Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Schmooze - Vincent and Darcy

Vincent DiAntoni feels like he is walking on air as he heads for the Breakfast Nook. Since around Thanksgiving, it has become his habit to come in on Sundays to enjoy some kind of breakfast with Darcy Lynch. They had become close and he had found himself sharing a lot with her. But he'd been having the best weekend of his life so far.. Humming softly, he walks in and sits, ordering himself a coffee as he waits.

Darcy sees Vincent already sitting as she walks up and smiles. She has dark circles under her eyes. Sleep has been a bit scarce. The dreams are a constant battle and she hates how she feels if she takes a sleeping pill the next morning so she's been suffering through and trying to look fine. But Vincent looks happy and it lifts her spirits too. She slaps the table as she sits down and grins "So who's this Fiona I met on her way to you on Friday?"

Vincent blushes crimson when Darcy sits and ... it's Fiona right out of the chute. "Um ... yea ... she's ... I guess ... I mean we had a date that night ... and .. yea .. I ... I guess .. she's kinda ... my .. um ... girlfriend?" the last word comes out of his mouth with far less confidence than he thought it would. Darcy's opinion means the world to him ... far more than his father's.

Darcy beams "That's great!" She scrutinizes a bit "So kinda girlfriend or still in the works? She seems really cool. Helped me with my groceries when I was fighting between them and my keys. I remember her singing at the festival. Where did you guys go?" A waitress approaches and Darcy smiles "Coffee and the usual please." They're there once a week and Darcy eats the same egg and bacon style breakfast every time.

Vincent considers. "Whats the difference?" he wonders if she thinks they went all the way. "She has an incredible voice, I think." he looks at the waitress. "My usual too, please." he loves the three large pancakes with their accompanying plate sizes sausage patties. He turns back to Darcy. "We went to Sakura Sushi in Cedar Point. I paid the travel and she bought the meal. Next weekend we're switching ... she'll pay the transport and I'll pay for dinner and a movie."

Darcy is thinking it's all sweet an innocent "Aww, that's so sweet. I'm thinking if you're planning more dates, she's your girlfriend...not that I'ma big label person. It's more about just being happy. That's a good start to the weekend then."

Vincent beams. "Yes. We're planning more. She asked me ... actually I got asked out twice on the same day." he chuckles. "But yea .. this has been a FANTASTIC weekend Aunt Darc. The date was only the start of it."

Darcy looks truly happy for him and accepts a cup of coffee as it's brought to her "Thank you." She starts waving a sugar packet so the sugar goes to the end she's not opening and then rips it and dumps it into the cup before reaching for the creamer "Well aren't you a Romeo. Tell me the rest then?" She stirs the coffee cup now with a little clink at the end.

Vincent snorts. "Well, I don't know about that, but the other girl ... her mom is doing my Dad so .... yea ... not happenin. She'd want me to go further than I want. I know cause the next day she was hanging all over another boy in school." he shrugs. "Well, Dad didn't manage to completely fuck up ... I mean mess up the beginning of the date .. but she knocked and he got to the door first." he strokes his chin. "Insisted I bring three condoms with us." he holds up his hands. "We didnt use them. She's going to give them to her older brother. Anyway, we get to the sushi shop and order and it turns out her father called her uncle who is a cop there to check up on us. His girlfriend works there." he blows out a breath.

Darcy looks wide eyed over her sip of coffee at the tales of his father and then just exhales into a word "Wow." She shakes her head "Your Dad...handed you condoms in front of Fiona...on your FIRST date....classy. I'm glad she didn't bail." She frowns "What's the deal with her father? Just patriarchal and overprotective? He sent the uncle in in uniform?" She can't help but laugh a bit at the extreme evening.

Vincent sighs deeply. "Yup. Told me 'no accidents'. I was afraid she would, but she .. well.. now at least she knows what my Dad's like, right? She still likes me." he chuckles. "She says he is overprotective. And I've met her uncle. Officer Reinhardt, from Cedar Point? He took us all trick or treating? Like six foot five and a little smaller than this building? Yea. Him." he blows out a breath. "But I passed ... and then he saw the condoms and I ... I blurted out they were mine, so FIona wouldnt get in trouble. He didnt lecture or get mad, though. Just told us that if we ever DO have sex to be careful." he looks a bit pensive as he sips his coffee. "Kinda cool, actually. I thought I was dead."

Darcy thinks "Redheaded big guy? I think I've seen him...looks a bit like the Metalworks guy....oh shit THAT's his brother, Fiona's dad right? Those dudes are solid." She laughs "Good luck kid. I'm sure they'll love you when they get to know you Vincent. My Dad was a bit of a freak with Mari and boys at first. And I do agree with Officer Reinhardt on the careful...but not until you're ready. Don't grow up too fast. There's lots of shitty grown up stuff for the rest of it. Cherish this part OK?"

Vincent nods. "Yea. Them. I plan to be very careful. I don't want them mad at me. I promised never to hurt Fiona on purpose. I'll probably do it unintentionally, I guess." he sighs and shrugs. "Yea .... I know I told you how great I was with girls, but ... mostly ... yea .. I'm still ... a ... well .. you know." he grins. "And I am. Fiona is like ... an escape .. if that makes sense."

Darcy grins "Vincent, you're 14. I'd be more worried if you weren't a virgin already. That comes with a lot of complications and really big feelings. Like make or break a relationship big feelings. It's not just about the physical. Don't rush that." She thinks about the escape comment "an escape from...home?" Her tone is very kind, with some obvious concern.

Vincent nods as their plates come. "I know and I'm in no rush. My mother was 16 when she had me ... I know what it can do to people." and he nods. "Yea. Escape from Dad." he picks up his fork and knife and cuts into the stack. "But I'm gonna get out of there. I can make some money with royalties." he sounds hopeful.

Darcy looks pained for him and nods "You know you can come up anytime if you need to....just... get or night Vincent." She tilts her head "Royalties? Did you record something with your harp?"

Vincent scoffs. "Two problems with that. One my father would probably come up and make me come home. And two ... I wouldn't want to." he shoves some food in his mouth and nods, as she asks the other question. FInally he swallows. "Kagiso Jackson. You know .. the musician? Aquistic Spirit? He came by Saturday and we talked in his studio. He and India Tor are going to do a Christmas album and he wants me to play a harp .. an ELECTRIC harp!" he sounds almost as excited about the harp as he does about the date with Fiona.

Darcy tenses her jaw to hide the fact that she's both saddened and made anxious by Vincent not wanting her offer of help. She also gets it. He doesn't want to burden her, and he has no idea how strong her urge is to protect him. Darcy doesn't even totally know where it comes from herself sometimes. She raises an eyebrow at the other news and then breaks into a grin "Really? That's awesome Vincent. When's that all happening? He just has an electric harp...Kagiso?"

Vincent nods, missing all the tension. He doesn't want to burden her and more, he doesn't want her on the wrong side of his father. "He says he should have one coming in, so he wants me to come in his studio after school to learn to play it and practice and then on Saturday India Tor is coming into town and they'll record .. I mean we'll record." he blushes a little. "He's heard me playing at home and thinks its cool I can play ... anything."

Darcy gives him an encouraging look "You can. I've heard it too. I'm so happy for you Vincent. This is a great opportunity."

Vincent nods and chows down a bit. "I'm getting out of my Dads house as soon as I can." he declares. Then he chews a bit. "I know your Dad wasn't like mine, cause I met him. He's weird, but isn't like my Dad." eating is helping him focus. "But ... you said he was overprotective of Mari." he glances up. "Why just her?" he wonders, because he feels protective of Darcy, even if its probably silly.

Darcy smiles at his declaration and then blinks. She thought that one slid by the kid but he's just too damn clever. She's mid bite and chews very slowly, stalling maybe a bit and then finally swallows and takes a big sip of coffee before admitting "Because it wasn't boys with me, ever. I gave my parents a whole different set of things to worry about."

Vincent pauses and considers, then makes an o with his mouth as he realizes. "But ... lesbians are great. I mean, if I was gay I'd be so dead, Aunt Darc. But I mean ... I dont think they're bad, but ... I ... was always told women were one thing and man another. Well .. my mom said it didn't matter .. but ... why would there be a different set of problems? I mean ... you wouldnt get pregnant." he attempts to use logic.

Darcy grins "They really ARE great. But my mom's kind of religious and she had to reconcile the whole...thinking I was going to burn in hell bit...she did, to her credit, stop holding prayer meetings for me. Thank god....hers I spose.." she laughs and then sighs "But then it was the whole we'll never get grandchildren speech. And I think they know Mari is NOT what you'd call the maternal type so they were hoping for me to do all that."

Vincent chuckles. "Yea, I can see that. I'm not religious. How could I be?" he nods and picks at his plate. "So ... you don't want kids?" he asks the stack of pancakes and sausage. "I mean lesbians adopt all the time, right?" he puts another triangle in his mouth, shoving the sigh down his throat.

Darcy punctuates her next point with her fork "I would totally adopt. I'm not so into babies....I think I'd be more inclined towards an older child. I mean those kids that end up in the system because they're not babies. It's not fair. They didn't choose that. I don't have a partner but I dunno someday maybe..." She smiles "I do like kids." She gestures at him with the fork again before scooping up some eggs "Case and point, you're a kid." She chuckles and then eats.

Vincent listens and closes his eyes, swallowing his bite hard. "Yea. The kids Social Services gets hold of." he sighs deeply and looks up. "OK, first of all, I'm a MAN." he adds some false bravado to cover his feelings. Then he smiles. "Any system kid would be so lucky to have you as a mom ... foster or adopted or whatever."

Darcy looks sweetly at Vincent, blinking hard. She would happily offer this kid a better home if life gave her the chance. With a little throat clear she covers her gut reaction with a joke "OK little man..." She holds out a napkin "You have a very manly dribble of syrup coming down your chin. Don't let that pretty girl of yours see you eat pancakes."

Vincent blushes scarlet. "God. That would be so embarrassing .. mostly cause she wouldn't be half as nice about it." he chuckles and takes it, wiping his lips. "But seriously. You'd be a great mom. If my father ever dies ... I'd want to come live with you." he isn't even thinking of telling Darcy on Thanksgiving that he knew how much he could give his dad to kill him. He's just saying ... if it ever happened.

Darcy's eyes go wide "Vincent....I'm touched but I don't wish ill...on..." She realizes she can't actually finish that sentence with total honesty. Instead she just offers "I'll always be here for you, always. OK?" She reaches across the table and gives his hand a little squeeze, worried about how much pain he's in living with that horrible man, worried about what it might drive him to do to survive it.

Vincent takes her hand and squeezes back. "Yea. I know you will." his voice is a little gruff and he clears his throat. "So!" he exclaims, bound and determined to change the subject. "Are you seeing anyone?" he happily pries, because its better than discussing homicide. "I think Professor Sharp is gay ... I mean ... she looks it .. I mean .. well .. shes very manly and seems pretty open about it." he cups his chin again. "Who else is there..." he ponders like an old Italian matchmaker.

Darcy pats Vincent's hand and then shakes her finger at him "I'm not seeing anyone......don't start that. Frank is, but set ups are a terrible idea and I work with Frank, remember? Awkward after if that doesn't go well." She can't help but seem touched by the notion "That's very sweet though."

Vincent chuckles. "Sorry. Most be some of my Nonna in me." he grins. "So if I get on this album, will you buy it? We're also getting a band together, but Kagiso didn't mention that. Me and a few of the kids. Including Fi."

Darcy smiles "Of course I'll buy it. I'll buy them all if you record lots. Who's Nonna?" She looks excited about the band too "A band? Like a rock band?"

Vincent smiles. "A nonna is a grandmother. My father's mother in this case." he nods. "Well sort of. DO far it's me on the harp, Fi singing, this kid L on cello and Addison O'Brian managing us."

Darcy scrapes the remaining eggs and toast into one last bite as he talks and then takes a napkin and wipes her mouth and her hands "Sounds like fun your band. Did you say Elle? That's a pretty name. So you and a bunch of girls? I'm seeing a pattern here..." she teases before asking "Is your Nonna back in Toronto?"

Vincent finishes the last of his stack and sighs in bliss. "Actually .... I have no idea what L is .... and have no idea how to ask. But whichever can rock a cello." he clears his throat and blushes. "Yea ... Fiona calls them my harpies." he sighs and shrugs, picking up his coffee. "Yea. She died maybe six months after my mom did." he closes his eyes and swallows

Darcy looks intrigued by the idea of L and then slowly nods "Alright then. Harpies?" She laughs "I like Fiona. She's funny." Her smile fades when he tells her his Nonna has passed away too. Fuck, the kid just couldn't get a break. She slumps and sighs, looking at him with sympathy "I'm so sorry Vincent."

Vincent smiles, glad his girlfriend ranked approval of someone not a pervert. "Yea. She loved me and was always on my Dad about how he treated us." he drains his coffee. "But it's okay. I'm .... okay." its almost a lie ... almost. He has more reliable friends here. And if he could stay out of his father's way, he could survive a few more years. "OH .... Dad wants me to take metal shop. You know so I can have a real career to fall back on." he rolls his eyes. "I might do it ... But I want to be a doctor ... well .. sort of."

Darcy scoffs "Well you don't have to do your Dad's job to have a real one. But shops might be fun. I liked them in school. Hands on break from all the sitting with them talking at you. A doctor? Hard work, but you can do it. How are your science grades?"

Vincent also scoffs. "I wouldn't work for my Dad for anything." he retorts. "But it could be interesting. I'm in advanced science at school. I want to be a pathologist. First, I thought I could become an oncologist, even though at the time I didn't know what it was. Grow up and cure Mom." he shrugs. Probably a lot of little kids with sick mothers thought that. "My grandmother loved this old show called Quincy, and he was a pathologist or a coroner if there's a difference. Anyway he was like a detective. Found missing persons and junk. But it was really cool. And who knows, maybe I can help ... without watching people die."

Darcy smiles a bit sadly "That's always the goal, to keep people alive. You're choosing a job like mine where sometimes you'll have to face it when they don't. Just keep a good support network. It's usually worth it 9 times out of 10."

Vincent nods. "Support network...." he considers. "You, Fiona .... Addison. That's who I can count on." he grins. "Are you working today? I know I'm cleaning for a bit. Dad didn't come home this weekend .... which of course made it."

Darcy smiles and then shakes her head "Not today. I have an appointment later though, this afternoon."

Vincent nods. "OK ..." he says it like deciding to say something. "You said I could stay in your place if I needed to...." he looks over at her. "What about Igor?" he sighs. "I need a safe place to keep my harp and lyre." he quickly covers. "I mean I can ask Mr Jackson too ... he has a lot of really valuable stuff and he told me to come on by anytime .. which adults never REALLY mean, but..."

Darcy gives Vincent a hard look and then pulls her wallet out of her jacket and digs in the change purse section. She hands him a key "Mark this one so you don't get it mixed up with your own. You can store Igor and the lyre....and escape when you need to. Are you afraid he'll do something to them?"

Vincent hesitates before reaching out and taking the key. He slips it in his jeans pocket and nods, still looking down. "Yea. Well. No better way to get to me than through whatever I lo .. care about the most, right?"

Darcy sighs and says genuinely "My home is your home kid." The waitress comes with the bills and Darcy reaches to take both "My treat Vincent."

Vincent looks at her. "Don't tease me, Aunt Darc." he was reaching into his back pocket to pay. "This time." he grins at all the women refusing his money in his life. "Next time ... I pay?" He pauses a moment after the question and blurts out. "What are you doing for Christmas?"

Darcy chuckled as she took the pin pad from the waitress and keyed in her info. The waitress handed her a receipt and bade them good day and then Vincent blurted out his Christmas question. She looked thoughtful for a moment "Mom and Dad are snowbirds so I think they'll be gone. Mari will probably come in and I've told her I'll make her turkey chili. You're welcome to join us if that works for you Vincent. But you might get invited to other places...seeing as you have a girlfriend..." She winks.

Vincent blushed. "Well. Maybe I will." he cants his head. "Do you ... you know ... decorate? Trees and lights and stuff?" as if she hadn't seen the whole public town alight. "We used to do it every year, my mom and me. Not since she and Nonna died tho."

Darcy looks kindly at Vincent "You know what... I saw a sign for a tree lot coming soon. If I get one, will you give me a hand with all that?" Her eyes twinkle a bit "Because it's been awhile for me too."

Vincent's face lights up like a none too distant tree. "Yea! I'd love to! Thanks!" the smile remains and he looks at his phone. "Um .... AUnt Darc?" he looks slightly sheepish. "I ... well I kinda said I'd take a walk with Fiona. You know ... talk about the band and .... stuff. We're gonna meet the others too..." he is like a shy boy asking to be excused.

Darcy beams "Kid... go. Enjoy. Thanks for having breakfast with me. It made my Sunday. We'll see each other around soon."

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