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Smash and Run - Owen and L

The scene in this blog happens right after the group rp that created this blog:

Owen Reinhardt grabs for L's hand and tries to run by the mayor with a grin at the coffee lady muttering "The force is with me...I am one with the force...."

Elena Horatio runs as she is gladly pull with him squealing softly like she is in some adventure book.

As they get outside Owen catches his breath a half a block later and laughs "Sorry about that...butter fingers...butter feet. And thanks."

L laughs softly 'why you sorry for zat was so much fun .. ' she smiles at him catching her own breath one . her free hand clasping a small snippet of a bit of pine .. she sticks it in her hat arranging it a bit so it blends with .. 'now i look like a holly girl ..' she laugh softly.

Owen nods, liking L's take on it. He pulls a big chunk of a pine branch from his hair and then sticks it back in "We are the tree people, obey us world....I feel like it's a more natural sort of cyberman thing..." He laughs "Do you watch Doctor Who?"

L laughs softly 'zat we are .. we'll turn back ze hands of time .. ' she winks 'oh I'm a timelady/lord 'she explains .. I just regenerate a lot ' she explains 'I'm very clumsy 'she say laughing

Owen beams at L "Fantastic... I think I'm more companion material than time lord.. so I could be your...." He suddenly blushes deeply before saying your companion and then clears his throat spotting the Sigh coffee shop. He blurts out "Doyouwannagetacoffee?" Pretty much all as one word.

L beams back 'i would.' she stop short as he changes topic ' love. zat .. ze coffe ' he say soflty 'but if i have a tardis i d make it all steampunk inside and out 'he say softly as looks at him smiling her trademark smile when she was talking to him 

Owen smiles back at her awkwardly, hoping he hasn't just screwed up "Me too. It's still early." He grabs for the door and holds it open in offering.

L laughs softly shakes her head.. "you be like a male ami pond " she chuckles "I zink. Matt smith's is my favourite. . He has a interesting face . She chuckles softly going in

Owen grins "Amy Pond is pretty hot.. I could get into that..." He jokes "Matt Smith is my favourite. It was the fez thing and the first conversation with all the food." He walks up to the counter with L but hangs back, deferring to L to order first.

She giggles softly. . "I wear bow tie no. Bow ties are cool she giggle. " she looks up and orders
. "I'll have an espresso a mint chocolate chip cookie s'il vous plait :she goes to move to the side 

Owen nods "I could see you in a bow tie." He steps up to order "Caramel latte please."

She chuckles I don't wear zem as el... " She starts but trails off " a girl but as boy I sometimes do . She blushes. .looking at him shrugging and looks away/

Owen sees L's awkwardness and steps back from the counter, beside L, shyly reaching to hold L's hand "It's....ALL good with me. Just so you know."

She blushes "I almost said my given name " she reaches her hand out trembling a bit smiling at him.. 

Owen squeezes L's hand, trying to be reassuring "I think Fiona or Addy told me...I can't remember's Eleanor right? I like L too. Whatever makes you happy." He lets go as their coffees are up and takes and pays for his, not assuming or demanding to pay for L's. His sister had given him a lecture about dating and the politics of paying drilling it into his head to always go dutch unless you had an agreement with the other person or had been dating fora long time and took turns.

She shake her head laughing. "It's elena.." She say as she pays for her coffee and cookie to busy laughing harder then warranted.. "so sorry" she says after awhile relaxing a bit.. "don't know why I'm laughing.." She sips her coffee after she stops laughing 

Owen looks smug "Maybe I know something Fi doesn't know for once..." Then he laughs with L "I don't know either but it's making me do it too." He gestures to the cushy low sitting area and then looks at the skirt "Does that spot work with your....dress?"

Well I sorta had my uncle tell ze teacher to call me L so.. she may not know. She laughs. She nod look.. I have long bloomer so you won't see London ,France or my underpants. She laughs following him 

Owen smirks and then plunks down and undoes his suit jacket with a grimace "OK definitely Seamus's.....god we used to be the same I feel like I'm in a sardine can wearing his suit jacket." He adjust his tie with the flames on it "This was Dad's....Mom wants it gone so I'm keeping it safe for him."

She sits all ladylike on the poof.. .Giggling . "Is Seamus getting .. bigger. She puffs up her cheeks . She laughs. . "Well it's a interesting tie,no? She smiles 

Owen jokes along " a puffer's hideous..." He fills his cheeks with air and makes his eyes go wide before taking a sip of his coffee and looking at L with smiling eyes.

She laughs softly ."it happen we can't stop.. as much I would like to . She smiles back to. . "Like tonight. . I could replay zis night over and over. " She sighs sweetly

Owen looks taken aback and then extremely touched. He tries to come up with an eloquent way to express it but only manages to get out one word and his voice cracks as he says it "Cool.." He blushes up to the top of his ears.

L raised an eyebrow awkward brushing a stray hair out of her face tucking it behind her ear. She watching him.. not sure what to say 

Owen sighs into a deflated groan and then laughs at himself. Inhaling a big breath and some courage he says "L I really like you...and I'm REALLY new at please be patient if I'm slightly an idiot about it all."

L smiles back sweetly "I like you too" she nods encouraging. Her father and pine breach bobbing a bit as she does . She waves him off "It's okay because you're cute" she chuckles madly and nervously 

Owen laughs nervously and then looks away, overwhelmed a bit. Then he smiles at L and moves his coffee, his cushion and himself to sit so he's right beside L, the side of his leg touching the skirt. "Thanks, you're cute too. How's the mint one?" He gestures with his coffee at L's cup.

L looks at him blushing as he call her cute 'umm merci. 'she say softly looking in her cup 'its gone'' she say nervously and look back up . 'minty .. i zink ' she say softly .. staring at his leg then back at her lap. 'it warms me up.. so cold .. she say softly playing with her skirt a bit fluffing it bit slightly up and down .. 

Owen watches L and then pulls his leg back so it's not touching but not away so fast he's pulling away. He doesn't know the balance yet, the limits or even what L wants. He'd love nothing more than to pull L into a great big hug right now but he's afraid of coming off as pushy. He couldn't even work up the nerve to ask if it was OK to kiss goodnight at their Star Wars date so he just gave a sort of drive by hug and ran off really fast. "Minty is good..." He sips at his "Caramel is good too....." It dawns on him he talking just to fill the space of his own awkwardness and he looks a little lost for what to say next.

L looks over to him blushing 'did you enjoy .. ' she say softly' ze caramel ' she say rolling the word on her tongue.. . she smiles at him flashing her flirty grin without even knowing she is doing it .'so ze movie was good, oui' she say curiously she leans a bit closer to him .. bit to close she think an leans a bit back straighten up . her owl earring dangling ..away as a stray line of orange strand is dangling off it.. 

Owen's breath leaves him at L's closeness and her flirty smile. He blinks slowly and says "Caramel...." like someone struggling to learn the word for the first time. He feels a little tug on his hair and then notices some is going with the earring as L pulls back. He reaches his hand out to gently remove it "Got a bit of ginger there..."His fingers free the hair and then he finds himself brushing his hand along the edge of L's cheek feeling pulled back closer like a magnet. It's simultaneously glorious and terrifying.

L blushes but looks at his eyes blindingly to much . she trembles a bit 'i zink i got a ginger '. she repeat back to him slowly .. 'yes.. ginger..' she repeats again. looking at him 'ello ginger ' she babbles absentmindedly . 

Owen backs off a bit "Please tell me if I'm out of line. I just kind of.....I don't want to ever make you uncomfortable..." He looks apologetic and gently drops the hand from L's face.

L looks back at the ginger teen.. smiling 'no.. I 'm fine. 'she say softly her smile turns down just smidgen . 'I'm very comfortable wiz you Owen.. ' she say in a breathe airy tone . watching his hand drop a bit sadden at the brief but gone moment bite her bow shape lip kicking herself for looking scared 'i like ginger.. ' she say softly biting her lip..'bread. ' she utters softly awkwardly ..and then utters quickly 'vous' 

Owen looks happy but also slightly confused and laughs "I think that's good....I don't always know how to read you but I'll keep trying." He lets out a big sigh "May I give you a hug?"

L nods smiling at him 'I don't know how to read myself honestly ' she giggles softly ' and nods quickly 'yes..please ' she say softly her eyes trying to meet his chuckling at his sigh tilting her head a bit at him ..

Owen grins a bit and leans closer turning his body to hug L more from the front than just the side. He lets his hand reaching farthest go to and around the waist and the closer hand goes around the back of L's shoulders. Owen rests his chin on L's shoulder on the higher arm side and holds tight for a really genuine feel good hug. He closes his eyes and smiles.

L tenses a bit but relaxes as Owens hands settle her own arms softly reach out behind Owens back each palm softly rests on each of his shoulder blades. She rest her head on his shoulder close enough that her cheek brushes his wonderful ginger hair. "I love your hair it's like ze color of a golden orange sunset "she softly an airy tone. She giggles softly snuggles into him enjoying herself 

Owen chuckles "Golden orange sunset....thanks." He holds onto L for awhile and then pulls back to make eye contact. His eyes dart to L's lips like he's struggling to work up the nerve to ask for a kiss but he just freezes in his own anxiety like a deer in the headlights.

L looks back into Owen's eyes kindly and nods "well.." She says expectantly.. "are you going kiss me or are we doing zat mannequin zing for ze internet or something" she jokes awkwardly but assertively 
Owen's eyes widen and then he grins and blushes "Um I...uh...." He takes a loud deep breath like he's about to dive underwater, licks his lips and then seems unsure which way to tilt his head so he alternates about 3 times before he finally moves in and presses his lips gently on L's. His eyes are wide open, watching L's face and he doesn't move his mouth at all beyond the pressing. He's seen kissing on TV, done more than he's wanted to watch by his parents and more recently his sister and her boyfriend. But seeing and doing are VERY different. L's lips feel warm though and rather wonderful against his. He hopes to god L has some clue about what comes next or they'll just be pressed against each other's faces like drooling children on the glass of a candy store window.

L chuckle softly watching him and looking sympathetically smiles as his lips brush hers. She returns meeting his brush hers against his . Her eyes shut her lashes flutter slightly as shes lightly opens her mouth a fraction for a microsecond before shutting.she presses in a bit then pulls back and turn her head to the other direction showing she has kissed before.

Owen nervously tries to copy what L is doing and sort of fumbles through it, near missing a few times or awkwardly bumping in an off pattern to L's. At some point he realizes he should probably close his eyes because that's what L is doing and what he's seen people do. Oddly closing his eyes and just focusing on feeling it rather than watching, relaxes him a little and he slowly starts to get the hang of it. Once his movements become more intuitive and they start connecting it's the best feeling he's ever had in his life and his whole being becomes a little tingly. His arms tighten around L and the kiss goes on. He could do this all day and night.

L giggles softly as he awkward and blindly finds his way. she sighs softly as he slowly gains the confidence she knew he had in there.. deep down in there. she slowly backs off her aggressiveness and melts as his nature takes over. letting him lead and explore . her mind races and when she feels his arms tighten she mirrors the his actions and holds him close feeling like they stopped time caught up in this moment that she wish that could be paused forever. 

Owen keeps going a little longer. Someone from across the cafe calls out "Oi get a room!" to a friend of theirs beside them. Breathless and laughing he breaks the kiss and looks back at the guy with an eye roll before turning back to L and snuggling up again with a breathy "Wow..." on his next exhale.

L blushes when she hear the person shout and turn to him frowning at him .. like the person slap her.. . she shakes her head. and looks back at Owen snuggling and says softly "Merde. ' she counter 'wow is right.. " she giggles softy

Owen leans his head on L's "Sorry I kinda chickened out on that after Rogue're the first person I've kissed." he admits.

She smiles at him letting out a sigh of relief .. "I zought it was me . " she looks deep in his eyes lost in them for a bit before blinking "i kinda sort of found za out.. she say 'zo zank you . I'm honor' her eyes looks down a bit then flashes back up . 'I've kissed before.. ' she admits softly 'but you're ze first guy I've kissed. ' she lets out in a breathe. 'its different but I like it ' she nods a bit looks down and giggling softy as she looks at his lips.. 

Owen's pupils dilate "You've kissed girls?" His teenage boy hormone meter would ding at the top bell if he was a cartoon. He bites his lip looking at her like the idea of L kissing a girl is overwhelmingly delicious to him and then has to close his eyes grinning "Happy it's you...the honour is mine. How is it different? I mean I know I don't have..." he blushes "You know....girl bits......but lips....lips are lips right?"

L chuckles softly her eyes roll a bit at his reaction "mon dieu ' she say in a expression that may sound like a prayer for patience at his stereotypical reaction "oui, I've kissed girls before.. ' she shakes her head chuckling but smiling as she isn't offended by him . "i cant explain it .. but its different but a good different..' she say softly 'no silly you have soft but guy lips.. she say softy .. and giggles 'that look very good in covered in my lipstick . she adds softly

Owen swipes a finger across his lips and smirks feeling the lipstick. He had noticed the eye roll and clears his throat "Sorry... that came across kinda piggish. I like kissing you. Do have like a curfew or anything we should be on time for?"

L laugh softly'its okay .. it was kinda interesting watching you daydream' she smiles shaking her head. 'no you're not a pig.. just a red blooded straight male ' she chuckles softly . 'well i like kiss you too. she beams back smiling back all flirty and looks at him as she think. 'well, I'm staying at the dormitories but at ze moment so i need to be in by 11pm.. ' she says smiling at him frowning .. they extended it for the dance and since we are on break.. ' she say softly 'i wish could just jump in a tardis at we could stay in there forever .. ' she sighs.

Owen sighs "Yeah me too. But I can walk you back so we have a little longer?" He offers. "Also, what are you up to for New Years? My sister's making a fire pit and if the inlet is still frozen we were going to have a bit of an outdoor party behind our house. Would you wanna?"

L nods as she holds him "I would LOVE for you to escort me back home.. she looks longing into his eyes exhaling dreamily before coming out of her daze a minute later.. "I normally go to mama's and she let's me sip champagne.. just a sip.." she add " for the new year.. but.. mama is in ze Congo with ze chimpanzees. " so I'm staying here for winter break " she says sadly but perks "oh mon cheri" she pecks him happily "I love to go" she says giggling beaming so brightly.

Owen kisses back at the peck after listening to L. He stands, offering a hand "So do you get Christmas with your folks at least? I mean if you do Christmas... that is..."

She frowns a bit "well I don't know where papa is.. and mama like I said is in ze Congo. . She got a grant. . A big opportunity so she had to take it "She trails off She takes his offered hand "but I have uncle 'Kari" she exhales them smiles. "So is still good" she let's him help her up.

Owen pulls L up with relative ease and then shuffles his hands to hold hands and walk "What's it like living in the dorm?" He bumps the door open and leans into it until they're both out.

She clasps his hand tightly not wanting let go as she lead out the door onto the street " well it's like living in a house with a lot of girls.. " bites her lip as she think. "Zo I don't like my roommate. . She's of zose harpies " she rolls her eyes.. I don't like girls like her. .like a blabbering hyper airhead zat I could air up a fleet of airships with her hot air. She shakes her head.. " She says annoyed he nostrils flares a bit then she scrunched her nose in disgust. . " She shakes her head. "What's it like having a siblings?" she asks him.

Owen squeezes L's hand back "Sounds like an awkward roommate. I share a room with my brother. It's better now that it's just one brother. I mostly like them." He jokes "They're actually pretty cool. My sister is a little...well you've met her." He laughs "No one's found any bodies yet."

She nods. "Yeah she keeps trying to be my friend so I could tell her about Vincent and ask for me to ask Vincent if he would date her . She rolls her eyes. "I'm telling her all ze time zat he has a girlfriend and to stop bozering me.." She sigh exasperatedly and goes lean her head down on his shoulder"I would like siblings but all my siblings are exotic animals " she laughs. She looks pensively but Gigette my mazer chimp us ze closest zing to a sister. . . She smile " I like your sister., such a strong lady." She smiles at him as they walk.

Owen smirks and enjoys L leaning on him "Yeah she's pretty kick ass. God the girls are really nuts for Vincent eh? I mean he's pretty cool. We hung out one day when Fi was out with Addy and cooked. I get why he's so likable. So chimps huh? I saw a movie with one who did sign language? Does uh....Gidget do that?" His pronunciation of the name is totally off with an English accent.

She giggle "oui, I understand why. He's handsome and cool. "She chuckles " but zat all za know but these people like zat jerk Joey too." She rolls her eyes "so. .yeah.. but at least Vincent is a nice guy. " She nods "Zo in my opinion you're cuter but I'm bias " she winks "oui, Gigette speak sign language which helps out Grandpere, who is deaf and in Paris " she giggles "are you ready for Pere Noel?!" She chuckles looks up at him with a sparkle in her eyes 

Owen makes a face "Yeah Joey's a knob." He doesn't dwell on the topic but he's heard Joey in the locker room and had to hold back from telling the guy off or wanting to desk him a few times. He spewed the opposite of EVERYTHING Owen had been taught about how to respect girls or anyone he'd ever date for that matter. Owen blushes when L says he's cuter and laughs "Definitely biased, but I won't complain. Pere Noel? I'm a late shopper and I didn't write a letter to Santa this year.....but I think I got my Christmas wish...." He grins at L stupidly "Are you ready for Pere Noel?"

She giggle "oui, Santa. She nods beaming at Owen "oui, must've been good zis year too.. but I zink I'm going ask for mistletoe zis year. " She says smiling big "for my stocking. . She giggles softy 

Owen blushes and then pulls L's hand to his lips and kisses it "You won't have to work hard to convince me...."

She giggles "I'll share it with you " she blushes as he kisses her hand muttering softly in France nonsense and giggling and blushing.

Owen chuckles at L's reaction as he lowers the hand. He's so glad he's not the only one who's nervous here. As the school comes into sight he frowns at it. The walk flew by too fast. He sighs dramatically as they step in front of it "Time Lady where's your Tardis? Let's go back to the beginning of tonight..." He jokes. Less shy now after kissing in the coffee shop he pulls L to him, his arms circling behind and around as he steps in and initiates a long kiss goodnight. His lips brush L's and then catch hers in his own. He's still not totally smooth about it but he pulls back slightly and then kisses again a bit more intensely but slowing to let L's reactions meet his own movements.

L frowns. as the school looms in sight sighing very audibly and sadly . 'Allons-y, she say softly.. "let's go find it now .. ' she says earnestly wishing she had one.. she gasp softly as he pull her close her heart racing taken by surprise. ' she stiffens a bit at the shock then relaxes and melts in his arms hold onto him tightly lest she fall. At the kiss again .. so intensely .. she grabs tighter and kisses him back as a late but strong reaction to being kiss like something in some romantic
French film she's watched with her grandma. she kisses tentatively but passionately. 

Owen feels like he's in a dream. He doesn't want to wake up, let go or EVER not be kissing L. L's passion fuels his to just keep going for what feels like forever and no time simultaneously. Finally he hears other students dashing by them laughing and chatting but clearly trying to hurry. He realizes L needs to get in as it's the curfew time. Reluctantly he pulls back a bit but with repeated pecks as he says his goodbye in between them "Mmmm you gotta go." He pecks again "Text me...." He tilts his head the other way with another peck "Before you sleep..." He swipes his lips on L's again "When you wake up..." And one last one "Whenever you want..." He slowly lets go and steps back blushing and laughing a bit "Goodnight L...."

L savors the feeling like they are froze in space and time the closest she ever felt to what it must be like to time travel. She just holds this long hair ginger companion. she blushes at the thought, just lock in his embrace . Not a sound penetrates this vacuum of time, only when he lets go does reality set in her mind stop spinning like a tardis. She giggles as he pecks her repeatedly trying to summon word to her lips but it fails her.. she just giggles like an airhead.. oh what did this boy do to her.. she liked it and was confused by it all at the same time. she just nods between each peck frowning as he lets go.. 'Good Night Owen.. ' she say sadly but perks up at his laughter and nods 'i will ' responding to his peck requests a bit late as her brain catches up to the rest of her body .sighing softly she looks back at the school frowning like its a dalek war ship and back to Owen biting her lip.

Owen looks back as he walks away from L for a long time and then trips sideways over his own foot. He jumps up from the stumble and does a little Travolta-esque dance move, trying to make it look like it was all intentional. Finally he turns around and walks properly, cheeks burning and a grin so plastered to his face it might still be there next week.

L chuckles softly .walking him walking away til he is out of sight and frowns when he disappear.. She sighs as he is finally gone turn back to walk to her room..beaming so brightly it could light up the night.

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