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Teen Monday RP at Sigh Coffee Shop Nov.7th - Joey, Vincent, Fiona, Addy, L

Joey Piccolo takes his coffee and plops himself down on one of the floor pillows, putting himself in a rather cool position. He twiddles his fingers at a couple of the girls, who smile at him, but move across the room, giggling. He chuckles to himself and scans the place.

Vincent DiAntoni is right behind Joey int he line and pays for his drink .. a peppermint coffee. He sets the cup down and plops himself into one of the bean bags, just being comfy and not trying to look cool. Some of the girls look at him, too, but move off. He leans back, trying to find a good position, just relaxing with friends.

Fiona Reinhardt walks in with some of the girls she ran with in the track meet, talking and laughing about seeing something happening by the CP school bus "Oh it's nasty alright..." She says giggling. They all walk up to the counter together and order. It's fairly crowded and Fi is chatting with the people she's with. After they each get lattes, one of the other girls spots her boyfriend and sits down with him and starts necking and the other one gets called home on her cell by her mother. Fiona is suddenly standing alone with a coffee in hand looking very awkward. She sees Vincent through the crowd and wanders his way only to almost stop short when she spots Joey. Phone in hand she settles in casually by Vincent "Hello Minstrel." she quips and then begins scrolling on her screen.

Joey Piccolo watches the crowd and spots Fiona. He motions her over and, while she comes she sits across the tables from him, to Vincent's other side. "Oh, so it's like that, huh, Fi?" he sneers while rolling his eyes. he looks over to Vincent and rolls his eyes with that chucks, right sort of look.

Vincent DiAntoni smiles when he sees Fi nearby. "Hey Fi." he greets her. "Cool meet .. sucks we lost." he enjoyed seeing the meet and its the first time he's ever been in the gym of the school. Joey speaks and Vincent looks curious, especially since he didn't know they were involved. "Where's Addison?" he asks her, glancing down at his phone for the time.

Fiona Reinhardt glares so hard at Joey it looks like she's trying to make lasers come out of her eyes and burn him. Afterwards she smiles sarcastically at him and then softens her face, turning to Vincent "She had to go to meet her Dad. He's out today." She's uncharacteristically not cracking vague creepy jokes but looking around at the exits like she's considering one.

Joey Piccolo hears Vincent asking about Addison and offers his young friend some advice. "You want to stay away from that one. Addison?" he ignores Fi's glare, mostly trying to set the new kid straight before he starts sniffing up the wrong skirts. Not that Addison ever wore one.

Vincent DiAntoni grins. "That's great. It must have been mild, I guess. All that excitement. Mr. O'Brian must be a great Dad for her to stay home to take care of him." he thinks of his own father and is interrupted by Joey. "What about Addison?" he asks, curious. "I like her, even if I don' know a whole lot about baseball." he chuckles to himself and hopes Fi won't leave him here with only Joey's point of view on Addison.

Fiona Reinhardt looks wide eyed at Joey about his comment about Addison and speaks only to Vincent "She is the kindest loveliest funnest person ever. And yes, the whole family is wonderful, Petey included." She smiles and then her mouth immediately flattens "There are SOME people in this town who SHOULD come with a warning label...but Addy is not one of them." Fiona knows Joey can hear her and doesn't look like she cares at all.

Joey Piccolo remains relaxed until Fiona speaks to Vincent. "She's an ice goddess, IF you know what I mean, man." he sips his coffee. "If you ask HER out this winter, you better invest." he nods knowingly and motions to Fiona. "This one is her best friend. Temps all over town go down when these two are together." he laughs at his own joke.

Vincent DiAntoni listens to them both, feeling like there was definitely something between them. Then Joey speaks and its all confirmed for him. "I know what you mean, man." he tells Joey and frowns when he puts Fiona down too. "Seriously, Piccolo?" he knows the older boy likes being called by his last name. "Maybe you weren't playing the right tune?" he wishes he had his lyre with him.

Fiona Reinhardt pretended to scroll through her phone while Joey was talking like it was white noise. When Vincent counters him with clever subtly she stifles a giggle and then looks up over the phone. Now she directs her retort at Joey "That's an increase in your vocabulary. I'm glad to see hooked on phonics did the trick." She smiles at Vincent genuinely. It's almost a non verbal thank you "You always have the best tunes Minstrel."

Joey Piccolo chuckles at first and then he frowns at the insult, clearly aimed at him. His jaw tenses, then he looks confused. "What word was too big for you?" he asks. "I mean you're well known of being scared of big things, Fiona." he counters.

Vincent DiAntoni arches a brow at the banter between Joey and Fiona, but he smiles softly when Fiona both silently thanks him, and compliments him. "Thanks, Wednesday." the Joey speaks again and Vincent almost wrenches his neck looking at the older boy. He knew what he was driving at, and he sounds a bit too much like his father at the moment. "Jesus, Piccolo. What the fuck?"

Fiona Reinhardt rolls her eyes at Joey and then jumps at Vincent, not expecting his reaction. She shakes her head at Vincent "It's OK....don't bother. I don't think he actually understands how to use a ruler.....or understand the word no." Now she just states it. She had said no.

Joey Piccolo looks at Vincent. "They're TEASES, Vinny." he motions to Fiona. "Her AND her little friend. As a matter of fact." Fiona interrupts then and he glares at her. "Oh PLEASE, little girl." he sneers. He looks at Vincent. :Can you BELIEVE her?" he shakes his head. "Always the guys fault when they get you all hot and suddenly its no ..." the last word is in a high whiny girlie voice.

Vincent DiAntoni looks back at Fiona when she suggests Joey went too far. Then he looks back at the older teen. "Seriously? Can I believe it?" he licks his lips. "I kinda can with you." he admits. "I mean when a girl doesn't want to, you don't. It's not rocket science, Piccolo. Even I know that and I'm only 14." he sighs and shakes his head.

Fiona Reinhardt stands up and looks at Joey "Wow. You know when someone's such an asshole it's almost impressive? You have arrived Joey Piccolo. Big fuckin congratulations....." She hears Vincent and it's comforting but Joey's words are still infuriating her. Her coffee cup is empty so she crumples it into a ball and whips it towards Joey's head before storming out.

Joey Piccolo teases. "Listen up, little boy." he'd actually thought that Vincent was the same age as he was. "Just because you got girls all over you because you can play a girls instrument, don't mean shit. I'll bust that harp of yours over your skinny little backside." he threatens, having run out of the potential to be a smart-ass. He is tall and strong and thinks he could take the kid. Then he hears Fiona and has to duck the cup. At least she isn't as good a shot as Addison. "Bitch!" he calls after her.

Vincent DiAntoni watches Fiona storm out and stands. he pauses and moves over to Vincent, leaning over him, completely unafraid. "You can try, but if you break my harp, I promise every splinter will go right up your ass, Piccolo. One of us is going to the hospital that day .. and the other to jail." and then he walks off, leaving Joey to ponder his words. He leaves and looks left and right. "Fiona. Wait up." he runs after her, his drink abandoned in Sigh.

Fiona Reinhardt is just past Sigh madly trying to text Addison as unexpected angry tears obscure her vision. She holds up a hand when she hears Vincent and tries to quickly wipe them away before turning choking out "I'm sorry you had to get dragged into that..."

Vincent DiAntoni catches up and knows she is wiping away tears. "Nah ..." he waves it away a little. "I didn't know Joey Piccolo was really like ... THAT." he sighs. "He's like my father." he shrugs and lowers his voice. "I'm sorry for whatever he did that he obviously shouldn't have done." he offers.

Fiona Reinhardt takes a deep breath "He tried, but he didn't get away with it...I'm OK. It was just....god I don't know why I ever even went out with him!" She laughs and then winces "Did you say you Dad is like that? How are you so nice?" She starts walking a bit towards home but not fast.

Vincent DiAntoni walks along with her. Technically they are both headed home. "He's cute and popular and ... I don't know why honestly." he laughs and then he shrugs when Fi asks why hes not like his Dad. "I don't know about nice, but I watch my father. Eve before my mother died, he was pretty bad." he bites his lip. "If you promise not to turn me in, I'll tell you a secret." he offers, since he already knows he'll never tell anyone what Joey tried to do to her.

Fiona Reinhardt snickers a bit at Vincent's explanation of her temporary insanity in going out with Joey. She looks curious now about the secret and then answers in the only way Fiona can "If you need someone to dispose of a body, I'm your gal....but no I won't turn you in." she becomes aware of the buildings around her and the fact that they're basically in front of Vincent's home, curious if he'll still tell her whatever it is right here.

Vincent DiAntoni looks across the street and spies his father taking a smoke break. He catches his father's thumbs up and sighs deeply. "My father would sort of force himself on my mother ... we had two bedrooms back then and I think my mother only did it so as not to disturb me. Anyway, they were fightin about it and I tried to stop him. He broke my nose and threatened to break my hands. Cause they were talented even then. he blows out a breath. "After that, my mother started to drug him when he got bad ... and I still do it sometimes. I guess I just have to figure out how to drug Piccolo." he sorts. "At least I have someone to help me move the body." he sighs again. "Basically, Fi. If he keeps bothering you, I might be able to help. I know you're an independent woman with mountains males in your family and everything, but ... old world Italian." he jokes. Then he shrugs. "I got ya back is all I'm sayin."

Fiona Reinhardt's eyes almost pop out of her head and then she looks pained about how his father treated his mother and then, frankly, amused about the drugging. She had glanced and almost smiled at Vincent's father before hearing it and now she can't look at the man at all. "Oh my god you're like a sweet little harp playing one man mafia. Delightful!"

Vincent DiAntoni laughs in delighted surprise. He puts on his worst mafia accent. "Ya want I break his legs, boss, they broke." and he grins. "Come on ... let me buy you another drink... as friends, I mean?" he offers.

Fiona Reinhardt smiles "OK Minstrel, now that I know your connections..." she laughs "Let's go back."

Vincent DiAntoni goes in. "What do you want." he spies Addison. Hey there's Addison. Tell me what you want and I'll bring it to you."

Fiona Reinhardt had called back to Vincent "Just a regular coffee with 4 sugars and some almond creamer stuff in it? Thank you." She runs to Addison and flops beside her, hugging her like it's been a year "I just had a run in with Joey Piccolo....." she sighs "We probably have some stuff we forgot to tell each other Addy....He's such an asshole." She spots someone walking in with purple hair and admires it for a moment before looking back at Addison.

Addison OBrian is sending a text when they walk in. She barely makes room and winds up with Fiona on her lap. Listening she winces. "I'm sorry baby!" she apologizes. "You were with your mom all summer and then the Cubs were doing so well, then Dad had his heart attack. What did he do?" she looks around realizing they're in public. ever mind. Tell me later." she retracts. Dad was telling me to get out when you texted me. He wants to rest and not have me hovering over me." she imitates her father. "I didn't die. More than a lot of old Cubs fans ca say." she rolls her eyes. She spots the purple hair and fingers her own before realizing her father would kill her before looking around more, seeing Vincent as well.

Elena Horatio looks around the room with out the corner of his eyes and softly in a sorta neutral tone say softy 'one coffee, merci 'he say softy 'his accent clearly french Canadian.. 'black.. he say softly 'and a doughnut ' he/she adds

Vincent DiAntoni orders Fi's drink and another of his own, noticing his is now gone ... along with Joey Piccolo. He takes them and prepares Fi's to her liking, he hopes. Then he watches the ... girl? behind him order as he then turns and brigs the drinks to the pillow corner and hands Fi hers. As you command, boss." he jokes and realizes that one might stick. He sits on the pillow Piccolo HADN'T been on with a "Hey Addison. How's your Dad?" he find parents close to their kids fascinating.

Fiona Reinhardt takes a second look at the purple stranger at the counter as if trying to figure something out and then gives herself a little shake, not important and none of her business. She does notice the accent though. She nods at Addison "Yes about the other thing later. Sounds like your Dad is on the med if he's kicking you out....either that or he's sacrificing goats to the gods of baseball. I do hope he keeps the hearts for posterity." She takes her coffee from Vincent "You are the best of Minstrels." She grins evilly, clearly feeling more herself again.

Vincent DiAntoni giggles. "The goat thing might be right, now I think of it. That and his foolish male pride. Doesn't want his baby nursing him." she rolls her eyes and watches the drink exchange. "Did you come to her aid?" she looks towards the door. "Ass hats new fuckmobile isn't outside. That's a good sign. Do we have to manufacture an alibi for you, Vincent?"

Addison OBrian giggles. "The goat thing might be right, now I think of it. That and his foolish male pride. Doesn't want his baby nursing him." she rolls her eyes and watches the drink exchange. "Did you come to her aid?" she looks towards the door. "Ass hats new fuckmobile isn't outside. That's a good sign. Do we have to manufacture an alibi for you, Vincent?"

Elena Horatio just watches the group of teens as he sits at the table close by sip hi coffee .. he looks at Vincent 'don't i know you ' he say softly .. point at Vincent

Vincent DiAntoni blushes a little and shrugs. "The Boss lady doesn't need much help." he confesses. He looks at the purple haired kid. "Hey. You're one of Miss Woll's kids. Strings, right?" he motions for him to come over, almost killing hi self to remember a name. Strings was one department but he played harp ad this kid didn't .... but they saw each other enough.

Fiona Reinhardt groans at Addy about the mention of Joey's vehicle and then gestures at Vincent with her coffee cup "I had it covered....but" and she adds this like it explains everything "He's Italian." She offers a strange smile to the person Vincent calls Strings. It's welcoming in it's own way "Join us Strings, we don't have any cyanide on our"

Vincent DiAntoni sips and nearly chokes on a wanna be laugh. "Yea." he looks at the kid. "Vincent DiAntoni. Mafia harpist." he rolls his eyes. "You play the cello or something." he looks at the girls who are 'regular' students. "The school divides us up by instrument. So strings covers all these completely unrelated instruments. Like I'm the only harpist in the whole school." he shrugs and lowers his head a little. The music kids aren't always popular with the regular students, so he would get points just for hanging with regular kids, and not have to be like Joey.

Elena Horatio walk toward them and sit down 'tre.. amusing no.. 'he say softy 'its L. 'he correct 'Pity i was wanting zome.'he smiles as he eats his doughnut 'Im L oratio 'he say softly . .'he say . 'wel zhey are just jealous zhat zhey are talentless and snobby '

Addison OBrian smiles. "We can always use a mafia bodyguard." she grins. Oh your the french teachers ..... something ....." she is more and more confused and decides now is a good time to concentrate on her coffee.

Fiona Reinhardt smiles "No strings on me....just a loudmouth singer." She smiles again at Elle, thinking that's how the name might be "Elle? Are you related to Monsieur Horatio?"

Vincent DiAntoni looks at Fi and considers disagreeing, but holds his tongue for the moment. He sips more of his peppermint coffee and sighs contentedly. He's acing coffee appreciation .. not that the drink has much coffee in it,

Elena Horatio just smile 'no its ze letter L ' He say calmly sips his coffee . 'and Oui he is my Uncle 'he say softly 'zo i dont zink i like zis school .. to old fashion. 'he smiles '

Addison OBrian looks at the new kid with arched brows. She is hardly a ative of Alexandra, but she has as much school spirit as anyone. "Alexandra Academy is anything BUT old fashioned. There's integrated sports teams and everything." she cants her head., almost challenging.

Fiona Reinhardt looks curiously between Addison, Vincent and then L "OK, before we assume, what do you mean L? what kind of school did you go to before?""

Vincent DiAntoni grins "A born diplomat." he mutters. It's a backwards compliment. "Why is is old fashioned?"

Elena Horatio ponders 'i agree with the athletic integration.. 'he sigh t' just a bit rigid with the music but .. i guess just to modern .. 'he say softly . 'i went to a music school since i was little.. he say softly ..

Addison OBrian nods, relaxing at the idea of the sports team being alright. Now if only they had baseball .... But she looks at Vincent, knowing already that he often plays modern music o his lyre and harp.

Fiona Reinhardt lets out a little yawn "Scuse me, sorry. What grade are you in L? I'm wondering if you mean more freedom in choosing our own pieces or composing them? That does come up more in the higher grades once they feel you have all the theory...and the theory is boring as hell of course. But for concerts and talent shows you can branch out." She smiles at L and then looks at Vincent and Addy.

Vincent DiAntoni arches his brow. "That so?" he answers carefully. "I'm home taught, and play everything from ancient, to classic to..." he waves an arm, looking for another time period. To the stiff Aquistic Spirit puts together." that's mostly hip hop and neo-soul, but he is very eclectic in his talent. He looks at Fi and Addy and sighs with exasperation. "Yea .. theory sucks. Seriously whats the point?"

Elena Horatio nods 'yeah i get that.. im in ze 10 grade'he say softly 'nearly 16 'he adds 'i just .. forget 'he sighs sipping his coffee looking out the window.. 'zey say i play to aggressive.. but music is my release 'he say softly

Addison OBrian looks at him oddly. "Aggressive?" she sounds as confused as she is. "You pluck the strings too hard?" she reaches for her phone and rolls her eyes at the message she reads.

Fiona Reinhardt stifles another yawn "Oh for fuck's sakes....I'm an old woman here...seriously, it wasn't even a 5 k run." She stands up "I'm going to go grab a nap while my house is quiet." She points at Vincent "Yes on theory." She moves the finger to Addy "I'll call you when I wake up." and then she turns shifting from pointing to a fist pump about aggressive music "And punk's not dead! Great to meet you L. I'm in your grade too. See you at school.....see you all at school." She floats away with a last wave at Vincent "Thank you for coffee and cement shoes....." she dramatically blows a kiss before hitting the door.

Vincent DiAntoni watches as Fiona gets up to leave in time for Someone's watching me to come on and his laugh and wave covers his blush. "I should probably get going too. I have chores before my Dad gets home."

Elena Horatio finishes off her coffee 'i bet go too.. i got go practice 'he say softly 'au revoir"

Addison OBrian groans "I'm coming Dad, sheesh." but she is laughing as she leaves.

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