Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Holiday Treat - Dec. 25th- later - Frank and Tamela

*****WARNING*****This blog post contains graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

This post happens right after the Brate House Christmas

Frank Sharp left the station as if she had no certain plans for the evening, but the moment she passes the town hall she jogs to Fourth Street and down it to her place on the corner of Academy. She burst in and looks around. The place is definitely passable. Good. Rushing upstairs, she gets out of her uniform and into comfy sweats. After all this is just hanging out and watching movies, not the Formal. Moving into the kitchen she sets out the pumpkin pie, two forks and a glass decanter that she fills with egg nog. Then she looks at the clock and takes in a deep calming breath. "It's all good." she tells herself and anything in the kitchen that cares to listen.

Tamela decides to walk over. She's a little nervous and the walk will work it out she hopes. It goes quickly and she finds her hand knocking at Frank's door in no time. She's in the same blue jeans and black t shirt she had on earlier with her jacket open and a wool scarf just slung over the back of her neck. Her black high top runners are a little damp from the snow.

Frank counts to five and then heads for the door in her grey sweats and bare feet. She's an inch shorter barefoot than in her work shoes. "Welcome. Come on in." she steps back to let her in, offering her a quick peck on the cheek before she closes the door .. so the rumors are true .. no hiding it with this lady.

Tamela grins at the kiss and steps in and out of her shoes. She looks in " Very red. Favourite colour?"

Frank chuckles. "Actually it's Jasmine's .. my housemate." she confesses. "Mine is blue." she heads into the kitchen, talking as she goes. "Now we have two televisions, and I figured we could hang out down here instead of the upstairs lounge." she motions to the tray. "Now there's no booze in the egg nog." she tells her. "I don't drink, but if you do I can probably find something ... somewhere ..." she offers.

Tamela looks relieved "I don't drink either. Your house. Lead the way."

Frank grins and takes the tray into the living room, setting it down on a side table. "Good. Now ... Die Hard first of Lethal Weapon? And what time do I have to have you home before I'm at risk of losing my job?" she teases.

Tamela plunks down on the couch "Die Hard and I don't have a curfew." She smiles awkwardly " I promised to explain something to you didn't I?"

Frank puts in the proper BluRay and sits beside Tams on the couch after putting the tray on the extended part, within easy reach. She pours a glass of egg nog. "Yes ... yes you did ...." she remembers perfectly.

Tamela leans forward to pour herself one as well "Darcy Lynch. I didn't know her last name at the time, just Darcy. We had a ....half a one night stand once. She was in the military and I'm guessing something bad happened in Afghanistan. She woke up in the middle of the night in a panic and cold sweat, in my bed. I tried to help her, get her to talk it out...but she just bolted. I didn't get her number but she had mine. She never called. I wasn't looking know..... fall in love with her...but I was worried about her for awhile. I hope she's OK now but she did not look happy to bump into me tonight. I hope that's not awkward for you and her...I know....whatever happens with you and I....I don't want Darcy, for the record, just so you know. It's in the past for me."

Frank listens and sips. "Ah ... yea ... alright." she finally says. "She doesn't strike me as someone interested in a relationship ... although ... she did take in a kid from the school ... I teach music at the Academy .. anyway ... she and he got real close ... which is good. I don't know if she has a mommy thing .. but she and this kid .. he's got a fucked up home life ... he took her in .. foster care thing. Maybe she needed the kid and not the women, you know?" she grins. "If it helps ... I don't want Darcy, either."

Tamela laughs and overacts wiping her brow "Well that simplifies the evening...." she looks thoughtful "Well I wish her and the kid all the luck they need. What kind of music do you teach?" She sips now and then looks at the glass impressed " this homemade?"

Frank chuckles. "I think they're going to be alright. I teach keyboards and music appreciation. Vincent .. that's the kid ... is a harp player, but he's in my music appreciation class." she grins. "Yup. I made a bunch first thing this morning, so it's fresh. I am not the best cook in the world, but I can make really good egg nog and bake my tits off." she moves her shoulders back. "See .. no tits." and she does have next to no chest .. at least through the thick sweat shirt.

Tamela looks right at her chest, since she's offering it out and grins "Yeah but sometimes the small ones are delightfully sensitive." She blushes and then looks in her glass "Did they fall in the nog though?" She teases and then concedes "I have the opposite issue..." She gestures at her ample bosom "I could lose stuff in my cleavage for a week and never know it."

Frank nods. "Delightfully and Incredibly." she confirms. "Nope .. they are not in the egg nog." she in her turn checks out Tamela's chest. "I noticed that." she grins a little crookedly. "If you need some search and rescue, let me know ... if not ... I might be looking for a place to spend my next vacation..." she sips her egg nog. She is direct and she knows it. Sometimes it is a turn off and she has to tone it down, but if she didn't show her true colors, she'd never know how much she had to hold back for Tamela.

Tamela just laughs and blushes, just a bit. There was no need to tone it down at all "I'm so glad Meg filled her damned house with mistletoe now. You're very fun." She gestures at the TV "Do we want to embrace the 1980s testosterone or talk more about tits? I'm perfectly happy either way....just checkin in..."

Frank laughs. "I am too .. she is GREAT! And you're fun too." she blinks, as if she just remembered the reason they were on the couch. "Right right ... Lets do the tone ... but I KNOW you checked out the chick they pull off the desk .... talk about nice tits ...." she gabs the remote and clicks play.

Tamela snorts and tips back her glass and then sets it aside on a nearby table. She shifts so she's sitting just a little closer to Frank but not right in her space, just available to it. Casually she asks "Have you ever met a New York cop? He defines it like a species of us...." She observes.

Frank sighs. "Well... sort of. I went to ... um .. camp .. with a girl who wound up becoming a New York cop .. does that count?" there is something ... tense ... about the word camp.

Tamela shrugs "Hmm camp. Camp did not turn me into a cop. But it made me hate sing alongs. I was a girl guide so girl guide camp. No offence music teacher. Bet you liked the sing alongs?"

Frank laughs and leans into Tamela. "Well .... in MY case .. it was STRAIGHT camp." she holds up two fingers. "Two tours. My mother insisted."

Tamela feels the breath leave her body and shakes her head vehemently "Oh fuck THAT shit! Frank I'm so sorry." She just has to hug her "That is so not OK for her to have ever put you through. How old were you?"

Frank hugs her back. "Ohhh yeaaaaa .... that's what I thought." but she grins. "My mother was completely unimpressed with I told her I liked girls when I was ... hell ... five or six? But I didn't get to go to camp the first time until I was twelve." she blew out a breath. "Lost my lesbian virginity there." she sighs. "The second time was when I was fifteen. That one was a little more .. boot campish." she tightens her jaw. "Both times she sent me when my father was out of town. And the second time, he followed her when I got out and took me with him." she shrugs. "End og straight camps and my parents marriage."

Tamela doesn't let go of her fully and runs her fingers through the edge of Frank's hair when her jaw tightens about the boot campish comment and then her parents splitting up. "I'm glad you had your Dad....and serves her right that you got laid at her stupid straight camp." She leans back holding Frank. They're pretty much ignoring the movie while it remains on in the background but that's OK. This is an important conversation "I didn't come out until high school graduation. I kept sleeping with guys and wondering why it just wasn't happening for me. My Dad was very cool with it though. I honestly don't know how my mom would have been. She was lost to an earthquake years before. She was really Catholic though, Spanish and Catholic. I remember she gave me shit when I was a kid for touching myself, because it was a sin so who knows how it all would have gone."

Frank isn't really paying attention tot he movie. At this point she doesn't have to and she'd rather be talking to Tamela anyway. "I tried it with one guy. In a way it was my attempt at trying to compromise with my mother." she snorts. "Now I don't even like strap-ons." she shakes her head, holding and being held. "Catholics are rough, but I AM sorry to hear about your mom." she hesitates. "Those earthquakes you guys get are rough ..."

Tamela chuckles and gives her a little squeeze "Noted, no strap ons..." She sighs "I still miss my mom but then the next quake took Eryn...the woman I was supposed to yeah...the quakes have it in for me I guess. They terrify me still with who else they might take from me. I'm honestly a little glad Meg moved here so that's one less..." Her voice cracks and she suddenly clears her throat "Sorry I really didn't mean to get into all that....little heavy for a first date....."

Frank nods. "I remember how intense you were at that bus." she remembers .. being the only one small enough to get in the cave in with the victim. "A bit heavy, but I'm into honesty, Tamela. So if you need to talk about it .. talk about it." she wonders if Tamela is over it yet ... and remembers the kiss ... if she isn't .. she might be close. "Friends first, eh?"

Tamela smiles "It's been 6 years. I've done a lot of talking. I drank myself stupid at first before I talked to that's why I don't drink. Went to enough meetings to get through it and then dropped out of AA....the Christian overtones pissed me off and the group I was in was really thick that way. But I have AMAZING friends and they got me through. You've never met Stephanie or Anna but I think you will someday....and yeah friends first, and friends within anything beyond it right?"

Frank nods slowly and smiles at the idea she will someday get to meet the amazing friends. She nods and cups Tamela's face. "Friends first ... but friends fuck too, you know." she winks. "And sometimes fucking becomes lovemaking."

Tamela licks her lips looking at Frank now and leaning into the hand on her face "Oh I like you..." She gives her a little half grin and then is immediately kissing Frank on the mouth, hungrily and with absolutely no hesitation. Her hands start roaming and caressing, slipping right under the sweatshirt.

Frank chuckles and gets into the kiss. She feels the hand under her shirt and breaks the kiss. "I think my friend may be looking for an orgasm ... or three ... or more." she moves her own hand to Tamela's t shirt, getting under, searching for a bra. She has none .. never needed one.

Tamela smirks "Mmmm, always, but I'd like to find yours too....if you'll show and tell me how you like it..." She caresses with her open hand over Franks' small breasts and easily finds a nipple to play with, pushing it around lightly with her thumb "What was that about delightfully sensitive?" She kisses again urgently as she plays but rolls her back so the clasp on her own bra is very easy to access.

Frank grins and opens her mouth to reply when Tamels gets ahold of her nipple. She inhales sharply. "Delightfully sensitive ... means my nipples are hard wired to my clit." she moans softly. "I know it doesn't usually work that way with larger breasts." her hand brushes the breasts but wanders down to the jeans. "Which means I might need a snack even better than pumpkin pie..." she moans again, knowing that already she is wet and she wants this woman. Badly.

Tamela shudders at Franks' reaction and lets her hand wander "I still like mine to be played with too...." She's loving the moans though and wants to hear more of them. She yanks the sweatshirt up and just dives at Franks' chest now playing with her thumbs and her tongue flicking and playing. Tamela is an intense lover and is working on ravishing Franks' upper body in general, seeing how far she can push her, just with the top half .

Frank sheds the sweatshirt and tosses it in a random direction while her hands play with the large breasts. Her breasts are so small as to be almost non existent, but her nipples are rather large in comparison. "Tamela..." she breathes, loving the onslaught. She leans back on the couch, giving Tamela better access and, despite her supposedly short wingspan, slides her other hand down the jeans.

Tamela stops her hands playing but keeps flicking with her tongue just long enough to undo her jeans, shed her own shirt and bra, and make Frank's plan easier. She enjoys the hands on her own breasts thoroughly and her breath quickens. She's wearing simple black cotton panties that are already soaked though in anticipation of pleasure and she breathes into a soft moan at the first touch of Franks' hand. Then she goes back to her ravishing but decides to experiment with stated the hard wired connection between nipple and clit. Tamela positions herself so she has one hand playing with a nipple on one side, leans so her tongue is flicking the other and carefully slides her hand so it's not bumping Frank's right down Frank's sweats, through a soft mound of pubic hair to the labia. She gently explores and grins when she feels the wetness against her fingers. She rubs the length of her back and forth a few times teasing and then the tip of her middle finger is on Frank's clit pushing it in a little circle to match what her tongue and thumb are doing to the nipples.

Franks moans are not perfectly silent, knowing her housemate isn't around, but the isn't alerting the neighbors, either. She feels the wetness between her new lovers legs and uses it, even as Tamela finds her own. Frank's hips arch up and she cries out at the sudden onslaught of pleasure. "Holy shit ....." she is close in an instant. And Tamela's first few rubs and Frank finds herself pushes her over the edge into a very obvious orgasm.

Tamela finds herself panting now, a combination of Frank's touch and feeling and hearing her come. She keeps her movements the same, riding it out with her until it ebbs or Frank signals her to stop. This was an unexpectedly wonderful night.

Frank takes hold or Tamela's hand, signalling her to stop and sitting up with her. "Jesus Christ." she pants, even as she, showing her own sexually aggressive streak, pushes Tamela into a laying position int he other direction on the couch and grabbing her jeans and panties and pulling them off. "Time for pie." she grins, spreading Tamela's legs and settling in between them, separating her hairs and making no pretense of playing or teasing. She spreads the labia and begins with quick, tight circling of the clit with her tongue.

Tamela looks very pleased with Frank's reaction and stays her hand and is then pushed back and stripped from the waist with an eager look on her face. She chuckles at the pie reference and then moans audibly as Frank just goes for it. She feels her hips push up lightly and grips the couch beneath her panting harder. Tamela's orgasm is a very slow build. Her whole process is almost trance like if Frank looks up and her. After the initial moan, there's almost a slow dance to it and gentle thrusting as she pants her way through.

Frank settles in, looking up Tamela's body. Comfortable, she actually begins the slow her attentions and begin to explore a bit more. Like having that first large portion at the beginning of Christmas Dinner, and now settling down for the long, complete, delicious meal. This is clearly not something she wants to get out of the way.

Tamela keeps panting and thrusting, rocking slightly, her eyes closed. When Frank hits a sweet spot the head lolls back and her lips part, letting out little breathy moans. She is a human island of total pleasure, lost in it completely, loving every second of it.

Frank is a very attentive lover, and continues, her own lips twitching into a smile when she hits the sweet spots. She makes notes where those are and returns to them, intentionally working towards a slow intense buildup.

Tamela squirms happily and keeps rocking and panting. At one point Frank hits a really sweet spot and tempo and she gets way closer, head snapping back and moans coming closer together. She breathes out Frank's name and opens her eyes "Frank.....oh fuck yes..." She's right on the edge.

Frank hears Tamela and guesses that she is close to an orgasm. She pulls her head back, stopping her licking and blows gently on what is obviously overheated clitoris. Looking up Tamela's body, she gives her an innocent smirk. She knows Tamela hasn't cum yet.

Tamela almost flails at the denial and then laughs as she looks down muttering "Fuck....." She not unhappy though and her panting slows to where it was after a minute or two of not getting off.

Frank grins. "Ohhhh ... I just needed little break, is all. Let my beautiful dinner settle." she explains in a rumble. And once Tamela has cooled off, she begins again, not letting her get so cooled off she has to start from scratch ... but beginning another buildup, taking and gently pulling the hairs at her labia apart to expose the hooded clit.

Tamela gives Frank a wry grin and then slips right back into her pleasure trance. It's an almost beautiful ache now. She's dripping, her juices mixed with saliva . When she feels the pulling she shudders. Fuck Frank was good. Tamela lets out another soft moan and spreads her legs further on her next gentle thrust, offering everything Frank could ever want from her for the taking.

Frank is in a state of her own bliss. Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch combining in her mind. When Tamela spreads her legs fuhrer, Frank readjusts her arms, setting her forearms on Tamela's inner thighs and pressing them open. Frank once told Tamela she was as strong as a little french horse ... and if Tamela tries to close her legs she will quickly understand the truth in that long ago comment.

Tamela has no intentions of closing her legs at all. As far as she's concerned Frank could just move in between them and pleasure her for all time. When she hits an edge again though, she does involuntarily push back with them and meet the resistance of Frank's strength. This small but strong woman is driving her to the brink and back over and over again. Finally she just begs for release, ready to lose her mind "God....Frank....please....oh fuck please...." She moans feeling her climax mounting almost painfully again. Her expression is frenzied and she's literally shaking.

Frank loves the minor battle to keep Tamela's legs open .. but not as much as the driving her back and forth to the brink. But finally ... after several near misses she hears the plea and feels the shaking and says ... nothing ... but she does suck Tamela's clit into her mouth and run the tip of her tongue over it, clearly done teasing and down to the business of shoving her newfound off a cliff into orgasm.

Tamela's shaking turns to shudders and her moans become crying out. It goes on for a long time, almost seeming like several orgasm's worth. She presses against the elbows, the tongue, the face and is almost hopping by the end. On the final note she reaches down and pulls Frank's face away from her going from perfect pleasure to closure.She looks down and smiles, covered in a light sweat and almost glowing "I REALLY REALLY like you...." she breathes out and then collapses catching her breath.

Frank doesn't resist being pulled away. She crawls up Tamela's body and looks at her, making a mental note that he has to see this woman like this as often as possible. "I really REALLY like you too." she agrees, reaching for the egg nog and refilling their glasses. "Well ... yippie-ka-yay-motherfucker." she chuckles, a moment before Alan Rickman does .... and then dies ....

Tamela turns her head to the TV and laughs "Well there ya go." she takes the glass and sips "Thanks....for many things....shit you're good at that." She is still a little out of breath and grinning non stop.

Frank blushes a little bit. "It takes two." she demurs, and sits back on the floor, leaning her head onto Tamela's hip. "I love eating pussy and your reaction hits all of my senses." she sips her egg nog. "I think you and I are going to have to NOT watch movies more often."

Tamela beams at her "More than glad to oblige. You have a roommate though. Maybe in your room next time? I do NOT have a roommate, as a point of reference if you happen to be in Cedar Point."

Frank nods. "Yea, my room works, but already your place sounds even better." she laughs. "I'm sure I will like my next visit more than my first, although ignoring everything ... you don't look half bad covered in dust ...but MUCH better covered in sweat." she winks and drinks deeply, then reaches for the pumpkin pie. "This is going to pale in comparison but...."

Tamela snickers "I have no doubt you make an awesome pie...with all your other talents. I took one to Brate's house but left it for the family. normally Megan would have eaten half by now but..." It dawns on her she's about to share something that's family only right now "I think she had too much of the chief's good cooking."

Frank grins and reaches for a fork. "I do, but I prefer the one I just had .. but this will do." she offers Tamela the first forkful, taken from the center of the pie. This will not be a nice neat sliced affair. No way. She nods. "Well the last couple of months have been hell on them. She's been looking sort of tired, so I am assuming they're still on their version of a honeymoon. Lucky him, although I have to admit, your sister isn't QUITE as fit as you are, but I am QUICKLY becoming biased in that area."

Tamela takes the forkful and enjoys it "Mmmm good..." she says after the bite, blushing a bit "And thanks." She looks over Frank wondering if she should just confide it in her. She's told her every other damned thing already. "Megan hates exercise but she's blessed with being naturally slim like our Dad. I got the Spanish genes so I have to work out...but I love working out so I don't mind. It might catch up with Meg one day soon." She checks first "If I tell you something will you promise to act surprised when you hear it later from someone else?"

Frank takes a couple bites of the pie and nods. "Sure. I can do that for ya. What's up?" she wonders.

Tamela just says it "They're pregnant. Megan and Adum. It's very new so they're not talking about it outside of the family yet. But that's why she looks tired. The morning sickness is pretty rough for her. But they're also very happy."

Frank laughs. "Well congrats for them!" she exclaims. "They deserve some happiness. And I'll keep your secret. Gives me more time to milk the Chief Condom thing a little while longer." An idea strikes her and she laughs a little harder. "That's gonna bout KILL her business tho .. seriously .. the co-owner of he condom shop gets knocked up." she shakes her head. "I love this town."

Tamela laughs along with her while eating and then says "I know right." She pushes out her belly, which is pretty hard so it doesn't do much and pretends to be Megan "I swear they DON'T break, honest!"

Frank roars for a moment in laughter. "Oh, they'll be alright. As long as she doesn't quit to become a housewife ..." she arches her brow. "We all know who wears the apron in that house." she winks. "But at least he isn't a walking, stereotype." she grants. "So you're gonna be an aunt, eh? Does this mean next time you're in town I'm gonna have to babysit with you?"

Tamela runs a toe along Frank's thigh, noting but not minding a light layer of soft blond hair. She had noticed some in the pits as she was working on her upper body earlier but it was all good with her either way. "You want to wait THAT long for me to visit you again?" She asks in a teasing tone. "I might have to shop at the Love Shop to survive the absence...."

Frank turns her head. "Noooooo." she shakes her head. Setting the pie dish down she turns. "If you EVER need to talk ... I know you have friends but sometimes it helps to have a lesbian friend ... and if you ever EVER need an orgasm, I want you to call me up." she leans over and takes the closest nipple into her mouth. "You're delectable. I'm hooked." she laughs a little. "You know if you'd played with my nipples another few minutes I would have cum, no mater where your hands were ... and be the first to do it too."

Tamela squirms happily at Frank's mouth on her nipple and lets out a "Mmmm" And then sets her empty plate down and kisses the side of Frank's head "I wondered about that since they were such big fun buttons for you. I'm here for you too Frank....I do have a sex question though since I'll totally be knocking on your door for more orgasms." she smirks and then asks it "You said no strap ons...and you seem to be a tit and clit girl. Do you like ANYTHING internal? Fingers, tongue...I didn't go there because I wasn't sure. I have no need to do any of that to you and I only want to do what you like."

Frank grins and sits on her haunches, more or less absently massaging breasts. "I'm alright with fingers, but not more than three." she replies. "Fisting? No .. Big fat no." she grins. "Are you into strap on's? I could probably pick one up from your sister ... NOT." she grins. "I'd be ordering under a pseudonym. Believe that. I think most of the people that live here do that. At least the ones with reputations to protect."

Tamela makes a face "No fisting for me either so no worries there. No thank you. I like toys. I have a few, even some you might like because they're more clitoral. A strap on to me feels like we're trying to fake hetero. they always shape them like cocks....I don't want a cock anymore. They were annoying enough for as long as I tried to fuck the males that were attached to them. I don't mind the double wand deals though, not the huge ones...just a little bit of fun to play inside while we rub outside. And nothing anal or involving urination or defecation....not all body functions should mix with sex. But I'm also totally good with using what we have naturally, hands and mouths are perfect tools for love." She enjoys the massaging in an intimate way but it's not making her too hot this close to just getting off.

Frank nods. "I agree with all of that. If I wanted a cock in me, I'd be straight. But I'd be willing to try your double wand .. in the future." she moves long enough to put in Lethal Weapon and start it, then crawls back to Tamela and watches her, not the movie so much. White noise. "So what about your favorite food?" she asks, interested in MUCH more than just this fascinating woman. They rarely got into personal discussions during their phone calls, so now seemed like a good time to get to know her.

Tamela cuddles up to Frank, wrapping her arms around the smaller woman and getting cozy "One favourite food? Hmm that's tough. Steph got me pretty hooked on sushi so when I'm tuna's perfection. But neither of our towns have one of my other favourites for take out so I make them from the kits....tacos....I love tacos. You?"

Frank gets up on the couch .. there is plenty of room for the two of them. "I love tacos. Beef, fish, shrimp, chicken." she nods. "I probably have too many favorites to count." she laughs. "What about .... music?" she asks, happily still wondering.

Tamela grins "All of those! Yes." She thinks on music "Classic rock, some folk, although that's more getting dragged to it by Anna..." she laughs."Some jazz....I like the old better than the new. I took a class at university that got me into it called the history of jazz. And again, you?"

Frank smiles. "Yea .... old is better than the new stuff." she shrugs. "I would actually add hip hop. I think I was the only one who had a CLUE who Aqoustic Spirit even was when he moved here. Him and India Tor. Monifa is also very cool ... and a lesbian too." she winks.

Tamela perks up "I'll have to give Monifa a listen. I've actually heard a lot of India Tor in the last year. My coworker Ryan is her common law partner so he plays it. That's another baby on the way with them. I think you probably know Ryan since he and Chief Brate are best buddies. And my other co-worker, our Lieutenant, Angie Johnson is a huge fangirl for India. I thought she was going to explode when she found out Ryan was dating her, plus he's a bit younger....not such a big deal but Angie's a little old school. Out of curiosity, how old are you Frank? I'm 39."

Frank nods. "Yea. I got to meet her when Reinhardt stopped working as off duty security for Mr Jackson." there's just the HINT or something more in her tone. "India is great, but yea. She mentioned there's some years between them." she grins. "I am 34 and my birthday is February 11th ... and yours?" she likes the back and forth.

Tamela smiles "Close in age.....August 12th....I'll be the big four O on this one. Not that it matters."

Frank grins. "I can remember that." she seems to consider. "I'll have to work pretty hard to give you 40 orgasms ... cause I'm not into spanking too tough .. despite everyone assuming I am cause I'm so mannish." she licks her lips. "But you name the day and I will try my damnedest ... and not lie about why I have the neck brace afterwards." she winks. "Oh ... that reminds me .. I didn't completely answer you ... I ADORE tongues ..... "

Tamela's eyes widen and she laughs "I'm not really into the pain stuff in any form...the odd pinch or hair pull is fun but spanking just seems a little infantile for my preferences. If you like it, I'll try to crack open my mind a bit on that. 40 huh? We might need to book time off to get that done." When she says she adores tongues Tamela looks dramatically relieved "Oh thank god...because I have one....and I might want to lick you later. THAT is a definite preference!"

Frank chuckles. "Yea, I think we're both a little old to be giving each other spankings because we're being bad girls." she winks. "Oh ... I'll make SURE our time off lines up." she laughs at the relief. "So we will be having a LOT of oral sex? You are more than welcome to lick me, no problem." she pauses. "How are you with pets? I mean I know your sister is working on being the little old cat lady of Alexandra ... is it a family thing?"

Tamela's smile turns sour and she bluntly says "If you wanna talk pussy and cats in the same conversation, you won't be getting any. I fuckin hate cats and my sister's house is full of the little hissing assholes." She smiles after "Sorry, you found the topic that clearly makes me a bitch." Tamela laughs at herself now and hopes to god this isn't a deal breaker.

Frank arches her brows, but looks amused. "Noted. I don't hate cats, but I don't want any of them either." she kisses Tamela's cheek. "And speaking of bitches .... how about dogs and other pets? I'm just not the biggest pet person in the world, but we do take turns with Daisy sometimes ... our K9."

Tamela smiles at the kiss and thinks on this "I actually don't mind dogs. Is Daisy a big dog? I take care of Coco, my Aunt's little punter when she's away. She sweet but she pees on everything."

Frank grins. "She's a shepherd. A real sweetie. Oh ... does she go around in your aunts purse, cause I can't promise I won't laugh at that." she admits. "Usually Daisy lives with Greene, but now and again he gets time off and we move the poor baby around."

Tamela giggles into Frank's hair "Not since the peeing problem. She had to toss two purses. My Aunt is our mayor in Cedar Point but she's the furthest thing from pretentious despite the little dog. Is Greene the grumpy one? He seemed pleasant when I met him. I mean not that I've heard anything about that....I suppose us talking shop now could get awkward at times..." She laughs.

Frank nods. "Yea .. he's the grumpy one. I don't know a lot about it, but the little bit I know boils down to good father, bad kid." she sighs and shrugs. Blowing out a breath, she shrugs and moves a little hair back from Tamela's hair. "It could, but it's something I am willing to risk, Tamela." she tells her, studying her face. "I don't want to go back to being Sergeant Sharp with you." she shrugs. "I'm not in love, but I won't deny being in lust."

Tamela grins "Likewise. I promise to only be formal at work....when on official business. I mean it's not like we work for the same police department, just connected ones. Less chance of temptation to jump you in the shower after a physical training." She teases and then pulls Frank closer and kisses her slowly on the lips.

Frank kisses her back. "And thank goodness for THAT." she smiles when she breaks the kiss. "Professional on duty." she moves in closer. "More fun OFF duty..."

Tamela wiggles her eyebrows and pulls Frank right on top of her "Any excuse to get off with you."

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