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Saturday teen rp - Pizza Pairings - Seamus, Kandy, Owen and Mike

Seamus Reinhardt jogs across the street, a bit breathless. "Sorry, I'm late. Had to get away from the fam. You know."

Kandy Mullens chews her bubble blowing bubble 'its okay 'she say in bubbling nature . 'im just glad you ask me out 'she giggles

Seamus Reinhardt smiles and leans in to give her a peck on the cheek .. but close to her lips. "Why wouldn't I have, silly. Come on, lets go in." he holds the door open for her.

Kandy Mullens giggles as he holds the door 'what  gentleman "  she say softly  in a queens accent '

Mike Chu looks at Dave and then unsure of himself to the customers. Damn it's kids from school. He doesn't hang with them but he's seen them. Small towns. He takes a deep breath and says awkwardly "How can I help you?"

Seamus Reinhardt leans over to speak to Kandy. "Whatever you want? We can split a calzone?" He holds a finger up to Mike, who he recognizes but doesn't know .. he doesn't play hockey, he isn't a girl and hes not a relative or with a relative so hes under the radar a bit.

Kandy Mullens smiles 'i think be wonderful i love the calzone here . 'she giggles chewing her gum 'mind me of home 'she winks at shay then looks a Mike like she spotted a puppy 'well aren't you the cutest . 'she coos at Mike then smiles and goes to take hold of her dates strong arm

Mike Chu had already started keying in a calzone and something beeps on the till like it's arguing back with him. He looks helplessly at Dave and then awkwardly at the girl and then the guy "Just one right...and like a knife to cut it?" Dave grumbled at him and fixed the mistake on the machine and then mentioned that he would do the cutting over offering a patron a knife "Right, no additional toppings?"

Seamus Reinhardt nods and glances at the register. "Just one and yes. One knife to cut it." he blushes just a little bit. One soda and two straws .. he chides himself. "Oh and um.. a e looks at her thinking of sharing his straw with her.

Kandy Mullens smiles at Seamus and beams 'how romantic .. they should call you cupid 'she winks at him

Mike Chu watches Dave re key in the order and nods "OK...that'll be $12.75 after taxes please." He gestures at the debit machine. Dave walks off to the kitchen to get a pizza shell and stuff it muttering something about cheap not romantic.

Seamus Reinhardt blushes a little and chuckles. "God, I hope not." he realizes shes sort of read his mind and shrugs. "Sure ... large cola." he arches his brow at Mikes back. "Good thing I'm not a bully." he murmurs to Kandy, covering her hand with his. "I just got OFF being grounded."

Kandy Mullens raise a eyebrow 'whats that guy on about.. this is the closes think to zambrinos we got here' she caresses 'its very romantic like lady and the tramp ' she winks then looks at mike 'did anyone tell you that you look like that harry potter kid .. like in the first movie.. hes such a cutie now and so banked ' she giggles

Owen Reinhardt walks up towards the pizza place whistling contentedly. He runs into Mr. Arnett out front and Buster and gets pulled into a short conversation but his laugh can be heard through the door as Buster jumps up on him and licks his face. In his distraction, he hasn't even looked in the building yet but is now leaning over scratching Buster behind the ear while Mr. Arnett says in his thick accent "Gets away with all off it by wagging tha tail eh..." Owen laughs again and nods.

Mike Chu looks at the girl like she's very strange and nods slowly "'re the first to say it." He takes a large drink cup and fills it with Coke and hands over two straws and then holds one back "It was one of everything right?" He asks the guy who seemed to be making those choices.

Kandy Mullens smiles at him 'yeah totally you have the glasses but you totally remind me him.. i saw him in person  in how to be a salemen . but he much older now 'she giggles ' but yeah ya totally look like an asian version of him .. like when he is the first movie.. tottaly had a crush on him then but  hes a cutie like you 'she babbles on .. '

Seamus Reinhardt grins and looks over at Mike. Kandy is right, but ... still. He looks over his shoulder at a familiar voice and sees his brother and My Arnette .. and of course, Buster. "Oh ... that just fuckin figures." he murmurs. Turning back to face Mike, he pulls out his card and swipes it. "Yea. I have everything I need, thanks." he pats Kandy's hand again, chuckling as she goes on

Owen Reinhardt is looking back as he opens the door "See ya Mr. Arnett, see ya Buster." He turns to face front and step in and sees Seamus.....and oh god....the harpie...holding hands. His mind starts racing on how to save his brother from this fate as he approaches the counter "Hi Shay..." He looks down at the hands like what the hell are you doing and then awkwardly smiles at Kandy like one might backing away from a rabid hyena.

Mike Chu just blinks at the girl going on about him being like Harry Potter and then tears off the receipt and hands it to the guy. He sees another guy walk in who looks related. Oh yeah they're That family. There's a sister too and she freaks him out. He nods to the newcomer.

Seamus Reinhardt turns around. "Hey Oman." he glances at Kandy. "You know Kandy, right?" and looks at her. "My brother, Owen." as if introductions are necessary. But so far Kandy's gotten further than Sam ever had. He catches the look and arches his brow a bit. They'd probably have to talk later in their room or something.

Kandy Mullens smiles 'though your adorable like this puppy i saw .  she turns to Seamus 'omg ..he was cute . i dont know the breed but it look like a stuff animal and just the same one rclbeauty has .. think im going to coax my dad to getting me one .. she spins aroudn blushing .. 'ohhh yeah .. your .. um ian .. no owen .. your elena.. i mean L boyfriend.. you knwo she been more happy now  'she babbles on about how L isnt as sharp with her . fiinshing with 'yeah she even was smiling at me .. 'she laughs

Owen Reinhardt clears his throat and nods at his brother with a yes we will talk later look and then addresses Kandy "Yes I'm L's boyfriend." He lets his eyes dart back to Shay "Kandy is L's roommate...and we've...met..." He says carefully and then smiles "You two were craving pizza? I'm grabbing one to take back to L because time is short and L has a big theory exam." He walks up to the clerk "Can I put in an order for a large vegetarian with pepperoni added please?"

Mike Chu observes the conversation between the three but tries to make it look like he's not actively watching them. He hangs back until the new order is placed and then keys it in and nods. Dave comes back in with the calzone and looks at the long haired new customer like he's seen him before and is already annoyed with him. Mike tells him the pizza order and he rolls his eyes. Right, the couple with the pepperoni innuendos, like he'd never heard THOSE before. He drops off the calzone and is banging back through the kitchen door to deal with the pizza.

Seamus Reinhardt sort of arches his brows. Kandy can talk question .. he sort of convinced himself she only rambled with her little friends .... but no .... The subject switches to L. "Yea. L's a little hard to get to know. I know that better than most." he laughs a little anxiously as he looks at his brother. "Mom and Dad decide they need a pizza?" he wonders, sounding a little paranoid, probably. "Jesus, they said I could go out. Damn." he looks towards the door a if expecting to see Fiona and Vincent appear at any minute. Owen explains it, and Seamus sags in visible relief. He can't help but grin. "Isn't that more a pepperoni with extra veggies, Zero-man?" he just can't help but dangle that hook. He takes the calzone. "Wanna sit with us and wait?" he offers to make sure Kandy sees what a great brother he is.

Kandy Mullens just vaguel smies at owen blushes bit but clings onto  seamus arm tightly smacking her gum as she follow him to the table 'she a tough nut to crack.. she barely talks to me .. 'she shrugs "i just know sometimes she just more moodier 'she smiles at seamus 'but thats all teenager musicans right 'she bables on  and on .

Owen Reinhardt gulps at Dave's reaction and quickly pulls out his card to pay the new guy. He recognizes him from school too and smiles at him, glad it's not Dave "Thanks man." He listens to his brother and his jaw tenses at th suggestion that Shay knows L better but he works to let it go. He sits closer to Shay than Kandy on purpose and shrugs at Shay's reframing of his pizza order "As long as it all gets on there right?" He glances at Kandy while she talks about L but declines to comment, knowing full well why L seemed moody to the harpie.

Mike Chu did the middle brother's transaction and smiled back at him as he was thanked. He watched them all move to a table and then checked the one slice trays.

Seamus Reinhardt sit and cuts the steaming calzone in half, then looks at the halves and turns the late to give the slightly larger one to his date. "Well, maybe now you two can get along better. She's with Owen and you..." he reaches over to kiss her o the cheek. "Are with me." he watches the steam rising, casually. "It's kind of neat. You know that L is like my best friend. And shes dating this guy? My brother?" he hikes a thumb in Owen's direction like can you believe shes stoop SO low that silly L.

Kandy Mullens laughs softy 'well isnt this a small world .. we got roomies with me an L and you and L new boytoy ' she laugh softly waving her hand liek she is kidding 'just like some high school drama.. all we need is some drunk kid that needs a innervention and we have ours selves a series .. either that or everyone sings and it be on broadwya .. uncle murray would love to direct .. you know hes on broadway ' she say .like she is droppign nams

Owen Reinhardt: Owen squints one eye at Seamus like this is all hurting his brain a bit. He's almost terrified to take L this pizza now and report on where the harpie is, and who she's with. Nevermind all this business of L being Shay's new BFF. He listened to Kandy and tried to somewhat follow her odd little narration. If he was inclined towards drinking, he might be the kid needing the intervention after all this. Holy fuckin weirdness Batman. He just looks between them and nods slowly, like a hostage trying to survive the strange.

Mike Chu tidies up a bit and then it dawns on him that he did give the patron the knife. Dave walks back out as the pizza cooks and he decides to not mention it and simply look busy cleaning.

Seamus Reinhardt smiles at Kandy as if he knows a single thing about Broadway. "Oh so your famous. Like a Broadway Kardasian?" after he says it he realizes he may just have blown it big time, considering most think that family low class slut trash.

Kandy Mullens laughs and pats her her 'well i dont know if all that famous but thanks honey 'she smiles 'i like their money and they do know how to make a splash .. but they could tone down revealign to much ' she laugh softly 'thats like givign away the good before anyones bought ' she winks and laughs 'my mom always say they all that money and dress like some street walker ' she shakes her head smilign at him but pats his hand .'but i get what ya mean honey 'she beams

Owen Reinhardt stares at the kitchen door, willing his pizza to cook and then looks between Kandy and Seamus. "I never got the whole Kardasian thing? Who are they? Why do they get written about? Why are we supposed to care what they're wearing or who they divorce?" He shrugs and looks for camaraderie in Shay, unless Shay is just trying to impress the harpie by acting like he cares about tabloid people.

Mike Chu stays out of Dave's way as he fill sup the one slice area and prefolds more pizza boxes.

Seamus Reinhardt shrugs at his brother. "I'm not totally sure, to be honest." but he takes Kandy's hand. "You dress nice. I like that outfit." he glances at his brother. "Now my brother here .. long scraggly hair, ripped jeans .. not so much." he grins. His jeans look almost like new. He keep his clothes nice and hair stylish. It isnt so much is is showing up his brother but pointing out that he IS the sharper dresser, which appeals to the vain high school girls that seem to follow him around for the gossip he seems to generate, is fashion sense or his burgeoning bad boy reputation.

Kandy Mullens looks at owen 'its about power ' she say playing .. 'those that have the money have the power.. thats why people care.. ' she say shrugging 'pretty dumb if ya ask me .. but theyre clinging on to what power they got .. even if they dress like they forgot to put anything on after getting their underwear on ' she scoff 'but thats why i have to study hard to make something of myself and maybe just maybe the Mullens can unseat them 'she say hopefully . she beams at Seamus and goes to touch the end of his cute nose 'i knew you had class , you look like cover photo , mista gq

Owen Reinhardt doesn't seem to care about the teasing about his clothes, most of the time, every now and then it bugs him and Shay knows it "I'm comfy and I like being comfy. L likes my long hair so it's all good. But you go ahead and work....Mista GQ." There's a definite tone in his tease there that's not all 100%jest.

Mike Chu watches Dave go back into the kitchen to check on the pizzas and then glances over to the customers sitting with mild curiosity.

Seamus Reinhardt smiles as Kandy speaks and moves forward to kiss her cutely o the tip of her nose at her compliment. Then he turns his own superstar blue eyes onto his brothers dark green ones. He almost smirks as he banters back at Owen most likely enjoying it WAY more. "Oh, believe me .. I PLAN on it." and his tone matches his brother. Passive-aggression between the younger brothers. They've been doing it since the cradle.

Kandy Mullens looks over to Owen 'she like the rocker look i think.. got those guy with long hair all ova her walls .. but at least them cellos dudes is cute ' she giggles .'so i just focus on them . she say politely 'shes an musican so its expected.. my other uncle manages some pop punk band .. not my style but.. yeah like that .. sometime like silverwaves or something 'she shrugs 'but its the artist mind 'she blushes at the peck 'oh you old charmer you ' she waves her hand mock dismissively at Seamus

Owen Reinhardt gives a little derisive grunt at Shay and then again keeps silent as Kandy talks about L. Talk about oil and water. His brother's mushy side is a bit sickening to watch. Maybe people though that about him with L though so he keeps his face passive about all the cutesy kissy stuff. He sees a pizza come out of the kitchen though and practically vaults the chair beside him to get up and get to it.

Mike Chu takes the pizza from Dave and puts it in a box for the oddly eager guy "Yep, it's yours. Give me a sec here to box it up." Dave mutters something and disappears again.

Seamus Reinhardt watches Owen launch himself towards his order and laughs. "Give L a punch for me. See ya at home, bro." he calls after the retreating redhead. he takes his drink and sips long from the straw, then offers it to Kandy

Kandy Mullens smiles 'aww arent you the sweetes 'she say cooing a bit sippign after him getting lost in those blue eyes

Owen Reinhardt takes the box from the clerk and breezes by the table with a half wave "Laters." He's trying to find the words in his head to explain all this to L as he walks to meet her in the common area of the dorm.

Mike Chu shrugs as the guy exits fast. He must be really hungry. Dave come back in and thumbs at the kitchen "Mike, dish pit time. I'm out front." Mike scoots to the kitchen looking nervous "Ok....."

Seamus Reinhardt can focus completely on his date now that his brother is gone. The calzone has cooled a little it so he picks it up. "Man I am actually kind hungry. Waiting for it to cool is like the worst part." and he takes a big bite.

Kandy Mullens says absentmindedly 'sometime big hot yummy  things that you put in your mouth are worth the wait ' she takes a bit of her calzone and looks like she is in heaven 'forgive me dimarco .. i feel like im cheatin on you ' she say with relish

Seamus Reinhardt narrowly avoids choking as he swallows. "Oh yea .... " he murmurs. "It is good, isn't it?" he grins and continues o chow down.

Kandy Mullens: she laugh softly 'yeah bout had a foodgasm just dont tell dimarco .. 'she says sneakily

Seamus Reinhardt chuckles with his moth full. Once he swallows he can reply properly. "Your secret is safe with me." he grins and holds the calzone ready for another bite. "Rooming with L ... does that mean your a music student too?" he wonders.

Kandy Mullens shakes her head 'nah .. i dont have the talent .. i tried for choir at my synagoue but Rabbi Swartz said that it was probably ok for the guy upstairs that i not sing..' she laush 'even at my bat mitzvah  ' she shrugs

Seamus Reinhardt smiles and takes a deep drink. "So you're just one of the dorm students. There not too many of them. Where are your parents?" he wonders.

Kandy Mullens laughs 'they live in Queens ' she say softly 'this is a really good school so they sent me here ' she beams she takes a huge bite enjoying her calzone

Seamus Reinhardt nods. "So that's where you vanished to during break. The States." he muses. "I heard New York can be really nice."

Kandy Mullens has her mouth full her cheek puff out a bit but swallow s'yeah  had to go back to New York for Hannanuk she laugh softly 'you know 8 nights of presents ' she laugh softly 'plus yeah .. i missed it .. i love New york .. the culture, the fashion the energy 'she beams happily

Seamus Reinhardt laughs a little and takes another sip. "That would KILL my parents if they had to do that for all of us." he listens to her. "Yea ... this island must stifle you, eh?" he wonders. "I know I sometimes REALLY miss Vancouver."

Kandy Mullens laugh softly 'nah  you know like new york has those small town within the city .. like chinatown little tokyo . this is like little vancouver ' she laugh softly 'and i been to cedar point .. its like a mini little tokyo and china town all in one ' she laughsofty ' so youre from Vancouver

Seamus Reinhardt eats a bit more, almost done. "Well, I was actually born here. My parents went to school here, then went to Vancouver and came back here after my older two siblings were born." he sips more drink. "Then they had problems and split up for a while, and me and my brothers went with Mom and Fiona stayed with Dad. Then .. they got back together." he holds the final bite of his calzone i his hand.

Kandy Mullens smiles 'well im glad you came ' she winks 'and glad ya parents got back together  ' she beams 'i know its not how everyone turns out but its nice when couples can get back together ' she smiles . she finishes off her calzone 'well Dimarco has some competition in the calzone department she winks and laughs softly 'thanks for bring me here ' she say politely

Seamus Reinhardt finishes off his calzone and nods. "I'm glad they did too." he admits. Then he grins and wipes his lips with his napkin. "Well good. We'll come back here, then too." he grins and stands, gathering their trash to throw away. "Your welcome."he tells her.  It was my first date." he admits and heads for the door, all casual about this rather astonishing revelation, considering all the gossip around school.

Kandy Mullens smiles and coos 'aww that so sweet .. i hope i made it special 'she blushes  and gigglies softly

Seamus Reinhardt smiles as they leave and takes her hand. "You made it incredible." he tells her honestly. he looks down and soon stops. "I was thinking of a walk but ...." he looks down at her high heels. "But that might not be a good idea, huh?"

Kandy Mullens smiles happily happy that she made it great 'well sorry . ' she says lookign down at her own heels 'i like wearing these .. makes me feel powerful 'she giggles and 'makes me look good ' she winks smiling . 'where ya thinking ' she say softly

Seamus Reinhardt looks back up her body. "You look incredible."he tells her. "I was thinking maybe a walk in the woods and rest at the lighthouse." he considers her, looking her up and down with a critical eye. "I could try and carry you or I can find someplace else where we could talk." he rolls his shoulders. "Do you like piggy back rides?" he asks with a cute little wink.

Kandy Mullens laughs softy  'aww thanks 'she beams happily 'and nods 'that so sweet i love one ' she laugh softly

Seamus Reinhardt squeezes her hand. "Lets walk to the woods, then." he heads in the opposite direction, however, turning on 4th towards the school.

Kandy Mullens holds tightly to his hand looking at him so happy just to be with a hot an nice guy she just nods and smiles and then babblies on about how she thought how romantic this all is . she beams at him looking him over enjoy his tight muscles flexign as he walk blushing a bit at the thoughts in her head abut just glad to be  with him

Seamus Reinhardt leads her along the length of 4th street to the school and then behind it and the NW corner, never letting go of her hand. Then at the edge of the woods, he does. "Ready?" he asks and turns his back to her bending at the knees so she can climb on. "Hop on!"

Kandy Mullens climbs on his back with a squeal of delight and giggles as she mount him like a some steed . she giggles softly .'youre so strong Seamus .. ' she beams down at him

Seamus Reinhardt laughs and hefts her a little bit. The squee was kinda cute. "On into North Woods!" he cries and starts walking at a brisk pace, slowing a bit as he has to climb over one thing or another. It takes them a good ten minutes to come out of the woods and emerge at the crumbling lighthouse.

Kandy Mullens giggles as she say charge on hansome steed ..she enjoy the boucing and rocking as he tries admiring his strong legs and looks the lighthouse .. 'that so romantic .. she say softly 'something out of dream ' she sighs happily

Seamus Reinhardt pauses for a bit of a rest once they arrive. "Yea. I like it here. Hell of a view from the tower thing." he admits, even though the view even from the ground is really nice.

Kandy Mullens smiles ' you okay hotstuff. ' she winks at him smiling as she looks around in awe lookign at the place

Seamus Reinhardt smiles. "Yea. It's a hike." he admits and glances up. The sky ha been darkening a bit and it begins to rain. He takes her hand. "Lets go inside. Its cold AND raining now." he moves to the door and fiddles with the lock, getting the door open and entering.

Kandy Mullens chuckles 'arent you the bad boy .' she winks and pokes his strong muscle  smiling not disturb by this at all and clasp tightly on to his hand smiling 'yeah way better in here ' she beams looking around the old place

Seamus Reinhardt shrugs, and grins a little mischievously. "It's not the best lock." he demurs. "Yea out of the wind and cold and rain." he looks around with her and bites his lip, moving her a little further inside. "You like it?" he puts a hand on her waist and stands right in front of her.

Kandy Mullens giggls 'well if they should have made it harder to get in beside .. no ones using it 'she looks around then smiles at him as he places a hand on her she does the same placin a hand on his strong muscls 'its romantic and cozy ' she giggles softly lookign at him dreamily at his handsome face

Seamus Reinhardt nods and smiles,lacing his other hand on her other hip and leaning in for a kiss. "Want to see the loft?" he whispers, after breaking the kiss.

Kandy Mullens smiles 'ill have to hang on to you so i don't break my neck ' she laughs winking 'not that thats an issue ' she giggles a bit lightheaded after the kiss

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