Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Eve at the Reinhardt's Part 5 - Fish Fingers and Custard with L and Owen

Owen holds the door open for L to the house and steps in after. He takes off his sneakers and carries them to the mat at the front door, beckoning L to do the same. Then he walks to the freezer and pulls out the fish sticks "I didn't wrap them..." He says chuckling before going to the cupboard and pulling out a few little packets of custard powder "Merry New Year Geronimo?"

L follows his example removing his red converses, placing his beside Owens. He smiles looking around at the pictures of the Reinhardt family chucking softly. He joins Owen in the kitchen smirking abit. Bonne année, un compagnon! He say watching owen cook. Did u enjoy ze ginger tardis,gingerman

Owen beams at L "Yes! Thank you. Almost barely shared it with my my siblings but the blue mouth gives it away once you start eating a smurf vampire..." He looks at the fish box and preheats the oven and then gets out a shallow baking pan. He looks pat L and is about to call out to someone behind L when he hesitates, frowning.

In the background, his parents had been quietly talking in the dining room. They suddenly hugs and it seems like his mom is upset before she quickly walks off upstairs. John Reinhardt just looks after her and nods. Then he awkwardly walks into the kitchen seeing Owen's frown "She's OK. We're OK. Just a hell of a year so she's processing." He reaches out a hand to L "You must be Elle is it? I'm John." He's a small bear of a man with the same red hair as Owen except balding on top. He's wearing black jeans and an old faded black Ozzy Osborne t shirt and wool socks in about the same shape as Owen usually has, in fact tonight, their peeking toes almost match father to son.

L looks back at Owen chuckling softly so ze whole family got to taste ze timeship.?? 'he laugh softly " he watches Owen prepare the oven and turns around to see what what is causing that goofy wonderful smile he loves to see on the ginger teen to disappear . he looks concern and goes to pat Owen shoulder and stop short as John and extends his hand. the brunette licks his lip nervously clearing his throat and nervously say in his deeper octave "Oui.. it's L.. he say softly awkward a bit nervous to met his love interest parents but smiles as his eyes drink in the similar between John and Owen putting him at easy a bit 

Owen explains is for his father "L like the letter L not Elle." He draws out the other name to make a distinction. He watches the handshake with a little smile though before arranging the fish and putting the pan in the oven.

John nods slowly "OK L.....his life with his teens had prepared him for many things. But he still looked L over. Colleen had kindly explained the bi gender thing to him but L was still the first person he'd met who lived this way. He looked curiously at his son cooking and then said back to L "Make sure to watch a hawk. It was nice to meet you." He steps away and wanders upstairs to check on his wife.

L smiles kindly nodding as Owen explains for him .. looking appreciative as he can read John confused but understanding face and he chuckles 'oh i will . I want to eat my Christmas present .. you can count on me , monsieur. 'he smile and turns to Owen.. as John wanders from earshot.. 'Its weird.. he is like a mashup of you and my Grandpere.. '

He chuckles 'thank you by ze way .. ' he say going to pat his shoulders.. "So that was your Mazer .. she is very lovely . 'he smiles genuinely to 'i'm sure your fazer will cheer her up.. if you are any proof .. since you make me feel happy 'he smiles at Owen 

Owen was reaching for the custard pack when L walks closer, pats his shoulder and says words that make him melt just a little. He hugs L now with no awkwardness and then pulls back, his eyes darting to where his father exited "My parents were split up for a while....they got back together not long before Christmas and we moved back here from Vancouver, well Shay and Logan and I. Fi stayed here for the school and the music. Last year we had two Christmases....they almost divorced for good. So it really is a happy New Year..." His eyes start to water a bit and he blinks quickly and clears his throat.

L smile exchanging looks with Owen sighing softly at his embrace rubbing his back softly as they hug .. he nods listening and smiling as Owen speak . he beams as he see Owen's eyes well up with emotion, tears of joy . 'Well I'm so happy for your family .. ' he say reassuring .. 'I'm glad zat you are all togezer and zat love and togezerness brought you to me. 'he say softy .. 'Amour.. .. is the best zing .. in the world.. ze glue zat hold zing togezer and makes it worth living.. 'he say softly .. he pecks Owen's freckled cheek softly

Owen leans his cheek into the kiss and sighs "What you said....because it all sounds better in your voice and accent." He laughs and blushes and then looks at the instructions on the package "We need mixers....and milk...." He lets go of L and wanders around the kitchen gathering stuff. Following a recipe or directions to the letter, he's actually good at. It's the creativity you need to watch for. "So how was the rest of your Christmas...after our face time?"

L chuckles as he tiptoes to look over Owen's shoulder to also look at the instruction .. "ok.. i'll go get ze milk ' he walks towards the fridge and opens the door looking in the fridge. .. he looks over the door and smiles at Owen leaning on the door sighing 'Oh it was magnific , my u ncle cook a simple dinner and a couple of ze teens zat didn't have any plan came and we were dress in steampunk or whatever was ze closes people could find zat fit came.. zere was about 4 of us .. ' he say soflty 'after .. when ze people left . he got me a new pair of goggles . he beams looking enchanted at the idea .

Owen sets a bowl on the counter and smiles back at L "Your Uncle sounds cool. I feel bad I'm not taking French... barely passed it last year though so I figured art was safer. How did they like your wig?" He opens a drawer and pulls out measuring cups and spoons.

L chuckles 'maybe you didn't have ze right teacher. he winks.."I'll teach you French if you want ' he say ducking back to the fridge grabbing the milk and walk toward him . "some times my uncle just rattles on .. he does a good job teaching but its like teaching someone to breeze to him .. It's natural for him since it's his native tongue .. I wish he teach Science though. " he exhales placing the milk on the counter .. "zat is his real love .. he's a scientist but i think zat spot was taken so he took ze French job 'he exhales 'i don't ze excitement for it is there .. 'he ponders aloud leaning on the counter look at Owen . He grins softly exhale "oh i think they loved it !" he laugh softly 'I had a blast!""

Owen starts ripping open the package and shaking it into the bowl as he listens "He could teach science in French if we had immersion......but not so much here eh? Ms. Kim Thatcher came back this year or he could sub for her....maybe she'll have more babies..." He ponders "Do you like science L?" He takes the milk and pours a cup's worth out and dumps it into the bowl next.

L chuckles softly 'he used to teach Science for a bit in Paris til he got a job a research facility somewhere 'he say softly trying to remember where.. "I don't remember . 'he shrugs then nods as he watches Owen 'cook' . "oui i do .. even so bad ,, it must be in ze gene.. even love it so much i love scifi 'he laugh soflty 'do you .. Owen ' he adds

Owen nods "Love it. Hey should we double this?" He reaches for another packet.

L smiles at him "sure why not " he quickly adds "what does ze instructions say"

Owen smiles "1 more cup of milk...then de flume de mixy...." He says doing his best Swedish Chef impression "Did your folks ever show you The Muppets? My Dad has a DVD collection of them....Swedish Chef...."

L laugh softly at his impression 'i zink i might have seen when i was a little one 'he laugh 'but not abit zing " he chuckles 'but i was more entertained with Gigi pushing a baby carriage around " 

Owen laughs "That's the chimp right? You didn't have to share bunks with her did you? I often think of my brother as a mildly entertaining primate....." He poises to start the hand held mixer but waits for L's answer because the noise would drown it out.

He laughs soft "oui, Gigi was Gigette mazer. " and chuckles no she slept on the couch watching TV ." He look at Owen with a raised eyebrow. "Why you say zat about your brozer 

Owen shakes his head "I'm kidding. He's awesome. We just like to torture each other. It's a sibling thing." He holds up a finger and then uses the mixer, making the custard go from powder and milk to a light creamy delicious looking dessert pudding. He smiles at it and then pops the beaters out of the mixer, offering one to L and begins licking the other one "Mmmmm!"

He reaches out and takes the beater chuckling. "Maybe I'll zank mama and papa for just settling for giving me fur siblings." He laughs then carefully licks the beater slowly "C'est magnific " in between long slow licks. He turn to Owen 

Owen chuckles and then watching L lick the beater suddenly blushes and gives a little gulp. That was unexpectedly hot. He exhales and shakes his head around, his hair swishing side to side "I should put this in the fridge..." he says quickly. He grabs the bowl and walks to the fridge setting it in, contemplating climbing in with it if he could. Clearing his throat he walks to the oven to flip the fish "Hey you wanna re-watch the Christmas special?" He asks casually, but his voice cracks on the word special.

L looks back at Owen with a raise eyebrows watching his ginger hair chuckling a bit. He places the beater in the sink and turn to face him .his eyebrow raising a bit further before blushing at Owen cracking a bit embarrassed to be causing him distress. "Oui, we can do zat. " he nervously tucks a strand of brown hair behind his own ear.

Owen purposely doesn't look at L right away and sets the oven timer. With a composing inhale and exhale he turns and says a resolute "OK." as if to say he's OK, recovered from a moment of hormones plus the cruelty of the dregs of puberty still attacking his voice at random. He walks to the living room and digs through the remotes for the two he needs and sets up the show in a few clicks before sinking down to the couch with an obvious spot for L beside him.

L bites his lip half embarrassed for Owen and half flatter slash embarrassed that he is causing Owen to be aroused by his actions . he shakes his head and follows Owen with pink cheeks . He watches Owen and fans himself a bit while the ginger teen is looking for the remote and happily joins him plunking down right behind him . "I really liked this episode " he say trying to diffuse the situation 

Owen leans so his shoulder touches L's and then reaches and takes L's hand "Yeah the superhero thing was interesting....I like Capaldi. He does the Doctor justice. i never thought I would after Matt Smith but it's a good shift." Owen is easily shifted by nerdom.

L clasps his hand and lean into Owen's shoulder scooting close to him . he lays his head on Owen snuggles into the teen . "it's ze best of both worlds like superman meets ze doctor ' he chuckles 'I do to... i didn't at first because i had a crush on Matt but he grew on me. I know Tennant had alot of people saying he was sexy but i like Smith better . 'he chuckles then exhales

Owen snorts "You like the weird guys...I can work with that." He jokes "What about Victorian Clara? I'd think your Steampunk senses would be tingling there?"

L quips back 'good for you , no?" he jokes "I like people that are set apart from ze other plain ramble of humanity " He says knowingly looking at Owen "Oui, she set my sense and other things tingling steampunk and otherwise 'he chuckles raising his eyebrow smiling at him 

Owen laughs and blushes again, all this talk of tingling "Well OK then...maybe we'll have to watch those ones sometime too..." he teases "And thanks." He means about the other compliment "Those ramble humans are so bloody predictable..." He glances at the screen as the doctor squirms at the squeaking of the squeeze toy and chuckles at the scene.

L reaches out and goes to grab a stray ginger hair and brush it out of his companion face "most of zem are but lucky from me I've stumbled across one zat isn't ". He looks at Owen more then he does the show having seen it before. "We should do zat. "He nods as he admire Owen's freckled skin like he was looking at a star chart. "Did you know you almost have ze Leo constellation on ur right cheek . He says knowing 

Owen sighs at L's hand in his hair and puts a hand lightly on his right cheek "Is that good or bad?" His eyes twinkle like he's being a bit silly with L. He turns and looks right at L so both cheeks are seen "How bout my left cheek?" He points with a goofy grin.

L rolls his green eyes at Owen but laughs "depends if you like that constellation .. he combs his hand through the length of the hair and keeps doing so. He smiles at the silly ginger teen shaking his head , but looks mock serious as he examines Owen's left cheek . 'you have a half Cassiopeia on that so your half fool and half Lion.. 'He jokes but with a serious look.

Owen closes his eyes at the fingers still going through his hair and pretends to purr momentarily "I'm a friendly lion when you do that." He opens his eyes and stops goofing around "Well you've seen some of the fool and you didn't run away screaming yet..." He's still self conscious about losing in on his brother in front of L. That was definitely not what he wanted to present to someone's affections he was very much enjoying and wishing to keep enjoying.

L just chuckles as he purrs shaking his head an looks at him seriously as Owen looks serious. 'well maybe i'm ze fool or maybe.. you aren't a fool .. maybe a petit baffoun but not a complete fool.. you very different from your brozer.. no?" he ask "sounds like he just wants to not be in ze dark . no one likes to be ignored. no one wants zat... even zo you are both different ... its a good sign he got mad at you .. because that just means he still values being part of your life.. personally i would have slap you with a glove.. 'he says half joking .. looking deep into Owen's eyes . he say knowingly after the volcanic eruption that Addy had with him 

Owen gulps, rightfully chastised "I know. I was an ass. And I didn't tell him about you before he met you which wasn't fair to either of you. I'm sorry L. I'll work it out with Shay...but I owe you that too. I did tell my mom...." He offers as his eyes snap from L's gaze and his cheeks burn redder than ever. He didn't mention that he had to tell his mom, to explain something he was experimenting with to try and understand L's bigender nature.

L rolls his eyes and fingers the half fool star on his beloved's cheek 'well at least you learned and Oui, family is important . so you better mend it .. 'he say cupping Owen's chin looking at him gingerly stroking his chin with his thumb 'well at least someone knows .. 'he joke and goes to peck the redhead's lips chuckling softly 'you're an ass but your're my ass so zere" and he sticks his tongue out at Owen being a bit childish 

Owen pecks back and snickers and then wiggles his eyebrows. When L sticks out a tongue he moves his face in and closes his mouth around it in another kind of kiss. They hadn't kissed with tongues before and he's been desperately curious. All the mixer licking and tingling talk has gone to his head a bit too. If L doesn't refuse it, he lightly slides his tongue along the side of his, closing his eyes.

L chuckles softly and muffled say 'don't choke me on that , you silly man . it's almost unintelligible with Owen's mouth around his tongue. he stiffens up at first but relaxes enjoying the sensation of Owens tongue on his . he also slides his tongue along petting the other teens tongue pulling himself closer to Owen

Owen couldn't make out a word of what L said but he wasn't being pushed back and didn't hear the word no or stop so he tilted his head to make the kiss more comfortable, opening his mouth a bit more and pressing now with his lips too. French kissing a French person. God the French knew their mouths. This was fun and inexplicably hot. Owen found himself holding L tightly and exploring a passion he didn't know existed before. All of a sudden the oven timer went off and he reluctantly slowed himself down and pulled back "French fingers are ready..."He blinked and blushed starting to laugh "I...mean...Fish fingers...."He kept laughing and hugged L before he got up.

L melts in his arms and lips enjoy the passion this sweet, shy goofy guy was showing to him. Like a sweet secret that only he had got to know and press his own lips into Owen's and could swear Owen was like a tardis to him.. stopping and speeding time his own head swirling like a blue police box..till he is brought to reality with an alarm. Disorientated he mutter "we're under attack " he thinking that the timer was some alert on his time machine going off.

Owen chuckles as he walks to get the fish "No attack, just food. Hey can you pause it please? Not that we're watching...all of's the smallest remote...." He grabs the oven mitts and pulls out the fish and sets the pan on the stove. Then he walks to the fridge and gets the custard, cooling his face and brain as he leans in. He gives it another stir and then opens the cupboards for plates, clanking around.

L blushes deeply blinking quickly and chuckles awkwardly. "Umm of course.. just ze French .. fish. " he says taking a bit longer to recover from the intensity of the kiss. He nods and grab for the remote dropping it then retrieving to and pauses it. He fans himself with the remote muttering "mon dieu " softly over and over. He looks towards where Owen is his heart racing muttering rapid French basically trying to calm himself down 

Owen makes up two plates, dividing the fish sticks and putting a little bowl of custard on each. He rolls his neck from side to side until it cracks one one side "Did you want something to drink?" He calls out. "We have pop and juice and stuff..."

L finally calm himself down and answer back "Pop will be fine 'he say softly he start to comb his hair with his finger and notices a strand of ginger hair between his finger .. he plunks it and wiggles it a bit looking at as the light catches it mesmerizes a bit by it.

Owen pours two cokes and then takes L a plate and a glass, dropping it off with a grin "Be right back."

L beam up at him and nods "zank you! " he takes his plate and glass and nods at him smiling 

Owen wanders back to get his own plate and then reaches for the remote and clicks play again. He dips the battered fish in the custard and takes a bite, chewing thoughtfully and then after swallowing he says "Apparently Matt Smith got cheese sauce, not this....but this is ...interesting. I have ketchup if you hate it."

By the time he came back L had started in on his fish sticks and custard eating them smiling he was mid-bite of one stick and look up shallows the bit he had an smiles "maybe I'm weird but I like it" He laughs 

Owen looks at his next fish stick "Jury's still out for me but I support you." He teases back.

Maybe I'm part gallifrian. " He teasingly pushes at redhead's shoulder. He continental eating and watching the show but more watching the ginger beside him. 

Owen gets pushed and chuckles as he chews and nods, saying eventually "Does that make em the boy who waited?" He wiggles his eyebrows and looks quite pleased with his own little joke.

L chucks and sets down his plate and gets closer 'did I make you wait .?" His face inches from Owen's. "Maybe " he chuckles 

Owen sets down his plate and smirks, not taking his eyes from looking into L's "More like you had to wait while I tripped over myself and broke sugar bowls trying to figure out how to talk to you..." He cups one side of L's face and closes his eyes, starting a gentle sweet kiss.

L chuckles staring back into Owen's eyes "I felt so bad for you but got ze courage in ze in end.. " he trails off as he is sweetly kissed savoring it for a while before kissing back . His eyes closing and enjoying it.

Owen wraps his arms around L and kisses like there's no tomorrow, or next year or whatever might come. They were time lords dammit! As he really starts to get into it, bravely using his tongue again and deepening the kiss he hears the unmistakable sound of boots on the back deck and two male voices speaking in German, presumably Kurt and Logan. Reluctantly he backs off from kissing L and head juts at the back door with a mildly disappointed look. Their episode was almost over anyway and the clock on the TV showed it was after 11:30 already.

L enjoys and matches his intensity his own tongue petting Owen's as the still and speed time allay once. He blink his mouth in a pucker as Owen retreats. His gaze going from Owen to whatever was interrupting his bliss. His eyebrows furrow and the look was like if the daleks had invaded his moment 

Owen grins at L's matched disappointment. "Somewhere in this universe there's surely a planet where we can just kiss forever right?" He jokes "But it is almost midnight..." He hears other boots on the deck and the laughter and voices of Addy, Fiona and Vincent in the mix. He leans forward just as his sister looks in the window and the special ends. "Let's go ring it in eh?" He stands up to go put on his winter stuff again by the front door.

He laughs softly "well if not the tardis will do.. but a good gallifrian knows zat fixed points are important and I zink this is one we can miss. " he says "beside we get to kiss at midnight " he stands and goes to puts his coat and shoes on "lead ze way boy zat waited!"

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