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New Family Christmas Eve - Dec. 24th - Darcy, Vincent and Marianne

Darcy is in the kitchen rolling out pie dough for tourtiere. A tantalizing mixture of ground pork, vegetables and spices is cooling in a frying pan on the stove. There's a knock at the door and Darcy calls out "Vincent, could you get that? It's probably Mari but my hands are covered in flour here kid."

 Vincent is in his room, making sure it is pristine. He takes good care of his room, which he knows is not natural for every kid his age. The smell of food is driving him a little insane, having fasted more or less the whole day. When the knock comes, he heads out with a "Sure, no problem." on his way past Darcy. He opens the door and smiles at the guest.

Marianne is holding a giant poinsettia plant. At her feet are two large rolling suitcases. She has a large leather purse slung over one shoulder and a big canvas makeup bag over the other. She looks laden and frazzled "Oh my goodness Vincent, take this please...I'm dying here......"

Vincent arches his brow and takes the plant. "Hey Marianne." he chuckles, backing the door open and getting out of her way. Taking in the suitcases, he wonders exactly how long she plans on staying for. "And you can't die before we eat."

Marianne giggles and breezes into the kitchen hugging Darcy from the side while she cooks "Look at you all domestic with Grandmere's recipe. Oh fuck is that pork I smell? Call Jenny Craig and sign me back up! You're gonna kill me Darc!"

Darcy starts to smile and then looks down at Marianne "Boots at the door woman! And yes it's pork. It's tradition. You won't die from one meal. Did you bring Mom's chutney?"

Marianne clomps to the door and leans down fighting with the complicated boots, her ample bosom practically falling out of her top "4 jars like you asked for. Cute place you got here." She grins at Vincent "Do you like it Vincent? You know what...I'm gonna call you Vinnie." She doesn't ask, she just decides as she snaps back to standing and flips her hair "Bet you got 5 girlfriends already with that face Vinnie." She teases.

Vincent was watching until Mari started taking off his boots, then he turned and looked at the big comfy couch instead. "I love it here ..." he pauses and winces. "Isn't Vinnie a little too ... Old World Mafioso, Aunt Mari?" he asks, calling her Aunt without asking. "Or childish. One of those." he hopes she gets the hint, but doesn't bet any money on it. "Nope." he finds a spot on the couch to pick at. "Only one." he grins to himself.

Darcy just chuckles at Vincent and flips the meat into the pie dough laden pan now. She tosses back a grin at her sister being called an aunt.

Marianne plunks down on the couch near Vincent and looks at him like he's an adorable kitten "No, you're OUR Vinnie." She pats the seat beside her "Sit. Tell me about the one girlfriend. She's must be something special if it's just one."

Vincent sighs and closes his eyes at 'our Vinnie'. At least she wasn't pinching his cheeks. He moves cautiously onto the couch, sitting Indian style. "Well ... she's smart, funny in a great morbid kind of way, and really pretty." he replies, sticking to the basics.

Darcy keeps working in the kitchen but smiles as she goes. She's now putting the top of the pie on and pinching the edges together .

Marianne looks intrigued "Pretty and morbid. Sounds like a femme fatale." She makes a dramatic hand fanning gesture. She looks around "I like this better than the old place Darce." She walks to the window and pulls open the curtains "Wow, look at that! I can see why this view appealed."

Darcy chuckles "It's almost like flying low in the chopper. I was hooked the second I saw it."

Vincent grins slightly. "Well, I don't THINK she'll kill me." and he smiles when the view captures Marianne. "You can see the whole town almost from here." he beams.

Marianne turns and grins at Vincent now "Don't be a peeping Vinnie. Where's the girlfriend's house?"

Darcy stands back and just looks at her pie with a happy sigh and then opens the oven door and carefully sets it in on the rack "And now the countdown to tourtiere begins."

Vincent laughs lightly. "I'm not a peeper." he nods. "You can see the fist house's back porch and the second houses back porch. Hers is the second house." he turns at the sound of the closing oven door. "A watched oven never works." he motions her over. "Come on over with us."

Darcy wanders over and sits in the chair beside the couch, relaxing instantly "Mari, don't give him any ideas..." She jokes.

Marianne giggles "Oh that's right....I'm supposed to set a good example right." She turns to Vincent "Vinnie...stay in school, don't do drugs and use lots of condoms. Better?"

Darcy rolls her eyes at her sister and shakes her head "Uh huh...."

Vincent chuckles and gets a smirk on his face. "Wouldn't it be more responsible to suggest that I just masturbate until marriage?" he asks, innocently. "Myself, of course. Not anyone else."

Darcy face palms and then flicks on the TV. Vincent was baiting Mari now.

Marianne looks amused "I'm all for self love but sometimes it's more fun with a friend. Besides do you want to learn it ALL on your wedding night? Sex is like a marathon. You need to train. Speaking of people keeping it to themselves....Darc, are you meeting people on this island? There's gotta be a few lesbians in the mix."

Darcy looked irritated that the conversation had turned to her suddenly "Should it be a goal to "meet people" all the time Mari? I'm perfectly content with my life. Besides, as far as I can see there's one, and I work with her. I don't do workplace romance. It's uncomfortable when it goes sour."

Vincent had dipped his hook, so to speak, and now shrugged. "I don't know. Could be a HELL of a honeymoon and there HAS to be more to a marriage than sex. There will be for MINE anyway." he proclaims. Noting Darcy's annoyance, he goes on. "What about you? Have YOU met anyone?" he wonders.

Marianne sighs exasperatedly at her sister "There's got to be more than two of you in a town this size. But if you just work and come home and watch nerd TV, you'll never find them Darc." She flips her hair and turns back to Vincent " one very interesting. A few I keep in the mix for emergencies, although he got a little clingy last time I needed a plus one for a wedding. I like to keep my options open....not the marrying type myself." she teases after all his talk of it.

Darcy snorts "My nerd TV is awesome thank you very much. And define clingy? Like wanting to date exclusively?"

Marianne nods "Yep. I'm off the boyfriend train since Craig. I need to find myself, redefine myself." She smiles and then leans in looking critically at her sister "You know while I'm here, we should do your eyebrows."

Darcy puts her hand protectively over her forehead "What's wrong with my eyebrows?" She asks in confusion and slight alarm.

Marianne smirks "Just a little caterpillarish. I have my shapers and some wax. I could fix them in no time."

Darcy shakes her head "I'll keep the caterpillars right on my face where they belong. No wax....god that sounds horrible."

"It only hurts for a second. Like ripping off a band-aid.." She defends. Then she leans in and looks at Vincent's eyebrows.

Vincent watches the sisters and cannot fathom how the conversation moved from relationships to eyebrows. He pulls his head back. "No no .... IF I have problems with my eyebrows, I'll shave just like the rest of my face!" he protests. "And ... isn't that ... just ... melted wax on someones face? Isn't that a torture technique?"

Darcy leans away from her sister and looks at Vincent "Exactly. Torture. No thank you. Mari, maybe when you meet someone new you need to be really clear that you don't want commitment. I have a friend at work that has an open relationship. It kind of breaks my brain because I couldn't do that myself, but it might work for you. i mean not with HIM, but with someone."

Marianne giggles at Vincent and Darcy and then says "Oh? Is he cute? Are you saying your coworkers are off limits? Never had a cop before....mmm the handcuffs..."

Darcy throws a pillow from her chair at her sister "Keep it PG, or at least PG 14 Mari!" She laughs after and then gets up "I'm making tea, anyone want some? Or wine....coke..whatever?"

Vincent arches his brows, trying to figure out which of the cops was in an open relationship and decides to watch them all more. "Coke, please." he sits back and considers asking Mari a couple of questions, then decides to just let her know what was happening. "You missed the Winter Formal. There was a guy there that probably danced with 5 different women by the time Fi and I left."

Marianne beams "Ooooh I love formal parties. Pictures please! Sounds like that guy had the right idea too. Did you have fun Vinnie?" She looks back briefly at Darcy "I'm not even going to ask if you went....because I KNOW you."

Darcy comes back with a coke for Vincent, a tea for herself and a glass of wine for her sister. Marianne hadn't requested but she simply knew and took the glass eagerly from her sister. "Nope. I marathoned Terra Nova again. Don't know whatever made them cancel that show. Anyhow, I live vicariously through the kid now." She winks at Vincent as she hands him his pop.

Vincent takes his pop and chuckles. "Yea, I got some pics." he goes into his pocket and pulls out his phone ... never too far from him. "OK, that's me in my suit. And there a selfie of me and Fiona. So yea ... two." he announces. He laughs. "For all the fun THAT is. Food, school, food, friends, food, studio, food, homework, food, rinse and repeat."

Marianne leans over and looks at the pictures and does a double take "Vinnie your suit....that looks like a Nero Santini? Or is it just a good knock off..."

Darcy looks like she has no idea why the name would be important but waits to see where the conversation goes.

Vincent shrugs. "That's what is says in the suit. Yea." he replies. "My uncle Vincent sent it to me." he doesn't seem concerned. Then again, he is no clothes horse.

Marianne's jaw drops "Your UNCLE just sent you a Nero Santini? What the hell does he DO for a living?!" She says in disbelief. "I've only seen those on runways at fashion small chunk of change there..."

Now Darcy looks curious. This "Uncle" sending him a high end suit....shit, he was still growing even. He wouldn't even be able to wear it by the summer.

Vincent sort of shrugs. "Well, he's not my REAL uncle. Just an old friend of my mom's. He owns a couple of restaurants in Toronto." he looks at Mari. "I mean it's a nice suit, right?" he's not putting it all together.

Marianne snorts "You're adorable and slightly clueless. It's the most expensive suit money can buy, or one of them. It would be like driving a Ferrari to a demolition derby? Are you picking up what I'm putting down?"

Darcy clearly is and nods "You're still growing kid. You might not even fit it in 6 months. It's an interesting choice of gift from your uncle, and VERY generous."

Vincent considers it. "I get it .. sort of." he bites his lip. "Uncle Vincent wears suits like this." he pauses. "I mean I know he really liked my mom. And always watched out for us. Mom just refused to ask him for money ... I mean he would have helped. He always told Mom ... if she or I needed anything to just ask." he looks at Darcy. "I didn't ASK for the suit. I just told him I was going to the formal and the suit came in the mail like a week later."

Darcy gives Vincent a comforting look "Not a judgement on YOU or your Mom Vincent, just surprising. I mean he must really care for you and that's awesome. For the record, I had no clue what the brand was. If you end up getting clothes as gifts from me , they were probably from a bargain bin." She laughs "It's Mari that knows fashion."

Marianne wrinkles her nose at her sister and then nods at Vincent before asking "So is the weird rich Uncle...single?"

Darcy kicks at her sister's leg, uncrossing it with the impact "Also OFF LIMITS!"

Vincent smiles. "I have like 2 good pear of jeans and a few pair of really worn ones. Plus a bunch of t-shirts and hoodies. Sneakers, a pair of boots AND the dress shoes." he tells her. He'd been able to put everything he owned in a single army duffel. Then he looks at Mari. "Um ... he is but ... he's all the way on the other side of the country in Toronto anyway."

Marianne rolls her eyes "My two could be related by blood." She dismisses the single uncle idea "Ick long distance relationships. I've never been much of a moaner for a cam. Plus it just needs to be ...tangible....local is good. Hey Darc, there's a BC specific dating site now. Table for Two. You can input girl on girl preferred. I just signed up, classier than Tinder."

Darcy's eyes go wide at her sister "You are just allergic to PG 14 aren't you? And NO to online dating. It's like small talk with typos......"

Vincent come close to chuckling, until Marianne mentions moaning. after that, he simply gapes as if he can't believe she'd say that .. around ANYONE.

Marianne sees the look on Vincent and her sister's face and throws her head back sighing "Ok I'll tone it down. Geez, he's a teenager and he has access to the internet. You'd think he'd know it all anyway."

Darcy narrows her eyes at her sister and chides "Yes, but he's family now, and whether he knows or not, we don't talk like that in a family....I know you do to me Mari, but adult to child, just no." She's clearly laying down a law right now.

Vincent blinks. "I have access, yes. And I've found a couple virus free sites and a lot of reading material, but ... STILL." he protests and sighs, looking at Darcy lay down the law, which is very touching for him. "Listen Mari. My family was never terrific. Not with my Dad. SO it's not like I haven't heard it .... and SEEN it before but ..... its different for me." he bites his lip and looks at Darcy. "Which kind of reminds me .... I was going to wait until Christmas, but my mom let me open one present on Christmas Eve so I'd like to carry on that tradition with you, if I could."

Darcy grins "Hey we can make whatever traditions we want so I'm game. Plus you both know I work tomorrow right? We could do them all tonight and I'll hang a stocking on your doors before I take off in the morning...I mean uh Santa will..." she jokingly corrects.

Marianne looks humbled by the laying down of the law and then squees "Presents!!! Darc you got me a stocking? Awww! I didn't get small stuff for you so I can do one back!"

Darcy smiles "That's OK....some of it's practical, like Mom does."

Marianne laughs "Vincent get ready for toothpaste and deodorant in your stocking."

Vincent laughs. "Well if it isn't too big, you can leave it in front of the door." he offers. Then he gets up. "ONE second ....." and dashes into his room, coming out with an envelope and handing it to Darcy. "I thought of a new name I want to call you, but if its not okay with you .... we can go back to the way it was Aunt Darcy."

Darcy laughs "They have loops I think I can fit on the doorknobs." She looks curious as she takes the card and then opens it and chokes up tearily "Vincent...." She stands up and hugs him hard "It's very OK kid. And thank you." She sniffs a bit as she hugs.

Marianne watches them, looking moved. She guesses at what the card says. Her sister really did become a mother to this boy.

Vincent hugs her back, clearing his throat. "Your welcome and thank you .... Darcy Mom." he's totally content at this point. Then he pulls back, wiping at his face and clearing his throat again. "So .... um ... presents .. or food?" he asks, working on changing the subject, the embarrassed man-boy.

Marianne breaks the awkward for Vincent "Alright enough mush you two. Here....take these." She hands each of them a wrapped box. "It's no Nero Santini but Old Navy had some good sales." She jokes.

In Vincent's box is a nice maroon plaid shirt, light grey t shirt and a simple grey sweater. Marianne is very good at guessing at clothing sizes so it will all fit.

In Darcy's box is a gorgeous forest green sweater and a pair of black corduroy pants in her size. She pulls them out and looks truly grateful "Oh thank you.....this is great."

Marianne jokes "The pants were tight on me, so they'll fit you perfectly. I do not have the luxury of a police gym and a training schedule so I just have to try my best with Jenny Craig and forcing myself to get to spin classes. I've been trying to do yoga...but it's so BORING....."

Darcy laughs "Maybe try another type. There are lots of them. You mentioned that before, so uh here.....this might be a love/hate gift."

Darcy reaches under the tree and hands Marianne a similar sized box. Inside it are yoga pants and a cute yoga tank top style top and a Yoga Ashtanga DVD. "That's the one I've been doing. It's more active so you won't get bored."

She then digs for a gift bag and passes it to Vincent. It's oddly heavy and feels like something made of metal through the bag. Inside is a pasta maker and a whole kit of little tools to make every kind of pasta anyone could wish for.

Vincent takes his present and smiles wide. "Old Navy ... WOW! I actually like their stuff, but don't get myself a lot of new clothes. New school outfits." he laughs at the yoga gifts and presents it to Mari. "This sort of looked like something you'd like." it's a large box of samples or all kinds of perfumes in little one ounce bottles. "I almost went for make-up but ... I have no CLUE how that stuff works." then he is distracted and looks in the bag. His jaw drops. "WOW! Darcy Mom ....." he sounds amazed and throws his arms around her. "This is ... WOW ...." one can see his brain is already making dish after dish after dish of pasta. Darcy definitely won the best gift from family. "Best. Christmas. Ever!" he proclaims. "I'm tempted to put this in my room under my new poster." which he put up the second he got home.

Marianne beams at the yoga stuff and then ooohs at the perfumes and sniffs a few "I do love perfume......that one's nice....just a hint of orchid....almost a light Channel....thank you Vincent, And thanks Darcy, I'll try this. Maybe by NEXT Christmas I'll be as fit as you."

Darcy waves off Marianne "You look great. Stop beating yourself up." She gets hugged by Vincent and laughs, hugging back "Good. I'm glad. You know you can put it in the kitchen right?" She teases "You don't have to make pasta in your room....I know you like your room though."

Vincent smiles, pleased he got something Marianne likes. "Oh I know I can and I will. Just .. I love that poster." he chuckles and looks at Marianne. "Fi gave me a poster that says 'real men play the harp' .. I think I'm going to put it in a clear frame next year." he considers. "You really DO look great, Aunt Mari. Can you cook pasta? I can make you some for special occasions if you can't make it here."

Darcy smiles and nods "It's very cool. I like Fiona. You two are good together I can tell. I should go check the food."

Marianne beams at the compliments and replies "Yeah I cook pasta. I just cook less now...the carbs. But I'd eat some if you made it."

Enough time has passed that Darcy takes out a beautiful meat pie with a perfectly golden crust. The smell is heavenly. She had already made the salad so she takes that out of the fridge and unwraps it and then sets the table "Still needs to cool for a few minutes."

Vincent beams. "I feel the same way about Fi." he admits. Then he looks at Marianne for a wile. "I bet they have recipes for low carb pasts..." he inhales and looks towards the more immediate food. "I'll look for something ...." he looks at Darcy. "Why does it need to cool?" he asks, almost insanely. "I'm STARVING!" he announces, although that seems a fairly regular state for him.

Darcy laughs "Just for a minute kid. You'll live." She pours glasses of water for them all for the table and then goes to cut into the tourtiere making the smell completely fill the air. She cuts three nice big slices and puts each on a plate.

Marianne nods and moves towards the table "Yeah as long as it's not some weird quinoa thing. I hate that stuff.....God that smells good. Hey you didn't open Mom and Dad's gift Darc. It's the same as i got. Spoilers.....Metaway now makes vacuums."

Darcy exhales in a huff "We have hardwood floors....what am I going to vacuum?" She sets the plates down "Ok come eat. No grace. Don't tell Mom and Dad." She says with a smirk. She looks at Vincent and blinks a bit. Their first Christmas. He called her Darcy Mom, which made him very fully her son.

Vincent drags himself from the couch to the table as if he can barely make it in his starved state. Then he sits and watches the plate come this way. "Tell him I vacuum the curtains ... which I do ... but only like once a month ..." he admits and inhales. "Thanks Darcy Mom." he decides he really loves that name, as he picks up his fork and digs in with his new family.

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