Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Eve at the Reinhardt's Part 4 - Logan and Kurt's walk

Logan Reinhardt takes Kurt's hand and begins the tour by passing his own place. “It's a sort of add on.” he explains moving along the side of the house. When they had arrived, they had walked straight from the ferry to the house with very little by the way of a tour. Now he considered, as he approached the sidewalk in front of his house, how to begin. Deciding on a circuitous route, he turned right. To make it easier, he switched to German. “Miss Norris lives here. She is a religious sort of zealot.” he sorts as they walk and again turn right onto Central. Between Miss Norris's and the Fire Department building he takes Kurt's hand again. “This is the Alexandra Fire Department. If I go ahead and become an EMT, I might get to work here.” he explains, still not a hundred percent sure what he wants to do with his life.

Kurt listened attentively. He was a great talker himself but ever the eager student if someone else had something to share. He frowns at the house of the religious zealot....right next door. That was unfortunate. He smiles as Logan takes his hand again and talks about the fire hall and his potential career. "I think you would be good at it. Do you want to work live on this island for a long time? I know your family is here..."

Logan considers as they pass the firs house. "It would be an okay job. Pay and insurance is good, so ... yea. It would be a good place to start." he considers the rest. "I've lived in the big city ... Vancouver .. with my mother. But this place ... its almost .. serene." he laughs at the word. "Overall serene. And yea .. my family is here but ... I want to be where there are people who love and care about me." he moves on a bit. "This is Sigh coffee house, but I am HOPING the other coffee house will still be open when we get to it." he moves him past the studio of Kagiso Jackson and is tempted to turn the question around, but can only say "Do you think you could live here .. mainlander." the last word clearly teasing him.

Kurt squeezes his hand "I could live anywhere Logan. Anywhere there is happiness. I do need to be able to challenge my mind, wherever I end up and dig through the history of the world either through books or physically. I've been digging holes to find treasure since I was little. As long as I can do that, there's treasure worldwide. I do love the's like your eyes the blue." He gives Logan a little intense look at the end.

Logan smiles and blushes at his words. "Well my archaeologist lover." he nods at the studio. "This is the newest building in town. I don't know all the history of Alexandra, I'm afraid, but it's ... interesting .. and a little spooky." he passes Statutes. Like this place is Statutes. The guy who owns it is American, but if you ask him, he is a Chicagoan, like its not part of America. When the Chicago Cubs won the world Series, he had a heart attack. It was both funny and scary .. he's alright now. Remember Addison? Her father." That's the kind of history he loves most ..the stories behind the buildings and rubble, but probably not as much as Kurt does.

Kurt takes it all in and nods, smiling. "Baseball is a curious thing for the Americans, almost a religion. Which is the oldest building in town and are there superstitions?"

Logan nods and points across a small park. "I don't know if you can see it, but that's the Olin Motel." he sighs. "I don't know its history, but I bet we could find it together. However...." he shrugs. "The old timers and the natives say that Alexandra is more dangerous in the autumn. And, it seem there are more crimes in October .. late September and sometimes early November. Last Halloween a man got into a fight and fell to his death on Halloween. Which is banned here, by the way. Fiona went to Cedar Point with a bunch of other kids because they are't allowed here."

Kurt looks completely intrigued "Now that is fascinating... I wonder what's beneath the hotel..."

Logan laughs. How he was caught off guard by the question, he had no idea. It was a very Kurt type question. "No idea, but it is the very lowest level of the island. He motions to a large whitish building. "The Community Center. I know it's old, and it's also one of the tallest buildings on the island ... only the Greybar building is taller and it's not terribly old. Like turn of this century. No older. This is where the seniors mostly hang out, but anyone can go to the theater and there's a sort of skating rental place in the back."

Kurt looks delighted at the community center "Do you know the design this is modeled from?" He's almost hopping a bit "It's European.....It looks like the Radio Kootwijk. Radio Kootwijk is a former transmitter site used in the first half of the 20th century and was an important communication link between the Netherlands and its former colonies, especially the Dutch East Indies. Now not that I'm saying colonization is good...but the architecture and artifacts change so significantly when cultures come together.....Does this island have a connection to the Netherlands?"


Logan chuckles. "I have NO idea." he takes his hand and drags him on. "That building across the street is where the Greek Restaurant is." he moves past a red brick house and into a patch of woods. "God, you make me seem like an idiot, Kurt." he stops in the dense trees and turns ti face him. "I have a lot to learn." he pulls him close and kisses him, if for no other reason than, for the moment, to keep him from asking about the trees, rocks or anything else about Alexandra Island.

Kurt accepts this and follows like the eager tourist he is "I like Greek food. Do you? Those things wrapped in the grape leaves...dolmares? I think i am saying it wrong ...with the rice...." He laughs as Logan talks as he's pulled into the woods and is about to protest Logan referring to himself as an idiot when he is kissed and can't speak. When they break apart he does make his point "YOU are no idiot Logan Reinhardt....not at all."

Logan looks at Kurt. "When it comes to making me realize I know so little about my home, I am." he holds him close, happy in the privacy of the cluster of trees. "I want to learn about Alexandra with you, though. I know its an interesting history, but that's all I know." he admits and grins. "And yes I like Greek food. Nearly as much as I like you." he grins and the smiles fades a little. "I knew I liked guys, Kurt. But ... not as much as I like you ... does that make sense?" he worries. Kurt knows exactly what he wants to do and Logan was still floundering a bit.

Kurt looks both touched and curious "Yes that makes sense. But why does it seem to worry you? These are all good things...beautiful things. My feelings for you are stronger than anyone else too Logan...just so you know...and maybe stop this worry I see." He holds him tightly back.

Logan grins. "Maybe. I am pretty sure 99% of my family won't care who I'm with as long as I am happy. And that one percent ... I don't care WHAT they think." he arches his brows. "Stronger than anyone else? How many people are you with?" he demands, half smiling and yet ... remembering that Kurt had been with Fiona just hours before him.

Kurt laughs " English...wrong tense. Past who is the idiot?" He jokes.

Logan laughs. "I guess everyone is ignorant on SOME subject or another." he concedes. "Come on ..." he takes his hand and pulls him out of the wood and into a parking lot. "Mariner by the Beach hotel. In case you don't want to sleep with me." he teases.

Kurt stops them mid walk at the thought "I think I would die without you in my bed every night right now Logan....not just for sex..." He squeezes Logan's hand hard "I even just enjoy sleeping next to you...hearing you breathe...unless you want a place to be so your parents don't know...or figure it out."

Logan stops just at the edge of the hotel sidewalk and suddenly doesn't care of the entire town sees him. He kisses Kurt hard. "I will tell them before the week is out and in the meantime if they barge in while I am in bed, they will find me in bed with you." he promises and then kisses him again. "And no ..." he breathes when he breaks this kiss. "It's not just the sex. It's the man. You."

Kurt had kissed him back with equal passion and then gotten a little weepy looking while Logan spoke. After he just cupped his face in his hand and said "You're beautiful you know that?"

Seamus Reinhardt is coming along the waterfront, holding he hand of Sam Coffee. They're headed to her house for a little bit. He stops and sees a couple kissing. In a second he realizes its two men ... and in two seconds he realizes it's his oldest brother. "Logan?"

Logan smiles. "Maybe to you." he jokes and then hears his name. He turns and sees Seamus. For half a second he is frozen, but that feeling vanishes almost immediately. "Hey. There you are." he says casually. He looks at the girl a moment before returning his attention to Seamus. No need to introduce he and Kurt. They've met.

Seamus stares for a minute and then glances at Sam. "I'll be there in a minute, okay?" he can see her out of the corner of his eye nod and walk quickly off. He looks at Logan and Kurt. "Um ... I ... knew you would be here Kurt but ... um ...." he stumbles over the words. No way that kiss was ANYTHING but a kiss.

Logan sighs and shrugs, reaching for Kurt's hand. "I guess ... you're the second to find out." he tells his youngest brother. "Fiona guessed a few weeks ago when she accidentally read one of Kurt's letters to me ...."

Kurt smiles at the youngest of the siblings and then gulps at remembering Fiona had read some of one of his letters. He steps apart from Logan and reaches out to Seamus offering a hug "Happy New Year?"

Seamus stares at Kurt for a long time. But he isn't mad. Logan's words saying he was the second to know, had soothed him. Usually he was dead last to know anything. "Oh what the hell?" he steps up and hugs Kurt. "Happy New Year, Kurt." he steps back and looks at his brother. "You haven't told mom and Dad yet?" he sounds amazed. He figured they would know. "I'm really SECOND?"

Logan is aware of how left out Seamus always seemed to be. "Not even Mom and Dad." he confirms. "I didn't want to say anything until I knew .... I was ... in love with Kurt." he admits. Then he snorts. "And you're the FIRST to know that, since I haven't even said the words to Kurt yet...." he looks at Kurt. "I do. Love you, I mean."

Kurt is still hugging Seamus when he hears the words and picks Seamus up and squeezes before dropping him entirely and running to hug Logan "I love you too...oh my god..." He drops his head to Logan's shoulder and gets weepy again "Just when I thought I'd stopped crying like an old woman..."

Seamus watches this display, laughing. "Let me guess who the top is....." his voice sarcastic, but loving and harmless.

Logan hugs Kurt, stroking his hair and looking at Seamus over his lovers shoulder. "Fuck you." he growls, equally as good-naturedly. "Go play Canadian Hockey 2016 or whatever the fuck you were on your way to do before I beat your ass."

Kurt has to laugh and concedes "Well he's not wrong... " He looks at Logan "I did not expect you to say it first."

Logan grins and begins to walk along the hotel. The same route Seamus took, but they are walking and he had run. "I didn't either, to be honest with you." he admits. "Our time in Germany was fantastic .. and not just the sex. But I figured I would either never see you again, or only get to see you once a year." they turn from the hotel grounds into another patch of trees. Then out to a sidewalk and a bunch of shops. "Then you sent that card and we sent those emails back and forth and ..." he sort of hip bumps him. "I thought I might love you by the time I headed for the airport and knew it by the next morning." he sighs. "Is it too fast?" he wonders. "Are we too young?"

Kurt doesn't expect the hip bump and tips over a bit and then compensates and then looks very sheepish "Truth? You had a bigger impact on me in Germany than I told you at the time. I was still hanging onto trying to be straight...It's why I kissed Fiona. I was fighting my feelings for you....It's stupid but I was trying to redirect myself to "you as a girl" but I didn't feel anything for her that way. I still for guilty I led her on. And once I figured it out, I chose UBC partly because of you. I can study archaeology in Europe just as easily Logan. I chose you...."

Logan stops dead and turns to face him right in front of Zig Zag. "I'm warning you." and his voice does indeed hold a warning tone. "Reinhardt's fall hard ... and don't just ... leave ... if you love me ... you better be ready for the long haul." he looks down into his eyes, searching his face.

Kurt meets the look with an absolutely serious face "Logan...I moved to Canada with a four year plan. If you're not sick of me at the end of that we'll haul it together." He offers "I love you."

Logan laughs and pulls him into a bear hug that makes Kurt Hugs seem like one armed hugs by a Puritan. "I love you too!" he laughs.

Kurt is delighted by the hug and almost can't hug back from it's ferocity "Now that's what I'm talking about!" He quips.

Logan hugs him again, this time picking him up and swinging him around before setting him on his feet. "This is Zig Zag." he nods to the shop. "Where I work. It covers my rent and books and maybe a little something extra for that special man in my life." he grins. "You tired of the place yet? We can go straight back to the fire..."

Kurt gets swung around and laughs "You are strong....I think I am a little heavier than you. I'm happy to go where you go. but for another day, does Alexandra have archives? I'd love to dig...."

Logan takes his hand and leads him back towards the beach, knowing that if they go around, he will feel the need to talk and they might not get back to his parent''s in time for the fireworks. "They probably do. We'll have to ask around. When the businesses start up again, alright?"

Kurt walks happily along and takes in the town. He smiles at strangers, most of whom smile back. Every now and then when they're holding hands, some don't or look twice but Kurt smiles at them nonetheless like he believes everyone has some light in them, even if it's not shining.

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