Monday, January 30, 2017

Agree to Disagree - Seamus and Owen

Seamus Reinhardt has come tearing into hos home with three minutes to spare before he was late and dinner was on.  However, he was also visibly filthy.  His mother took one look at him and demanded he go clean up and THEN come to dinner.  That made him the last at the dinner table ten minutes later.

But he'd gotten home on TIME, which was all he really cared about.

After dinner, Logan and Kurt had stayed for a little bit to chat about classes and life with the family before they took off on what had become their habitual Saturday night walk around the island.  Fiona and Vincent has also gone someplace close.  The Community Center was showing some ancient horror movie called Nosferatu.  Seamus's parents had stayed down the longest and they had admitted they were glad he had at least made it back in time and didn't need yet another grounding.  Then they had put on a movie to watch that Seamus really wasn't interested in.  Instead he went upstairs and got on his laptop, doing a little research .. just not for school.  He found a picture of One Court Square in Queens, New York and saved it.  Then he set his old laptop on the floor and began to lay out the foundation for a miniature.

Owen had quietly watched his brother come in filthy, get hell for it and then come to the table. He hadn't said anything, even though he was curious as to why and where he had gone with Kandy. L was still studying like crazy so he tried to get into the movie his parents chose and watched about half of it and then getting up to use the bathroom and deciding to just go upstairs after instead of sitting back down with them. They were engrossed so they didn't seem to notice his drifting away. He casually walked into the room he shared with Shay and stopped just short of stepping on the laptop "Shit......maybe not in the middle of the floor Shay? What are you doing?"

Seamus looked up when Owen spoke.  "Building the tallest building in Queens."  he explained, as if that should be obvious.  he moved the laptop onto his bed and moved the Lego into a corner.  "Hey ... what was all that about when you first showed up at the pizza joint?"  he asks, in a good enough mood to engage in conversation.

Owen tilted his head "Queens? OK....." He sat down on the floor and leaned his elbow on his knee, letting his one leg stick up and the other fall to the side "I was surprised to see you with Kandy. She's kind of....well L said she's been crushing on a  lot of guys....including me and Vincent. The one time I met her before tonight she was really weird and flirty with me right in front of L....maybe it's just her personality....but how well do you know this girl?"

Seamus nods and listens as he works on his build with small blue and green Lego.  "Crushing on as in flirting, or crushing on as in ... going out with .. or more?"  he asks.  "I know her well enough to ask her on a date."  he replies.  "My first, by the way.  Thought I'd see if it was all you said it would be."

Owen snorts "I'm obviously not dating anyone but L. The other crush was Vincent and I'm pretty sure he's madly in love with our sister. Those are the two L told me about. So no, not more, just awkward......" He sighs at his brother "I want you to be happy. I'm not trying to be an ass, just concerned. So was it a good first date then?" He decides not to immediately call him on the fact that L saw them through the window heading for the woods, and see what Seamus tells him.

Seamus nods.  "Yea.  So she thinks your both cute."  he shrugs.  "But she went OUT with me."  he grins.  He sighs back.  "I know you worry, Owen."  and he smiles a bit.  "Yea.  I mean we split a calzone and we walked and talked.  And we're going out again next Sunday, since I have a game Saturday."  he pauses.  "Who knows ... maybe I'll even introduce her to Mom and Dad.  I mean you know .. we had like ... conversation and shit."

Owen looks suspiciously at Shay. This sounds almost innocent, so he asks an innocent question with the purpose of probing a bit "Sounds like you hit it off if you're thinking of introducing her..." He has a sudden image of Fiona roasting Kandy over a spit and chanting some sort of hex and has to swallow not to let out a laugh before asking his innocent question "Did you....kiss her goodbye?"

Seamus sort of nods.  "Yea.  Maybe.  After Sam, though .. I don't know if that would be smart.  They'll probably...."  and then he asks about the kiss and he gives a lopsided grin, and stands, closing their bedroom door.  He returns to his corner.  "Yes.  I kissed her.  Several times."

Owen notes the door closing "Is she the same age as Sam? I'm bad with keeping track of who's in what grade with all the mixed classes at this school, and I'm dating someone a year older too so what can I even say?"

Seamus leans against the wall.  "Yea.  She's 15, just like Sam.  Grades don't mean a lot in our school.  I like that."  he shrugs.  "And it's only 2 years, man.  I'm not dating college girls."  he protests.

Owen snorts "Yet.....but that all sounds pretty normal. Sharing food, talking, kissing. So that's pretty much a date."

Seamus laughs lightly.  "I'm working my way up the food chain.  Canadian, American .. maybe college girls someday, right?"  he nods.  "So, I got the date thing down, huh.  Nice to know I'm not a total airhead jock."

Owen chuckles "I'm no expert....still fumbling through every one...." He picks up his plaid flannel pajama pants from the floor and stands up to change into them. He's in for the night so why not be comfy? His ratty jeans just get dropped onto another slice of floor. He looks down at the lego "So you're making that because of Kandy? Her accent's from New York?"

Seamus nods as his brother changes.  "Yea.  She's from Queens.  I looked it up and .. figured I may as well try to make it.  But I don't have enough Lego .. I can tell already."  he shrugs.  "I guess she's kind of on my mind.  But yea ... New York .. and she's Jewish.  She mentioned her Bat Mitzvah."  he shrugs.  "Like I said we talked."

Owen nods, looking like he has to give this the benefit of the doubt, but he also has to warn a  little "Alright then. I get it." He sighs "L will probably tell you this....but Kandy....well it's not a cheerful roommate ship......maybe it's just a small room.....but there's some friction. I wasn't getting the sense that Kandy was fully aware of that...and please don't tell her.....but with you and L being best .but with you and L being best might be a thing....just sayin..."

Seamus tilts his head.  "Kandy didn't say anything about it to me."  he shrugs.  "Who knows.  Maybe its a girl thing.  Kandy's pretty much always in girl mode and shes from New York.  I didn't get from her that she's a bitch."  he licks his lips.  "Not like Sam.  You know I talked to Kandy today more than I ever talked to Sam?"  he smiles a little bit.  "She's nice.  I mean she goes on and on sometimes but ... that's fixable."  he laughs.

Owen holds up his hands "Not saying she's a bitch....just that they have tension is all." He grabs a comic book from his pile and leaps up to his bunk but still looks down over the edge "Fixable? You mean kissing?" He jokes and then casually flips open his comic.

Seamus begins to undo the tower.  "Well.  L is like my best friend and Kandy is kinda like my girlfriend, so ... I guess they better work it out."  he declares.  Then he looks up at his brother with a smirk.  "Kissing works too."  and he winks.

Owen looks concerned about the first declaration and then squints his eyes closed eyes at the second. He rolls on his back and pretends to be more absorbed in his comic than he actually is "Uh huh..." He mumbles. So much for the benefit of the doubt.

Seamus puts his Legos away, starting to keep them more organized now that he's older.  Arching his brows at his brothers almost words, he stands and gets his pajamas.  He tosses them on the bed and takes off his shirt, hitting Owen with them.  "Uh huh what?"  he demands.  "Out with it, O-man.  You want to say something so come on.  Better you grill me than Mom and Dad."

Owen rolls to the side again he meets Seamus's gaze and just asks "Given your previous experience with girls, did you have sex with Kandy?"

Seamus doesn't look surprised or hurt by the question.  "Not that its any of your business, but yea."  he holds up a finger.  "But I used a condom, so relax."

Owen bites his lip and nods, not wanting to come off as judgmental, but still thinking it's way too fast. He keeps his voice even and just answers with "If it makes you both happy."

Seamus looks at Owen's mouth.  "Seriously?"  he laughs, feeling it, even if it wasn't in his voice, he picked up something from the body language.  "I can't currently think of much about sex NOT to like, O-man."  he shakes his head and turns to finish dressing for bed.

Owen sighs "Ok I'm trying not to be a dick about it Shay. You're ready, I'm not. Let's agree to disagree on this one."

Seamus finishes dressing and climbs into bed.  "That's probably a good idea."  he agrees.  "I'm too tired to fight with you, anyway."  he lays down and snorts a laugh.  "See ... my sex life is already improving our relationship."  he lays back and is asleep in seconds.

Owen looks up at the ceiling incredulously at his brother's words, his comic book crinkling slightly as he grips it. Agree to disagree. Agree to disagree. And no more questions. It was just better not to know.

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