical shoes and pouting. She starts to try and tug him from the dance floor.

Vincent DiAntoni chuckles. "I think he's telling me to respect you, or he'll kick my ass." he translates the silent manspeak. "And he' probably big enough he could break me in half." he chuckles. He glances at Daisy and Joey, who seems to have no interest in leaving the dance floor but keeps dancing. Vincent rests his forehead against Fi and ALMOST comments but decides ... good memories mean NOT talking about the fact that Daisy looks like some of the street whores he used to see in Toronto.

Kitsune Stewart smiles 'yeah this is so much fun !.. like that yule dance thing at Hogwarts .. trails off watching her gaze go to daisy and joey watching curiously 'why are some people so cruel 'he say soflty to her as he dances watching the couple..shaking his head 'makes my blood boil 'he say softly gritting his teeth exhaling as he watches ..

Addison OBrian looks around and nods. "You know I never thought about it before. Then again .. I've lived here since I was 5 and never really been up here before." she admits. he sighs. "Well ... she'd be happier OUT of those damn shoe... she's in 6 inch heels."

Fiona Reinhardt eyes Kit curiously "Hmm maybe..." she says to Vincent and then sees Addy looking at Daisy and Joey after Kit does and sighs. Daisy stops dancing in protest of Joey ignoring her and her shoes. She stops trying to tug him and instead just tries to step away from him and get out of his grasp so she can rest her feet.

Vincent DiAntoni chuckles. "Well, I plan to be respectful." he promises. "I mean .. between your Brother, father, uncle and Kit ... are there any other males worried about where my hand are wandering?" he take both of her hands. he sees them and hears Joey say to Daisy. "You want to leave already?" he makes it sound so FINAL. He look at Fiona. "I like this dancing thing with you. It' ... magical." he grins. Kits slightly infectious.

Kitsune Stewart shakes his head 'well chick wear those then .. i sorta understand like a sensible heel and like all glass slipper fashion with a long ball gown'he rattles on and shakes his head 'poor girl.. why don't she get all Mulan on his butt and smack him with the shoe.. 'he shakes his head and bend to kiss her forehead .. trying to turn the evening around huffing softly then smiling slowly returning as he dances in place with her still watching .. before turn his back to it .. still allowing enough space if Addy still want to watch.

Addison OBrian snorts. "Slipper being the important word." she giggles. "Daisy is no Mulan." she sighs and looks at him. "So .. is my dress ballgown enough for you? It's blue and not green but ...." she shrugs.

Fiona Reinhardt squeezes Vincent's hands "I think we're perfectly capable of communicating about that without the patriarchal guard trying to lock up my chastity. She smiles and then it falters as she overhears Joey. She pulls Vincent's hands to her waist and wraps her arms around his neck, trying to ignore that part of the room. There are more grown ups getting on the dance floor now so she watches a few of them go past her and Vincent's little spot. When she happens to look back at Daisy and Joey Daisy is taking off a shoe and arguing tearfully "No...I just want a little break..."

Vincent DiAntoni chuckles slightly. "I agree, but I AM saving up dowry already." he winks at her to show he is kidding. He pulls her close as Joey shrugs at Daisy. "Then take a little break." he snorts and backs away into a brown haired girl Vincent doesn't know and is dancing with her in seconds. Vincent cups Fiona's chin. "Me and you, kid."and kisses her both because he wants to and to hopefully distract her from Daisy and Joey.

Kitsune Stewart smiles 'well that too bad cuz heck im scared of  lot of girl.. you bleed one a month and give birth'he shakes his head 'that just scream strong 'he laugh softly as he rattles off 'i like it your a like a cute blue fairy 'he chuckles ' you look great!"

Addison OBrian laughs. "Well, I don't plan to have any babies anytime soon, thanks." she shakes her head at his frankness. "You look great too."

Fiona Reinhardt: Fiona had started to frown at Joey but Vincent's hand cupping her chin and his lips on hers distract her from their sad scene. Daisy backs up with silent shaking sobs, carrying her shoes now as she dashes off.

Vincent DiAntoni breaks the kiss and sees Daisy headed someplace at a limping run it seems. He continues his dancing, actually content.

Kitsune Stewart laugh soflty 'me either.. im still a baby myself that.. 'he watches 'aw.. poor girll..' he say as he watches her go 'doesnt she know..'he say soflty like he holding a secret.. 'girls hold the world .. together 'he ssay soflty shrugs and goes to hold his friend close 'that what pop says anyways..its like like having a million buck and not knowing you do 'he say soflty as he dances close to her .. 'maybe.. one day .. shell know .. maybe'he say hopefully

Addison OBrian sigh as Daisy leave and Joey just takes another dance partner. "My Dad say it depends on the woman. Some don't know their worth. And she might .... someday." she hope, but doubts.

Gareth frowns at the boy who seems to have made a girl run off crying just after asking a very tall drink of water for a dance. To his delight, the man said yes. Often it's a bit of a crap shoot with the men at this event and he's gotten everything from scoffs to having to dodge the odd flying fist. This cowboy is quite the beanpole though and Gareth has to work to negotiate the height difference at first until they figure out how to move together fluidly.

Fiona Reinhardt sees the flash of blond curls as Daily descends the stairs and looks sad but at the same time relieved. Maybe this is the beginning of the end and Daisy will see Joey for what he is.

Vincent DiAntoni just dances, watching Fiona more than anyone else, as they get lost in each other.

Doctor.Song  looks at Leo and whispers "Thank you for doing this."

Leonidas Matsouka "You needed a reason to smile."

Kitsune Stewart smiles 'im glad im with someone that know that .. 'he laugh and goes to pick her up to skip her in the air 'small fry if i get out of line .. promise to kick my butt from here to Miami beach and back 'he laugh softly

Addison OBrian giggles. "I will bet you like the Cleveland Indians." she promises and sighs deeply. "Man what a great year.. well except for my Dad."

Fiona Reinhardt sees some more adults join the dance floor and admires their clothes before saying "Hey I think that's the coffee shop lady from Theta..." to Vincent. She smiles at her and then Addy and Kit and then sneers at Joey. She turns away from him and looks at another set of people dancing and counts on her fingers "Dude in the red vest seems to be on a roll...." She giggles "This town Vincent. This town is never boring."

Vincent DiAntoni nods. "I was thinking that too." he agrees. He looks at the adults around them. "Nope. It's not. I wouldn't have it any other way, you know?" he smiles at her. "I'm really glad we came to this, Fi. I really am."

Doctor.Song  snuggles against Leo

Leonidas Matsouka  I am so glad you decided to go,

Kitsune Stewart shakes hes head smiling 'no i like the sting rays .. why 'he say noticing the the older woman 'wow.. she looks amazing 'he say looking at the mature but lovely woman

Gareth Dunham walks back onto the floor with yet another lady dance partner looking both suave and instantly a little steamy. This one is a Rubenesque redhead who looks like she knows what she wants.  Que the Dirty Dancing soundtrack folks!

Addison OBrian giggles. "Hey .... have you ever slid on the ice before?" she asks him. "It' amazing on the inlet and in thee get-ups it'd be like Frozen...." he tempt him.

Fiona Reinhardt grins "Me too. I am loving this....but I'd love some air too...."

Vincent DiAntoni miles. "How about a walk." he offers. "Maybe past the park and around the Holiday house?"

Kitsune Stewart is easily distracted and looks at her ..'no i haven't .. well not real ice .. maybe just rink ice but not like a real frozen pond 'he say excitedly . he goes and almost drags her off excitedly

Addison OBrian squeals and waves her farewell to Fi and Vincent as she leads Kit downstairs and out to the inlet ice.

Fiona Reinhardt heads out with Vincent only to be passed by Addy and Kit as they sprint ahead.

Gareth gets pulled off the dance floor to the opposite stairs by his assertive fiery friend. He holds her coat out for her and after she gets into it he dons his own, pulling the collar up like James Dean. The lady grabs the front of it and yanks him forward, kissing him with purpose before they disappear out the door to take their own party elsewhere.

Meanwhile, back up in the dance hall, the town's winter party was still in full swing. While many guests had remained, others replaced those leaving, passing like ships in the night. It kept the perfect balance of the room to maintain it's warmth and holiday cheer.

Leonidas Matsouka: I learned long ago  it's best to let her express herself.

Elena Horatio chuckles softly 'oui!' she say happily dancing madly and swirling and twirling around 'zat is the way to do it 'she laughs

Leonidas Matsouka Been that way for us ever since her mom left and went back to cypus to be with her girlfriend.

Doctor.Song  "You poor thing ."

Frederick Sewid stood by the sweet table beside Mayor Douglas ... Shirley watching the people dancing. They've BEEN watching them dance and he is just waiting ... you know ... to ask Shirley. He is an IMPRESSIVE figure. Sure its the same old black suit and white shirt ... but the TIE ... is GOLD.

Shirley Douglas takes a cookie and glances at the tie "Gold tie Fred. You MUST be celebrating something. Raises taxes last week?" she teases. It's friendly with a little bite to it. She watches the dancers and smiles at them as she would the folk of her own beloved town.

Elena Horatio smiles at leo 'im so zorry .. ' she say frowning slight 'but bat seem to surviving very well ' she grins 'so full of zest zat one ' she smiles as she kicks a bit at the happier upbeat tune enjoy herself fully not even pay anyone any mind to any jeering .. even when her black old fashion black gothic lolita bloomers show in her rowdy kicks.

Leonidas Matsouka Been so long I don't  think she even remembers her mom she was 2 maybe?

Doctor.Song  notices Owen in the corner looking a bit nervous. and waves at him.

Frederick Sewid huffs. "It's WINTER, my dear Shirley." he explains a if that explained .... everything. "And this winter ... this winter is special. I am sure you know we started it a bit early, in order to celebrate the survival of our Chief Brate." he pauses and watches the dancers. "But I DID have to rush through a new vehicle fee." he snorts. "Some fool wanted to bring a horse drawn carriage onto the island. Now I'm a old fashioned as the next man, but ..... no. I attached it to the non-resident vehicle fee and, a you saw no horse drawn carriage .. it worked even if it ISN'T bringing money into town."

Shirley laughs " stick in the mud. It could have been a tourism draw. Get the press in to take a few pictures. Were you afraid they might hand you the shovel for the road apples? Save hiring fees..." she jokes.

Owen Reinhardt walks in self consciously and then seeing someone wave, he waves back, squinting in the darkness. He walks forward looking around and saying a few awkward "Excuse me, sorry...scuse me...." as he makes his way through. He finally sees that it's the coffee shop lady from Theta and grins at her and then gulps, hoping she got a new sugar bowl. He sees L nearby and shuffles over, hands in his pockets "You look amazing. I didn't really have a suit that fit me so I went through all the closets and put this together....jacket's a bit short....Seamus's I think...."

Elena Horatio swirls around and spins nearly into Owen as she looks at him 'oh you looks tre magnific . you look like a real scraper ,i zink; she beams 'you make it work ' she gives her thumbs you had to take what you could from zee airship ; she says swirling

Leonidas Matsouka Thinks himself lucky he found such a wonderful lady to be with tonight.

Doctor.Song  feels a little guilty about all this so soon but she needed a break from all the sadness and just needed some time to think about what Rose wants in life yeah things hurt inside but Life moves onward.

Frederick Sewid snorts again. "I don't approve or tourists. It is a long standing mayoral position. We have The Shops and they will occasionally wander up into midtown. That Kiggigzo Jackon fellow ... rapper ... that one. He brings in .... oh GOD .... the most uspiscious people ... but he pays his fees and people come just to look at HIS building. He wants to put a huge screen on his building to show his ... he calls them artists, if you can believe it ... artiat recording." he nods to the upper walk. "THat's him there." and he make a mmotion to which Kagiso nods back. It's almot time for the annual Mayoral Dance ...... He spots Owen. "How did tht boy get in with SNEAKERS on..." he begins to growl. "Damn thoe Reinhardts. Too many kids ... not enough fees. JUST as I wa about to fine that family they up and bought a larger house." he snorts a if he's been denied. He offers her his hand. "It's almost time for the Mayoral Dance, Shirley." his tone softens as if he' waited a YEAR for this.

 Kagiso makes the announcement. "Ladies and Gentlemen! THE MAYORAL DANCE! Please enjoy as Alexandra's Mayor Frederic Sewid dances with Cedar Point Mayor Shirley Douglas reaffirming the magical until between Alexandra and Cedar Point ... sister cities forever united!" and begins to play something painfully slow, romantic and traditional.

Shirley joins the other mayor for their dance with a wry look at him. She gives a sweet smile to Mr. Jackson, hoping Fred is more polite to his face that he just spoke about him. She gives a welcoming smile at all the guests as her many years in politics have trained her to do. As soon as she settles into the dance she just says "Fred, you just need to let people have their fun. Arts and Culture are good for your town." She looks around "Whether you like it or not THIS event brings tourism and you love it." She glances to the couple dancing by the window "I didn't see those two last year. They might be out of towners." she looks at the boy in sneakers and his steampunk dressed friend "And we need to engage the youth. They could be out doing drugs in the street....but they're here instead, participating in community events. It's a good thing."

Owen Reinhardt beams at L's compliment and then closes his eyes and hears the music. He's not a musician but a music appreciator and whatever's playing, slow or fast, he brings the funk. His head starts bobbing to one side, then the shoulders shrug and the hips start. It's somewhere between a mosh pit and interpretive dance, if he were interpreting a slightly deranged ostrich tripping out on ecstasy.

Elena Horatio chuckle softly taking his hands . 'i zink we need to slow down , Owen ' she say try to guide him but .. still letting him just be free and just be him' she giggles softly beaming at him 'zat it ' she dances with him trying to slow him down but not change his wild style.

Leonidas Matsouka " A good lady needs to be held or she will slip away" he says gently hinting to the young man dancing

Doctor.Song  "Hold me then."

Frederick Sewid sighs softly, now that he is dancing he looks a little less like a rigid Stalinist, as he is often accused of. "Yes, yes. And we have events like this. We're FAR from isolationist, Shirley. There's the annul Cook-Off and Picnic in the summer. That's a whole weekender food fest. And winter here, as you know, is our largest attraction. From November 1 to Valentines Day. Three and a half months of tourist dollars." he looks at the kids all around him. "I'm not sure they AREN'T on drugs ... just in here." he eyes Owen Reinhardt. "I remember when he was BORN Shirley." he sighs again. "Hell, I remember when the CHIEF was born." he looks down at her while they dance. "He married your grand niece didn't he?" his voice is slightly tight mentioning Megan.

Shirley listens patiently. She made herself promise not to argue with Fred tonight, at least not in front of his public. When he mentions Megan and Adum she beams though "Yes, in my house and I did the honours. I'm so glad he's alright. He's so good to our Megan. They're so happy." she chuckles watching the wild dancing and then has an inward aw at the romantic energy of the other pair in her sight.

Owen Reinhardt allows L to take his hands and blushes at the older man's words who's dancing with the coffee lady. He awkwardly does put a hand on L's waist in their dance as the come together from spins and twirls but as it goes on it's less awkward and he finds himself enjoying it. He notices the mayor looking his way and just grins stupidly at him.

Elena Horatio giggles soflty as she spins around as she looks around 'dont zat couple over zere look so romantic .. ' she says airily . 'zis is so nice ' she says as he gains his confidence . 'don't need my steel toe riding boot after all ' she joke softly 'i wear zem anyway cuz you never know ' she smiles looking at Owen then around the room awkward blushing abit as she is spin and twirl.

Leonidas Matsouka looks at the other  two couples , one  of first loves one of old flames and feels very warm inside.

Doctor.Song  is lost in the magic.

Frederick Sewid watches the crowd. His people he knows, although he is more the strict father than indulging mother, he tells himself. He tenses his jaw at the wild kids, pursing his lips at Owen in particular and looking pointedly at his SNEAKERS, then turns Shirley so he can look at the romantic couple. Their romantic energy causes him to wordlessly tighten his grip on Shirley's hand. Then he does himself a favor and turns Shirley so he cannot see them anymore. He sighs. "Young love." he manages not to follow that up with humbug .... after all this IS his favorite time of year. Which is why Winter Festival is 14 weeks long instead of a week like everyone else on Earth. And this year .... 16 weeks.

Shirley watches the room and then feels Fred turn her and the hand gripping tighter. she flushes slightly and looks at him "Indeed. Are you alright Fred? Not too many of those sodas you like so much?" she tries to lighten the intensity with a joke.

Owen Reinhardt looks past L to the romantic couple and then to the two mayor dancing with curiosity. It's dim in the room but as he glances back at L he could swear there's a bit of redness in the cheeks. He can't help but smile but then he can't make eye contact for awhile. He focuses on a rafter but then in his chosen distraction trips over a steel toed boot of L's and almost takes them both down in his stumble. He gets his footing and apologizes like crazy "I'm so sorry...are you OK....stupid size 12 feet. I'm sorry....."

Elena Horatio giggles 'Merde .. zat was fun .. do that again .. ' she realize late that that wasn't intentional.. but blushes when he apologize 'oh zat was an accident . oh i mean im okay 'she looks away at him as she rights her hat .. 'mon dieu its hot in here . ' even at their slow dancing

Leonidas Matsouka wonders what the kids are gonna think  about all this, then decides he don't really care , they are old enough to understand , maybe.  and he quiets a chuckle.

Doctor.Song thinks I been doing things for everyone else for years, even donated my ovaries to my sister after they were removed when I was caught in the explosion always give give give for others now its my turn.

Frederick Sewid snorts, but softens. Few people can soften this man. He chuckles a little. "You will never forgive my love of maple pick-a-pop. I order a case every year for this ... add the remainder to my personal stash." he winks at her. "And no, its not at taxpayers expense." he isn't a crooked mayor ... he's just a bitter old man ... most of the year. He watches Owen Reinhardt damn near fall into the town Tree. "The graceless one." he snorts. "Boy'll go through a plate glass window some day. I hear its a family tradition." and he comes dangerously close to a laugh. The music has changed, but their dance hasn't. He's entered his own little world, where he is happier.

Shirley chuckles "Not all things are meant to be maple....but you enjoy that." She looks at the young people "They're learning. It's cute. Goodness some of the boys Roberta brought around looked just like him....she finally married one they grew up together."

Owen Reinhardt grins at L's reaction, so glad it's not anger. He looks nervous and then says "Yeah a bit. OK I can try and recreate that....but brace yourself...." He firms his stance and then carefully tries to dip L to one side hoping to god L moves with him and doesn't rely entirely on his coordination.

 Elena Horatio chuckles madly as she swept near the floor her feather brushing the dance floor 'merci.. tre bon .. ' she squeals loudly . 'faster ' she smiles looking up at him as he almost drops her she goes to clamp on to arm . as her hat goes rolling to the tree . she is laughing hard.

Leonidas Matsouka Smiles and gives Owen a Thumbs up!  and whispers to Doc  i think we need to get the ferry home i think Bat's gonna lecture me on being home late.

Frederick Sewid actually DOES chuckle. Then his face seriousses up. "Yes. Roberta." he tightens his jaw. "And how HAS she been, lately?" he wonders. He watches Owen and mentally counts down, almost knowing that boy won't be happy till he breaks some ornaments like a damn cat. But he gives his attention back to Shirley. "Does she still love pick-a-pop?" he asks, innocently. Mostly. He lowers his voice, because he doesn't need this overheard. "And I trust she's STILL color blind, Shirley?"

Shirley starts to laugh about the pick a pop and then pushes back on Fred's hold on her and takes a deep breath, looking visibly uncomfortable before putting on a smile for the public and saying clearly "Mayor Sewid. It's been a lovely party. I really must head back to my hotel and turn in. " She steps away and says kindly to the crowd "Warmest wishes Alexandra....and goodnight." Her goodnight is to the public, not to Fred and she squares her shoulders and walks off quickly.

Owen Reinhardt trips again just a bit but knocks three ornaments off the tree and they smash. He looks around and everyone's distracted by the visiting lady mayor leaving so he just sweeps the bits under the tree with his foot looking afraid he'll get busted "Shit, L I gotta get outta here before anyone sees that. Mayor Sewid already wants to nail my ass to the wall...." He smiles awkwardly looking edgy but still pretending to dance as he hopes the cranky old man isn't going to look yet.

Doctor.Song  "Excellent party your Honor."

Elena Horatio grabs her head helping him dusting it getting a bit of ornament dust in on the top of her hat .. she places it on in a hurry pretend that that what they were doing 'lead za way ,, clumsy cute Jedi knight ' she say softly .

Frederick Sewid smiles for the public as she wishes everyone good-night. It always ends like that. He glares at Owen, even as the boy takes flight and pauses to look at the broken ornaments before he motions for someone to clean it up, then he goes to the drinks table, picks up another maple pick-a-pop and sips. He nods at the couple, obviously non residents .. so he has to be polite. "Good evening. I do hope you enjoyed our formal." he even sounds gracious .. as would any career politician.

Owen Reinhardt grabs for L's hand and tries to run by the mayor with a grin at the coffee lady muttering "The force is with me...I am one with the force...."

The magic always has to end sometime. As the crowd dwindles and begins to disperse a shooting star flies through the night sky, a wish for taking in the season so beloved to all the island.


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