Monday, November 21, 2016

Addy and Kit text - Monday Teen rp Prelude

Kit: .who is this  1:09 PM
Addy: Addy looks at her text message, but doesn't yet have the number in her phone so the text message is literally just a number. She replies "I'll tell you if you tell me who YOU are" 1:10 PM
Kit: Kits is sitting on his bed spread like a star dish with phone in air as type "this is kit" he adds a lot of emoji mainly like 5 smiley faces and then some random letters like it was an accident " hwhshs" 1:14 PM
Addy: Addy looks at her phone and laughs. "This is Addy, do you remember me?" sha adds his number to her contacts now she has it. 1:16 PM
Kit: Kit beams and excitedly put like 8 smiley faces before "Omg hihi how you . Is your dad okay. Was he drunk!?? I don't I wanna drink when turn 21 lol!!!" 1:19 PM
Addy: Addy looks at the text, completely amused. "I'm good. My dad isnt a drunk He owns a bar. Why 21? Legal age is 19 here." 1:22 PM
Kit: He looks confused scratching his crotch then his head.. then texts back "oh.. wicked! ! A OMG I mean omg I thought it was like Florida u have to be 21 to be drink without getting in trouble. . That's cool can u like drive like at 14 or something. I can drive lol 1:28 PM
Addy: Addison giggles to herself and all but squees .. "It's like he'd frickin FIVE! I love it!!" and then she replies to him "16 to drive and 19 to drink. You're 18 so yea ... you can drive. Good for you." 1:47 PM
Kit: He smiles at the as read "Yeah I had an old truck but it got wr3cked cuz this lamo dude ran red light ND crashed me. It was a bummer cuz I missed going to Daytona with some friends. Wait how did I get number. . Did I ask for it.. I think I remember getting a number from a fellow ball player.. " 1:54 PM
Addy: Addy looks at the phone a long time and considers. Then she opts for the truth. "I put it in your contacts DUH" and adde a cutsie smiley 1:55 PM
Kit: Aww that a cute emoji.. you mind me of ariel or ginny Weasley lol " he chuckles so hard he drops his phone on his head . " I just knock myself up lol " he add a ROFL emoji the sends a second txt " when did you put it in.." he texts without thinking and doesn't think to fix auto correct 2:03 PM
Addy: Addison stares at the long message and then just laughs until she cries. "Ginny Weasley? Just cause I'm a redhead? and ... I didnt father your baby and WHAT tit I put in WHERE???" 2:14 PM
Kit: Blinks "no cuz your like her I think like the movie.. babies and tits? " he panics " I didn't say anything about babies or tits.. " he is bright red.. " I mean I dropped my phone on my head and when did you get your number in my phone.. I can't like u like that. . It's against the law rigjt.." he types frantically. ." Gimmy is my favorite of the movie cuz she was nice to neville and went to the ball with him... neville my favorite too.. cuz he got pick on" he types 2:25 PM
Addy: Addy laughs so loud her father knocks. "No I'm fine, Dad! Really ... I just.. I'm great. Videos!" she has to wait a few minutes before she can thumb type even a little bit. "You're only 4 yrs older than me but yea. Too old." she sighs and continues. "I'm nice to you. You kind of remind me of Neville or maybe Krum." 2:39 PM
Kit: He read this and types back " I wish!! Lol if was as good at baseball as he was at his sport I'd have a signed contact with a major or minor league baseball team already. . I'm goo! But not that good not even college team good but what do I know lol" he relaxes "I don't think I get into the academy cuz.. well do I know.. lol.. maybe. I'll find tomorrow or something. . In the meantime I'll have to go to Cedar .. and put up with the mean girl wannabes at my school. . Wish they hush about this dance thing 2:50 PM
Addy: Addy grins as she reads. "Well you're good enugh for the sports, but they get picky on academics. A dance in CP? Theres a formal here everyones all excited about on Dec 17" she ends with a shrug emoji 3:01 PM
Kit: He types " I like nice people " he ends it with thumbs up emoji "Yeah that one!! They wanna go so bad .. I'm like go then.. it's a free country. . I think. Girls are weird why can't they be chill like u are.. 3:05 PM
Addy: Addison smiles softly. "THanks. I'd go if someone asked me, but the boys here either think I am too smart or too athletic ... IOW gay" 3:07 PM
Kit: It's like a light was turned on " I got like smart idea.. I can go with u so a the girl's here would leave me alone and b hush up the poser at ur school kill 1 bird witj 2 stones lol. Not that think Killin bird is xool. . Unless you got to eat 3:13 PM
Addy: Addison stares at the message for a long time. "Sure ... we can do that if you want." she giggles thinking she has a date ... or close enough. SHe shakes her head at the one bird and two stones thing. "How are your grades?" 3:20 PM
Kit: He smiles naively "it'll be fun like that yule ba thing . I like that town . It's really Christmas town there. " well I pass my classes enough to stay eligible to play and march.. i was pretty dang good at the quads in my marching band back home.. so like c and b even! ! " he smells to himself 3:25 PM
Addy: Addison grins and replies. "Yea, they're winter crazy here. This year more than ever. So you pass your classes. That's great." not great enough to get him in the Academy but ... at least he isnt THAT slow? 3:28 PM
Kit: Yeah it's hard but I'm a very hard worker so have review it over and over and do extra credit but yeah I usually pass except in Jr high I had to repeat the 8th grade 3:32 PM
Addy: So that's why your 18 in the last year of HS? You get it if you hear it enough? 3:34 PM
Kit: Yeah basically that how I learn audio visual lol but yeah I turn 19 on new years day lol but don't think I'll drink 3:39 PM
Addy: I'll have to remember that. I'm Feb 22 .. you know 2/22 easy to remember 3:49 PM
Kit: He was doing the dishes when and stops and tries to type w ith wet handband after while he dries witj on his boxers short lol "mindet to slef to dry hands before bout so say all three aren't you lucky . I'll put it in my calendar cuz I get forgetful lol" he laughs so hard 3:56 PM
Kit: That his dad looks him weird . " I had to wipe my hands on my boxers lol XD 3:57 PM
Addy: Addy has moved into the living room and sees both messages and facepalms. "I'll remind you Neville. I'll get you a rememberall for your birthday." 4:01 PM
Kit: Lol those are reall! I thought those were just prop at the park. . He types softly 4:12 PM
Addy: Addison falls off of the couch laughing. So it takes her a minute to reply. "No they're not real, but I would get you one if you needed it. I'll just have to be your Rememberall." 4:16 PM
Kit: He smile " I still have some chocolate frog that I got the day before we left. I like that yes ur my rememberall lol what I'm i" he types on his boxers "I'm cold " 4:22 PM
Kit: Clothed only in his hufflepuff boxers 4:23 PM
Addy: Addy smiles and sighs a little. "Deal. And if your cold get under a blanket. It's November, goof." 4:45 PM
Kit: Nah I'm all good i crank up the heat. . I'm in short and tank and listening the beach boys lol they're hufflepuff short cuz loyal and hardworking lol 4:48 PM
Addy: Addison tries to imagine Kit in shorts and a tank and has to clear her throat. "Welcome to Canada, Florida boy!" 4:49 PM
Kit: Thank you . Where's my maple syrup lol 4:51 PM
Addy: Addison was cutting some vegetables for her salad when the text message comes in and she shakes her head. "You're the sap!" 5:04 PM
Kit: Nah just me kit " types back "fine what do I get Hawaiian get leied what do get a necklace made out of maple leafs.. 5:07 PM
Addy: Addy chokes on her soda. "He's gonna kill me." she murmurs to herself. "A blanket." she texts him. 5:10 PM
Kit: He send. " wanna go Hawaii one day and get leied and see those ladies in the grass skirt. And go surfing!!Omg!!" 5:17 PM
Addy: Addison gapes open mouthed at the text. Kit apparently has no social filter whatsoever. "Ice skating here. Do you know how to?" 5:20 PM
Kit: Yea I know how . They have ice rinks in Florida they even have a ice hockey team which I'm a big fan of lol . I said that to girl once and she started kissing me.. I didn't even like her plus.. she had a boyfriend and he punch me " he sends a shrug emoji 5:25 PM
Addy: Nice. You have a girlfriend now? 5:32 PM
Kit: Nah.. I had one but she dumped me .. I don't keep a girlfriend to long.. they either jus have sex with and leave or I have a girlfriend for a while and she ends up mad and dumps me. 5:41 PM
Addy: Pity. Why do they get mad @ u 5:46 PM
Kit: Idk . Beat me they just do . Cuz I forget things. . Or I sound stupid and they're friend tell them to dump me cuz I'm a retard . Idk.. I don't mean to forget. I'd ask some of the girls here but they're either too you too mean or too unavailable ..." 5:49 PM
Addy: I dont think your retarded just a little slow to think but quick to talk. Wait what do you mean too ME? 5:58 PM
Kit: Too young I mean sorry type o . " he ponders about " I think so you like 14 and I'm about to be 19.. I don't wanna go to jail or anything not again.. serve a half day cuz of a misunderstanding. . I'm not homophobe but this dude..yeah.. was looking at me like some jerk look at ladies. . Calling me sweetheart. . I'm okay with gay dudea.. my just friends is gay but it was creepy.. icky 6:06 PM
Addy: Addy looks and sighs "I'm 15 not 5." she growls to the phone. Then she replies. "Oh so you got in a fight with a gay guy? And got ARRESTED?" 6:15 PM
Kit: " Yeah something like that. And also in jail.. but they released me and I just found not guilty since he groped me and people saw it.. I punch him when I did.. " he sigh and regrets typing that..and quickly "jes... just don't tell I said that..that just slipped out" 6:21 PM
Kit: He did* 6:23 PM
Addy: Addison looks wide-eyed at the message. "Your secrets safe with me. Just .. dont let shit liek that slip out Kit. You could get in trouble." 6:39 PM
Kit: Why.. I don't understand. . I didn't do anything wrong. . Maybe I said something to him.. like the women. . Idk.." 6:40 PM
Addy: Just ... watch your mouth Kit. You have this way of saying way too much completely innocently. 6:42 PM
Kit: Ok.. ill do better. But youre different ur like buddy.. i kinda feel that .end it with a smiley. 6:45 PM
Addy: Addison looks at the message after she sets the table. "Oh isnt THAT just fucking peachy. Buddy Addy." she looks a little listless as she replies. "You're my buddy too. I have to eat dinner, then chores, then get ready for school then bed so .. goodnight." she sends it with a sigh. 6:48 PM
Kit: Thanks addy. I'm glad I met u.. best thing that happened to me !! OK have a great night and day at school . Can I tell the girls that I have date to ball so they stop bothering me 6:52 PM
Addy: Addy takes another peek and beams. "Sure. Tell them you have a date ME. I'm only 15 but I'm better than THEM!" 7:01 PM
Kit: Okay but I won't get in trouble will i.. he looks and back space.. ill tell that you're prettier and nice then any girl I met and u got a great arm. 7:05 PM
Addy: You're fine .. but yo better meet with my Dad .. I'll make the arrangements and get back to you by Friday. Thanks Kit you're the best 7:07 PM

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