Thursday, December 8, 2016

Shopping Trip - Addison, Vincent and Fiona

Vincent DiAntoni had never been shopping with a woman before. Well, he didn't think his mother shopping for his clothes counted. But shopping with Addison O'Brian and Fiona was ... more than he bargained for. Both girls apparently needed dresses for this Winter Formal. Vincent was set ... he had written to his mother's friend Vincent Bittetto and told him about the dance. Less than 2 weeks later a suit had come in the mail. It even fit!.

But ... girls were .. different.

Addison was a bit of a mess, it seemed to Vincent. She didn't own ANY dresses, as she'd figured out already. Now she wanted one ... for this dance.

How hard could it be.

At the fourth store, Vincent's feet hurt. Not a single dress the girls had tried looked bad to him, but were unacceptable to THEM. He leans against the jewelry counter, pulls out his phone, sticks one ear bud in and begins listening to Josh Layne. A little bit of harp music can be heard, if one is close enough to him.

FOURTH Time is the charm? He hoped.

Addison stood in the formal wear section and looked around. She bit her lip and sighed ... again. The dress she had on was new ... an experiment. But it showed her knees and between her father's discomfort and her cold knees, she had compromised by wearing black cargo pants under the dress.

Looking around the store, she bit her lip ... "Fi ...." she looks around at her friend for advice again, looking she suspected like a lost little kitten in the dog pound.

Fiona looked awkwardly at Vincent. She felt bad for dragging him into this but she did want to know if he hated whatever she picked so she could avoid that scene again. Not that it would go THAT way with Vincent. She smiled, finally in her favourite store, thank goodness. Addy was calling her so she dragged herself away from a rack of black dresses and looked for blue, Cubs blue. She knew. Fiona picked up a slinky little short blue dress in the perfect shade. It was velvety "Ooooh, how about this?" She held it up "Kit can pet you." She teased. "It's very soft."

Harp music is not so loud that Vincent cannot hear the murmur of voices. And he IS watching them ... trying to make sense out of the female mind. With ZERO success. But he DID like the black for FIona.

Addy wanders over to the dress Fiona has picked up. She smiles a little bit. "The color is PERFECT." she snorts. "But at that length, Dad would agree. I don't want him to have a STROKE this time." she blows out a dress. "Think ... think ... Princess .... Cubby Bear .. or something. GOD! Maybe we should just go to men's suits?"

Fiona sighs and puts it back "OK long then....Princess?" She makes a face "Elsa as a cubs fan kinda deal? Maybe you just need to..." She mocks Frozen and dances around all Disney like "Let it go...let it go. don't hold it back anymore...' Her singing is gorgeous even when she's mocking something. She dances past Vincent and dramatically drops in a swoon to quickly kiss him before shaking off the imitation. She stops in front of a blue dress that looks very 1940s flapper ish and holds it up "Ooooh retro....but not princess.....let's just hang onto this though...." She yanks hanger after hanger and then sees sparkly things and almost with an eyeroll she holds one up "If Elsa had a baseball bat...we'd all freeze our fucking asses off..."

Vincent dances happily and kisses her back. He moves a little closer and cants his head, letting the harp music keep him mellow.

Addison looks at the dresses. "Flapper dress is too tight, I can tell." she looks at the others and sight but her eyes light up a little. "This one .... might work." she drops the others unceremoniously onto the floor. "I mean its ... blue ... which I like .. and its .... all .... sparkly like ... whats that tomboy ferry again? Tinkerbell!" she holds the dress at arms length ....and ... ADDY!" she begins to get excited. "LEGGINGS!!!!!!"

Fiona grins " go sparkle...I'm going delve into the abyss of black dresses over there. Always dress for a funeral...because you just never know." She deadpans. "Meet with try ons in a sec?" Fiona had already assessed three styles she was likely choosing between and yanked them off the rack after finding her size in them.

Vincent gives every pretense of not listening, but he is. And that breaks when Fiona mentions dressing for a funeral. Then he smiles, but stands with a pile of discarded dresses at his feet, trying not to look out of place.

Addison nods. "A sec." she agrees and bolts for a dressing room. She has to work a minute .... because ... she isn't sure exactly how to put the damn thing on .... and bra? not with that back ... but .... its a long skirt. How could her father object?

Fiona waggles her fingers at Vincent and grins. She had heard the harp music and knew he was somewhat in his happy place. She claims a change room and pulls on her first dress or tries to.....nope.....apparently not made for human women with hips. She grumbles and puts it back on the hanger and goes to the second, frowning in the mirror "Too cream puff of death..." she says loud enough for Addy and Vincent to hear. Third time's a charm. The third dress pleases her. It has an interesting cut a fun little belted bit. She's wearing completely the wrong bra and the straps are visible but she has a strapless at home that should work. She opens the door to the change room and steps out. It's leggy and it reveals a lot of shoulder, falling to the side easily. She calls to Addy as she rocks on her bare feet "How's it going Stinkerbell?"

Vincent moves a little closer to the dressing rooms and turns his back on them, as if he had x-ray vision. He chokes at the cream puff comment. "Great ... A morbid cream puff and blue sparkles in my hair." he comments loud enough for them to hear. "Can we shop for rope next? I might hang myself and have done." he laughs, amusing himself.

Addison had figured out parts of it. "Well, once I figured a bra was not an option, I put on the shirt part .... but backwards ... or at least I HOPE the neckline doesn't plunge like that ....." she looks at herself. "The leggings were easy and the skirt ... oh FI! I could RUN in this thing if I had to ...." she pauses. "Like chasing down smart ass Italian hit men, for example." she aims for Vincent. "But ... it doesn't have any POCKETS Fi ... what the HELL?" she protests.

Fiona snorts "Addy honey....they make this great thing. It's called a purse. You put your random shit in it. You know, like wallets and keys and tampons and emergency napalm......Come out fair wench. Let us behold the pocket less monstrosity. I think I found mine. I'm going to show the hit man so I don't have another disaster like the last dance." she jokes. She comes out of the change area and walks towards Vincent "Please don't hang yourself..." As she walks she remembers the bra straps sticking up and unceremoniously yanks them to the side tucking them into the dress "Those won't be like that..."she says blushing and laughing.

Vincent snorts and turns JUST in time to see Fiona walking towards him. Not even the yanking of the bra strap detracts. His jaw drops open and for a moment he's forgotten ... everything. Absently yanking the earbuds out, he blinks. "Holy fuck!" he softly exclaims with every ounce of eloquence that comes with his age set.

Addy comes out, looking a little insecure. There are parts of the top that show off cleavage ... and she is barefoot ... but shes dressed. "Well...." and then she sees Fi and hears Vincent's reaction. "What he said." she quips and sighs. "You make me look like .. like .... like ... my father in this dress, Fi." she protests.

Fiona blushes deeply at Vincent's reaction and then bites her lip looking at him. She turns hearing Addison and shakes her head at her "You do NOT looks like your father in a dress! You're gorgeous!" She walks to Addison and circles her "That's actually way classier on you than it looked on the rack. And speaking of racks....use it if you got it lady!" She grins at Addison "Come on enjoy it....I couldn't fill out the top of a dress like that if my life depended on it...." she chuckles.

Vincent bites his own lip. "Sorry ... knee jerk reaction ..." he stammers and, after a false start or two in which his eyes kept going to Fi instead of Addy, he finally succeeds and he blinks. "Yea ..... what she said." he repeated her words, but looks at Fi, once again stammering. "I love your chest. I mean ... its not too big for me ... I mean .." he facepalms, a lovely shade of red.

Addison looks doubtful and then blushes, but smiles at Fiona's compliment and laughs a little at Vincent. "I think what he MEANS to say is probably a lot nicer." he pats Vincent on the back. "You could always try 'more than a mouthful's a waste', Vincent. That's what some of the guys in my dad's bar say when they get on the subject." while she IS trying to make Vincent feel better, she can't help but add to his discomfort, because .. well .. he looks great with a red face.

Fiona clears her throat and self consciously pulls up the top of her dress a bit. "Uh thanks..." She cracks up at Addison "I overheard one of Logan's friends say a handful....but hand size...varies....." She drops her gaze to Vincent's hands and discontinues the topic with a quick subject change "So Addy, it's comfortable and swishy? This is a yes? And BLUE!!!"

Vincent blushes crimson as Addy reminds him of what men tend to say. Then he glances at his hands, which are big to begin with but also strong, so large in that respect as well. He uses his hand to reach for Fiona. "You look INCREDIBLE." he finds much better words. He turns to Addy. "I think you look great too, Addy." he needs to compliment while he is in the zone for it. "And if we get bored, you can play hockey in back of the community center." he offers. Although right after, he wonders if she wouldn't fall out of the top.

Addy bites her lip and sighs deeply. She looks at Vincent in mock horror. "But Fiona is INCREDIBLE! I'm only great." she covers her hands and mock sobs, which quickly dissolve into giggles. "It's all sparkly ... which means Kit might actually NOTICE me. And yes ... it's BLUE!" she pulls her pony tail over her shoulder. "And like everything except virgin white and mortician black and Irish Green it clashes with my hair...." she rolls her eyes. "Sold! I'll wear my white high tops and be all set!"

Vincent blinks, stares, then face palms.

Fiona laughs at Addison's antics and then sighs "Addy as much as I'd like to tell you to go for it, I think it might cut your night short if you wear high tops. It is listed as a formal and some people have sticks up their butts. How about flats? I'm wearing flats..." She smiles at Vincent and lets herself be pulled to him by his outstretched hand.

Vincent pulls her close and puts his arm across her back. He's a little shorter than she is, but he figures he's not done growing. With a shrug, he agrees. "I always wear flats." but then he turns to Fiona. "Your not wearing flats because you don't want to be taller than me ... well ... more taller than me, are you?"

Addy sighs. "I know, I know ... Dad is one of the businesses sponsoring it, so .. I have to look my best. He DID say I could wear a suit ... its not so much like years past .. you know when they let Professor Sharp wear a suit because she threatened to give everyone in town a parking ticket?" she grins and looks at Vincent .. who from her view is quite tall. "So ... will her dress clash with YOUR suit?" she teases ... curious what HE plans to wear.

Fiona smiles sheepishly at Vincent "Fifty fifty. You found my gender crap hang up....being a tall girl is sometimes awkward. Plus I had a date one year who asked me to take off my shoes part way through the night because his ego was stupid, among other things. Truth be told I don't really like walking in heels and I can't imagine trying to dance in them. So that's the other fifty." She looks at Addy "You're not going to drag us down the whole mall looking for a sparkly blue suit now are you? You look fantastic in that. And thank you both for saying nice things..." She laughs a bit nervously and then turns her body into Vincent's and hugs him, her bare shoulder making light contact with his chin.

Vincent listens. "We're gonna .. dance? I thought we discussed this. But its your feet, if you want me stepping on them all night." and when she hugs him, he hugs Fiona back. "I don't care about your height." he whispers in her ear. "I want you, even if you're taller than me." he kisses her bare shoulder, realizes what he said, but doesn't correct himself. Not this time. He pulls back from the hug and raises his voice to normal. "No shiny blue suits ... mine is ... its .. black. My Uncle Vincent sent it to me." he looks at Fi. "You know the one I told you about. Um ... black suit ... and white tie and .. um ... kinda grey shirt." arguably, a description that would satisfy any blind man in hearing distance.

Addy watches her friends hug. She's really happy for them. Kit is cute and tall and handsome ... but he also thinks of her like her father does. Like she's 12. "Alright .... flats!" she looks around the immediate vicinity as if there may be a pair right in front of her. Then she hears about Vincent's suit. "Oh .. I can see it in my mind. Thanks." her voice dry as a desert.

.Fiona smiles sweetly and then shivers against him slightly at Vincent's words. She exhales as they pull apart and nods about the suit "Sounds classy and appropriately Italian." She looks a little guiltily at Addy hoping they're not once again showing an uncomfortable amount of affection in front of friends and in public. However it's mild compared to the coffee shop yesterday. She was sure she caught a look from Buni Chuku like the woman was thinking about hosing them down.

Vincent shrugs. "If it's from Uncle Vincent you can BELIEVE it's Italian." he laughs. He smiles at Addy, not really thinking they are being too kissy kissy huggy huggy, but glad she has someone, although the guy sounds a little ... slow ... to him. But he sighs ... "There's a shoe store a few doors down .. and one at the OTHER end of the mall ...." he volunteers, pretty much convinced that, after 4 stores, the shoes would be in whatever the LAST shoe store they checked out.

Addy giggles at Vincent. "Shall we get you a wheelchair, old Mafia Man?" she claps him on the shoulder. "Come on .... let me buy this before I think too much about it."

Fiona starts for the dressing room "I know just the place Addy. Trust me...cute and comfy. One stop......otherwise we'll have to carry Vincent home between us and when you drag a limp body...there are always annoying questions." She scoots away from him with a grin and goes to change back into her regular clothes.

Vincent snorts. "If I didn't KNOW you'd treat me like I WAS dead ... I'd say that sounds kinda nice ... until you drag me behind the ferry like a big piece of chum." he sticks Josh Layne back in his ears as he waits, grinning to himself. He's never seen Fiona dressed up and it was incredible. She had the palest bare shoulders ... he forces his thoughts away from there, or he would die ... of embarrassment.

Addy looks relieved and goes back to get in her regular clothes. "Oh and a purse. I have to carry money ... I know Kit won't abandon me, but just in case I have to take a cab home Dad's giving me money ... yes ... I know I live about a hundred steps from the Community Center. Fathers." she rolls her eyes, as if anyone can see her. "And my keys ... and mace ... and pepper spray. Again ... fathers."

Fiona winks at Vincent as she goes and then answers Addy just before the change room door closes "You have pepper spray AND mace? My Dad always says it can be used against me so he made me take self defense with my Uncle Mikey about intense...but it's saved my butt once or twice." The door clicks shut and there's the sound of her rustling around as she gets out of the dress and gathers the rejects before putting on her regular clothes with a big happy sigh. It would be nice to be glamorous for a few hours but she knew at some point in the formal she'd be pining for her pajamas. She pops out of the change room and hangs the rejects on the rack in the back as she moves to the front to pay. To both of them she says "They should have a pajama party instead of a formal one year." She ends up first in line to pay after she says it and is delighted to find her dress was on a sale rack. Surprise sale items are the best.

Vincent can hear them, and chuckles a little at Mr O'Brian. Not a man HE'D want mad at him. He moves with them to the check out. "What if you sleep naked?" he asks and then has a flash of memory and face palms trying to make it go away.

Addison snorts. "I got self defense training from my father. And I talked him OUT of the taser. Be happy its your UNCLE that's the cop, not your FATHER." she dresses and join them, looking at Vincent as her dress is rung up. "OOOO, this has to do with Daisy, doesn't it?" she asks in a sing song, teasing voice.

Fiona flushes at the thought of Vincent naked but then shrinks a bit into herself as it suddenly turns to being something about Daisy. Has he seen Daisy naked? Has SHE seen HIM? She knows about the mother from the connection to her sleeping with Vincent's dad and being around in the morning in a state of undress......Fiona's not the jealous type normally but she suddenly looks at Vincent with a you better tell me the deal here expression. She takes her bag in hand and steps away from Vincent a little "Coffee.....before shoes....and the story." It's not a question.

Vincent gives Addy a look thanking her for putting him in an awkward position and sighs, following the girls. He is tempted to take Fiona's hand but ... it's feeling a little cold in that direction.

Addison rolls her eyes at Vincent and takes her bag with them. There is a cute little coffee kiosk nearby and Addison insists on paying for Vincent to make up for it ... but it IS a great .. and intriguing story. she sets her bag down and sits .. not in the most ladylike way and looks eager for the tale to begin.

Fiona is trying not to be affected by her feelings. She knows Vincent. She trusts him. She loves him, although he doesn't know that part yet. She hasn't told Addy she feels that way about him yet either though she may have guessed it. Focusing on the word in her head though she silently expresses it in how she looks at him as she sits after getting a coffee "I'm sorry. I'm being dumb. I still want to know though..."She shyly extends one leg to rest beside his looking a little contrite.

Vincent sits and sips his coffee, rubbing his leg against Fi's. "I'm guessing Daisy's mother can't keep her mouth shut." he huffs. "Well, my Dad told me she shouldn't but .. that's not what he meant."

Addison knows how her friends feel about each other. She's just waiting for them to figure it out. At the rate they're going they'll be old and in their thirties before that happens. "Well ... yea ... she ... runs her mouth to me in art class. About what her mother said and how she thinks Joey is smaller if her mother's story is true and blah blah bullshit." she blows out a breath. "The art class version of the men's locker room, except I'm not a willing participant. THAT'S why the girls look at Vincent the way they do, Fi." she sighs. In a way, she really feels sorry for Vincent. Girls can be a million times worse than the guys.

Vincent drops his head on the table for a second and then he looks up. "Alright ..." he looks at Fi. "Remember I told you Daisy's mother went to fix my father breakfast ... ?" he shrugs. "Well, usually he gets his sluts out of the house before I get up ... or while I am in the shower .. but its was fucking five in the morning!" he protests and averts his eyes.. "And before I moved in with Aunt Darcy I DID sleep naked. AND I THOUGHT she was my DAD." he takes a deep gulp of coffee, half hoping it would sear his throat so he wouldn't have to continue. No such luck. "She turned around and ... she saw me .. you know ... naked and ... oh for fucks sake, I can't BELIEVE Daisy's mom TOLD!" he rubs his red face with his large hand. "You have a dad and brothers, Fi. You know how it can be sometimes when a guy wakes up." he is now thinking Fi's quip about dragging his body as if he'd died may become a reality.

Fiona was taking a sip of her coffee and almost choked on it, her eyes popping wide. She freezes and blinks a few times and then visibly exhales, slowly. She's not judging Vincent but also doesn't trust her own words immediately. She literally shakes her head around as he cheeks go pink and then focuses in on the fact that Daisy's mom is super gross and Vincent situation is beyond awkward "Gah...if my Dad looked at one of my friends like THAT....I can't even imagine. I mean you're human and male but you're still the age of her child...." She blinks again "I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry that happened...."

Addison had not heart the story THAT way, and hearing it thusly she is sorry ... and angry at Daisy. "Vincent, I didn't know all THAT!" she sighs and stammers in disbelief for a while. "I'm sorry, Vincent. I really am."

Vincent sighs again and sets his hands on the table. "Yea. Well. Life with Dad, right?" he drinks a little more coffee. "Well, for all anyone knows .. I'll ... keep growing .. and by the time I'm twenty I'll have a micro-penis." he really has no idea. "And maybe Daisy's mom is easily impressed." he glances at Fiona. "Well ... now you know. Impressive at fourteen ... micro-penis by the time I'm ready to use it." he tries to insert humor into this incredibly awkward confession. "At least I know I won't hurt you then." he tenses his jaws a moment and drinks more coffee.

Fiona is having a lot of trouble talking about this all objectively but knows that's what Vincent needs right now so really tries. First she looks at Addy though "So you heard some messed up version from Daisy? Like her mom was out inappropriately scoping for her?" Again with the blinking. You'd swear she had a sty in both eyes. She purses her lips and then holds up her hands defensively to Vincent with an awkward look "I really don't have much of a frame of reference for any of that......and ah...." she just starts laughing nervously "I think it was easier when we were talking about my micro boobs to be honest." She sips her coffee as if to fortify herself.

Addison sighs and nods. "She um ....." she sips her coffee. "Basically ... she says he's hung just like his father and that Daisy is a fool not to jump on it ... literally." now she sighs. "You know ... I was thinking Daisy was just ... talking ... but Jesus ... I'm gonna knock her damn teeth out."

Vincent is, in many ways, glad to learn Fiona has no frame of reference, males in her house or no males in her house. He looks at her. "Now you know the rumors." he smiles and tries not to let his eyes wander to her chest. "But I am not like my Dad." although he sounds as if he believes that maybe 75%. He offers an awkward smile. "I like flat chested girls. We can just be the micro couple." he glances at Addison. "You can just be the token Chest cause we love ya." somehow it is much easier to say he loves Addy than Fiona ... because the two kinds of love are so different.

Fiona shudders at Addy relaying Daisy talking about Vincent like that and then her eyes narrow "If anyone's knocking teeth out...the line starts here. But she's so fucked in the head she probably doesn't even realize why it's a fucked up thing to say about someone. God...yeah I do live with a lot of males but I make a point NOT to look. And if my mom and dad really had split up and they dated other people...I sure as hell wouldn't be looking at those people and would NEVER expect them to look at me like that. It's just beyond yuck." She looks seriously at Vincent "I mean you could almost charge her Vincent, Daisy's mom. Adults are not supposed to look at minors as sexual objects, period. We have laws because that's just wrong." She's not able to joke around just yet.

Addison sighs again, in both agreement and frustration. It really WAS bad where Vincent used to live.

Vincent gets serious in a hurry and takes Fiona's hand. "I'm not facing my father in court, if I can avoid it, Fiona." he's serious too. "And she didn't TOUCH me, she just .. looked. Until I went into the bathroom." he shakes his head. "I don't want to wind up on some witness stand talking about my penis. No ... just .... no." he is close to begging them both never to repeat the more detailed story he told them. Apparently Daisy is just running all over school talking about how hung he is because her mother told her so. Well ... maybe that would fade. School rumors always did.

Fiona nods quickly "I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you feel worse. that's the last thing I want. I guess I'm just trying to express that I'm here for you..." She looks at Addy "We're here for you. It's not just girls that end up dealing with creepy stuff and it comes from all genders. I don't want to have to think about you going through any more than you already have...I know where you live now is a safe place with a respectful person who's NEVER put you in any of those situations."

Addison nods along. "Thats what friends are for, Vincent."

Vincent sighs in relief. "Thank you." he kisses her hand. "And yes, Aunt Darcy is great. I got sweat pants for sleeping in." he tries again. "No kittie pajamas for me!"

Fiona smiles at Addy and then teases Vincent a bit "You know they MAKE men's pajamas right? I'm personally a pajama addict. I think i own more PJs than clothes that are acceptable in public...and of course I told my mom to go ahead and get me pjs again for Christmas because when you wear them as much as is acceptable...the damn things wear out...."

Addison can't help but giggle. "It's true." she confirms and smirks. "How about you guys come by my house ... after Christmas I guess. You guys can exchange pajama gifts. Hell, we can have a pajama party." she snorts. "As long as it's a night my Dad's home. He likes you, Vincent."

Vincent chuckles. "Do they, really?" he sounds as if he's never heard of such a thing. "And sure, Addy. I'm safe." he finishes his coffee. "Can we PLEASE PLEASE get some sparkly blue shoes?"

Fiona is in better humour now and jokes "Oh Minstrel...I never thought i'd hear you say those words....." she looks at Addy "You might have to fight him for them now...and he's a hit man..." She looks back at Vincent "But she has mace AND pepper spray..."

Addy laughs, and is glad she still can. "My dad's a cop. Touch my blue sparkly shoes and I will break your arm." she begins to rise, shaking her head.

Vincent winks. "You guys just want to see me in them ... which isn't going to happen .. I don't even want the image in your MINDS!"

Fiona smirks "My sparkly Minstrel. I have some sparkly lip gloss you can have later while you mourn the shoes. Shall we Addy?"

Addy motions for Fiona to lead the way. "Yes ... yes .. oh please yes, Fi!"

Vincent gapes and then sighs. He shakes his head and follows them, like a faithful Sherpa.

Fiona leads them to the show shop and then walks Addy to the flats. There are many and they are all adorable "Yes no?" Is all she asks "I don't see sparkles but we could add those later...." She looks past and smiles at Vincent, trying not to think about the earlier conversation at all.

Addison is enchanted ... no question. She bites the corner of her lip and grabs a white one, a black one, one made out of denim then scans slowly as a clerk approaches them. He looks at FIona but his eyes pass quickly over her to Addison. "How can I help you?" Addy pulls out the sleeve of her derss and considers, then pulls out a blue pair. "These in a seven." she orders, noting how he is looking at her and his smile as he all but bows and takes the shoes to bring their sizes. She sits down and motions for them to do the same.

Vincent watches both Addison and the clerk. He's pretty sure the guy has yet to see Addison's ... face. With a sigh he sits, getting off of his feet again.

Fiona watches the clerk with a bit of a sarcastic expression. She goes to sit beside Vincent and grumbles something nonsensical and then gives a little shrug and leans the side of her arm into the side of his.

Addy waits eagerly for the clerk to return, which he does quickly. He places himself on the stool and takes out the blue shoe. Taking off a high top, she offers him her foot, which he takes, sliding the shoe on. "Perfect. I'll take all four." she announces and snatches her foot back. The clerk smiles and takes the boxes to the register while Addy puts her high top back on.

Vincent watches the whole thing and bites his lip, gripping Fi's arm gently.

Fiona looks at Vincent like she's decided it was harmless. Addy seems happy. She's getting cute shoes and it should all be done soon. Fiona chuckles a bit at Addy "Four pairs? Can't decide which ones will work with sparkles?"

Addison shrugs. "Well, they're CUTE .... and Dad's paying, so yes. I'm taking advantage here." she goes up to the clerk, who friendly and still looking her over. "Listen." he says, when the transaction is done. "We're not supposed to ask but ... any chance you'd like to go out sometime?" Addy looks at him with a patient smile. "You seem a little old, but I'm sure my father won't mind. He's a cop, so of course, you'll want to go through him." the clerk's smile vanishes and he hopes they have a great evening. Addy takes her bag and heads straight out the door. When they pass the shop she sighs. "Big boobs get you quick service, but there's always a price."

Vincent watches and, outside looks at her. "Is it like that ... you know ... all the time?"

Addison sighs. "Unless they're gay, pretty much. I've had by calf caressed, my foot massaged. Yea."

Vincent sighs. So that was life with big boobs, eh.

Fiona gives Addy and encouraging look "I liked your reply though. His face was classic.." She slides her hand into Vincent's and walks along, so thankful she's met a guy who sees her as a whole person.

Addy giggles. "I used to get mad, a couple years ago. But now I just do that. It's not a lie .. my Dad WAS a cop before he got retired and got me." she skips. "I'm going to the Formal." she sings a little bit. Mostly she ignored guys, or beat them with sports. Because she was never sure. Kit ... he was a simple mind, so she already knew .. the last thing on his mind was her boobs.

Vincent walks along with Fiona, smiling as Addy skips, not exactly understanding why she wouldn't go to the Formal, but glad she is. Glad they ALL are.

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