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Somewhere in the Time Vortex of Young Romance - L and Owen

L looks at piece  of  new sheet  music tapping his bow on the music stand . His now back to his short brown  reserved style hair that he pushes the bags out of his face.. he looks  rather  pensively at the music studying  it then tap out  on his acoustic cello the beat before starting  a low long note.

Owen hands in half a textbook's worth of math assignments and stands glumly under the lecture of Mr. Reece as it washes over him like the nonsensical speech of the adults in the Charlie Brown series. As soon as Mr. Reece looks like he's wrapping up Owen dives for his backpack and bolts from the room making a beeline for the practice room he knows will contain L and a cello. He stops at the door hearing a long note and then quietly opens the door and slips in, trying not to interrupt, just seeking to bask in the music and the energy of the player. He sinks into a chair and lets his backpack slide gently to the floor, smiling at L.

L is focused  more them usual  as he reads the new piece biting  his lips a s he makes a mistake   and going  back over the chord again over and over til it sounds right . He looks at his music a bit frustrated  but keeps working at it.

Owen just listens, looking sweetly at L. He can see the frustration, which is new. He hasn't seen that before but music looks hard so it's understandable. The repeats he's used to from Fiona practicing singing too. He slides down in the chair a bit, getting comfy and sticking out his big feet in his worn out high tops.

He looks up exhaling in frustration and stops for a second resting his bow on his lap looking  up and blushes when he sees Owen. 'Pardon,  I'm probably  killing  your  ear . " he says  with a frown as he glances at the music. .

Owen expands into a full body stretch and replies "I'm cool. Do what you gotta. You're just figuring this one out. I'm just happy I'm not in detention...." He says with a chuckle as he exhales and relaxes his body back into a normal sit.

L smiles and chuckles "oui, it's a new piece. . But you're too kind.. " he grins back at Owen "I'm lucky to have such an understanding boyfriend. " he says timidly and awkwardly. . " I mean zat what we are right" he looks  to the complicated  piece and at the moment  it seem  easy compared to wrestling with his feelings.

Owen half grins looking a bit timid too "I'd like that.... I wasn't sure if you were ready to talk about it. " He pulls his chair closer sitting properly beside L.

He looks at Owen's smiling." Well being  thinking  about  for a couple of  days bit I didn't know how to say it.." He glances at Owen bashfully "even as a girl which I'm more confident about it.. "he spits  out awkwardly his heart racing "maybe  I'm old fashioned but I zink  as a guy I'm able to ask YOU" he say stuttering but smiles  when he finally  gets it  out  " Pardon  zis old time lord's soul"

Owen licks his lips "YES...I will be your boyfriend...if you'll be mine and my girlfriend?" He grins at L. "See I'm asking too." He laughs and blushes.

L raise his eyebrow  but chuckles  and smile "Oui!! I will  be your L.. your boyfriend and girlfriend. . Your  whatever  in between. Your L is how Seamus said it and it works."  . He stands and picks up his bow and cello and pulls it closer and start  to play more confidently the hard but happier piece with a bit mistakes  but  they don't  get him as frustrated.

Owen just grins and murmurs "My L. Well thanks Shay..." He chuckles at his brother's wisdom and then listens to the music with a warm feeling in his entire being at the words My L.

L finishes the piece making  a lot of mistakes  but does plows through with gusto  as he glances at Owen when he is done beaming

Owen is not as tuned into the mistakes because he hasn't heard a version without them and he loves L's playing "Sounds great L. Do your fingers ever bleed? Or did they at first?"

L blushes "I messed up zat whole bar.. I played much to fast and happy " He laughs  awkwardly  smiling at Owen. " Sometimes  they do. He looks at his finger tips.."or when I really  wail  fast  I've broken  a bow or two." He blushes then looks  at Owen

Owen smirks "Am I too distracting? Sorry." He takes L's hand, still sitting close enough to do so and kisses the fingertips one by one "I'm sure this isn't helping either...."

L chuckles and blushes as he kisses his fingertips "you're not  helping me  now.. "   he smiles at Owen joking with but looking "but it oddly  feel very good" he blushes

Owen sort of hugs L's hand to his cheek after and then lets go so it's free for more music to be had "Good." He says with a smirk and a small blush of his own. "Anything else interesting happen today? How's the harpie? Maybe you could just leave out crumbs in a trail and see if she into a supply closet."

L smiles as he picks up his bow a and slows the pace with his strums as he figures out the new piece l. "Ze harpie has started  arguing wiz herself between  whezer she has like u or Vincent  more.. " he chuckles  as he plays a bad note then goes  of that  bar again. "I like zinking  ze whole time while watching  'er and I can't play  my music while  she can debate with herself all ze time." He laughs  softly while works ou the piece.

Owen laughs "OK who is this girl so I can tell her no thanks and hopefully get her to shut it? And Vincent? Does she only like guys who are already with someone else? Because that's a bad sign....."

He smiles at him laughing as he plucks  and strings on his cello softly  as he works out the piece. "It's Kandy Mullens.  " he rolls his eyes. " She only  like real cute  guys no matter if ze are taken or rude." She shakes her head "at least zis is keeping  her from .. well zat and ze head of ze 'arpies.. from  joey.  He hits a wrong  more scrunching up his nose but continues on.

Owen looks confused "I'm not sure we've ever spoken....Why would she even?" He hears the rest of L's explanation and blushes "OK now you're just biased." He listens to what L says about Joey "That guy's an ass. You should hear what he says about the girls he dates....I try to tune it out....but he's not quiet. I won't laugh at his jokes. I know I could be doing more than that. Fiona talks about men as allies in spaces women can't be....I think I'm flunking it...but I don't laugh at least."

L stops stringing abit " I'm not bias, it's  ze truth" he say strongly.  He shakes  his head as talks " It's sometimes  hard speak up.. but it's a start at least you're not chauvinistic or degrading to women or anything. .  " he reach es to pat Owen's shoulder smiling  at him

Owen sighs "Not actively, but if I let someone else do it I feel like I'm in it's hard to explain. With Joey it's really obvious though...sometimes it's just a grey area. I'm glad you think I'm cute. I think you're more than cute, but more so I think you're brilliant, and funny, and an awesome musician."

He smiles  "you're  half right  but you have to pick your  battles.. people  like joey. .well he is so stubborn  and caught so deep in his vileness.. he is like  a dalek. . I'm not  say don't try.. by all means  but.. even  ze doctor  knew when to say when.. " he say pensively "he may  be a fixed  point. . you may not  be able  to  change him but just state  your voice  and brush  your  hands of him ." He does  that to emphasize  it.. " I'm just  L " he chuckles  with a blush  but timidly  pecks him before  going back to practicing  softly  watching Owen

Owen listens thoughtfully to L's points, still troubled by Joey and all that goes with him but hearing L too. He smirks at the "Just L." and then listens to the music again, reaching one arm across his body to scratch absently at the opposite shoulder.

L continues to  play watching Owen. He glances  at the piece from time to time but plays the same bar over  and over sounding  like broken  record as he watches  Owen stretch.

Owen is one of those people who has trouble being completely still. He's always in motion, even if the motions are minor. He drops his scratching arm back to his side and then begins softly tapping his foot. He notices L watching him and tries to stop tapping, wondering if he's being too distracting but then still can't sit still and his fingers start absently drumming on  the fabric of his ratty jeans on the right thigh.

L doesn't  care  but just sighs as he plays blushing  a bit  as Owen changes  movements  as L starts  his next bit looking  more at Owen then music sheet and start to freestyle  playing  to Owen's  drumming  like a metronome

Owen chuckles as he figures out what L's doing and tries to keep his casual leg drumming in line with the freestyle. He's not really musical at all but it's good fun.

L stands a bit his stand knock over papers go flying  ad he strums faster on his bow more wildly  as he gets into  his music  somewhat  imitating his favourite  musician but adds his own flair to it

Owen kind of keeps drumming but he's drifting off from the beat as he looks suddenly both fascinated and impressed by L's intensity and shift to just become the music.

L chuckles  a bit  as he plays to Owen improvising notes  and chord  and stringing  them to make them  seem happy but epic all the same. It's as if he is playing  his heart

Owen leans back, folding his arms now and just watching L go for it with a big grin.

L finishes  breathing  hard panting as if he just ran a mile or just got home from practice "sorry " he says once he stops.  He sets his stand right rest his bow on it and runs a hand through his hair before  looking  at Owen  with a grin them looks around and starts to pickup the room

Owen stands up too "Why are you sorry? Can I carry anything you need to take?" He listens to the panting and quietly gulps as for some reason it's strangely a little hot.

He catches his breath  finally  even as his heart thuds like a tympani . "I don't  know " he responds  as he sorts of the music  putting  it in order. " I guess you can carry my cello.. " he says  softly.

Owen walks up to L and reaches for it while licking his lips "OK." He whispers and then impulsively leans in and kisses L full on the mouth, drinking in the tail end of the breathless energy as his own heart quickens.

L drops his sheet music as he is surprised  but kisses him back still a bit breathless and timidly  wraps his arms  around  Owen's neck panting  still

Owen is holding the cello in one hand but his other arm wraps tightly around L's waist as he tugs L to him kissing hard now. He gently slides his tongue into L's mouth and gives an involuntary happy little grunt.

L blushes  even as he kisses  Own back with the same intensity as his cello playing. He opens  his mouth wider bidding  his  new boyfriend passage and moans softly as strokes Owen's  tongue

Owen feels the intensity from L and kisses deeply with incredible passion he didn't even know he had in him. The room melts away, the school around them fades. He's still aware of the cello because if that drops L may never want to kiss him again and he would surely just die.

He cocks his head abit wondering  why his man hasn't taken him into his arms and his eyes open slightly  seeing the problem.  L leans down a bit  and helps Owen put his cello  down so that he can take  hold him tighter.

Owen leans with L so as not to break the kiss and chuckles into it before both arms are so tight around L Owen's heartbeat can be felt pounding in his chest as he keeps kissing.

He chuckles  into his mouth enjoying  the tickling sensation  on his tongue  and cheek . He  dares not break  the kiss fearing the world  will end if he did

Owen loses himself completely in the kiss until he hears footsteps go by the door and slowly back off, leaning his forehead on L's and exhaling "'re amazing L."

He has his lips puckered  a bit  when he break  the kiss panting  softly "WE'RE amazing  togezer " he manages  in a thick husky tone. " don't worry " he looks at  the door . "I book  ze room after  Mortimer so he won't  be banging  on ze door " he chuckles.

Owen smirks and pulls back, looking around "Well in that case." There's a small comfy chair at the front. He takes L's hand and pulls L to it, sitting down himself and then unceremoniously trying to pull L into his lap "Sorry...where were we?"

L chuckles  "I was seducing you  wiz my cello serenade,  mon cheri " he say raising  his eyebrow  but allows himself  to be pulled.."did you lock ze door "

Owen laughs "You were... it locks?" He looks flustered "Did you want it locked?"

L realize what  he said and get flustered.  "Umm.. maybe we shouldn't " he blinks  "I don't know why I said zat. " " and fans  himself  a bit

Owen can't help but start to laugh "Oh good. You're human too. Listen L...I'm in no hurry for....well I honestly wouldn't even know where to...." He blushes deeply and croaks "Do you wanna just get some fresh air? Maybe a coffee?"

L blushes deeply 'yeah.. me ezer .. 'he looks down still holding him a bit tightly  'well  zat sounds good 'he smiles  'what about Sighs 'he adds

Owen looks relieved and hugs L "That sounds good." He gives L just a sweet small kiss and then gently stands, pushing L up but still with his arms around him so it's not like a dismissal.

L face is still red hot but stands with him 'let me drop off my cello .. first .. zo ill have to go to dorms because i think my uncle is busy so he may not be at his quarter 'he says annoyed ..

Owen nods "OK. Does your Uncle have like a full apartment for his? Do students just eat in the caf?"

He smiles  "it's like small studio apartment  and he  sometimes eats in his  quarter and yeah  he eat both in ze caffeine and at his quarter depending on his classes

Owen takes this in "Well lead the I need harpie repellant?" He jokes.

He gathers his sheet  music and lead his way to the dorms. . Well yes and no can come in ze common area  but you  can't  come  in the actual dormitory area. He laughs  "so you may see a harpie or two but not get in ze nest

Owen mock snaps his fingers and pretends to pout "So no seeing your room? I guess it's haven't seen mine. I share with Seamus so it's a lego minefield."

he shoves him lightly playfully. . "One day u will.  My uncle  is trying  to get an apartment. . So.. I can stay here  over the summer. . He smile "zat is wild  about  him ,Seamus grown  and little  at za same time.." L exhales as he enters a building  and room tha look  like your  average common room with bookshelves a TV and some chairs and a couch in front of the large  TV "It's a mess anyways  " he blushes

Owen smiles "Yeah mine too. I hate cleaning.'ll still be here all year...if your uncle gets a place?" He looks hopeful and then glaces around the common area.

He reaches to take  the cello case out of  his hand " once he sells his  house in Quebec  but yes.. he looks for a place  no zing big but just enough  for me and him" he chuckles  "Mon dieu,  we'll be in  trouble  if we ever get married or move in togezer  when we're  older.. He laughs " I don't despise cleaning. . I just get to busy in my music or ozer zings" he chuckles

Owen looks taken aback but not unhappy at the thought "Yep...big ol pigsty with weird food and great music." He smiles, but gulps quietly after.

L blushes "sorry.   We just became how you say an item and I got us living  togezer as adult in my head " he chuckles  awkwardly.  " but we a wonderful  music mess.. zat me.. us.. e.." he laughs "Pardon  moi" he say

Owen shrugs "Not offended. And I'll wait here..." He points at his ratty sneakers on his big feet "Right here."

He beams and pecks  his cheek grabbing  the cello and disappear through  a door labeled  Co ed dorms appear moments after with a tall curvy brunette that is dressed  in pink.    Kandy Mullens  is blowing  her bubble gum  then popping  it. L looks annoyed

Owen looks awkwardly between L and the gum popper and says an unsure and short spoken "Hey." looking back at L, almost for permission or a sign of what's going on.

 L exhales  sharply as Kandy  smacks her gum . Kandy giggles  in airy annoying way and waves in cutely  sickly  way to Owen basically undressing him with her eyes . L just goes to grab Owen  hand ready to pull him away. "Cheri, alonsy" L says stoic ly

Owen looks at Kandy like she's got three heads and takes L's hand with an awkward "Yeah...alright..."

L starts  walking as Kandy  starts to follow . "Run for it Gingerman, Let's  show zis CyberAirship. .. how fast our feet work" L starts in a slight  jog try to gently  tug Owen along

Owen tugs on L's hand and stalls "I have another idea. Humour me?" He turns around and faces Kandy "I'm sure you're very nice, but I only have feelings for just back off. Plenty of fish in the sea eh?"

L looks at his man  proud  of him . Kandy  looks like  she would  cry but "Ian" she says softly . L exchange  "his name is Owen and he's  my man. " He tries to be polite  and manages to smile at Kandy." Excuse us" He turns  to Owen

Owen winces a bit and her looks and getting his name wrong and then starts walking with L and whispers "She doesn't even know my she just fucked in the head?"

L just shrug  and reached ou to grasp  his hand "dunno maybe she got  your  name confused  " He scrunches his nose and continue "because  she ws muttering  your  name again " he shrugs

Owen keeps walking, picking up the pace a bit "That's just creepy now. What you saw back there was the first time we've spoken." The head down the stairs and out the school doors to the outside world and Owen exhales in relief.

L chuckles  softly  "well I don't blame  her.. you're very attractive.   " He smiles  " and sweet. Alot  girls like that. . Someone zat is cute and treats  zem nice. I think she just got flustered and said ze first  name zat comes to er  ead"  L goes to lean on Owen getting  close to him.

Owen hugs L and chuckles "I'm happy when it's your feelings....but that was uncomfortable. And thanks."

L tilt his chin up to kiss  Owen's  cheek "I'm glad you're mine  and yours. . " He chuckles then goes to snuggles  into Owen's  hug  the bites his lip "I want to scoop her eyes  out wiz a watermelon baller " he exhales

Owen leans his cheek into the kiss "Maybe let's just have coffee instead...." He laughs and then gives L a squeeze before stepping back to hold hands and walk again.

L laugh softly and nods  as L walks with Owen hand in hand . he turns to look at him as they wall 'so how is your grandmazer doing with her new freedom '  he asks delicately

Owen grins "She seems good. Our house is VERY clean. She's kinda neurotic that way but it makes her happy. But she's also gone out a few times so that's a good sign. Like I said, my grandpa was a dick so this is all new to her, even just going for a walk for no reason."

L winces " well I'm glad she is happier " he beams at Owen

Owen nods "Me too. I didn't really know her very well before. She's hilarious." They reach the coffee shop and Owen hip bumps the door open so he doesn't have to let go of L's hand, grinning at him as he does so.

L beams  "well  I'm glad you're  getting  to know her better " he smile as they go through the door "order  me my usual  please " He beams "

Owen grins "Alright Time find a discreet parking spot for the tardis and I'll meet you 5 minutes from now." He jokes gesturing to the seating as he lets go and goes to order their drinks.

He looks at Owen "or two hr yesterday  he laughs as he goes  to the most secluded corner of the shop and sits  in the beanbag.  "I

Owen gets L's espresso, his mint mocha and a cookie for each of them and comes to join L on the beanbag, carefully handing the coffee over before sitting. He leans the side of his body against the side of L's and says "Alright what day is it now, and what year?"

L looks at owen "oh you ginger angel bearing  coffee  " he says smiling  as he is handed his coffee  "well it's about  ze end of time and space and all zere is left is you and i.. and by  ze way  dolphins say zanks for ze fishes  " he laughs  softly

Owen chuckles into his cup and sips and then says "Dude, that's intense. Cookie? " He offers the bag that is L's.

Who you  calling  a cookie gingerbread man" he quips  back

Owen keeps holding the cookie out "Don't tempt me to eat them both now." He grins with a twinkle in his eyes.

L winks "you'll  be in trouble  if you  do boz. " he smiles "I'll be made if you eat zat cookie and we'll boz be in trouble  wiz public lewdness " he winks

Owen pretends to look scandalized "Public lewdness? Wow....I should have brought the cookies to your practice and let you lock that door..." He makes the joke and then realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew for a matter of jest and blushes fiercely.

L smirk but smile  playful  "I'll bake some  for next practice " he says  nonchalantly

Owen laughs nervously "Ah you're dangerous Time Lord." He takes a bite of his cookie and chews finally "So just espresso. I've been meaning to ask. You never crave something less concentrated?"

He chuckles "sometimes I am" he chuckles  as he sips his espresso beaming "if it's go  espresso  zat all zat I need paired wiz an excellent pastries.  " He chuckles

Owen makes his next point with a visual and dips his cookie in his coffee "Yeah...but this?" He eats it in about 4 bites but his lower lip and chin are covered in wet cookie coffee mush crumbs.

He leans in "to each their own right " he smile " I'll just borrow some from you " he says surprise at his own  daring as he goes to peck and licks Owen's lip

Owen finds the peck sweet but the lick makes his heart pound and he lets out a tiny moan as she grabs L and kisses him some more after, sharing more cookie and seeking his tongue again, not caring who's looking. He carefully shifts his coffee cup from his hand to the floor and then his arms slide around L, hands caressing up and down L's back.

L blushes  realize  he lighted a fire kissing tentatively holding his espresso  right his head reeling enjoying  it but kicking himself that he was always  a loose Cannon with Owen. He secretively enjoyed  it how Owen  made his feel like  he was flying  through  time and space. This must be what powered  the tardis. . Something  special and he dare  say magical.

Owen eventually eases off and hugs L tight before moving to sit beside again like a civilized person in a coffee shop. Two girls at a nearby table look at them giggling and Owen self consciously says " a bit carried away...again..." He laughs "You push my buttons sometimes, buttons I didn't even know about too."

L looks stunned  and a bit before coming back to earth. " whaa.. " He say confused  before hearing  the giggle blushing and whisper  "why ze do za " he says motion  his head to the girls. He continues  his whisper "well I zink you have ze same effect on me " he beams and sips his espresso.

Owen picks up his coffee again and sips, letting one arm stay around L's back and sighing "I dunno. Goofy giggly girls. It's they're job I think." He shrugs "So tell me crazy chimp stories..."

L snuggle into Owen  stunned a bit smiles 'well time Giggete got in gramps car and drove to the til she crashed in the hedges

Owen just about falls off the beanbag "The chimp drove? Holy shit that's crazy alright. Did he have to report the accident?" He asks still laughing in disbelief.

L chuckles  hard"oui, you  should have seen the look on ze policeman  face. I zink he almost had a heart attack

Owen shakes his head "And I'm guessing he had to write it up in a report." He laughs "My Uncle is a cop but I think the only delinquent animal he's met was a racoon. He and his partner both got bit last year."

L laughs  hard "Oui, He did after ze near heart attack  and he stop laughing  so hard zat he almost  wet  is pants " L shakes his head

Owen slowly calms from his shock and laughs too and then asks very seriously "Does the chimp poop on the toilet? Or is there angry awkward flinging?"

L looks at him in mock scandalous  look frowning "Gigette  is a madamoiselle " He does a mock "hmpt" but then smiles  and chuckles "no she is toilet train, Grandpere and grandmere trained er. "  He says proudly

Owen chuckles "Talk about Ood on the loo. Do you have to wait your turn then?" He grins, clearly delighted by this slightly gross topic.

L nods " oui  , she like a very airy sister  than takes forever to dry er air" he laughs "but I guess  it beats  aving to clean up er poop. He laugh beam at his boyfriend

Owen laughs and then asks seriously "You must miss them....your parents and your hairy sister?"

L sighs softly 'well is it wrong zat i miss Gigette more zen my mama and papa.. 'he looks pensively abit pained biting his lip.. "i barely know my fazer.. my uncle. 'ikari .. is more of fazer to me 'he admits painfully ' Mama is good. but her job keeps her away a bit 'he exhales and goes to clasp Owen hand tightly 'but i miss Gigette.. ill see her once we get a place here ' He perks up and smiles 'i think she will like zat .. unless Grandpere needs her zere more.' He bites his lip . he sighs

Owen listens sympathetically and then looks intrigued "You're bringing the chimp to visit here...or live? In the dorms?"

L chuckles 'maybe ill dress her in a skirt and pass her on as a new student . he laughs 'No when ikari gets a place for us . she laughs .. 'i dont zink they let her in ze dorms or at ikaris quarter 'he laugh softly

Owen gets a mischievous look in his eyes "God that's be a kick ass prank though.....just bring her to a class as a new student."

L laughs  "she's better behave En most  teenagers and smarter Wn most.. He smirks  and smiles "Gigette is my uncle first  monkey Babette  daughter. . and she was very smart.. "He exhales softly  "

Owen looks confused "There are two of them? The chimps?"

L shakes his head 'no Babette died of a heart attack , ' he say softly

Owen frowns "Oh I'm sorry. Recently?"

L shakes his head .. no two years ago .. but feel like it was today . 'he sighs frowing abit 'but we still have Gigette" he beams

Owen hugs L "I know it's a smaller animal, but it's how I feel about Sebastian, well maybe more so with a chimp because they're closer to us in behavior and response. But I still miss him. I Don't think he's dead, that's the hard part. I just don't know where else to look....'

L pats his back as he hugs Owen 'pets have a way of becoming like a member of your family or your deepest confident .. 'eh rubs Owen's back 'well find him . he probably right under our noses  'he says hold Owen tight

Owen looks at L sweetly and nods "You're amazing, you know that?" He looks down at their cups. His is finished now "Would you come with me to look for him again?"

L nods 'oui.. Alonsy . 'he beams happily as he has also finished his espresso. "lead ze way Gingerman

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