Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lest we Forget - Just before Nov 11th - Darcy, Mert, Frank and Sam

**This was a day or two before Remembrance Day ic**

Darcy walks out of her building and then happens to turn her head back to look at it and scowls. Another one? It was November 9th for Pete's sakes. She touches the poppy on her uniform lapel and heads to work, a sour expression on her face as she passes more and more Christmas decor en route. She pushes open the door and shuffles silently to her desk looking really conflicted by the time she sits and turns on her computer. She hasn't even really greeted anyone with anything beyond a non committal nod.

Mert is sitting at the desk, but she is quiet for a change, typing away on something. Probably memos.

Sam Wright sees Darcy come in while he is on the phone and absently waves. "I don't know, mayor Sewid, but to me, it sounds like a dreidel not a top." he pauses. "Yes, sir that cheap little Jewish toy. Yes Sir, we DO have a couple of Jewish people in town. Non-practicing, but ..." he sighs. "Well sir, it could be part of the Winter celebration." he pulls the phone away from his ear and squawking can be heard. "Yes, sir, I will track down the Jew and have a word with him. Have a nice day, sir." he hangs up and shakes his head.

Frank Sharp laughs. "He has no idea, you put a dreidel on his desk, does he?"

Sam snorts. "He doesn't even seem to realize it is MY family that are the local Jews." he shakes his head. "Hey Darcy." he greets her.

Josh Greene marches inside, frowning deeply. "Is it Remembrance Day week already?" he demands to know. "The damn pavilion is up .. its ALL going up. Is Brate back yet? Do I have to start selling souls to get him back in his damn office?" he doesn't wait for a single reply, but heads into his office and slams the door.

Darcy seems distracted and doesn't answer Sam or tune into the dreidel conversation with Frank. Normally that would be totally her sense of humour. When Josh rants she perks up at the words remembrance day and then her shoulders slump as she works at her computer, her typing becoming a little forceful on the keyboard as she stabs her fingers into the keys and fumes.

Frank watches Josh but doesn't finch with the door slams. "He is not a happy Chief." she rolls her eyes and grabs a set of keys. "Off to patrol." she doesn't sound at all concerned that anything will happen. In a moment she is out the door and in a car.

Sam looks at Darcy. "Are you alright, Darcy?" he wonders, looking over at her. "Winter Festival can get a little intense around here. This year its all happening so much earlier ... well the lights and snow flakes. This..." he motions towards the windows sort of indicating the wreaths and the construction down the street of the pavilion. "Is right on schedule. It'll all be done on Remembrance Day, just in time for the official shopping season." he shrugs. "Much as I bitch, they are actually pretty good about keeping religion out of it all." he admits.

Darcy swivels in her chair to face Sam more directly and then starts to emphasize points in a rant with her flat open hand chopping in the air at each one "I know this is early for Adum hand chop so he could come home to his favourite season...I get that. hand chop But does it have to be so much, so soon?" hand chop She sighs and drops her hand and asks more sadly "You're all talking about Remembrance Day like it's part of Christmas....." she remembers Sam's faith "Hanukkah....or the Winter festival. But it's not a festive day. It's a day of observing and reflecting on those who have given their service to the country and fallen in wars. Does Alexandra even acknowledge that?"

Sam listens to the rant and witnesses the hand chop. "Remembrance Day actually IS very important around here." he tells her, his face serious. "There is a service in the pocket park behind the cop shop here." he motions towards the back of the building. "The mayor speaks and so do a couple of the towns other Veterans. We have several. The mayor, Lieutenant Greene, Nico Cato, Mr Zabat just to name a few. It's pretty much an all day event, and its what USUALLY kicks off the Winter Festival. Just with Brate and the shooting ... Alexandra needs that shot in the arm." he moves forward, knowing a little of her background. "We aren't forgetting anyone. Just ... no black bunting." he tries to insert a little humor.

Darcy exhales, deflating a bit "Sorry I unloaded on you. That's good to know Sam."

Sam smiles. "It's the official end of the cursed time." he twiddles his fingers and shrugs. "If you believe in that sort of thing. If you don't then its a small thing in a small town before things get really light and cheery and happy." he pauses. "Did you know Winter Festival last through Valentine's Day?" he asks.

Darcy grins "Must be SOME festival then. I know Quebec and Manitoba have winter festivals that last a week or two, lots of frozen maple syrup on a stick, sledding for the kids and drinking and dancing for the grown ups. We lived in a few of those places near bases. Always fun if you're dressed for it....colder than here."

Sam shrugs. "Well 'festival' is a relative thing." he concedes. "There plenty of concerts and sales and the like. Not EVERY weekend after Christmas but that festive feeling remains." he shrugs. "It's so stressful here for about 60 days, that a time of celebration for 120 seems a fair trade? Thats how it always felt to me, as a kid anyway."

Darcy picks up her usual mug off her desk and stands "This is by far the most interesting town I've lived in yet. A crime festival followed by a festive festival....." She chuckles heading for the machine to get a coffee.

Sam laughs. "Hey ... if it helps ... spring and summer here are more or less boring as hell. Small town normal." he offers watching her. While she pours her coffee he glances out the window to see Mayor Sewid being chastised by Miss Norris. "And this is probably the yearly complaint about how the Winter Festival isnt religious ENOUGH." he sighs.

Darcy glances at what Sam's talking about and rolls her eyes as she pours creamer and sugar in her coffee "That woman....why does she even live here? She doesn't seem to like it at all. I mean is there even a church for all her bible thumping? My mother couldn't find one when she was here....I mean fine by me."

Sam turns away from the sighs and picks up his own coffee. "There is no church or any other religious institution in Alexandra. She ... practices at home. Think Carrie." he snorts. "Except her kids bailed YEARS ago and never looked back. I'd feel sorry for her but ... it was rough passing her house when I was in school. Me and my brother. Then just Alex." she shakes it off and sips. "She stays because this is her home and we are her calling. To save us in our various sins."

Darcy sips and then says "She wants to save US? Interesting. Always the people who need more compassion for others who can't see their own pain sometimes. It is sad...."

Sam snorts. "Yea. On the logical side, the woman has to be damn miserable. She blames all her problems on God yet thinks her God is only making her faith stronger. What the kind of Catch 22 god is that?" he smiles and pats her on the back. "Just try and enjoy our little schizophrenic town." he advises. "It's not always easy, but it IS possible."

Darcy smiles at Sam "Thank you. I guess it's still culture shock...which is funny to say about a place in Canada." she laughs "I'll follow your lead Sam."

Sam laughs. "Oh you're in trouble." he teases. "I am one of the native freaks. Jewish mother, hippy father. Dietary nightmares in school because I kept Kosher and my brother was allergic to almost every food known to man." he looks at her with mock compassion.

Darcy leans on the edge of Sam's desk "One day you'll meet my family...and you'll suddenly understand that we're both freaks on an equal plain."

Sam chuckles and sits at his desk. "If you bring me home, be prepared for laughter and nose jokes." he warns her. "It's actually my brother who is tall and handsome ... but he is very food sensitive. I'm just .... quazi Kosher." he laughs. "Wasn't your family in town for Thanksgiving? I didn't get to meet any of them, but I remember you having the day off because of the holiday. DO you need Christmas too?"

Darcy shakes her head "No, my parents are taking a trip. My sister's coming but that actually means I want to work....I love her but she can be a bit much. We're twins so that might amuse folks here....except she has more hair and perfume and boobs falling out of her dresses." She jokes.

Sam laughs. "Twins Basil!" he says in a very bad British accent. "I let the Christians have Christmas, even if they don't practice. This year it will probably be me, you and Greene."

Darcy rolls her eyes and laughs and then shrugs "I get dragged to church when I visit my mom but I don't recite along anymore with all the doctrine. What's Greene?"

Sam chuckles at her rolling eyes. "I know I'm incorrigible. Napoleon complex or some shit." he sighs and lowers his voice. "Greene is just sort of bitter. Bad breakup or something while I was away in New York with my mother. Unfortunately I am not sure. Alex is a lousy gossip." he rolls his own eyes.

Darcy frowns "That too bad." She smiles "Napoleon...I have a song for you and then I should hit the reports..." She pulls out her phone and clicks her YouTube app "Apparently Ani Difranco wrote this one for Prince."

Sam listens, not reaching for the phone. "Nice." he grins. "Yea ... there was a man after my own height." he chuckles. "But I could never wear heels. I've got a girl or two who wear them all the time it seems. Damn things look dangerous, but Kitty at least dances in them like Prince did ... doesn't even stumble, never mind break her ankle." he chuckles.

Darcy settles back into her desk "Fuck no to heels, dresses really too for the most part since I was a kid and my mom made me...and most things girly. But your lady wears them very...... well." She gives Sam a little knowing wink and grin that might be revealing a bit more of who she is and turns around.

Sam arches his brow, catching on immediately. "That she does." he admits as Darcy turns around. "But the fucking things put her well over six foot. Good thing I am secure in myself." he laughs then sobers. "Cath wasn't ... that's Kitty. Catherine. When we first got together she thought she was a freak ... too tall for a woman and all that." he sighs. "One good thing about being a man is there few fashion problems for us. My worst strike is being too short and a nose that reaches halfway back to Jerusalem."

Darcy starts typing but is clearly still able to banter in the one she's working on "I'm sure you've heard all the Cyrano and C. D. Bales cracks. Humans come in all shapes and sizes Sam. You're both awesome as long as you're happy."

Sam moves to his desk and collects some papers. "Yes, and Jamie Farr, too. I love MASH." he grins. "But I prefer to be compared to Cyrano, I suppose, if I have he choice." he pauses. "You know, we should go out sometime. Me and you with Cath. Maybe even Sharp. Theres a great club in Vancouver that sort of caters to all humans. Being Alexandra cops, we tend to throw a lot of cold water on the crowd at the Door, so we don't bother. Plus professional reputation and all."

Darcy looks up from her computer and nods, picking up what he's meaning "I like all humans. Sounds like a plan. Besides my sister is already forging a reputation at the Blue Door when she's been in. I've gotten a few comments from men in town who think they know my face.....or a hell of a lot more...." She shudders "Downfall of being a twin."

Sam begins to type and suddenly his fingers twitch botching an already impossible to spell name. He laughs as he backspaces. "Well have Kitty set them straight. And she'll do it in more or less hilarious fashion." he promises. "Most people have no idea I have a brother. Alex rarely leaves the house, especially now that I'm back. I had one old lady who knew him from the pharmacy ask me if he'd died." he sighs deeply and gets back to typing again.

Darcy reacts alarmed "Oh my god...what a thing to ask you? Does Alex WANT to go out and it's just the allergies?"

Sam shrugs and looks over his shoulder. "Yea but it happens more than you might think. And sure he does. He has a friend .. Rain March? She gets it .. and tries to get Alex to go to her restaurant. Maybe when the cold weather kicks in and kills some of the allergens. For now, he orders some of her delivery, I think." he pauses. "But I think she might be able to get him to get out of the house ... but Alex is so .. isolated ... since we were kids. It didnt do him a lot of good."

Darcy double clicks to print and then stands up to walk to the printer "Well Rain is friendly enough. I do like her food...way too close to home. Honestly, I CAN cook...but this town is making me lazy." She looks at the machine "What the...." and lifts up the cover "Aww it's jammed again...shit."

Sam stands and sighs on his way to the printer. "Rain was named SO incorrectly. She's a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. Exact OPPOSITE of Eeyore and his rain cloud." he taps her shoulder and motions her away. "It's a delicate dance." he lifts up the main part of the machine. "Come on now. Give Daddy the paper." he speaks to it like its a young child as he works on the jam. "Uncle Adum isnt here and mean old Uncle Josh will shoot you, forcing us to type on the old Royals in the basement until Uncle Adum can charm the mayor into a replacement for you." the paper comes out and Sam closes the lid and presses 'reset' .. and it begins to work. He stage whispers to Darcy. "Children need a firm hand."

Darcy steps back, arms folded and watches and then laughs "Father of the year. Has Josh actually shot any? It wouldn't surprise me."

Sam takes his well deserved bow and continues his stage whisper. "Uncle Adum got this little baby by having Uncle Josh unjam it every time it jammed ... at Lucky Seven, it was kicked to death." he winks.

Darcy takes her copies "Clearly involuntary manslaughter...and they don't call you Uncle Sam do they?" She teases as she heads back to her desk "thanks for that by the way."

Sam nods. "I agree and no. He's tall and skinny, like our version of Santa Clause. I'm short and skinny." he chuckles and bows. "Always willing to help a fellow officer and beautiful lady, even if she'd never go out with me because my chest is too small." he teases right back.

Darcy grins "Nothing personal Cyrano. I'm sure you're a real rock star in the sack." she jokes more bluntly "And you already have quite the goddess as your muse." Mert transfers a call to Darcy's desk and she answers it "Lynch here.....mmmhm.......yeah......ok.....thank you." She hangs up and jots something down on a piece of scrap paper for later follow up.

Sam chuckles. "I am." he agrees. "And I have a couple, but so does Kitty. We're those kinds of people. It's all good." he doesn't comment on the call. If it's something he needs to know, she'll tell him.

Darcy looks up after the call like it wasn't something she needed to share, just know. She nods, thinking "Swingers. Whatever makes you happy. I don't think I could pull it off, too short attention span." She says with a chuckle.

Sam laughs, back at his desk and printing out his own report. "Thats the best reason to BE a swinger, when you can't concentrate on one person forever. Kitty is my sole exception." He stands to retrieve the report from the printer. "But I'm one of those people that just wants to see others happy."

Darcy still looks intrigued by it all and points at Sam "I might have questions for you, not appropriate for workplace conversation." She snickers and then changes the topic "So that park...what's it called again? What time does that all start? Is it the typical 11th hour on the 11th day plan or some crack of dawn 21 gun salute?"

Sam nods. "Then we'll have to meet when neither of us is on duty then." he shrugs. "Believe it or not, Alexandra is just like everyone else. The 11th hour. 11th day. Both because it's right and because it's normal. And we really DO strive for normal around here." he looks over his report. "Tell me when you want to meet. We usually have the same days off, so unless you have plans ..." he's pretty open.

Darcy smiles "I'll think on that and I'll put my uniform on for Friday. You're a good guy Sam. I'm glad to know you."

Sam nods. "Good. I look forward to you seeing Alexandra .... as normal as it gets around here." he winks and heads for Greene's office.

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