Sunday, November 13, 2016

Date Night - Colleen and John

*****WARNING*****This blog post contains graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Fiona is at Addison's. Logan stayed in Vancouver and Seamus and Owen are overnight at a sleepover gaming night at a mutual friend's house in Vancouver as well. The house is lit by the fire in the fireplace and candles around the room. John serves up baked salmon, wild rice and steamed vegetables with herbs onto plates after pouring two glasses of sweet white wine. He smiles at Colleen and beckons her from the couch to the table, having refused to let her help with any of it.

"Been awhile since we got to do this..." he says as he pulls out her chair.

Colleen had been staring at the fire, as if she could still see the ashes of their divorce papers within. The smile on her face is genuine when she comes to the table and sits, letting him slide it under her. "Yea. And you ARE the better cook. I mean, I never KILLED anyone with my cooking but ..." she lifts her glass. "To a new beginning." her voice rock solid and confident this is just that and the right thing to do.

John leans down and kisses her lightly after "I like your cooking just fine. I just wanted to treat you." He sits down and lifts his glass, clinking it with hers "To a new beginning." He smiles lovingly at her and then sips.

Colleen smiles. "And you are. Do I get a present?" she teases and sips after they clink glasses. Inhaling deeply she grins. "I love salmon." she picks up her fork and begins to dig in.

John coughs a little and jokes "Well you can unwrap me later if you like...but let's eat this first. I know you do, that's why I made it."

Colleen giggles. "Yea. I plan that. No kids in the house. We're alone. Oh ... yea ... you are getting unwrapped, Mister." she never told him, but there had been no one else. Not even over their separation years. A date or two that failed in degrees ranging to minor to middling. The men were always lacking something, and even though she doesn't believe in soul mates .. she wonders if maybe they exist. "I think I can get rid of my vibrator now."

John almost chokes on his bite of salmon and then has trouble finding words " you keep and just let me help you play?" He finally blurts out. His face is beet red now.

Colleen's eyes go wide and she laughs with a mouthful of food, but quickly covers it with her napkin. She recovers and swallows. "You are ON, John." she giggles. "But honestly? It was that tongue that won me." she watches his face with a slightly dreamy look on her face.

John puts down his fork, completely distracted now "We could...come back to salmon...if you'd rather that course come first..." He gives her a steamy and absolute I'll take you right now if you want it look.

Colleen considers it. "You can not have your desert before your dinner, young man. You mother would never forgive me." she is sort of waving her fork at him and drops it. "Shit." and goes under the table to retrieve it, coming up on the other side, between her husbands legs. As she works on his pants, she feigns confusion. "However I can have an appetizer." she announces as she reaches into his pants.

John gasps "Colleen!" Then he just positions his body so everything is as accessible as she might need it to be "Oh my god....I fucking love you when you're dirty...."

Colleen pulls him out of his pants as he leans back to give her better access. She kisses around him and then begins to stroke him. "I have no idea what you are talking about, Johnathan. I was looking for a fork and just got ... distracted." and she begins a wet socking, using her spit to lubricate him. He is huge and, as a younger woman had almost been afraid of his size and girth, but now she loved it. Loved him. Loved life with him.

John moans as she gets him wet and begins. God he loved this woman. In no time at all he's as hard as can be and writhing as he caresses the back of her hair.

For half a second as she sucks on her husband, she thinks the kids might come home. Talk about scared for life. But she isnt sure she could stop now, even if she wanted to. It's like refamiliarizing herself with an old friend abd slowly her pace, suction and rip tighten on him. Its one thing she missed much more than his cooking.

John presses up, thrusting gently at her and grunts almost rhythmically now. It's been months, long enough that it really won't take her too long at all. It feels so damned good. His head snaps back and he's really writhing now "Colleen..." he whispers....

She doesn't acknowledge him, nor does she stop. She wants him ... as much as she did the last time .. nearly half a year ago in the spring. More. Sliding a hand to his balls, she plays more, encouraging him not to resist her.

John starts rocking a bit on the chair, losing himself now. his grunts turn into cries and his face screws up holding the wave as it hits him full on and breaks with one last loud cry spurting the flow of him hotly into her mouth. As the flow ebbs the chair settles and he just holds her with the one arm that was on her head, sweat having broken out lightly over his skin during the climax.

Colleen swallows as much of her husbands essence as she can before resting her head on his thigh a moment. Then she kisses his manhood and withdraws, retrieving her fork and bringing it up with her as she retakes her seat. Her face a mask of neutrality, she polishes it with her napkin and picks up a forkful of wild rice. "Found it." she announces, cheerfully, then breaks into an impish grin as she watches him across the table.

John just stares at her and catches his breath and then shimmies his chair forwards, pants still open, and slowly starts eating "Glad you found what you were...looking for under there..." he intones in disbelief.

Colleen grins and begins to eat. "Thank you. Damn distractions. I must be getting old." he sighs explosively. "Anyway ... Any news on selling this house? I put mine on the market Monday morning. Lets hope for the best on that one." she eats heartily now, occasionally sipping her wine. Trying not to rush .. she's had her appitizer and now she must get through the meal for dessert.

John is still kind of in a haze "Well I guess I should call a realtor. I was looking up selling it com free or private...but I don't think we have the time. I mean moving the boys to a new school mid year....." He sighs "I hope they forgive us."

Colleen sighs and reaches for his hand. "I love our sons, but right now I just want us all back under the same roof for a little bit. They can be mad at us, but they'll forgive us as long as we get the wifi and cable in BEFORE we move in so much as a suitcase." the holds it, somehow needing the contact.

John nods at her "I want that too, and they do like it here." He keeps holding her hand too, like letting go would mean they'd drift away. He holds it all through dinner and then tugs it as they finish, trying to pull her to her feet and lead her upstairs "You beat me to it...but I set up the bedroom a little. I guess I was hopeful..." If she follows with him she'll smell roses as she gets to their old bedroom door she'll see he's turned down the bed and covered where they might lie with rose petals. Candles are also burning around this room too. There's a bottle of massage oil on the night table. John loves to give massages but they always tend to get cut short for sex.

Colleen happily stands when he does, watching him straighten his clothes before leading her upstairs. "Set up the bedroom...." she wonders and smells the roses. Seeing their bedroom, she swallows hard and can feel her tears. "Oh, John ...." she looks around the room and sniffs a little. This new beginning feels incredible thus far and she can really feel him trying hard to relax more. She turns and blinks again. "I told myself I wouldn't cry." she chides herself, slightly annoyed.

John grabs her in a hug "Didn't the therapist tell us to face all of our feelings together....It's OK to cry." He closes his eyes and just holds her.

Colleen cries a little. "I never thought we'd ever be like this." she sniffs, wrestling with herself for control of her emotions. "I know this is a special occasion but ... god, John." she inhales deeply and straightens. "We can't even let it get as bad as it was again, Not ever." its partly a promise to herself and her own hot temper as it is a plea he do the same.

John nods, feeling Colleen's crying getting contagious "We won't." He says hoarsely "We almost lost it about a wakeup call."

Colleen can't agree more. "Yea ... wow. THATS what I hope the kids forgive us for. All that .. name calling ... oh God John I'm so sorry. she blows out a breath and walks into his arms again. The things she had called him ... and he had called her. While she is glad they never physically fought .... what they did do was bad enough.

John grips her and sniffs "I'm sorry too...and I'm sure I deserved a few of them...sorry for that part too. So many words I wish I'd never said Colleen. I didn't mean them....just my stupid mouth running away."

Colleen caresses his face. "New beginning. Lets both try and forget. We were angry and stupid." she smiles at him. "So .. you were thinking .... massage?" she says eagerly, although over the years, she had get to get a massage from him that didn't wind up being relaxing in a COMPLETELY different way.

John steps back from her a little and nods "Mmmhmm...if you want....whatever you want....just tell me...."

Colleen smiles at him and takes his hands in hers. "I want that beautiful massage you usually give me. Start at the shoulders and never make it past my hips. That's how we got Fiona and Owen, if memory serves." she keeps her voice neutral. "The acid test of that vasectomy, lover." she teases, moving her own hand down between his legs, lest he try and give her a complete massage, which would just be wrong.

John grins "Yes please!" He starts kissing her, undressing her, moving her towards the bed with intention.

As John undresses her, she undresses him, relishing every kiss he gives her. She legs him guide her .. to their bed, to the kitchen, to the shower, she doesn't care. This is a magical evening and she plans to enjoy as much of it as she can.

John kisses her all over, once she's undressed, taking his time, teasing, watching her, finally moving between her legs for what she had mentioned over dinner. At this he stops his teasing and pushes her legs apart, sliding his tongue hard against her clit but then backing off and letting her think about how bad she might want it back there.

Colleen almost giggles when the massage is all but forgotten, but is not mad. She was less interested in that and more interested in this anyway. She lets her knees fall open and whimpers at the push and withdrawal. Looking down her body at him she bites her lip. "John .. please..." she is not surprised really at how much she needs to feel his actual tongue instead of fantasizing about it. And strong as she is, she is not above begging for his touch.

"Please" in her voice is all he needs to dive in and comply fully. He slides his hands under her ass, caressing where the bottom of it just meets the top of the back of her thighs as his tongue circles her clit over and over but slowly.

Colleen moans and lifts her chin. "John ...." she whispers, reaching down to caress his hair. Over the years, she has developed a trick where she realizes which always seems to delay orgasm ... but its been a long time with them. "Jesus John, yes." the whisper is a deep habit and through the cloud of pleasure she remembers they are alone in the house. Her voice rises with her hips. "Yes, John."

John keeps going, speeding up ever so slightly and increasing pressure a bit, He adds a finger, sliding inside her, loving it all but also holding back as he feels his own cock harden again. She's so wet. He wants it around him, sliding over him, squeezing him tight. His desire channels into his mouth and hand right now.

Colleen moans and begins to rock with his finger. She is wet and incredibly turned on. And after twenty years together almost, he knows how to bring her around fast or slow. "Next time I mouth off this is a MUCH better tongue lashing to give me ..." she murmurs, already breathing harder. "God John, I love you. Please .. please make me cum. Don't tease me." she knows she is begging but couldn't care less with lessons. Normally she is a talker but tonight is no exception.

John looks up smiling at her devilishly, finger staying in her, thrusting deep now "Do you want my cock or my mouth?" he asks in a low voice, biting his lip while he waits for the answer, still tasting her.

Colleen is breathless and so near the edge she can barely speak at all. "Mouth ... then fuck me like you know I'm yours." she manages, feeling the brink coming and unable to relax against it.

John moans at her words and his face is right back between her legs, tongue rubbing in circles again the way she likes but harder now, still slow but hard. His finger is gentle and deep in and out of her in time with the tongue. He's losing his mind knowing how close she is and moaning as he goes.

Colleen can do very little but cry out his name. "John! John! JohnJohn!" and in seconds she cums hard and wet, arching into him. She begins to come down from the orgasm, but is not remotely sated "I need you .. John .. please .. please." she normally has no patience for a woman who would beg for cock, but John brought that kind of submissiveness out in her every time. She knew she could 'live without it', but she never wanted to. she didn't need him, she wanted him ... at the moment .. desperately.

John springs up and lands on her gently, sliding into her with years of practice and then once he's been as deep as he can go inside her hooking his hands around her shoulders, gently gripping them on one side while slightly propping himself on the other and thrusting hard, still making sure he's hitting her clit on the way in. He's strong, he's taking her, she's his. He grunts hard and makes eye contact, looking almost pained at the pleasure. His stamina is a little higher since she got him off downstairs and he goes for quite awhile, lightly sweating against her body.

Colleen cries out as he enters her and loves the way he does it. Twenty years later he does not bore her. He has perfected his technique with her and she with him and it is a long and beautiful dance. Now she is able to relax a bit, but she meets his thrusts with a smile, looking up into those dark green eyes, wrapping her legs around him, her arms around him, joining him for long long minutes until she is close again and begins the tell-tale chant. "John, John .. oh god John yes. I love you. I love you. I love you." as she cums a second time, harder than the first and bucking under him, clamping him, possessive in her own right.

John's eyes pop wider and he cries out as she clamps, cuming in her instantly. She gets him every time with it and she knows she can. He rides her second one our for her for as long as it takes and then falls down. As he collapses on her he murmurs "I love you so much. We're worth saving and we can do it...I promise." He nuzzles into her just holding on, intertwines with her.

Colleen wraps her arms loosely around him. "We can and we will." she promises as well. "Such a wonderful dinner." she smiles at him. "I have a little news for you, John." she caresses his hair.

John pulls himself up to look at her, still inside her and kisses her lightly, keeping his eyes closed as he says "Hmmm?"

Colleen smiles softly. "I .. called Susan McKinney on Wednesday." she tells him. "I asked her if she had an opening for a nurse and if she did, if I could apply..." she keeps caressing his head She is a head nurse in White Rock, and making a LOT of money. Changing jobs would mean a smaller hospital .. not really a hospital at all ... and a MUCH smaller paycheck ... but she would be in Alexandra ... able to walk to work, which would save them quite a bit even with the pay cut. But she is a little nervous because it IS a pay cut.

John opens his eyes looking at Colleen in surprise "Would you want that?" He rolls them onto their sides as the conversation moves from things related to sex to something requiring more serious thought. He slips out of her but gently as they move and his arms slide around her, holding her so they can talk face to face.

Colleen nods. "Working at the hospital ... I feel like that's one of MY contributions to our near failure." she admits. "Working insane hours and coming home long enough to fight with you about my hours and yours." she snorts. "We both worked so much, yet always had time to fight." on her side she places one of her legs over his. "I told her I had to talk to you, of course and she told me ..." he pauses here and bites her lip. "She told me if you said yes, to consider myself hired. She admits that I am overqualified, but I don't care. I have to be around for my family. And with the kids getting older ..." she pulls him closer. "So maybe more nights like this one, eh?"

John's eyes look watery "Are you sure? I don't want to hold you back Colleen. I don't want you to ever feel my job here is more important that yours anywhere.....don't get me wrong I'd love it. but this has to be what we BOTH want." He caresses the leg she slung over him sweetly.

Colleen swallows hard and blinks, her eyes clouded. "I told her that if you agreed, she could consider me hired." she caresses his face. "I could put my two weeks notice in tomorrow ... unless you want me to wait until we can sell the houses and move into a new place first?"

John chokes a bit and suddenly hugs her hard "No...I want you here...all the now...and forever. Yes...tell her I said yes. I know it's less money but it's also cheaper here and we're selling two houses and moving into one......we'll be OK, just come home Colleen."

Colleen shudders and returns the hug. "Yes, dear." she teases. She kisses his shoulder. "I want to be home. I want the boys home. And the two weeks notice will coincide nicely with the boys beginning school here. Fi is our only Music student. Logan is grown." she sighs. "Logan is a man now, John." their bird hasn't left the nest, but he is within his legal right to do so.

John chuckles "Oh I know it. But he's welcome to keep living with us as long as he wants. I might kick him out if it goes on until he's 30 but I like having him home....he's good for Fi too. a different connection than with the younger brothers. I worry about her."

Colleen giggles a little bit. "I might help you if he's almost 30." she agrees and nods. "I think helping with Fiona was fun for him and the other boys were more like work. Plus they are boys. Logan feels protective of his sister. He'd like to be back here so he can terrorize any prospects for her affections."

John groans "I know I shouldn't be some kind of patriarchal neanderthal about it but I find it so hard to watch her with boys, or think about what she might do when I'm not watching....there's one right now she claims is a "friend" but Oh my god Colleen....he's the son of this total asshole that works for me....I'm kind of freaking out. I think I need you to tell me I'm being unreasonable...'

Colleen laughs a little bit. "So Logan can do what we just did, but Fiona can't?" she teases. "Or are you just too afraid in that regard she is TOO much like her mother?" she stops her teasing. "You and Michael arent like YOUR father." she encourages. "He could be a wonderful little manling. Don't be unreasonable, or you'll drive her to the bad boys and away from the good ones."

John sighs, coming down a bit. The reminder that he was not like his own father had power and wisdom. "I know. I need to trust her, and it is a double standard. I just see my little girl sometimes...I don't know why more with her than with the boys...I mean Seamus a bit....but Owen and Logan not so much. It doesn't totally make sense Colleen." He laughs at himself "If she's like you, any man in her future will be a lucky one."

Colleen snorts. "Seamus is our baby." she protests. "He can't date. Ever. He has to live here with us until we die and he stuffs and mounts us. Preferably just like this." she considers what she just said. "So THATS where Fi gets it .. who knew?" and she beams at her husband at his compliment. "I love you, John Reinhardt. So much."

John laughs heartily now and says "I love you too. Thank you for keeping me sane."

Colleen laughs with him. "Most welcome. she snuggles into him. It's still early and they aren't in their 20's anymore. But they have until morning ... and even old folks like them could get in a lot of love while the kids were out.

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