Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Eve at the Reinhardt's Part 3 - Vincent, Fi, Kurt & Logan - Stargazing

Previously on The Days of the Alexandra Teens.....

Vincent DiAntoni smiles. Beams. He returns the kiss, the only thing keeping them from falling to the ground is the house. "Got it. Rule number one .. she loves me." he hugs her tight and finds himself lifting her off the ground and spinning her a little. "SHE LOVES ME!" he yells, completely forgetting where he is and whose around. He moves in to kiss her again and then. "Well ... yea ..." he clears his throat and sniffs. "Since I'm here and ... everything." he takes her by the hand and leads her back to the fire, pausing by Kurt. "Hi Kurt. I'm Vincent." he opens his arms for a hug, not realizing how it may go.

And now, tune in for the conclusion to the saga of the jealous boyfriend and the German Care Bear...

Kurt sees Vincent and hears his words and you never have to ask twice as far as hugs are concerned. He's still misty eyed and he hugs Vincent like he's a long lost brother "You guys...are so beautiful......LOVE...cherish it. So beautiful..." He picks Vincent right up off the ground just like he did with Fiona.

Fiona just starts laughing and can barely stop. She's a little high on emotion right now and nothing in the world could disrupt her joy, but

Vincent finds himself hugged ... in spades ... he tries to draw in a breath as he feels his feet leave the ground, but cannot. He tries again and manages to get some air in his lungs. He expels it with a "Breathing ... here ....."

Logan watches the hug and the lifting and get son his feet. "Kurt." he uses German so Kurt will understand with ease. "They are but Fiona will get angry again if you break all of his ribs." he jokes ... while being completely serious. He beams at his sister.

Kurt laughs a little and then lets Vincent down gently, making a show of brushing him off for Fiona "He is still perfect...see?" He says in his soft spoken German accent "Please don't kill me..."

Fiona beams back at Logan and then steps in after Kurt brushes off Vincent and puts her arms around him "Yes. Yes he is. She hugs Vincent very lightly after Kurt's and then gestures at the hay bale where they can sit together "Do you want to roast a marshmallow? We seem to have scared off Owen and L? Addy's off playing baseball on the ice. Seamus...well I dunno. I think he had another party. He and Owen were kind of butting heads earlier."

Kurt sits back down with Logan and forgets himself and in his excitement gives Logan a quick peck on the lips. As soon as he does it he pulls away an looks apologetic. He had just gotten used to it.

Fiona spots it and her eyes go wide. She was pretty sure Logan hadn't told the parents yet and she briefly scans the house trying to catch all the windows.

Logan laughs. "God, what did Seamus and Owen get into it over this time?" he wonders aloud before he is kissed, albeit quickly.

Vincent chuckles and puts his arm around Fiona. "It's OK .. just a misunderstanding." He's just so happy right now, between the whole love thing now being out and reciprocated and surviving the Kurt Hug. Then he sees the kiss and his brows lift.

Logan almost smiles and then looks at the window of the house, where he'd seen his mother earlier. But now no one is there. They must all be watching out to make Sure Owen doesnt burn the house down. He looks at Kurt then and cups his face with his hand. "I need to talk to my parents ... very soon ..." he murmurs and kisses Kurt a bit more deeply, even if he IS in front of Vincent and Fiona.

Fiona is about to answer Logan when she catches Vincent's look and they kiss again. She chuckles and pokes Vincent "Oh yeah and that happened. While they make out I'll just tell my big huggy conversation with Kurt? Was Kurt and I making peace about the fact that he kissed me and then more than kissed the same day. Clearly I was not the Reinhardt he was looking for...."

Kurt gasps a bit and kisses Logan back intensely. However as he does he can hear Fiona and can't help but start to laugh through the kiss. He finally breaks it and sighs "I did say I was sorry..."

Fiona grins and reassures him "And I did forgive you and meant it when I said I'm glad it worked out how it did. But if you guys ever get married, I'm telling that story at your wedding as the first speech of the event!" She jokes.

Vincent winds up laughing and bites the corner of his bottom lip. "Oh ... well... why didn't you just say so?" he grins and pulls Fiona into a one armed hug. "Better that one than this one." he agrees.

Logan laughs and moves to sit back down motioning for Fiona and Vincent to join them. The porch light is off .. the lights of the bedrooms are off. No one is worried about them. He holds Kurts hand, not as cautious as he was earlier but not putting an arm around him yet. "You wish, Vincent. If YOU guys ever get married ... I'm telling THIS story." he lifts Kurts hand and kisses it. They'll have to wait and see. If Kurt goes back to Germany when he graduates in four years ... well .. it is four years away.

Fiona hugs Vincent back moves with him to sit near her brother and his...well his boyfriend. She laughs about the story war "Alright Logan it's a pact. It's possible we might have to tell it twice." she jokes, although not totally joking sh leans on Vincent. They're young but she's thought about it, dreamed about it even once or twice.

Kurt gets misty eyes again at the affection from Logan and the conversation "You're all so romantic. If we were in ancient Egypt we'd be picking out our tombs of eternal rest together."

Fiona almost squees "Love and death talk. Better than your clock talk Kurt."

Kurt looks afronted for a moment and then laughs "But the clocks are very they use the China with the sparks....mathematical genius..." he begins. He can barely help himself.

Vincent grins and nods .. and then Kurt begins talking first about tombs, which makes him laugh a little and then clocks .. which is interesting but there is something in it that suggests that Kurt is only barely beginning. "So ... looking forward to the fireworks." he mentions the first thing that comes to his mind.

Logan laughs and looks at Kurt. He is still facing the house and can see some movement but no one near the windows really. At the word Genius he leans forward. "Hush." and he kisses Kurt deeply. One of many ways he can shut this man up and refocus him.

Fiona laughs "Alright Logan's got this sorted...and as sweet as it is, I don't really want to just watch you guys kiss all night. Vincent, do you want to go for a walk or something or in the house for a drink?"

Kurt gets cut off by a kiss, holding a finger up briefly in protest and then wrapping his arms around Logan and kissing him back. He weakly waves in Fiona's direction when she suggests they might wander elsewhere. Kurt is also considering that some privacy might be in order if Logan keeps kissing him like this.

Logan breaks the kiss. "Ok ... alright ...." he clears his throat. "I think I should show Kurt the island." he takes Kurts hand and stands. "You guys stay here and for Gods sake don't do anything I would do." and he tries to lead Kurt away. There had been a driving tour as they came onto the island but nothing detailed. He'll leave his sister and her boyfriend alone.

Vincent chuckles. "I think we're fine here." he watches Kurt and Logan and feels a little sheepish. "Man ... I really acted like a fool, didn't I?"

Kurt giggles a bit and gets pulled "Have fun beautiful..." he says with one more little sniff before they disappear.

Fiona leans into Vincent "Yes...but I get it. and if I didn't know Kurt, I'd think it was something too...he's just like that. Apparently his whole family is he said back in Germany...well the French side. But Vincent, I love YOU, not Kurt. I'm being extra nice to Kurt for my brother, and because they probably have a harder road ahead of them together than we do."

Vincent blushes a little. The longer he thinks about it, the more he realizes how fucked up he acted. "I know that now. I mean ... I hoped ... you know ... but I wanted the timing to be perfect, you know." he shrugs. "And this is what I get for trying to make everything perfect." he sighs and hugs her to him. "It's funny too, cause I love hugs. My mom gave them to me all the time but my Dad ..." he shrugs and looks in the direction Logan and Kurt went. "Yea .. the might have a hard time. But your parents are BOUND to be great!" he predicts. "And Owen too .. hell he's got it pretty bad for L ..." he pauses. "Seamus I'm not so sure about ... what happened with them, anyway?"

Fiona hugs Vincent back hard "This IS perfect, even if it didn't start that way.Then I'll hug you as often as possible. Kurt too since you let him once. I'd have to fight him off for you if he wasn't already dating my brother." She jokes and then sighs "It was about L. I don't know what's the matter with my younger brothers. They can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies at the same time. But they've been drifting lately and it makes me sad. Owen didn't tell Shay thing about L and gender so he ended up saying some stuff that came off as insensitive and then Owen looked ready to punch him...but then Shay did the thing he does where he takes the high road but is a smug little shit about it. I know because he's done it to me with mom and dad and oh my really do want to pound his little face off for it. But then Owen can be such an asshole...and he was. Something's up with Shay....I can't explain it but it's like he's saying fuck you to the world right now. I hope it's a phase....I really do...."

Vincent listens and grins. "As long as I get more hugs than any other guy ... maybe even including your Dad." he laughs and then sobers. "I wish I could help. If it's a sibling thing ... I can't really help at all, since I'm an only child." he sighs. "Maybe it is just a phase. You know ... interested in different things and shit?"

Fiona nods "You're lucky sometimes about that. I mean I do love them. Shay's harder to read. Owen's like a walking warning sign when he's pissed. He might not talk about it, but you can see it a mile away, just like my Dad....."She laughs "And I do hug you more, but don't tell him that yet. He likes you lots, but he still forgets I'm not six." She sighs "Shay's more like my mom...selective and composed on top, even when the world is falling apart. I guess we all have both...And Owen did ditch hockey this year, grew out of it. Seamus has always been the star but I think both of them playing was a HUGE connection."

Vincent nods, leaning back and looking up in the cloudless night sky. "You are DEFINITELY not six." he murmurs. "And I've seen Shay playing hockey ... glad I can opt out of it." he laughs. "So far it seems to me ... you and Logan are close ... and then Owen and Shay .. but only sometimes. I mean he's rough with his words sometimes ... remember when I came over to help pack? And Owen can be a little thin skinned ...."

Fiona looks up with him, resting her head on the space where his shoulder meets his neck and briefly turning to brush her lips on his neck "That pretty much describes it, perfectly. For someone who doesn't have do pretty well analyzing mine." She laughs and snuggles into him. "And no I'm not six...thank you for noticing that too." She laughs.

Vincent grins at the kiss, as he does to every one. He sighs a little. "In my house ...." he corrects himself. "In my Dad's house ... I learned really young to watch people. To see ... it ... coming. So I'm a pretty good observer." he shrugs just a little. "Which is how I TRY and stay on your good side. And of course your Dad's."

Fiona frowns a little "Are you worried we'll act like your Dad... either of us?"

Vincent pauses. "Not you. No. You'd be like my Mom. Loving and caring and sacrificing." he's sure of it. "Me. Sometimes ...." he closes his eyes and turns his head away, too scared even to speak the words.

Fiona gently tugs Vincent's head back and says firmly "No... you're not. In what way could you ever think you're like him?"

Vincent looks at her when she moves his head. "I told you ... he and I have fought." he reminds her. "I fought him to come here ... he didn't want to leave Toronto. I mean .. I almost DIDN'T win ... I think he just backed off because I wouldn't stop." he tightens his jaw. "He just sometimes makes me so mad I could .... kill him ...." he closes his eyes. "I hate being that angry. Hate knowing I can even GET that angry with .. anyone..." he lowers his voice. "I scares me, Fiona."

Fiona runs her fingers through his hair "I know...Vincent, you're human. And he was a monster.. to you and your mom. And half the women in town. Any sane person would get that angry... "

Vincent looks at her. "But I'm half him. I mean I know better than he does. But sometimes I really have to hold onto my temper. I mean never with anyone but him, but .. hell ... what if ..." he blows out a breath. "I know I can't what if myself, can I?"

Fiona sighs "Are you still beating yourself up about your reaction to Kurt? I forgave you already....and I understood it. Vincent, I've gotten jealous, stupidly jealous before over really dumb stuff. That's an unfortunate side effect of falling in love maybe...we want to be with the other person so badly we doubt whether we deserve them. I thought you'd likes Addy at first and I literally feel apart on her. I almost didn't ask you out because Daisy did and she's little and cute and I felt like an orge beside her. And then I was horrible to you at the mall when you were trying to tell me how out of line her mom was because I thought it was something about you and Daisy. Guess what? I'm human too and I've had trouble with temper control. I know you don't have siblings...but god even the stuff my brothers and I have done to each'd think we were ax murderers by trade. What are you what iffing about? You're allowed to be fact I love you that way."

Vincent listens and hugs her against him because she can admit to being human. "Well now we know .. I love you. You love me. Makes life simple. I like simple." he takes a deep breath. "What if I lose it with some ... European who is only being .. what he is. Friendly and huggy and stuff like Kurt. I was really trying to hold it together. I think it was his sorry and walking away ... and your look ... I was trying to just walk away from you and I couldn't." he sighs. "And someone like Daisy might love me to pound a guy just for looking at her. And Addy probably would have just gotten a bat and basked my head in trying to get me to see sense. You know EXACTLY how to handle me. Like the Rule Number One thing .... Even when I can't remember it, at least it keeps me from ... pounding your brothers boyfriend into the house." he sighs. "And i know your father was worried about it for a while. That I might be just like my father. Maybe we BOTH worried I'd be like him."

Fiona nods slowly "You know you and my Dad have the same story right? With dads....his didn't sleep around and his mom's still alive but there was abuse. He can barely look at him now and he's never let him be alone with any of us. I think maybe he was afraid of becoming his dad too. I know this sounds crazy and maybe completely awkward....but you could talk to him....or I could ask him if he would. He's kind closed about it sometimes even with us...but he might relate to you better. I will help you though, in any way I can. Rule number one is staying Vincent. I love you and you're stuck with it. There are no more Kurts..." she laughs "I can go through the list of anyone you might ever, not that there's many, meet but you're the only one I love, the only one I've ever loved."

Vincent lets out a log and thoughtful breath. "Maybe. Not tonight." he pulls her closer. "It's bad enough I am sitting here with you and talking about all this shit on New Years Eve. This is a new year for US." he grins. "I think I will be OK without knowing that. But ... man if someone like my dad ever grabbed YOUR ass ... I know you can take care of yourself, and I'm acting like a possessive ass, but ...." he shrugs. "Maybe its a guy thing. I don't know." he touches her face. "I've never loved anyone before. Thats why I wanted to be sure you were the one. One of the first times was when I really wanted to put Piccolo in the hospital for ... what he did. And then I was just trying to figure out hoe to ask you out." he sighs. "I know .. piggy, right?"

Fiona kisses him lightly "Piggy? That you felt an attraction to me?" She grins "What does that make me Miss Piggy? Cause it was me too....and I'm know about the Joey thing. I wasn't for a long time, but I am now. I think being with you and feeling safe with a guy...with you...healed some of that. But I honestly don't know if someone will take a swing at your dad if he comes back to town. Between my dad, the chief....god knows who else....But you're's new years and not a night to focus on the negative. Although I do rather like Miss Piggy...with her high kicks and her slightly smothering love for the frog....."

Vincent laughs. "Ribbit." he croaks and kisses her again. "I'll keep you safe if I can. As safe as I can." he promises. he looks around them. "You know .. if my Dad comes back here ... man ..." he shudders and listens as very loud music starts coming to their ears. From Kagiso Jacksons studio. "I love this place. I love you. Next year ... it's gonna be so much better than this one. I got a new home, new school, new woman." he grins. "So much changed for the better for me. I can't keep thinking its all gonna go to hell."

Fiona shakes her head "Only in October......the rest will be great.......Mr. Jackson's having a good new years! Hey I meant to ask. So it's just Darcy and Frank at home not like a party of her cop friends?"

Vincent nods. "Yea. Just them." he confirms. "But I asked ... Professor Sharp says they were just hanging out like friends." he pauses. "I really hope Darcy Mom isn't NOT dating because of me ..." its been something he's considered for a little while.

Fiona blinks slowly and then asks curiously "Is Darcy a lesbian too? Geez, maybe they should get together! Professor Sharp's really nice. Darcy also hasn't lived here very long Vincent. It might not be because of you...but I'm also glad she's making you a priority."

Vincent looks mildly surprised. "I thought you knew. Well I didn't know at first. But yea. She's a lesbian." he sighs. "I guess. She says she doesn't go out as much as her sister .. they're twins, but you'd never know. Mari is .. just ... very different. She wears a lot of make-up and had a boob job and .. I don't get her." he nods. "She is .. it's .. really strange for me. I mean ... I used to do it ALL .. cooking and cleaning and dishes ... now .. if I cook, she does dishes and if she cooks I do dishes ... and she odes her own laundry. I have all this free time for studying and whatnot." he thinks a moment. "I feel like .... Dobby." he snorts and chuckles.

Fiona laughs "Vincent...THAT's called normal! You wouldn't believe how my brothers try and get out of their chores...well me too sometimes if we're being perfectly honest." Fiona shudders about the boob job "Darcy's not that flat...I mean they're twins." She unconsciously looks down at her own chest "Sometimes you just gotta go with what nature intended. Anyhow...she sounds like a great person to live with and fair. She made you eat dinner and you got to miss the Owen Shay face off." She smiles.

Vincent blushes and laughs. "Well .. I feel funny not having to shoe horn in studying while cooking and doing dishes and practicing my harp when I know no one will be home." he glances at her chest. "I dunno. Not a boob man, I guess." he nods. "She's great. Real mom-like.. which is why I was glad she lets me call her Darcy Mom." he shrugs. "I've never seen them really fight. Just Shay all excited cause he thought he was gonna have his own room."

Fiona blushes when he looks right at her chest and then shrugs "Alright." The she replies to the thing about Shay "Yes because he decided you were going to marry that week when we're 14 and 15 and he'd get my room. I swear he thinks inside a lego box...but oddly that's the Shay I miss right now." She thinks for a minute and then clears her throat "Ok..personal question. If you're not a boob man, what...body part makes you look twice? I've got this weird thing about hands and forearms...which you totally have going on....when you cook or play the harp and I watch your hands......" She closes her eyes and bites her bottom lip before saying in an exhale "Yeah that..."

Vincent laughs. "Seriously? We can't get married for another four or five years. Well without parental permission ...." he clears his throat after that, "Your eyes." he replies to her question without hesitation. "I can look into your eyes forever. It's like I get more from your eyes than I do your voice." he bites his bottom lip, blushes and readjusts his sitting position. "That ... yeah ...."

Fiona looks at him with a melting sort of look "Your answer is much sweeter than mine. I also like your eyes even if I perv at your sexy hands." She teases and then noting his readjust she leans in to kiss him saying before "I also really like your mouth a lot." She catches his lips in hers and kisses him with a bit of a tug on his lips before suddenly deepening the kiss.

Vincent blushes a little and before he can answer just gets into the kiss for what feels like forever. Their deep kisses had great effect on him. When he finally breaks it, he looks into her eyes. "I should learn to give massages." he murmurs, placing a hand on her hip and moving in for another kiss. He could also kiss her forever, he realizes.

Fiona grins at him when he murmurs about massages and murmurs back "I volunteer to be your practice for that..." She wraps her arms around him and kisses him back again, deeply and a little hungrily. Confession to perving on his hands makes him want to massage her? Jackpot! God she loved him.

Vincent chuckles a little as they kiss and pulls back to continue their murmured conversation "Thank you, Boss." he presses into her. This is one of their hotter make out sessions. And he loved it.

Fiona kisses him back hard, her hands going up the back of his neck and through his hair. When he presses against her she lets out a little "Mmm" and shivers.

Vincent moans slightly into the kiss and breaks it. Looking into her eyes he almost suggests they stop, but figures the cold might keep him from uncomfortable explanations and instead moves in, trying to get even closer to her.

One of Fiona's hands had moved from his hair to the base of his neck again. When she hears and feels the moan she grips his neck slightly and emits a tiny gasp. When he breaks the kiss and looks at her she hesitates before kissing again. She can feel him getting closer to her. The fire is on the last of it's embers so they're in near total darkness. Fiona runs a hand over his cheek and asks "Are you ok?"

Vincent swallows and nods. "Oh ... yea ..." he breathes. The words feel like the understatement of the year.

Fiona grins and makes plans to move their location. She takes a blanket from the end of the hay bale and lays it down on the ground asking Vincent to move to it. Then she joins him on it and begins kissing his neck in all directions murmuring "Good... me about some stargazing?" The embers poof out fading the whole yard and the two of them to black.

It was past eleven o'clock and his personal tour of Alexandra had gone well, he thought. Logan had held Kurt's hand several times as they moved. Part of it was, being a small town, it wasn't impossible that a well meaning citizen might speak to his parent's .. which Logan didn't want to happen before HE spoke to his parents .. to his family. But now ... it was close to midnight and time to go home. The fire had died down he noticed and the porch light was out, so he stumbles a little, taking out his phone and using its light so he and Kurt did not trip. Nearing the dying fire, he heard a rustling and shined a light on a pair of feet. Guessing who they might belong to he squeezed Kurt's hand and cleared his throat gruffly.

Kurt had understood Logan's hesitation with hand holding and any public affection. He had also only come out to his own family in the past year. He let Logan decide when to express affection, feeling a little bad still for his impulsive kiss without asking. The tour was lovely and he could happily spend endless time walking and talking with Logan. When they arrived back and he saw the feet and heard the rustling he had to emit a giggle just after the throat clear.

Fiona heard the footsteps in the light snow and then saw the light, heard the throat clear and giggle and leapt sideways off Vincent, quickly straightening her sweater and smoothing her hair. She said an awkward "Oh hey..."

Vincent hadn't thought anything of the footsteps. There was Fiona and nothing more. But when she suddenly leaped off of him he sat up and leaned against the hay bale. "Uh .... you're back." he offered. In case they hadn't figured it out. "How do you like Alexandra?" he rambled.

At that point, Logan just laughed. "Hi. Yes, we're back." he looks at his sister. "I'll get some more wood. No, I'm not going in the house." he winks at them and moves to get more wood from the pile.

Fiona blushes in the darkness and then stands to help with the fire "Oh sorry... we were.... star gazing... so I let it get too low.." She says quickly "Did you guys have fun?"

Kurt is still giggling a bit as he answers both of them "Yes it is a great town. At home I am surrounded by mountain... here so much water. Beautiful. Logan is a very good guide."

Vincent leans back and brushes the back of his head, freeing it of the cold grass he hadn't even thought might be there. "Islands are neat, aren't they?" he replies. "We don't have mountains here, but the woods could be neat to explore someday." he adjusts himself. "Have you ever been out of ... it's Germany, right?"

Fiona works on clearing the burned up and out wood from the fire while she listens to the conversation, hoping Logan won't tease the heck out of them later.

Kurt nods, even though it may be vague until there's fire. "Oh yes, most of Europe. My mother is French so mostly France...but it's all so close. We've been everywhere...many are just a day trip and with the Euro now it's currency change."

Vincent nods, tugging a piece of hay now out of his hair from the bale beside where the blanket had been. "That sounds so cool." he admits. "Someday I think I would like to go to Europe. Visit Italy .. where my family is supposed to come from .. and Ireland .. and Germany ..." he looks at Fiona. He has some Irish in him, but she has more.

Logan finally trudges back with a basket of wood. His eyes twinkle with mirth, but he says nothing to his sister. Yet. Instead, he begins to add logs to the firs, working to get it blazing again.

Fiona sees Vincent with strands of hay in his hand as the fire begins to glow anew and suppresses a smirk. She swallows "I'd like to see Italy and Ireland for sure, And we'd have to go see Great Aunt Hilda. How is she Kurt? She sent us a card and chocolates but we haven't spoken for awhile."

Kurt nods "Italy is great...the food....oh they know the food. Beautiful! And Hilda is like an oxen. She hiked into the black forest and cut down her own Christmas tree before I left. She is very good friends with my grandmother. They play cards and drink Jagermeister at New Years so that's what they're sleeping off as we speak. It's already the new year back home..." He thinks about this and beams "I'm German..I should kiss you all!" He steps towards Vincent first leaning down to where he is seated and reaching for him "May I?" One might think Kurt was simply planning a little peck on the cheek. "Frohes neues Jahr!"

Vincent, who is still messing with his hair, replies. "I got a pasta maker for Christmas and I'm a pretty good cook, if I do say so myself." he barely glances at Kurt, expecting more European hugs and because for a quick kiss like he might get from Darcy's family. "Sure." he replies, absently.

Logan listens. "Vincent is a FANTASTIC cook." he corrects and when Kurt asks for a kiss he looks up over the renewed flames. This ought to be interesting.

Kurt glances to Fiona before enacting the first new year's kiss "Handsome, devoted to you, AND he cooks. It's just so beautiful!" And suddenly he takes one side of Vincent's face in his hand and gives him a firm peck right on the lips before saying again "Frohes neues Jahr!"

Fiona can't help herself. She just starts to laugh."Sure Kurt, you may as well now." Before Vincent can react Kurt walks up to her now and kisses her the same way. She keeps laughing, almost through it and says the greeting back to Kurt before he moves to Logan "Frohes neues Jahr Kurt!"

Kurt walks toward Logan now and then looks around and at the windows "May I?'

Vincent is so taken aback by the kiss, he simply stares wide eyed, completely missing that he then went and kissed Fiona too.

Logan sees Vincent's wide eyes stare and laughs. Sure. Lets show them how it's done." he already knows no one is looking and he pulls Kurt close and kisses him deeply for many long beautiful seconds.

Fiona watches Vincent, still chuckling and then sits down beside him saying quietly "Am I going to have to kick his ass later?" as a joke. She looks up seeing Kurt and her brother now and smiles waiting for Vincent to come back to clarity.

Kurt kisses Logan most enthusiastically, so glad he can right now and hoping telling Logan's parents goes well so they can continue to enjoy this happiness. He pulls back and looks at Logan with absolute sincerity saying "Frohes neues Jahr Logan."

Vincent blinks once or twice, coming back to reality. He looks at Fiona and takes her hand, giving it a squeeze. "No ... I'm thinking they might have their own Rule Number One." he watches them. "What a night ....."

Logan finally breaks from the kiss. "Frohes neues Jahr, Kurt." he breathes, and blows out a breath. "This calls for hot chocolate." he turns and heads for the porch.

Fiona leans into his shoulder "Maybe." She chuckles "That would be nice for Logan. Kurt will hug and kiss us all for years though." She laughs again. The fire is going and it warms them nicely.

Kurt grins widely and follows.

Fiona looks after her brother and his new beau and looks thoughtful "Vincent....I think you need some hot chocolate....stay right here...I'll get it!"

Kurt is sipping his by the door and smiling "Just a hint of hazelnut...very nice.." He comments.

Fiona almost shoves past him to get two cups "Sorry...yes hazelnut...we like that. Scuse me boys..." She smiles briefly at her brother and brings two cups back for she and Vincent. Sitting down with him she smiles sweetly at him. She takes one sip of hers and then wobbles and stumbles forward handing him his and literally tosses at the front of his jeans. It's not so much hot anymore as warm, thankfully. Awkwardly and louder than she seems to realize she says "Oh...shit I'm so sorry...your pants!."

Vincent sits and nods, leaning back a little and glancing up again at the night sky. Fiona returns and stumbles, spilling hot chocolate on the bottom of his hoodie, the sweat shirt under it and the front of his pants. He hops up. "Yikes." he cries and holds he wet shirts away from his body. "No .. don't worry about it. Ugh!" he assures Fiona that he is alright.

Logan's head snaps up at the cry and he rushes over. "You, OK, Vincent?"

Vincent nods, still dripping chocolate. "Yea, but I'm a mess. Ugh!" he looks int he direction of home, wincing.

Logan follows his gaze. "Don't even think about it." he snorts and motions to the door at ground level at the back of the house. "It's just chocolate. Tell you what. Let's go up to my place and I'll lend you a sweat suit or something. I think I can trust you to return them to me."

Vincent looks at Logan gratefully. "Seriously? Thanks. I owe you."

Logan motions for Vincent to follow. "We'll be right back." he calls.

Fiona calls after him "I'm so sorry..." and then looks gratefully at Logan "Thank"

Kurt comes to sit by Fiona "It all comes out in the wash as they say." He grins at her "So, is he...the ONE?" he teases.

Fiona smiles "Yep. The one and only. What about you...and that redheaded guy over there?" He knows she means her brother.

Kurt grins and nods and then looks up teary eyed "It's so beautiful."

Fiona has to laugh now "Kurt, you're adorable....I kinda feel like you have PMS all the time...but adorable."

It takes them about ten minutes, but they return in time. It's just in time for the party to begin to regroup.

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