Sunday, January 22, 2017

Brunch at Zabat's - Christophos, Martha, Leonidas, Trevon, Hikari

Christophoros Zabat sets a plate in front of Martha ad joins her as another couple at the table gets up to leave. He motions for the server to bus the table and as they do he sips his own coffee. "And how are you, Martha my dear?" he asks in his thick Greek accent.

Martha Bloom bats her eyelashes at Chris "Thank you Dearie. I'm wonderful. And you're handsome as always. It's my birthday you know. Do you have cake?" It's a well known fact around town that Martha thinks it's her birthday quite often. Her actual date of birth is March 22nd, the one day she will in fact, forget it's her birthday.

Trevon Kenner "So Sorry we are intruding However Most Happy Birthday Mum" he says in his flawless Londoner accent.

Leonidas Matsouka " Yes Indeed Ms Congrats on your day.."

Christophoros Zabat is aware of that, as shes a long term resident of the town, and he indulges her because he likes her and she is his tenant. "I will get you a sweet little cake for a sweet little women, yes?" his staff already knows that Martha gets a cupcake after her meal. He glances up as two people make it through the line and to the table. His staff has already greeted them but he smiles at them. "Welcome to Zabat's." he looks around at the crowd. "Here we are used to sharing table for brunch. Especially on Sundays, yes?" he doesn't bother to correct them. If they me enough they'll figure Martha out. "I am Christophors Zabat." he toasts them with his strong coffee.

Martha Bloom beams at the new gentlemen "Well you're ALL invited. Are you boys with the band? I do love the music after all. And a British band..." she looks at the bearded man with the accent "My father was English. Goodness, that was so long ago. We ate kippers with our tea." She nods knowingly to the two new table mates like they've been talking for a long time and then snaps her head to Chris "Have you seen the spiders? Two of them....very fast....hairy bodies....."

Trevon Kenner I'm no longer in a band Mum Although I was in a Jazz band in the 90's even played the cavern club were those other lads from Liverpool played .

Leonidas Matsouka Sorry never was in a band ." then softly whispers to Chris in Greek something about is it me or is the sweet lady a bit off today?

Christophoros Zabat does try and give the visitors a look that tells them not to take everything Martha says at face value. "Bah, Martha. No spiders in MY place." he insists. "I am VERY careful abut that, my dear." he hasn't seen any spiders sipping his coffee, he enjoys his time on his butt. He always picks a customer to dine with ... and if Martha is dining, its her. He smiles at the man speaking to him in Greek ad replies in Greek, as if answering a query. "She's a little senile. Take everything as if it may be true .. may not. Never know with Martha .. but today is NOT her birthday." but he motions to the menu outside and not to Martha.

Martha Bloom surveys the bearded Englishman "Liverpool boys? You look nothing like the Beatles Dear. But I always did like Paul." She looks at the man speaking Greek to Chris and giggles "Don't ask him for all my secrets now....he doesn't kiss and tell." She winks at Chris "I saw Judith yesterday...with a man friend. They hadn't seen the spiders either. You do really have to watch though when you step into the tub...."

Trevon Kenner Laughs Well we do both play Bass Guitar but then so does Sting . at any rate I think today calls for a Traditional Greek Breakfast Please. he says ever so gently.

Leonidas Matsouka" Make that two please " says Leo ever so politely remembering to mind his manners.

Christophoros Zabat winks right back at Martha. "Ah yes. I saw them also. She is with a good man. Now you can give me all his attention, yes?" he winks a her again. He blows out breath about the spiders. "Well, there are only two spiders so ... maybe you are the only one to see them .... like an angel." he suggests. He motions to one of the waiters, holding up two fingers for the second option on the menu outside then points to the dark man. He then moves his hand to pint at the lighter man ... Two of them. The waiter nods and vanishes into the kitchen.

Martha Bloom looks positively twitterpated "Mr. do flatter an old lady." She looks at the two mean across and beside "Now if you see the spiders, don't pick them up. Call the fireman. Ask for Hank. Tell him Martha sent you. He'll know what to do...."

Trevon Kenner Yes Mum we will call them Immediately , I don't like Them Much But my son adores Spiders and Monsters and lava Pits and all the stuff a wee lad can get into mischief over. Must get that from his mum I think."

Leonidas Matsouka Tre I need to talk to you about Rose, She's very upset about the article in the tabloids that paired you two she's He trails off a little." I just want her happy again."

Christophoros Zabat nods at Martha. "I love older women, yes? And you are my favorite." he looks at the others. "He is our fire chief here, so yes. IF you see giant spiders." he listens and smiles. "A young child? SO many children still play with the games even when they get older." he chuckles. He turns to the other. "Tabloid? You mean the Scribbler?" he scoffs. "You cannot take their views very seriously. I hope it did not hurt you."

Martha Bloom is not one to pay attention to the current news very consistently but giggles and blushes again at Chris and eats her toast. She listens vaguely to the conversation and comments on a random point "Rose is a lovely name...and Lily....why am i thinking of Lily? Did I go to school with a Lily?" She looks around at each man in turn as if they might have the answer.

Trevon Kenner " Leo To be honest I read it was shocked reread it showed it to my wife she read turned beet red and Laughed so hard i thought i would have to get the E.M.T's he explains , " tell her not to worry my spin doctors are already defusing it. "

 Leonidas Matsouka I was gonna ask her an important question but all this has put it on a back burner but deng it i want to marry her before we are too old for a proper honeymoon.

Christophoros Zabat takes Martha's hand very gently. "Anything is possible, Martha my dear." he croons. He looks at the visitors. With half a grin he asks. "How old is too old for proper honey moon?" he wonders.

Trevon Kenner "wow mate just wow so you wanna pop thee question on ms. Doc. ?"

 Leonidas Matsouka "yes I even talked it over with bat and we both want it."

Hikari Horatio wanders in a bit surprised at the crowd blushing a bit 'Mon.. Dieu. ' he says embarrassed muttering to himself 'maybe It's not a good time 'he looks a bit like a lost sheep biting his lip .. 'mon Dieu .. ' he stutters tutting softly waiting patiently as if waiting for a table to open up but realizing that it was close to brunch being over. He looks for a waiter or attendant.

Christophoros Zabat notices a man at the door and motions for his waiters to move! They get an extra chair and move it to the table and seat the man. "Welcome to Zabats!" he welcomes him with one arm, as he is still holding Martha's hand. She seems to have wandered into her own mind, which Chris is used to. "We offer two brunch specials. I'm sure you saw them on the board outside as you came in, yes?" he has no idea what the others are talking about, so he says nothing about any of it.

Trevon Kenner Looks kindly at the person about to be seated and smiles and thinks maybe i should of brought a deck of cards and some poker chips just cause it is so surreal with everyone today. and he is enjoying it all.

Leonidas Matsouka looks sheepishly at Chris and asks what would you do if you loved a woman er Goddess she was 9 years older but you knew she was the right one. ?"

Hikari Horatio is motioned to the almost full table by the waiter and he sheepishly sits down and orders the house special and looks around blushing and looks apologetically nodding polite 'pardon moi,  'he say politely 'zere was no where else and ze waiter said to sit here' he smiles politely.

Hikari Horatio: is motioned to the almost full table by the waiter and he sheepishly sits down and orders the traditional house special and looks around blushing and looks apologetically nodding polite 'pardon moi,  'he say politely 'zere was no where else and ze waiter said to sit here' he smiles politely

Christophoros Zabat watches the new man sit and order, then looks at the waiter, holding up two fingers for the Traditional breakfast brunch even as he sets the breakfasts in front of the dark and light man, and then looks at the light man. "I adore older women, even at my age." he still has dear Martha's hand. "Nine years is not too much. If she is your goddess .. treat her as your goddess. Surely she would appreciate you for it, yes?"

Martha Bloom comes back from her daydream to the nervous French man joining them and Chris saying he adores older women while holding her hand. She bats her eyelashes again at him "You naughty thing. People will TALK you know. I have my reputation to keep. Why I was practically a suffragette." She smiles to the French man "Bonjour Dearie. That's all the French I know that's polite in public. Have you seen any spiders?"

Trevon Kenner " I agree with um Oh noes I am sorry I forgot the intro's I'm Trevon with an N and pointing to Leonidas That's Leo Matsouka soon to be Husband To Doctor Rose Song, He says with an ornery grin.

Leonidas Matsouka " and that's Trevon Kenner mayor of theta sigma and English bass player."

Christophoros Zabat scoffs. "Let them talk, Martha. I do not keep you selfishly. I only wish I could." of course they aren't involved,but she isn't involved with any of them men she flirts with, as far as he can figure. But they all adore her and watch over her anyway. He nods at the introduction. "I am Christphoros Zabat. I cannot remember if I introduced myself before." he looks at the dark man ... Te mayor."Ah ..both, eh? Interesting."

Hikari Horatio listens in a bit getting the gist of what is said and shyly speaks up . 'zat is what my fazer taught me to treat your lady like ze goddess she is 'he smiles agreeing with the table ' he smile 'Bonjour ,madam 'he say respectfully and politely 'no I haven't .' he smiles at Trevon 'pleasure to meet  you .. I'm professor ikari oratio ' he nods in bow 'I'm honored to met you all , zank you for letting me sit with you ' he beams shyly but happily. turning to Trevon 'zat is so interesting 'he smiles and bows his head to Chris 'pleasure to be meeting all of you 'he smiles

Martha Bloom realizes people are saying their names and offers hers "Martha Bloom at your service boys. Did you say you were the mayor?" She looks at the Englishman and then to the others "Fred didn't DIE did he? I'd have to cross him off in my address book." She didn't tune into the Theta Sigma part.

Christophoros Zabat smiles at Martha. "No, no love.Fred is still alive. This man is mayor of another place." he hears a clattering in the kitchen and leaps to his feet. "Excuse me please." He quickly kisses Martha on the cheek and heads for the kitchen to see what the problem is.

The conversation between the now 4 table mates continued with the Theta Sigma mayor and his friend engaging with the French teacher in pleasant banter. The older woman drifted in and out of the chatter with random offerings and then became fixated on something out the window as the men continued to talk. Ah yes, there they were out on their little date, the two tarantulas scurrying across and then under a bench and under the radar of the unsuspecting citizens of Alexandra.

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