Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lasagna and Company - Vincent, Fiona, Colleen, John, Darcy and Logan

Vincent DiAntoni had been working the better part of the evening. His goal was a 7 layer lasagna that would not ruin the health of John Reinhardt. Killing his girlfriends father was not on his list of things to do. Ever. But healthy Italian food sounded much easier on paper. But he was doing his best. He'd found a recipe online and was following it. The use of bison meat instead of Italian sausage had intrigued him, but the rest was almost what he was used to. He separated the eggs and fixed the yolks for his own light lunch. The noodles he made using whole wheat. Never before had making lasagna been so challenging for him, as his parents had not worried themselves with health concerns.

He wanted this meal to go well. It was important to him that Fiona's father see that he was moving up in the world. So he had invited most of her family. Father, mother and older brother.

"Alright .... almost ready." he placed it in the oven. In one hour ... he'd know if the meal was a pass or an epic fail.

Darcy came home at the half hour before Vincent's guests arrived. She took off her boots and duty belt. The boots were left on the mat by the door and the duty belt would go in it's place in her wardrobe. She commented on the food as she passed through to go do that and change "Smells great in here kid!"

John came out of the bathroom after brushing his teeth and pulled his phone from his pocket as it buzzed "Fi's meeting us there." He starts laughing as he relays the reason "Some kid had a meltdown and bit Santa... that's hilarious." He makes his way downstairs.

Colleen straightened her clothes, taking a last peek in the mirror. She wasn't dressed to the nines, but she wasn't dressed like a bum at home either. She chuckles. "Now did YOU say that was hilarious, or did SHE?" she thinks about it. "Probably both of you. Susan can handle it, no doubt. Thats what they get for using such grumpy Santa's."

Logan Reinhardt leaves his apartment and comes around the house, ringing the doorbell like a guest. He was dressed nice, but casually. Ringing the doorbell wasn't necessary, but ... it helped him feel more independent.

Vincent inhales and smiles as Darcy comes in. "Thanks!" he replies, pulling out the salad fixings and slipping bread sticks into the oven. "Alright ...." he murmurs as he prepares the Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers and yellow peppers. "Salad, bread sticks and lasagna. Yup ... that's it." his eyes widen. "I didn't plan a dessert!" he suddenly realizes.

John calls back "Both." Confirming her theory and laughs before he opens the door to Logan "You still have a key you know. I almost greeted you like a Mormon."

Darcy hears Vincent as her door closes and yells through it "Check the freezer kid. I bought ice cream. Spumoni's Italian right? I figured it would go with your food plan." She switches from her uniform to a pair of caramel colored corduroy pants a slate blue boat neck sweater, looking positively presentable for Vincent's guests. She knows he's trying to make a good impression. Darcy runs a comb through her hair and even powders her nose and puts on lightly tinted lip gloss. Marianne would be almost proud. She digs into her top drawer and fastens a silver necklace at the nape of her neck and then adds a matching set of earrings. Darcy wasn't what you'd call unfeminine, but she didn't often take the time to fuss.

Fiona dragged herself from the chaos of her day as fast as she could get out of it. Santa was at the clinic and she was in charge of locking up the holiday house for the day. A family came to the door as she was pulling it shut, key in hand. It was a desperate looking solo Dad with two early elementary school aged kids. "Sorry, we had to close early. The big man will be back tomorrow morning at 10 am." She tried to sound more cheerful than she felt.

Both kids stuck out the big bottom lips and they started quivering. Fiona winced and dug in her pockets for candy canes "You know Dasher has a cold and Santa has to make sure he feels better so he can fly on Christmas eve. He really wanted to be here." She couldn't even believe the words she was making up. The lips sucked back in though and the greedy little hands grabbed for the canes. The father mouthed a big thank you and Fiona waved and then turned the key in the lock and took off in the direction of Vincent's.

Logan laughs. "I know I just .. like coming in like a guest." he protests. "You guys ready?" he asks, looking at his parents.

Colleen chuckles. "He is being independent. Let him." she is just glad he is still ... sort of ... home. Part of her is glad to not have to suddenly completely lose her oldest. "I think we are ... shall we, John?"

Vincent sags in relief. "Spumoni is perfect! Thanks Aunt Darc." he tosses the salad and sets it aside and sets out several choices for salad dressing. It' almost time. And when Darcy comes out of her bedroom, he blinks. "Wow!" hes never seen her look so . made up and he's warmed though by the gesture.

John takes Colleen's coat from the hook and holds it out like a gentleman for her to get into "We shall my love." He gives Logan a little wink. After she's into her coat he'll throw on his and step into some shoes. He's in jeans and a sweater but they're decent jeans, which equates to dress pants for John unless someone's getting married or buried. There's a paper bag by the door with two bottles of red wine that John will tuck under his arm.

Darcy laughs "Sometimes I'm almost feminine....but don't tell Marianne. She'll get her hopes up that she can do bizarre beauty tortures on me in her little shop of horrors. Do you need any help? I could set the table.....oh we'll need another chair......."She looks at the small table and thinks "Can we serve at the counter and just have single plates here?" She moves towards Vincent's room but then stops and asks before going in "Do you mind if I go in and take your desk chair?" Darcy always knocked and always asked, never assumed.

Fiona ends up ahead of her parents in the walk routes to Vincent's. She goes in and checks her texts for his instructions, still in her elf uniform with the bells on the collar and skirt. She jingles as she shudders getting into the elevator and exhales into the words "Shit...tenth floor..."

Logan smiles and walks with his parents towards the building. "What floor is it again?" he asks, casually.

Colleen double checks the address. "Apartment ... oh ... 1004..." she looks up at John as they walk. She is fine with heights ... but .. not all Reinhardt's are.

Vincent laughs. "I won't ... I think I already know how Mari can be." he grins. "But I appreciate it. And yea ... a buffet like thing can work and please .. if you could get my chair I'd appreciate it." he inhales deeply. There should even be time for a little conversation before they eat.

John shoots a sideways glance at Colleen "10th floor? Has Fi been there yet?" A line forms on his brow remembering his little girl in hysterics at the top of the Ferris wheel. She was so sure she could do it, but she just couldn't.

Darcy goes for the chair and carries it to the table, readjusting the others as there's a knock at the door. She smiles at Vincent "I'll let you greet your people."

Fiona is smoothing her skirt and taking a slow calming breath. There's a tiny jingle as her hands pull away.

Logan arches his brows high. "Oh ..... man ...." he walks and looks up at the Greybar building ... which is a good 20 stories high.

Colleen shakes her head. "He only just moved in." she swallows. "He probably didnt even think to mention it ...." she looks concerned as they cross the street.

Vincent takes in a deep breath as he hears the knocking. The curtains are open, showing off the view, the house smells great, Darcy looks incredible. He opens the door and see Fiona ... alone and ... looking a lot like Christmas. He laughs. "Oh my god, it's everything I imagined and more...." he leans in to kiss her and them offers her his hand, pulling her in. "Welcome. Aunt Darcy .. THIS is Fiona Reinhardt. My girlfriend." he'd been dying to say that.

John nods "Betcha he doesn't know....this should be fun..." He walks up to the door and holds it open for his wife and son.

Darcy approaches Fiona with a warm smile but waits until she and Vincent greet each other to offer a hand to shake "I've been looking so forward to meeting you. Great outfit." She teases a bit.

Fiona giggles nervously and gives Vincent a little kiss back. She gets pulled in but then tugs back a bit so she's staying along the wall as Darcy approaches. She shakes her hand with a nervous smile "I'm so happy to meet you too." It might appear that Fiona is a little shy about Darcy from her expression and body language. She lets her gaze drift to the view and then snaps her focus back to Darcy immediately.

Logan enters the building and moves to the elevator, calling it. One is already waiting and he steps into it, looking at the panel of buttons. "Twenty-one stories plus a basement." he whistles and hits 10.

Colleen winces as she gets in the elevator car. "Ohhhh John ... fun .. is an understatement." she sighs. "Before he was with his Dad on 2 tho ...." she blows out a breath, now worried about her daughter.

Vincent is pleased at how the intro went but looks at Fiona, who he has never known to be even remotely shy. He takes her by the hand and leads her to the couch. "Come on in. Your parents and brother aren't here yet." he motions around. "What do you think?"

John nods in agreement with Colleen and Logan and leans back against the elevator railing as it goes up looking apprehensive for Fiona. When it dings and opens at 10 he lets them exit first and follows them to 1004, reaching over Colleen to give three knocks.

Darcy steps back, letting Vincent and Fiona have their space and smiles. She walks to the fridge "Fiona do you want a pop? I have Coke and Ginger-ale."

Fiona gets lead to the couch but is uncharacteristically subdued. She looks around quickly and says in a less than confident voice "It's really great." She's trying hard to look more at walls than windows and feel the solidity of the floor beneath her feet. There's a knock at the door and she jumps a little.

Vincent notices the jump when the knock sounds and reaches out to ouch her shoulder. "It's going to be alright." he 's also been a little nervous all day and now he takes a deep breath and answers the door. "Hello Mr. and Mrs Reinhardt. Logan." he backs up, opening the door for them. "Come on in. Everything should be ready in about twenty minutes. Feel free to sit, please." he tries to guide Fi a bit around the couch so she can sit.

Colleen smiles and steps inside, already scanning for Fiona. She sees her by the couch and smiles at her, touching her shoulders and moving her to face her and the interior of the apartment. "How was work?" he eyes the outfit. "See John, no stripper elf." she teases.

Logan walks in behind his parents and looks immediately at the windows, noticing that the curtains are wide open. The living room windows face north, but as the sun is down already, he can't even use it as an excuse to close the shades. But he can't really help but be impressed. "Wow, this is one hell of a view."

Fiona gravitates to her mother like a magnet to metal and hugs her, hanging on for awhile. She snorts at the stripper elf comment "You know Santa is Lieutenant Greene right? Or today's was. Not the best day as he got bit by a kid. He's old enough to be my Grandpa.....no stripping....I'm so glad you're here." She sounds like she's been away from her family on a long trip. It's really her nerves about the heights. Fiona completely missed Darcy's question in her dealings with her own anxiety.

Darcy frowns slightly in confusion and shuts the fridge again and then turns and walks to greet Fiona's family, finding John the closest in range "Hi. Darcy Lynch. I've seen you all in the street but I don't think we've met."

John watches Colleen and gives Fiona a reassuring grin "Hey Pumpkin. You look adorable." He looks out the window after Logan "Yeah it's amazing." He turns to shake Darcy's hand and greets her warmly "John Reinhardt. And that's Colleen and Logan. Nice place you have here."

Vincent is a little confused at Fiona's behavior, but it could be so many things, he can't zero in, observant as he is. "Seriously? He's the bald one, right? Always grumpy? I've heard about him." he looks at mother and daughter again, but still can't figure it out. "You can see most of the island from here." he announces.

Colleen hugs her daughter and looks out of the window herself. "Oh yes, it's breathtaking." she agrees and turns, heading in the direction of the kitchen. "But these SMELLS...." she inhales. "It smells ... incredible." she leads Fiona further into the apartment.

Logan finally turns from the window at the mention of food. "Yea. It smells great." he agrees. Part of him considers asking about Vincent's father, then decides against it.

John hands Darcy the wine after the handshake and she pulls one bottle out of the bag "Oh I love this one. Thank you so much John." She sets them down on the counter and moves to shake Colleen's hand as she and Fiona approach "Hi there. Welcome." She's still trying to find some way to connect with Vincent's girl and after she hears Colleen say breathtaking she gets an idea and makes an offer that's sure to stun "Speaking of breathtaking, Vincent and Fiona, would you two like to go up in the chopper sometime? I could probably make that happen."

John steps back and turns to Logan starting to say "It's making me very hungry..." but then stops when he hears Darcy say chopper and freezes, listening.

Fiona was calming as her mother steered her into the centre of the space but then her face drains of all colour at Darcy's offer. She tries to answer and opens her mouth but no sound comes out. Awkwardly she smiles but her eyes dart around in all directions.

Vincent watches Fiona and, although he has no idea exactly what the problem is, he knows the 'deer in the headlights/fight or flight' look like the back of his hand. He stands looking from Fiona to Darcy to the window and it all clicks with one terrified look. "Well, maybe someday, Aunt Darcy." he replies, heading back into the living room. "But the sun is down and the view is taking from my dinner. I have to show off SOMEHOW." he snorts and closes the living room curtains, then heads to close the door to Darcy's bedroom, then goes into his bedroom to close the curtains tight. It's something neither he nor Darcy ever did ... they loved the view .. but Fiona ... for her, he'd live in a basement apartment, if it made her more comfortable.

Logan steps back as Vincent closes the curtains on the view. He knows about his sister's phobia, of course, but has one last observation. "Hey Dad ... they can see our back porch from here. No more naked barbecuing for you, Mister."

Colleen stroke Fiona's hair and smiles fit to burst as Vincent bustles around, clearly catching the hint. "Oh Darcy, that sounds wonderful." she replies. "John and I might take you up on that someday." she looks at her son, in front of the now closed curtains. "Well THAT'S no fun." she scoffs and watches as Vincent comes back from the other bedroom. "How has it been here, Vincent?" she asks him. "Quite a change from ... before ... I would imagine."

Darcy is also starting to catch on. As a pilot she's seen this before and when Vincent closes the curtains suddenly in all the rooms she bites her lip and feels guilty for not catching it sooner. Most of the kids she had rescued in Afghanistan had never flown before and she learned the bulk of the language by talking people down from anxiety. She puts a comforting arm on Fiona's elbow and nods at Colleen "Glad to. I know it's not for everyone but it can be a good time. So wine for the grown ups and pop for the rest?" She looks between Fiona and Vincent and then unsure at Logan after a chuckle at the naked barbecuing comments "Wine...or pop? Are you 19? Or with parental permission..."

Fiona lets out a long exhale and nods thankfully at Vincent. He got it. So did Darcy. Her family was here and she was on solid ground "Coke please." She found her voice and smiled "And can I change in your bathroom? I don't want to be an elf all night."

Darcy gestured to the bathroom near Vincent's room "Absolutely. Although the jingling is fun."

Fiona giggles a bit and goes to grab her backpack, heading to change.

John gives Vincent an impressed look for being so intuitive and then defends himself from Logan and Colleen's comments "How else am I supposed to avoid "tan lines"?" He jokes. One look at his ruddy complexion pretty much reveals he's not someone who ever tans.

Vincent makes an exaggerated pout. "No more bells? Man ... " he grins and looks at Colleen. "It's very different, ma'am." he replies to Colleen. "I don't even think my father knows I'm gone yet." he clears his throat and moves into the kitchen, ignoring even the IDEA of a naked John. He tosses the salad again, then peeks into the oven. Nearly there.

Logan blows out a breath. "Good point, Dad ... and in blackouts, how would any of us read if we didn't have you to glow in the dark." not that he could talk ... none of them could.

Colleen watches Vincent and looks between Darcy and John. "Oh ... I .. I see." she clears her throat, more and more unimpressed with Gino DiAntoni when she thought that couldn't be possible. She brightens. "Enough about my vampire husband. What's cooking?

John scowls and shakes his head about Gino. The man still worked for him and they had this cone of professionalism between them that mostly involved avoiding each other unless they needed to talk and John had been finding creative ways to relay messages through Quentin. Quentin didn't like Gino either and it was amusing to watch him direct Gino from afar and be very blunt about it. He shook off his scowl and smirked at Logan and then Colleen "This vampire will take a glass of the red over human blood tonight if you please Darcy."

Fiona only heard the bells comment as she slipped into the bathroom and shut the door with a little blush. She could hear Vincent still talking to someone else in the room but not the words as she ran the cold water tap and splashed some on her face. Fiona exhaled as she dried off with a nearby towel. She dug into her pack and pulled out black leggings, a green plaid skirt and a black t shirt and a lightweight black cardigan. Fiona refreshed her deodorant, aware that she had been sweating from her stress. She fanned the front of her t shirt and then ran a brush through her hair and shook hear head around. She pulled on a pair of black socks with Christmas trees printed on them and then exited the bathroom, finally relaxed enough to appreciate the wonderful smell of food.

Darcy pours wine for John, herself and Colleen but leaves a glass out in case Logan is allowed. She grabs a Coke from the fridge for Fiona and puts it into a glass with a bit of ice. She sighed as Vincent mentioned his father and then watched him toss the salad again and grinned at him "It's all going to be amazing kid. Do you want a pop?" She hands out the drinks as people get in range, still wavering on Logan and wine and Vincent who hasn't stated a preference.

Colleen takes a glass of wine and sips. Now that the curtains are closed, she knows Fiona will relax and so she can relax.

Logan grins. "I'm only 18." he admits. "Still a baby. But I prefer pop anyway." and he takes one for himself.

Vincent nods. "Actually yea, please, Aunt Darcy." he looks at Colleen. "I made a lasagna, some bread sticks and a salad." he snaps his fingers and grabs an oven mitt. "And a simple dessert." he pulls out the bread sticks and nods. They're slightly browner than he'd like, but he can live with it. Then he takes out the lasagna and sets it on the stove top. He'd cleaned as he went, so there no piled of dirty pots and pans .. that would look awful in this open concept kitchen of theirs. "Give it a few minutes to firm up..." he nods, actually satisfied with his work.

Fiona takes her glass of Coke and marvels at Vincent's creation "Minstrel you are both devious and brilliant today. I may have to spare you all tortures and maiming previously threatened."

Darcy gives Fiona an amused look and grabs two more glasses, offering one to Logan "Do you want ice?"

John sips his wine and looks very impressed by the food "Do you think you could teach Owen?" he jokes and then looks happily at his daughter "That's more like it."

Vincent chuckles at Fiona. "Thanks, Boss." he replies as he straightens the lasagna pan on the stove top and lines a bowl with a clean cloth, putting the hot bread sticks in it. "Remember ... if you cut off my hands ... it all ends. The music, the food .. all of it." and he grins a little. "Owen ... just needs to understand that just because a spice has a lid you can open, doesn't mean it can go in ANY dish." he chuckles to himself.

Logan takes the glass. "No, thanks. Waters things down too much for my tastes." he looks at the spread. "God, that lasagna is HUGE." he comments. "I didn't eat in preparation for this, but I think maybe I should have fasted an extra DAY." he inhales. "What is that?" he sniffs. "It's not Italian sausage ... or beef .... "

Colleen grins and inhales. "Is that ... bison, Vincent?" she asks, amazed. She looks at Fiona wondering if she told him about her father's diet ... and if the boy had been considerate enough to take it into account.

Darcy grins "It's bison." she confirms as she nods at Logan "I know. The kid's a cooking machine. Makes his own pasta and everything." She chuckles about Owen "Sounds like my sister Marianne. Now she just lives on takeout and frozen dinners thank goodness."

Fiona winks at Vincent " I told him about Dad's cholesterol. And I like your hands....they can stay..." She blushes realizing how that sounded in front of everyone. There was nothing to it, but she knew how it came across.

John had been looking appreciative about the effort made for him in the recipe and then his eyes went a little wide at Fiona's comment and that little vein in his temple pulsed every so slightly. He took a big sip of wine with purpose and focused on the lasagna pan.

Logan looks impressed. "You made the lasagna noodles by HAND?" he shakes his head and watches his father, which causes him to simply laugh. "There you go Fi. One step closer to the will reading."

Colleen pinches the bridge of her nose and takes John's arm in a reassuring hug.

Vincent blushes a bit when its revealed he made the pasta himself, but then Fiona's words cause a deeper blush. "Right .... salad ...." he moves the salad bowl to the already set table and arranges the dressings around it.

Darcy stifles a chuckle at the awkwardness. She knew the real story but is understanding why Vincent is a little nervous around John now. Trying to help distract she says "Come sit down folks. Sorry it's a little small."

Fiona blushes and laughs "OK that wasn't how I meant it. Relax Dad...and Logan, piss off." Her tone is jovial and she moves to sit looking up at Vincent and mouthing "Sorry."

John just shakes his head and laughs, relaxing a bit as Colleen hugs his arm and more as Fiona explains. He moves to sit at the table and pulls out a chair for Colleen and then after she sits he will offer for Darcy too. He won't do this every time but as a first impression he's being more polite.

Darcy looks like she has no idea how to receive John's gesture and awkwardly stammers "Uh thanks...but I think I'll help ferry the plates for the kid."

Logan all but giggles as he takes his seat and watches his father trying to be a gentlemen in a room full of liberated women.

Colleen says nothing as her chair is pulled out for her. John is trying, which is wonderful. "Oh its fine, Darcy." she smiles. "We have so many at the dinner table, this is just plain quaint."

Vincent winks at Fiona in acceptance of her sorry. He doesn't exactly pull her chair out for her, knowing how she is, but he toes sort of angle it out ... a compromise. he moves back to the lasagna and gets a large knife and solid spatula. The recipe claimed it served 10, so Vincent cuts it as evenly as he can. Probably, there would be left-overs, but that also worked. Placing the middle cuts on six plates, he garnishes them with a sprig of parsley and a sprig of mint, one on either side of the lasagna slice. Then he nods to Darcy to bring them to the table. He brings the last two for himself and Darcy and sits himself, beside Fiona. He takes in a deep breath. "Dig in."

Fiona settles into the seat Vincent indicated by moving it with a little smile and looked delighted when the lasagna appeared in front of her, her fork immediately poised to tab into it the second everyone was ready. When she did finally take a bite she just closed her eyes and beamed as she chewed. OK, she could marry him, today, right now. He just had to make THIS every night.

John looks contrite and realizes he's maybe been a bit of an unintentional chauvinist. Chauvinism and chivalry were a fine line and he wasn't so clueless to not be a little aware. But he had been raised a certain way but the biggest bigot and chauvinist you could find so the fact that he had come to awareness was rather remarkable. He sat himself down quietly and self consciously and then was distracted from his embarrassment only by the appearance of lasagna. He took a bite once everyone was gathered and then another, and another. no words were spoken by him while he had a moment of spiritual connection with the nourishment of this divine creation.

Darcy sat down last with Vincent and took her first bite with a "Mmm" and then a look of amazement at Vincent. She had been eating his cooking as they took turns on meals so she knew he was good, but THIS was at the top of his skill set and she could tell.

Logan looks at his slice of lasagna and the two garnishes. Interesting. He lifts his fork and tastes, arching his eyebrows. If his sister didn't bring this kid into their family, he wasn't sure he would ever forgive her. Nothing against his parents, but ... damn.

Colleen tastes the food and hums with pleasure. She pauses long enough to look at her husband. If Vincent hadn't won John over before, he had him now.

Vincent does enjoy cooking, and eats with pleasure. After a couple of bites, he reaches for the salad, making himself a bowl and using the dressing he made. Italian. Naturally.

Fiona sits back after devouring her slice and exhales looking at Vincent with a look that says I'm yours forever. She blinks a bit and then it dawns on her that there's salad too. Fiona loves salad. She serves herself some and then looks at the dressings, noting the one not store bought looking bottle and holds it up at Vincent "Did you make this too?"

Darcy is a slow eater and cherishes every bite of the beautiful lasagna, watching the others at the table. She looks between Vincent and Fiona and smiles as she eats. They're well matched, except for the heights hiccup. But not so big a problem for Vincent as it would be for her in a significant other. Her family is pretty amusing too so far.

John has his last bite of lasagna and just looks at the empty plate for a few moments before looking at Vincent and Darcy and dropping his guard "Please Sir, can I have some more?" He asks in a silly put on English accent.

Logan keeps up with his father and sets his fork down, looking over at Vincent and pointing at his father. "What he said, please."

Colleen finishes hers and giggles a little, reaching for her salad bowl. She says not a word, but gets salad waiting on Vincent to say whether he made IT also.

Vincent smiles and nods, blushing a little. "Yea. I did." he stands and gets both John's and Logan's plates. "Anyone else for more? There's four slices left ...well .. two." he announces as he gets the men seconds.

Fiona pours the dressing on her salad and then passes it to her mother "I could possibly eat another half slice if someone wants to split one with me?"

John looks at Logan and nods with a chuckle and then says "Who taught you to cook Vincent?" He's thinking food like this cannot come from an asshole like Gino. That would just be an abomination.

Darcy holds up a hand "I'm good kid, but that was perfect." She reaches to get some salad after Colleen's gotten hers and waits her turn for the homemade dressing.

Logan simply sighs and waits, taking his slice when Vincent brings one for he and his dad.

Colleen giggles a little. "I'm good, thank you." she looks anxious for the answer of the question as well.

Vincent gets pieces for Logan and John and delivers them, and then slices one of the two remaining in half, then gets his plate and Fiona's putting one half on each plate. "My mother taught me a lot, but whenever I wasn't in school but she had to work, she would take me with her." he explains, sitting down for more food. "The place was called Bittetto's and the head chef was Vincent Bittetto. He taught me a LOT about Italian cooking, even as a little kid. They closed in memory of my mother, the day of her funeral." he remembers. Thinking, he realizes. "You know .. in hindsight ... Mr Bittetto could have gotten in a LOT of trouble with a kid in his kitchen for seven years." he humphs softly. "I never thought about that before." he has another wave of gratitude.

Fiona smiles at Vincent as she brings her her half of the shared last piece "Thank you." She listens in fascination as he talks about his mother and Bittetto's and then desperately curious she asks "Did your mom know them before you were born? Are you named after that guy? They closed because she passed away? Like for the day or forever? Don't get me wrong it's horrible...but was she related to them because that seems like a big choice to make."

John jumps on the same brain train as his daughter. The two of them love puzzles and things they need to logic out. Board games with strategy can be almost painful when they team up together. John counters Fi before Vincent can even reply "Well that depends, is Vincent short for Vincenzo? It's a common Italian name. But yeah, were you? And did they?"

Darcy chimes in after swallowing another sip of wine after her salad "No one else is amazed about the kid in the kitchen scenario?" she laughs "No offence kid...but the world is full of health inspectors and labour laws. No wonder you like to work so hard."

Logan and Colleen watch with interest, but don't bother asking questions as the other Reinhardt's are asking away.

Vincent chuckles a little bit. "Alright." he gets ready to answer the questions. "Yes. He and my mom dated in high school. No, he isn't my father; believe me I've asked SEVERAL times.. Yes I am named after him; Vincenzo Giovanni DiAntoni. They only closed for the funeral, not forever. And the Bittetto's aren't relatives, just family friends on my mother's side." he looks at Darcy and bites his lip. "Yea ... well .. it was a clean kitchen .. and I met the inspector, but all they ever said was that I was the kid of an employee and leave me alone so I could eat my rigatoni and do my homework." he shrugs. "But yea ... I really liked it there. That's what I miss the most about Toronto." he considers.

Fiona looks mostly satisfied with the answers. She eats as Vincent talks and then dabs at her mouth with a napkin as she swallows "Is Giovanni what Gino is short for though? Sorry to ask about...him? Maybe we can find a nice Italian restaurant to go to in Vancouver."

Darcy grins at Vincent "Sounds like a good place you had there kid. Happy to hear about those parts."

John just listens now and eats, nodding along. Afterwards he take a slow sip of what's left of his wine and sits back. This boyfriend of his daughter's is unfolding into quite the interesting story.

Logan finishes his food in short order and listens, drinking deeply of his pop.

Colleen grins and sip her wine. She moves her other hand to John's and squeezes.

Vincent finishes up and swallows, wiping his mouth. "My Dad? Nah, it's OK ... I didn't think he would exactly come looking for me." he shrugs. "My guess is he breathed a sigh of relief." he smiles at her, a bit relieved himself. "But actually ... Giovanni is Italian for John." he doesn't look at John. "My father's birth name is actually Luigino, but he changed it like as soon as he was old enough to just Gino .. legally." he smiles. "I'd love to .. if I could even find a place as good as 13 anywhere .. that's the name of the Bittetto's place."

John squeezes Colleen's hand back and listens to Vincent. He sighs about Gino and then chuckles at the translation of Vincent's middle name.

Fiona looks thoughtful "13...good name...i like when unlucky things are used in the mainstream."

Darcy gives Vincent a little pat on the shoulder as she stands and starts offering to clear some plates for folks who are finished.

Logan chuckles at his sisters reaction. "SO morbid, my sister." he bemoans.

Colleen shakes her head. "Vincent that meal was incredible. Thank you." she is being honest. "Have you ever considered becoming a chef?" she thinks he'd make a good one.

Vincent holds up a finger. "The Italians consider 13 a LUCKY number, actually. Ironic, eh?" he looks at Colleen. "I have ... and I HAD the offer to take a job at 13 to help pay my way through college. But ... I suppose I could try and do the same thing around here. But professionally? I'd like to be a pathologist." he confesses. "I learned so much while my mom was sick. Maybe I could help .. I just ... the patients ... I don't think I could deal with that."

Fiona scoffs at Logan "That was barely morbid." She grins "That's cool though Vincent. And this really is the best lasagna ever."

John just looks intrigued as he quietly eats."

Darcy gives Vincent an encouraging look "I think you can do anything you set your mind to kid."

Logan looks at Vincent, intrigued. "A doctor, eh?"

Colleen also looks at him. "That sounds like a good idea. Do something you like while you put yourself through school. But I bet you get a scholarship."

Vincent blushes a little bit. He's already thought a lot about his future, but he looks at Darcy. "You're biased." he accuses with a grin.

Fiona smiles "Maybe Vincent and I will end up consulting on stuff as I examine corpses for crime scenes. I can defer to his expertise on "natural causes.""

Darcy grins at Vincent and then looks curiously at Fiona "You want to be a CSI or a forensics expert?"

John snorts "She used to make crime scenes with her barbies. We went through a lot of dolls....hate to think what the people at the dump thought of the way some ended up."

Logan sighed dramatically. "It wasn't just Barbie." he shook his head sadly. "Poor Ken."

Colleen tried to suppress a grin. "Darcy ... I swear ... they just turned out this way is all. Honest."

Vincent smiles. "We might. Never know." he stands. "Would anyone like spumoni?" he asks.

Fiona grins evilly "Barbie was very creative when it came to Ken...but then sadly often suicidal herself...alas is the way when you drive a camper with a man who won't stop smiling at you and is simply not properly equipped." She flips her hair and looks sweetly at Vincent "If you mean ice cream, yes please." She says this so cheerfully you'd think she hadn't just said what came before it.

Darcy looks amused by Fiona and nods at Colleen and John "Must be an interesting household. Sure Vincent, but I'll help you serve it up too."

John sighs and shakes his head at Fiona "I'm so glad Vincent knows how to take on your sense of humour Fiona....and he can cook to boot. Yes to Spumoni please."

Logan chuckles. "Yes, please to spumoni. And Vincent knows how to take a hint." he makes his voice sound like E.T. "Be good."

Colleen sighs. "I would love to blame the water in this town, but ..." she moves her finger between her two eldest. "Neither of them was born here. And you haven't met Owen the experimental cook or Seamus the closet Lego fiend."

Vincent chuckles as he heads for the freezer, takes out the spumoni and six small dessert dishes. "Yes, I can take the humor . and the hint. My plan is to be VERY good." he promises, not really thinking as he begins scooping.

Darcy chuckles and stands by the bowls, waiting to take some off his hands once they're filled. She reaches into the cutler drawer and counts out 6 spoons "It's all good with me. One day you all might run into my sister and I'll suddenly seem just as odd."

Fiona blushes at Vincent's "promise" and then quickly pretends to huff "I wish I had a sister. I'm surrounded by boys...Vincent I like..." She looks at Logan "But the rest of you should remember poor Ken."

John's mustache bristles as his face pinches a bit.

Logan coughs. "Yea. You'd better be, or we won't find all the pieces." he pointedly doesn't look at EITHER of his parents.

Colleen pats Johns arm and slaps Logan in the back of the head. "I'm scared to ask what your sister could do to qualify as strange to US, Darcy." she deadpans.

Vincent smiles as he dishes the dessert. "What about Addison?" he wonders. The two seem like sisters almost.

Darcy takes three to the table and just shrugs "We're just very opposite. Gotta love her though. She's my sister." she looks at Logan in a moment of camaraderie.

Fiona wiggles her eyebrows at Logan and then looks thoughtfully at Vincent "Yeah, Addy's like a sister, probably better even." She grins.

John looks happily distracted by the sight of ice cream set in front of him. Darcy has passed to John, Colleen and Logan and is letting Vincent bring Fiona's, his and hers.

Logan thanks Darcy and looks at her a little oddly for a moment, but then concentrates on eating.

Colleen laughs. "I am afraid of what opposite of you could possibly mean. Thank you." he takes the dessert and digs in. She can work it off later.

Vincent laughs and collects the other three dishes. "They're TWINS." he announces serving Darcy, Fiona and then himself. "And VERY ... I dunno. The first time I heard her voice she was talking about gynecologists. VERY open. I like it in some ways."

Darcy face palms. This is not the story she wants Vincent telling Fi's family about Mari on the night she meets them. She swallows and gives Vincent a look "Marianne is very blunt, but to be fair she started talking to me candidly on face time BEFORE she knew Vincent was sitting with me that day."

Fiona looks intrigued "Twins, that must be so cool. Did you trick people when you were kids? Do you still?!"

Darcy nods and laughs "When we were younger, yeah...we're less identical as we age....but so it goes."

John looks up melting a mouthful of spumoni with a "Hmmm." about Darcy being a twin and her sister being so open.

Logan laughs at the story. "That IS cool. But if Fiona was a twin, I think I would have run away from home YEARS ago." he replies between mouth fulls. "So how are you different now?"

Colleen giggles. "The things kids leave OUT of the story, right?" she looks at Fiona and then Logan. "I don't know ... twins would have been interesting."

Vincent enjoys his ice cream. He looks at Darcy and bites his lip, thinking that Mari besides being straight had also had some ... work ... done. But wisely concentrates on his ice cream when he thinks his own father would have blurted it out immediately.

Darcy smiles awkwardly "Well Marianne's very social. She loves parties and dressing up and being in the spotlight. She runs her own hair salon and she's very into..." She runs a sweeping hand around her face and upper body "Aesthetics....she likes.....she dates a lot....goes out a lot.......I'm a bit of a homebody. I'm a geek.... I like Star Trek and Doctor Who and superhero movies and TV.....she is pretty much allergic to all that..." She laughs, more at herself than anything."

Fiona almost drops her spoon "Darcy I want to adopt you. And we might have to duct tape your sister for her own safety....not painfully of course." She smiles evilly.

John shudders at the idea of twins. The last three were born close enough to feel like they were triplets. He gulps at Colleen and then grins at Darcy's explanation and Fiona's reaction.

Logan arches his brow and becomes absolutely fascinated with his dessert. "I'm sure Vincent can find a way to make it happen." he murmurs. Possibly only his parents hear him. Possibly not.

Colleen arches her brow. "Ohhh ... she's ... re ... redecorated?" she asks, carefully. Then she chuckles at Fiona and glances at Logan, but doesn't hit him this time.

Vincent nods, not wanting to comment at all about aesthetics. Better to eat a frozen desert and live to have another some day.

Darcy looks relieved that Colleen got it without her having to spell it out and then nods with a smile at her and says more genuinely "Marianne does have a good heart. And she wants the whole world to be happy and well. So we do have some common ground. And oddly, she seems to like this town despite the lack of Starbucks. I guess Sigh has won her over.

John does hear Logan but doesn't outwardly react. Vincent is growing on him and this new guardian of his seems to be a level headed woman. Food helped of course. Instead he turns to Fiona and raises a brow "How do you duct tape someone with no pain? Eventually you have to rip off the tape..."

Fiona gives her father just one blink and an it's probably best not to ask look.

Logan grins and finishes his dessert. "They're almost the same thing." he argues. "Just Sigh is AFFORDABLE. If I got properly addicted to Starbucks, I'd wind up living at home until I was 40 ... and that would just not work well."

Colleen grins. "Plus ... Starbucks for us here means going to the mainland, at the closest. I like it there, but Perkatory is also great. Trinidadian coffee and all those flavors." she sighs happily. "Plus Trinidadian snacks. Adds that much more culture to our little island."

Vincent finishes his dessert and looks at John. "Socks and sleeves, sir." he offers. "Which works unless they won't shut up the screaming and complaining, in which case .... over the mouth it goes."

Fiona beams at Vincent "I was going to say baby oil or Vaseline but I like how your brain works Minstrel. It so important to keep victims quiet....less questions that way."

John looks between Fiona and Vincent and just has to laugh "You two are frightfully well suited."

Darcy giggles at Fiona, Vincent and John and then gestures in the air at Colleen and Logan with her spoon "I actually prefer the Perkatory coffee and that lady who runs it is quite awesome. Not be trifled with mind you; Ms. Chuku."

Logan looks between the two of them. "I was going to say scary, but ... same concept, Dad."

Colleen shakes her head at her family and beams. "Buni? Oh yes. She's really very sweet as long as she isn't crossed. And she is very much into community watch. But also diplomatic. She is the one who made the deal with Miss Ainsworth .. Zilpha ... she owns the bakery. But can't make coffee to save her life! So Buni supplies her with coffee. Miss Z supplies her with pastries and the whole town benefits."

Vincent looks intrigued. "Well the baby oil and Vaseline ... if they stretched the tape, they could escape." he argues. "But I suppose they could do the same out of sucks and sleeves, too." he shrugs. "But seriously ... if you're duct taping someone ... is consideration of their pain REALLY your first thought?"

Fiona waves her hand dismissively "Only if they're related to you...and even then, I might make an exception depending on the relative. If we're talking garden variety kidnapping, all bets are off baby."

John snorts "I knew we should have considered that child psychologist more seriously."

Darcy looks bemused at Fiona and Vincent and then turns back to Colleen "I actually didn't know that about the bakery and coffee shop connection. I thought it was just the same brew."

Logan shakes his head, amazed at his sister and her boyfriend.

Colleen giggles. "Now John ... why would we do that to an innocent, well meaning human being?" she looks at Darcy. "Oh yes. I understand part of her problems stemmed from an inability to make a decent cup of coffee."

Vincent offers half a grin. "Don't tempt me." he warns, apparently joking.

Fiona slides her hand over Vincent's and gives his a little squeeze. She doesn't say anything or even keep smiling but she looks like she gets it.

Darcy glances at Fiona reaching out to Vincent and smiles. This girl was good for him. She looks curiously back to Colleen "Yeah I know she's a little off sometimes, but is there a story to Zilpha?"

John gives Fiona and Vincent a little smile and then grimaces at Darcy, waiting for Colleen to tell her.

Logan smiles watching his sister. "One of Fi's favorite stories." he quips.

Colleen sighs. "Well she was married to a man many years back." she begins. "But he was abusive. Nothing anyone could prove, from what I hear. But apparently he wanted a perfect house, perfect wife ... etc etc etc. Well one day he up and dies .... She was convicted of poisoning him and spent many years in a mental hospital before she came back here and opened her shop." she sighs. "You see it a lot in how she cleans. And a lot of the older guys seem to watch out for her. Chief Stanley and Brate ... well he's only in his 20's .. almost 30 .. but hey watch out for her. Apparently if she is upset they are afraid she might do it again? There have been one of two minor incidents with difficult customers. Nothing ... that they would ever charge her for, but ...."

Vincent listens and looks between Darcy and Fiona and then down at his empty dish. He wonders if it was an accident ... or on purpose.

Fiona shrugs "It sounds like her husband got his Karma is all. I'm not saying murder is right, but I understand why she did it. I like Zilpha. She's weird. I like weird people."

Darcy nods "That happens more than you'd think in domestic situations. Although many more result in the death of the person being abused. Chief Brate watches out for a lot of folks." She sounds like she might be including herself but doesn't say it, but then can't help but look at Vincent, including him.

John grins "Adum used to babysit these two." He gestures at Logan and Fiona "When they were just little nose pickers. We almost cried when he went away to university. Not everyone could handle our kids....especially once there were 4...." He chuckles.

Logan smiles. "Yea ... and after a while I became the free in house babysitter." he grins.

Colleen nods. "Well, I think the whole thing was non violent. He was emotionally abusive and she responded in a way that was what he turned her into." she giggles. "Well Logan once Adum stopped babysitting you ... I almost cried when he left ... but you were old and mature enough to take care of your siblings and did a wonderful job." she is very proud of her oldest.

Vincent listens and nods in agreement with a lot of what is being said. But he stands and begins to clear the table. That habit is still in him from his days with his father. He stops after collecting Fiona's bowl and then Darcy's and sighs. "I'm not supposed to clear...." he sounds as if he's realized an error.

Darcy laughs and Vincent and stands up, moves beside him and gives him a half hug "I'll take those. You are off duty Mr. Chef du jour." As she jokes a few words in French her proper accent become apparent. She lets go of Vincent and reaches to take the bowls.

Fiona stands after Darcy but replies to Logan "You were way more of a hard ass than Adum Brate." She teases "Darcy I'd love to help with the dishes? Do you speak French."

Darcy smiles at Fiona "By all means..." And then she understates her multilingualism "Un petit peu. Je suis hors de pratique." (A little bit. I am out of practice).

John snorts "More than I can say in French."

Logan watches Vincent, amused. "Yea, but which of us wound up becoming a COP?" he teases his sister back. "I'm guessing us Reinhardt kids had more to do with his career choice than he gives us credit for."

Colleen giggles as the chef is put in his place. "The meal was wonderful, Vincent. Thank you."

Vincent blushes a little and sits. "I'm still getting used to not doing .... everything." he half jokes and then laughs a little at Logan. "I remember hearing about Fi trying to sell Owen and Seamus instead of lemonade. I guess that's life with siblings." it looks like a mixed blessing to the only child.

John frowns at the remnants of Gino's parenting style in the commentary looks positively tickled at Vincent heard the brothers for sale story "Have you heard the song? I gotta play you the song Vincent....." He pulls out his phone.

Fiona spins on her heel and point at her father "Do NOT!"

John snickers "Oh now I really gotta....." He cues up an adorable goofy video and holds out his phone to Vincent "It was about this cute except with two brothers and one sister...all gingers."


Fiona ducks down behind the counter, embarrassed.

Darcy just laughs at them all and fills the sink.

Logan laughs as he video is trotted out. "I'm not sure Fiona would have called the sale off if she wasn't STOPPED."

Colleen just sort of face palms.

Vincent watches the video and laughs aloud. "I have to agree with Logan." he looks at the top of Fiona's head. "But are they better now?"

Fiona emerges from her hiding spot and nods, beet red in the face "Yeah they're OK.....most days." She concedes. She moves over to Darcy and picks up a dish towel from a hook by the sink "Is this OK to use?"

Darcy turns off the tap "Yeah it's fresh. Your boyfriend's a bit of a house elf....loves to clean" She looks back at Vincent with a little grin and then starts settling plates into the soapy water.

John pockets his phone and looks just a little smug about still being able to embarrass Fiona. "We probably would have had to buy them back for double the price." He jokes.

Logan smirks and glances at Fiona. "Triple." he predicts and sits back, completely sated.

Colleen giggles. "Well, we would have. All my babies are special." she pronounces.

Vincent grins and sits, looking a little bit uncomfortable with nothing to do. He snorts a little. "But I washes the clothes but is never free of laundry." he protests in a mock house elf voice.

Darcy laughs at Vincent and turns back around to wash and rinse plates.

Fiona takes a plate from her and dries it. She smirks at her mother and then says to Vincent "House Elf....we command you not to eavesdrop for a few minutes while we discuss what kind of socks we might give you to free you related to Christmas..." She turns around and leans in to Darcy speaking very quietly.

Darcy has a look on her face like a light bulb going on and says a slightly louder "YES!" and then lowers her voice again nodding as she replies to Fiona.

John chuckles and nods at Logan and then watches Fiona and Darcy in their secret consultation and darts a cheeky look at Vincent "They're plotting....are you worried?" He jokes.

Logan arches a brow and mock shivers, then chuckles along with his father.

Colleen smiles and pats John's arm, lightly.

Vincent arches his brow and mock bows. "Yes, Boss." he replies in the same house-elf voice. Then he looks at John. "Actually .... yea ...." he lowers his voice. "I mean ... it's GOOD they get along ... isn't it?" he looks between the three ... in his opinion ... adults.

John nods, still grinning "Yeah it's good, and dangerous. Although Darcy would have to arrest her if she's planning anything illegal..."

Fiona looks back, overhearing her Dad and points at him in warning. John snickers. She leans back in and whispers more to Darcy.

Darcy nods along and then dries her hands and shows Fiona something on her phone. Fiona ooohs at it like it's fantastic.

Logan is still lounging, clearly at home. "A very good point." he observes. "Living with a cop might be your saving grace, Vincent."

Colleen grins. "I think it's sweet." she decides.

Vincent chuckles a little. "Yea. I hadn't thought about it THAT way. But I still have to watch myself. Or they'll BOTH be after me."

Darcy gives Fiona a resolute nod and Fiona pulls out her phone. It appears they're exchanging contact info. Fiona now speaks at a normal volume "I'm going into Vancouver next week so I'll text you about that option." She slides her phone back into her cardigan pocket and begins to dry more dishes.

"Great!" Darcy replies. She laughs belatedly at the table banter "You guys he's fine, on both counts. Just collaborating is all."

John wiggles his eyebrows and speaks ominously "That's how it begins...."

Logan nods, solemnly. "They say that to keep you from fighting."

Colleen playfully hits both of the men. "You leave him alone." she tells them. "Although he IS fine. Not a redhead, but a boy can't have EVERYTHING." then she checks the time on her phone.

Vincent laughs and then blushes. "Just remember. Black silk lined interior and a white satin pillow .... and cremation."

Fiona makes a face "I can't date redheads anyway. Talk about Freudian nightmares. So a coffin and then cremation for easy clean up....very good. You know when you study the many ways cultures deal with their dead, it's quite interesting. There's this religion in India called Zoroastrians. They do not wish to desecrate the fire, the water or the earth, according to their beliefs so they cleans the body will bull's urine and hang it out for the vultures to pick clean."

Darcy grimaces a bit and keeps washing. She likes Fiona but that one deserved a grimace.

John just shakes his head and sighs "Thank you for waiting until AFTER dinner at least."

Logan shakes his head as well. "Bulls urine and vultures are pretty scarce around here, Fi. But than's so much for educating me. Here I thought I'd have to wait until January to start learning again."

Colleen face palms and giggles. "And to think when she was a little girl, I had these visions of flowers and pretty dresses and lady like talk. But you DO have a point, John. No bull urine conversations at the dinner table. We'll add it to the list as soon as we get home."

Vincent blinks, but looks interested. "There's a new thing ... well, I'm not sure its NEW where people are saying they only want to be wrapped in a decomposable shroud and left to decompose in peace. But I see all KINDS of problems if 'in peace' includes not being dragged half a mile from your place of death by predators .... in five or six different directions, no less."

Fiona casually dried the next dish "All part of the service Logan." She blinked at her mother "I wear dresses.....black dresses mostly but they are dresses." She looks at Vincent and sagely nods "I wonder if Zoroastrians would consider fed the the wolves in a different climate and ecosystem...."

John just keeps shaking his head now and smiles. He leans back and folds his arms after.

Darcy listens to the banter as she scrubs the lasagna pan and smiles.

Logan laughs, still laid back and enjoying. One hand rests on his belly.

Colleen nods. "Well I was thinking pinks and baby blues and maybe spring green. Not that I've been the most ladylike example ... but still."

Vincent looks for a long time at Fiona. "I ... can't see it." he admits. "Or what I DID see .... was terrifying. Am I supposed to see you in a cute little frilly dress ... and a hatchet?"

Fiona wiggles her eyebrows at Vincent "Might be fun for an afternoon."

John looks away from the two of them and around the room for a clock. the evening is getting on into night.

Darcy puts the last dish in the dish rack for Fiona to dry and begins draining the sink and rinsing it.

Logan stretches a bit and suppresses a yawn. "I'm sorry. A good meal can knock me right out."

Colleen follows John's gaze then looks at her phone again. "Oh my! We had better get going. It's been such a wonderful meal and company, but ... I need to get home. Owen and Seamus SHOULD be in bed by now but ...."

Vincent smiles at Fiona and stands. "Thanks all of you for coming." he says. "It really meant a lot."

Fiona hugs Vincent and gives him a little kiss on the cheek. He'll get one on the lips before she leaves completely "It was great. Thank you."

Darcy dries her hands and walks over to say goodnight, offering her hand to shake to each Reinhardt "It was so great to meet you all."

John ends up shaking hands first "And you as well Darcy. I'm very glad..." He glances at Vincent "He's living here with you."

Darcy grins "Me too." And moves onto the next hand to shake.

Logan takes his turn at shaking hands. "Yea. A good change."

Colleen shakes Darcy's hand. "I think we can ALL agree on that." she looks at her daughter as she moves to Vincent. "Thank you." and she hugs him.

Vincent smiles and hugs Colleen back. "I'm really glad too." he stops short of calling Darcy a lifesaver.

After Fiona steps out of the way so her mom can hug Vincent she moves to Darcy and hugs her "It rocks, you and Vincent here. I'll text you about that stuff."

Darcy hugs her back and chuckles "Sounds good."

Fiona hangs back after everyone as they make their way to the door so she can kiss Vincent goodbye. She stands at the counter in the kitchen while her Dad approaches Vincent after her mother lets him go. He sticks out a hand to shake "Thanks for the grub Vincent."

Logan pats Vincent on the back and heads for the door, smiling. The kid was alright ... now.

Colleen grins at the handshake and nods slowly. She suspected things would be alright now. Well, at least with Johns worries about Vincent's living situation.

Vincent shakes Johns hand firmly, which is pretty impressive since his hands are so strong. "You're welcome Mr Reinhardt. Anytime." he heads for the door, ready for the goodbyes.

John grins and is into his coat and shoes in no time. He waves and steps into the hallway, making room for others to suit up for the outdoors.

Darcy stands by to see them all out but when it dwindles to Fiona left waiting to kiss Vincent she'll take the cue and make herself scarce.

Fiona waits until her family is out and then pulls Vincent to her for a proper kiss "You are amazing, you know that? Thank you for this. You know you've got them now, all of them..." she says with a grin and then kisses him gently "Of course you've got me too."

Logan and Colleen move out and get their outdoor gear on.

Vincent enjoys both kisses and holds her close. "My pleasure. I know your Dad was uncomfortable ... and wanted him to see it's alright now." he bites his lip. "I got you and I'm going to do my damnedest to hold onto you, Boss." he replies. It's really been a great evening for him.

Fiona gives him one last peck back and then a hug "Good." She steps into her boots and grabs her backpack taking a deep breath like she's about to say something significant and then gulping and just saying "I'll call you later Minstrel."

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