Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Statutes January 14th - Peter, George, Hank, Jun and Kester

George Arnett strolls in with Kester at his side "Fair night Mr. O'Brian. The usual if you please."

Peter O'Brian grins.  "Right away."  he pours and looks at Kester.  "Sorry bud.  Might be until Easter before I have proper treats.  But there's pretzels."  he offers the dog.

George Arnett chuckles "Aye you'll spoil him Petey. How goes the night here?" He takes the pretzel and drops it down to the wagging tailed lab.

Peter O'Brian grins a bit.  "Nice and quiet."  he replies.  There a few people in the bar bot not too many.  "I can handle boring now and again."  he admits.

George Arnett frowns "Now and then. Me Helen's away with her sister Joan. Bit too quiet at home as well. Even Kester's bored of the tele. Looked at me like one of my students before we walked." He laughs.

Peter O'Brian grins.  "Oh the wife's away, is she?"  he sounds amazed.  "We'll move the party to your house in that case!"  he looks at Kester.  "Pining after the woman is he?"

Hank Stanley blows in with the cold night and seats himself at the bar. "Evening boys." he greets them. "Pete, give me a beer, would you?"

George Arnett is about to answer Petey when Hank arrives "Evening Captain Stanley." He smiles. Kester gives a hearty tail thump and sniffs for a second looking for Henry. George answers Petey now "No it's me pining for the lady. But she's taken the wee one, Una. Kester's gotten quite fond of that little dog. Helen can't sleep without her on the bed though so we're both bachelors......only for the weekend though thankfully."

Peter O'Brian watches Hank walk in and raises his brows, even as he turns to get the beer and a glass.  "That's .....  an interesting sweater Hank."  he teases his old friend.  "Very .... purple...."  he sets the glass and bottle down.  "Laundry day?"  He looks at George.  "Your bed sounds crowded."  he smirks.  "Mine was too, even if I never owned a damn dog."  he nods at Kester.  "No offence, I mean the two legged dogs."  he laughs.

 Hank Stanley grins as George greets him. "Evening Professor." he looks at Peter. "Fuck you, Petey. My granddaughter gave this to me. Which means I am obliged to wear it ... especially when I know she is going to call me on that ... Skype .. that's what it's called." he looks at Peter. "Let me guess. Heard from the ex lately?"

George Arnett smiles and then looks between the two other men curiously and then says "Well it's a fair lilac and you can't look a gift jumper in the mouth now."

 Peter O'Brian snorts.  "She called the house on Christmas AND New Years.  Wanted to talk to Addy."  he shrugs and spreads his hands.  "It's her funeral I suppose.  Addison ran her up one side then the other and then just got mad.  That was Christmas.  Addy was over the Reinhardt s for New Years."  he sighs.  "Girls got my temper.  Now she and Fiona are having a Friday the 13th marathon at the apartment.  Laughing their asses off!"  he chuckles and nods to the newcomer.  "Help ya?"

Jun.Saigawa  sits quietly at the bar 'a shot of bourbon ' he says quietly just sitting down watching.

Hank Stanley laughs lightly at George. "Mabel says its pretty ... and it is ... if I were a woman." he squares his shoulders. "I am manly enough to wear purple." he looks at Peter and winces. "Yea .... Addy and her mother are like Ford and I used to be. Explosive. But .. he's coming around. Maybe she will too?" he offers. "Granted .. it took more than a decade ... or maybe it just FEELS like a decade." he looks at the newcomer and nods.

George Arnett gulps a little and listens to Petey and Hank, thankful for the simplicity of his four legged friends. He looks down to the man at the end of the bar and nods with a small half smile "Take the chill off eh?" He greets him with that over the conversation of the other men.

Peter O'Brian pours the shot.  "You're the youngin with the young kids .. Christmas shopping ... a few weeks back."  he recalls.  "How'd that go?"  he wonders and then looks at Hank.  "Explosive is a word.  Addy was always a Daddy's Girl and ... the way things ended with my mother and her ... I forgave her mothers infidelity LONG before Addison .... well ... will since she hasn't yet."

Jun.Saigawa  nods 'yeah .. be me 'he say with his thick Japanese accent 'he turns to hank and nods . then laugh 'more to take the edge of got a small boy that's in the midst of his terrible two'he laugh softly . he just laughs 'they like elf better so i just told that .. Santa will just send me from now on'

Hank Stanley scoffs a bit. "Well ... I'd say 'these things take time' but you've been divorced now a long time. Maybe you should date .. not that anyone is good enough for Addison's Daddy." he teases. He looks at the Japanese man. "I wish I had thought of that. I think the twins may have given Santa a nervous tick. Then again its hard to tell with Josh. He was the Santa .. at least MY grandkids didn't bite him."

George Arnett toasts "Ah the wee lads and lasses. Christmas is for them. Our Lieutenant Greene is a brave one though taking that on." He smiles down to the young father and then teases Hank "Are you running a matchmaker's down at the fire hall then? Trying to line our Petey up?"

Peter O'Brian  laughs.  "Elves.  I like that.  Mine caught me wrapping presents early and let me lie to her another two years."  he looks at Hank.  "I'm too busy to date.  So no lining me up for ANYTHING!"  he tells him.  "And you're right ... Addison would have to hand pick the poor woman."  he looks back at Hank.  "Poor Josh Greene.  I can't tell if his being Santa means the Mayor likes him or hates him."  he looks at George.  "Now I know you're not going to let us go on without telling us about YOUR kids ... er .. students."  he grins.

Jun.Saigawa  laughs 'I guess body modifications come in handy even in parenting as he tucks his hair behind his ears ' plus if they catch me I'm not lying to them when I said Santa said I had to cover you two cuz you don't like him .. he laughs 'beside with home monitor systems I can technical know what they are doing .. at the house anyways 'he laugh 'guilty conscience will help with the rest' he laughs.

Hank Stanley chuckles and holds up his hands. "Alright ... alright. No matchmaking." he grins at the idea of Addison hand picking her stepmother. and thinks of his grandchildren trying to match-make. He made a friend at least. "Yea .. how are the kids at school doing, George? Given up on them yet?" he looks over. "I don't know about that home monitoring." he sounds dubious. "I watched this video of a woman attacked by hackers .. it was like a haunted house. I imagine they can set off your fire alarm a dozen times and then turn on your stove and set a real fire the alarm WON'T go off for." he shakes his head a little "I'm ... alright ... with technology but ... isn't that taking it too far just to avoid getting up to turn off the TV or getting up ten minutes earlier to start your own coffee?"

George Arnett is about to take another sip and spots the modified elf like ears and sits there, eyes wide like a chipmunk with a mouthful of scotch. He swallows after a few moments and says "'re one of the fairy folk you are..." He only half hears Hank and Petey and says "Sorry...wha?"

Peter O'Brian scoffs. "I heard someone hacked a Japanese toilet, took over the bidet and flooded some poor bastards bathroom."  he looks at Hank.  "That can be a bad waste of resources.  They do the same with the PD and distract them ...  may we never have another robbery attempt."  he shudders remembering the last one.  He looks at George.  "Yea ... those ears."  ten he rolls his eyes.  "e're talking about kids .. how are your students?  There your kids, right?  And home monitors"

Jun.Saigawa  shrugs 'yeah . with great power comes great responsibility .. but yeah.. its the future 'he smiles 'i like my automated toilet..'he shrugs 'he just sips his bourbon smiling ' 'yeah ..I'm a fairy folk 'he chuckles

Hank Stanley arches a brow at the ears. "What did you do THAT for son?" he blinks, looking completely lost. he sighs. "I don't know. Maybe I really AM old. I just figured out my smartphone and an update broke it .. I think. I'll figure it out. Give it to Brate. He hardly ever teases me about it."

George Arnett shakes his head around "Well to each their own. I mean have you seen the kids...yes I'll talk about MY kids, my students and all the various metal they put in their faces?"

Peter O'Brian chuckles.  "To serve, protect and handle technology."  he looks at George.  "Fiona Reinhardt."  he guesses.  "Or is there one I missed?"

Jun.Saigawa  laughs 'cuz i can 'he say proudly 'i just rely like how they look 'he say softly not tucking it back in 'he smiles as he nurses his shot glass.

Hank Stanley grins. "The pierced one." he grins. "Well there's .. oh .. wait ... Siobhan O'Leannain is more with the tattoos than piercings. I can't imagine Fords reaction of his daughter did ANY of that."

George Arnett sighs "Many cultures embrace body modifications. I suppose we live in one where we're challenged by it. And yes I do have to look at the top of young Fiona's head...or the back of she whispers to your Addison in my class.." He teases. He looks down at the elf man "If you're happy, who am I to say right?" He smiles kindly at Hank "I have considered a tattoo many crest or thistle...but Helen would send me back to Scotland I fear. She's more reserved."

Peter O'Brian arches a brow.  "What the hell can they be whispering about in class they haven't already whispered about walking in the street or in the house?"  he wonders.  "I swear the DiAntoni boy is a seeing eye dog so the girls don't get hit by cars."  he rolls his eyes.  "I can talk to Addy about it .. but no promises."  he grins.  "But aren't tattoos traditional .. you know .. from a historical standpoint?"

Jun.Saigawa  nods 'in some cultures they are .. i not a fan of tattoos myself but its beautiful art. '

Hank Stanley laughs. "Well, I have my scarification. I don't need anything more." he scoffs and chuckles. "Yea .. that poor boy. A beautiful girl hanging off of his arm .. another hanging off HER arm. Poor kid."

George Arnett becomes the professor at Peter's question "Tattoos indeed have a long history, since Neolithic times as evidenced on the fossil records. In fact there was much tattooing connected to mummification." He comforts Peter by saying "Your girl is no worse than Fiona, and at least they whisper. Don't worry though, I'll rouse the lot with the Red River Rebellion chapter coming up. Nothing like a good blood spilling rebellion to get the kids tuning in." He looks at Hank "Well they're all chums. It's nice for them." Glancing down the bar at the elf man he says "If you have young ones, make sure they have chums. Who else will they whisper at in school right?"

Peter O'Brian bursts out laughing.  "Hey that's my daughter your talking about."  but he clearly isn't angry with his friend.  Then he laughs again.  "Oh Addison loves the lessons we did in 1920's Chicago.  The St Valentine's Day Massacre ...paid attention to that.  She loves history .. if enough people die."  he nods and looks at the elf man.  "Friends are important in a kids life .. ot too many .. not too few I suppose."

 Jun.Saigawa nods as he listens to the older man 'hit me up with another shot"he looks oddly at George and just nod 'I'm sure they will ' he say just listening.

Hank Stanley nods and gets the man another shot. He looks at Peter. "Great Chicago Fire. One for the record books." he shakes his head. "Kids and bloodshed. Go figure THAT out."

George Arnett sips and then mutters "Aye the Chicago fire.....2 days....nine kilometers.....all from one barn. " He shakes his head at all three and then looks especially long at Hank.

Peter O'Brian nods.  "Yea  Chicago has a strange history."  he admits. "I stopped following it when I left, but up till '05 ... still fascinating."  he points at George and gets a mock offended look on his face.  "Hey!  The City cleared that cow!  Poor Bessie."  he shakes his head in melodramatic pity for the bovine.

Jun.Saigawa  chuckles 'or they're bleeding themselves..'he laughs 'i swear Bethany and Tamaki find ways to hurt themselves.. when everything has been kid proof , baby proof.. patted and buffered'

Hank Stanley looks at George. "Yes, George?" he notices the look. "If its about my scars .. go ahead and ask anything. I have no problem with it, so you know." he answers questions quite frequently, but he ever told George the story, he doesn't think. He looks to his other side. "Kits seem to always find ways to hurt themselves, especially when they're young."

George Arnett had chuckled at Peter and then smiled at Jun, nodding but then looked taken aback at Hank " I was thinking about that scale of a fire...and your crew and thankful you've not had to deal with that. But I'm always up for a story if you want to tell one...."

Peter O'Brian chuckles.  "Amen ... and they live for the close calls."  he looks at George and Hank, curious if Hank will tell the tale or save it.

Jun.Saigawa  just listens to the older man enjoy their history lesson while he drank '

Hank Stanley considers. "Well ... in my case it was a back draft. I was able to protect my son and his friend, even though my son also got burned. So yes .. the scale was large." he swills his beer. "It happened in Toronto." but he drinks and doesn't seem in too large a hurry to tell the story right then.

George Arnett looks self conscious for prompting "I'm sorry. I didn't know. But you're hear to tell us and so's your son. So that's something right?" He tries to be encouraging.

Peter O'Brian gives Hank a slight grin.  "You saved the most important life too, Hank.  I know Ford is still ... mad .. but .. well .. chin up, pal."

Jun.Saigawa  just shakes his head in awe.. 'wow. that's something else. look you guys are awesome.. he says to hank ..he tentative reaches out to pat his back .

Hank Stanley chuckles. "It really IS 'just doing my job'. But I am glad the kids weren't hurt. And no fireman takes the job without knowing the risks." he grins at the back pat. "And don't apologize George. Of course you didn't know. The fire I don't mind talking about. Hell I an the walking fire prevention poster boy when I give the fire lecture at the school." he chuckles.

George Arnett smiles "And you look all devil may care for the lasses too. We're all lucky this town has you and your department."

Peter O'Brian laughs.  "Yes.  Set HANK up!"  he proclaims with a laugh.

Jun.Saigawa smiles 'i know your just doing your job but i know i can rest .. well when i can get rest.. 'he laughs 'easier knowing that you are here to protect my small.. loud and rambunctious family '

 Hank Stanley snorts. "God you sound like Mason." he accuses. "They put me on this website ..." he shakes his head. "I made a FRIEND on it, so don't go looking for me to retire and get married or any of that. Mason either." he almost huffs in indignation, blushing and clashing violently with his purple turtleneck. He smiles at the elf eared man. "Me or my crew will be there .. whether your kids set the house o fire or cause you to stroke out." he promises with a smirk.

George Arnett nods at the elf man "Your brood must be wee indeed....the no sleep." looks relieved "Oh you met a lady on a dating site? That's good because the only single one I could offer to introduce you to is Helen's sister Joan. She's a lovely lady but a little forthright when she gets in the drink.....and she has a house full of collections...probably a fire hazard. Trinkets really but floor to ceiling. Have you met the friend?"

Peter O'Brian laughs.  "That little shit!"  he begins to laugh and then his eyes get huge staring up at the large blue windows.  "What the FUCK IS THAT?"  he all but screams and staggers back, almost knocking over some glasses.

Jun.Saigawa  laughs 'Brittany's almost 7 acts like she 786 .. i think she think is part time lady ..'eh rolls his eyes an 'and Tamaki' he laughs' tamaki is nearly 2 and has the lungs of a opera singer..he laughs softy ' . he looks back spotting 'wow cool "

Hank Stanley is about to reply when Peter exclaims and staggers back. He watches Peter closely, knowing of his recent heart attack and begins to stand, just in case he needs to help the bartender. "What's cool?" he is looking at Peter not the window.

George Arnett had turned his head at the exclamation "Ah will you look at that. Those look bigger than the dock spiders down at the you see it's friend up there at the top now? You must have quite the web out there Peter...."

Peter O'Brian has a hand on his chest.  "Big ass fucking ... spiders?  What the FUCK!?"  he demands.  He looks at George as if the man has sprouted an elephants trunk.  "Those aren't MINE.  I'm calling a goddamn EXTERMINATOR first thing in the ... shit!"  he remembers it is Saturday night.  "First thing Monday fucking morning!"  he shudders again and finally sighs as one spider follows the other off of the widow ad out of sighs.  "Jesus, Mary and mother fucking Joseph."

Jun.Saigawa  laughs at it .. 'holy shit batman..'he say with excited 'would you look at the size of that thing .. 'he mutters to him 'that what she aid ' 'that so fragging cool '

Hank Stanley turns in time to see the last spider leave. "Wow ......" he drawls. "Now hold on Petey. That ca't be just some wild animal ow's probably someones pet.. um ... pets ....."

George Arnett shrugs "Musta gone for a run. You don't like them Peter?" He looks at Hank and then down at the elf man, realizing they haven't been introduced "Sorry I'm George. What's you name? Back to the day Kester brought in what we thought was a mouse, turned out it was a guinea pig."

Peter O'Brian  shakes his head.  "Spiders are not PETS!"  he declares, calming now he doesn't see spiders all over the place.He taps his chest.  "I'm gonna start wearing my BIG boots!"  he declares.  He looks at George.  "WHO likes fucking SPIDERS!?"  he demands.  "All insects can just DIE .. and don't give me a lecture on how they're needed to sustain life.  There is no life that needs sustaining on my fucking BUILDING!"  He isn't scared of spiders he's just the creeped out and kill them variety of spider hater.

Jun.Saigawa  laughs 'that think was big as aragog.. well that be cool if it was ..'he watches it go

Hank Stanley chuckles. "Well we got a call about a giant spider. Adum did too. But neither of us is Animal control and by the time someone who WAS got out there of course it was gone. This is the first time I've seen one with my own eyes." he scoffs. "I'm glad Mason is back home in Cedar Point or he'd be looking for new pets." he rolls his eyes the looks at the elf man. "Oh God .. it was probably just a tarantula. Kids keep em aspets. George you need to promote more dog ownership in town."

George Arnett chuckles "I don't think Kester would eat a big spider...god the vet bills. But he'd love more dog friends. The cats are just too mean for him." He smiles at the elf man "Oh like that big spider from the Harry Potter. You know it's all in Scotland right....we're a prettier backdrop for it all o course..." He winks at Peter "Maybe I should set YOU up with Joan to take your mind off it. Do you like spoons? She's been collecting those this year.....never knew there were so many spoons."

Peter O'Brian  moves back up to his bar.  "I know Addy mentioned some shit about an escaped pink toed tarantula but .. that was TWO spiders.  Kids can't keep up with the damn things?" he blows out a breath and pours himself a shot, then downs it.  "Complements of the house, Peter." he tells himself.

Jun.Saigawa  nods, just listening and then just shakes his head 'they look cool i guess that the appeal 'he smiles 'and yeah you could name it that.. 'he says pondering

Hank Stanley snorts. "That's Brate's cat. Voldemort." he shakes his head. "We get calls about THAT one all the time or did before Voldemort had kittens." he blinks. "Wait .... Joan?" he hasn't been paying attention. "What about her? O the spoons. She's a dear. We've been trying to keep her out of the water this year." he rolls his eyes.

George Arnett laughs "Nevermind, we're distracted by arachnids that Peter wants to kill."

Peter O'Brian holds up his hand.  "No spider naming in my bar, thank you."  he grins.  "And god help me if I have to ban matchmaking here!"

Jun.Saigawa  laughs harder as he finish his shot finally.

Hank Stanley chuckles. "I don't have a problem with that." he grins. "But you can set up Gareth. See if he can settle down with ANYONE more than two nights."

George Arnett thinks "Gareth? Gareth the chap with all the different dance partners at the winter formal? Helen was commenting on that. Course she's from Gretna Green in the south of Scotland. They're the marrying kind I tell you...right over that anvil, young as 16." He looks down at the elf man "You still haven't said your name...are you married? Maybe you can help these lads? Is the internet the way to go?"

Peter O'Brian chuckles.  "Dunham?  That's him. Likes the women ... the men ... he doesn't seem to care. He likes it over at the Blue Door more than here.  Too quiet for him, I think.  Couples need to go to Zabat's or the seafood restaurant.  here, I mostly get married men without their wives or more mature men."  he looks at George.  "Cupid Arnett."  he rolls his eyes.

 Jun.Saigawa  laughs as he watches 'I'm Jun , I'm married with two kids.. and .. yeah if it weren't I be out of a job 'he laughs softly.

Hank Stanley nods. "Jun. Got it. I hope." he grins. "I'm chief Stanley in case you're one of the three people who doesn't know that on this island." he considers. "You know I've never been to the seafood restaurant. Well not as a customer. They pass their fire inspections ... what else do I need to know, really?"

George Arnett teases Peter now "Helen says if you put the curling on over hockey on the tele she'll come in with me more often. I can't promise she won't get a little exuberant though. "

Peter O'Brian looks relieved.  "Jun!  Right.  I'd gone and forgotten it.  Bartenders do NOT have memories of steel."  he looks at George.  "I turn off the hockey there won't be a bar for her to come INTO."  he scoffs.  "The natives will kill me.  They get pissy enough around Spring Training. Have to make Addy record it all at home for me."

Jun.Saigawa  laughs 'its ok .. people don't come to bars to remember .. they come to forgot 'he laughs softly.

Hank Stanley laughs. "You'll always be a Chicagoan .. never an american, never a Canadian, Petey. It's what makes you so lovable." he laughs. "Noooo son." he argues with Jun. I actually come for the company. Older ad single. My downstairs neighbor and I ... we play cards with some of the boys like Petey here from time to time. But never to forget."

George Arnett smirks "Like me with Scotland and Jun with..." He looks at him "am I guessing right when I say Japan? I traveled there in my youth. And yes for the company. Speaking of company...Hank, did you meet your internet friend? Was it the Tinder? I hear the kids talking about the Tinder...and the Snapchat...."

Peter O'Brian snorts and nods.  "I don't run one of those kids of bars.  Try Vancouver or even White Rock.  Here's for social gathering .."  he grins  "And watching the proprietor have a heard attack every century or so when his team wins." he teases his damn self.  "I get people in here to cry it heir beer, sure but more they celebrate ... or watch their teams go down in flames.  Births, engagements. Maybe its a small town but its like a family."  he looks at his watch.  "And Dad says its time for bed, kids."  he raises his voice for everyone i the bar.  "Last Call."

Jun.Saigawa  nods 'yeah you're right .. talk to someone older then 7 and that's is male 'he laughs softly 'i love my wife .. but yeah " Jun continues "'speaking of kids anyone know a good babysitter .. ' he says.

Hank Stanley shakes his head. "No, not yet. We haven't even exchanged phone numbers yet." he chuckles. "We exchanged emails on Table For Two? That's the site. I have no IDEA what the Tinder but it doesn't sound terribly firefighter friendly. I could ask Gareth ... he's a real social butterfly." he nods. "I figure we can talk by phone next and then maybe a date. Mason is acting like I should be married by now." he scoffs. he sips at his beer, taking THAT slow too tonight. "Hm .. try Addison or Fiona Reinhardt if they aren't too busy ..."

George Arnett nods, impressed "Table for two sounds classier than Tinder. The kids think we can't hear them as teachers but i think the other one has some illicit connotations...the Tinder that is. Good for you Hank." He looks down at Jun "More nights out on the horizon?" He smiles and drinks his drink down and then reaches in his back pocket for his wallet "We'll let you get your beauty rest Peter...what do I owe you?" He's had a few by now.

Peter O'Brian chuckles.  "Try Addison."  he grins. "Fiona has her hands full with her boyfriend and Addy just has her big lump of a friend she is tutoring and she can do that on her phone.  She goes by there on Saturdays I the afternoons, so she's free for your romantic get away at night."  he nods.  "But she has other babysitting clients also."  he writes down a number.  "Call or text her.  if she can't do it she can tell you who else babysits on the island."  he looks at George.  "Lets see  lets call it 20.  I won't charge you for the pretzels your date ate, even if I should."  he pulls out the automatic tappie machine for anyone wanting to pay by card.

Jun.Saigawa  nods 'thank ' he takes the number and puts his money on the bar 'i better go relieve my wife so she can work on her channel 'he waves '

Hank Stanley pays for his single well nursed beer and kills it. "I don't babysit." he announces. "Except my grand kids." he puts his card back in his wallet back in his pocket. He looks at George. "Well I hope the kids are safe on that Tinder thing." he stands ad stretches. Good night, gentlemen. be safe out there." and he heads out.

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