Sunday, November 20, 2016

Care and Feeding of Children in Statutes - Petey, Wolf, George and Kester

George Arnett walks in with Kester trailing beside "Evening Mr. O'Brian."

Peter O'Brian glances up when the door opens. "Evenin, George." he picks up one of the gingerbread cookies and tosses it, idly .... at Kester.

George Arnett: George laughs as Kester catches it in his mouth in the air and crunches "Go on now...that's all the treats...I'll have the usual though if you please." He sits and points behind him "Down.....lie down boy."

Peter O'Brian chuckles. "Tis te season to spoil good dogs, or something like that." he reaches fro the Glenfidditch and pours. "One Jamesons." he sets it in front of him, but the bottle was clearly Glenfidditch .. but the irishman is always tryng to convert the Scotchmen.

George Arnett: George sniffs at it and then grins "One of these days you'll switch them on me, won't you?"

Peter O'Brian grins.  "You'll know when I do ... and you'll switch, youngster." Peter is only ten years older than George.  "Hows the kids this year?  I havent heard TOO many complaints about you."

George Arnett: George smiles "Well good, then the groans from my lectures aren't as load as I hear them. Decent bunch this year, fairly keen even."

Peter O'Brian grins and looks at the newcomer with a nod.  "Well Addy better get her nose in the books.  I was OK with this band thing but apparently she was walking around with some eighteen year old from school?  What the hell is that?" he snorts.

Wolfgang Pots smiles as he sits down 'glass of jack please ' he say softly

George Arnett nods to the other patron and smiles and then answers Petey "Well how old is Addy now? I mean they can be 18 and in grade 12 if they have an early birthday."

Peter O'Brian pours a glass of Jack Daniels and slidesit over.  He looks at George nd snorts.  "Addison is 15.  She says she thinks this boy might be repeating a grade.  Of course she thinks that's adorable.  And she'll be sixteen soon, God help me."

Wolfgang Pots catches the glass slowly nurses it slowly 'i got a son about 13 and shy of girls .. but yeah .. i dont envy ya sir 'he say softly

George Arnett looks thoughtful "She's a clever girl Mr. O'Brian. Sometimes they can might the right choices. Course I'm speaking academically on it...."Kester down beside him starts having a real good scratch with a few happy dog grunts to accent it.

Peter O'Brian scoffs.  "Part of me thinks I might be better if she'd been a boy, but ...."  he blows out a breath.  He looks again at George.  "I might have you speak to Addison.  I can't tell her 18 is too old for her .. not when her mother is 20 years YOUNGER than me ... of course I can hold that up as an example, maybe." he snorts again.  "Boys ... they've been orbiting now for a few years.  No sooner do I get Colleen Reinhardt to get the girl her first bra and wHAM ... boys ... they can small a bra clasp from orbit!"

Wolfgang Pots just sips his jack and just listens in like some barfly wincing at the bartender pain .. 'bless your heart.. ' he just offfers in a southern comfort manner 'almost glad my gal cant have children .. cuz yeah . ill have to set my boy straight with treating ladies with respect and protection and stuff but yeah .. 99 problem but a daugther aint .. ' he say soflty takign a large sip from his glass

George Arnett: George sips at his drink and then postulates "Courtship has a varied and bizarre history. In many ways THESE are simpler times...if you can believe it." He looks at Petey and then gestures at him with his drink while speaking about him to the other man "In the 1800s, the young man would have to approach Mr O"Brian first and obtain permission to court. Also maybe make mention or promise of livestock, land or other provisions." He looks at Peter now "Perhaps a walk with a boy is less taxing on your time?"

Peter O'Brian snorts.  "My heart needs blessings!.  Just had a damn heart attack." he beams.  "Cubs .. never thought I'd live to see it and they damn near KILL me with it ...  then ... I got 4 text messages about this guy."  he chuckles. "Daughters are different from sons.  I know they're not supposed to and they have equal rights and the vote and all but ....  thank GOD Addy isn't much for dresses ... I'm sorry ... the hemline these days ..."  he scoffs as George speaks. "Well 200 years and more later and I'll be lucky if I get to meet the boy BEFORE my first grandchild is born."  he drops his head in his hand.  "Well, if you'd like to take this boy aside after class and have him meet me someplace... his name is Kit Stewart.  And not Kit as in Christopher ... Addy said it was Kitsune .. something about Disney?"

Wolfgang Pots just listens interested nodding alway amazed at the colorfull conversation he would watch in on to the randon bars he would patron .. just listening the hears Kit 'oh .. i think. i heard of that guy ..banana short of a fruit salad.. like a living cartoon .. 'he say soflty . he pipes in 'the Stewart live int the cabin about mile from my cabin in cedar .. from what i heard .. that family has had that cabin in the family for year and man and his boy moved in week ago 'he say soflty sweet kid though 'he said 'bless his heart "

George Arnett frowns a bit after listening to both Peter and the other patron "I'm not acquainted with this student yet. And Mr. O'Brian it wouldn't be prudent for me to set up a meeting....I think you'll need to ask your daughter to invite him to your home if this is of significant concern. My Administrators would find an action fo such by me to be...well it just wouldn't fly."

Peter O'Brian blinks at the man.  "Maybe that's why Addy likes him. A living cartoon ...."  he raises his brows.  "Cedar Point?  Thats two hours from here on a good day.  Shouldn't he be in school there?"  which sounds like he means there and not near his daughter.  He looks at George.  "I'd argue with you if that Delores Spanner wasn't such a pink walking bitch."  he snorts.  "I'll talk to Addy.  She doesnt have my rebellious streak in her .... yet."

Wolfgang Pots nodds 'yeah kinda amusing and funny .. i was up at my cabin this week and he was explore and say me and ask me 'how is snow white and are we living our happy ever afte 'he polishes off his glass motions for a refill 'then said sorry .. you look just like prince charming 'he say soflty .. 'only problem youll have with him is maybe treaing her like some princess if he likes her ' he smiles and shakes his head

George Arnett looks shocked at the b word for his boss. He wouldn't disagree, he'd just never say it. Then he gives the patron a sort of baffled look about all the Disney references before holding out a hand over the empty chair "George Arnett. And you are?"

Peter O'Brian seems to consider this.  "Well, I can't argue with that.  Some of these boys, I just don't know about.  There a couple new ones come into town.  Joey Piccolo and Vincent DiAntoni.  I haven't met either but ... the Piccolo boy took Addy out on a date, his car broke down and he didnt call her a cab or call me.  But knowing Addy she got annoyed and marched off.  I had borrrow Brate's car and go get her."  he looks at George.  "You know these boys, George?"  he seems to realize he hasnt' introduced himself either. "Peter O'Brian.  proprieter."

Wolfgang Pots extends his hand 'sorry , sir . my manner musta flew away or something . Names Wolfgang Pots.. 'he say 'but people usually call me Wolf .. ' he smiles "

George Arnett nods "Joey would be more concerning to me than Vincent. That car fiasco sounds most impolite too." He nods to Wolf "Very good name Mr. Pots. You accent betrays you though. Southern United States?"

Peter O'Brian nods.  "Pleased to know you."  he glances at George. "Georgia someplace."  he guesses.  "The Peach State."  he shrugs. "I was a pretty good student for a Chicago boy."  he chuckles and looks at him.  "Yea, he sounds like he has no home training."

Wolfgang Pots lughs 'yeah good har ,sir 'he laughs 'can take the boy outta Georiga but cant take the Georiga outta the boy 'he laughs 'been living in Cedar for about 6 yeears .. you dont know the half of it . im part Austrian and my ma swears on my head that we maybe related to that composer but i think she is just pullign my leg on that 'but yeah good old georiga . ' he looks at them nods agreeing 'yeah that boy need some proper training how to treat a lady .. 'he shakes his head 'and switch to the hiney or two'he shakes his head

George Arnett shrugs "Well he's pleasant enough as a student but his work is unremarkable."

Peter O'Brian looks carefully at Wolf.  "Pots .....  Pots...."  he seems to be trying to recall something.  He turns to George.  "Which one?  Poccolo or DiAntoni? Addy said DiAntoni is on a music scholarship, so he better keep his grades up. I've heard him playing around tow."

Wolfgang Pots just nods 'yeah .. that my last name he says downing his whole glass and motion for a refill . and just vaguely listen

George Arnett: George sips and then after swallowing says "Mr. Piccolo is a mediocre student. His heart is not in it. Now Mr. DiAntoni, he could lead my debate team but his written work.....the ideas are there, brilliantly, just not on paper. But I do base a lot of my marks on discussion and participation, as you well know Mr. O'Brian. Mr. Pots, is your son a good student?"

Peter O'Brian nods.  "Any relation to Augustus Pots and Shady lane orchards?"  he asks casually.  "And hood wearing bastard?"  he looks at George again.  "Right. Well, Addy seems to like DiAntoni.  Not in the wrong way, of course.  She says he's nice.  They hang out together.  Of course, Addy loves I own a bar .. she cna't bring her friens to hang out here.  I have a family license but ... who would, really?"  he looks at WOlf again, wondering about that.

Wolfgang Pots smiles 'yeah .. he very smart boy .. but he aint in regular school due to his insomina and probably sleepign at night .. his ma homeschools him 'he smiles proudl .. he looks up at Peter 'welll yeah unfortunately he donated his dna to my productive .. 'eh say soflty rubbing the slide of his empty glass.. 'yeah but thats all true.. 'he say soflty 'aint proud of him fer it .. but what can ya do about what loins you come outa 'he say soflty .. 'and i think he just as much of bastard as anyone think 'he sight 'i dont think tha way .. hell my boy is half japanese an my beloved is black 'he say soflty .. he looks pensievel motions for another glass

George Arnett finishes his drink. Kester has been sleeping and dreaming one of those great dog dreams where he's chasing something, legs going and the occasional yip. He looks at Peter "Many things can be observed in the local watering hole, but the young do find their own fun." He listens to Wolf "Homeschool? Interesting. Well it can allow a student more self led study and the opportunity to advance more quickly. And the world is full of wonderful culture."

Peter O'Brian looks at Wolf.  "Well, he's a bastard.  But good foryou for not being one ... or ya boy either."  he arches a brow. "Interesting.  Japanese and black. If that didnt kill the bastard, nothing will." he snorts.  This place is fun!"  he protests.  "I mean don't ask Kester.  he only comes here to eat my cookies and shed on that damn pillow no ones ever fuckin claimed."  Peter put it there himself eleven years ago.  He pours another drink and slides it to Wolf.

Wolfgang Pots laugh soflty 'no he aint one .. been going on about this girl .. he say she reminds him of some black lady from that zombie show everyone is watching 'he say 'shares a character name .. i think he is really confused on what going and if he likes her or what .. but thats normal for his age 'he laughs .. 'well the damn bastard hate is killing him .. Nan say its God or whatever 'eh shrugs 'i dont know.. hes dying of testicular cancer .. 'eh bites his lip ..'so ..yeah im his heir by default .. hes going turn in his grave if he knew his beloved estate is going be owned by the people he hates 'eh sippign his jack slower this time .. he exhales . 'yeah but Hani.. hes does better with home studies '

George Arnett smiles at Petey and puts his exact change on the bar for the drink and 20% tip. He always has it prepared ahead in his pocket. He stands and gives Kester a tug and then hears Wolf and looks concerned "That's unfortunate Mr. Pots...very unfortunate." Kester gets up from the pillow and shakes hard with fur flying allover around him. George looks sheepishly at Petey "Mmmm well we'll be off then." he says quickly "Come along boy."

Peter O'Brian smirks.  "Well that figgers.  Visit him on his sick bed, make sure you're getting it all then tell him bout your woman and your son.  That'll kill him and you're set."  he has a mean streak, but overall is good natured.  "And your son sounds like hes god a friend at least.  I keep telling Addy ... if he can't be a friend he can't be anythig else, either."  He waches George and Kester on their way out.  "Good night, boys!  Take care!"  he takes George's glass and sets iti the sink.

Wolfgang Pots looks at hims 'im not bring the two people in the world that id kill or die for around that monster. he doesnt deserve to meet them .. 'eh say soflty . drinking up the last of his jack in one gulp slapping down the glass waves as george goes . 'sorry.. he say softly and exhales and pulls out his wallet placing the money for his tap and a tip

Peter O'Brian nods.  "That makes sense, son.  Stay away from that poison then. Heep the positive close."  he takes the cash and tip. "And thanks for the business."

Wolfgang Pots nods 'that why i move up here .. to get away from him 'he exhales 'he can just die alone .. since we aint good enough for him 'eh laughs 'anytime.. and go easy on that fairy boy .. don't think he is a reall threat .. 'he smiles and stands to go and waves as he exits.

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