Sunday, November 20, 2016

Breakfast Nook Lunch - Kagiso and April

Kagiso Jackson walks into the Breakfaast nook and glances around. it's small but only a few customers, so at least he won't hve to wait long.

April Kenichi is bustling about the place tend to the few customer there refill coffee and water and etc. she notices out of the corner of her eyes she see a new customer walking .. "hello, welcome 'she say with a cheery tone .. and smiles

Kagiso Jackson smiles back. "How you doin?" he glances around. "DoI just sit anywhere, or what?"

April Kenichi nods 'yes , she smiles 'where would you like to sit 'she chirps happily

Kagiso Jackson grins. She's kind of contagious. "Over her is good, thanks." he moves to one of the booths and sits. he sets a tablet in front of him and uts an ear bud in his left ear.

April Kenichi smiles and goes to retrieve a menu and has a bouce in her set as anyway .. and places the menu .. and sees that he is abit preoccupied .. 'would you like to start with a drink 'she say soflty 'or do you need some time 'she say cheerfully

Kagiso Jackson takes the menu. "Let me have some coffee while I wit, please?"

April Kenichi smiles 'coming right up ' she says happily and dashs off to get him a cup of coffee. she returns with cup of black coffee and assorted tray of creamers and sugars and sweetener

Kagiso Jackson is bobbing his head a bit. "Thanks." he nods and looks at the menu as he adds the creamer and sugar.

April Kenichi darts around with a bouce in her step as she refills and then buses a table for a customer that left after a while she returns and beam with a cofee pot.. 'do you need a refill or are you ready to order:

Kagiso Jackson looks up. "Give me the waffle special please .. with blueberries." he nods to himself. "Sounds good ot me."

April Kenichi smiles as she jots down his order on a order pad . 'comming right up ' she dashes off

Kagiso Jackson sips his coffee, bobbing his head and taping a bit at his tablet, while he waits.

April Kenichi returns shortly and smiles 'do you mind if i ask what you listening to she say brightly setting his order in front of him .she looks around the room to see if they other few customers need anything but it looks like they dont at the moment

Kagiso Jackson looks at her, still bobbibng his head a bit. "I'm listening to some unfinished ideas for a Christmas album that I'm putting out with India Tor. But its not quite right .... I got a little bit .. maybe a week before we record it ... I can get it out by December first, if I hustle."

April Kenichi smiles 'oh nice .. you own that recording studio right ' she smiles 'thats just wonderful how creative 'he gigglee '

Kagiso Jackson nods. Yes, I do." he offers her his hand. "Kagiso Jackson .... maybe beter known as Aquistic Spirit. Maybe not."

April Kenichi exhands her hand and smiles shakign it enthusiastically . 'that so cool ' she say soflty. she smiles 'you said you were working on a christmas album . i can wait for Christmas 'she laugh soflty

Kagiso Jackson smiles. "Well, it's a kinda neat holiday. When India released her farewell single, BOTH our channels lit up. It's kinda nice to know maybe we both retired too soon." he chuckles. "Looking forward to them presents, huh?" he teases.

April Kenichi smiles and nods as he talks 'well good luck on your future successess 'she say in a hopefull tone. she blushes abit 'welll not really about th present . im just glad to have someone special this year.. but yes im so excited about spend my first christmas with living togehte with my boyfriend 'she chuckles

Kagiso Jackson nods. "Than you. Cause there's only so many ways to redo Winter Wonderland." he grins, then smiles. "Ohhh that's nice. You and your man got plans? Or just gonna pretend you snowed in all day?"

April Kenichi giggles blushing 'i think the later might be some to explore 'she cover her mouth embarrassed but smiles

Kagiso Jackson laughs. "Hey, you hardly need a major holiday to do THAT." he chuckles. "You're obviously not from around here. Do the Japanese even celebrate Christmas? I thought they ws mostly Buddists?"

April Kenichi chuckles softly as she sees some is motion for service . she holds up a finger to kagiso 'ill be right back ' she tends to the others quicly then returns to Kagiso . 'sorry about that ' she say but continues 'well its more of couple thing in japan.. 'like a second valentines day . 'she blushes 'its a day for couples .. ' she smiles 'so having a nice dinner or walk with your partner or a love in is the best way to celebrate that over a bucket of chicken 'she giggles

Kagiso Jackson nods to her to go and when she comes back he arches his brows. "That sounds nice ... wait ... a bucket of CHICKEN?"

April Kenichi chuckles at his look alway getting a kick outta the westerners reaction to this odd tradition 'yes its a big thing in japan to get a bucket of chicken 'she laughs 'though i may just try to make some fried chicken for my love ' she say giggle placign a single finger on her lips 'shhh dont telll "

Kagiso Jackson shakes his head. "Love over a bucket." he laughs. "That depends ... do I KNOW your man?" he wonders, although he can't imagine any man he nows that would NOT brag on this woman.

April Kenichi thinks 'hmm well he is Eien . he works at sakura in Cedar Point and he works at the Perkatory here 'she beams 'i love their coffe there " she beams

Kagiso Jackson considers and his eyes naturally move to the window. "Ohhhh Buni's cousin, right." he nods. "I ain't really ever met him, but Buni told me about him. I get to Cedar Point now and again. Hard working brutha, I hear."

April Kenichi chuckls 'im try to make him not work so hard .. ' she blushes .. 'i hid his clothes once.. but he found them 'she sighs but it stall him a couple of minutes 'she smiles

Kagiso Jackson looks at her, curiously. "A man got to make that money for his lady." then he laughs. "Hide a mans clothes on him. HA!" he throws back his head and laughs.

April Kenichi laughs 'i know .. i know he has to work and appriecate he works so hard but yeah .. i did .. he was late to work .. ' she blushe s'i can only imagine what he had to tell his boss. 'she giggles soflty ..

Kagiso Jackson grins. "Now did you apologize after?" he smirks, still thoroughly amused. "He neglecting you?"

April Kenichi laughs softly ' i apologize enough after he got back home ' she chuckles but shakes her head 'oh no.. he isnt neglecting me .. im a spoiled greedy lady when it come to my man 'she smiles

Kagiso Jackson chuckles. "Then it was worth it to be late." he considers this. "High maintenance?" then he considers she might not know that term. "You a ldy takes a lot of money to please her?"

April Kenichi shaks her head 'no just greedy when it comes to my Eien ' she smiles .. 'im happy with him with the money we make together .. 'i dont require much ' she smiles despite her background ' just spoiled when it comes to him ' she chuckes

Kagiso Jackson nods. "Ahhhh right right ... so yo man spoil you with him. Smart man." he smiles. "SO ... tell me, what holidy songs youlike? Nothing too religious. People all sensitive boyt that these days."

April Kenichi chuckles 'yeah . all i need is him .. and food and the basics ' she smiles . she looks up and chins her cheeks as she think ' i think i like marah's all i want for christmas is you 'she beams

Kagiso Jackson laughs. "Him and food and heat and clothes and bills paid and transportation and and and." helaughs. "I don't know if I can use that. Legal stuff. I'll make a note of it." and he does on his tablet.

April Kenichi nods 'hmmm one of the classics i like is the christmas song .. um that nat king cole sng 'she smiles

Kagiso Jackson nods and writes that one down too. "We'll see. We'll see. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll pay you with a copy of the album you and your man can hide at hime and listen to."

April Kenichi smiles 'um .. ok.. that works ' she smiles 'thanks ' she beams .. 'hell love that i think.. ' she say abit uncertain but giggles

Kagiso Jackson arches his brows. "Not a fan of me or India?" he asks, catching the hesitation.

April Kenichi smiles 'oh her .. he loves her .. thats a perfect gift ! ' she squeall .. 'lets see i get the cd and cook fry chicken and dress in cute sexy ms class outfit 'she says tickign off a list out loud

Kagiso Jackson chuckles. "Well she's on this too." he listens to the list. "He's gonna have him a MERRY Christmas." he teases and winks.

April Kenichi chuckes 'yeah he is ! 'she beams

Kagiso Jackson throws back his head and laughs. "I like you, April." he got her name off her name tag.

April Kenichi places one hand on her hips 'aww thanks . you seem like nice person too 'she smile looking pensievely ..

Kagiso Jackson grins. Then looks at the pensive smile. "SOmething wrong?"

April Kenichi looks down at you 'yeah .. im fine ' she fixes her smiles ' just thinking that all .. she bites her list .. 'cant wait for christmas' she beams

Kagiso Jackson laughs and reaches for his wallet. "Still more thn a month ... and you my not be glad about that, but I am." he laughs and hands his card over. "DO they allow tipping here?"

April Kenichi shakes her head 'thats the bonus i like about this shop its like at home ' she sigh softy "home.. ' she repeat but snaps out of it 'no tipping they pay good wage here .. not based on tips "

Kagiso Jackson nods and nods at his card. "Then go head on now." he grins and waits.

April Kenichi looks at you 'i though you were paying your bill with the Cd . ' she say confused but a though dawns on her 'did you hear this man singing that song from the nightmare before christmas on the street yesterday .. 'ike loud' she say confused

Kagiso Jackson chuckles. "I havent made it yet, so ya'll gonna have to use the money." he chuckles. "Noooo I missed that. Was he loud and good or loud and BAD?" he wonders

April Kenichi take the card 'it was loud but sounded good .. like park character good ' she says soflty she smiles and runs off to swipe the card and settle his bill

Kagiso Jackson arches his brow. "Maybe I'll hear it." he waits for the reaurn of his card, gathering up his things.

April Kenichi looks outside 'i dont think he lives here. though 'she shrugs as she hands him his card and reciept .. 'but yeah it was kinda nice "

Kagiso Jackson smiles, takes his card. "Ah well" he returns it. "You have great holiday if I don't her from you." and he heads out the door for his studio.

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