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Alexandra Teen RP Monday Dec. 5th - Fiona, Vincent, L, Addy Owen

Fiona Reinhardt clomps in looking irritated "Mr. Arnett is such a dick...."

Addison OBrian giggles as Fiona walks in .... what's he do NOW?" she wonders.

Vincent DiAntoni sits in the Perk beanbag and holds his arms open to Fiona. "What she asked." he parrots with a chuckle.

Fiona Reinhardt drops her backpack and flops into Vincent "My paper was ONE day late...because I had a computer problem...and he's taking off 20% of my total mark!"

Addison OBrian winces. "Oh man, I hate it when fhe does that." she rolls her eyes and sips her coffee, handing one over to Fiona along with hte Perkatory Discount Card.

Elena Horatio makes a beeline 'i need a mocha latte wiz extra foam to go, please . the tone is neutral but quick 'zank you" he looks like he is in a rush humming softly a piece he has been working on for class '

Owen Reinhardt strolls in casually and drops his bag by the group " and stuff..." He gets in line behind L with an awkward "Oh..heya...L."

Vincent DiAntoni watches L he's slowly figuring out when its male and when its female. Emphasis on slowly. He sips his own coffee ad groans. "Damn, that's not an even if its PERFECT." he waves to Owen.

Fiona Reinhardt smiled at L, not sure if it was caught and then watched her brother do a drive through non greeting but then greet L and raised a brow at Vincent and Addison "Apparently we smell. And the ugly sweaters are back on. Maybe it's for the best. Thanks for the coffee Addy."

Addison OBrian snorts. "And here I dressed in Christmas Green to get in the holiday spirit." she sighs dramatically. "Next time I'll pick color that REALLY clashes with my hair." she threatens in a loud voice. "And Hi L!"

Elena Horatio turns to face Owen and smiles 'ello owen 'he smiles as he waits his order .. L back is to the counter as he looks outside then scan the room nodding to at all and grabs his coffee 'ello he says as he walk to the group 'i don't have too long i have to meetup with my mozer soon ' he states and stands and sips his coffee.

Owen Reinhardt is distracted as L greets him and turns around, following L with his eyes. Finally he realizes Buni is waiting for him to order and turns back around with his face beet red " thing...please."

Vincent DiAntoni rolls his eyes, thinking he may have an idea why Owen effectively ignored them. When L comes up he nods. "Listen ... again ..." he sighs. "I'm really sorry about my Dad." he apologies. "He came home ... and I wasn't expecting him, or I'd have had you out of there LONG before he showed up." he smiles. "But on the bright side .. I moved out that very night."

Buni Chuku looks at Owen and shakes her head, preparing his drink.  "It ain't moved cross da room Mistah Rind-hard."  she chastises him .. but she pics her victims carefully.  She overhears Vincent .. the part about him moving out .. and smiles as she gets Owen's drink.

Fiona Reinhardt watches her brother with a squint and then lets out a little "Hmm" under her breath. She nods at L and smiles at her "Well I'm glad we get to see you for a minute." She looks at Vincent and winces "L met your ...." She looks truly sorry back at L but then thoughtful.

Addison OBrian arches her brows. She's heard about Vincent's Dad. But she doesn't remember any mention of L being in Vincent's APARTMENT.

Elena Horatio smiles at the group then at Vincent 'no problem , i don't blame you for your fazer rudeness 'he smiles 'no need to apologize but appreciate it .. he say softly 'i hope i didn't get you in any trouble..' he winces 'well i glad zat your okay 'eh smiles

Owen Reinhardt laughs nervously at Buni "Yes Ma'am...thank you." He pays cash, a bit more than the drink is worth and says "I don't need change..." seeming eager to get back to his friends.

Vincent DiAntoni nods. "Yea .... L .. was returning my books .. I .. left .. a little quickly after you and Owen started chasing Sebastian." he pauses. "You DID get him, right"? I mean you just forgot to tell me .. right?" he looks at L and nods. "Yea ... well... I didn't tell him I left .. but he hasn't come looking for me yet, so ... I guess its all good."

Buni Chuku considers another comment, but only makes change and puts it under the cash drawer.  She actually has a bit of a tab going with this one .. eventually he'll pay for his monthly card.

Fiona Reinhardt has a look of understanding now about why Vincent didn't bring it up and shakes her head "No Sebastian yet....." She looks at Addy with an I'll tell you later look unless Vincent confesses his fear and then smiles at all three of them.

 Addison OBrian keeps her brows arched. "So .. everyone moved last week? Sebastian AND Vincent?" she nods at Fi.

Elena Horatio nods 'well i hope it all turns out well .. your fazer just gives off bad vibes. ' he exhales looking at his pocket watch and stows it back in his jean pocket and sips his coffee . just listening

Owen Reinhardt takes his coffee and goes to stand beside L, trying to make it look like he's not intentionally standing beside L. His posture is not totally natural though, like he's trying too hard to look casual. He perks up hearing Sebastian's name though and looks urgently at Addison "Did you see Sebastian? He's only 5 you know...they only live 5-10 years the males. Females can live up to 20 though..."

Vincent DiAntoni snorts lightly. "My father IS a bad vibe but thanks. I've been feeling like .. all .. born again." he suddenly looks down at Fi, squeezing her shoulders. "Fi's seen it already, so no need to drag you ALL up there." he blinks at Owen for asking after Sebastian.

Fiona Reinhardt gulps and looks between L and Addison "It's very high up....but nice. Darcy's nice too and that's the important part. Um Owen.....for no particular reason....shutup OK?"

Addison OBrian looks at Owen. "I have not seen your middle aged spider, Owen." she huffs. "Maybe he's off having a mid life crisis with Lisa's spider Consuela. She took off too over the weekend." she rolls her eyes. "I'm gonna demand a leash law for the spiders in this town."

Elena Horatio looks over to Owen blinks 'did you know its an honor to eat large female spiders in the amazon .. my fazer and mozr used to go there .. all ze time as researchers ' he say nonchalantly . sipping his coffee '

Owen Reinhardt gives Fiona an annoyed look and mutters "Why? Piss off...." He beams at Addison "Maybe they'll have babies! Consuela...good name for Sebastian's main squeeze." His head whips around to L "Your parents EAT tarantulas?" He steps back from L as if just discovering some kind of deal breaker "Do YOU eat spiders?!"

Vincent DiAntoni closes his eyes and tightens his grip on Fiona's shoulders ... hopefully not too tight. "Yum." he drinks his coffee like it's a stiff alcoholic drink he needs. He chokes on it when Owen speaks. "Jesus fucking CHRIST!" he protests, although everyone can think what they want about what it means ... spiders reproducing or a protestant eating the damn things.

Fiona Reinhardt has to work hard NOT to laugh at her brother but offers "I do believe it's more of an academic observation Owen." She turns to Addy, choking up and then Vincent reacts behind her and she pats his leg "The odds of them finding each other are really slim though...needle in a haystack..."

Addison OBrian pats Vincent on the back. "They probably won't wind up on the menu. Anyway ... Consuela is a pink toed tarantula too ... so .... it's Lisa's own damn fault for bringing the stupid thing to school for fucks sake." she proclaims.

Elena Horatio shakes his head 'my fazer did once because it would be an insult to the tribal leader not eat a pro offered gift .' he looks at you 'no id don't eat spiders .. i don't even eat meat 'he shrugs .'my mozer cant stand zem but she has a snake an fruit bat name fifi and gigi 'he takes out his pocket watch again checking the time .

Owen Reinhardt's eyes go wide at Addison "That's what Seb is! They could totally MATE!" He looks warily at L now but is over the intentional spider eater/killer fear and intrigued by the other pets "That's rad. I love fruit bats."

Vincent DiAntoni hears Owen and drops his head on Fi's shoulder. he shakes his head and is murmuring something in Italian that sounds a little like the Hail Mary.

Fiona Reinhardt reaches a hand back and runs it through Vincent's hair wishing they would stop talking about spiders before her boyfriend implodes. Finally she just says it "Owen...not everyone likes spiders. Can you shut up NOW?" She lets her eyes dart obviously to Vincent and then looks apologetically at L "Talk about fruit bats all you want."

Addison OBrian chuckles and pats Vincent's back some more. "Yea .. some people just aren't happy with a cat or dog, right?" She gets it immediately and goes from patting to rubbing poor Vincent's back. But she knows Owen can be a little ... dense .....

Elena Horatio looks at Owen 'my mazer likes odd pets but doesn't like the usual ones ..'he laughs 'so .. its more exotic to me if she brought home a dog or cat 'he shrugs 'pardon moi but i must be leaving you all 'he say softly sipping his coffee and waves 'good bye 'he smiles at them and 'i don't like bats either .. zat why i meet her here 'he shrugs as he takes off in run as soon as he is out the door

Owen Reinhardt raises a hand to L weakly in a wave. After the exit he turns, oblivious to the other issue "I had to say fruit bats....I'm such an idiot..." He sinks into a chair with his coffee and stares blankly in front of him. Finally he tunes in "Vincent are you afraid of spiders?"

Vincent DiAntoni sighs, but stops shaking his head on Fiona's shoulder. "Some ...." his testosterone kicks in. "Just the ones bigger thn this. "He basically puts his thumb and forefinger TOGETHER.

Fiona Reinhardt has to chuckle and looks at Addy muttering "Boys..." Then she gives her brother a harsh look and says "About as much as you like needles.....and I like heights."

Addison OBrian winces. "Yea ..... it's holes for me." she shudders. "Everyone is scared of SOMETHING Vincent. "

Owen Reinhardt tenses up and then looks at Vincent "Man....I'm SO SORRY!" He looks at Addison with confusion "Holes?"

Fiona Reinhardt looks back at Vincent and blinks "Girly...traits?" She drums her fingers on his knee to keep herself from saying more until he qualifies that.

 Addison OBrian sighs. "Yes. I know it has a name ... like those holes in frogs or in cement sometimes .. just .. ugh!"

Owen Reinhardt gives Vincent a dude be careful kinda look and then looks at Addison again "I'm not making fun of you...but what IS it about holes that freaks you out?"

Vincent DiAntoni groans. "I didn't mean it THAT way. I just ... ugh" he sighs and massages Fiona's shoulders absently.

Fiona Reinhardt leans back into him and gives him a little smile "OK..." she doesn't press it knowing he's both upset and has some major patriarchal baggage from his father.

Addison OBrian shrugs. "I'm not sure ... but God knows what can come out of them .. they're just CREEPY!"

Owen Reinhardt nods "Alright then. Did you guys have to read that book for school know Holes? Because that would suck for you Addy." He grins at her and then gives Fiona and Vincent a little sigh "You guys make it look so easy..." he mutters.

Vincent DiAntoni blinks at Owen for his suggestion and then looks t him not understanding whats so easy.

Fiona Reinhardt tilts her head at her brother and just outright asks "L?"

Addison OBrian looks at Owen and begins to smile.. "OOOOOOO ... I get it now ....." she smiles. "Just be natural, Owen ... be yourself...." she considers this my not ALWAYS be the best advice but ... she likes him .. why wouldn't L?

Owen Reinhardt deflates "Myself is the screw-up's so confusing." He looks at Addy and turns red, even more confused to be talking about it with her.

Vincent DiAntoni understands now and can't help but chuckle. "But she's right. You really DO have good qualities." he considers them. "When your NOT experimenting, I bet you cook well." he thinks. "And you two both know about freaky animals. and..." he watches Owen looking at Addy. "You both have great hair." he shrugs. "It'll happen or it won't. I was terrified of asking Fiona out ... until after SHE asked ME." he admits.

Fiona Reinhardt smiles at Addy and then pokes Vincent "I made it easy for you and I got to be terrified. Owen you'll be fine. Have you ever ...liked anyone before...this is the first I've noticed...or you've said..."

Addison OBrian smiles and watches. She's known Owen ... forever pretty much. Since she was 5 years old and met the Reinhardts.

Owen Reinhardt grins at Vincent about the cooking and then shakes his hair around like a goof. When Fiona asks her question he almost turtles into his ugly sweater , saying quietly "I don't tell you...everything...." He looks around at all three of them like he's under an interrogation lamp now.

Vincent DiAntoni laughs. "We go back and forth on the terrified front." then he sees Owen and arches his brows. "So tell me." he offers, generously.

Fiona Reinhardt sighs at her brother "It's OK. I get it. I don't tell you guys everything either. Just Addy..." She gives Addy a little wink and then look back at Owen "Vincent is safe. And he won't even tell me if you don't want him to. I thought you had a girlfriend in Germany last year though....did I guess right? Sorry I need to know..."

Addison OBrian looks at Owen with a renewed interest. "You should. We're friends." she coaxes him.

Owen Reinhardt laughs "Nope.....but they sure tried. It was two sisters and there was no way I could awkward." He teases Fi now and points at her "You're the only one who kissed someone in Germany. Sorry, I was coming out of the outhouse and I ducked back in when ...." he breaks off, not wanting to say it all in front of Vincent "You know."

Vincent DiAntoni nods. "In my family, keeping secrets is the first thing you learn." he explains. He arches his brows and tries to remember Rule #1.Germany was a long time ago and she adores HIM now and he's good enough and whoever it is probably can't cook lasagna like him.

Fiona Reinhardt: Fiona groans in annoyance "Ok THAT was a one time thing, a fluke. Don't make it out to be some big thing. He gave me the brush off like right after for someone else." She points at herself "NOT the droids he was looking for." She gives Vincent's arm a little squeeze "And thank goodness." Then she teases Owen, looking at Addy and inviting her into the joke "Two sisters and you couldn't choose between? The secret life of Owen..." she pushes her knowledge that Kurt was in the same boat and did choose and keeps grinning now at Owen.

Addison OBrian watches Vincent and smiles a little bit. She can understand a little of his insecurities. Then she looks at Owen. "Nice dodge .. really it was." she leans forward, her face full or curiosity. "Did you say you had not one, but TWO girls after you? Sisters?" she looks at Fi and nods. "Talk about SEX APPEAL!"

 Owen fully does turtle into his sweater now, blushing and laughing "Oh my god you guys..." He shakes his head around and sits tall again, unable to make eye contact with Addy and deflecting back to Fi "Didn't that guy send you a Christmas card though? Kurt right?"

Vincent DiAntoni blinks and then sags bit. Probably not visibly, but Fiona probably feels him relaxing. "He was GAY?" he laughs a little. "Or bi .. of course." he looks at Owen. "Dude ... I have NEVER has SISTERS after me." he sounds impressed. Then he hears about the Christmas card and blinks.

Fiona Reinhardt giggles delightedly at Addy's teasing and the turtling. She feels Vincent relax behind her and snuggles into him a bit more, rolling her eyes now at Owen "Yeah we're friends, just friends. It aid Merry Christmas...and that's it. Kinda thankful because he can really ramble about some boring stuff." She tilts her head back and gives Vincent a little kiss, not showing a reaction to his question of Kurt's sexuality but having an inward chuckle "Minstrel, not all men can be as perfect and adoring as you. Again, why you can never leave me." She kisses him again.

Addison OBrian laughs and shakes her head. She begins to gather her things, getting into her coat. "I can not TELL you how much I want to know about this now ...." she grabs her bag. "But I need to get home and start dinner for Dad. But let me know when the movie comes out .. I want to rent it ... when I'm LEGAL." she teases. "Bye bye Red."

Owen Reinhardt makes a face at Fiona kissing Vincent again. more for show than anything else. He grins at Addy as she gets up and teases him some more "I guess i have hidden talents..." His tone is almost flirty but he's not that brave. "Bye Addy...." He watches her go and sighs. Girls....people were so confusing. He looks in his empty cup and stands too "Well I suppose if I leave you can just steam up all the windows eh?" He jokes as he stands.

Vincent DiAntoni blushes and is about to say something when he is kissed. A VERY effective way of shutting him the hell up and reminding him of the rules of the relationship. He's not going anyplace. If he has his way ... not till time to go home. He doesn't even hear Owen at this point. Owen who?

 Fiona Reinhardt waves at Addison mid kiss, not even breaking contact. When her brother speaks she hears him and just answers with an "Mmmhmm" as she keeps going. When you're not the two smitten people it actually is a tad gross, but she doesn't care.

Owen Reinhardt just laughs at them and picks up his bag "Alright then." he hits the door and escapes the the street. Love in the time of Tarantulas was a complicated beast.

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