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Sweet Sixteen - Fiona, Addy, Vincent, Seamus, Kaitlin and Colleen

Vincent DiAntoni woke on January the 19th and got ready for school. He left just a little bit early to stop by Earthcakes and pick up a cupcake. Miss Ainsworth didn't seem thrilled at his request to frost it black, but otherwise did not complain too much.

After thanking her, Vincent left Earthcakes and headed for the school. Of course, he would stop by the Reinhardt house and pick Fiona up. It had become a part of his morning ritual that he simply loved. This morning he was bringing the cupcake because it was a special occasion.

Fiona's 16th birthday.

Her present was in his pocket in a little ring box. Small, but he was confident that no one would get her the same thing.

Turning onto her block, he inhaled deeply, remembering how anxious he would get on their dates because he was so nervous about her father. But now things were different. Now her father allowed him to call him John, instead of the more formal Mr Reinhardt. It meant a lot to Vincent. More than he could put into words.

As he approached the porch, he found Fiona's grandmother sitting on it. The woman had decided to remain at the Reinhardt's until after Fiona's birthday. She smiled at him when she saw him.

"Good morning, Mrs Reinhardt." he greeted her the way he always did. Respect your elders. Always.

She smiled at him, looking so much better than she had almost two weeks ago when her husband died. "You're a little early, Vincent." she replied. "Do you want to go inside?"

Vincent smiled at her. "No, thank you, ma'am. I'll wait here like always." he didn't interrupt the morning bustle in the full house.

Seamus came all but flying out of the door. "Hey Gran. Hey Vincent." but he didn't stay to chat, just jumped down the stairs to the walkway and headed in the direction of the school. At least he seemed in good enough spirits.

And as had become their own custom, Kaitlin waited with Vincent, both of them quietly enjoying the mornings of Alexandra on the porch.

Fiona seemed to be in some kind of conversation with her mother that could be heard muffled from outside without clear words. Owen shuffled out in the meantime looking like he had literally rolled from bed into clothes. He was eating a piece of toast as he hoisted his pack and smiled sleepily "Hey...Vincent, Gran" He saw an Earthcakes package and beamed "Oooh whatcha got?"

Vincent was leaning on the post of the porch and sees Owen. He pulls the bag back defensively. "It's for your sister." he tells him. "A little extra breakfast."

Owen pretends to make a play for it and then sidesteps him "I know it's her birthday." He leans down and gives his Gran a little kiss on the cheek "Bye Gran." He's likely gotten a few crumbs on her face because he was still chewing a second before. He takes another bite and says with a mouthful "Vone worry I wone kith you Vicet." as he saunters off down the street.

Fiona beams at Vincent as she steps out of the house finally and then looks like she's remembered something and runs back in, coming back with her lunch bag and stuffing it in her backpack at the door again. Now she's out again, hair still wet but otherwise ready for the day "Good morning Minstrel. I think Gran will miss you next week." She says teasing Kaitlin.

Kaitlin chuckles as she is kissed and then wipes the crumbs off, but only after Owen is gone. "I will." she admits. "He plays that pretty Celtic music." she sighs dramatically. "Makes me remember being a girl again." her accent is not terribly strong anymore. "But we will meet again." she stands. "But come by and say goodbye to me. I'm going to Cedar Point on Friday night .. so before whatever date you and Fiona have planned, alright? I'll leave you two alone for your morning smooches." and she heads back into the house for some more coffee before Colleen heads for work.

Vincent smiles. "Good morning, Boss." he grins. "I will see you before you go." he promises and once she leaves he leans in for his morning smooch. "I brought you something ..." the bag is clearly in his hand.

Fiona looks touched by the dynamic between Vincent and her Gran and waves "You are the sweetest...even my Gran knows it." She throws her arms around him and kisses him passionately, not caring who's walking past.

Vincent kisses her back with equal passion and, in time, pulls away, offering the bag. "Your birthday breakfast, Boss." he announces. "And then ..." he makes himself look confused. "I can either give you your present ... or wait until after school ... or." he looks as if hes had a stroke of genius. "Later tonight!" he is teasing.

Fiona blinks, thinking on this as she opens the cupcake "Aww it's black. I love smiling at people with black makes them so uncomfortable....then I start listing obscure dental conditions....." She surveys him "Is my present time sensitive? As in should I wait?"

Vincent chuckles. "Just tell them I am so sickeningly sweet I turned your teeth black." he suggests and shakes his head. "Not really. As a matter of fact, you can probably be done with the present before we even make it to our first class."

Fiona smirks "Alright, now I'm curious. Can I open it?" She takes a bit of her cupcake first and then smiles at him with a creepy mouth.

Vincent nods and pulls out of his pocket a small flat box that is wrapped with a black velvet ribbon. He hands it over. "Happy birthday, Fiona."

Fiona looks very curious and carefully pulls off the ribbon. She takes out the USB and grins "Music?" she knows him well and she loves his music "for me?" She blushes and looks at him with a melting gaze "What is it?"

Vincent grins. "Plug it into your phone and find out." he urges. "Not much but both Vincent DiAntoni exclusives for your first birthday since we got together."

Fiona makes a happy little noise and pulls out her phone and checks "Oh...Oh Vincent..." She grabs him in a big hug "I love you."

Vincent hugs her back. "I love you, too Fiona." he replies and takes in a deep breath. "I really hope you like them. I started on Sweet 16 around January the 2nd, and it finally finished it in Mr Jackson's studio last night." he waits to see if she plays it and, more, if she likes it. He still has self esteem scars about his music from his father.

Fiona puts in one earbud and gives it a listen, a big grin spreading on her face as she closes her eyes, clearly loving it. She knows the other one too and it takes her back to the night they met. She opens her eyes and looks at him with happy tears "I love them both. Thank much."

Vincent smiles in happiness, pride and relief. "I have all kinds of ideas in my head for compositions so ... yea ... music ... expect music. I guess love ... is inspiring." he bites his lip and offers her his hand. "You can listen whenever, you know ..." he finally heads down the stairs for school.

Fiona takes his hand and walks with him "'re fuckin adorable right now. I seriously wish we didn't have school." she jokes.

Vincent grins. "I wish I had the guts to ditch, but here ....." he motions around to indicate the whole island. "No way .. we'd both get caught and in so much trouble it wouldn't even be funny." he bumps her shoulder. "But we can have dinner at 13 this weekend. I made reservations. Turns out my uncle Vincent opened one here." he beams. "And his great uncle Giovanni moved here last week. Have you seen that old guy in the suit. I mean .. not the mayor the other one? Has hair? Always wears a hat?" he pauses. "Looks like a mafia guy, now I think of it .. but in his 80's."

Fiona giggles and then says " I get to see the swanky Italian food life? Will there be any mafia hits during dessert?" She jokes and then laughs again "Has know I haven't seen him but that's cool."

Vincent grins. "Well ... yea. Maybe I can get a table in the alley and push over the last meatball in the spaghetti to you with my nose." he teases. Then he shrugs. "OK, so I'm not the one the police want to talk to when they want a description. He was male and he has a hat. Oh! And hair! And I think he was wearing shoes."

Fiona leans in and looks at Vincent sideways "As long as you can indentify the bodies, I'll forgive you for the more pedestrian details going a miss. Shoes...tell me the colour of his liver....and what he had for lunch.....then we'll be sweet puppies my Minstrel. Good boy....." She smiles again with her black iced teeth.

Vincent laughs and stops more or less in the Brate driveway. "You have frosting on your teeth." he tells her and moves a little closer for a kiss ... to help get that off of there, of course.

Fiona giggles and the second she feels the softness of Vincent's tongue in her mouth she pulls him tight to her and kisses him back hard, not knowing where they are. She eventually pulls back breathlessly "We could skip school...we'll just have to dig underground and become mole people forever. I'll catch you all the worms you can eat if you pick my nits."

Vincent takes a deep breath, calming himself when the kiss breaks. "You tempt me. Nits are my favorite." he takes her hand. "I'd say lets wander the woods after school, but I don't want to keep you from Addy and the rest. And I bet your Mom and Gran have plans for you after school." he chuckles. "Can I come to dinner?" he asks as if he hadn't been invited.

Fiona beams "Of course you can. Didn't I already ask you days ago? We're making baked potatoes with choose your own toppings. I've asked for it a few years running. My Dad already put on a huge crock pot of chili at some god awful hour this morning and we have a lot of potatoes. And yes I won't ditch them for you....even though you're way to fuckin hot sometimes." She walks with him again looking very content.

Vincent laughs. "I know. Your mother invited me Monday. I just wanted to hear you say you wanted me." he grins as they walk.

Fiona bites her lip and looks at him "You need to stop baiting me this morning Minstrel. You know I want you." Her voice is smooth and sultry as she answers while they walk up the stairs. A few people say hi to each of them. One or two classmates even know it's Fiona's birthday and wish her well which she replies to with alternating grace and morbidity.

Vincent grins as they head up the stairs. No one looks at him anymore because of the rumors. Now people look at he and Fi like they belong together. Some even teased him when they saw him alone that they didn't recognize him without Fi with him. He liked that a lot.

The morning was horrible long boring agony. Fiona had a math quiz followed by a way too short spare followed by the dreaded double social studies with Mr. Arnett. He droned on about the economics of Sir John A MacDonald's National Policy that went on from 1878 until the second world war and the subsequent free trade agreements. Fiona had to fight between falling asleep and raising her hand to ask if it would not be simpler to say that in all dealings with foreign governments and non Europeans, the man was simply a prick? If he dared give them a paper after this monotony that would indeed be her topic sentence. She practically bolted from the room as the bell rang as he was still saying in his Scottish brogue "And please read Chapter 16 on the Northwest rebellion for next's a doozey....." She walked with Addy to meet Vincent for lunch parroting "It's a doozeh.." in her imitation of their teacher.

Addison hugged Fiona's arm after class. "He's a doozeh..." she rolls her eyes. "Come on. Let's stop by my locker for your 'not safe for parents' present before we meet Vincent." she stops at her locker to hand it over.

Fiona looks curious "Not safe for MY parents?!! this I gotta see." She follows Addison happily.

Addison works the combination on her lock with a look of guileless innocence and opens it, reaching in for a relatively large, bulky present. "Happy Sweet Sixteen, bestie!"

Fiona gives her a sideways look and then pulls off the wrapping and immediately blushes and laughs "For all my...gardening .....needs. You're a bitch and I love you..." She quickly shoves the knee pads into her backpack before any curious eyes can take them in and then stands up and hugs Addy, still giggling.

Addy hugs her back hard. "If that's what you want to call it ... fine. It's your relationship not mine." he giggles and hugs her elbow again. "Come on, lets find your Don." she leads her towards the main area and spots Vincent, who is watching something.

Vincent is looking at the door. Mister VanBuren is walking towards the Headmistresses office. He is a huge man. In one hand he has Joey Piccolo by the scruff and in the other he has ...... Seamus Reinhardt. "Um .... hey girls...." he greets them a little awkwardly.

Fiona was goofily weave walking with Addy towards Vincent until she saw her brother being hauled off by the VP "Oh shit....Shay...and Joey?" She looks at Vincent "Did you see what happened? At least Joey looks worse..." is all she can conclude with for now.

Addison stares after the VP and the boys. "Yikes." she looks to Vincent for confirmation.

Vincent blows out a breath. "Um ...." he bites his lip, reluctantly. "Joey told Shay that he'd been with Sam too." he clears his throat. "And Shay just attacked him." he knows exactly what that means and remembers Shay's words the day he was caught with Sam. But after he speaks the words, he realizes he isn't sure Fiona knows or not.

Fiona frowns and considers this "Been with.......Sam...Sam Pillson?" she blinks, digesting this. Seamus with anyone. Seamus with Sam Pillson. Well at least they both loved hockey and Logan warmed up the parents with Kurt. "How many gay brothers do I have....wait Joey?!" She grabs a hold of Vincent by the shirt like she's thinking he's lost his mind "Joey...." She waits looking utterly baffled.

Addison watches Fiona and looks back towards the now closed office door. "Seamus is GAY?" she is simply floored. "But JOEY? I thought he had a girlfriend."

Vincent blinks and again, not thinking first. "No! He's been having sex with Sam COFFEE! You know the chick that just moved away?" and then hes being shaken. "Yea. I guess Joey had sex with her too?" that he didn't know. "Did he and Daisy break up or is he just ... fucking around behind her back?"

Fiona's eyes go wide "Sam Coffee is MY age!! I did a science project presentation with her last year!! What the hell is she doing sleeping with my LITTLE brother?" The way she's saying it sounds like she's suggesting Sam drugged Seamus or something. She's forgotten all about Joey in the equation for the moment as she reels.

Addison's eyes also go wide, but she seems speechless at the idea that Seamus is having sex with ANYONE.

Vincent cringes a little. "I don't think there was a lot of sleep involved." he replies. His knee-jerk reply.

Fiona exhales and then snaps out of it and lets go of Vincent after giving him a small poke "Figure of speech. I wouldn't put it past Joey. I hope she at least wanted to...course right now I'm hoping Shay wanted to with her....Jesus fucking Christ." She looks between Addy and Vincent "So they were just yelling about this before they started punching?" She's trying to figure out when all this came to be known.

Addison blinks and bites her lip. It was just a bit shocking for her. "I don't know. I was with you, remember?"

Vincent shrugs. Me and Shay were talking and Joey comes up. You know how he is. Joey I mean." he blows out a breath. "So not so much yelling but .... I heard it at least." he looks towards the office door. "But no one else, I don't think." just what the school needed was another rumor.

Fiona just looks overwhelmed by this "My parents are going to freak the fuck out when they hear this, not even the fight, but why they're fighting...Oh my guys have no idea....this is BAD!"

Addison pulls her head back. "No way. Your parents are pretty chill. Especially when it comes to Seamus." she assures her.

Vincent sighs. "Yea .... I know its gonna be bad." she sighs. "I'm NOT letting him ruin your birthday." he still hasn't told about seeing ... the moons of Seamus yet, but he remembers John's reaction. Perfectly.

Fiona laughs "I'm not so worried about my birthday. But they're chill about Seamus and hockey. Seamus having sex? Unless the girl is made out of lego I'm pretty sure that will be a shock to them, to everyone. He's the BABY!"

Addison laughs. "Granted." she looks at Vincent. "Fair or not, Seamus is the baby .... the youngest ... the one who bats his eyes and gets pretty much his way."

Vincent bites his lip. "Not anymore...' he blows out a breath and confesses. "Remember when your father picked me and the lasagna up? Well ... we saw Seamus doing Sam up against a tree behind the Town Hall." there ... it was out .. he can now share the mental scars.

Fiona is starting to answer Addy about Seamus getting his way "Oh my god tell me about it. They cater to should see all the lego he got for Chris...." She hears Vincent's answer in there and her jaw drops before she says "Oh. My. God." She shakes her head around "and you didn't tell ME? Does Owen know? Does Logan? Oh Jesus...of course they do...may parents have been basket cases.....I knew it wasn't over him lipping off or my grandpa."

Addison stares at Vincent as if he's just started speaking against the mighty Cubs. She is stunned speechless, but a she gets a vision, she covers her eyes.

Vincent holds up his hands. "I didn't tell you because I LOVE you. Telling you I saw your brothers bare ass balls deep in a girl YOUR age .. no .. just .. no ..." he shakes his head, wondering if this was what a nervous breakdown felt like. "Your dad kinda ... yea ... freaked ... and than that comment about how he ate already ... Jesus Christ .... I have no idea how your father didn't knock him across town." which is what HIS father would have done .. well SHOULD have done. Vincent's father probably would have laughed and patted him on the back.

Fiona looks horrified by Vincent's description. It's softened only by the three little words he included at the beginning. She takes a deep breath and hugs Vincent after "I'm not mad at you. I'm just reacting. I get that it was beyond awkward to see that... I still can't even believe it. And you survived my dad's freak out to boot. Those are rare so Seamus is really in big shit. Usually Dad just bottles it all up and stares at us until we want to crawl under a rock." She looks at Addy as she hugs Vincent and just says "Seamus......"

Addy just looks horrified and disgusted, but seeing the hug she melts a little at hos lucky her friend is and does try and insert humor. "I wish you loved ME, Vincent.' she says in mock sweetness. "Now my Dad is just gonna have to pay a really good therapist." she considers lunch and shudders. "Can we ever EAT knowing this?"

Vincent hugs her back and while she is still in his arms, just reminds her. "Gino ... he would have been totally different in this situation, but ... when he was MAD .. I know what to do."

Seamus comes out of the office, still looking angry and sullen. He looks over at Addy, Fiona and Vincent and speaks without breaking his stride. "Jesus fucking Christ, I didn't fucking DIE." he snorts and heads out of the door.

Fiona makes a terrible joke while she's still in the hug with Vincent to answer Addy's question "As long as it's not hot dog day.....ugh....ok i can't even.....because it's.......just ugh...." She hugs Vincent a little harder when he mentions how his dad would have been and then hears Seamus go by and comment and calls after him "No....just your childhood! We need to wash our brains now!" She lets go of Vincent and shakes her head around.

Addison laughs with Fiona and shakes her head, also. "No lunch .... got it." she sighs and bites her lip. "But ... considering ... Oh Fiona!" she almost wails. "I don't need to be there tonight. Not with a shit ton of family bullshit caused by Shay. My dad is gonna be pissed enough." she puts a hand on Fi's arm. "I'll make it up to you, though. I SWEAR." Seamus goes past with his comment. "That little fucker!"

Vincent cant help but snort with laughter. "Yea .. no lunch." he heard Addy and looks at her, understanding on many levels and yet not. "Well ... I'll be there ... unless your parents tell me not to." he tells her and glares after Seamus. It was bad enough whatever happened without him possibly fucking up Fiona's birthday while he was at it.

Fiona shrugs "Oh let him have his fit in the corner. Don't stay away. I plan to eat glorious potatoes and cake. Who's with me?"

Addy considers. "Screw it. Worst comes to worst, Dad can come get me and play Pin The Tail On The Seamus with your father." she grins. "I'll be there." she sighs. "Lets go back to class. It almost looks like FUN in comparison."

Vincent hugs Fiona. "You know I love your strength, right?" he glances at his phone and its clock. "Catch you after school?"

Fiona smiles "Well despite everything else, it looks like he might have gotten to punch Joey. I say he still gets cake." She grins at Addy and then Vincent "I love you too." She lets go of Vincent and grabs Addy's arm "To English class!"

Addy giggles and takes up the cheer "To English class!"

Vincent laughs and turns, heading in another direction for one of his classes. But he is very curious about what will happen AFTER school.

Fiona clomps up the front steps of the Reinhardt porch chatting to Addy and Vincent both "Oh yeah the potato thing. It actually comes from my brothers, my younger brothers even. We didn't get the book on our reading list in Alexandra but they did when they went to school in Vancouver...but there was this book, the Metro Dogs of Moscow. It's a story told from the perspective of the dog." She unlocks the front door and goes in, kicking off her boots as she passes the boot tray and then going to hang up her jacket as she calls out "Hello!!! We're home!" She turns back to Addy and Vincent "It was in our house on the weekend so I read it. i won't tell you the whole story but there's a fast food chain in Russia called Kroshka Kartoshka that has baked potatoes. The dogs stole potatoes....and whatnot. But the way the author described them made us start making them all the time. So that's what we're eating."

Kaitlin Reinhardt looks up from the counter in the kitchen and two dozen cupcakes, already frosted with something. On the island is also a huge sheet cake. "Welcome home!" she greets the kids. Clearly the woman has been baking. She missed so many of her grandkids birthdays, she had a tendency to overcompensate. The scene in the air is not all white cake, however. But her smile is bright. She glances upstairs. "Your mother will be right down ..." which normally would be unusual.

Addison stomps in and takes off her boots. "I never heard of that story." she admits, hanging her coat neatly. She looks towards Kaitlin and the pastries. "Hi, Mrs R the First!" she glances up however, as the mention of Colleen home comes to her ears.

Vincent also takes off his boots and coat. "I read that one. Fun story." he looks towards Kaitlin and glances up as well. "Cupcakes!" he exclaims. "What kind?"

Kaitlin keeps her smile. "Actually its .... potato!" she giggles. "I found a recipe on that internet."

Fiona looks weirded out "Mom's home already?" Then she frowns thinking about her little brother. Maybe the school called her at work. She wanders into the kitchen and hugs her Gran "Did you say potato? And the internet?" She giggles "You rock Gran."

John is at work and got the text with a grimace while in a meeting he was leading with his assembly floor team. It caused and instant headache. He had texted back briefly after the meeting and said he'd be home as soon as he could. He found himself nitpicking at his line crew and then apologized to them and went into the office to take a Tylenol.

Addison giggles. "Potato cupcakes?" the giggle turns into a laugh. "Wow! You don't go on the Internet much?" she moves into the kitchen with Fiona.

Vincent laughs. "That sounds great!" he agrees heading onto the kitchen with the others and looks at the cupcakes.

Kaitlin nods. "Yes. Wasn't easy. But I have to learn that laptop computer and phone that Michael got. It's easier on the laptop. And the phone .. it does so many things! So far I only know it works because Michael called and the both text me. But that typing with my thumbs is going to take some work."

Colleen comes downstairs after a Tylenol and a cat nap to alleviate her stress. She confined Seamus to his room with the promise to get to him ... later. Possibly MUCH later. Considering his suspension was for three days, it wasn't like he was going anyplace. Having heard the kids downstairs, she moves down and smiles at them all. "Oh good, you're all here." she doesn't look like shes under stress and neither does Kaitlin, who she knows ran Seamus up one side and down the other before she caller her ... then Colleen had told John ... and now there were here. "God, Kaitlin those smell wonderful." she comes to hug her mother-in-law who was trying so hard and, in many ways, had made the last couple of weeks bearable with her presence. "But I get to bake the potatoes, remember?"

Fiona smiles at Kaitlin "You're doing great Gran. Grandma Murphy can't do much more than email. And when she opens another tab she thinks all the emails are GONE!" Fiona looks between Vincent and Addy with an I wish I was joking look. She observes her mother with curiosity, knowing she'd probably already dealt with Seamus, and smiled at her. Her mom was magic. The whole house could be in the eye of a storm during dinner and her mother would just speak calmly and still tell them to take a deep breath and chew with their mouths closed. "Hi Mom." She offered to the cause with a tone of genuine gratitude.

Addison grins a little bit. "That sounds like Dad. Now he uses his phone JUST for calls." she shakes her head, like anyone would use a telephone only for calls. "So it's alright." she looks at Colleen with some admiration.

Vincent looks completely amused. "Yea. You'll figure it out. Have fun with it. You'll probably find the laptop more fun. No thumb typing." he smiles at both of the adults.

Colleen giggles a little bit. "It must be a family trait. John can only send texts and then he acts like the technology burns." she moves around, getting the potatoes out. She looks at them carefully and then begins to laugh. "You washed them. Thank you, Kaitlin. That's the part I hate most." and she begins prepping them.

Kaitlin laughs a little. "Oh the calls and texts seem very easy. Michael is very good with his phone, but he isn't the Luddite his brother is. Must be the age difference." she looks at Colleen. "Well, I knew you had things to do." she replies subtly. "I made a peanut butter sandwich for he who shall not be named. Hope that's alright.

Addison's eyes grow large. "You're a Potterhead?" she asks, breathlessly.

Kaitlin blinks. "A what? No ... I just don't want to speaks his name right now. What's a Potterhead?"

Vincent grins at Kaitlin. "It's a story of a wizard boy who grew up in a closet." he can relate a LOT to that part. He considers. "Fi, you have the DVDs right? We could rip them for her."

Kaitlin's eyes grow big. "Sounds interesting ... I think." then she narrows her eyes. "Are you just trying to get me out of the kitchen?"

Colleen laughs. "I think you'll love it, Kaitlin. And yes, you need to rest. You've had far too exciting a day. " she glances upstairs. "I will see to it Voldekid gets something to eat."

Fiona nods "You'd love it Gran. It's a really good story, not just for kids either. There's tons of adult can borrow my's early...who's up for a marathon?" She looks around at Addy, Vincent and her Mom and Gran. "We can pause the films for food needs and bathroom breaks. Owen and Dad have seen them all a zillion times so it's fine if they come in halfway through one. And Shay...well same deal...." She glances upstairs and then awkwardly at her mother.

Addison hops up, clapping her hands in excitement. "Yes! Let the conversion BEGIN!"

Vincent laughs. "I'm up for it." he considers. "We can have potato cupcakes instead of popcorn?"

Even Colleen looks like she could use the distraction. "Let's do it!" she proclaims, and her face darkens. "Your brother can skip this one." she says, darkly. It's bad that she currently cannot make herself even speak her sons name.

Kaitlin looks around, a little guiltily. Then she moves to the pantry and opens it, revealing a large plastic tub filled with ... "I .. well .. potatoes are the theme, so I want to the store and bought a few more .. and made my home made potato chips......" she confesses. "Now show me."

Fiona looks at the potato chips Kaitlin is holding and laughs as she digs through their DVDs for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. "'re such a Hufflepuff."

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