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Pizza and Pandemic - Owen and L

Owen hangs out with Shay a bit after their race home. He pulls him into a video game for awhile and then Shay gets withdrawn as their parents start milling about in the same room and withdraws to build some lego, his happy place and right now, his solitude. Owen takes it as a sign he wants to be alone for a bit and respects his space. Owen desperately wants to call L. He feels bad for cutting their conversation short. He's also thinking about his conversation with his brother and how Seamus said he and this girl who just broke his heart really didn't have dates. He loves having dates and never wants a connection with someone that's just for one thing, that thing that he hasn't even wrapped his brain around yet fully. Knowing how stressed his parents are about what's been going on he decides to make sure he's telling them what he's doing so they don't worry about him and walks up to his Dad in the dining room. He's still trying to organize their desk.

Fiona has confined herself to her room with a terrible cold that manifested Saturday night. There are muffled sounds of sneezing fits, nose blowing, coughing and general pathetic moaning when she's not watching movies on her laptop to cover it. His mother is upstairs somewhere too, he hopes not trying to talk to Seamus again during his chosen retreat time and their Gran is methodically going through the fridge and looking at the best before dates on all the salad dressings and condiments.

"Dad, I want to ask L out to dinner tonight and go for pizza. Is that OK? Just dinner, not like a late night...I know it's a school night. I don't have homework right now aside from some reading and I'll do it when I get back."

John looks immediately stressed for a second and then exhales and nods "Yeah that's fine Owen. Have a nice time."

Owen smiles "Thanks Dad. I'll see if L's free to go out."

He wanders back to the living room and turns off the PlayStation and then plunks on the couch and texts L "Would you like to go out for pizza together?"

L is in the practice room . she is in full concentration as she slides her bow across the neck of her cello. she began the piece as then slow get into it banging her hand slightly as the music get more somber and began to rock out to it her curls bouncing wildly as she place with fervor.

She hears the distinct sound of a tardis from her bag at her feet she continues the piece the sound mashing beautiful with her playing .. she finishes the cord the sound echoing in the room as she rest her bow on her knee as she fumbles for her phone

She finally finds it.. on the bottom of her bag and sees Owen's text, smiling 'she text back 'when... sorta book a practice room. today ??" she text with a smiley cat emoji.

Owen grins at it and then texts back "Anytime. Can I come listen? We could go after. I promised my Dad I wouldn't be out later so then we get a bit more time together. I won't bug you while you play though if you just want to do your thing."

She giggles softly texting back " I have 20 more minutes left anyways so u can come over . It's practice rm 3 the we can go after . She send a kiss emoji and goes back to playing a bit more happier then the somber tone warranted 

Owen text back a kiss emoji he figures she might not get and then walks back to his Dad, who's now testing a bunch of pens from the desk drawer and tossing the ones that don't write into the trash.

"I'm going to listen to her practice at the school, and then we'll go. I'll text you when I get to the school, and then when we leave for dinner OK?"

John looks up as a pen explodes in his hand "Shit.....yeah OK. Listen're not under guard or anything..."

Owen looks earnestly at his Dad "I know why Shay's in trouble. I'm not going to stress you guys out and make you wonder where I am or who i'm with. OK?"

John reaches out his hand that's not dripping ink and half hugs his son "You're a good kid O. I'm not worried about you that way...go have fun OK? Text me when you're coming home from dinner."

Owen hugs his Dad back and nods "Deal." He heads to get on his shoes and jacket and walks the short distance to the school and then wanders a bit in the unfamiliar music area finding practice room 3. He opens the door and quietly slips in, not wanting to interrupt L's song. But he does smile sweetly at L as he finds a chair to settle into and listen.

L set her phone back in her bag as she continues to play .. looking at the sheet music.. as she began again . slide her bow slowly the sad tone reverberating off the practice rooms wall as she quicken the pace at it gets intense closer her eyes as she play focus on the intensity of the piece her head bangs to the sound as it fill the room like a thick fog not noticing Owen slipping in for awhile turn she turns the sheet music. her eyes are lock on him as she plays the sad tune focusing on his glancing to her sheet music from time to time as she plays.

Owen feels the sadness and intensity of the piece and finds his eyes begin to water. He gulps and blinks hard, not letting his emotion get the better of him but still enjoying the music. L's really good. He knew of course but he'd never just listened with such intention to her talents before. He felt somewhat transported by it.

She moves her fingers up and the neck as she quickens her bow strokes looking at him intensity as the she plays the last chords. . She finishes with her bow in the air panting from the way she moved with the music. She looks at him as a timer goes off . She doesn't hear it just stares at him caught in the moment. 

Owen grins, blushing a bit, and then claps "That was very cool. Thanks for letting me listen."

L smiles and playfully stands up and bow dramatically. She giggles softly "thank you for listening and waiting for me. I wanted to go with you to eat with you.I also love practicing. I wish I could practice more. I love playing " she says with a manic passion.

Owen stands up and walks to L, wrapping his arms around L's waist and leaning in for a light kiss on the lips "I guess with a roommate you can't always play cello in your room?"

L giggles and blushes as she feels his arms around her . she kisses him back savoring the feeling of his lips on her before its broken . she rolls her eyes.. 'you zink someone zat is a harpie would appreciate music.. but I think I just need to be a boy and cute if to do so.. well completely a boy.. 'she shakes her head.. 'but no I did get to practice when she left for Christmas.. maybe i should ask for another room mate but I don't zink because she is twittering airhead is a valid reason ' she looks at him pensively leaning her forehead on his looking in his eyes.. ' she hears a knock at the door signal the next person that book the room bring her out of her dream like trance. 

Owen was leaning back. melting a bit in L's gaze and listening intently and then his eyes dart to the door "I guess we better go..." He steps back and reluctantly lets go, knowing there's still a cello to deal with.

L growls at the door her green eyes darting 'rude' she say to the door as she puts her electric cello in its case smaller then an acoustic one. she unplugs the small amp cord from her phone and places a small bluetooth speaker in her bag with her phone . she smiles watching him as she packs it all away. 'do you like it , i just got it for Christmas.. from .. my parents... i mean parent . mon mama . she smiles at him as someone rapps at the door harder .. 'oui or Mortimer get a nosebleed from being angry .. again . she say as she grabs her blue and bronze striped steampunk modded backpack with its different metal gears embedded into the fabric . she. slings her backpack on her back and grabs her cello case ' she smiles at him .. "don't blow a gasket Mon frere.. ' she shouts to the rapping . 

Owen looks at both cellos and nods "It's great! Nice Mama." He chuckles at L's banter with the person waiting for the room. "Maybe they have a harpie roommate too." He offers, deferring to L on when they leave despite the knocking.

L giggles softly as she walks with stuff in tow as she opens the door.. a very tall and skinny pimpled pale face brunette boy can be see in to view when they open.. Mortimer.. ' she say as he clings his to his oboe with was alright out of it case.. tight. 'you're 5 minute past the sign up sheet. 'he say in a nasal as he pushes his glass up the bridge of his long nose..

She shakes her head as she rolls her eyes. "I'm going keep your shirt on ' she motions to Owen to follow her. 'let me go dump zis stuff off at my uncles quarter .. it'll faster then going all the way to my dorm room .. ' she say as she heads off quickly in the direction 

Owen smiles awkwardly at Mortimer and then sidesteps him to follow L "Cheers eh?" He catches up with her "Ok. Are you messy or afraid the harpie will fly at us shrieking?' He teases.

L huffs out annoy as she looks back 'zat Mortimer.. he's an ass.. always hogging the practice rooms ' she sounds annoyed as she walks quickly 'the second one... i'm afraid shell come after you .. i heard her muttering in her sleep.. 'oh, Owen do you think i'm cute.. ' she mocks in airy high pitch voice.. ' she rolls her eyes .as she arrive to a hallway walking towards a door at the end 'but most because its just easier to dump it all at my uncles then going to the dorms . 'she jokes but look seriously annoyed .. '''she tries anyzing ..and I'm scratching her eyes out.. 'she say in huff as she walks quickly to the door

Owen blushes "Time lady and body guard? Woot I win!" He teases and then says seriously "Just so you know...I'm not looking around L. And you are more than cute." He stops L gently at the door and hugs her, offering a lingering peck as he steps back from it.

L kisses him back holding him close and frowns a bit as he pull back but looks back at him smile 'is that what you .. are a bodyguard. 'she raises an eyebrow 'well I'm not looking ezer..just so you know.. plus dont zink i could replace you if i even wanted to try .she blushes at him say she is more then cute. 'merci she says as she knocks softly waiting after a while the knob turns and the door open slightly as Hikari head pops out looking back and forth from L then to Owen

Bon jour.. 'he says to both 

Owen steps back one more time so just his arm is around L and smiles at her uncle and says formally "Bonjour Monsieur Horatio."

Hikari raises his eyebrow a bit as he watches the exchange 'Monsieur Reinhardt.. ' he nods watching him a bit.. He knew L talked non stop about Owen and knew that they were dating, even caught them discreetly holding hands in the hallways but he had the look of a father's over-protectiveness as he watched them

L blushes and say french "Owen and I are going for pizza . Can i go. and can i stash this all here ' she say softly blushing madly

Hikari looks at Owen in a inspecting sort of way.. he felt more of a father then his careless and free spirited brother was . so it was only natural to be concern.. though his face softens heard he was a good kid and even had sub a class Owen was in. He also was a fair but stern man and would give him a chance though he still like any parent has some reserve about him.

Owen realizes he's on trial to a certain extent and respectfully puts out a hand to shake "Happy New Year." He offers politely "I know it's a school night. We won't be out late."

L bites her lip looking at her uncle slightly embarrassed for no reason other then the awkwardness of the moment but smiles sweetly at her uncle

Hikari looks at him a bit guarded as extends his own long fingered hand 'Happy New year.. 'he say softly to the young man shaking his hand for a tense moment but nods as he shakes his head. 'You see zat you don't he say nervously . he opens the door slightly as he steps forward holding out his hand to L expectantly 'have fun, mon petit.

L hands over her cellos and cheerfully jumps to hug her uncle beaming 'merci, merci ' she repeats hugging him tightly '

Owen releases his hand from the shake, exhales and says very respectfully "Yes Sir." He waits for L to hug her uncle and turns away, sneezing unexpectedly into his upper arm.

They embrace for a bit as Hikari just pats her back. L breaks the hug and turn to owen and looks at him beams and races to take his hand

Hikari watches a bit before carrying the cellos in then starts to disappear the door ajar as he watches them til they're out of sight 

Owen recovers from his sneeze and smiles, wrapping his fingers around L's "What do you like on a pizza?" He asks as they start to walk.

She looks at him.. "Well mainly veggies but sometimes I like a bit of pepperoni in it. " She notices his sneeze even as she grasps his hand tightly. "Do you have allergies?" She says looking over her shoulder as she watches her uncle being caught spying

Hikari closes the door sheepishly.

She looks at Owen again a bit annoyed muttering under his breath. . " you think I was five " 

Owen nods about the pizza "I like everything on a pizza so you choose...but definitely mushrooms please." Owen nods "Yeah dust and pollen. My Gran's been on a cleaning kick and now my Mom's doing it too so it might just be the dust coming up. My sister has a cold but I don't think I got it." He looks back to the door closing "He cares about you. It's Dad's like that."

L nods and gets closer to Owen, her shoulder against his . She laughs and jokes "you better not have because I've been kissing you. She sticks out her tongue and add "but it's worth the risk. she pecks his cheek laughing. She exhales a."I know. .. he's a like a Father to me.. " She smiles brightly 

Owen chuckles and sniffs a bit with just a tiny bit of congestion "I'm sure it's allergies but thanks." He squeezes her hand as they head out the door to the outside "Well he seems like a good one."

L smiles "he is the best.. well on of them. " She laughs as they walk along the streets. She grips his hand tightly. "Speaking of family , how is it your brother. . " She speaks tentative a bit worried 'sorry I was over dramatic but I have an older uncle then 'ikari. But he's a judgement bigot.. a monk named Francois.." She sighs " he sorta denounced himself from the family. ..cuz of me and my father.. and my ozer family supporting us.." She bites her lips. 

Owen is about to answer about Shay but then hears the next bit about her not nice uncle and stops to impulsively hug L, not just casually but a big long emotional hug. "That's fucked up. I'm so sorry. My grandpa that just passed was like that." He's speaking into the side of her head, his face partly in her hair so his breath warms on every exhale "I hope to god you didn't think Shay and I weren't getting along about you... he has some stuff but he's not going to judge you. No one in my family will now L."

L hugs him back tightly sniffing a bit enjoying his loving embrace and sighs softly. "It's not that I was just worried for you." She says softly "but that argument shocked me a bit. . Francois and papa fought like that before. ." She shakes her head. " it just triggered a bad memory. . But it's not your fault. .. your family is very loving. . I see that. .. I know people disagree sometimes. . She exhales 

Owen slowly eases out of the hug and holds L's hand again starting to walk "Seamus and I do scrap a lot but it's never been stuff we've hung onto like this. We kinda drifted lately. I thought he was pissed cause I quit hockey but it was bigger. Course now I think maybe if I had been on the team too.. he had a thing with a girl and it ended.. but it was kinda messed up to begin with. My Dad caught them doing it so now he's in it with my parents... I don't even know what to say. It sounds like this girl was using's changed him....maybe he'll get over it but he's just like fuck you to the family right now... to the world.." He inhales and then turns away in another huge sneeze into his upper arm.

She hugs him tightly "oh bodyguard. . She sigh. . "Zat's 'orrible . I'm so sorry about zat no one deserve to be used . She kisses his cheek comforting him "maybe it'll work out.. he'll grow from it ." She says half hopefully 

Owen hugs L back "Well it's not me....but I am worried. The way he's talking...I dunno. I know he's hurt. Hopefully that's it. Maybe he will grow. You're right. I'll just try to hang out with him more and not get so pissed when he makes his little jibes." He scrunches up his face a bit "L do you happen to have any Tylenol or Advil? I've got a bit of a headache...."

She smiles at him touching his temples and rubbing them in circles "you're a great person do you know that" she smile at him "I think that why I can be so open with you.. "She blushes 

Owen closes his eyes "I think you're pretty great too...and I just spilled my guts when I really didn't plan to..." He smiles "That does help a bit...some of it's in my sinuses though....oh fuck L....I AM getting this cold. I'm so sorry I kissed you."

L laughs and let's go of her beloved and rummaged through her bag and pulls out some Advil. "You're luck you're hot and a good kisser. " She winks "and zat j like you so much zat you're worth ze risk of a cold " she says pecking his cheek . 

It's Owen's turn to blush now "Wow...and you're the first person I've kissed...ever!" He laughs "Thanks." He takes two Advil dry and then shudders "OK let's get some pizza before I become a completely pathetic snotty lump like Fiona."

Well you were sloppy at first but I think you're a natural " she winks. She smiles "you're my particular snotty lump" she winks "sexy gingerman" she nods agreeing to the pizza 

Owen grins "Where did you come from L?" He asks rhetorically and then squeezes L's hand and keeps walking until they reach the pizza place door. He bumps it open with his hip and then tugs L in with him with a chuckle. "So no meat unless it's pepperoni? I thought you were vegetarian?"

She looks at him "from a box in a far away universe. " She winks at him and laughs as she us pulled in "partial vegetarian I don't eat any other meat.. except pepperoni. . I can't stay away from pepperoni " she laughs then blushes. . "That sounded bad " she giggles 

Owen cracks up and quips back "I'll try not to let it go to my head......oh also bad..." The pizza counter clerk looks at them like he's not finding any of this funny and would just like them to order already. Owen clears his throat, trying hard not to laugh "Hi can we get a vegetarian with an extra topping of pepperoni?"

L doesn't help holding on to him giggling madly that she buries her face on his shoulder. "I just shut my lips tight zen" she quips back.." sorry " she mutter laughing loudly 

Owen catches the next sour faced look from the clerk and shakes slightly, trying not to laugh "And two sodas please..." He slides his arm around L and leans closer to mutter so only she can hear "Shhh he's going to kick us out.." and silently cracks up.

I'm so sorry, you drive me delirious. " She stifles another giggles looking at him with happy wild eyes and exhales trying to calm herself. " She turn stoic " sorry I suppose you get zat alot.. but I really do love pepperoni pizza " she adds matter of factly

L's very serious statement cause Owen to just lose it at the contrast and he laughs out loud as he stands, offering the clerk his bank card "At least we didn't order the sausage lovers...." The clerk simply glares now and Owen says sheepishly "How do I add a tip on this machine?"

L's Stern look falters.. and she mumble "just the tip to Owen " She looks at the clerk "sorry.. " She bites her lips holding back a giggle fit

Owen turns beet red and tries not to laugh as the clerk tiredly explains how to do what he's requesting on the transaction. Owen keys it in and then takes the two drink cups handing one to L for the self serve soda filling. "Thank you." He awkwardly offers the clerk and walks to the soda machine waiting for L to go first "You are dangerous today Time Lady."

L puts her cup on the ice dispenser . "Sorry I don't know where that came from " she also blushes as she fills the cup with ice then soda. "Sorry for my foul puns" she says as she puts a straw in her cup and sips lightly

Owen laughs "That was pretty funny...punny even." He wiggles his eyebrows. "Where do you want to sit?" The place is pretty empty with just a few small tables for 2 or 3 since pizza is mostly take out.

She giggles at him smiling "maybe the furthest from to zat cashier "she mutters softly 

Owen sips at his drink and then gestures with it to the table in the far corner with a grin. He settles into one of the chairs "Could be worse. I mean we're having fun and joking, not complaining about his pizza."

She follows suit and sits beside him turning to look at him " I know right, your laughter is more contagious zen zat cold" she winks at him "but oui we did not come in grumpy and be rude. " She rolls her eyes then looks at him sighing 

Owen smiles at L. The Advil has muted the headache but he can still feel the edges of it in the background as well as the beginning of the overall body aches setting in. He grabs for a napkin as his nose starts to pour "Oh god.....time will tell on the cold...."

She chuckles softly "Speaking of contiguous. ." She frowns "I zink you getting worst. SHE frowns as observes Owen. 

Owen nods as he grabs for more napkins and blows his nose with them and then groans "Yep...shit....I need to wash my hands." He takes his gross wad of napkins to the bathroom with him to dispose of them and wash his hands. He comes back sniffing and sits, looking determined to at least get through and enjoy dinner before he's taken by the plague of his house right now "My Gran got it too and she's old."

She looks at Owen when he returns shaking her head "aww that 'orrible. She starts on the pizza that arrived when he was in the bathroom. She takes a bite. I'm not a good vegetarian. . I like pepperoni and fish to much but I don't eat any other meat." She giggles between bites. " She is it just your grandma and Fiona.. zat have it." She says looking at him ever with snotty nose . He looks amazing
"She sighs softly 

Owen nods as he takes a slice "So far...but in our house it will probably hit everyone. Maybe not Logan since he really has his own little apartment. Isn't there's vegetarian fake pepperoni? I mean they have Tofurkey...." He laughs as he says it and then says it again "Tofurkey..."

She nods well it's going around right. Ze danger of a small island
island. "She nods z do bit it does taste ze same.. turkey isn't so bad ... " She laughs softly lean over to kiss his cheek " you're adorable 

Owen smirks at her "So are you...and you must really like me because I'm getting less adorable with every minute here. Tofurkey is some kind of soy product I think. My sister likes to make fun of fake meat products. We have a second cousin who's a righteous vegan so he beings all kinds of weird food to family parties and complains about all the carnivores." He finishes his piece of pizza very slowly as chewing with a nose that's getting stuffed up is arduous.

L watches him struggle shaking her head . " Well that true but I know you're still you under all zat snott. She laughs " well til he bring fried grubs to the table my father's got him beat

Owen makes a face "Fried grubs? Ewww.....your said your uncle was a dick about him too? Is he bigender like you?" He takes a second slice but looks at it on the plate for awhile before taking it on.

L giggles "no just a bisexual polyamourous. " She shrugs "when I was younger and he was around he had a boyfriend while married to my mama.." She says softly. "Jacques ". She blushes deeply 

Owen looks intrigued, not judgmental and asks curiously "You Mom was cool with that?"

"Oui, she knew he was like zat when she was dating him. " She sips her soda. " he's always loved mama but he says he can love her and anozer. "She fans herself blushing madly " sorry,, Jacques was my first crush . He was so beautiful . She sighs softly "like Adonis, so beautiful " she blushes "I still remember his platinum hair and gray eyes. " She looks dreamy for awhile sighing 

Owen's eyes go wide and then he laughs "Geez, maybe I should go blonde..." He jokes "So you crushed on your Dad's boyfriend?" He teases "Can't say my Dad's ever had any of those....Logan.....but Kurt's just not my type....not enough curves." He gives her a quick eye rove up and down and then sighs at his pizza slice and sniffs "This is work today." He takes a bite and then sets it back down.

She looks up and shakes her head and shout " you better not.. you don't dare color your ginger lochs. . She say.. "you better not. !" She looks around smiling sheepishly at the annoyed clerk but looks back at him "sorry, she thumbs through her phone as show him a more stout version of her uncle Hikari and a beautiful platinum blonde man. . they appear to be laughing. . "That's Jacques.. she say softly. She looks at Owen .."You're more handsome. But he's. . She shakes her head then looks at her beloved. .frowning at his trouble. She takes another slice.

Owen pats L's shoulder at her shouting and smiles "I won't...and thanks...." He looks at the picture "He's what?" He takes another small bite and then dabs at his running nose again while he chews.

L shrugs "he's gone.. like not dead gone but just wanted out of arrangement " she say softly " I still get birthday card with a check from him . But yeah... " She trails off

Owen frowns "Your dad...or the boyfriend? " He rubs at L's back between the shoulder blades lightly.

Jacques.. and my dad through Jacques I think.. She exhales. . " my dad ..we have seen. . Him." Her voice getting lower at a whisper." Since that day I met u.. he's always secretive. . But I don't know why but people aren't supposed to know where he is.. " She looks at Owen " you can't tell anyone. " she looks slightly panicked 

Owen shakes his head and says quietly "I won't." He looks concerned "I hope whatever he's doing that makes him need to hide, doesn't ever put you in harm's way." He starts to lean in to hug L but then suddenly turns away in an absolute sneeze attack, holding his inner elbow over his nose and mouth while it happens to try not to spread his germs.

L starts to speak then shakes her head " Speaking of harm's way. Maybe we need to take this to go.. you need to to rest"

Owen grabs for more napkins with a defeated sigh "Probably...I'm sorry. And doubly sorry if you catch this."

She just pats his shoulder as she stands and she gets to smaller boxes ."I'll just make u make it up to me " she winks and divides the remaining pizza into the boxes,his box having a bit more. She hands his the box and kisses his cheek

Owen stands after he's handed his packed up food, and pecked on the cheek, and looks gratefully at L through a wad of napkins in front of his nose. He sets the box down and raids the napkin dispenser for some more to make it home and not flood the streets with his nose pouring like a faucet. "I will..." He manages to say "I was gonna walk you hobe...." He says thickly.

She shakes her head "no you better get straight home and get into bed. " She almost nearly order. "I need you well again." She smile sweetly at him "though how about I walk you home" she winks. 

Owen nods "Yes Doctor.....can we just travel back in time to before the cold and through patient zero through the time vortex?" He starts for the door.

She giggles as she bumps his shoulder with hers as they walk "zat is tempting but I don't think we cant mess with this " she says in a knowingly look. "Besides how else are you going have the opportunity to be babied and get me to make soup for you. " he says knowingly

Owen gets bumped and smiles a bit "You make soup? I like soup.....ah ah ah..." He starts another lead up to a sneeze fit as he walks and then coughs pathetically after it all into his arm "Maybe you could just tranquilize me for this part...holy fuck....ugh..."

She shakes her head laughing softly opening the door for him "sorry mon cheri, I left my tranq gun in my other bag" she winks at him " let's get you home, sickie " she laughs softly 

Owen walks through her holding it "Thanks. Maybe we can find a log on the way home and you can just clonk me on the head....just wait till we're near my house so you don't have to drag me too far...." he jokes.

She smirks at him " I'm not dragging your cute but heavy ass anywhere." She winks at him "beside that would only make zing worst. .what would your mazer say.. " She goes a through the door then clings on to his arm tightly gladly risking get sick just to be close to him

Owen laughs, hugging her arm back weakly "Right now she might say Fuck not another one...and tell you to just lay me out by the fire while she dumps a tub of vicks vaporub on my sister and I. God I'd even welcome sinuses are trying to jump out of my face." It's a short walk back to his house. They pass grumpy old Ursula Norris sweeping her porch and she stops when she sees them and makes a disapproving clucking sound. As they get further past Owen says "She's threatened to call the cops on me because my skateboard is too dangerous....crazy woman..."

She snuggles into him "bet she say take him with you " she winks " she looks back at her smiling sweetly at her no grumpy woman or cold could dampen her mood while she was with her gingerman " she looks at him "wait til she sees me in male mode "it'll be a scandal " she say with manic gusto. " I like your skate board and long luscious ginger locks " she winks and runs a hand through his hair " you looks like a proper rocker" she winks "tres sexy 

Owen chuckles into a cough and then another sneeze, turning his face away from L "Sorry...I'm glad...and if I wasn't such a wreck I'd be way better at expressing it. I must have done something awesome in a past life to win your affections in this one." He says earnestly. They're in front of his house now and he wipes his nose and then carefully kisses her on the very edge of her cheek, almost by her ear, trying not to put any more germs between them than he already has. Maybe she'll fight it off still.

She giggles " oh that just mean you have some making up to do when you're not a bucket of biological hazard " she winks at him " maybe you were a mom in the past one" she say pensively she kisses his cheek too in turn on the opposite side "now go straight to bed ,take your medicine and call me in ze morning " she winks at him. 

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