Tuesday, December 6, 2016

False Alarm - Vincent, Fiona, most of the Reinhardts, Daisy and Joey

***IC November 28th***

Fiona can barely contain herself while she waits for Vincent to meet her at her house to go to the ferry. She's got her little green copy of Fantastic Beasts in hand and she's been scanning it all day. She wraps a Gryffindor scarf she got for Christmas from her brother's last year around Vincent's hoodie. She's wearing jeans and her usual old black and white sneakers with her hair down warmed by the scarf. She shoulders her purse and practically paces.

John snickers at her from the kitchen and says sarcastically "Are you looking forward to the film?"

Colleen glances up from her work and watches her daughter. "I don't think so, John." she shakes her head. "She's probably just cold."

Vincent moves up the walk with confidence. Pausing on the porch he checks himself out. He wears a turtleneck and a grey hoodie under his pea coat. Warm enough. He snaps his arms out of the overlong sleeves and rings the doorbell.

Fiona gives her parents an exasperated sigh and does her best Hermione impression "Honestly, don't you two read?" She lets out a little squeal as the doorbell rings Vincent can likely hear through it and yanks open the door with a big grin "Minstrel! It's today!"

Vincent begins to grin hearing Fiona's squeal and smiles when she opens the door, hesitating. "Yes, it is! Should I even ask if you're ready?"

Colleen listens and smirks to herself. "Hi Vincent! Bye Vincent. Have a good time kids and if you miss the ferry back, just let us know and we'll give you till the next one." she is actually impressed that Fiona doesn't have Vincent halfway to the ferry ticket office by now.

Fiona half waves to her parents "K thanks bye!" She grabs Vincent by the hand and walks so fast it could almost be a jog "OK, I'm a little excited. You?"

Vincent changes his step so it may even appear he is being dragged down the street, but he laughs. "OK, I confess. I am, yea. That was my favorite book of the series." he considers as he begins to walk normally. "Well .... and the first book." he decides.

Fiona practically yanks him into the ferry office and races to the desk "No line up! We rock Minstrel!" She lets go of him to pay for the fares and then gives his arm a little squeeze as they walk to the ferry, just bursting "The first book was pretty exciting, because it was the FIRST of it all."

Vincent waits for her to pay, then grab his arm and drag him along some more, laughing. "True, but also because I SO wanted to be Harry ... getting a letter and going off to a magical place." he finds them seats and lowers himself down wondering if Fiona will just sort of circle the ferry all the way to the mainland.

Fiona sits but her legs are shaking a bit "I think we all wanted to be him...them......Cool to have an American perspective on it all though. Old school New York. I bet the sets are gorgeous. They look like it in the trailers."

Vincent puts his arm around her, hoping to calm her a little. "Yea, they were AMAZING! I can hardly wait." he chuckles. "Wanna swim for it?" he teases.

Fiona leans into him a bit and smirks "Is that your subtle way of telling me to cool it?" She takes an obvious deep breath to show him she's trying but then grips the front of his jacket looking urgent "But there are nifflers!"

Vincent laughs, even when she grabs him by the lapels. "Sort of." he grins and fumbles in his pocket, bringing a stuffed niffler up between them. "I know, right? Love these things!"

Fiona is immediately smitten with the plush "Ooooh where'd you get that? It's so cute I'm gonna die....." She reaches to pet it on it's platypus like beak.

Vincent pushes it forward. "My mom made two when we read the book." he tells her. "She fell instantly in love with them too."

Fiona looks at the niffler plush in awe "She sewed this? Wow that's really special. I'm glad you got to share this with her Vincent."

Vincent grins. "I am too. I bet she'd love this movie too." he chuckles. "My nonna said I should go to church and talk to my mother, but I figured I can do that from anywhere. Besides ... can you imaging me in a Catholic Church going on and on about witches and wizards?" he pauses, pensive looking. "Well ... YOU could. The priests and nuns ... who knows." he chuckles.

Fiona gives him a sad little smile "Well bringing something she made with you is better than freaking out nuns... although I do support that too."

Vincent laughs. "Both are fun. I'm just glad I don't have to go alone." he grins. "Wanna hold her for me?"

Fiona looks honoured "Yes. I'll be very careful. What's her name?" She puts out her hands like she's about to handle something sacred and delicate.

Vincent sets the niffler in her hands. "Sonia ... after my mother." he tells her. "I know you'll be careful."

Fiona holds it up and looks at it carefully "This is so well done. She had a pretty name. Did she sew a lot?"

Vincent nods and looks a little out to sea. "My mom cooked and cleaned and worked a needle and thread every second she could." he tells her. "She was a waitress and she saved her tips for the extras. I wanted to help her so bad, she finally taught me to cook. By the time I was seven, I was doing the cooking almost full time, so she could rest up."

Fiona sighs and hugs Vincent around the waist "She was sick for a long time. And shit you must be a good cook. Seven? I think at seven mine would have been turning out like Owen's."

Vincent smiled. "Well, she got diagnosed when I was eight, so that helped. Dad can make sandwiches and those arent good enough for him." he scoffs. "The last year was the worst. She made me go to school and I'd pick her up from treatments at the hospital. One day she took me to the bank. Told me to dress up and try and play a little older. That's how I have a bank account in my own name. Five thousand bucks." he sighs. "She died a week later." he clears his throat. "I thought then ... maybe nonna would take care of me, but ... she was gone six months later. She tried."

Fiona hugs him harder "It's not fair Vincent. It's just not fair."

Vincent shrugs a little bit. "Circle of life." he explains, a bit too pragmatically for a kid his age. "Nonna lectured Dad every day in Italian to take care of me and all. That didnt work. She told him God would punish him for treating me the way he did, and when she was in the hospital she promised me that she and Mom would watch over me and guide me. I don't think that meant I'd suddenly have this perfect life ... but things have happened since she died that make me think they ARE looking out for me, even when things go wrong."

Fiona exhales backing up to look at him but still holding onto him lightly "You have an amazing attitude Vincent. I still feel like it's unfair, everything you've had to go through. I'm glad we met though because your life brought you here. I hope it keeps getting better."

Vincent shrugs. "Mama said poor people can stand the rain better than people who have more." he grins. "But I think meeting you ... coming to Alexandra ... all of it ... is part of whatever is planned for my life. Think about it. I came here from the city, where things weren't so hot, even by MY standards. Met you. Met Aunt Darcy. Got to record my harp music PROFESSIONALLY, and my Dad can't touch the money. Maybe my life is peaking, but I'm going to enjoy it."

Fiona smiles at him and then says "I'll try and help with the enjoyment part." She tugs him closer by his jacket lapel and kisses him sweetly and a little passionately, not caring who's walking by on the ferry.

Vincent kisses her back, equally unconcerned. He cups the side of her head and sort of revels in his happiness just in this moment.

Fiona can barely tear herself away from kissing Vincent but finally does with a bit of a starry eyed look at him "You're way too good at that you know. I could kiss you all day but someone might eventually tell a ferry type person to hose us down."

Vincent chuckles. "Thank you. They may have to. I just love kissing you." he glances at his phone. "Man .... we're almost there!" he'd obviously lost track of time.

Fiona's eyes light up again and she addresses the little niffler still in her hand "We're going to see your kind soon!"

Vincent laughs and holds them both as the ferry goes in to dock.

Fiona walks with Vincent off the ferry and hip bumps him playfully as they stand at the bus stop. The bus comes right away and she takes the inside seat in a pair, latching onto Vincent's arm and leaning on his shoulder as it starts moving with a little "Mmmm."

Vincent thanks his own god for bringing the bus for his impatient girlfriend and settles into his seat with her and her hum as a little old lady looks at them and pats an older man who also smiles. He tells himself that he and Fiona remind the old couple of their youth. "Fiona, do you like disco?" he asks, softly.

Fiona looks confused by the question "I don't hate it. I wouldn't say it's my first choice though." She notices the old couple looking at them and smiles at them briefly "Why do you ask?"

Vincent hip bumps her. "Because you love doing the Bump with me." he teases and laughs lightly.

Fiona blushes and clears her throat and then starts laughing "Well since you're going to make me wait until we're married for the other kind, I'll take what I can get with the disco kind." She teases back.

Vincent blushes in his turn. "Deal." he pauses. "I just .... Fiona ... I loved my mom, but I don't want to be my Dad ... if that makes sense. And I know ... condoms don't always work." he sighs. "Cause its not that I don't WANT to .... it's..." he blushes and squirms and is nervous.

Fiona shakes her head "Vincent I'm sorry. I was kidding...I'm not trying to pressure you...at all. And I know you're NOT your Dad at all." She squeezes his hand now "I know that nothing's 100% in terms of protection. If we get to a point where we really want to...or it seems like the next logical step....we could consider some kind of combination of methods....or just..." Now she blushes again, but even deeper "Do....other things to....you know....anyway....a conversation for...down that road.....just puttin it out there, not suggesting any of it for now." She drops her gaze awkwardly to the back of the seat in front of them.

Vincent readjusts his coat, glad he decided he didn't need to be wearing it. "Down the road..... yes." he croaks and examines HIS seat for a bit before he puts his arm around her. "How much popcorn?" he wonders. "And soda. I don't want to have to get up and miss a minute."

Fiona looks relieved for the subject change and pointed a finger at him "Not too much soda or we'll have to leave in the middle and pee." She says almost instructively.

Vincent nods in agreement. "Absolutely and popcorn .... one large bucket to share?" he blushes a little bit. He is only now really understanding what a 'sap' he is, but he likes it, if he's honest with himself.

Fiona can't help but find this all very amusing "You really like to plan Minstrel. Yes I will share popcorn with you. I don't care how much even. I'm just happy to be together and see this movie."

Vincent blushes. "Planning helps." he mock protests. "And I don't know even how well I do with surprises. But I'm glad we're together, too." he grins. "You know, if it weren't for you, I'd already know how the movie came out."

Fiona looks scandalized "You'd read SPOILERS! Blasphemy Minstrel, blasphemy!"

Vincent nods and tries to look ashamed. "I do ... RELIGIOUSLY." he confesses. "But i can keep a secret and I won't spoil it for you. BESIDES ... it really IS different SEEING it than reading spoilers on movie spoiler dot com."

Fiona holds up the niffler with a look of mock disapproval on her own face "Sonia is giving you her judgey face.....do you see it? Judgey face!" She giggles and then holds the niffler out "Do you want her back. I don't want to hog her, even though she's the sweetest thing ever."

Vincent laughs and looks mock horrified. "I see .... fifty Hail Mary's ... AFTER I see the movie I DIDN'T read the spoilers for." he puts his hand over the one holding Sonia out with. "Keep her for me. I'll take her back to her hidey hole when we part for the evening." he sighs a little at having to hide her. "When I go to live with Darcy, I'm putting them on a shelf for anyone to see." he proclaims.

Fiona pretends to shudder "Catholic boys are scary." She jokes and then sighs "Your dad would mess with something your mom made you as a kid?" She grits her teeth and then tries to lighten that "Make sure she has some coins or shiny beads, paperclips even..."

Vincent chuckles. "I am easy on myself. Father O'Keeffe would have given me Our Father's too." he nods. "I will. Darcy might let you see it, if I put it in the living room if she lets me. I don't know if she'd let you in my room." he half turns to her. "I'm almost POSITIVE I'm going to have my own ROOM again!"

Fiona laughs "Well you know the rule in my house. Doors open and boys are allowed. Expect my Dad and to routine spot checks and my brothers to shoot elastic bands at us or come running in and leave us with a big nasty fart. Be glad you're an only child." She laughs and then they're at their stop and Fiona practically pushes Vincent out of the seat after pulling the cord to ding the stop bell.

Vincent laughs both at the description and at being pulled from the bus. "I guess that makes sense. I KNOW you aren't into gender stereotyping but ... boys are always treated differently. Could your brother bring girls into his room? Or even sneak them in?" he keeps pace with her through the parking lot towards the theater and, seeing the crowd, he's glad they didn't go on OPENING weekend.

Fiona thinks hard on how to answer that and respect the discretion of what she's recently learned about Logan "Well Logan tended to go out more than have friends in. He snuck in very late a few times and I covered for him." She giggles "Apparently he owes me a few. And Owen well he has friends of all genders and ages but I can't tell if he you know like likes anyone...although I have to say...he was a little goofy....with L." She shrugs "And Seamus is Seamus.' She starts to weave her way through the crowd and then stops short seeing a familiar and unwelcome to her eyes blonde couple at a kiosk. They look like they're not having the best conversation.

Daisy Dale pouts at Joey Piccolo and says "So it's sold out? Let's go see Fantastic Beasts! Please...come on Joey!"

Joey Piccolo looks frustrated and disappointed. "Man ... I TOLD you to dress faster, woman." he blows out a breath. "Fine! I guess we can see your movie." he sighs again.

Vincent grins. "Well it always helps for your brother to owe you?" he grins. "Well ... L is sort of both ... maybe thats a good thing in a relationship? And seamus .... yea. I can't see him with anyone ... unless someone shows up with parents who work for Lego. He's got a HELL of a collection. I saw some of it before you guys moved. He sees Joey and Daisy and watches their conversation quietly from his place in line.

Daisy had done the big blinking crocodile tears when he started yelling at her but then does a little hop and a giggle when he complies "Thank you Joey.....you won't regret it." She turns around and sees Fiona and Vincent and sneers "Look who's here Sweetie." She doesn't even to seem to be trying to be quiet.

Fiona gives Daisy a cold dead glare and then silently takes Vincent's hand muttering "Maybe a dragon will come out of the screen and pick off the weak in the audience."

Joey nods. "Damn right you will." he half laughs. Then he looks and arches a brow at Fiona and Vincent. "Be careful what you wish for, Fiona. Your little girlfriend might get gobbled up."

Vincent tightens his grip on Fiona's hand, but it aware it is there as he tenses up. He opens his mouth once, but ultimately just stares at Joey, keeping choice words in his own head and trying to keep his temper in check.

Fiona rolls her eyes and scoffs "You might have to ask them to turn on subtitles Joey...so you get the plot." She ignores Daisy but almost feels sorry for her.

Daisy starts to retort to Fiona but it's clearly not her area of prowess "Well you're just ugly Fiona."

Joey narrows his eyes and pulls Daisy closer to him. "I'm taking her because she wants to see this movie." he glares at them. "And I'm not going to regret it afterwards." he looks Fiona up and down. "You stock up on blankets like I told you to, Vinny? Cause I bet you're going straight home." he moves up in the line a bit. "Alone."

Vincent inhales slowly, but tenses more at the words coming at them. He swallows and gives Fiona's hand a slight squeeze, but his look at Daisy is actually full of pity. "Just ... shut up, Piccolo." he manages, but his voice is shaking slightly.

Fiona ruffles a bit at his looking her up and down and then shakes her head around like she doesn't care and turns away from them kissing Vincent full on the lips, briefly but with her hands gripping his jacket like she just wants him. She gives him a little grin after and whispers "Screw them....him really. I don't care. We're going to have fun."

Daisy looks at Joey like he's the prize at the fair and beams and then makes a face when Fiona kisses Vincent and mutters "No, not an ice queen.... a slut...." before pulling on Joey's hand "Come on I want candy."

Joey watches the kiss and turns away. "Two for Fantastic Beasts." he orders their tickets, ignoring the looks of the person behind them and in front of Fiona and Vincent. "Anything you want, baby." he replies after paying and taking both ticket stubs, before moving into the building.

Vincent doesn't miss the words as he and Fiona kiss. He tries to lighten things a little bit. "Please don't. We're being monogamous .... and God may know all Joey might have, but I don't want to. And I know he' not." he sighs as the person ahead of them gets their ticket and then he buys theirs and hands one to Fiona, then heads for the doors.

Fiona grins and hip bumps them as they walk into the theatre "You know what I meant Minstrel." She spots Joey and Daisy across the theatre and chooses the opposite side of the room about halfway back "How about here?"

Daisy seethes at Fiona and starts coming onto Joey as soon as she sees them walk in, kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear. She opens one eye to look but Fiona's no longer looking their way. She doesn't want to be shown up by Joey's former interest and ever been seen as lesser.

Joey isn't looking or Fiona, nor is it looking at the screen waiting for the movie to begin. But he certainly drinks in the affection.

Vincent takes the popcorn and his small soda and nods. "Good choice." he sits and makes the popcorn accessible to them both. Popping a couple of kernels in his mouth he swallows. "Salt and butter are nice ... but I really need to bring some pepper ... or seasoned salt to add someday." he looks at her sidelong for her reaction.

Fiona nods "Well they have some by the napkins but it's all weird stuff. Pepper would be perfect, salt and pepper are just right ya know?" She takes a few pieces and eats them and then sips her drink looking at the ads on the pre show screen "Shall we count the car commercials?" She jokes. Finally the previews come on and Fiona glues her attention on them assessing if they're movies she'll want to see too. There 's one called Hidden Figures that captivates her. She looks both intrigued and emotionally affected:


Fiona looks less interested in the trailer for the new Power Rangers but says after "I think some of that was filmed around here."


There's an almost reverence in Fiona as she watches the Wonder Woman trailer that comes next.


It's followed by an absolute juxtaposition testosterone infused trailer for King Arthur and Fiona looks unimpressed and gives it a little shrug.


Daisy backs off a little as she realizes she's not able to affect Fiona. When the previews start she looks a little bored and impatient.

Vincent watches the trailer with interest. "India wants to see that, she said." he murmurs. "It looks fascinating." he chuckles. "Could be. I could look it up, if you wanted.... or the Wonder Woman movie..." he teases.

Joey sits back during the trailer, leaning his head back and making himself comfortable. It had been a long Saturday with Daisy ... but that's one of the reasons he was still with her.

Fiona wipes her hands on a napkin and pulls the niffler from her purse. She had stored her in there so she didn't drop her of get popcorn butter on her. She made the plush face Vincent and whispered "Judgey face!" The movie starts and there's the signature Harry Potter music. Fiona flips from pretending to chastise to absolute joy again. Head lines in England on wizarding newspapers go zooming across the screen and then Eddie Redmayne portrays a perfect sweet bumbling Newt Scamander going through customs in America with a mysterious case.

Daisy leans on Joey, taking comfort in his devotion to her. He surely loves her by now. This movie compromise is a sign isn't it. As the film starts the small part of Daisy that's not beaten down by the need for approval emerges and for a little while she forgets Joey and her insecurities and just lets her self be pulled into the story. In these moments, she's just Daisy again.

Vincent chuckles. "Shhh, the movies starting." he chastises back and puts his arm around her. He smiles, laughs and is surprised at all the right places and is at least half glad he didn't read the spoilers.

Joey has leaned back in comfort and bliss. By the time the beginning credits are done, he is fast asleep.

Fiona's jaw drops at the sets of the American Ministry, the Mecusa. It's like that painting of the impossible stairways but with gold hues and magic. The era of the film really lends itself to the American perspective on the wizarding world. It's like an enchanted mobster film. Little charmed typewriters zip and zing and Fiona practically lifts of her seat with delight. And the niffler makes many humourous and delightful appearances. Newt Scamander's presence is controversial and results in a chase scene of epic proportions. It seems like he's about to be hauled in and an alarm starts quietly buzzing in intervals. Fiona thinks it's part of the effects but frowns at the choice. It's just not the right kind of noise for the mood of this scene.

Daisy notices Joey sleeping but doesn't care. It adds to her freedom to just be. She loves it all. At the buzzing she looks around. Something seems off. A few other patrons get up and walk out. She wonders if they're just going to the bathroom or what.

Vincent also thoroughly enjoys the movie, but the nifflers really take his breath away. He is frowning at the noise and, that frown set, looks around the area.

Joey barely hears the noise, he just rolls in his seat, very possibly knocking a drink on his girlfriend.

Daisy is looking the other way when a coke pours right down her shoulder and she shrieks "Joey! Wake up!"

Just then someone from one of the lower rows calls out "Hey guys it's a fire alarm...not the movie." A reluctant mass exodus begins from the theatre.

Fiona has been trying desperately to watch through the noise and then glances back briefly at Daisy's shriek. When the person announces it's a fire alarm she stands up quickly and instinctively grabs for Vincent's hand, not wanting to get separated in the crowd.

Joey wakes with a start "What the FUCK, Daisy?" he demands and frowns at the noise. "Shit!" it is a testament to his feelings that he takes her hand before he heads into the stream of people.

Vincent stands and takes Fiona's hand, watching the crowd carefully and sniffing. But he eventually merges with the crowd and go outside to wait. He looks at the building and around. "DId you smell any smoke, or anything?"

Fiona shakes her head "I don't smell anything. Maybe someone pulled the alarm thing."

Daisy follows Joey looking positively forlorn "Do you think they'll just let us back in when they get it turned off?"

Joey is still sort of coming to himself. "How would I know?"

Vincent nods and keeps looking around. "Maybe. I don't hear any sirens." he looks around for ... ANY official vehicles, putting an arm around Fiona.

Fiona leans into Vincent a bit and quietly sighs as an usher comes out and make an announcement, yelling over the still blaring alarm "Folks if you could gather at the far doors we'll have some free pass vouchers out to you shortly. Please have your tickets ready to exchange them. We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience."

Daisy crumples into Joey "Oh no.....what are we gonna do Joey?"

Joey snorts. "Deal with it?" he looks at the crowing crowd. "This can take hours and I'm cold. I'll buy it for you on DVD when it comes out." he promises, not adding the part about it being dependent on if they are still together. "Come on." and he puts his arm around her and leads her towards his van.

Vincent hasn't even spotted Joey and Daisy. he pauses a moment, making sure he has his ticket stub. "Got your stub?" he asks. "It's cold. Need my coat?" he wonders as a breeze hits them.

Fiona looks at Vincent "And then you'll be cold? I already stole a hoodie from you....I'll be OK but thank you. I have mine. Let's go do the thing and get passes. Do you want to try again tomorrow?" She starts walking towards the door they were pointed to and notices Joey and Daisy on the way with Daisy now getting a little Lavender on Joey.

Daisy's voice gets high pitched and she tries to pull him back "Joey that could be months. Don't you want to know the ending? I want to know the ending! You promised this movie!" She's getting irrational and childlike in her motions and stomps a foot.

Joey gives Daisy a warning look. "Keep THAT shit up." he warns. "And you can suck the damn tickets from someone else. You get me?" he doesn't raise his hand to her. Not in public. He hasn't yet had to actually hit her, but sometimes she all but begged for it.

Vincent pulls one arm out of his coat and offers it to Fi while he watches Joey. He can hear the words, and he knows the look. Very well. "Come on in." he offers. "I bet we both fit." the coat can hold them both, but it won't close. It would be extra warmth for Fiona.

Fiona freezes at the tone of Joey's voice. For a moment in her head she's fighting him off in his mother's old car while he uses that tone on her as she keeps telling him to stop over and over again. She looks like she wants to run to Daisy and offer her a way out but Daisy goes with him and the van doors close before she can do anything. She shrinks back into Vincent's coat looking visibly shaken. That was an unexpected trigger.

Daisy doesn't argue any more, but just complies with silent tears running down her cheeks as she turns away from Joey and look out the window. She sees the look on Fiona's face as Fiona watches them and suddenly tunes in before closing her eyes.

Joey gets behind the wheel. Now that they are in the car, he can be a little more ... honest. "Don't EVER challenge me in public like that again. Ever." and he starts his van and peels off for home.

Vincent sighs and puts his arm around her. He isn't sure what to say, except. "She'll survive, Fiona." the wording may appear strange. He didn't say she'd be alright or she'd be fine, but she would survive. Intervening would have made it worse for her, he knew. Ad to him, Daisy looked ... resigned. He knew THAT look as well as he knew Joeys. And it angered him.

The crowd passes them and Fiona nods looking like she's trying not to cry. Vincent's word survive make her realize this is a whole different trigger for him and she has no desire to throw salt in that wound for him. She knows how much Vincent already hates Joey, burdening him with her own pain any more than she already has won't help that or heal her, at least she doesn't think so. Trying to look as composed as she can she swallows and starts trying to walk in his shared coat "OK...let's...uh....walk like a coat beast. Scamander would approve." She tries to joke.

Vincent half smiles and nods. "I agree. To the four armed race!" and he works to match her pace. He thinks they may talk about this later. But for now ... their tickets. He gets in the line and waits, thinking silently and looking like he is.

Fiona races with him, happy they can distract each other for the moment at least with some lightheartedness. She cuddles up to him in the line and mutters "You know what we need is one of those swooping evil things....just weave through the line in no time..." she jokes.

Vincent nods and chuckles also. "Who would have imagined a niffler wouldn't come in handy in ANY situation." he kisses her forehead.

Fiona smiles at the kiss and the line moves relatively quickly. they exchange their tickets and have their free pass vouchers in hand within 15 minutes. Fiona sighs and looks at Vincent "So what do you want to do now? We could head back home and just chill out. Or stay around here? Knowing we're coming back I'm inclined towards the first one."

Vincent chuckles. "I thought you might want that." he replies. "Or camp out here in the parking lot. Next movie we bring camping gear." he teases and begins to move towards the bus stop.

Fiona grins, walking with him "Do you camp Minstrel? I've done quite a bit of it. My family likes fishing so it goes together."

Vincent shakes his head. "Big city boy like me? Nope. I've never been, I guess I SHOULD say." he looks intrigued. "Fishing? Really? DO people really still do their own? I mean I've seen the show titles about hunting and fishing, but .... I never thought about it."

Fiona has to laugh "OK that's on our date list now...fishing. It's very chill. You'd like it."

Vincent considers it as they reach the bus stop and stand in the cold to wait. "Sure. I'll try anything once, I think. MOST anything." he grins.

Fiona smirks "I won't make you gut them...the first time. I kinda like it. It's fussy but satisfying when you can tell you've done it right. I know I'm a little gross but that shouldn't surprise you anymore.." The bus comes and she steps on and takes an inside seat again in the same spot they had before and has to quip "Deja vu?"

Vincent grins. "Well .... I've dressed whole market fish before. But that's a little different, probably." he grins. "Doesn't surprise ... kinda pleases. Means you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty." as they sit, he nods. "Or Kismet?"

Fiona shakes her head "Not that different, just a fresher fish. And no I'm not. Braver than some of my brothers even, except Owen. He can deal with the gross, unless it's needles." She laughs "He loves the gross. I'm glad it doesn't freak you out though. I think my morbid sense of humour and bluntness has made a few guys turn and run the other way...perhaps a good filter system."

Vincent grins. "Your brother is .... a very interesting creature." he agrees. Then he considers. "Your sense of humor is dark. Mine is too, in a way. And your bluntness..." he takes a deep breath. "Means I don't have to ask you what you meant ... or wonder if you mean something more or less. It's one of the things I like the MOST about you."

Fiona looks touched and then gives him a little peck on the lips and a hug. She's slightly speechless as Vincent just cut through one of her major insecurities with guys and dating like it was butter.

Vincent smiles after the kiss. "You make it sound like I'm rare. Am I?" as popular as he was in school ... his physical looks and unique instrument fascinating to the girls ... his experience really was limited. But at least that meant he wasn't a man whore, he figured.

Fiona pulls back with an awkward laugh and a blush "Yep. Rare's about right. In a good way." Rare in who he was and in how he made her feel. Shes till couldn't describe the feeling but it frequently overwhelmed her.

Vincent nods. "Then keep me." he teases. "I'm worth it." and he hip bumps her in the seat.

Fiona giggles and hips bumps him back "Deal. You're slim. You'd fit under my bed." she jokes "I'll catch you fishes...my precious."

Vincent laughs. "Sounds like a deal. I can help pay my way by taking shifts to re-convince your brothers of the monster under the bed." he offers. "Ahhh ... and no taters, right?" he mock shudders. "Nasty taters."

Fiona laughs and then without thinking almost blurts out "I lo..." and stops herself with a gulp, not something she can say in jest, not to Vincent anyway. The bus arrives at the ferry and she jumps up and rings the dinger "We're here!" she chimes quickly.

Vincent hears the half word, but pretends he didn't. Not because he doesn't want to. And not because he feels differently. He stands when she rings the dinger and gets off at the ferry landing with her Less people going to the islands at this point. But he holds her hand. "Almost back to our little island." he teases.

Fiona looks relieved he said something, anything and jokes again "Yes Minstrel...because we rule it. hopefully the peasants haven't revolted." She holds his hand and walks with him onto the ferry with a long silent exhale.

Vincent mock snorts. "If they have, we will just find another. Smaller. Just you and me. We can live well, once you teach me how to fish." he finds them seat where they can watch the people and sees a couple that remind him of Joey and Daisy, except they are a brunette and a redhead. He pulls out his phone and begins a web search. If Fiona looks she will see him looking for streams of the very movie they haven't seen completely.

Fiona happens to glance over at his phone and gasps "Vincent...no! What are you doing?" She looks at him shocked "I want to know too....but....come on..."

Vincent glances at her and kisses her cheek quickly. "It's no for me." he copies the web results. "It's for Daisy. She won't see the end for months and months otherwise." he sighs. "Joey ... well he's Joey. I .... know ... relationship ..." he looks at her. "I'll only sent her the Google results. Not even that, if you don't want me to."

Fiona softens "No, send it. You're right. And you're awesome." She leans her head lightly on his shoulder.

Vincent kisses her head, leaning on his shoulder. He opens his program and finds Daisy's text number. He thumb types. "Hide and watch", copies in the link and sends it with a deep breath, as if he isn't sure he's done the right thing.

Fiona hugs Vincent's arm and can't help but steal a glance at what he types. After he sends she sighs "I'm sorry. I realize this is triggering different stuff for you than for me, bigger scarier stuff." She's deferring her feelings to his, feeling like since his struggle has been life long and is ongoing, she can figure out how to handle hers and try to help Vincent.

Vincent angles his head as he sends it, having made to attempt to hide it. Not from Fiona. "It does in a way." he admits. "But that whole thing ... is a trigger for US. For different reasons." he blows out a breath. "I can only imagine your reaction to that whole ... scene. But .. I'm glad you didn't try and interfere."

Fiona leans her head back and inhales saying on the exhale "I thought about it. But it would probably be worse for her. I wish I could help."

A text doesn't come back from Daisy but she reads Vincent's with barely hidden surprise and then quickly pockets her phone before Joey looks over. There are still some nice guys in the universe.

Vincent turns to look at her. "Yea. It would have been." he states, the hedges. "Probably." he licks his lips. "You did ... well ... WE did." his eyes wander around as if he's literally looking for the words. "Sometimes when you're trapped, just tiny simple things can make you feel SO free. And so can knowing people understand and can help get you little things."

Vincent's struggle is so apparent to her she just nods, trying to look reassuring and offers "OK." as her reply. It's in a tone that almost suggests, OK, that's what I'll try to do or keep doing.

He moves forward and kisses her forehead. "You're like ... winning the lottery, Fi. Really." he kisses her softly.

Fiona gets a little misty eyed and whispers his name after kissing him back "Vincent..." she laughs a little awkwardly and wipes a tear as it escapes.

Vincent runs a finger along her jawline and then watches her wipe the tear away. He knew better than most boys the difference from happy tears and sad tears. "Except you hate it when I read spoilers and you can stand spiders." he teases. Better a laughing Fiona, even though the tears spoke volumes.

Fiona smiles "So spoilers equals spiders? " she mock threatens and then quickly reassures "I am joking." She remembers how freaked out he was.

Vincent closes his eyes .. realizes that isn't the best idea, and reopens them. "The threat is enough for now ... thanks." he teases back. "Someday I want to watch some ... spider movie ... but with you. You can handle me when I scream like a 3 year old girl and faint."

Fiona laughs "I'll bring the smelling salts."

Vincent laughs with her. "Thanks. I figured you'd dump a bucket of water on my head and half drown me."

Fiona wiggles her eyebrows "Well I suppose then I'd have to give you mouth to mouth."

Vincent smiles wide. "OK, that deserves something cheesy..." he strokes his chin, thoughtfully. "Oh yea!" he turns to her with a sappy face and big brown puppy dog eyes. "Save me, Fiona." he makes his voice much deeper and adds a stupid French accent. "I am drowning in your eyes." he realizes this line might get him thrown overboard ... and deservedly so.

Fiona rolls her eyes and laughs and then grabs for him ridiculously like a life saving simulation putting on a phony German accent "First ve teelt ze head und pinch ze nose...."

Vincent breathes through his mouth and makes his voice high, as if his nose it completely pinched. "An den wha?" he asks.

Fiona giggles at him and murmurs "An den zee mouths." She lets go of his nose and gives him a sweet kiss, breaking the silly spell but thoroughly enjoying that he played along so willingly.

Vincent chuckles into the kiss and slowly deepens it a bit, forgetting again about everything except Fiona. Finally he breaks off. "Now .... I really DO need a swim." he breathes.

Fiona smirks "This one of those guy code cold water kinda things? We're going to get banned from the ferries." She jokes.

Vincent turns red and laughs. "Exactly." he lowers his head to her shoulder and laughs as if he hasn't a care in the world, then straightens. "I really love Alexandra." he suddenly announces.

Fiona hears his voice say the words "I really love..." and her heart skips a beat. When he finishes with their island she just chuckles "That's good. It would suck to be on our way back if you hated the place."

Vincent leans back and watches the water. "Good point, Boss." he concedes. "My luck really changed here. And it really IS pretty." he glances at her. "Were you born in Alexandra?" he wonders.

Fiona blushes just slightly as he looks right at her but says pretty. She's not hung up on being complimented but if it is one, she'll take it. She smiles and shakes her head "Vancouver. We moved for my Dad's job when I was really small."

Vincent nods. "Vancouver." he takes her hand and looks into her eyes.

Fiona wraps her fingers around his and looks back in his with a questioning little smile "Toronto?"

Vincent is sort of brought back. "Uh ... yea ... born and raised." he admits. "Sorry ... I was drowning again. Apparently I need swimming lessons." he smiles a bit sheepishly.

Fiona gives him a short but firm kiss on the lips, as if to emphasize her next point "I'm an excellent swimmer Minstrel." She doesn't look like she has any plans to explain it and just smiles.

Vincent chuckles. "And a lifeguard, too, eh?" he looks and nods. "There it is." he starts suddenly. "Oh, I almost forgot." he takes her hand. "Fiona, will you ... go to the same movie again tomorrow?" he deadpans.

Fiona giggles "I'd have to set some nifflers on you if you weren't planning on it....or that erumpant!"

Vincent laughs. "Then I guess I'll just have to take the time." he promises.

The ferry docks and Fiona pulls him gently by the hand "We could hang out at my house for a bit if you want?"

Vincent disembarks with her. "I'd love to." he swings her hand. "Your Dad won't mind? I think he likes me and all, but .... " he shrugs. "I guess it's about time he got used to me being over there, eh?"

Fiona smiles "He's chilling out. He was joking around as I left today even. It's cool Vincent."

Vincent nods. "Good. Cause I'm not going no place." he strokes his chin. "If I wanted to learn some new recipes ... who would I talk to? Your mom or your Dad?" he wonders as they pass The Stores section of town. For a moment his mind flits to Daisy.

Fiona looks very hopeful about his declaration and then thinks "Well they both cook. What kind of recipes?"

Vincent considers. "I don't really care, honestly. Anything. Do you do any ethnic cooking? Irish or German?" he wonders. "I'm going to cook for you one night ... once Aunt Darcy moves."

Fiona swings her arm with his "Some. Everything in my house that has chocolate probably has hazelnut....German thing. If you hate hazelnut, you've been warned. My Uncle Mikey makes the best Irish stew. I don't know how his is better than Dad's but it just is. So you could ask him for a recipe but I swear it looks like they use the same stuff."

Vincent considers that. "I've put hazelnut creamer in coffee before, but I'm not sure that counts. When I get the courage, I'll ask for the recipe, for sure. One of the things I do that's a little special is make my own pasta."

Fiona looks impressed "Wow. I've never tried that. Would you show me how? That's SO Italian..." She giggles.

Vincent nods and turns a corner. "Anytime." and he chuckles. "I have Italian pride. And maybe some Irish. My mother has some Irish in her ... But I think that was more musical, so no recipes. Do you have a favorite dish I could try and make for you?"

Fiona shrugs "I like food, most food. My parents have always taught us to try everything twice because the first time you have something you might not like the way it's prepared. So I'm pretty open minded. I do love lasagna though....like a lot."

Vincent listens and nods. "If I can move with Aunt Darcy, I'll ask if I can use the kitchen..." he pauses and considers. "And you like meat, too? And cheese ...." he nods slowly to himself, as if planning something special.

Fiona looks at him oddly "Why do you think she wouldn't let you use the kitchen? She sounds like a total dream compared to living with your dad." And then she adds "I like both. We've switched a lot to ground turkey because Dr. McKinney said my dad needs to watch his cholesterol but I do eat beef still too."

Vincent shrugs a little. "She says I do too much. And she's right ... but I love cooking." he chuckles. "She also told me I didn't have to do the dishes all the time either ... when I dropped Igor off I did her dinner dishes." he nods. "Beef can be bad .. what about chicken and pork. Can he have those?"

Fiona smiles "Well I'm glad it will be more balanced. It's not normal for a kid to do EVERYTHING Vincent. I have chores sure, but shared with my brothers and my parents do lots too. Poultry and fish are fine but the red and pink meats he's supposed to reduce. I like ground turkey though. I'm used to it in spaghetti now."

Vincent nods. "Well .. it'll take some getting used to. I'll have a LOT of free time if I'm not cooking, cleaning and doing laundry all by myself." he chuckles. "I'll think of something .... make a healthier lasagna." he turns onto her street, determined to walk her to the house.

Fiona looks into the idea "Sounds delicious." They get to her new house. "We're not unpacked yet but it's functional. I think we've done the essentials and we're all just slowly doing the rest. Logan has his own suite behind the garage...lucky bum. I still want to build a fire pit out back. Dad's getting me some bricks this week. But it's really cool back there. Wanna see?"

Vincent looks up at the house, his hand still in Fiona's hand. "Actually .... I'd love to." he agrees. "Who will you be sacrificing in the new pit?"

Fiona starts walking with him around the side of the house, past Logan's door and grins evilly "Oh I love...the way you think Minstrel. I wonder what Joey Piccolo's week is like. We could just put him on a spit and let it turn slowly...."

Vincent grins back. "Ohhh that WOULD be nice. But human flesh isn't terribly tasty, they say." he considers. "But I suppose we can feed the Professors dogs ....."

Fiona hip bumps Vincent with a giggle "Definitely dog food." She lets go of his hand to go draw a circle with her foot where she's thinking of putting the fire pit "Right here..." She walks around it "Lots of room to sit without taking out any trees."

Vincent looks at the area and up a little. "Yea ...." he strokes his chin. "If you need a practice dummy .... I can volunteer y Dad." he almost regrets his words ... almost.

Fiona winces at this one. Joey was one thing but Vincent's feelings about his dad were more tragic and serious. She walks over to him and gives him a hug "Things are getting better remember? I know it's not there yet."

Vincent hugs her back. "I know. But he's pushing me, Fiona. It's like he wants me to fight him again." he sighs deeply.

Fiona holds him tightly and says a soft plea in his ear, her breath following warmly after her words "Please don't. I know you can probably handle yourself but....I don't want to think about you getting hurt, ever."

Vincent holds her back. "HE is the one that should worry." he nearly growls. "But ... I won't ... for you I won't." he closes his eyes and promises himself he will hold his temper with his father.

Fiona kisses the side of his head and squeezes him tight as if trying to help him contain all the bad stuff. She finally lets go and then says "Come on. I'll make us some cocoa. It's cold out here and I can't make a fire yet."

Vincent loves the hug. It never occurred to him how much he missed them until he started to get them again. "With hazelnut?" he asks. "Never had it like that." he follows her tot he house, eagerly.

Fiona unlocks the back door with her key "I can do hazelnut cocoa." She walks in and takes off her shoes and then carries them to the front mat. Her younger brothers are watching Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back again but it's almost at the end. Her parents are upstairs. She can hear a TV on in their room. She calls out to the boys "Hi guys."

Owen is glued to the movie and sort of half grunts "Hey."

Seamus twists a hand back and waves, riveted in the movie.

Vincent smiles and does the same. He half glances at the movie as he goes back to the kitchen.

Colleen looks up from organizing the master bedroom after the move. "Was that Fiona's voice? Are they early or late?" she wasn't expecting them back on this ferry.

John looks back from finishing up installing a little lock on their bedroom door for privacy from the kids "Sounds like her. Think she...they're OK?"

Fiona putters in the kitchen getting cups and putting the kettle on. She grabs the cocoa, the sugar, some milk from the fridge and some hazelnut syrup "I wonder if we have marshmallows..." she mutters.

Colleen chuckles. "Nice save, babe." the moves to him, engages the lock, tests it and Unlocks it. "It would be alright if you found out, I think. Just don't snarl if Vincent is here." she teases him.

Vincent bellies up to the bar, so to speak and just watches Fiona. It's nice to watch others cook.

John winks at his wife "It works. That idea will curb my snarling....a bit." He opens the door now "You wanna come supervise me?" he teases.

Fiona sings as she makes cocoa, softly, like she's talking to herself in song. It's an old Joni Mitchell song that she's really singing the Sarah McLaughlin cover of "It's coming on Christmas. They're cutting down trees...."


Colleen walks by, slapping his ass as she does. "Damn right I'm coming with you. Vincent is proving VERY entertaining." and she heads down the steps.

Vincent stands with his elbows on the counter and his chin in his hands, watching Fiona work and listening to her sing. The whole house is warm and inviting, even though it still shows signs of their moving in.

The Empire Strikes back ends and the two younger brothers wander into the kitchen as if sniffing out the chocolate. Owen scoots in right beside Vincent like a lurking cocoa vampire and pipes up "Where's ours Fi?"

Fiona stops singing and turns, staring down her little brothers "Oh alright...parasites..." She grabs two more cups.

Immediately after, John saunters in with Colleen right behind him "You guys are home early? Mmm, are you putting hazelnut in those?"

Fiona giggles and rolls her eyes "Shall I make 2 more?" as most of the Reinhardt's descend on them "There was a fire alarm...we have to go back tomorrow and see the rest of Fantastic Beasts."

Seamus plops right beside Owen and ogles. "Serious? Like a fire and everything?" he marvels. "Or was it TERRORISTS?"

Colleen enters and leans against the counter with her arms folded. "Make enough for everyone except Logan." she advises. "I think he's working late." she looks at Seamus and shakes her head, then lets her eyes roam to Vincent. "So two back to back dates, eh? Nice!" she smiles.

Vincent watches the family descent on the kitchen with amusement. Life in a large family. "No fire. It was some false alarm. No cops, no fire department." he looks at Seamus. "Sorry, man. It was pretty boring. But we got vouchers to come back so ...." he looks at Colleen. "Yea ... back to back dates." he moves his eyes to John, hoping that was alright.

Fiona laughs at Seamus and then sets about to refilling the kettle and preparing more cups. Vincent's and her original cups are almost ready. After she preps for her family she digs in the cupboard again muttering "Did you guys eat all the marshmallows?"

John looks between Vincent and Colleen contritely "As long as it's a matinee. Don't want you kids out too late on a school night." He smiles slightly and walk to the cupboard reaching over Fiona's head "I hid a stash." He holds a bag of them down to her and she takes them happily.

Owen looks affronted "You hide them up there? I knew we still had some more!"

Fiona finishes hers and Vincent's with the drop of a few marshmallows, now melting in and is about to pass him his cup when John says "Wait... sprinkles..."

He walks up with a jar of chocolate sprinkles and shakes some on each cup and then he passes Vincent his "Now we're talking."

Owen practically implodes "And where were you hiding THOSE?!"

Seamus is looking wide eyed. "What ELSE is hidden around here?"

Colleen watches John with the sprinkles and nods her approval at Fiona. John is playing nice .. sharing sprinkles. That's close to acceptance.

Vincent takes his cup from John and smiles. "Thank you, sir." It meant something .. this act with sprinkles. "And of course. We were going to catch the early show and be back here in plenty of time, sir."

Fiona gives Vincent a little grin after watching her Dad. Then she leans in towards Seamus and answers before either of her parents can "Shriveled severed shrunken heads. Don't dig for treats. I've cursed them all!" She grins evilly and spoons sugar into each cup and then the hot water. She follows up with a bit of milk, the hazelnut syrup and the marshmallows.

John laughs at Fiona's antics and shakes on the sprinkles again "You lads are like chocolate and sugar hound dogs. We have to hide it."

Between John and Fi, the rest of the cups are passed out. Owen gulps down a big sip and looks up from it with a blissful expression and a chocolate mustache.

John walks with his and Colleen's over to her with a look that says see I'm working on it. He gives her a little peck on the lips and then offers the cup.

Seamus gets large eyes for a minute. "So THAT'S what happened to all your ex-boyfriends." he looks at Vincent. "Run, Vincent. Run!"

Colleen inhales deeply watching her family and sips her chocolate contentedly.

Vincent grins and looks at Seamus evenly. "If I run ... I won't be able to return the favor and make Italian Hot Chocolate...." he drawls and sips, almost self-satisfied. If the way to Fiona's heart is through her family's stomachs ... he was confident he could win a place.

Fiona wiggles her eyebrows at Seamus, not denying his theory at all and then shifts her focus to Vincent "What's in Italian hot chocolate?" She asks curiously "And have I ever told you that you have a delightfully symmetrical head?" She of course added that for Seamus.

John looked over and chuckled and then pointed at Owen "You've rolled in your food again Owen. Or maybe a face plant."

Owen grins "Saving it for later." He then taps Vincent "Don't worry, I've seen a few of those guys alive after... a few.."

Seamus snorts and goes back to his hot chocolate, although he is intrigued at the idea ov versions of the same thing.

Colleen chuckles. "You can make hot chocolate, Vincent?" and arches her brows. "Do you cook?" she expects he would have had to.

Vincent looks at Owen. "I would expect it would depend on if they wound up on the 36 hour hold in the psych ward, or the 72 ... and of course if any medical treatment was needed BEFORE their psych holds." he nods, as if that sounds right. He looks at Fiona. "Cioccolata Calda ... dark chocolate, of course milk .. the cocoa powder goes on top .. and the corn starch goes inside." he looks at Colleen. "Yes ma'am. I do all the cooking at home. Since I was seven. Mostly Italian, but I love to learn other things too." he glances at Fiona. "I'm going to teach Fiona to make pasta. It's one of my ... I dunno ... specialties, I guess."

Fiona looks delighted by Vincent's explanation of her exes, even though this whole conversation makes it sound like there's a whole herd of them and not just really two significant boys before him. After he describes the chocolate and the pasta making she gives him a creepy little smile "And that's why you can .....never leave me...." She tilts her head with wide eyes to end the point.

Owen shudders at his sister and then downs the rest of his chocolate.

John looks a little impressed by Vincent's cooking experience "Pasta eh? Gotta love Italian food."

Seamus's eyes widen at his sister and he wonders ... if all girls are like this .... he finishes his hot chocolate and obediently puts the cup in the sink.

Colleen moves to and leans against her husband. "Never mind Italian food .. the boy knows CHOCOLATE, John."

Vincent looks at Fiona and tilts his own head a little. "Ever ... Boss." he holds her eyes a moment before he breaks the contact and looks at John. "Absolutely, sir. But I want to learn other cultures. Greek, Irish, German, Scottish ... although maybe not haggis"

Fiona blushes a little as it turns from a joke to a moment and then smiles and finishes her cocoa.

John chuckles at his wife and then catches the moment between Vincent and Fiona. He can't deny their devotion seems mutual. With a sigh he hugs Colleen "I know you and chocolate." He teases and then says "No haggis?" With a snort.

Owen starts back to the living room with the seeming plan of just ditching on his empty cup "Let's watch more Star Wars!"

Seamus looks at his brother. "Wait .. what's haggis?" he looks curious, but inches towards the living room himself.

Vincent looks at Seamus, deadpan. "Stuffed sheep's stomach." he explains. "Stuffed with the rest of the sheep's innards. You know ... heart, liver, lungs ..."

Seamus winces and, without another word, goes back to the movies.

Colleen grins at her youngest son't interest, and at Vincent's explanation, turns her head and buries it in her husbands upper arm, suppressing her laugh.

Fiona giggles at Seamus and Vincent "He's going to think I made that up now." She rolls her eyes and takes Owen's cup to the sink for him, too cheerful to call him out on slacking. To Vincent though, she offers "Are you still drinking that or can I take your cup?"

Owen pops Star Wars the Force Awakens into the DVD player and hits play before sprawling across the floor with some pillows. He rarely used the furniture like a human. He takes off his grey wool socks and flings them casually in front of the TV cabinet.

John replies to Fiona's haggis comment "Blame Scotland. Golf......haggis...I swear they just come up with shit when they're hammered." He strokes Colleen's hair as she presses her head into his arm.

((necessary reference here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcnFbCCgTo4))

Seamus throws himself on the couch to watch, rolling over on his side as the movie begins.

Colleen, recalling the Robin Williams skit that inspired John's words, starts laughing aloud, muffled only by John's bicep.

Vincent bites his lip and hands her his cup. He is not used to being on this end ... the being served. "I'm done ... do you .. need .. any help?" he realizes its possibly only the cups, but NOT working always makes him feel ... anxious.

Fiona looks at Vincent like he's being silly and taps on the dishwasher "I just need to load them in here. Have you seen the Force Awakens? We can go crash in on their movie if you want to watch. I'd happily see it again."

John can tell he's amusing Colleen so he tosses out a quote in his best imitation "Fuck no! Eighteen fuckin holes!" He's never been shy about swearing in range of the kids. Made for some interesting repeats when they were a bit too small for it to be not shocking to some of the neighbours.

Fiona catches what her Dad is quoting now and starts giggling. He had shown her the video of course.

Vincent blushes a little. "Well ... sure. I'd love to. Thanks." he looks at John, Colleen and then Fiona laughing with an arched brow. Not as if he has NEVER seen a family act that way before ... but close.

Colleen finally looks up and sees Vincent's expression and grips John's arm so maybe he can catch it as well. "You need to get used to this level of insanity, Vincent ... Fiona comes by it all honestly."

John does look up in time and sighs quietly. Vincent reminds him of himself when he met Colleen's family. They were so happy and after enough time with them, he decided that even though he wasn't born into that, he could co-create that with her one day for their own kids. He gives Vincent a little half grin.

Fiona shuts the dishwasher and walks by her parents giggling still "Fuck you pool!" She heads to the living room nodding with her mother's words and then tries to scrape Seamus off the couch like she's flipping an egg "You can't have it all....I want to sit with Vincent. Take the chair....and don't make me get the duct tape!"

Seamus tries to make himself heavier. "Sit in the chair with him! I'm COMFORTABLE!" he protests, even as he is flipped out of the pan like an unloved and half cooked pancake. Groaning as if put upon, he drags himself to the chair and finally into it.

Vincent watches all of this with a bemused expression, then moves to the couch and sits. "Best set in the house." he spreads his arms across the back, half teasing Seamus and half inviting Fiona into the crook of his arm.

Colleen watches it and then pulls at John. "Let's go upstairs and finish unpacking." she suggests.

Owen is oblivious to it all as BB8 comes on the screen. They were all just background noise. He loves that little droid.

Fiona curls into Vincent's offered arm cork and teases Seamus too "See? That was easy." She kisses Vincent on the cheek and tunes into the movie now.

John gets pulled and goes with her, chuckling a bit. As they get into their room he holds up his hands "I know I don't say it nearly enough...but you're right."

Seamus rolls his eyes. "Yea, yea, yea. I'll get you back." he wouldn't and they both knew it, but he had to posture. He twists himself so his feet are on the headrest and his head is hanging off the seat of the chair.

Vincent chuckles, folds his arm around Fiona and gets into the movie, perfectly comfortable.

Colleen turns as the door is closed and blessed words flow. "About what in particular?" she asks, coyly. "You know I love it when you tell me the details." she mock shudders in bliss.

John deflates a bit and smirks "You were right about Vincent."

Owen rolls over and puts his feet up on the coffee table. They stink a bit as they moves through the air and Fiona kicks at them until they fall to the floor with a bit of a face "Ugh Owen!" He doesn't even notice her and she starts laughing quietly.

Fiona then snuggles into Vincent and forgets about it.

Seamus cringes from the smell. "Man, Owen!" he turns himself around again, sitting more normally.

Vincent just relaxes and enjoys the movie. He puts out of his mind going home .. he has no curfew. As long as he makes sure the place is clean.

Colleen beams. "Yes .... he's not a beast." she gives him a little slack. "He kind of reminds me of ....." he moves up to him and kisses his chin. "You." she grins. "My poor daughter has her work cut out for her."

John grins at the kiss, his arms winding around his wife "I wasn't beyond redemption....just needed the love of a patient woman." He leans his head down and kisses her intensely. Part way through one hand reaches over, fumbling to flip the new lock on the door.

Owen has seen the movie about 10 times already and since they own it, he hops up at one point and gets out three bags of microwave popcorn. He puts the first in and then walks back to watch from behind the couch until he's ready to pull it out and do the second.

Fiona leans forward past Vincent for a second, watching Owen and smiles. She whispers to Vincent "He can't screw up popcorn. It's just a button on the microwave."

Seamus still adores the movie and watches it like its the first time, but smiles as his brother goes to make popcorn.

Vincent leans his head into Fiona's as she whispers. Cynical to the end, he whispers his reply. "If you say so, baby."

Fiona gives a little shiver. No guy had ever called her baby or any kind of term of endearment before. She always thought she might not like it but hearing Vincent say it to her affectionately, even cynically, hit a note in her she didn't even know was there until now. She bit her lip and looked at him for a minute and then looked quickly back to the movie.

Owen switched bag 2 for bag three and grabbed three bowls. The lovebirds could share and he and Seamus each got a hole one. They were after all growing boys, never mind that Vincent was the same age as him too. Somehow he seemed older. Maybe it was because he was his sister's boyfriend but it was more than that. Vincent just seemed more worldly than he and Seamus. He dashed back out to see where the movie was at and then dumped the two ready ones into bowls while the microwaved beeped.

Vincent cuddles up with Fiona on the couch and returns her momentary look then goes back to the movie. "Do you guys ever binge watch them all?" he wonders, casually.

Owen returns fully and holds popcorn out in front of Vincent's face as he answers before anyone else "If we could agree on an order we might. SOME people have an issue with the prequels." He looks pointedly at his sister.

Fiona rolls her eyes "Anakin is so fucking whiny. I just can't watch."

Owen puts a bowl onto Seamus's lap after and takes his own to the floor "He's not the ONLY character."

Fiona snorts "Oh yeah we've got some other gems....like Jar Jar and Amidala going all Stockholm Syndrome after Anakin basically stalks her and wears her down. Seriously? Not even Ewen McGregor being as hot as he is can make up for that shit show."

Seamus rolls his eyes and grabs for popcorn. "Leave Anakin alone! He's talented!" he stuffs his mouth full and tries to reply but can't. The popcorn is just too good.

Vincent chuckles and takes the popcorn. "You have to admit ... Anakin WAS kinda whiny, then creepy, then just ... you could HEAR his mind snap. He's hard to watch, man." he ignores Ewen McGregor's hotness. "So basically you guys watch in order and Fiona joins in for four?" only then does he take it, only a few kernels at a time to eat.

Fiona grins at Vincent "You get it, and me. I like that. Yep 4 through this one. And I like Star Wars The Clone Wars and Rebels, the cartoon series. I'll watch that with them. Cartoon Anakin is more bearable."

Owen mutters "You just don't like Hayden Christianson. They can't all be Ewen...." he teases."

Fiona tosses a kernel at Owen's head "It's the dialogue as much as the actor. They just wrote him badly..." She trails off as Han Solo says to Finn "That's not how the force works!" and suddenly just has to giggle at it.

Seamus nods his agreement as he decimates the popcorn.

Vincent nods. "I like it too." he nods along. "Well, there were also so many years ... but .. I dunno ... The kid made Darth Vader seem ... less ... frightening .. it was more like ... seriously kid .. get OVER it already. You're a grown-up now." he grins at the Han Solo. "But it DOES get weird seeing the same actors like 50 years later."

Fiona digs into the popcorn "Yes Han and Leia are pretty old...but cute in like a Granny and Grandpa Star Wars kind of way, despite their evil progeny. And I know Kylo Ren is also whiny but his hissy fits amuse me so he's forgiven."

Owen rolls his eyes and laughs "You don't make any sense Fi." He crunches popcorn as he rolls onto his stomach again.

Seamus looks at Fiona. "I never thought about it like that. Leia is GRANDMA!" he gapes a bit, as if torn between joy and disgust.

Vincent laughs. "She makes perfect sense, but you're on a different level, Owen, my man." its not an insult. "Like how they didn't like your KD. I mean, sure it was a little hot, but .. the world just isn't ready for you, is all."

Fiona let's out the beginning of a laugh that comes out more like a hiccup and quickly presses her face into Vincent's chest to cover it. He smells nice, like fresh laundry soap and fresh air from their walk home.

Owen eyes Vincent like he's not sure he's serious "Did you try the KD? I thought Mom tossed it all..."He looks back to the movie.

Seamus's look now changes to incredulity. "No way! You didn't eat that ... it burned nostril hair in SPACE!" he huffs.

Vincent stroks Fiona's hair. "No man. I ... missed it. Your mom tossed it. But man. It might go over at the 10 Alarm. There's a restaurant in New York, I think it is .. all they DO is KD ... you can combine it .. the ... 11th KD or something." he loves encouraging Owen, because it always seems Owen lets nothing keep him down. It's admirable to Vincent.

Owen considers this for a minute and seems the flattery is taking hold. He scoffs at Seamus "What do you know about space nose hairs man? I'm misunderstood, an enigma.....like Poe Dameron..."Now he's really playing it up.

Fiona lets one more giggle escape into Vincent's chest and then silently just re positions herself so she can see and still sort of half sit and half lie on Vincent, using him as a cuddly pillow.

Seamus scoffs. "More like DELUSIONAL." he rolls his eyes. he looks into his bowl. "Damn. It's gone."

Vincent grins. "You are, man. I mean, seriously. Who comes up with the combinations of foods YOU put in ONE pot. Takes a really special mind to come up with that." he grins and sort of absently strokes Fi's hair. Of course, he already knows to ask exactly what is in anything Owen cooks ... just in case.

Owen puffs up with a pleased glance back at Vincent and then flips Seamus the bird before tuning back into the movie.

Fiona scootches up a bit so she's basically in Vincent's lap and then leans in whispering right in his ear "Mmm what are you doing? Do you want him to cook for you?" She teases.

Seamus snorts, rolls his eyes and goes back to the movie.

Vincent shakes his head just the tiniest bit. "No one but you, boss. But maybe he can take those lessons. Isn't there shop next week?" he tells her. "Maybe Recipe reading 101?"

Fiona gives Vincent a little kiss but it's a smidge fierce "K now you're getting a little mean." She whispers.

Owen looks back and sees his sister kissing Vincent and makes a pretend barfing sound.

Seamus looks over and groans, shielding his eyes with his hands. "Oh seriously .. stop. Just .. ewww."

Vincent grins after the kiss and, hearing the reactions of her brothers. "You're training me well, Boss." and he moves in for another kiss, just as fierce.

Fiona kisses him back with a grin, like she's amused that they're grossing out her brothers and then looks back to the movie, blushing a little.

Owen looks back at them annoyed "Are you guys DONE? We're trying to watch Star Wars here."

Seamus's hand is still covering the side of his face. "Yea ... gross."

Vincent smiles at Fiona and turns his eyes back towards the movie. To Owen he asks. "No one is MAKING you watch us instead of the movie, man." he flicks his hand towards the television.

The credits roll finally and Owen makes a face at Fiona and Vincent and then nudges Seamus "Come on, let's go play a board game or something and get away from the mush."

Fiona laughs "Oh come on, we;re not that bad. And do you have any idea how much I plan to bug you guys when and if you EVER date?!'

Seamus scoffs and jumps up the moment the movie is over. "Yea." he heads upstairs barely hearing his sister. "Girls." he huffs entering his room and trying to remember where he packed the board games.

Vincent chuckles and watches them. "Might not be too long, if some of those girls at school are any indication." he hints.

Fiona looks intrigued "For both of them? I've seen a few talking to Owen but he's so clueless it's it's own filtration system" she laughs "I can't believe you and he are the same age. You're so much older maturity wise."

Owen was up the stairs in the bedroom and thankfully didn't hear Fiona's last. He pulls out a box and then pulls out some boxes "What do you wanna play Shay? Monopoly? Snakes and Ladders? That maze game.."

Seamus considers. "Monopoly." he's great at that game and great with money.

Vincent nods. "I see girls after both of them." he reports. "But Seamus just isn't there ... well neither is Owen it seems. Was yor brother Logan like them at this age?" h snorts. "He had a great father." he reminds her. "Look what I got stuck with."

Fiona snuggles back into Vincent at his words about his Dad and then says "No Logan's been pretty charming all along." She laughs "I guess it all went to him and skipped them." She smiles "You know and like me now, but I feel like I fumble through it a lot too....so I guess there's hope for everyone if I had the guts to ask you out."

Vincent grins. "You have charm too, if you know how to see it." he almost argues. "And I'm glad you asked me out." he admits. "I was planning on it but ... if I'm not a thousand percent cure of a persons reaction, I tent to be overly cautious." he shrugs. "Safer that way." he kisses her cheek.

Fiona smiles a bit "A thousand percent huh? Wow, what would I have had to do to convince you that my feelings for you were at a thousand percent to get you asking?" She teases.

Vincent considers. "Man ... I don't know." he admits. "Maybe say a few times that you liked me. I don't know." he blushes. "I just would have had to get the stones to ask ... that isnt always easy."

Fiona looks sheepish "Sorry, putting you on the spot again." She gives him a little hug "You're actually the first person I've ever asked out so I know it's not easy."

Vincent takes her hand. "No .. don't apologize. Please. We got together, so ... that's what matters, right?" he hugs her back. "Well ... then I guess I better make sure you never want that experience again." he winks.

Fiona nods, giggling a bit "I like that plan Minstrel." She pulls back from the hug and looks him in the eye "I like that plan a lot." She leans her face in to his and kisses him gently now.

Vincent gets into the kisses. He could let his hands wander, but doesn't. Especially after seeing Joey's ... asshattery. but he does pull her close and lets himself get lost in the kisses a moment. He has no idea how long it is before he pulls back, but realizes he is slightly out of breath when he speaks. "I'd .. better head ... home ..." he's rather be dripped into Mozul, but he knows its dark and getting late. And that he's too warm to stay.

Fiona is breathless too and nods "Damn...OK. I know I'll see you tomorrow. Text me when you get there safely? Home, I mean." She leans in for one more kiss like she's trying to draw out the goodbye as long as she can.

Vincent moves in for a long kiss and finally stands, taking Fi's hand and leading her to the door. He gets in his shoes and coat. "I will. I promise." he leans in to kiss her again, fumbling blindly with the door. It's hard to open while he is kissing her.

Fiona giggles at his multitasking and then thwarts him just a little, pushing him against the door and kissing him hard on the mouth. He's so cute and so good smelling and so clever and funny and perfect, she just has to. She deepens the kiss for a long time before she lets go, suddenly flooded with emotion and gratitude that Vincent is the guy she's with, not Joey or even someone less terrible than Joey who just for the love of all things is not her Minstrel.

Vincent forgets all about the door when Fi pushes him against the door. He pulls her close and moans a little into the kiss. Suddenly he blinks and pushes her away. "Oh man. I'm sorry ... I ... I'd .. I'd better go .." he turns and fumbles at the door knob. "I'll text you. And see you tomorrow." and he's out the door and into the relief of the cold winter chill of Alexandra Island.

Fiona gasps at his little moan, his reaction to her passionate kiss and then the breath leaves her body as he pushes her away and awkwardly leaves. She leans back against the door, blushing and giggling as a realization sets in. She exhales and just murmurs "Mmm Vincent...fuck you're so cute...."

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