Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women and Waffles - Judith and Connie

Judith still feels tingly from a long kiss goodbye with Hank in the street and everything that came before it. Hank Stanley was a great kisser, and an early riser, among is many many lovable qualities. She exhaled looking a little flushed as she walked into the Breakfast Nook and searched for Connie. In fact, she has a bit of a glow to her. She's pulling a small rolling suitcase behind her with her purse slung over the opposite shoulder.

Connie had arrived nice and early, ordering coffee. Her goal was to be nosy. She didn't care about what people thought, she owned being the nosy Jewish woman, even if she was only half Jewish. She has spotted Judith walking with a tall, thin man that she suspected was this Hank Stanley. They walked to the fire house and shared a long kiss before he ventured inside. Judith seemed to float in the direction of the Breakfast Nook and, when she walked in the door, Connie started waving. "Judes, Judes, Judes .. here, here, here." she is bouncing and looking more like a 15 year old looking for her bestie and gossip than her actual 55 years. "Talk, talk talk. Well, order .. and talk. Is that him I saw?" That you were kissing? Oh my God .... you FLOATED here. I should have brought my opera glasses to see that kiss." she looks at her friend. "What are you waiting for? Talk, talk, talk."

Judith walks around to Connie and leans down to hug her with a little giggle at her insistence before stepping back to the other side of the booth and almost falling into it with an exhale "Oh Connie...where do I start? Good god..."

Connie holds up both hands. "Well, I'd say with the first kiss, but I know about that from your call." she hands her a menu. "Some of this sounds INCREDIBLE, by the way." she flutters her hands. "Well then start in my apartment and end with 'and then I came here to meet you.' maybe?" she smiles. "First of all, I am assuming from that incredible smile and the fact it is only 7 in the morning that you got sex. But was it GOOD sex?" she asks, spreading her hands as if making a banner headline. "Because I could READ off that glow!"

Judith cracks up and nods, blushing like a school girl "He's amazing in every way Connie...that way too. I honestly had no idea it could be like this." She looks about to say something else when a waitress comes to ask if she wants coffee and she stammers "Yes please." and then slides one hand up to speak with it at the side of her face once she's gone like she's hiding her next sentence to Connie "I've never imagine any man could be so dedicated to my having an orgasm. There...I said it..." She drops the hand and blushes again and whispers "And by any means necessary!"

Connie giggles. "Of course you knew, because I TOLD you. And I was RIGHT, you just didn't believe me." she waves at the waitress. "A warmer please, dear." she orders in her best granny voice, then, once the coffee is in their cups she replies to the rest. She leaned forward and sort of stage whispers. "Well, Judith .. it's. About. Goddamn. Time." she pulls back a bit, taking one of Judith's hands. "I am so happy for you." she smiles. "And has he gotten his wish?" she asks. "Oh I know you believe you can't .. and yo may be right but ... have you ever had sex more than once a night? Maybe that counts. I understand it. For me ... I need a rest just like the men my age." she winks. "That's why I like them under 35."

Judith squeezes Connie's hand and smiles "He hasn't in the sense that I think he was wishing...but yes to more than one night. I'm happy. I'm so happy I feel a little guilty to be honest..." She chuckles at Connie's practices "I don't think I could take my clothes off for a man under 45...I can't even imagine anyone but Hank now...course it used to be Eric.....ok there's the guilt again. How did you?" She exhales slowly.

Connie holds her friends hand and smiles. "How did I what, bubbala?" she uses the term of affection, warmly. "Take my clothes off for a man under 45 .... " her grin straightens. "Or move on at all after Zach?"

Judith sighs "Both.....mostly the second one though." Her eyes travel to the window in the direction of the fire hall "I've never felt a connection like I feel with Hank, even with Eric......."

Connie sighs and tightens her grip on her friends hands. "In '08, when Zach died ... it was ... I thought we had some time, you know? His tumor was shrinking. Remission in sight ... and then ... " she scoffs. "His BOAT sinks during those damn Cedar Point earthquakes? Like ... seriously?" she strokes her friends hands. "Well, sex was the LAST thing I thought of for a long time. But .... " she swallows and sighs again. "You know how it goes. Healing begins and you start to move on ... or think you can. I met a man on Table For Two, just like you did ... well, he was about 20 years younger than your Hank. But .. he was fun and I decided I could use a male friend, even if he was," she makes air quotes. "Too young." she takes Judith's hands again. "But when he showed me such an amazing time, I just let the seduction go ....." she grins. "And found out that what I thought was an orgasm was .. at most .. a fore-shock with Zach." she tightens her grip. "And I felt that guilt, Judith. And you know what I did?"

Judith listens with absolute intent and empathy and then her whole being reaches out seeking the answer to Connie's question "What?"

Connie smiles. "Well, I felt guilt. I'm Jewish .. or half Jewish .. I can do that with ease." she teases. "But then this young man made me cum again ... and then twice in one night ... over maybe four hours. And then, I got angry at Zach, because I realized he was NOT the mind blowing lover I always thought. What did I know? I was young when we married and didn't have any experience but two other boys as a teenager. I got mad at him because he was selfish, even if I didn't know it at the time. And then, I got over that, too." she squeezes Judith's hands. "Zach was the best man he could be. I realize that now. He brought home the money, he was faithful .. as far as I know. But he just didn't know how or didn't want to get me ... THERE." she grins. "And I told myself he just didn't know how,, because I didn't want to be angry at him anymore." she looks into her friends face. "Eric probably didn't know any better. Most men are too worried about themselves. Your Hank is different. It's not wrong for you to care. He and Eric are just very different men, is all."

Judith sighs "I know. It's not just the sex though, but I know. And of course Eric and Zach were good men...we married them right?" She laughs. "I'm not angry at Eric. I just didn't expect Hank, at all. I was about to delete my profile when I got his message...which he only sent me because his grandkids messaged me and a few others trying to pose as him and find him a date. It was very cute."

Connie listens and then laughs. "Bless them, then." she calms. "What is it you didn't expect?" she wonders, curiously.

Judith feels a sudden lump in her throat as the word surfaces, a word that seem too soon and too big but it's the only one that describes it "Love." She says quietly and then looks down as the waitress comes back, realizing she's not even glanced at the menu and the woman can't serve her love, only Hank can, if he feel it too. Awkwardly she clears her throat and scans the list and blurts out "Waffles please.....the banana cream thing..."

Connie smiles fit to burst at the quiet word. She looks at the waitress. "Make mine with strawberries, please." when the waitress is gone she looks at her friend. "I'm jealous." she admits. "Does he feel the same? Or is he a putz?" she considers and shakes her head. "He can't be THAT stupid. Can he?"

Judith grimaces "Well I haven't told him....I feel very adored by him...but I'm terrified to say it first. Tell me I'm being ridiculous?"

Connie rolls her eyes and throws her hands up in the air. "Oy!" she exclaims. "What are you waiting for? Add your ages together and your old enough to be dead, that's how old you are!" she sighs and laughs. "You'd be showing sense if you were being ridiculous! This." she waves her hands around at her friend. "This is more than ridiculous." she reaches for Judith's hands again. "He could be the rest of your life. Why wait one more day closer to your grave to let him know? If he's an idiot, he won't love you." she states it as a simple fact. "And you wouldn't glow like that if he's an idiot!"

As a widow, the don't wait until you're dead argument compels her powerfully and she meets Connie's gaze with resolve "Thank you. I needed to hear that Connie. I won't wait too long."

Connie beams. "Good. You're lucky we have waffles coming, or we'd be on our way over tot he firehouse right now!" she declares. "But .... waffles!"

Judith giggles "If you have matches on your person, I'm confiscating them now. I will tell him. You know I will. OK enough about ME. Tell me about you Connie?"

Connie smiles softly. "I am doing wonderfully, m'dear." she assures her. "Hugh is between wives again." she rolls her eyes. "And still mad at me for having male companions younger than he is." she giggles. "Sam is trying to talk some sense into him, but ..." she shrugs. "Ruth is a little more open minded, but ... well ... that's always been her way." she chuckles. "And I've considered getting a dog. You know .. companionship."

Judith winces "Erica doesn't know yet. Another thing on my list. What happened to the last wife? Did we... like that one? And what kind of dog?"

Connie giggles. "Well she better love it!" she orders. "Oh ... Hugh's? He works all the time and has his nose in numbers and not in his marriage. These girls don't like being left alone and ultimately divorce him. Good thing he makes so much damn money, eh?" she rolls her eyes. "Oh, I was thinking of something large, that could drag me around. Maybe some dear will rescue me and I can find someone magical, too." she teases.

Judith giggles "Are you talking about men or mutts now? Drag you around? Hello kinky mama!" Something dawns on her and she looks a little sheepish "OK I have to tell you a funny part of my first night with Hank...speaking of kinky...and no he's not, thank god. I wouldn't know what to do with that. but I misunderstood him after my little panic attack in the bathroom. He said he was going into the drugstore before your place. So naturally I assumed he was just buying condoms. but then he came back with this giant bag and I wondered how many he had bought...turns out it wasn't condoms. The kinky thing made me think of it because I told him if he was into something weird I'd probably disappoint him. He made a hand cuff joke but it turned out he bought an HIV test kit....gave me a scare thinking of Eric's blood transfusions. Hank told me he was clean but would take the test with me for support...I guess. It was unexpected but I'm fine. I really should get a doctor one of these days."

Connie's eyes grow wide in delight. "Oh! I like the way Hank has made your mind work!" she listens with baited breath. She giggles, and then laughs at the tale and then looks touched. "Are you telling me he somehow made taking an HIV test ... ROMANTIC?" she shakes her head in amused disbelief. "Well you SHOULD. Get all the plumbing checked. You're with a man who knows first aid, at least. If your going to throw out a hip .... that's the way to do it!"

Judith can't help but smile "Oddly yes. We slow danced while we waited for the results and then made love to celebrate." She pretends to but doesn't kick Connie under the table "Throw out a hip! I've been doing my yoga...and he's in...." She closes her eyes for a moment "Amazing shape. Probably related to his work." She looks thoughtful for a second "I should tell you something about him before you meet him up close.....related to his work. He has burns, very obvious ones. It doesn't take away from how handsome he is but he thinks it does."

Connie looks touched. "Oh ... I would have been in a blind panic." she giggles at the mock kick. "Oh I bet he IS! Firemen have to lift very heavy things and rescue people." she mock shudders and then listens further. "Oh that sounds sad. Was it long ago?" then she nods. "Well, dear, you keep stroking his ego until he knows he is cock of your walk." she gives a mock innocent look.

Judith sighs "Job related yes...back in Ontario a long time ago. He ended up saving his son on that call but it's tough between them now...there's stuff with the mother too, who has now passed...not in the fire. Anyway, like all of us, it's complicated. He's not in pain physically. I can touch the scars, it's all healed but it sounds like it was unimaginably horrible. I'm trying not to blame her, but his wife wasn't very there for the past though." She smirks "Yes I can stroke that too you brazen woman." The food arrives and Judith looks delighted at her waffles and thanks the waitress before digging in "Mmmm!"

Connie sighs deeply. "Well .. damn it .. now you are BOTH alive, healthy and happy with each other." she grins. "I bet HE can too." she smiles at her food and for a while, they can only love their breakfast.

Judith had blushed a little at Connie's comment but couldn't speak for eating. She finally emerged from her waffle trance about halfway through and groaned "I don't want to go back to work...we're starting the weeks of report card hell. It's the worst part of the job..." she laughs in spite of it.

Connie giggles a little as she chews and swallows, keeping pace wither friend. "I bet your fireman can give a HELL of a massage ... or be TAUGHT to give a hell of a massage." she drinks a bit of her coffee. "Has he seen your fire trap yet?" she teases.

Judith looks hopeful about the massage idea but then tenses up entirely "Oh don't...he's already threatened a fire inspection and he hasn't even SEEN it. Screw reports....I need to clean my place. I'll give all the kids a B and a generic comment." She jokes "Oh Connie. Your place is so tidy. How do you do it? I unpack my work bag and sort laundry once and it's a disaster. The kitchen's good though. Maybe we can sleep on the counter...."

Connie chuckles. "I put it away as I use it and I don't hang on to every little thing anymore. That was Zach's thing. There was this Japanese thing I tried that worked REALLY well for me." she snorts. Then she gets that half smile again. "Fire inspection, eh? On the counter? NOW whose kinky?" she winks and puts more waffle in her mouth.

Judith chews the bite she's working on and then gestures with her fork "Feng Shui? Yeah I tried that for a about a half an hour once...then the book told me I had to paint my door TODAY because it was the wrong colour for the year of the horse and I stuck the damn book in in a pile of clutter for the rest of time." She giggles at the kinky comment "New plan. Answer the door in lingerie and make him forget the fire inspection!" She takes another bite, almost finished hers.

Connie laughs. "No, no no!" she waves her fork about. "Not that nonsense. Who cares what direction your couch is in? I mean .. oh Marie Kendo .. she wrote this book about decluttering. You know .. don't do it by room, do it by category. Clothing, then books, etcetra etcetra. If it doesn't give you joy, toss it, or give it away. Don't be sentimental." she looks a little sarcastic as she pulls out her smart phone and begins typing like with the speed of a stenographer. "Although in YOUR case, I would recommend arson ....." she drawls. "Here are 8 tips to get you started." she turns the phone to face her.

Judith snorts "Eight tips on arson?! Hank will shit a cat!" She cracks up and then looks ruefully at the phone, squinting at it. Judith is known for refusing to acknowledge when she needs to employ her reading glasses and trying to struggle through without them. She's gotten quite good at faking her way through but Connie knows her too well so there's no point. However if anyone sees her using her phone or laptop they'll notice the font size is noticeably increased. She leans closer "Uh huh.....mmmm'..."

Connie makes as if to throw a strawberry at her, then laughs with her. Watching her friend, she straightens. "Glasses, young lady." she chides. "Don't make me tell your Hank you even NEED them." she threatens.

Judith grumbles and pads for her purse, which today is a lovely purple soft leather with a rose inlaid. She pulls out a pair of black cat eye reading glasses and reads "If it doesn't bring me joy.....ok so like all my cleaning supplies and my iron go first right?" She jokes.

Connie snorts. "You WISH ... but maybe a multi-purpose cleaner and gravity ironing?" she teases. "I mean like .... I held onto Zach's clothes until two years ago! And some of the kids things I still had ... like they're going to ever be used again by my darling little babies." she rolls her eyes. "And then you don't have to consider arson and your man doesn't have to write you a citation." she giggles.

Judith hangs her head a bit "I still have lots of Eric's things. The clothes I did donate but some of his boxes...I just didn't know. I don't even know where they all ARE now. And Erica...ugh.....I suppose I could make her take her boxes. I still have her university textbooks even."

Connie laughs. "Well Eric won't be needing his things, so give the boxes away WITHOUT LOOKING AT THEM." she commands. "And you're going to have to do what I did. Come and get your stuff or you can buy it back from the Salvation Army." she snorts. "And give them a DEADLINE .. or drive it to their house and leave it in front of their door. Judith, we can't baby our babies that have babies of their own. We have lives of our OWN now." she sighs deeply.

Judith nods, conceding Connie's points "I know. You're so much better at all of that. You're my take charge and self care guru." She jokes.

Connie giggles. "Well, I can HELP you, if you want." she offered. "That will keep you from getting all distracted or chickening out. We can start today and I can come when my work is done. It won't take as long as you think." she is hoping she isn't deluding herself on that last point.

Judith shrugs it off "I have time. Thank you though. I might actually take a nap when I get home." She laughs and blushes "Just a little tired now that I'm coming down from it all. I did drop in on my aunt yesterday too. She flirts with all the men in uniform in this town I'm learning. Feisty old thing!"

Connie grins. "All right. But if you need me, you know my number." and then she chuckles. "The man is like a drug, eh? See, that's another thing neither of us got with our husbands." and then she laughs aloud again. "OH, I know. My nephew is a cop in this town. He adores her ... but she IS adorable." she winks. "Don't let her steal your man, girl."

Judith exhales "He really is." She giggles about Martha "Well he's just one of her whole collection but I think Christophous Zabat wins the swoons. I haven't even met him but after Hank said his name in front of Martha she was a little giddy. Maybe you should look that one up Connie. I won't tell Martha." She offers. Then she looks curious "Your nephew, the cop, this is going to sound odd... has he mentioned anything about tarantulas? Apparently there are two on the run. I know you despise them from our time in Mexico..."

Connie drinks in the gossip like a fine wine. "Where can I find this Christophoros Zabat?" she winks. Then her eyes widen quite a bit. She looks out the window, as if expecting to see something. "He hasn't mentioned them." she replies, cautiously and then she blinks. "Two? Oh god! Two can make a thousand!" she scans the street again. "You be careful." she demands, considerably more anxious than shes been so far.

Judith smiles kindly "I'm sure it won't turn into the nightmare you're imagining. It's a big island after all. They'll either get found or end up in the woods. I probably shouldn't have even mentioned it. Doesn't one of your sisters live here too? The self named one....Sunshine or Meadow or something?"

Connie snorts. "Sunflower Meadow. Yes. My twin, as a matter of fact. I'm older ... had to get away from the strangeness." she snorts. "You know I am the only one that didn't get caught up in all that hippy dippiness? Miriam .. she got sane and left Sage ... went to family in New York with Sam. But his brother ... boy is allergic to Earth." she scoffs a bit, but looks towards the cop shop.

Judith looks sympathetic and intrigued "Oh my....I don't think I realized one of your sisters was a twin. That must have been fun growing up? I still have my older brother Ted back in Moosejaw. He never left, took over the greenhouses and the business from our parents. Now his sons are in it too....the next generation of Bloom's Garden Centre. No hippy dippy there though.....just plants and tools." She laughs.

Colleen nods. "Yes ... I'm three minutes older. HAD to get out of there." she grins. "Well, I think when we were younger. Now that we're older. I can't pretend to be her." she winks. "Big brother gonna want to inspect the new boyfriend?" she giggles. "Use him for fertilizer if he hurts baby sis."

Judith chuckles at both Connie's notion as to why she was born first and the idea of her brother being overprotective "Ted's rather shy. I can't imagine him trying to grill Hank. Eric had to take him camping 3 times before he felt like they'd had a full conversation. I got the talking genes. So Sunflower and Miriam are both hippies? What about their kids?"

Connie laughs. "Oh I would love to meet your brother. You know me ... talk, talk, talk." she makes talking gestures with her hands. She nods, rolling her eyes a bit. "Well, let me correct. Miriam USED to be a hippie. I think she did it for her husband Sage. Love makes you do strange things. She wound up going in the OTHER direction and joining our family in the States. LOTS of money in that direction. She split up her kids. Alex stayed here with his father and Sam went with her. Now Sage got a wild organic hair up his ass and went some damn whee . Nepal or ... God knows with him ... and Sam came back to take care of his brother. Alex .. well he's allergic to everything almost. Won't leave his house. No girlfriend. Probably a virgin." she rolls her eyes. "Now Sunflower's daughter, Margaret? .... she's got sense in her head. She is an ACCOUNTANT. Nice and steady money. Rolls her eyes at her mother. She takes care of my money, so I never have to go to New York nor worry about too much here in Canada. I'm not rich, but by the time I'm in my 60's I can stop working. Maybe as soon as 61." she looks relieved at the idea. "So lets see. Three kids with good heads on their shoulders. My son doesn't count because his money will be going to the Ex-Wives club, bit Carrie does good. Sam is in law school and Margaret is an account. There is ALWAYS hope."

Judith grins "You would possibly frighten Ted a bit. He married a quiet woman too, Lily. How funny is that? Lily Bloom. I couldn't make it up if I tried. They're lovely together of course but I can't imagine what they talk about." She listens to Connie talk about kids and her niece and nephew and nods along "Erica's back at work half time. It breaks her heart to put the girls in daycare. I think she's been secretly hoping I'd retire early and take them for her but as much as I love them, I think I'd go crazy if it was everyday. I do take Maisy on holidays a lot since the daycare is on the same schedule as Penny's school. Penny's been going to camp the last three breaks. Loves the horses. That's another reason Erica has to be at work, the lessons and the camps... not cheap!"

Connie giggles. "Possibly? Then I am losing my touch." she shakes her head. "We want the world for our kids ... and someone has to pay for that world." she huffs. "Sunflower has goats. And a hut way over there someplace in the woods." she motions vaguely north. "No phone. Nothing. Sam goes to check on her now and again. Someday he'll get lost in there and they'll have to have a manhunt." she scoffs and sighs. "I just worry about her. Worry about everyone." she reaches over for Judith's hand again. "But not you. Not anymore, so much." she smiles.

Judith squeezes her friend's hand "You know I worry about you too. I know you're far from lonely and more self sufficient than I can even shake a stick at... but does it make you happy? Because you deserve all the happiness in the world."

Connie smiles. "It's fun .. and for now fun works. So I am happy with it." she winks. "YOU ... you needed a man. A GOOD man and you found it, thanks to busybody grandchildren. Oh you should hug the stuffing out of them when you meet them!" something occurs to her. "Have you met the family yet?"

Judith looks sheepish "Nope...but I haven't even told Erica either. Hank has a difficult relationship with his son Ford, his only son. It sounds like Ford's wife has helped....and he beams about the three grandchildren. School age twins and a toddler. And yes the twins are the ones I have to thank..."

Connie claps her hands. "Well if his son has a good wife, it will all work out in the end." she proclaims. "And the kids will adore you ... after all, you're one of their picks, right?"

Judith smiles "Indeed I was on their short list. Hank had to send a few messages though...poor guy. And HE wants to thank you.....for making me sign up....and for...your place.." She blushes deeply "And I thank you again too. I never would have imagined myself doing THAT on a first date ever."

Connie laughs again. "You are BOTH quite welcome." she beams. "It felt right. You said it yourself. And my guess is it will KEEP feeling right. Lucky you. In time, I will get tired of the boys who do wonders for my clit and start stimulating my BRAIN ... THEN I will settle down. You just needed it all in one man. That's the difference between us, but its a beautiful difference."

Judith giggles "I don't think I could handle more than one man...but you go girl. And who was the date that kept you away from home for days anyway?"

Connie laughs. "Oh its not like these boys need maintenance. Most of them are literally toys without batteries." she pauses. "Well ... he's Calvin. A little older than I like, but he was on Table For Two and I figured why not, right? Well he was mind blowing and has a personality so I figured ... why not take a few days, right?"

Judith looks intensely curious "That sounds promising. Will you see him again?"

Connie nods. "Absolutely." she tells her. "He's 45, so much older than I usually like, but ... mmmm ." she mock shudders. "He likes to tease while we discuss various subjects. It's impossible after a while, but listening to the two of us slowly lose the ability to talk is fascinating." she giggles.

Judith looks fascinated "THAT was going to be my next question. I know your standards. So I was going to say WHAT could be considered MIND BLOWING to you and it turns out you mean literally..."

Connie leans forward and lowers her voice. "He can make me cum so hard I can hardly breathe afterwards." she elaborates, secretly glad her friend never quite learned not to open the door to her like this. Connie laughs. "Well, I am waiting to hear that from you." she places an invisible phone to her ear and teasingly mocks her friend. "I thought I was going to have a heart attack, Connie .... and I would have died happy!'"

Judith clears her throat and blushes "You wanted me to call you right after with Hank still in the bed for a report? I could easily die happy but then I wouldn't get to do it again and that's a NEED now like I've never known. And for the record, no, I've never had more powerful orgasms, or any man spend..." She drops her voice more "that much time so determined with his mouth between my legs. I don't know where they made Hank Stanley in the assembly of men in the universe but they could crank out enough for all the women who like men and the world would just be full of drooling blissed out nymphos."

Connie smiles. "Good point .. never mind. Wait till you can walk and call me from the BATHROOM." she teases. "Oh honey! That man is GOOD for you. Hold onto him tightly. But it sounds like he couldn't be PRIED away from you." she scoffs. "And you think there is a chance he doesn't love you too."

Judith looks like she's taking this as a reasonable point and sheepishly nods "So Calvin? 45....kinky chatty...what does he do when he's not doing you?"

Connie nods, satisfied and returns to her waffles. "He's a decorator. I know that makes him sound gay, but believe me .. if he is he's bisexual. He helps people redo their houses so I guess he's more than that in a way. You know like those shows where they make an old house look incredible."

Judith looks pleased by this information "Oh I love those shows. So much creativity and skill. Almost makes you wish you had a house for him to mold into something new? What does Calvin's house look like?"

Connie nods. "If I stop renting, I may. If my investments hold out I will be able to buy a house soon. And I want it small and cute. And Cal can take a dump and make it a beauty, so that means I can buy cheap." she giggles. "He lives in my building, believe it or not. Says he also wants a house of his own someday. He just hasn't found the right house."

Judith looks confused "OK so you...lent Hank I and YOUR place....but you were just...down the hall or on another floor?" She starts laughing really hard at the idea.

Connie looks mock affronted. "He is above me, and my friend needed a place to get her freak on." she giggles. "I was NOT giving you an excuse to chicken out and didn't want you in some hotel. That's not romantic."

Judith covers her face "Get my freak on...dear god." She emerges "Well I gotta say there's some decent sound proofing between floors because we had NO IDEA.'

Connie giggles. "Two floors up and on the other side of the building, so I couldn't hear a thing ... and neither could YOU." she smiles. "I'm just glad you had a good time ... and that he is so much you need."

"Well likewise. It sounds like Calvin's a gem. Almost makes me want to write a testimonial for Table for Two....except for the gross guys dick pics phase of it.....they really need some more admin support." She makes an unpleasant face and shudders in revulsion.

Connie laughs. "He is going to be a fine friend indeed." she agrees and then laughs. "You SHOULD ... after you clean your place, meet the family, etc etc etc." she teases. "I should send you home for your nap. Get set to sort those clothes before school tomorrow." she pauses. "How much time do you have before he comes to spend the night at YOUR place?"

Judith sips the last of her coffee and then puckers up her face because it's gone stone cold "Oh...." she recovers "I should have asked for a refill but our conversation was too engaging...... February 4th, 2 days. I want him to myself on the first day...but I think I'll invite Erica, Jeff and the girls over to meet him on the 5th...bite the bullet. And yes I should go soon, but this has been lovely."

Connie nods. "So you have nearly 2 weeks to tidy up! No problem." she declares. "It's always a joy to see you. I'd walk you to the ferry but I'd like to visit my nephews first. And I am going in another direction anyway."

Judith smiles "I'm happy we made the time Connie. I'll talk to you soon and enjoy your family visit." She gets up, taking her bill, as the waitress had at some point dropped them off and mutters "Two weeks....I can be ready..." as she pulls her little rolling case out and heads for the till with a little wave back at Connie.

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