Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pizza Delivery - Owen and L

Owen walks into the common room to meet L like they had planned. He's carrying a pizza box but looking less than happy for one holding beautiful doughy pie laden with sauce, meat veggies and gooey cheese. He approaches L Hi, you're beautiful. Um...I have good news and bad news....But did I mention you're beautiful?" He can't help but half grin after speaking because he does mean the beautiful part completely.

She looks up sitting at a table her paper and books  scattered. She tucks a vivid  purple loch behind her ear "what.. you got ze pizza but you  got banned . She laughs

Owen shakes his head and looks at L's hair "I like the purple." He sighs and says "It's the middle of the you know where your roommate is? I suppose the good news is....not here...." He hesitates gripping the pizza box and drumming on it nervously.

L raise a match purple eyebrow 'zank.. why should i know where she is ' she look him as he looks nervous 'im not er parent ' she say 'what happen.. did you come onto again ' she looks livid

Owen purses his lips and shakes his head and then says a  drawn out "Noooop. Also good news. I'm not the droids she's looking for anymore....but she's still seeking the same genetic base material and dating.....Seamus..." He says this like he's declaring his brother's been giving some sort of horrible diagnosis "I sat with them at the pizza place while I waited for some sort of bizarro world."

L  looks at him deadpan 'you're joking right ' she looks shocked her mouth slightly open "she dating your brozer ?? she scoffs

Owen looks for a bare spot on the table and then just sits in a chair near L still holding the pizza "Pretty sure it was their first date....maybe his first real date....kinda did things in a different order that guy....but they were pretty cutesy and kissy so I dunno...."

L bite her lips 'well i guess zat ok ' she say undeciding 'as long as she doesnt hurt your brozer cuz ill have to claw her eyes out if she does ' she shakes her head rubbing her temples  all of it giving her a headache

Owen shakes his head "That could go either way to be honest. Let's eat food and not think about them?"

L sighs 'yeah need some pepperoni and lots of it stat ' she say as she grabs a slice stuffing it in her mouth trying not to think of it

Owen leans over and kisses L on the cheek before grabbing a slice himself "How's the studying going?"

L looks up at him and sighs softly 'it very ard' she shakes her head but looks determined

Owen looks at all the papers and nods sympathetically as he bites into his first slice and starts to chew.

L scribbles a bit looking  frustrated  more  at the whole situation with Seamus and Kandy. She exhales sharply and breaks her pencil. "Why would he go with Er !" She says  in a frustrated and angry  tone.

Owen looks at the pencil and sighs tiredly "I dunno. I wasn't going to ask him in front of her...but I will later. Has she talked about HIM in her sleep?"

She shakes her head "It's mainly you but maybe it's a good thing but I'm not promising  not to shoving her awake if she says anything weird in her sleep when she and Seamus  start  . She shakes her head hard.. "merdre. . I need to  go get another pencil or seven "

Owen makes a face at the thought of someone talking about his brother in their that "Gah....and some bleach for our brains!"

L laughs  and walks to  the dorm area looking  to her dorm room half of is neat and stylish with pink accents and the other side which she crosses looks like a various fandoms  threw up all over it.  on her side in the walls are various  heavy metal  and rock band posters smattered  with some steampunk band and Dr who posters.. she has to dig around  a box that  full of adipose tossing them haphazardly every which way til she finds  her pencil  case and just  leaves the room  that way returning back a corset stuck to the side of  her boots.  She doesn't  even  pay no  mind to  it and sits . It's isn't til she sits down and crosses her legs  and realizes it's  there.  She pulls it off and dangles  it up a bit looking at it

Owen finishes his slice of pizza and takes another, chowing down on it. He watches L go and come back casually and then almost chokes at the corset as she holds it up. He quickly clears his throat and then starts to laugh "Uh....yours?"

She examines "I zink  it is" she pokes at it the purple frilly and lacey corset  "beside Kandy  wouldn't  leave her stuff laying around.  She say ponder.. she calls zem unmentionables " she shrugs " I tell  er  I where  mine on ze outside "

Owen clears his throat again and exhales "Right, steampunk...not...lingerie..." He blushes deeply and then gestures at the pizza box "Pizza?"

She smiles and laugh let me go put  zis away before everyone  get scandalous about me flashing  my undergarments around  " she laughs  and goes back to her room and began to just  throw her corset   into  the room but something crosses her version  as she glances  out the window.   She sees Seamus  hand in hand with Kandy and returns with the corset clutched tightly  in her hand. She sits down exhaling  softly willing herself  to be calm

Owen shakes his head around and exhales. Damn. L comes back still holding the corset and he looks confused "Uh L? Did you lose your way?"

She exhales "no just  looks  Kandy and Seamus  are going to  get lost. . In ze woods " she sits down lays the corset  on the table and grabs a slice of pizza chewing  it enjoying  the cheesy goodness

Owen gives a resigned nod "Yeah....I guess that's how it goes with him now....I don't know if I should worry about him or just hope it's what he wants." He sets his slice down on a napkin and sits back looking conflicted.

She pats his arm "zat's what I'm worried about too" she sighs  "he is my best friend .. one of ze closest  I've ad" she blushes

Owen smiles awkwardly "He said that about you too...I'll try not to get jealous..." His tone is mostly joking but L's sudden BFF connection with Seamus does make him a tiny bit uneasy, especially when he and Seamus are not seeing perfectly eye to eye.

She leans in to kiss Owen  "don't
 you worry  your  sexy head" she smiles  him "Seamus is my best  friend  but I don't like him the way I like you " she stares him deeply  in his eyes

Owen kisses L back and then looks embarrassed "Sorry...I know I'm being dumb. And I know you like me." He meet's L's gaze and smiles "Just had a moment."

She giggles  "so cute .. zat you  got  upset at ze thought  of losing me. I'm flattered  zank you  for ze pizza "

Owen scoots a little closer to L and takes L's hand "You're welcome. I know you have to study more so I won't bug you for too much longer, but I do care about you a  lot L. I've never quite felt like this...about anyone before...." He trails off and just picks up the hand and kisses it.

She smiles " I feel  ze same way about  you.. it feels so weird.. in a good way "she giggle "tres romantic "

Owen opens his eyes and nods and then leans in and kisses L slowly and sweetly on the lips.

She giggles  and closes  her own and kisses  him back

Owen closes his eyes again, smiling into the kiss and kisses L tenderly for a long time and then sadly breaks it "I should let you get your work done..." He says in an exhale, leaning his forehead on hers.

She sighs  "damn omework and tests " can I just put u in a tardis and keep you zere forever "she laughs

Owen laughed "Tempting, but I don't want to be the reason you don't kick ass on this exam, and you will. So I'm going to go and I promise to make out with you in a tardis after the test." He gives her one last lingering peck and stands up.

I hold you to that Gingerman

Owen can barely tear himself away and has to lean down for one last kiss "Counting on it Time Lady....." He pulls away finally and starts heading for the door looking back the whole time with a final wave and little grin before he disappears through it.

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