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New Year's Eve at the Reinhardt's Part 6 - Colleen and John ((warning - grown up post:))

*****WARNING*****This blog post contains graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Colleen heard Vincent's proclamation ... hell she thinks everyone on the block and half the town in the inlet heard it ... and smiles .. for about two minutes. By the time the kids had left the window, she had too, turning and hugging John tightly, her face buried in his chest. Try and she might, she could not keep her tears at bay.

Last year at this time, she and John were living in separate homes. Back then, she would have put good money on them being divorced by now ... and it had almost happened. They were literally minutes from finalizing their divorce when John had come around to therapy.

Now ... they were back together ... therapy was working like a charm. John was opening up like he never had before. Logan was in college and had a job. Owen was in cooking class and had a special friend. Fiona was in love with Vincent ... who turned out to be more like John than either man probably really realized. A good thing, as far as Colleen was concerned. Seamus was the star of the hockey team and possibly the most social of all four of her kids. Even John's brother was in love ... and her own brother Jude was back in town and safe!

Life was good now .... better than she had thought it would be.

And more overwhelming. Her brick wall maternal facade crumbles within John's strong arms.

"Excuse me." she croaks and rushes upstairs with no explanation. "I forgot to put our laundry away." she knows it is thin, but with Owen so taken with his guest, he may not even notice. She hopes he doesn't.

Moving at a speed just under running, she goes upstairs and into the bedroom she shares ... again .. with her husband, closes the door quietly and lays on the bed, grabbing her pillow to stifle her sobs of abject joy.

Owen wouldn't understand, even if he saw it, probably. But John .. he probably knew .. they were not sad tears. Not this New Years.

John quietly lets himself into the bedroom, flips the lock, and sees Colleen with her face in her pillow. He lies down beside her and kisses the back of her shoulder and then gently rubs her lower back "You OK?" He asks carefully.

Colleen's tears had been subsiding and when she hears the door and feels John behind her, she backs up into him. "I'm .. great John." she sniffs, still crying a bit. "Just so much .... so many surprises. You were worried about so much and we weren't together and we were going to get a divorce and the kids were separated and ...." she begins to shake, trying to get the maternal wall back up for him.

John wraps his arms around her and holds her tightly "I's OK...let it out." On some level he does know how much she holds it together for the whole family's sake and loves her all the more for it. But he also doesn't want it to destroy her from the effort.

Colleen squirms and turns in those arms around her. "I would have SWORN we'd be divorced by now." she sniffs and buries her face in his chest. "And I would have sworn Jude would still be off god knows where ... and Michael would still be bachelor who wouldn't be with anyone more than fuck and forget." she sighs deeply. "Logan would still be unemployed with no clue what he wanted to do with his life ... Fiona still scaring boys off by the busload. And you!" she hits his chest, in mock anger. Closed up tighter than a drum." she sniffs and chuckles.

John looks down at his chest where she's hitting and chuckles "Miracles can happen...and I'm happy about all of it too. His feet rub along hers and his hand on the topside caresses her lower back and hip "I missed much. I'm still thankful everyday i don't have to anymore." His eyes are dry, but reflect the agony of that time.

Colleen inhales sharply, almost a gasp. "I can't tell you ow many times I feared for your blood pressure." she tells him. "The boys come home and say 'you should have seen how red dads face got' ... I think its something like the Richter scale now." she teases.

John squeezes her hip "If you want to watch my blood pressure I'll have to take you to work with me..." He jokes. "Although not having Gino in the building has lowered it. He's missed enough shifts I officially fired him, thank god. I actually feared you'd meet someone while we were apart, some cool headed full haired jackass who I'd have to be polite to at our kid's graduations and weddings..."

Colleen giggles softly, as if this is one of their talks after the kids are asleep. Almost force of habit in their bedroom. "That was like early Christmas for you." she grins. "Actually there were a couple of men who were nice and charming." she tells him with a haughty air. "Mister Grant .. handsome, charming and ten years younger than I am ... but the HIV .. and his not being YOU got int he way. And Mister Cole .. even MORE charming .. but that was probably the Alzheimer's .. but he fell in love with me every time he saw me." she rubs his arm. "You'll just have to be uncomfortable for other reasons. If we like the red so much, we can just invite your father to the kids graduations and weddings ...."

John grumbles a bit about the reference to his father, his tension visible but not as extreme as it could be. He redirects back to her joke "Did either of those gentlemen have more hair than me?" He says with a wry grin.

Colleen lifts her hand and runs it through the sparse hair. "Yes, but you know I was always more that sexy Bruce Willis hair style, John." she smiles and kisses the bald patch.

John smirks and replies with an appropriate "Yippee kayay motherfucker." Before rolling half on top of her and kissing her deeply.

Colleen giggles and rolls on her back, getting into the kisses. "You still have a ways to go, but ...." she kisses him again and then breaks it. "Thank you for not letting my whole works crumble." her family is her everything. HE is her everything.

John lies on her carefully, propping a bit on his elbows. He knows her strength but also his size and weight. He runs his nose along her cheek to her nose and looks at her with unconditional love "It's me that should be thanking you."

Colleen laughs softly. "You want to get into an argument THIS close to the new year?" she runs her hands along his strong arm. "How are the kids doing? Does L know how to put out a fire? Where the extinguisher is?"

John snickers "You trying to get rid of me? I just got comfy. The kids seem fine. I think Fiona and Vincent covered the new year's spat and now they're happy and everyone's chill. I peeked in on Tony. He's sawing logs. I think we are officially off duty. Although Murphy's law would toss an emergency at us if we try to hard to fool around with this many kids in range right?" He kisses her again lightly "We could watch a movie and behave or see if we can hang and drop from the window and check into a hotel... "

Colleen grabs onto his shoulders. "Never. I've kept you this long, I will keep you forever." she kisses his cheek. "How about we take out chances, THEN watch a movie THEN climb out the window and go to the hotel?" she offers and kisses him deeply again. "Murphy better not come knocking. I need some stress relief."

John moans softly into the deep kiss, shifting his body on hers so she can feel that he's definitely in the mood to take her up on it "God I love you... let's get all the 2016 stress out... I know just the thing." He works his legs between hers to part them and presses into her.

Colleen sighs happily and lifts her hips into him. "I can't imagine what that might be, John." she giggles, but disentangles herself long enough to pull off her tops, leaving herself in her bra.

John looks down at her and grins "If you're a good girl I'll show you..." He wastes no time once her tops are off whipping his to the floor and diving eagerly for her bare skin. His fingers caress every bit of her upper body while his mouth kisses around the edges of the bra. Finally his hands slide under her, unhooking it with years of practice and he slides it off as his mouth moves to one nipple. He takes it into his mouth and then gently plays with his tongue.

Colleen closes her eyes and lets him do whatever he wants to her. At work she was one of the people in charge. On the streets she was John's wife, the kids mother, Nurse Reinhardt. At home she was Mom ... in every room except THIS one. Here she was just a woman with her man and no worries. She arches her breast into his mouth and sighs in bliss, caressing his back. Not yet reaching for his jeans.

John moves to the other nipple with his mouth, offering the same but moves both his hands to cup and caress her breasts and then pulls the mouth off but still plays with the tip of his tongue, teasing her as his fingers start to tease the other. He then kisses below, down her stomach, moving the hands too to tease with kisses and caressing at the top of her pants, letting one hand slide between her legs and rub through fabric.

Colleen sighs in happiness again, arching up to meet his touch and press herself against him. She turns her head and reaches for his head, caressing it .. encouraging him.

John looks up at her hungrily and almost rips open her pants. He doesn't take them off though, just kisses through her panties in the open fly, moving one finger to explore teasingly through the next layer of fabric. He slides the front of the panties right down to her clit now and dips his head down just to lightly lick it before jumping all the way back up her body. He denies her for now but is on top of her again, his tongue right in her mouth in a hot kiss to share just that tiny hint of her taste back to her that he's not yet servicing.

Colleen squirms, hoping he was undressing her, but he doesn't. Of course, she could, but she won't. She never does. It's part of their play. She hisses in a breath when he gets her clit and kisses him hungrily, sharing her taste with him. Breaking the kiss she looks at him with a completely silent plea for his touch.

John knows the look and gently thrusts at her, keeping eye contact and making her wait just a bit. Eventually he prods with a question "What would like my love?" He whispers just above her face. He knows it, but he wants her to say it. Because he loves when she says it. He gets off on her asking for it.

Colleen clenches her jaw and for a moment doesn't answer, just to see if she can. She loves the tease. "I would like ....." she breathes. "A cup of coffee?" she grins. "No ... no ... more ... you ... John ... I would like you to touch me ... please ... please .. "

John bites his lip at the pleading and can't deny her any longer. He pulls back from her up to all fours and then back to his knees as he yanks off her pants and underwear and dives between her legs. He pushes her legs apart and sucks her clit into his mouth and then just plays lightly at it with his tongue, pushing it in all directions as he caresses the back of both her thighs.

Colleen arches her back and opens her mouth wide, inhaling sharply when he begins to tongue her. Her arms spread and she grips the mattress, making herself relax and enjoy this man.

John watches his wife for a moment and smiles, breathing in her scent. God he loved this woman. He moved his tongue down to her opening and slid it in as far as he could get it, thrusting her with it and the pressure of his face, all the while moving his middle finger to her clit so it's not neglected in it's need for play. He rubs rhythmically now, immersing in her.

Colleen writhes in pleasure under her man, loving him on every conceivable level at this moment. She gasps, quietly and bites her lips, her hips thrusting. "John ...." she breathes. "Yes ..."

John raises his head and his tongue and finger switch places. At the same time he unbuttons and unzips his jeans. He knows she can hear him doing it.

Colleen lets out the quietest of whimpers as the feelings changes subtly and she hears the sound of his zipper, and she begins to pant slightly with pleasure and anticipation.

John hears her panting and pushes up to take of his jeans and boxers. He quickly drops back onto her kissing her with a full mouth and mustache with all of her taste and a raging hard cock sliding along the hot wet path his mouth and finger were just pleasuring.

Colleen welcomes him, wrapping her arms around him and spreading her legs more, feeling him sliding against him. One hand moves down his body and between them to guide him into her, kissing him with a passionate need for him.

John grunts and eases all the way into her with one slow thrust and then just stays there, not moving right away, just kissing and caressing her upper body again, playing with her breasts and nipples again with his fingers and letting them both enjoy the sensation of intercourse like it's suspended in time.

Colleen holds him with arms and legs. Right this moment she would be happy if they remained in this position forever. As close as a man and woman could possibly physically be to each other.

John stays in the holding pattern for a long time, just savouring it, and then eventually his body needs to move with her and he starts very slowly thrusting, pulling out just a bit and then back in, sliding up against her clit on each entry. As he goes on he lets out soft grunts feeling her wetness surrounding him, soft and smooth and nicely tight.

Colleen opens her mouth to silently gasp as he begins to move. As they begin to move together. Her breath comes in soft pants as he hits her clit and the pleasure builds for her. She hangs onto him tightly, but wanting him to get too far away from her now as he brings her closer with each stroke.

John speeds up only slightly but also uses more of his body strength, thrusting her harder and deeper. He knows how hard he can go on her and he's closing his eyes as his own sensations get more intense. He's panting too and his grunts are breathy though, he's trying to be quiet.

Colleen is panting. She can feel the sensations building .. building .. and crashing. There is a slight squeak from her as she cums hard, her muscles tightening around her husband, bucking under him, wanting him somehow deeper. At this moment she never wants it to end and yet she wants to feel him cum deep inside of her.

John knows Colleen's reactions so well and the tightening pushes him right over the edge before she even starts bucking. He grips her shoulders and buries his face in her neck as he almost slams into her for three last strokes. He knows he's pushing the limits of how hard he can do it to her but he's losing control and she is too. With a shudder he slows back to gentle finishing thrusts and then gently collapses on her, holding her close and whispering "I love you...."

Colleen grunts as he slams into her. In the end, she doesn't release her hug when he collapses and whispers to her. "I love you, John. So much. I feel so lucky..." a tear escapes. She has had release but their still being together as a couple is very emotional for her.

John nuzzles her cheek and kisses at the tear "We both are." He whispers. He makes no immediate moves to pull out of her, just enjoying the intimacy for as long as they've got to do so.

Colleen keeps her legs wrapped loosely around him, thinking the same as he does. They get little time alone to begin with and, as the parents to four, alone was a relative thing. "This is so nice." she sniffs then giggles. "I know we can't but I could stay like this forever."

John runs one of his hands over the length of her thigh and up her hip "Mmmm if only.....god when we were young and we had no idea how good we had it. Sex whenever we wanted for as long as we wanted.....but maybe we appreciate it more now..." He says with a chuckle.

Colleen smiles. "Well, Logan is almost out. That's one." she is glad he is close, even if she doesn't say it. "In ten years, it will be just you and me rattling around in the house, making love in every room and lying to the kids about it." she giggles at the idea.

John snorts "After the stress they're putting us through now, I'm gonna text them EVERY time." He jokes. "Especially Fiona!" He's still joking, partly laughing at himself as he's become way more relaxed about Vincent and Colleen knows it.

Colleen laughs and tightens her muscles around him, teasing. "No pictures? Or a video? Oh right you barely know how to make a phone call on your phone." she teases him back. "I can see it now. Just screwed mom in your bed. love you. Hearts."

John jumps a bit at the tightening. He's getting soft in her but he's still sensitive to it. He laughs "Fuck no...I didn't say put the kids in therapy...just gross them out a bit. I suppose they'll eventually have teenagers and that's the cycle..." He says this like it's a frustrating wait to have the payback on.

Colleen chuckles under him. "Grandkids?" she shakes her head. "I don't think I'm ready for that, even if I DO have ray hair only you and Susan know about." she caresses his head. "But if that's what it takes to get you back, so be it."

John gulps "Not like soon....but yeah I'd love to have some little ones around again someday. Hopefully I'd be like your dad and be the fun grandpa. Fi's children will all be little vampires or something....possibly murdering us in our sleep. Logan...I dunno, I guess we'll see now eh? Owen's will try to bake cookies and burn down the house while Shay's skate circles around it......And the good part is...when they're rotten, we make our kids deal with it! Ah yes!" He ruffles her hair "It could all be gray you know and I'd still ravish you as often as I can get my hands on you."

Colleen buries her head in his shoulder to stifle her laughs. "But we had such high hopes with they were all born." she remembers. "And I can't imaging NOT wanting all the ravishing you can give me." she gasps. "Making love in the living room again..." she sighs, contentedly and gives him another squeeze with her vaginal muscles.

John chuckles and then grimaces "Oh god's sleeping now...I'm sorry..." He waits until the squeezing stops and eases out and then sighs "Maybe later."

Colleen grins. "I know, but that isn't gonna atop my little hugs, or kisses or anything." she moves over a little bit. "I remember those days ... up all night ... and still wanting more." she kisses him quickly. "Yet I love this too .. as long as you're here. You're the best lover I've ever had." she winks at him.

John grins and then thinks about it "Wait a minute..." He starts laughing "Fuck, I'll take it. And you're mine...I still want more....just can't stay up all night like we used to."

Colleen giggles and hits him in the arm. "You get it any time you want. And it IS a compliment, even if I don't know any better." she teases him. "And that's alright. I can't either." she looks at him. "Do you mean that? I mean .. there were others before me...."

John shrugs "Not sex, just kids experimenting.... nothing to write home about, just the awkward fumbling in the dark stuff....." John gets a momentary look of horror on his face thinking of the age he did that and the age of their own kids. He blows out a slow breath and then smiles "And no one I are it Colleen. Forever and always."

Colleen nods and hugs him when she sees the look of horror. "We figured it out in the end." she tells him, and she also means their children will too .. in particular ..their daughter.

John chuckles and snuggles into her "This new years is way better than last year already. The bed was too cold without you in it. Fiona and Addy had a sleepover and babysat Tony. You had the boys. I just walked down to Statutes for a sad drink with all the other assholes who'd screwed up and struck out..." He laughs at how pathetic his night was "And I sure as hell wasn't gonna kiss Petey or any of them to ring in 2016 so I just went home at about quarter to."

Colleen nods a little. "Well ... Logan had a date ... naturally. Owen and Seamus got to stay up, but with Mom ... I think I ruined it for them. I just curled up on the couch and watched the countdowns and at midnight I smiled big, hugged Owen and Seamus and went into my room to cry myself to sleep." she looks at him. "Never again. I don't care what we have to do, John. Therapy, torture, tickling."

John squeezes her fiercely "Never again." He playfully grabs for her ribs "Tell me about this tickling torture therapy of could be onto something." He wiggles his fingertips in the the spot he knows he can get Colleen.

Colleen nearly screams when John begins to tickle her. "Stop, stop you'll wake the kids .... in Vancouver!"

John chuckles and stops "Well I'd hate to deprive all those other parents of their naked tickle time..." He kisses her deeply again. He's not trying to start another round, just expressing his affection. His hands run up and down her back and into her hair.

Colleen settles down into the kiss and when he runs his hands into her hair, she moves her hand down to his hip, grabbing his but and pulling him a little closer. "I get enough from you that would put the kids in therapy or the rest of their lives." she jokes. "They have NO IDEA of how I dropped my fork under the dining room table that time ....."

John starts laughing "They'd never eat in the dining room again. It's actually my new plan to just store the forks under there in the new year though in case we get a few hot minutes." He says with a mischievous grin.

Colleen rolls to one side, facing him. She points right at him. "THAT is why you make the big bucks and get all the sexiness out of me you want." she declares. She snuggles into him. "Shall we nap until eleven fifty or so? Tell the kids we were up here picking our retirement village?"

John rolls more onto his side too running his fingers up and down her bare arm "Hmmm retirement village.....we'd need soundproof walls and floors lined with spare rooms. The grown children and their rotten children can stay in hotels so we can have all kinds of weird senile sex. The good news is, we'll forget we already did and and do it again and again...I might need the little blue pills..." He jokes.

Colleen moans as if in bliss. "Oh baby .. oh baby ... give it to me! Give it to me!" she does love his fantasy in so many ways. She reaches for the alarm clock and sets it for quarter to midnight. "I love you so much, John Reinhardt."

John snickers and then says back "And I love you....and naps..." He wraps one arm around her she can work around for reaching back from the clock and closes his eyes drifting off easily in a murmured exhale.

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