Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday Teen RP January 16th - L, Seamus, and Owen later by text

Seamus Reinhardt walks past Perkatory and looks in the window. He enters and waves. The white chocolate stuff, please." ad he moves over to L, looking at her. "Waiting on the O-man?" he greets her, cheerily enough.

Elena Horatio is already sipping a latter with a tablet in her hand. she nods 'oui ' she smiles to to Seamus . 'i think he is running behind

Seamus Reinhardt leans to his left when Buni calls that his order is ready and pays in cash with an appropriate tip and far more confidence than SOME Reinhardt's display. "You're in for a wait." he turns his attention back to L. "The Zero-man got detention for not getting his homework done." he scoffs and plops onto the floor beside her. "Looks like your stuck with me." he smiles, completely at ease it seems.

Elena Horatio looks up and sigh  hold on 'why didn't he text me' she asks him and she places down her tablet

Seamus Reinhardt lets out a disappointed breath. "Seriously?" he responds to the sigh. He shrugs. "It's Owen. He probably panicked ad forgot and in detention they confiscate damn near everything on your person. But DEFINITELY your phone." he lifts up one knee. "I'm not as bad as Owen might have you thinking." just then a couple of guys come in, look at L - look at Shay and give him a look like 'not one of the coo kids dude'. Shay gives them the finger. "Fuck off you guys or I'll make you pay next practice." he looks at L as if nothing has happened.

Elena Horatio just nods and sighs 'well yes i guess its just you and me . 'i zink every else is busy . she flips off the jocks to rolling her eyes '

Seamus Reinhardt shakes his head and looks at her. "Probably." he pauses and sips his drink. "Are you always like this when your a chick, or am I just ... special. Owen probably told you I'm a fucker, right?" he drinks his white chocolate ad runs is fingers through is hair.

Elena Horatio looks at him curiously as she sip her latte 'what do you mean 'she chuckles 'when I'm a chick .. how am I different when I'm a dude' she raise her eyebrow sniffling a bit 'he might have told me about your situation .. but I'm glad you to made up ' she say concerned

Seamus Reinhardt shakes his head. "Nooo when you're a dude you're .. more relaxed. More open. Friendlier. You actually kinda helped us not fight as a guy. It might have been different if you were like this." he sips his drink and chuckles. "Might have? Oh, I know Owen. He told you...." he considers. "Knowing him, every intimate detail." he sort of sighs and rolls his eyes. "We're always making up, me and Owen. Fought at New Years ... made up when our gramps died ... fought again that very same DAY ... now we're Ok...." he looks at his phone and shows her its clock. "Taking bets on the next seven days....." he jokes, smiling a very charming smile.

Elena Horatio tilts her head smiles ' i think its cuz as a guy i can related to you .. as girl .. though im more bubbly and cheery plus I'm sorry 'she smiles 'zis head cold is getting the worst of me 'she smiles 'well i hope it longer ' she say 'for both your sake.. and for me.. Owen is really concern when you to are out of sort 'she adds'odd to me im more bolder as a female.. well cuz I'm more comfortable.. im abit guarded as male .. if you can imagine.. your body not matching your head' she say smiling

Seamus Reinhardt snorts a little bit as he works his way through that accent. "ell, don't give me the cold back. I don't want it." he sighs. "I know ... he's my brother." he considers the last part ad smiles ... it even reaches his pretty blue eyes. "I can't imagine, to be honest about it." he admits. "I don't really understand it, but .. you do you. It's not my business. I just have to remember to to ask if you wanna play hockey with me when your like this." he motions to her latest in femininity. "Unless you play better hockey as a girl than a guy." he isn't judging but isn't making too much of it either.

Elena Horatio laughs 'i dont think im contagious.. but yeah . i wont give it you back because you'll get it to Owen.. ' she giggles softly smiling 'and i dont want him sick..'she smile then shakes her head 'its okay , i dont expect people to understand .. just as long as they respect me like i try to respect others.. she laughs harder at the last comment  “I actually dont do sports but im better as girl then when im boy.. im more pensive and brood abit .. but i think that just the testosterone kicking my but 'she beams at him 'but watch out for my stickshot "

Seamus Reinhardt half grins. "So I'm only off the hook cause you're with Owen. Right." he laughs. "ell I brood all the fucking time. And I'd like to see that stickshot." he raises his hand, in defense. "Seriously ... ever consider trying out for the hockey team? We're short a player these days." he grins and then relaxes a little "I guess its respect. I mean your my brothers ....." he pauses. "See ...right there ... I don't know what to call you. Are you his girlfriend or his boyfriend or his ... what is it .. bi-friend? I'm not going to call you O's 'little friend' cause that makes him sound 5 and you sound stupid."

Elena Horatio laughs 'yeah otherwise .. id cough on you 'she laugh 'she laugh 'y es i think it be bad for me to deck you in the head with my stickshot .. cuz .. if i damaged you . i would one feel very sorry i did so . and two fi would kick my butt i zink 'she ponders a bit 'well you could just call me significant other or his companion .. ' she laugh 'i know that makes us sound like an old gay married couple... minus that we're both very young and .. Owen very straight.. she says.. soflty 'when it doubt call me that. 'she smiles at him

Seamus Reinhardt laughs along with her. "Fi would only be pissed if you didn't manage to break my nose. You DO know she tried to sell me and Owen when we were babies, right? Logan made her take us off the market." he rolls his eyes. He is about to open his mouth to say exactly what L comes out with "Exactly.. like some 70 year old gay couple." he laughs and considers. "Yea ... that's not .. gonna be a problem .. in the future .. is it? I mean O being straight and you ...." he shrugs and then considers. "You're Owens ...... SO .. no that's too much like PO ..... You're Owens .. chick with a dick .. no .. hell no ...." he strokes his chin. "You're Owens L ...." he decides nodding to himself

Elena Horatio laugh soflty 'i can imagine.. her say zat 'what.. gave him a concussion but you didn't break anyzing i thought you were on my side'she doesn't a poor Canadian accent .. ' she smiles 'yea it does .. i know that is important for me to keep his sexuality not in question ' she nods 'but it wont be a problem . ' she nod 'my male side is more reserve and im more wild like zis .. i think ozerwise i dont know if we would have gone to the ball. till i entered female mode and said basically fuck it we are going get dress owen ' she ponders .. a bit 'i Like zat im his L 'she smiles happily 'wincing at the chick with dick .' minus the dick just dont bring that up when im in male mode.. ' she chuckles softly

Seamus Reinhardt points a finger at her. "Yes! THATS FI!" he laughs. He listens to the tale. "And he just .. came running." he grins to himself. So Owen. He nods. He liked 'his L' also and plans to try and remember to use it. "Gotcha. But it could be interesting to see if you can kick my ass ... you can kick Owens ass in ANY mode .. including SLEEP mode."

Elena Horatio laughs 'do you blame him.. ' she giggles and winks 'i come running to some pretty girl in any mode 'he laugh soflty she say defending her man 'i probably could. kick your ass. and not even mess up my hair 'she jokes 'maybe i will trying out for the team .. she winks and giggles and gets protective 'why would i want kick his nice ass. i rather kiss him 'she shakes her head and laughs

Seamus Reinhardt laughs and drinks. "Oh god ... that would just be ... wow ... My ego couldn't stand it. It's why I try and stay o Fiona's good side." his eyes get wide. "I can't imagine seeing Owen kissing anyone that isn't a blood relative o the cheek." he sounds like the idea is preposterous.

Elena Horatio laughs 'what zat you got you ass handed to you by a girl or by bi gendered 'she fakes hurt but just laughs and add 'well he kisses me even frenches me and he is getting pretty damn good at it .. it does IT for me anyways 'she laughs smile 'plus i like him more then ive ever liked anyone before ' she blushes abit .. and sighs smiling

Seamus Reinhardt stares at her as if she might just be the answers this prayers .. he just doesn't tell her WHAT prayers. "Thats sweet ..... that's real sweet. As long as everyone's happy." he grins. "It's said Reinhardt's fall fast and hard and once they're in love nothing can end it." he thinks of his siblings and his parents and keeps the smile on his face with a will.

Elena Horatio laugh and sighs happily'well i think i maybe falling in love with owen .. she sighs soflty and looks at him smlign so happily 'i think i am.. i never felt this way before.. when i fell in love before. ' she scratches her head but sighs and sips her latte

Seamus Reinhardt smiles at her and nods. "Yea. Thats nice. Real nice." he kills his drink and stands. "I better go." he doesn't look concerned or even in a hurry. "I'm technically very very VERY grounded. My parents are at work but my gran .. yea ... she swears like a fuckin SAILOR when shes pissed." he shrugs casually. "And in Gaelic, no less. Really interesting shit." he nods at her. "But good talking to you, L."

Elena Horatio smiles and mutter softly in a dreamy state.. 'oui , it is ' she giggles softly and nods 'is that so she sounds like a riot ' she smiles 'oui , it was nice talking to you .. and if you see Owen before i do .. tell him i said to do his homework.. ' she laughs 'cuz i like him keeping our time together and if he get grounded.. ill will kick his cute ass ' she says in warning.

Seamus Reinhardt smirks. "Oh I will DEFINITELY deliver that message." he promises in a guileless tone and heads for the door. "Later, chicka!" he calls and is met outside by another boy and they head off along first towards the ice .. which is technically in the direction of home ... technically.

Elena Horatio laughs 'might be sooner .. I'm going to go see man about a try out. 'wait .. ill come with you .. 'she grabs her bag and stuff her tablet in it and finishes off her drink and gets rid of the cup and starts to follow Seamus .

Owen practically yanks his phone back when it's held out to him and bolts down the hall from detention. He sinks down against a wall and to text L and the phone gives a low battery warning. He grunts at it and ignores the warning, trying anyways. The phone goes black just as he's about to hit send and he lies on the floor pathetically "Ahhh fuck me...." He says to the dust bunnies. A janitor walks past and just pushes a broom right past Owen's face and he just lies there staring into nothing.

Seamus waits until L is out on the ice trying out. Damn she as good. He pulls out his phone and somehow puts the smirk on his face into the text message he sends is older brother Owen.

Ur dear L told me to tell u to do ur homework cause she likes u keeping ur time together and if you get grounded, she's gonna kick ur cute ass. HAHAHA She's cute!

L is lining up her shot. Teeing it ou swatting then quickly it with her stick before hitting the oppose right wing hard checking him hard "oui!!! She screams as it hits the top bar of the goal before going in. "Aww I'm not made off glass. .. try to get me sometime " she growls as she skates around like some amazon wild woman 

Owen trudges into the house like he's just returned from a war. He still has math homework, despite it all. He charges his phone at the desk by the window to the back. It'll take a few before it even comes back to life. He drops his books on the table with a thud and cracks open his binder again as he grips his pencil sighing. A few minutes later his phone dings and he goes to check it and sees Shay's message replying with a simple "Thanks Jackass." with a raspberry blowing emoji

He also text L "I'm so sorry if I stood you up. They took my phone when I got sent to detention. I fuckin hate Mr. Reese. Where did you end up? I'm home but i still have work if I don't want another DT." with a hug and a kiss emoji.

Franklin Halsey watches this girl that looks like a boy skate and the more he watches the less he cares. But Seamus has been talking about some bigender shit, and he didn't understand it. "Horatio!" he bellows, motioning the girl in. "Lets talk."

Seamus stays put, his phone back in his pocket. He's Team Captain ... and he brought L in, so he gets to listen.

Halsey looks down at L. "Whats this bigender thing, Reinhardt is telling me about? Is it gonna mess up the teams center .. cause problems?" he didn't need problems.

L skates towards they smiling stopping short of the coach and Shay . She exhales "i just the mind of a guy and girl boz in my ead . Sometimes I'm a girl and sometimes I'm a boy. It shouldn't. .I'm more aggressive as girl but very calculating as a guy " she say confident as she shakes her like if her hair wasn't in her helmet. 

Owen is reading the end of an equation in his textbook "Solve for y...." he mutters "Why is there so much fucking homework?" He grumbles and scribbles the numbers out and solves and then loves onto the next one "Solve for L..." He gets a faraway look in his eyes and smiles "Solve for L..." He sighs, grinning stupidly.

Seamus isn't known as the most patient kid, even though he is Captain. "Both can play hockey coach ... and better than Coffee could."

Halsey nods slowly, still not looking convinced.

"Listen Coach Halsey.' Seamus motions to the ice. "She's better than Coffee and she's available. Just put her on the team ... or maybe you'll need a new center too." that was his position.

Halsey sighs and looks over the ice. "Fine Reinhardt. You win. L is on the team." he looks at L. "We'll get you a number and a uniform by this time next week. Go on." he turns and begins to get the equipment gathered up. They are dismissed.

L beams at the coach then at shay nods as she nudges his shoulder harm " thank you, capitaine " she beams at the coach "I will do you proud " she nods at shay the squeals excited as she goes to get her bag .

She reaches it as its lit up and text back

With a lots of kiss and heart emoji
"I hung out at Perkatory and went with Shay and I tried out!!!!! I MADE THE TEAM!!!!"

pls don't get anymore detention. .. I miss you ." She ends with lots of heart a kiss emoji

She looks up from her phone at Seamus beaming. "'Is phone was took from im "

Owen hears his phone go off again with a new text. It's still not charged enough to unplug so he walks to it and sees L's text with confusion "Team? Shay.....hockey?" He mutters frowning just a bit. He's happy for L but the L Shay connection is vexing him. L's next words soften him to it along with all the emojis. He texts L back "Congrats! I'll make you guys cocoa if you come back here?" with more hugs and kiss emojis

Seamus is amazed at the feminine squeal and grins, feeling finally he's done something right. He laughs as he watches her and nods. "Told you they did that." he smiles at her and slaps her on the back .. male or female it a really buddy buddy kind of shoulder slap. "Why not come on home with me and celebrate." he is happy about it, but he also figures ... this might cause problems with Owen ... and braced for it before it came.

She giggles as he pats her back and spins in circles and slings her back "oh prefect. . I get to see Owen and oui we need to celebrate! !" She say laughing and sighs the feeling of making the team and seeing Owen's face made her beam brighter the ever.

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