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Theta Sigma Shops Day RP - Doc, Ase, Lokii, Vincent, Fiona

Ase Sjong: You get a job yet bro?

Vincent.DiAntoni  rushes up to Fiona, panting slightly. "Got lost." he rolls his eyes.

Lokii Sjong  yeah almost i still got the last interview

Fiona.Reinhardt  leans in and kisses Vincent on the cheek "I confused you by mentioning that bookstore. Sorry." She reaches and pushes on the big heavy metal door "Oh my god..." She laughs "This place looks cool." She steps in and looks all around and up. Seeing two other teens she smiles briefly at them and the woman behind the counter.

Doctor Song hi guys   coffee's?

Ase Sjong: Hi

Vincent.DiAntoni  chuckles. "Another test of my intelligence, Boss." he looks around as they enter. "Yea .... check out the stonework. It's like a castle in here." he glances at Fi. "Coffee?" he wonders, glancing at the other teens as well. He glances at the chick with the blue hair and nods, not actually saying anything.

Lokii Sjong  sofa's Free Over here  my Sis and I don't bite ... Hard!

Fiona.Reinhardt  looks at the coffee board and then gives another little smile to the girl who said hi. She wiggles her brows at Vincent "Well if we're going to achieve world domination, I do have to test you frequently. And yes, coffee, always coffee." She looks to the boy who speaks of biting "Have you measured that scientifically?" Curiously she steps toward the sofa "And do you have all your own teeth.....that impacts the study of course."

Ase Sjong laughs "As far as i know he hasn't gotten dentures yet.  I'm Åse  and this is my twin Bro Lokii."

Vincent.DiAntoni chuckles and heads for the counter, already knowing how Fi wants her coffee. And she knows he will bring it to her just as she likes it. It's turning into a part of their unique dynamic. "Two coffee's please." he tells the woman at the counter. he looks around, assuming the usual for places liek this with plain coffee to get it black. "Space for cream and sugar and stuff please."

 Doctor Song:  You Got It

 Lokii Sjong Hey tante Rose  add on   some cookies my treat.  a Big pile for all of us.  come Join us guys.

Fiona.Reinhardt  sits on the couch, giving Vincent a grateful look and then glances between the siblings "You should really check his teeth if he has a cookie habit." She jokes to Ase "I'm Fiona and that's Vincent. We just came from shops class, we're the imports from Alexandra. Hide all your cats or they may become magnetically attracted to the vibrations of our island and follow us home."

Ase Sjong  Cats can't be owned they just let us serve them . and Lokii's  teeth are pretty good they made it 17 years

Vincent.DiAntoni waits patiently at the counter, arching his brow at the boy boosting their order and narrowing his eyes very slightly. "Yea." he raises his voice to be heard. "We're what happens when Hitler and Mussolini become a couple." he looks at the counter lady. "What's the total?" he goes into his pocket for his wallet.

 Doctor Song: Looks  Like my  wards  waved your tab tonight on th e house

Lokii Sjong  it's cool guys   seriously    after school and after Job Corps it gets boring here so concider this a gift in exchange for hanging with us for a bit

Fiona.Reinhardt  looks carefully over to Vincent, the counter person and back to the twins "OK, but let us leave a tip after?" She frowns at Vincent "If you're Mussolini...." She grumbles "No I'm thinking some sort of Matriarchal tribal den mother goddess figure who has those tranquilizer darts she blows at people who disobey. I've always wanted those." She looks to the twins "Can you imagine how much fun that would be? What's the Job Corps? Some kind of mentoring thing?"

Ase Sjong Yeah Pretty much a mentoring program  Lokki and I are trying to keep ourselves from going nuts   they are holding us back a year so  we will be at even levels with kids our age next year so we are (sigh) repeating alot of stuff  we learned back in Norway.

Vincent.DiAntoni  arches his brow, but takes a ten out of his thin not wad of cash. He sets it on the counter. "I pay." he replies, tersely. "You either earn my friendship, or you don't. It's not for sale." he takes the coffees, if they've been offered and turns towards the couch, handing Fiona hers and sitting beside her. "I'll take insane Italian dictator. Give me time to work on that mustache. But yea ..... I can see the tribal goddess, Boss." then he sips, just a bit sullenly.

Lokii Sjong it's all good  wasn't trying to offend.  Mumbles to self  i am a dork

Fiona had nodded along with Ase "Norway, cool. That would be a bit tedious." She watches and listens to Vincent with a slightly surprised expression which settles into a thoughtful look. She takes the coffee from his hand with a quieter than normal "Thank you." and a sideways look that has a very we may talk about this moment later vibe to it. She smiles kindly at Lokii and offers "It's all good. Thank-you." She clears her throat and looks back to Ase "So how long have you been living here then?"

 Ase Sjong about 3 weeks Before that we were camping out on the boat till the house was finished.  Our tante Rose  has  taken over for our mom who has advanced something or other.  Oh and  hmm  yeah you could pass for Hel or Morrighan

Ase Sjong: and that  Makes you cerranos  or as we call him Baldur

Vincent.DiAntoni  shrugs, but relaxes bit. "It's alright." and, catching Fiona's glance, simply shrugs again and sips at his coffee, listening. Sometimes Fiona really was better at the social interaction ... thing. He looks at Loki and ALMOST says something, then doesn't. It's like a nearly physical struggle with testosterone.

Lokii Sjong so  whats to do outside of hijacking a ferry and going to Vancouver?

Fiona.Reinhardt  takes in what Ase said about the houseboat, looking concerned about their mom at that part and actively listening to her. Fiona bites her lip watching Vincent with a little sigh and then a small smile "Baldur huh....I just call him Minstrel." She winks at Vincent and then slips her hand into his from underneath before looking back at Lokii "Well I've never hijacked one but there's a thought. Brings about the possibility of total piracy doesn't it? What does this town have going on besides books and cool coffee shops?"

Ase Sjong  Minstrel  You play or sing  I wasn't born with that talent  i just act sometimes  there isn't alot to do here, but hopefully some of us townie kids want to start some clubs  and a gamer night. with some kids from cedar point.

Vincent.DiAntoni  blushes, but smiles a little at his nickname, and holds the proffered hand. Then he looks at Loki. "Well .... it's Winter Festival in Alexandra. The ferry stop before this one. Fiona is going to be singing at a couple of the concerts." he points out. "We don't have a bookstore but we have two coffee houses." he looks at the girl. "I play. Fiona sings. We have a band in Alexandra. Cedar point is kinda far for me."

Lokii Sjong Ponders  then schemes  you know we are midway  maybe if we get  the rents OK  with everyone we could do stuff here as well   or just call me Pirate.

Fiona.Reinhardt  looks intrigued "We could take turns hosting. What kind of games are you thinking of? Like board games? Murder mystery!" She looks excited by that idea.

Ase Sjong Lokii likes them all  but him and computers ...  but you know  he still has to beat me in clue.

Vincent.DiAntoni  considers Loki's words and looks at Fi as if she's read his mind and is excited about it. Then he looks at her. "I can ask Mr Jackson to change the schedule ... cause I'm doin that .. thing..."

 Ase Sjong Hey Tante' Rose are we still good for the attic as a game room?

Doctor Song Yes I think that's a very good use for it

Fiona.Reinhardt  beams "I love Clue. you know they have Harry Potter Clue now? You use...get this the Marauder's map!" She pokes Vincent "That thing? Is it a secret?" She teases "Vincent's going to have some of his music on an album with a bunch of famous people. That's the THING that shall not be named." She looks between the twins and then aunt "Mystery games in an attic....sounds delightfully murderous."

Lokii Sjong In a Victorian attic at that with no windows.

Vincent.DiAntoni  blinks at the mention of he computers and game rooms. "You guys ... have all that AND a yacht?" he looks at Fiona. "Um ... no ... not really .. no .. it's not" he stammers as she outs him right there and then blushes. "Big Victorian ....... wow." he drinks deeply from his coffee and smooth at his sweater and the large pea coat on his lap.

 Ase Sjong it was from Tante Rose's father we think  she gets money  from  but she would rather work than act all rich and stuck up same with us  we would rather be like everyone else than be looked at as rich  and stuff.  its a Norwegian thing.  But woah an album  that's just cool.

Fiona.Reinhardt  notices Vincent's self consciousness but his reasons don't completely register immediately. She looks at the twins and just nods "Must be an interesting house then." She looks around for a clock, and not seeing one, casually pulls out her phone to check the time.

Doctor Song Åse and Lokii  i hate to break up the party but you both need to get your tasks done.

Vincent.DiAntoni  arches his brow. "So why even the OFFER of free coffee and shit?" he blows out a breath. "Never mind. Forget I said that." he kills his coffee and sets the mug on the table. "It's a couple of American Neo-soul artists .... but I'm getting paid and royalties so .... " he looks at his phone. "We ..might want to grab that ferry or we have to wait another hour ....."

Lokii Sjong aw man but yeah we better sis
Lokii Sjong: Cause I saw you standing out side and thought ok they look cool but i bet they are cold as hell and a Norwegian never lets a stranger get cold

Fiona.Reinhardt  frowns slightly at Vincent for the briefest second but then offer the twins a smile "Thanks for the chat you guys....and the hospitality. I'm sure we'll see you next shops day." she squeezes Vincent's hand now "Let's catch that ferry Minstrel?" She laughs at Lokii "We are definitely cool but as Canucks we also LOVE the cold."

Lokii Sjong Noted

Vincent.DiAntoni  nods, slowly and stands, getting back in his coat and picking up his bag. "Yea .... we can handle it. Great coffee. Great to meet you. See ya."

 Lokii Sjong: safe trip home  guys  we'll see yas next shop day

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