Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Eve Skype Chat - L and Owen

Owen waits until his family has scattered to all directions in his grandparents house and the outside and then messages L on Skype asking if it's an OK time to do a face chat.

Reincraft O: Hey L, are you there? Can I call your face?

L is at her steam punk modded laptop and is glad to see her roommate just leave as she sees the notification for Owen Skype name on her screen.

SteampunkdGallifrian : ... depends lol on what you're going to call it .

She giggles on her side as she fusses with her hair.. a bright bronze
wig ..

SteampunkdGallifrian : im in the middle of see what to do with my hair for tomorrow

Reincraft O: I'd have to call your face beautiful. Please don't shave your head though:) May I Skype call you to be specific?

Owen can't help but laugh. Outside he can see and hear Fiona taunting Seamus and beginning to chase him to the barn. Their grandparent’s farm hounds are on their heels yipping and catching up to the chase.

L laughs softly as she grabs a couple of bobby pins and pulls her wig hair in and messy Victorian Gibson girl hairdo as she waits for his response

steampunkdGallifrain : aww are you the charmer. LOL XD.. i would shave my head but i don’t think id look to good that way . though it make it easier for wigs lol

She pauses a moment before continuing.

I suppose. I'm a mess but it's ok for you to call me .

Owen just wants to see L, mess or no mess and dials, his heart speeding up as he hears the expected Skype ring. He holds out his phone so his face is visible when L answers.

 L stops continues to work on her undo as she hears the Skype ring.. she looks straight into the camera then back on her screen using her screen as a mirror.. She has half of her the middle of hair up in a bun but the bouffant rolls that frame her around the circumference of her head are in a purposely messing but style in place as It answers . she has some bobby pins between her lip as she works on the bun it the middle her hands up on her head

Owen looks the same as always, messy red hair, freckles and a goofy grin "Merry Christmas eve L." He squints "What's in your mouth?"

L's green eyes look up .. Her trademark dark eyeliner and eye shadow eyes are pale .. natural . She..looks up at him and plucks one from between her pale lip and holds it out "it's a bobby pin. so sorry I’m in the middles of Gibson girl Victorian updo zing . she say taking her hands off the messy simple bun and places the bobby pins on her keyboard.. .pardon moi.. ' She says blushing a bit.. 

 Owen laughs "I have no idea what you just said but cool. Are you hanging out with your uncle tonight or just on your own? We just had dinner...salmon and's a potato grandparents are Irish."

As if on cue his grandmother yells across the kitchen to the living room where his grandfather has dozed off. "Kean!! Kean, help me with this bird in the sink!"

Owen had slipped into the small office between the living room and kitchen and ducks down, hoping the shouting will stop.

His grandfather wakes with a start "Whaaaaa?!!" And then promptly slips back into his nap.

His grandmother huffs. L will be able to hear it all and Owen looks self conscious "Sorry, hang on a minute..." He sets his phone down and walks to the kitchen "Gran? Can I do it? I'm kinda on the phone and you're shouting..."

"Oh bless me...Owen I'm so sorry. Just stick it on the second shelf in the fridge dear and go back to your call...wash your hands first or you'll get salmonella!"

"Yes Gran..." There are some shuffling sounds, a fridge door opening and closing and then the sound of water running before Owen returns and smiles at L's face in the screen.

"Sorry about that..." He offers.

L starts to respond before Owen excuses himself .L giggles softly as she hears the noise of chaos of a very busy and bustling household. . she listens as the sound is slightly muffled and beams with a big smile as his happy befreckled face returns to her computer screen "It's alright ' she say with a light chuckle in her voice. "Well zat is the name of the 'airdo ' she say softly 'but i'm alone tonight but tomorrow my uncle and I are having a dinner in his quarters . She explains. zat is why I’m getting my wig ready tonight . ' She finishes and nods 'oh it sound lovely zere , all your family togezer. 'She beams back at him nodding . 'are you having a good time zere ' she asks him. 

Owen nods "That sounds nice and quiet. I love my family but we're loud..." He laughs "My grandparents live on a farm in the Okanagan. There are chickens and goats and stuff and about 40 cats in the barn as well as a small pack of beagles running around. Oh look there's even one inside...." He walks over with his phone and holds it out in front of a sleeping dog face "I think this one's Oscar...he likes the house." Oscar's ear twitches and then he makes a snuffling noise and Owen moves the phone back to his own face "I got you a present's not much but I'll give it to you when I'm back. It needs to go in the freezer...or you just have to eat it at my house. Do you have a freezer in the dorm?"

L smiles as Owen talk nodding softly the bouffant rolls bouncing softly as she listens ' Oh my .. ' she say softly as he lists off all the animal 'aww he looks so cute .. i wish i could have a dog.. ' she has to stop herself from cooing but it's apparent on her face she is enjoying seeing the sleeping dog.. ' oh .. she says arching an eyebrow 'well my i have a small dorm fridge but my uncle has a small kitchenette in his quarters and his fridge is a bit bigger .. 'frozen.. ' she says softly 'oh .. have one for you .. too . 'she blushes .. and chuckles 'mine is edible too. zat is strange? no?" she asks with a smile

Owen grins "Do you want to know what it is? It's Doctor Who themed. I'll tell you yours if you tell me mine..." He says teasingly.

L shakes her head 'you don’t like surprises?" she asks but seems dying to know.. 'so is mine.. ' She says this time with a more skeptical look.

Owen raises a brow "Well we don't HAVE to tell..." He considers it, waiting for L's reply.

L looks at Owen with a serious look. 'You first ginger.. man .. ' she says with a determined look .. with her flirty grin after words

 Owen blinks and swallows at the grin that tends to get to him and then says causally "Fish fingers and custard."

 L smiles and chuckles for a bit . 'Well that sounds very good ' she beams at .. 'I guess it's my turn ' she looks at him . she bats her eyelids a bit nervously 'you see .. I made you some I like .. ginger.. bread.. tardis.. ' she say stammering nervously .. 'i told i like ginger.. I wasn't kidding ' she says quickly .. her cheeks pinkens .. Her pale face

 Owen looks amazed "You made me a gingerbread tardis? Um you are the coolest person I've EVER met...thank you! Is it blue?"

L chuckle softly at his reaction blushing a bit at 'your welcome .. oui.. I was going to make it a steam punk rustic shade but .. I figure I just do ze classical 11th doctor shade of blue .. 'She says in a contemplating tone .

 Owen beams "That's perfect. Is it bigger on the inside? And I'm so stoked about the special tomorrow. The trailer looks great."

L chuckles softly 'don't we all wish .. ' she smiles 'I’m not ZAT good of a baker ' she smiles nodding and get all excited when he mentions it 'OUI . I can't wait !!' she bounces a bit giggling 'Zat what i wait for all year.. Screw ze fat man.. I waiting for ze doctor ' she says with a happy sigh.

Owen laughs now, a little too loud and it waked his grandfather in the next room. He jumps with a start and yells out "Who's there?!"

Owen sighs impatiently and holds up a finger "Sorry, 1 sec...." He steps away again "'s me Owen. Sorry I'm just...on the phone." Explaining Skype to his grandparents was taxing so he just used vocabulary they understood.

His grandfather started talking but it was muffled. Owen's voice replied but not all the words were clear either except "really should get back.....yes...I'm just gonna....." But his grandfather just kept talking at him.

Through the kitchen were a clatter of boots and the unmistakable laugh of Fiona Reinhart as she came in with their other brothers. Feet stomped off snow and then there was the scuffle of boots coming off, dishes clinking in the kitchen and finally the padding of bare feet on hardwood towards Owen's phone. Fiona didn't know it was on and started opening drawers on the desk that the phone was sitting on top of "Gran!!" She called "Do you have any tape left?! Oh never mind...found it...." Her voice got quieter "Now if only the scissors were in the same place.....dammit..." Oscar's nails on the floor clicked as he lumbered towards Fiona for pats. He let out a little whimper and she started talking to him, oblivious to L on the phone screen still "Do you know where the scissors are Oscar? Oh who wants a belly rub.....there's the leg....oh yeah...that's the spot..." Owen was still trying to extract himself from his grandfather's ramblings.

L just watches the commotion like she watching a television show. She stifles a chuckle and pulls her hair out of her messy bun and into a ponytail before splitting in third and starts a pin curl as she watches the "show' , trying her hardest not to laugh

Fiona gets up from rolling around with the dog and being silly to reach across the desk, finally spotting a pair of scissors in a cup of pens on one end and then sees L on the phone styling her hair "L?" she says laughing and picks up her brother's phone "Did you get forgotten on the desk?" Fiona's usually black hair has been dyed platinum and it's a shock of brightness against her pale freckled face.

 L freezes like a photograph out of her awkward self .. she looks half looks like old picture of some Victorian pin up girl with her puffy Victorian styled nightgown and framed against a detail steampunk decal mural of a clockwork cogged kraken... it almost looks like that until she blinks 'oh. ‘She says softly 'he got called away ' she points on screen to where he went... she blinks again blushing. 

Fiona laughs and then listens at the wall "Oh man...Grandad can talk...and it's hard to get away. I like your hair and Merry Christmas! Maybe I can get him back in here for you..." She walks with the phone in her hand through the kitchen. L would see a lot of the wood paneled ceiling and then the fridge opening and part of the inside as Fiona reaches for a carton of eggnog. She goes to the cupboard and grabs a glass and sets the phone down while she pours and then reaches in a higher cupboard and pulls out a bottle of rum and looks at it. She picks up L "I have no idea how much booze to put in....."

Behind her is a slight gasp "Fi?!!" It's her father watching her holding a bottle of rum.

"It's for get Owen free so he can talk to his friend L again. See?" She holds L out to her father.

John Reinhardt is a large red haired man with a thick mustache and a balding spot on the top of his head. He grabs the alcohol and awkwardly smiles "Hi Elle." Talking to a person on a screen makes him uneasy. John is a bit of a technophobe.

"No Dad it's L...."

John looks confused "That's what I said..."

Fiona sighs and gives L an apologetic smile before holding out the eggnog glass "Ok you pour please."

The sound of liquid hitting liquid is behind the phone.

"Thanks Dad..." She walks off before she can be stolen from her task any longer and seeing Owen she passes him his phone and puts the eggnog in her grandfather's hand.

"Oh thank you dear....listen Fiona...did I ever tell you about that family of bears that moved into our trailer...."

Fiona visibly shoves Owen to the door of the room and he smiles at L and then whispers "Thanks." to his sister as he moves quickly back to the office.

"That was handy. Sorry it's mad in here...." He admits "Did I miss anything while I was gone?" He jokes.

L starts to talk to Fiona before she is see John.. she starts to speak up before.. just nodding and smile as she is walked through the house then pass off 'oh nozing .. i just got to see what you mean about a busy 'ouse . 'she giggles 'i met saw Fi wiz blonde 'air and met your fazer .. he called me my Grandpere.. does ' she chuckle softly smooth out her second pincurl and pinning it securely with a bobbypin.. 'i zink what was your grandpere say about bears' she say softly tilting her head .. 

Owen chuckles "Yeah Fi's going back to red because our uncle gave her hair dye as a joke. I think she's doing it to spite him since he didn't seem to think she'd use it. She said she had to bleach out the black first. Dad's a little old fashioned....not in a bad way but he might need reminding more than Mom about your name." He settles himself on a couch and clicks on a lamp nearby "Oh the bears. He forgets he's told it a few times now. My grandparents have a camper out back they use in the summer to go fishing and camping. One spring they opened it up and a family of bears had been living there all winter. They had to call in conservation people to get them out and moved so they could use it again. It still kinda smells like bear in there..."

 L just watches Owen as he laugh loving the way his face lit up when he did . she just chuckles softly at Fi in spite her uncle . That was so Fi. and nods as she listens about his Dad "I don't worry much if he isn’t doing it to be mean ' she explain to him "might be a bit awkward when I'm in guy mode but I'll be the gentlemen since I sorta of like being called Elle in girl mode. Since Grandpere says it with so much Joie de vivre. " She says beaming her own face lights up "He named me after all.. 'Elena.. ' she say softly 'because he say I lit up ze his world that even a blind man could see my light ' she says softly chuckling softly 

"Your Grandpa sounds cool." He says with a smile. The sound of dog nails on hardwood come closer again and Oscar takes a leap onto the other end of the couch causing Owen to bounce in place as he lands "I've got company." He says with an amused look. He turns the screen to where the dog is circling three times and settling in at his feet. Owen's ripped old blue jeans and ratty wool socks with a big hole in one toe can be seen just before the floppy hound.

 L chuckles softly 'I guess he is gets on Skype so I can see him and he can hear me . 'she smile stifling a laugh at Owen’s sock then laugh even hard as she coos at the dog and talks to the dog in rapid French ..that anyone that has a basic knowledge in French can figure out she is basically baby talking to the hound in a soft gentle tone

Owen smirks at L's baby talk, understanding some but not all of it. He pets the dog with his toe hole sock foot and then turns the screen back around "Lucky that he gets Skype. My grandparents are hit and miss. I'll try to teach them again. My Gran likes Facebook. What is it with old people and boring.....Dad won't let us do Snapchat because you can't log it and it's been hacked a few Skype, twitter and YouTube are my thing."

L nods at Owen 'Pierre has ze Snapchat but .. I don't like it that much .. I have a twitter but i don't really like share much zing to the world. I have a Youtube account but all zat are on zere are some of my performances so my very mobile family can see me .. but I haven't load anything on zere recently she say finishing her last pin curl then carefully taking off the wig and placing it on a wig head . she takes off her wig cap then shakes her head then comb her shoulder length brunette hair with her fingers and look back the ginger teen guy. 

Owen looks a little guarded and asks "Who's Pierre?" He's heard that name before from L. I mean it could be a brother...or her dad even. When L's hair comes down he forgets his tension entirely and just grins stupidly "You really are beautiful, you know that..."

L looks at his serious face 'Oh he is a childhood friend .. ' she trails off blush so red it looks like she put on red rouge on her cheek 'umm .. maybe.. I don’t .. ' she stammers 'Oh Pierre.. is gay.. ' she blurts out 'Mon Dieu .. don’t tell anyway.. he hasn’t came out yet .. I dont zink I was suppose to say zat.. ' L looks down at her lap.. 

 Owen looks relieved and then a little guilty for being so obvious. "I won't say anything, I promise." He chuckles a bit but mostly at himself. He'd never felt the trigger of jealously with someone before and he felt like a bit of an idiot now. L was L, not exclusive to his feelings. Fiona would smack him if she got wind of it.

She looks up at his 'zank you .. he doesn't have ze support i do..' she says softly 'so ... she exhales blinking at him staring at his freckling handsome face 'you're handsome .. she states softly but confidently. her eyes searching his .. she just smiles at him her usual grin she give when she is looking at him and sighs softly in a peaceful manner like looking at him made her feel better even though at the same time he was the reason for her awkwardness . She just stares at him 

Now it's Owen's turn to blush and he does so fabulously "Uh...thanks..." He smiles a little self consciously "Most people think I look kinda like a Muppet." He laughs and then hears his name being called "Damn, I think I need to go L...but this was nice. Merry Christmas...text me when you watch the special?"

L smiles 'no you don’t you look very handsome ' she says sternly . she nods 'I will Merry Christmas , Mon Cheri ' she say softly grin her flirty "Owen" grin 'sleep well " she blows him a kiss and waves.

Owen blushes again and pretends to catch the kiss and eat it "You too." And he ends the call with a big happy sigh only to find all his siblings leaning over him suddenly and making kissy faces. No privacy ever.

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