Monday, January 30, 2017

After Practice Chat - Seamus and L

Seamus Reinhardt leans against the front of the community center after practice, waiting for L. He was a little short and moody, but over all his usual self at and after school. Practice had gone well, but he had headed out the second it was over.

Elena Horatio walks up to the front of the community center .. "ello, 'he says a bit breathless jogging up to Seamus 'so.. ' he say softly  looking at his best friend

Seamus Reinhardt looks at L an shrugs. "Not here. Come on. Follow me." he heads in and up the stairs, pausing at what looks like the top, fiddling with the lock and opening the door after about thirty seconds and one "Come on you fucker." aimed at the knob.

Elena Horatio follows him watching him as he opens the locked door not saying a word . ' so I see you're skilled with .. ze doors now ' he say raising an eyebrow ..'very interesting .. so you dating Kandy now.. 'he say in a non judgmental tone.. 'how zis come about '

Seamus Reinhardt shrugs. "I've had this talent for like a year. Learned it in Vancouver." he steps out and looks out over the city. Then he sighs and turns to look at his bestie. "Yea. Owen told you we met up at the pizza place, then." he arches his brows. "I've seen her around school. She's pretty and doesn't seen to be a bitch. So I asked her out." he sighs. "Owen said you two had issues? Like what?" he shoves his hands in his pockets and leans against the supports

Elena Horatio exhales 'I don't know .. I guess its cause we are different..  'he exhales .. 'we value different zings. I guess.. she doesn't get my obsession wiz scifi and I don't get her obsession wiz her zing.. she gets mad at me all ze time but instead of just say ze she carries on and on and on about it ..while er mouth is chomping on za bubblegum ' he exhales ..'I zink she just hates zat my side of ze room is a mess but its not a wastedump.. ' he scoffs trying to be nice since he can tell that Seamus very likes zis one

Seamus Reinhardt listens. "Wall, dude .. face it ... you're different from EVERYONE." he light heartedly teases, mock punching him on the arm. Then he chuckles. "Yea ... she .. she can talk, can't she." he snorts. He grins. "Dude, she sounds like your sister." he tells him. "I mean me and Owen go back and forth with that that. He likes Dr Who and I like Firefly and Lego."

Elena Horatio looks at you .. 'and if she don't shut up about Daniel .. zatshisname 'he stomp his feet .. 'if i ear again how she loved him better in ze theatre zen that emo movie Arry whoisit .. 'he exhales 'she apparently love ze movie because I got an earful when I didn't know my niffler from my krumplehonksnorekack .. 'he sighs .. i like sci fi.. better so sue me 'he say .. and raises an eyebrow.. 'is zis what it is to have a sibling .. ' he say realizing it .. with a bit of emotion to his voice.

Seamus Reinhardt laughs. "Yea .... I just kinda ... nod and shit. And if she keeps yapping .. I kiss her or something." he laughs. "Well, I like sci-phi too but different than you looks like ... like I'm a Brown coat." he nods. "Yea .. that's what it's like to have a sibling. Well ... it is for brothers. I DO love my brother, even if he is a pain in the ass Puritan." he starts. "Hey .... you will NEVER believe it. Mr Reece wants some kind of meeting with me. You know the math teacher for the older kids." Shay is in advanced classes for math.

Elena Horatio looks at you 'well i cant do zat .. cuz no offense to you but she isn't my type but I'm glad you're appy ' he smiles he nods 'kind of weird but yeah .. zat what it feels like a sister .. ' he exhales 'one zat i have nozing in common wiz.. i like scifi and she like fantasy .. and she like tennant .. butt just cuz she was like wasn't he barty crouch..  he is dream boat ' he rolls his eyes 'ever one like tennant cuz he ze sexy doctor 'he shakes his head ..'puritan..' he questions ' he then gets excited ' C'est magnifique. 'he laughs clapping for him 'good for you 'he beams

Seamus Reinhardt considers. "Yea. I'm happy. I guess. Got a girlfriend out of it." he nods. "I like Harry Potter, but ... and do't tell my family cause I'm in enough shit with them as it is ... I'm no Potterhead." he nods. "Yea. Puritan. Or just freaked out I am not a virgin like he is." he sighs. "But he gets kinda .. I dunno ... like hes better than me." he rolls his eyes and then smiles. "Yea. I mean I KNOW I aced that last test ad I'm the ONLY 13 year old in his class." he looks proud. "Fucked up as I am ... I'm a good athlete AND get good grades."

Elena Horatio laugh softly 'well at least she isn't mutter MY boyfriends name in her sleep. ' he say exhaling .. and laughs .. 'don't tell zat to Your girlfriend 'he kids  'I swear she wish SHE was married to him .. she like e is alf Jewish too .. 'he rolls his eyes .. 'keeps tell me I'm a typical Ravenclaw whatever zat means ' he exhales . he pats Seamus shoulder 'he doesn't feel zat way .. he just goes at different speed..  .. your not worst or better zen anyone.. your SEamus REinhardt .. your ze only Seamus Reinhardt in ze  ole world zat is YOU ' he beams .. 'no one could ever take your place.. 'he beams 'so you discover your sexuality early everyone beats a different drum . but zat what makes the world a better symphony .. no two notes alike . 'he smiles . ' well zat is what you are special in your own right .. no one can take zat away from you.

Seamus Reinhardt blinks. "Wait ... she talked about me in her sleep?" he looks amused. "What did she SAY?" he asks and then laughs. "Yea you are kinda like that. A Ravenclaw." he sighs. "I wish it worked that way?" he sighs. "I'm Seamus Reinhardt .... youngest of the Reinhardt kids ... under Fiona and Logan and Owen. The stubborn one. The pain i the ass one." he sighs. "Well my parents ad Owen at least act like I'm selling cock on a street corner almost." he blows out a breath and mocks them "You're too young, Shay." and he rolls his eyes, swallowing hard and looking off to the town again, as if in a little bit of pain.

Elena Horatio looks upset for the pain he see in his best friend 'she say more.. ... 'he shakes his head scrunching up his nose 'don't make me repeat it .. it was ard to ear ze first time ' he shakes his head like trying to shake the though out of his head . ' well your not.. you're just a orny normal orny teenager... I zink parent forget what it was like to be full and ranging of ormones .. 'he exhales.. 'all ze bills and responsibility makes zem have amnesia .. zat ze were orny teens once too 'he chuckles 'my parent.. ' he rolls his eyes 'still are like zat .. I zink I don't see zem enough to know but ze act like irresponsible college kids zere amnesia is zey ave a teen aged kid .. 'he rolls his eyes 'but ze do care if ze are overreacting at least ze are reacting ' he point out .. he smiles ' wel you .. are you .. special and wonderful Seamus.. you're ze only one zat can get me to spill my guts.. wizout having to kiss me zat is ' he laugh softly ..'i feel like i can just tell you anyzing..and know you wont tell everyone.

Seamus Reinhardt sighs. "I know they love me. And thanks .. for spilling your guts. I can talk to you too." he shrugs. "You're my best friend, L." he confesses. "Even if you're with my brother. I'll keep your secrets and you BETTER keep mine." he motions at the door with the lock he picked. And then he grins, almost wickedly. "Now tell me what she said about me? Kandy?" cause he has to know if it was good or bad.

Elena Horatio makes a face and smirks and cross his arm and rolls his eyes.. 'only cuz your my best friend .. he say pained ' don't worry lover boy . your .. very skill in your craft .. ' he rolls his eyes, pinching his bridge of his nose and rubbing it . 'if i have to ear in detail about your nezer region . again it will be to soon .. 'he laugh softly looking at his friend ' don't worry you're ze best she ever had.. 'he shakes his head 'yeah well if I ever spill my guts you can have your girlfriend torture regaling me about how many times you drove her to ecstasy 'he jokes .. well shell do that anyways . but you get the drift ' he laughs softly.

Seamus Reinhardt 's jaw drops and he laughs but doesn't blush much. He rubs his face with one hand. "Um ... well .... now you know what to expect from Owen?" he offers and laughs just thinking of his brothers reaction to this conversation. "I like driving her .. what can I say ...." he laughs again, completely flattered and amused. "I can't promise she won't talk in her sleep again, but ... um .. yea."

Elena Horatio blushes big time at that but looks off to tot the distance looking toward the cozy Reinhardt abode and going a bit pink and sweating  but a bit dreamy fanning himself with a steel hand fan he pull out of his jacket ..  he looks clears his throat 'umm.. yeah .. i guess . 'he stutter ' good thing Owen's is the slow one right in that aspect 'he laughs nervously and swallow and recovers back his more reserves . and listens and the talk sobers him 'he laugh softly nervously a bit 'well i promise i wont shove a pillow in her face.. cuz she is yours.. but don't mean I'll like it ..  he say knowingly

Seamus Reinhardt snorts. "Yea ..... I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on HIM." he smirks. "Think he'd get mad if i gave you a vibe for your birthday?" that smirk is pure unadulterated evil. "Yes, please don't suffocate my girlfriend. If you want to beat your Boyfriend ... well, I have a room to myself, so don't let me stop ya."

Elena Horatio looks at you blushing .. 'you better not tell him if you do.. 'what if I don't mind wanting .. if what she says is right and she isn't exaggerating I don't wish to be gorged to my death .. ' he say  all posh like but intrigued. he exhales softly  'do you beat my boyfriend .. and I wont suffocate your girlfriend .. 'he counters weekly ' how can an angel and a devil come out of ze same woman ' he kids  shaking his head smiling looking all jokingly 'well we both have our own rooms but that be for a second before well ave a roommate in a cell 'he laughs softly so ill keep my room mate alive and your keep yours 'he smiles'beside I'm falling for yours.. quickly ' he sighs softly looking all lovey dovey but happy

Seamus Reinhardt grins. "Then play games with him or something. God knows that oy needs t get laid. Might relax his ass." he snorts. "Yea .. well .. I can't promise we won't fight L ... man that's like 70% of our relationship .. apparently from the day we met." he laughs ad shakes his head. "No idea. but I'm glad to know that devil is in there. Gives me hope for the Zero-man." then his face actually softens. "Thats good tho, if your falling for Owen. I told you Reinhardts fall hard and forever." he laughs. "Well ... most of them." he clearly doesn't count himself in that number.

Elena Horatio smirks 'somezings are worth ze wait.. he just say softly ' its not his ASS I'm worried about .. he say softly .. ' well zat okay .. I guess. cuz all me and miss queens do is argue.. she zink I'm dense because i prefer my corset on ze outside.. .. ' L rolls his eyes.. 'I'm like zat is steampunk fashion . she say its oddly .. your unmentionable go on  ze inside .. I'm muttering .. well yours end up on ze floor so why do you talk .. zat shuts her up for about a second.. most wonderful.. well ' he blushes ' the second wonderful second. well ze last a lot longer zen second ' he trails off getting all pink think about the last hard long make out session with Owen  and shakes his head 'look now I'm sounding like er.. 'he exhales 'love is a many splendor zing 'he exhales softly

Seamus Reinhardt grins. "I'll try and send her home tired, so you don't fight. She doesn't come to our games." he rolls his eyes. "But I guess she has to study." he smirks again. "Now I want to see this corset." he winks. "Hers, I can see yours the next time you come over for that god awful Dr. Who." he teases and watches his buddy. "I guess ... that's OK then. I won't get in your way. You two get along well, so its not like you'll fight .. over anything but MY ass."

Elena Horatio: cuz I don't like your ASS 'he laughs rolls his eyes .. 'well  at least your pairing has some merit ... soo yeah do that have her so tired .. she be quiet as ze grave' he turns to you 'why would she want to support you .. I study a lot but .. ' he seem a bit upset that she would want to support his closest friend 'yeah I bet  you see er.. its not a corset just one of zose rubber zings that she says the Kardashians wear 'he rolls his eyes . 'mine is a proper Victorian steampunk corset he laughs softly ' I don't wear zem all the time just when I'm in my steampunk gear.. I don't wear it everyday .. 'he laughs 'Doctor Who is not god awful 'he laughs softly but smiles knowing  his buddies is messing with him 'it takes some patience and brains to watch ' he jest back

Seamus Reinhardt laughs."I don't like YOUR ass either." he rolls his eyes, but then actually smiles. "No .. I actually like that she doesn't." he tells her. "She isn't after me because I'm the star center, you know? And she isn't stupid. It's like she likes me FOR me. Sam .." he shrugs at mentioning his ex. "It's neat .. she likes me like you said .. for ME." he smirks at the corset thing. "You're ALMOST as easy as HE is and I love ya for it." he teases. "Man, I do NOT get Dr Who. You and Owen can have it ALL to yourselves in that little phone booth thing." he places his hand on his chest. "I'm just the dumb jock baby brother, thank you very much."

Elena Horatio laughs softy 'well good cuz I don't find you all appeal as mate 'he laugh and smirk 'Ok you're a bit attractive after all you still a Reinhardt and have the same genetic base as my beloved Owen 'he jokes but 'i like you for you not for your body . 'he laughs he know . 'well yeah she isn't a completely airhead or i would have had my room change from day one.. 'he smiles 'she at least understands what I'm saying and I don't have to dumb down my arguing so she can understand it 'he smile 'easy.. he questions but shrugs 'well at least I make him appy so that should relieve so tension.. cuz even zo he works at a slower speed which is my style . he still a orny teenage. 'he laughs 'don't tell him but I sorta like waving ze whole bi sexual zing in front of him .. he so cute when he blushes 'he smiles 'but if you tell him zat I'll have to make Miss New York a bit mad ' he say defensively ' your no a dumb jock .. I don't ang around dumb people.. zat are .. well not trying to do something about I.. it ur." Elena Horatio laughs softly .'well zat is me and Owen in nutshell me and him in my tardis in our own world 'he smiles happily 'speaking of worlds.. I have to catch a tardis to beat my nemesis the cyberman of the academy .. Mortimer .. I swear zere is two of I'm .. always taking ze music room.. zere are plenty of room why does he have to chose number 3?"

Seamus Reinhardt looks at his phone. "Come on." he leads L back down the stairs, locking the door behind them. On the way down and on the street outside, he replies. "Beloved, huh? There's one thing I wouldn't tell him for a mint of money to keep up with my high maintenance girlfriend." he teases. He laughs, "I'm not a dumb jock except to those girls that want me to be." he winks and opens the door to the street. "Well .. he's slow and I'm fast." Then he turns and gives the latest boy buds handshake. "Yea, I need to go to The Gym. Work out some before dinner." he laughs about Mortimer and they go their separate ways.

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