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Alexandra Monday Teen RP Nov. 14th - Joey,Daisy, Addy, Vincent, L, Fiona

**There is some helpful prelude story in this post before the teen rp time:

Fiona Reinhardt heads into the Perkatory with a laugh "Well don't count your minstrels until they..."She sees Joey and grumbles, heading for a chair.

Addison OBrian laughs. "Yea ..." she spots Joey and her eyes narrow.

Joey Piccolo hears voices, but doesn't turn, ordering a drink from Buni

Fiona Reinhardt glances back "We're in no hurry." with a throat clearing.

Addison OBrian snorts and flops on a chair, leaving the ottoman in between for Vincent.

Elena Horatio just sits back in the cushion looking at a smart phone with both one earbud in listening an reading . he has already been serve and is just trying to blend in

Vincent DiAntoni breezes in, jangling a little bit from all the change in his pockets. He freezes a second when he sees Joey, but not for long. He sits on the ottoman between Fi and Addy, smiling, then waves to L. He looks at Fi. "All my machines are going, but I'll be back and forth. I hope that's ok."

Daisy Dale had been watching from afar and saw Vincent cross the street. She waggles her fingers at Vincent and no one else as she walks in and heads for the counter "Oh can I get a chocolate chip cookie please? Just one..." She darts a sideways look at Joey that has an I got this energy to it.

Joey Piccolo half watches Vincent, Addison and Fiona all clumped together.  He looks at Buni and orders two large white chocolate coffees.  Then Daisy comes in and he gives her an encouraging smile as he sits back to wait.  He looks aver at L as if trying to figure this one out.

Fiona Reinhardt gives a cheery wave to L, having not noticed anyone was sitting there because of her avoidance of Joey. "Hi L. Good game today." She gives Vincent a friendly little kick "Of course it's fine. Why are you asking me? I think clean clothes are good..." she teases. When Daisy walks by and waves at Vincent she rolls her eyes and mutters "Pesky Harpie."

Addison OBrian sees L and waves. "Come on over. Sheesh. Don't make us lasso you." she looks at Vincent. "Anything, as long as you don't smell." she smirks and watches Daisy pass them by and huffs.

Elena Horatio looks up brief as the people walk in and there is movement out of the corner of his . he scans the room just nodding at Vincents wave and continues to scan the room ever so often as he reads keeping his eyes on the other teens from time to time. he nods at Fiona and looks at Addison for a second. part of him slightly annoyed at bring attention to him which he did want that much . he complies on not to make a further scene and just has a sorta .. the fuck with it look and scoots his cushion close enough to be in the group but still having his distance

Vincent DiAntoni sees Daisy come in and wave at him. He waves back, thinking she had included everyone. "Good, just warning you I'm not being rude I'm just ... running back and forth across the street like an idiot." he sighs and also motions L over. "What are you listening to? I think we all did great at the Winter Festival opening." he smiles, proud of himself, certainly. "I think we can do some more modern jams at the next one."

Daisy Dale takes her cookie from Buni with a sly smile. She pulls a handful of pink glitter from her pocket and arranges it in a heart around the cookie. She walks up behind Vincent and sets it right beside his leg "I have a question for you....if you can meet me by the window for a second." She lets her eyes sweep over the others like they're an obstacle in her agenda and hops to the window, doing a little twirl before sitting.

Joey Piccolo listens to the conversation while he waits on his coffee, becoming fascinated with the menu as Buni pours and he eavesdrops with a slight smile on his lips.

Fiona Reinhardt had giggled at Addy and then noticed L's expression and reluctance with a guilty sideways glance. She starts to try to say something to L but then stops, not wanting to intrude, but looking conflicted by it. She nods at Vincent "Yeah it was pretty effortless...." She looks at Daisy like she's a nutcase and then down to the cookie with an obvious exhale and face palm.

Addison OBrian watches L move a bit closer. It's a start. Then she sees movement and sees daisy asking Vincent for a private word but not before giving him a cookie covered in .. glitter... she buries her face in her upturned knees and begins coughing like an influenza victim. That or she's trying really hard not to laugh. With teen-agers who knows.

Elena Horatio looks up. 'oh just some metallica, ad cd ,motorhead.. just sorta of a mix bag of some metal and hard rock and some apocolyptica.." he say softly . he nods 'it was okay .. i zink as concerts go .. 'he say trailing off . he just nods as he mention modern jams .. 'zat be nice but i dont know id get clearance for zat .. ' he say softy .. he just watches daisy and fight the urge to roll his eyes.. he just watches with a slight what the fuck look at her .. as he slightly nods his head to the music in his ear

Vincent DiAntoni looks up and around at Daisy, just as Addison starts coughing. He stands. "Sure." he agrees and before he heads over, he pats Addison on the back. "Don't get sick on us, there Addy." he turns towards the window and spots the cookie. He picks it up and brings it with him. "I think you forgot this, Daisy." he tells her, holding it out to her. "What's up?"

Daisy Dale giggles and shakes her head, blonde ponytail swishing around. She gives Vincent a pouty look "It's for you Vincent. You're always so sweet, you get some sweetness back. And speaking of it....would you like to go out with me? They have dances at the festival some weekends...."

Joey Piccolo smiles as Buni delivers his coffees.  "Oh also can I have a couple of hose buns too, please."  Buni nods and turns to get them, soon as she takes care of someone else. While Buni does that, Joey eavesdrops, making careful note of Addisons cough and Fi's face palm.

Fiona Reinhardt looks up from the face palm and purses her lips watching Vincent and Daisy. She pans a look around at L and Addison like she's in disbelief. She's aware that somewhere in the room joey Piccolo still exists but he's just like an annoying flickering lamp you can ignore.

Addison OBrian looks up a bit when Vincent pats her on the back. "Yea .. I ..." she begins. Then Vincent goes to return the glitter cookie and then Daisy asks her out! She goes into another coughing fit, leaning forward and putting her head between her own legs.

Elena Horatio just watches the scene glad to have his music in his ear ..otherwise this interaction would be completely awkward he tunes out daisy rambling an just concentrates on his screen but still scans the room from time to time.. awkward he is thinking

Vincent DiAntoni blinks and takes the cookie back. "Oh ... right .. um .. thanks. It's ... um...." he looks between it and her. "Very ... sparkly. Thanks." he stammers and then his jaw drops. "Oh .. no!" he just reacts. "I mean .. um .... Daisy, I don't think that would be such a good idea. I kinda ..." he begins and then backtracks. "I just think we'd be better off just ... you know .. friends .. the way things are now. Sorry..." he takes the cookie and for a minute looks like he isn't sure what to do, then he places the cookie on the window seat, s taking it seemed wrong. Then he returns to his ottoman, examining the brick floor with fascination.

Daisy Dale makes a little irritated squeak and then stands up and picks up the cookie like she's going to throw it at Vincent. She inhales a rattling breath, starting to cry and runs out the door, only to impulsively walk to the window where she can see Vincent through it. As a final dig at his rejection she breathes on the window, fogging it up, draws a heart in the fog and then a jagged line through it and dramatically turns on her heel, storming off.

Joey Piccolo takes the buns and pays for it all as Vincent handles Daisy with exactly the grace and style Joey thought he would.  He turns to the window to clearly see Daisy's parting ... drawing.  He takes his coffees and buns and heads for the door.  "Smooth moves Ex-Lax" he says perfectly clearly and perfectly aimed at Vincent as he too leaves, crossing the street and heading for the ferry ... the same direction Daisy headed in.

Fiona Reinhardt's jaw just drops at Daisy's little fit until she leaves and then she barely registers what Joey says, still in shock. Finally, all she can say is "She's Lavender fucking Brown.....seriously…"

Addison OBrian falls forward as soon as Daisy leaves, holding herself up by her fingertips, her coughing becoming laughing. She hears Joey and pushes herself up, tears in her eyes. "Fuck you, Joey." she calls after him and then she looks at Vincent. "Um .... well .... guess its good to find out now she's ... difficult." she offers.

Elena Horatio eyes follow Vincent as he returns to the collective and then give his space knowing that what he would want if he was put in an awkward situation . he start to speak licing his lip before but doesnt any way .. he startle slighty at daisy runngin and just rolls his eyes as she huffs out a fog heart like a lovesick pupppy .. he just looks at his screen not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. he looks up confused a fiona for secodn but shrugs and just look at his smartphone.. typing from time to time. he looks up when he hear fuck you joey . L looks for the source and it earns the speaking an amused grin .

Vincent DiAntoni looks like he's been gut punched. "I ... was I supposed to LIE?" he asks, as if he truly does not know the answer to that particular question. He looks around, as there a BUNCH of other kids from school around. One girl he hears over his shoulder. "It won't mater if she spikes your drink....." she pauses. "Vinnie Winnie." Vincent buries his face in one hand.

Fiona Reinhardt smiles at Addison as she says fuck you to Joey and then sees L's amused grin. She glares at the students already teasing Vincent and reaches over and pats his leg once "I'm so sorry. It's not you...she's nut...I should never have called her that..."

Addison OBrian looks at the girl in question, trying not to laugh anymore. "Oh shut up, Zoe." she rearranges herself. "Well." she slaps her knee and stands "Who wants coffee?" she heads for the counter to order a Jamaican coffee from Buni.

Elena Horatio looks up at the other kids that are around and look at them with a like really ' he say in mumble that only people close to him 'didn't know zis was a puppet show with all zese kids around.. 'he blows out an aspirated exhale biting his lip. then speaks up just loud enough to be heard. "I'm fine.. ' he trails off softly .

Vincent DiAntoni sighs deeply. "I ... guess ...." he blows out a breath and stands. When L speaks, he looks double stricken. "I need to move the clothes to the dryer. Can you order me something with peppermint in it, please Fiona?" he hands her a ten and heads for the door and across the street.

Fiona Reinhardt sits a moment longer with Vincent and calls to Addy "Yeah in a sec." She shakes her head at L "THAT was NOT normal L. Don't let it represent our school...." She chuckles lightly "My god..." Fiona takes the ten from Vincent and nods, saying quietly "OK." Damn Daisy Dale.

Addison OBrian orders and gets her coffee. Then she turns to L. "Seriously?" she shakes her head and fills her coffee cup with creamer and sugar. "Yea/ I mean she got her heart broken and all but ... he couldn't agree to go out with her if he didnt LIKE her that way, could he?" she sighs and moves back to her seat.

Elena Horatio look at vincent 'i mean zem not you .. ' he say simply trying to clarify . 'zhey need to get in touch with puberty and ask where zere.. brains are.. zere short couple brains on zere order.. 'he nods 'its like a plague . zo.. it spreads 'he say softtly

Fiona Reinhardt walks to the coffee bar and orders two peppermint mochas after smiling weakly at both Addison and L. She looks down at the ten and then takes out her bank card and pays that way instead. Crap like that deserves a coffee given to you. She waits a bit and then politely thanks Buni and comes back, putting Vincent's 10 under his coffee cup on the table near his seat.

Addison OBrian sighs and sits, sipping her coffee. When Fi comes back she looks at her. "It'll be OK." she encourages. "And it just .. you now .. what we talked about before." unlike Daisy, Fi would know not to do that in PUBLIC. ANY girl would. Most boys, too, for that matter. She sips. "Now what is this about music, L?"

Elena Horatio just looks up 'what to you mean .. 'he say just trying to drink in the situation .. looking back and forward to fiona the addision but gives Fiona her space.. aiming his gaze on addison

Vincent DiAntoni comes back in, looking better. Then he looks at his ten under his coffee cup and looks at Fi. "You paid?" he asks and then ALMOST smiles. "Thanks Fi." he sits down again and blows out a breath, not knowing where the conversation went while he was gone, but also not hearing any gossip .... yet. "OK, L .... about the music ... think we could get some rock and roll into the Festival? Maybe me and you playing ... someone on keys ... percussion ... and Fi singing, maybe?"

Fiona Reinhardt had grinned in spite of it all when Addison said she would have known better. She observed L carefully, still trying to give respectful space and noting the aloofness. she watched Addy to see if she was getting through with her approach and then quietly hummed. When Vincent returned she nodded "You needed a treat." She listens to him "So are you trying to form a band?"

Addison OBrian watches her friend come back and sit, but looks at L after Vincent speaks. "Oh that would be cool! But ... can you guys get it approved?" then Fi's words hit her. "Ohhhh yes, please!" she bounces up and down in her chair, excited despite herself.

Elena Horatio 's eyes track Vincent as he walks back in and leans forward looking finallly interest at something his expression going to bored to earnest.. ' zat sounds very bitching.. he say soflty 'yeah .. so do you zink those stuck in a time wrap at the school would approve of all zis ' he say soflty

Vincent DiAntoni smiles at Fi. he can't argue with her. "Yea. I kinda do." then his head snaps in the direction of Addy as she bounces up and down then at L. "Well .. Miss Woll would be on our side ... we can run it by another adult .. maybe two. He looks around at Fi. "Even if we couldn't get strings or percussion ... would you sing?" he asks, Daisy now firmly pushed out of his head at the idea of being in a band with a harp.

Fiona Reinhardt smirks "Yeah I'll sing." She looks at L "What do you play again L?" She tips her cup at Addison "You could be our manager, kick our asses if we slack off."

Addison OBrian nods, sending her braid flying. "Yes! I can do that. Make posters .. be your ad girl. Me and my baseball bat will keep the fans at a respectful distance." she grins. "Oh yea this is gonna ROCK!"

Elena Horatio looks up at the with a new vigor that he normally doesnt get with the boring mundane.. listening at them plot and scheme.. 'cello.. 'he say softly . 'bit i have a wide range from a bass sound to ze sultury sounds of a voila .. 'he say softly

Vincent DiAntoni smiles at everyones reaction. "OK, so we have a string band at least." he considers something moment. "We need a name." he looks at Addison. "NOT Cubs!" he teases her.

Fiona Reinhardt snickers "Or any variation of the word bear! voice....I think that's called folk rock. How about the Zombie Fairies? Fairy Zombies.....Dead Fairies......." She delving into the morose again with her usual evil glint in her eye.

Addison OBrian pouts. "Not Cubs .... but maybe not DEAD, Fi? It's a HARP, woman." she protests.

Elena Horatio looks at between fiona and Vincent ponder looks down his shoe 'hmm at i dont know' he looks around in the air for inspiration ..

Vincent DiAntoni laughs. "Yea nothing dead .. and no Cubs. Maybe something with Strings in it .... whats a folksie name? Wheres our hippy teacher when we need him?" he demands looking at the door as he says it.

Fiona Reinhardt thinks and then says "The Marionettes....our graphic could be the top of a harp and a cello with puppets dangling under it that look like us?"

Addison OBrian smiles and looks at L. "See, you get your puppets after all!" she laughs. "I like it, but I'm just the help." she giggles madly and drinks deeply from her coffee.

Elena Horatio looks back an forward 'unstrung marionettes.. . i dont zink i like the zought of being a puppet 'he winks .. ' he pitches in still pondering . 'i seen alot of band in the steampunk conventions with just strings and vocals 'he say soflty blushing ..

Vincent DiAntoni smiles almost brightly. "Marionettes then ..... I like it? You guys?" he looks at the other two and suddenly an alarm goes off. He hops up. "Shit its been an HOUR?" he blinks. "I got to get my clothes out of the dryer." he stands and drinks from his coffee to fortify himself. "Booooooo RING." he announces in general.

Fiona Reinhardt stands up after glancing at her phone for the time and says to L "The puppets don't have to be US....they could be like Christmas things...polar bears....for Addy's bears..." She grabs her coffee "I'll help you carry it home Vincent." She gives Addy a wink and smiles at L "Think about it. We can talk at school tomorrow too."

Addison OBrian snorts. "Bears SUCK!" she calls after her retreating friends, then turns to L ..."Just you and me ... and i have some questions." she delivers this in all seriousness.

Elena Horatio just nods 'well ill zink aboutit .. he smiles as the disappear.. he looks up at addision . with abit of concern .. his look getting stern like he is lower a gate in a defense "

Addison OBrian leans over, looking curious. "You're .... whats it called? Gender fluid aren't you?" her voice is a whisper almost too low to be heard in the still bustling cafe.

Elena Horatio looks at you abit more at ease as her tone seem not critical and abit informal 'zomething like zat im more.. ' he thinks bit 'bi gender .. two defined mindset.. 'he says in a just a soft enough tone.. ' male or female' he say soflty . he say exhaling softly relaxign just abit

Addison OBrian nods slowly. "So you ... what do we call you? He, she ... " she winces. "It? Them? I have a cousin ... kinds like that ... I mean my mother's sisters kid. Wants to go from male to female ... surgery and everything ... his mother hates him ... my father.. is trying to understand."

Elena Horatio smile her understanding and her genuine attempt to try to be respect. L clears his throat' well just like a male or female .. just call me what i am .. when i present myself as such ' he smils 'im in male mode at the moment ' he say soflty .. 'once you get to know me you will know what to call me 'he smiels .. ' he say soflty ' but if i dont take much offense if the tone of voice is not disrespect .. 'he smiles

Elena Horatio: zats orrible but often the case 'he say in reference to her cousin

Addison OBrian nods and stands, moving them to a more private corner. The kids might talk, but she doesnt care. "Well ... until then .. could you throw us a hint? We saw you go in the girls room so .. biologically? Birth gender wise? I don't know ... I guess I am still learning too." she sighs and leans back on one of the corner cushions. "My mother's sister is a bitch. "

Elena Horatio smiles nods 'well when im in male mode i alter my voice to go deeper and i bind .. he say soft noding his head down to his chest 'im smal but not zis completely flat 'he chuckles soflty 'im biological female 'he exhales 'my last school was catholic .. soo i was force to go to one that match my gender .. but .. its weird to go in either if you know what i mean 'he nods at 'yeah alot of people are too narrow mind for zere own good ..'he say exhalign 'sadly but zank you for trying to understand ' eh smiles

Addison OBrian glances down by instinct and blushes as red as her hair, then giggles. "In that case, I'm pretty small too." she confesses. "Well here, you kind of can too I think. The Academy is rely trying to be for everyone, but ... not everyone ..." she sighs. "Like joey and his crew. Be careful around him. If you start changing bathrooms ... people are gonna say shit." she pouts. "Cause most people suck."

Elena Horatio nods 'yeah ... be zere down that .. good zing i can run fast.. when i want to ..'he say soflty ' yeah .. i dont usually go into the male bathrooms.. at school. or anywhere unsafe.. 'he say soflty 'but sometimes i forget that im bio fem.. so my feet just wander me to where i zink i need to be .. 'he say soflty .. 'or zankfully zere are more an more genderneutral bazrooms in world .. more each day 'he smiles

Addison OBrian nods, but frowns. "Now that we know .. you're safe." she insists. "I have my bat, Fi isn't to be messed with either. And Vincent .. he's no weakling either. he's come close to losing his scholarship at least once, I think. When he beat up Billy Katz for calling him a pansy harpist." she nods. "Politically your in the right place." she looks earnest. "PLEASE don't step FOOT in the US for a while."

Elena Horatio laugh soflty 'i dont plan to.. nozing down zere i want anyways.. 'he exhales.. 'i usally dont leave Canada.. anyway except every once in a while to visit my grandmuzer .. ' he laugh soflty 'well even zo i listen to violent music im not the violent type unless i need to be.. i hold my own but merci for ze backup

Addison OBrian smiles. "I have to watch out for the members of the band." she beams. "Where's your grandmother live?" she wonders aloud.

Elena Horatio laughs softly 'yeah or you wont have anyone to manage 'he jokes 'he smiles and exhales 'Pari' he say soflty 'i get to go every two or three years 'he smiles

Addison OBrian laughs."I know, right?" she sighs. "Wow .. Paris ...." she looks dreamy. "I know its supposed to be like this romance capitol or something. I'll probably never go. With Dad having had a heart attack, it sure wont be anytime soon." she shrugs and sips her coffee. "Are you here just because of Professor Horatio? He's your uncle, right?"

Elena Horatio smiles 'its lovely .. sometimes i wish i could live there sometimes but i like living close to muzer .. 'he chuckles 'Oui.. zat and even though its abit outdated it has one of the best string program in the country .. and its a bonus zat my uncle work and lives here at ze school he say soflty

Addison OBrian smiles. "It's great you like your mom. I can't stand mine." she states this as a fact, neither upset or thrilled. "You guys live IN the school? I thought you must have a place here in town." she considers. "Guess that leaves you out for practices at your place?"

Elena Horatio looks at you 'well i do for now .. he say softyl .. 'my uncle is trying to get a place.. 'he say soflty 'but yes for now.. 'he sy aoflty 'well if its any comfort i dont like my grandpa that lives here.. he thinks im going through a phase... and keep buying me dresses.. i didnt wear them when i was little.. why would i start now.. 'he say soflty ..

Addison OBrian nods and then laughs. "Dresses?" she asks, incredulous. "I don't own one either, tell him. I had one when i was like seven, but my father realized it was a mistake when some kids got a baseball game together and I was the catcher ..." she laughs at the memory. "Yea ... well .. dresses ...." she chuckles to herself.

Elena Horatio: he laughs with her 'he zink buying them is going to awake the girl in me and shove zis none sense that im a male too .. ' he laughs .. 'well at least he has hasn call me names .. yets '

Addison OBrian grins. "Theres going to be a Winter Ball in December." she tells him. "My father says I am old enough to go now, if a boy asks me." she blinks. "Names? Oh NO L! That's terrible. Like children."

Elena Horatio looks slightly pain as he hear ball.. 'i dont like going to balls . but i do like music so im sorta stuck. 'he say soflty . 'well thats big of him .. 'he say soflty 'i think i can go if i feel liek going 'he say soflty ' yeah people suck .. he looks aroudn the room then back down at his shoes .. 'it usually the same ones.. im like if your going to insult me .. come up with something original he say awkwardily laughing

Addison OBrian looks at him. "My father is a little old fashioned and holding onto me. Believe me ... he may trust me to pick my own date, but he will also expect me to lose a stiletto to a perverts skull. He knows the chief ... I might even get away with it." she glances aroudn the room. "Teens .. we can be so mean .... and alot of us only know what our parents told us .. so if they say its only boys and girls then its only boys and girls. My father tells me when I want to sue the Chicago Cubs and the MLB to be a catcher, he will be there to support me."

Elena Horatio laugh soflty 'yeah .. we its good that he care .. even if its alot.. my uncle can be that way .. he is more of dad then an uncle .. since we dont see my fazer alot . 'eh say soflty 'but i think last time we saw him he was chatting to him to protect me .. and think he takes to heart .. i think he forgets that im his neice and not his daughter 'eh lagh

Elena Horatio: he smile at her 'well ill be right zere behind him 'he laugh softly

Addison OBrian smiles. "Thats sweet tho." she replies. "So you're loved and protected. That's all anyone really needs you know." she beams and drinks a bit ore coffee. "That would be wild, but I don't want to be the first. God .. if I messed up or my team came in last ... they'd blame me for being a woman." she rolls her eyes.

Elena Horatio exhales 'being ze first is very undaunting .. 'he say soflty 'but someone has to .. or its just say the same and the pool get stagnate 'he say soflty

Addison OBrian snorts. "Well, I'm gonna be second or twentieth .. or become an account or be a manager and play baseball for pleasure and not money." she snorts.\

Elena Horatio nods 'who knows maybe youll be to busy managing the band 'he laugh soflty

Addison OBrian smiles at him. "Oh god I hope so .... if you guys play it and aren't gonna have to go..." she pauses. "But maybe one of you will go with a date or something."

Elena Horatio: who know .. he say soflty exhaling 'that be interesting .. though i dont if well have some pieces enough for a set by then .. 'he smiels 'but who know ' he bites his lip on the date part 'maybe the others will'he smiles .. 'so who can only attend what grades 'he aks curiously

Addison OBrian smiles. "Oh the Ball is for ANYONE. Town thing." she smiles. "Oh I hope the Chief feels well enough to take his new wife. I bet she's the prettiest lady there ... or maybe Fi's mother ... OH or FI!" she sighs, dreamily ... at the end of the day a girl ... just one who doesnt wear a dress but loves seeing others in one.

Elena Horatio nods'oh ok i zought it was just a school zing.. 'he chuckls 'um still trying to get used to zis place.. all new people and stuff 'eh say soflty .. he smiles

Addison OBrian looks at him. "You should o." she encourages. "Wear a white suit. You'd look INCREDIBLE." she grins. "White is the official color, since we don't usually get snow here." she explains.

Elena Horatio looks at you .. 'i dont know.. i dont really like wearing formal.. stuf.. its weird.. 'he say soflty . he bites his lip . 'il go only if im performing ..i just dont know if wanna go .. its not my thing .. 'he say softly

Addison OBrian shrugs. "So be weird. You've already ruined your reputation by becoming friends with The town bulldyke, Morticia Adams and a male harpist. Seriously ... it can't get TOO much stranger than us." she points out.

Elena Horatio nods'good point'he laughs a 'but well see its awhile before i have to make a decision or need to decide on that 'he say soflty 'i do liek they way steampunk men look .. but well see 'he say softly

Addison OBrian considers. "Well this is true. A few weeks before I have to tell my father I don't have a date cause half the boys in this town are scared of me and the other half are annoyed I am better at sports than they are." she rolls her eyes. "Oh .. Steampunk in white. WOW! Just.. YES!" she goes in her pocket for her phone. "Ugh, I have to go to the store and pick up some ice while my father threatens the freezer repairman." she sighs and hops up. :If they make my father overstressed I'm gonna kill someone." she looks at L. "I'll see you in school tomorrow, okay?"

Elena Horatio nods and waves 'yeah .. no murdering ... cuz that could put a permanent stop on going to the ball 'eh laughs 'but yeah .. ill see you later ' he waves

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