Sunday, December 4, 2016

Too Close for Comfort - Megan, Kitty, Gino, Heather, Sam, Josh, Susan, Adum, Rich

****ic this happened around November 28th****

Megan walks into the shop looking an odd combination of elated and run down. She's holding a travel mug that smells like strong ginger tea. She greets Kitty with forced enthusiasm "Hot date with which one tonight?" she teases as she goes to hang up her jacket. As soon as she lowers her arms after, one hand flies to her stomach and she can't hide a little grimace. She grabs for her salted crackers in her purse and eats three at once.

Kitty has her head down looking at an invoice. "Gareth. He rarely does dates ... so its special. I ..." she looks up and arches her brows. "Oh, you're still sick!" she exclaims. Blowing out a breath she comes around the counter. "Let me call Heather? She's going crazy when she isn't working anyway. I think those visits just frustrate them both."

Megan holds up a hand "No no I'm OK...I mean she could maybe come in as back up...but....shit Kitty I just have to tell you. Because clearly this is going to be a long phase of this." She beams through her cracker dust and crumbs still on her face "I'm not sick, I'm pregnant."

Kitty freezes and stares. Then, like a siren she squees! "Oh my GOD ... really? SO SOON?" she beams. "You two don't fuck around ... well .. pardon the pun." she giggles. She looks at her again, as if trying to see the bump.

Megan laughs "I think it must have happened on the first go but it's all good." She notices the direction of Kitty's stare and pats her abdomen "Nothing to see for awhile and I promise to hide in the back once I'm a hippo. I'm just so queasy right now. Most of the time I can't even puke, just the yuck feeling. Where are you and Gareth off to?"

Kitty looks impressed. "Super Brate Sperm." she teases. "And yea .... I was thinking about that, but it's alright ... theres a bathroom in there and everything. Just can't scare the customers with ..." she pauses. "I SUPPOSE we could try maybe doing something about orgasm during pregnancy ...." she fades away and then shakes herself. "Oh, well theres a nice little place in White Rock ... so dinner .. then he gets the show. Or I do .. either way." she giggles.

Megan mock bats her eyelashes at Kitty "Are you offering me orgasms again? Live product demonstrations? I'm quite confident I can still get there when I'm not pukey." Megan joke flirts with Kitty this way frequently but is very decidedly not actually suggesting the do any of it, just a comfort zone in their friendship. "That sounds like a nice night."

Kitty winks. "I HAVE to .... your husband won't let me install cameras. Damn prude." she dramatically rolls her eyes. "I think it will be. Gareth is a dear. He'll NEVER be serious, but it's not an insult because he'll never be serious about ANYONE. Of if he IS, she needs the keys to the city!" she giggles and gathers her things. "Oh, Heather might come by tonight to pick up a new product to test. With Tom being in jail, she's flying solo again."

Megan giggles "I'll work on that. Maybe a late Christmas present for you and Gareth..." she teases and then asks "Do you want Gareth to get serious? I figured that might be a know...with Sam..."She moves to the till, glancing at the day's receipts "Oh yeah, Heather can get whatever she needs to get through this slump with Tom. Can you even imagine? "

Kitty squeals again. Sold!"n she rubs her hands together, greedily. "Oh no ... someday ... it'll be Sam. I figure ... another decade." she estimates. She blows out a breath. "No, I ca't. He does us a favor and ..." she sighs. "Well it's only a few months ... but yea ... poor Heather." she kisses her friend on the cheek. "I need to go make myself irresistible."

Megan gives Kitty a little hug and a withering look "You're already there lady....but have fun. I'm good here. I promise to hit the trash bin if I actually do upchuck." she jokes. She lets go of Kitty and moves to look through the invoices. So far it looks like a nice slow day. She sips her tea knowing that's just the speed for her right now.

Kitty laughs. "I obviously am not, if you haven't ravaged me yet." she smiles and heads for the door. "And no projectile vomiting. MAYBE next October." she giggles and heads out the door.

Megan laughs and waves and then the thought of projectile vomiting gets into her head and she's queasier than ever. She winces and slowly sips more tea.

Gino DiAntoni walks down the street feeling pretty good about himself. He's still trying to figure out exactly what happened with his son, but he is also still basking in the complete freedom of having the place to himself. Which is why he is in need of a new supply of condoms. Before now, he hadn't really visited The Love Shack. The name was far too ... cute ... for him to take seriously. However, going to the mainland was too much trouble before tonight .. so he heads straight for the pink and purple building and opens the door. Even the INSIDE is cute .... he begins a slow circuit through the building, looking at what they can offer him.

Megan hears the door open and cringes slightly and then puts on her best customer service persona. It's a struggle today but she calls out "Hi there. If there's anything I can help you find, let me know." It sounds so much more pleasant than she feels.

Gino is looking at a vibrator that looks like a candy cane dick. The voice makes him look up and through the shelves at the woman behind the counter. Nice! He moves to the counter. This woman has a great smile. "I'm sure you could me find quite a bit." he offers her a flirtatious smile of his own.

Megan catches the flirt and attempts to stay diplomatic. This was a customer after all. She plays along as women do in discomfort, laughing a little "Alright, well let me know then." It's sort of a polite dismissal if he's clever enough to catch that. She flips to the next invoice, her stomach inwardly lurching.

Gino listens to her giggle. This one liked the pursuit, obviously. "Actually I was looking at one over here, on the shelf. The candy cane?" he motions in that direction.

Megan nods politely "Did you need a price? It should be listed on the tag in front." She's pleasant, but all business.

Gino shakes his head. "I was wondering if you had any lubes or something I could use to decorate my own with." he explains, knowing this woman probably loved that kind of thing.

Megan's gotten all kinds of odd questions in this shop but something about this guy was setting her on edge. A bit less pleasantly she said "Third aisle half way down the shelves. Should be anything you need there...Sir." She added the formality to create some intentionally.

Gino smiles and leans on the counter, pleased as punch at the submissive girls use of the term 'Sir'. Very telling indeed. "I like you, girl." he tells her. "Give me a demonstration. Best way to stroke it on and suck it off."

Megan starts to look annoyed now "Sorry, no. We sell the products only. You're welcome to read a testimonial one the website but that's as much as we have to offer here Mister." She's cluing in that Sir was the wrong choice since it seemed to encourage him. Her body language is tense and she seriously fighting nausea now suspecting it's not just the baby.

Gino snorts and reaches over the counter, grabbing the woman by the elbow if possible and trying to drag her over it. His other hand moves behind her to grab her ass and help him. His temper is sort most days but its been a bad week for him. "You know you want to play. Stop pretending you don't."

Megan is taken off guard by the physical, thinking the man just had a rude mouth and gets dragged but not right over before she starts pushing at him "What the fucking hell buddy?!!" In her bartender days, she had a few creeps but not like this and she uses both her arms like oars to try and throw his hands off her on both her elbow and ass. Meanwhile the sudden movement makes the bile she's fighting down find it's way to the top of her throat and she heaves unexpectedly, vomiting in the direction of his chest and stomach. It's mostly crackers and ginger tea but still laced with enough bile to be horrific.

Gino finds his hands no longer in contact and, just as he's about to make another grab, since she is on this side of the counter, she pukes on him, taking him COMPLETELY by surprise. He stumbles backwards, towards the door. "You gross, CUNT!" he straightens, his face red with anger. "You need a SPANKING, little girl." and he takes a step towards her.

Heather opens the door and bounds in. "Megan, I cane to pick up ....." she freezes and takes in the scene before her, knowing she has interrupted something ... and it's probably a good thing she did.

Megan is still coughing but yells "Get the fuck out of my shop before I call the fucking cops asshole!" She spots Heather after and then says "Actually, Heather, call the fucking cops...please." Megan glares at the man now ready to keep fighting.

Gino hears the magic word and turns on the woman in the doorway. "Out of my fucking way, cunt!" he growls, pushing her out of the way and storming out of the door and heading, instinctively, towards the landing, where a ferry already awaits. He still had a date. He could get his story ready while he was with her .... and new clothes.

Heather hits the wall with a thud and slides to the floor. For a minute, she whimpers, her mind back in the hell of her relationship with Ken. But she is able to grab her phone and dial 911, which on the island goes straight to the APD office. "Please help. The Love Shack. I don't know what happened but hurry please." she begins to cry then, thrown roughly into the shadows of her own past.

Being unable to get an answer to any questions, Mert, who doubles as the city's emergency dispatch officer on weekdays, sends a car.

Megan sees the man shove Heather and then curses herself. In her own panic, she had out Heather in harm's way. she should have kept her cool and kept the guy here instead of causing him to hurt her and flee. Still feeling sick but more concerned for Heather, she goes to her "Shit Heather, I'm so sorry. Are you OK?" The horrible man's face was very burned into her brain though and she would be able to give a description.

Heather reaches for Megan. "Am I OK? Are YOU OK?" she turns the question around. "I'm so sorry, Megan. I .. he was like Ken..." she swallows hard and begins to cry again as the door opens.

Sam Wright and Josh Greene hurry in, both quickly scanning the store. In the distance is a whistle that marks the half hour, that most in town safely ignore every hour it goes off. Sam kneels with the women. "Are you two alright?" he asks in his calming voice. "What happened?" Josh has already gone behind the counter and into the office to make sure no one is left in the building besides the four of them.

Megan hugs Heather lightly "I should not have dragged you into this....oh god Heather." She's consumed by guilt for triggering her friend. She looks up at Sam and Josh when they come in and then speaks to Sam as he kneels and checks in "A man came in and got REALLY inappropriate. The he grabbed me over the counter and grabbed my ass. I yelled at him, and threw up on him....I'm a little....flu-ish right now. Heather walked in and I told her to call the cops. He shoved her into the wall. so basically he assaulted both of us and sexually assaulted and threatened me. I will happily press charges if we can find him because that was fucking ridiculous."

Josh comes back into the main part of the store in time to hear the accusation. "Tall guy? Like six-one. Black hair, brown eyes, slim build?" he asks and looks at Sam, masking his emotions.

Sam watches the women and then turns his head to look at Josh, grim faced.

Megan nods, letting Heather go "Yeah....has he been reported before? Given how fast he went from flirt to smut, I would be shocked."

Josh moves forward. "I think we need to take you two into the clinic." he says. "Just to make sure there no other injuries." he blows out a breath and nods at Sam.

Sam moves to help Heather. "Come on." he encourages. "I'm afraid you're going to have to close up early, Megan." he doesn't smile as he leads them to the cruiser, wondering who is going to tell the Chief .. and not envying them a bit.

Megan sighs, standing up "Let me put the cash drawer in the safe and arm the building." As she starts walking she shudders and grabs for her stomach again and then grabs her tea at the counter and takes a long sip, closing her eyes. She looks like she's wading through feeling very under the weather as she turns the key and opens the till "Can I ask his name at least?" She picks up the cash drawer and waits for the answer.

Josh watches her and moves with her. "Are you alright?" he asks as she grabs her stomach. He considers her question, and for a moment it seems he will not answer. "Gino DiAntoni." he nods towards the drawer. "Now come on .. I think you need to see the Doc now." if something happened to her, Adum would tear people apart before he could think about it.

Sam settles Heather in the car and waits for Megan. She is crying and he figures this whole thing may have triggered memories of her own abuse.

Heather simply sobs, trying to find that inner strength. But she still doesn't think she is as strong as others think she is.

Megan leans down to put the cash in the safe and spins the dial. As she stands up she heaves again but there's nothing left to come up so it's a horrible sounding dry heave "Sorry Josh....bit...flu-ish." She spits in the garbage can and steadies herself on the wall "DiAntoni, why is that familiar?" She's disoriented from how she feels and the assault "He didn't actually do much to me but I'm worried about Heather." She grabs her jacket and puts it on and pulls out her keys "I'll meet you at the car. I need to do the alarm."

Josh doesn't answer her, and doesn't go to the car. He stands right beside her as she sets the alarm and walks with her to it.

Heather has managed to stop crying and is looking out of the window but across the street, blankly, her hand resting on her scar.

Sam watches Josh and Heather at the door and wonders exactly which if them will get to go to the station and tell the Chief.

Megan gets into the car beside Heather after the alarming and hugs her again, seeming no too worried about passing on her "flu" "Hey, are you hurt Heather?"

Heather takes in another deep breath. "No, I'm not hurt." she replies. "I just feel so stupid. He didn't hurt you, did he?" her eyes look anxious.

Josh gets in on the cruiser and sighs deeply. "Alright, Wright. You take them to the clinic." he commands. "I'm going to get Rich Newcastle and .... talk to the boss." he volunteers.

Sam looks relieved. "Fine by me." he likes Adum, but isn't interested in giving him negative news. Newcastle was younger than Josh but older than Sam. Maybe 44 years old or so. In a town this size, it wasn't impossible he may even have babysat the good Chief back in the day..

Megan shakes her head "You are NOT stupid. The situation was stupid. I'm OK....just a little shaken up. That was just disgusting. Even when I bar tended, they weren't that bad...."

Heather shrugs and is about to reply when they pull into the clinic parking lot and stops at the back of the building. Its only a few doors down. Sam gets out as does Joah, opening the doors for the ladies.

Josh opens Megan's door and lets her get out. She's an independent one. Closing the doors after Megan gets out he moves around to the drivers side and gets in behind the wheel.

Sam nods to both women. "Let's go on in the back here." he doesn't mention its the emergency room entrance. "See if the doctor has a minute."

Megan knows most of this is for Heather. she's fine really, more mad than scared, or so she's telling herself. She acts like she's part of the team with the cops, linking her arm through Heather's and being comforting. "Ok boys, I can take it from here if you want. Or is there paperwork?" She sips her tea, fortifying herself.

Susan glances up at the sound of the back doors and rushes back. "What's going on? Heather? Megan?" she motions to the back room. She doesn't see any blood, so she is assuming its something else."

Heather tries to calm herself again. "I'm fine, really. I just got pushed is all. Really."

Sam walks in and helps then into the tiny exam room. "Heather was shoved. Megan was grabbed." he looks at her. "The suspect has been tentatively identified as Gino DiAntoni, so we want this official."

Nodding Susan motions for both women to sit. "Then out, Sam. I'll let you know when you can come in again."

Pulling into the police parking lot, Josh parks the cruiser and gets out. Walking into the station, he sees Newcastle and motions to him. "With me."

Rich Newcastle was about to bite into a donut, a sad but sometimes true stereotype. He looked embarrassed as the lieutenant called on him. "Yes Sir." He jumped up from his desk and hoisted his belt, trying to look pulled together.

Megan sits down in the room and smiles awkwardly at Susan "Sorry about this. Just one of those days with gross men in the world."

Susan arches her brows at Megan. "I see..." she turns to Heather first. "Alright. Tell me what happened. How were you pushed? Did you hit your head? Was it more than just a push?"

Heather sighs deeply, gathering up the little bit of strength she has. "I was coming to pick something up from the shop. A man was there saying something about spanking Megan. Then he turned, saw me. Megan told me to call the police and the man shoved me aside and ran."

Susan nods and writes it down, then touches the arm Heather indicates. "It doesn't look serious, thank goodness." she reports. "How about you go on. If you need a ride home ..... if not i bet Sam can get someone from the station to walk you."

Heather sighs. "I .... I can walk home." she tells herself, not exactly sure if its truth or lie.

After looking at her for a few seconds, Susan nods. "The police will probably being you a report to sign and to get your statement.."

Heather nods, sighs and leaves. She can be heard softly talking to Sam before things get quiet again.

As the accordion door closes again, Susan looks at Megan. "And you?" she looks at the coffee mug in Megan's hand, smelling the ginger.

Megan starts out as casually as can be like it's an annoyance "Oh just some creep. I mean you know what we sell. You get a gross guy every now and then and his one was worse than the normal garden variety. He started asking me to demo product and I told him no. Then he got physical and I had to fend him off. It helps that I'm a little queasy so I threw up on him......but I was defending myself.....I was fine really....I mean he was tall...but I was...." All of a sudden Megan chokes on a sob "Really I was...OK..."Another sob takes her and finally she admits "I'm really glad Heather came in..."

Susan listens, while nodding and looking at Megan. "Tell me hos he got physical?" she asks. "Did he slap you, or punch you ... and if he did where?" she takes Megan's hand. "I'm really glad she did, too."" she admits.

Josh knocks and waits to be told to enter before he does, with Newcastle behind him. "Adum." he is already using the Chief's first name. "DiAntoni is at it again. This time ... it was Heather Ruby ... and Megan."

Adum was looking through some reports when Josh knocked. He is on his feet in an instant. "Is she alright?" he demands, first thing. "What'd he do to them ..." part of him wants to know and part of him doesn't.

Megan shakes her head, sniffing "No...he grabbed my elbow...and my ass...and told me I wanted to play. Called me a cunt and then threatened to spank me. I think it's more the words even...."She shudders "And what he wanted to do that what he actually did."

Rich's eyes go wide at Josh's words. The chief's wife? He looks at Josh, wondering if he's hear for moral support or to help with possible restraint.

Susan begins to write it all down, in dry medical terns. "Yea ... I've dealt with some real losers in my own time." she takes her pulse and checks her respiration, followed by her blood pressure. "You seem fine. How's your stomach going? Just morning sickness or ..."

Josh looks at Josh, evenly. He's known this man for a long time. Made friends with his father back in the day. "It sounds like he was trying to grab them." he reports. "They're at the clinic. I'll take over for the rest of the day." he says, knowing that is probably what is going to happen anyway. Adum is usually pretty good at keeping his temper, but ... it never hurts to have a little backup.

Adum listens and closes his eyes. His entire body tenses. Gino DiAntoni grabbed his wife? "Get their reports. Make then thorough. Send someone to his house. And if he isn't there, I want the ferry landing watched. I want that son of a bitch in a cell as soon as possible." he bites his lip. "I'll be at the clinic." he leaves his office and storms out, using the walk to collect his temper.

Josh looks at Newcastle. "Alright. I didn't need you after all. Thank God." he blows out a breath.

Rich looks like he's just deflated as Adum leaves and then says "Sir, if I may, some warning?" His eyes get big and he shudders "Brate's wife. Oh my god that guy. Did he KNOW?"

Megan nods along with Susan until she says morning sickness and she chuckles "Did Michelle tell you? I guess it's just on my file now huh? Yeah it's morning sickness. I think that's also why I just broke's just me anymore. If could have hurt the baby..." She bursts into a new round of tears,

Susan laughs. "Yes. Michelle made the file. I was going to call and ask if you wanted the ... mixed bowl .. so to speak. A doctor to see you through, but I'd have nothing to do with the delivery unless you needed me ... and lets hope you NEVER need me." she grins. "Babies are tough ... but I'm glad things didn't go too far." she blows out a breath. "And with this report as well as others ... this guy is going to be arrested. I'll bet my stethoscope on it."

Josh shrugs. "Sorry about that. I really just wanted to get that done. Adum is usually so even tempered but ... this IS his wife." he sighs. "But when we bring DiAntoni in ... watch him. Adum is a professional, but he is also a husband." he blows out a breath. "DiAntoni couldn't have known who Megan was ... or hes suicidal .. one of those."

Megan nods through her tears "Yeah I think I want both...but a home birth if circumstances allow it. I know I can't plan how it goes...I'm not naive." She looks at the report in Susan's hand "How many women has Gino DiAntoni done this too...or worse than this?"

Rich agrees with his expression and body language. He would watch Adum. Then he says with a snort "Now I really need that donut. Shit....'

Josh snorts. "I need one too, honestly. Let's have two." he motions to the door. "And coffee ... then I'll ... go in and do Chief stuff."

Susan smiles. "I have no problem playing back-up." she assures the young woman. "And ... I don't think he's done worse, but there are a few." she sighs. "The question is ... is it all worth it ... he could get more ... I don't know..."

Asum brushes in and moves in, knocking on the door and opening it even before he hears permission. "Megan." he moves to hug her, looking at Susan for the bad news.

Megan sees Adum and is determined to look OK so he doesn't worry but as soon as his arms go around her she crumples into them and just sobs again.

This is the most relatable the lieutenant's ever been for Rich and he follows him eagerly."Alright Sir...just don't tell my wife I had two. she's trying to get us on this whole paleo thing. I don't even know what it means...."

Josh looks at Rich. "Paleo? You only eat pale foods?" he looks at the doughnut box. "Then I'll take a chocolate." he nods and takes it, and bites in. He needs something ... back in the damn saddle again.

Susan grins as Adum hugs his wife and she finally lets her guard down. "She's physically fine, Adum." she pauses. "They BOTH are." he assures him. "But I want her to take the rest of the day off. Alright?" she scribbles and works to finish the medical report.

Adum holds Megan. "Yea ... I already took the rest of the day off. They'll let me know when they bring in DiAntoni." his eyes narrow.

Rich nods, thinking hard "No she says it's like a cavemen thing. You eat what you could gather or hunt back then....I hunt donuts though, every day." He says and takes a big bite of a maple one.

Megan sniffs and pulls back from Adum "I'm really NOT trying to be one of your case reports. And if it's any consolation, I puked all lover his shirt."

Josh arches his brows. "On Alexandra that's .... kitchen gardens, cats, dogs, rabbits and raccoons." he tries to think of something. "Well ... there's ice fishing ... the inlet's freezing more and more everyday." he sighs. "Maybe I SHOULD take early retirement......"

Susan pulls back a bit, giving the newlyweds a little space.

Adum sighs. "Well, it's too late for that now." he tells her. "Sam is taking Heather's report and then he is taking her home. I'm going to take you home and someone will drop by later to take your statement." he shrugs. "Megan this man is grabbing women all over Alexandra. This ... you .. are the most aggressive yet. I can arrest him now ... and at least get him the hell off the island."

Megan closes her eyes and leans on Adum for a moment and then says "This is Vincent's dad isn't it? The kid you've been talking about. The name...and I can see it in the face although the kid's is kinder. What will happen to Vincent?"

Rich thinks "Had an uncle who cooked up coon sometimes. It was gamey, better as burger than a steak mind you. Rabbit just tastes like chicken. You fish?" He casually nibbles at his donut some more.

Josh nods and pours himself some coffee. "Well you know cooking coon here will get you in a LOT Of trouble with Parks. But yes, I fish. I live on a houseboat. Sometimes just go out my front door, sit down and fish the shallows." he snorts. "You've been on this island a while, right?"

Adum nods. "Yes. It is." he blows out a breath. "Well, he went and moved in with Darcy Lynch on ... November 26th ... Yea ... last Monday in November." he frowns slightly. "I'm told he didn't tell his father, but his father hasn't reported the kid missing yet." he shrugs. "I am hoping Vincent can stay right where he is."

Rich nods, mouth full, chewing in a circular pattern before he swallows "Oh yeah, grew up here. My Uncle only cooked them if he hits them with the truck. Fair turn around and better than muskrat he says. Good fish out that way."

Megan wipes at her face, starting to calm down at the good news about Gino's kid being out of his path of harm at least. "I'll do whatever it takes to help lock this guy up Adum."

Josh blinks twice and then chuckles. "Well ... I'd agree ... just don't tell the Chief. Karma isn't exactly a legal defense."

Susan hears Megan and signs her report, handing it to Adum and leaving them alone with a "Take as long as you need."

Adum nods a farewell to the doctor and hugs his wife. "Locked out or driven out of town, At this point ... I don't really care which. As long as I don't catch him myself." he grumbles.

Megan looks gratefully after Susan and then hears her husband's tone and tries to reassure him, hugging him back "I'm OK. I used to be a bartender remember?" She's downplaying it now to try and help Adum. It's the yoyo of her hormones, social conditioning and her love for him.

Rich nods a few times but in an upward motion "Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. We're not poaching them Lieutenant. Just not wasting either."

Josh nods slowly and pinches the bridge of his nose. This was his own fault, keeping his distance even from his co-workers. "How many years have you been with us again, son?"

Adum inhales deeply. "I know this may sound all caveman and all, and your sister would probably throw a club at me ... " he caresses her face. "No one will treat you with less than the respect you deserve ...."

Rich beams proudly "Seventeen Sir. Love the job, best job there is. Except for Octobers."

Megan melts a little "I know where that comes from with you Adum and I love you for it." She leans into the caress and then kisses at his hand.

Adum smiles. He isn't completely sure himself, but he always feels protective of Megan and guilty, as if he neglected her somehow. But all he has to say is. "I love you too .... and I will do everything in my power to get rid of this sumbitch." he sighs. "You want to go get that damn report filed? I can have someone bring it to our house for you?"

Josh nods. "That sounds about right. And yes, Octobers suck. Sure, we haven't had a murder or any really REALLY violent crime, since November but ... this might come close." he chuckles darkly.

Rich is taking his cues from Josh about how long this break is acceptable. He pours himself a coffee and comes back nodding "Strange place that way."

Megan moves just out of Adum's arms but takes his hand "Let's go home. I'll be happy to do the paperwork from there. I should text Kitty too. I just feel bad interrupting her date."

Josh nods, slowly and finishes his coffee. "Very. You believe in something ... you live here long enough." he sets his mug down. "Alright .... back to work. Mertyl ... you know the drill. And get Wright in the Chief's office when he gets back. I saw him walking the Ruby woman home." and he moves into Adum;s office, feeling a little beter that he won't be stuck in the job for weeks again.

Adum takes her hand and heads out. Sam is already gone and Heather with him.

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